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									                    Publicity and Promotion

Publicity is important to promote an event. However, no event can be publicized by handbill,
poster, flyer, banner, paid advertising or any other manner until the event has been approved
and/or the space the group hopes to hold the event has been reserved by University Scheduling.

News Stories

      Submit a news release in advance via fax to local papers, radio and TV
      Press packets are can be sent to the Register Guard, Oregon Daily Emerald, and Eugene
       Weekly. (Contact information can be found in the ASUO Office.) Alternate campus
       papers are the Oregon Commentator, Student Insurgent, and the Oregon Voice.

Display and Classified Advertising (Oregon Daily Emerald)

      A purchase order must be obtained in advance to pay for the ad
      The following papers are the most common ad options:

           o   Oregon Daily Emerald- the ASUO has a contract that grants fee funded programs
               special rates. Deadlines of 1pm one business day prior to publication for a line ad
               and 1pm two business days prior to publication for a display ad.
           o   Register Guard- the University has a contract that entitles us to special rates;
               therefore, mention the UO when getting price quotes or placing an ad
           o   Alternate Papers: the Eugene Weekly, the Oregon Commentator, the Student
               Insurgent, and the Oregon Voice
           o   Other student publications: YMCA Identity, the Women’s Center Siren, KD

Posters (UO Scheduling)

      All posters and flyers must include the name of the campus sponsor. Please confirm the
       date and location of the event before printing publicity.
      One poster (listing campus sponsor and campus location) limited to 11” x 14” can be
       posted in the glass display case in the EMU. Bring it to UO Scheduling Office who will
       hang posters once a week.
      No signs are permitted on windows, walls, doors, pillars, or other structural elements of
       the EMU.
      Exterior flyers and posters are permitted only on established outdoor bulletin boards.
       Telephone poles, garbage cans, and bike racks are not legitimate signage spaces.
      Please check with departmental office for information on hanging posters and flyers
      Place posters in Program mailboxes which will either post them outside of their office or
       announce the event to their members
      The Women’s Center does a weekly poster/flyer distribution. Programs should submit
       their poster to the Women Center by Wednesday at 12pm to get their poster up by the
       next day.

Lobby Display Case (UO Scheduling)

      The Lobby Display Case is available once per term, per sponsor, from Monday through
      This must be pre-arranged through UO Scheduling. The key is available in the UO
       Scheduling Office with a valid ID.

Banners (UO Scheduling)

      Placing of banners on the outside of the EMU building and premises must be approved
       with the Scheduling Office in the East Concourse of the EMU Banners must be installed
       and taken down by either the Facilities Services or the EMU Custodial Staff
      Banners should be scheduled as early as possible
      The only campus location for street banner display is across 13th Avenue in front of
       Friendly Hall near the Heart of Campus. Two banners can be displayed at the same time
       (Side #1 faces east and Side #2 faces west).
      Banners on 13th Ave. cannot be larger than 60 square feet. Multiple banners can be
       displayed if the total combined area does not exceed 60 square feet. Facility services
       installs and removes these banners at a flat fee of $75.
      Banners should be made of 12oz cotton canvas, reinforced nylon, or nylon reinforced
       plastic. The banner must have metal grommets on the outer edges and air vents
       throughout the banner.
      Banners may not be used to publicize ballot measures, candidates, or political activities.
      Exact wording must be submitted 15 days prior to the hanging of the banners.
      Contact ASUO for information on getting a PO to Facilities Services.

Sidewalk Chalk (UO Scheduling)

      Writing with sidewalk chalk is limited to sidewalks which encompass the EMU
      Chalking must be scheduled by UO Scheduling Office and only to organizations may
       schedule chalking at the same time.
Information Tables (UO Scheduling)

      Information tables can be set-up in the EMU Lobby or on the Fishbowl Terrace for free
       for ASUO Programs. Two chairs and a pegboard can also be provided.
      A Program may request up to 5 information tables in advance.

Ground Stakes (UO Scheduling)

      Programs can place stakes around campus as permitted by UO Scheduling.
      Stakes can be placed in bark areas around trees, flowers, and shrubs. They may not be
       places in grassy areas, where the grass is worn down, or around Johnson Hall.
      Programs can have 25 ground stakes for a week.
      Stakes should be removed by 10am the day after the event.
      It is recommended that Programs staple a one-gallon storage bag over each sign if the
       weather is questionable

Sandwich Boards (UO Scheduling)

      Sandwich boards are restricted to places where permission has been granted. Two
       sandwich boards may be reserved from UO Scheduling Office for one week at a time.
      Boards should not block other signs and are limited to 4’ tall for safety reasons.
      Boards are not permitted inside the EMU.


      Underwriting- Programs can pay $5 for a 30 second spot each time the announcement is
       made if the event charges admission, and free is the event is free. The announcement will
       include the following:
           o The business/program/event name
           o A brief description
           o Location and contact
      Radio interview- Programs can contact the General Manager of KWVA to set up an
       interview that will aired on the radio

Residence Hall Advertisement (Residence Life)
      Up to 80 posters can be turned in for an event (this will be
       distributed to all of the complexes). Please do not turn in more than 80
       since it will be recycled
      The posters must be turned in to the Main Housing Office (across
       Hayward field) to be approved at least 5 business days prior to event
      Posters must have the name of the sponsoring organization
      Posters/table tents will not be accepted during the last 2 weeks of
       the term
      Posters cannot be smaller than half of 8 1/2x11 sheet of paper
      Table Tents in the dining hall – must reserve with Residence Life Program Coordinator,
      Residence Life will not stuff or insert advertisements into mailboxes as this
       would interfere with US postal services.
      Posters/flyers without housing approval stamps will be taken down.
      Please do not go around the Residence Halls or Dining Halls putting
       up posters, or handing them out to residents.
      There is a detailed policy for advertising in the Residence Hall. If you
       would like the detailed policy, or have any questions please contact Residence Life
       Program Coordinator.

Forms: All UO Scheduling advertising requires an Advertising Request form


      UO Scheduling and Event Services, 346-6000,
      KWVA General Manager, 346-4901,
      Oregon Daily Emerald, 346-5511,
      Residence Life Program Coordinator, 346-4688,

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