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					                                                                     SPECIAL BONUS!
                                                                        See enclosed Course
                                                                           Outline and Bonus
                                                                               Certificate for
                          School of Massage Therapy                                   exciting
                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *         *
                  *     Take the first step to an exciting,   *
                  *   moneymaking career in MASSAGE THERAPY!  *
                  *                                           *
                  * • Train at home to work at home or for    *
                  *     spas, resorts, health clinics, cruise *
                  *     lines, pro sports teams and more!     *
                  * • Get the professional experience you     *
                  *     need with our step-by-step, hands-on  *
                  *     video instruction.                    *
                  *                                           *
                  * • Take advantage of 0% financing and      *
                  *     our low monthly payment tuition plan. *
                  *                                           *
                  * • Graduate from a Nationally Accredited   *
                        school in Massage Therapy.
                  *                                           *
                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

     Dear Friend:

          Now you can train at home to be ready to step into the
     exciting, rapidly growing field of Massage Therapy.

             Professional Massage Therapists charge $40-$45 an hour!*
          Yes! It’s true! Massage Therapists make GREAT money
     while they bring the benefits of health and relaxation to
     millions of people all across the country. It’s a satisfying,
     fun career that offers freedom, flexibility, security and

                           Could you start your career
                            even before you graduate?
          It’s possible, depending on where you live. When you
     complete the academic part of your training, you will receive a
     letter recognizing your achievement. Since some of the states
     in the U.S. do not require any licensing to perform massage
     therapy, you may be able to begin working at this time.

          As the popularity of massage continues to grow, you can
     build a secure, moneymaking career that really helps people.

                          2001 Lowe Street, Fort Collins, CO 80525

           Massage Therapy is one of the most popular
    alternative health treatments today! It’s BIG BUSINESS!
     Massage is enjoyable and relaxing, and Massage Therapists
know that once a new client tries a massage, they’ll keep coming
back for more. As a Massage Therapist, you can work full-time or
part-time. You can work a full eight-hour schedule or just a few
hours a week. The choice is yours.

            Start your career with the prestige of a
               U.S. Career Institute Certificate!
     At USCI, you graduate with a nationally recognized Career
Certificate. As one of the nation’s leading specialists in
home-based health career training, we are accredited by the
Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training
Council in Washington, D.C. We ensure that you have the skills
and experience you need to start your new career in Massage.

        Americans spend over $11,000,000,000 ($11 BILLION)
   on massages each year. The sooner you begin your training,
         the sooner you’ll be ready to take advantage of
                        the growing demand!
     Enroll in USCI’s Massage Therapy program today and soon
after receiving your first lesson package, you’ll be performing
health-giving massage therapy on family and friends.

     Then, faster than you ever thought possible, you’ll graduate
and be ready to begin doing professional Massage Therapy (see
enclosed flyer for details about certification). You can start
your own private massage service working for yourself or you can
work in spas, resorts, health clinics, cruise lines, hospitals
and many other exciting places. Even work for pro sport teams!

                     More than a paycheck ...
       doctors and other health professionals realize that
    Massage Therapy can speed up recovery time for patients.
     Doctors have discovered that massage is a powerful
complement to traditional medical treatments, which is why many
physicians are providing information about massage to their
patients. More good news for Massage Therapists is that many
health insurance providers now cover massage treatments when they
are recommended by the patient’s doctor. In light of this, it’s
not surprising that the U.S. Department of Labor projects strong
growth in the demand for Massage Therapists!

       Our train-at-home program leaves nothing to chance.
       You get lessons, supplements, hands-on materials...
              all delivered right to your doorstep.

           •   Easy-to-follow lessons and supplements

           •   Hands-on, step-by-step video instruction

           •   Audio instruction that makes it simple and
               fast to learn massage terminology

           •   Massage lotions and oils

           •   Plus, you’ll receive our exclusive U.S.
               Career Institute Career Starter Kit that
               makes starting your new career easy, fast
               and fun!

   Here are just a few of the subjects covered in your course:
     Swedish Massage • Sports Massage • Energy Techniques
    Anatomy and Physiology • Chinese Medicine • Ethics and
               Communication and much, much more

                  Need to talk to an Instructor?
           Just send us an email or call us toll-free!
     Once you enroll, you can email us or call and speak directly
with one of our instructors if you ever need help or guidance.
You can phone our toll-free number from anywhere in the United

           Unlimited career support when you graduate!
     When you complete your training and graduate, you are
eligible to receive unlimited career support from USCI. This
support includes up-to-date advice on career options and
opportunities in professional Massage Therapy.

                  100% Satisfaction with our unique
               Money-Back, No-Questions-Asked Policy...
     That’s right! We offer you a 100% money-back commitment.
Here’s how it works: Send in your small down payment with your
enrollment agreement or call our toll-free enrollment telephone

     We’ll send your first lessons right out to you. If at any
time within seven days of receiving your first lesson shipment you
change your mind, simply call and tell us you want to cancel your
enrollment. We will refund your down payment in full. You have
nothing to lose and everything to gain!
                          Now you have all the facts.
              Enroll today to receive all these exciting benefits:

                      •    A Career Certificate in a nationally
                           accredited program that will get you noticed
                           when you graduate

                      •    0% financing with low, low monthly tuition

                      •    Unlimited career support when you graduate

                      •    A 100% money-back commitment

                      •    A Special Graduation Bonus!

                                        It’s all yours if you act now!
     To begin, just fill out the enrollment agreement and send
it along with your down payment in the postage-paid envelope
we’ve enclosed.

     Or for faster service, call our toll-free EasySTART line
at 1-800-528-7907 to learn about our special offers and enroll
by phone right now.

     Don’t put off fulfilling your dream any longer.                                               We’ll be
watching for your enrollment!


                                                                                     Pam Weston,
                               A+ Rating

Encl: 0203100SL01D-71
P.S. When you graduate, you’ll receive a SPECIAL BONUS GIFT! See
     the enclosed certificate for details. Be sure to fill out the
     certificate and enclose it with your enrollment agreeement.

*with experience, based on figures from U.S. Dept. of Labor’s BLS website and AMTA

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