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					                    Government Library Resources

To discover critical decision-support information …
start here.
Discover More with ProQuest                                                ProQuest Agricultural Science Collection
                                                                           Start here to find critical research on biotechnology, pesticides, food
ProQuest has long served government libraries with superior                and nutrition, animal sciences, and more. This collection features the
information resources that help their researchers:                         AGRICOLA® bibliographic database, hundreds of full-text ProQuest
                                                                           Agriculture Journals, and deep indexing of millions of tables and fig-
• Monitor current news and developments in a rapidly changing world        ures.
• Pinpoint hard-to-find data
• Analyze the latest research and its implications
• Make informed decisions and chart new strategies
                                                                           ProQuest Aquatic Science Collection
                                                                           This resource is critical for researchers studying conservation, aquat-
For more information about the core resources featured in this             ic pollution, environmental quality, oceanography, policy and legisla-
brochure or other key research databases and services, visit               tion, and more. It features the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries                                                          Abstracts database, hundreds of full-text ProQuest Aquatic Science
                                                                           journals, and deep indexing.

Science & Technology                                                       ProQuest Atmospheric Science Collection
Collections—                                                               To find the leading research on air pollution, climatology, glaciology,
                                                                           weather forecasting, and more, start here. This collection includes
                                                                           the Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts database, full-text
Now with Deep Indexing                                                     ProQuest Atmospheric Science Journals, and deep indexing to
ProQuest’s renowned science and technology collections provide
more than unmatched, discipline-specific bibliographic data from
thousands of publications. Now they also include hundreds of
peer-reviewed, full-text articles and are supported with unique
ProQuest Deep Indexing functionality, making it possible for
researchers to uncover critical information hidden in tables, charts,
figures, and graphs. ProQuest Deep Indexing uses an average of
eight index terms to every table and figure in a journal article to help
researchers find what they need faster. Other products, at best,
index only the captions. Collections include the following.

ProQuest Advanced Technologies
& Aerospace Collection
Whether your researcher is studying lasers, aerodynamics, comput-
ing, telecommunications, physics, space, optics, or other technology-
related sciences, start here. This collection features millions of
Advanced Technologies Research Database with Aerospace records,
hundreds of ProQuest High Technology and Aerospace Journals, and
the support of deep indexing to illuminate hidden data.                    uncover hidden data.

                                                                           ProQuest Biological Science Collection
                                                                           Start here for access to hundreds of full-text ProQuest Biology
                                                                           Journals, Conference Papers Index, Biological Sciences database,
                                                                           Plant Science, Medline, and Toxline. This resource features deep
                                                                           indexing of millions of tables and figures. Major areas of coverage
                                                                           include immunology, biotechnology, genetics, AIDS, and more.

                                                                           ProQuest Computer Science Collection
                                                                           This is an excellent resource for those interested in learning more
                                                                           about computer applications and programming, hardware, information
                                                                           systems, software engineering, and computing mathematics. Supported
                                                                           by deep indexing, this collection includes the Computer and

                        To learn more or to set up FREE trials, call 1-800-521-0600, or email
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Information Systems Abstracts database and ProQuest Computer                 als, quality control, and more.
Science Journals.

ProQuest Earth Science Collection
This research collection includes GeoRef, Oceanic Abstracts, hundreds        ProQuest Natural Science Collection
of ProQuest Earth Science Journals, and deep indexing of more than a
                                                                             This collection features millions of All Natural Science A&I records,
million tables and figures, illuminating critical data for today’s serious
                                                                             thousands of full-text ProQuest Natural Science Journals, and deep
researchers. This resource supports the study of geophysics, petrolo-
                                                                             indexing to help researchers find the most relevant information available,
gy, economic and environmental geology, hydrogeology, and more.
                                                                             no matter where it is hidden.

ProQuest Engineering Collection                                              ProQuest Polymer Science Collection
With access to Engineering Research Database and ProQuest Engineering        Whether your researcher wants to study polymer applications and
Journals, and further supported with deep indexing, researchers will         testing, legislation and regulations, environmental hazards and toxicity,
find this an ideal resource for the study of electric and hybrid cars,       or more, start here. This collection features nearly a million Polymer
coastal and offshore structures, wind power, seismic phenomena,              Science A&I records, ProQuest Polymer Science Journals, and deep
aircraft design, and more.                                                   indexing of tables and figures.

ProQuest Environmental Science Collection                                    ProQuest Technology Collection
Researchers looking for the latest data on energy resources, safety          Featuring the Technology Research Database, thousands of full-text
science, air quality, hazardous waste, ecology, and more should start        ProQuest Technology Journals, and deep indexing of millions of
here. This collection features Environmental Impact Statements               tables and figures, this collection is an excellent resource for those
                                                                             studying aerospace, materials science, advanced technologies,
                                                                             mechanical and transportation engineering, and more.

                                                                             Additional Science &
                                                                             Technology Resources
                                                                             from ProQuest
                                                                             Environmental Impact Statements:
                                                                             Full-Text and Digests
                                                                             This resource helps the government and the general public understand
                                                                             the effects that developments such as roads, houses, and airports
                                                                             have on the environment. Abstracts of these statements are available
                                                                             from 1985 forward, and full-text versions are available for millions of
                                                                             statements issued beginning in 2003.

                                                                             National Technical Information Service
                                                                             (NTIS) Database
                                                                             The NTIS Database is the preeminent resource for accessing the
                                                                             latest U.S. government-sponsored research and worldwide scientific,
                                                                             technical, engineering, and business-related information. Content is
                                                                             drawn from research reports, journal articles, data files, computer
                                                                                AtmosPeer: An Online Community
                                                                             programs, and audio-visual products from federal sources.
                                                                                ProQuest, in collaboration with three atmospheric organizations,
(index and full text), the Environment Sciences & Pollution
                                                                               recently launched AtmosPeer, an online community designed
Management bibliographic database, hundreds of full-text
                                                                               specifically for atmospheric science researchers, scholars, librari-
Environmental Science Journals, and deep indexing of more than a
                                                                               ans, and students. Not only does it allow scholars to identify
million tables and figures.
                                                                               peers doing similar research and create a simple method for doc-
                                                                               ument sharing and collaboration, it also connects scientists to
ProQuest Materials Science Collection                                           emerging research trends, news feeds, conference information,
                                                                               and funding opportunities. Learn more at
Start here for access to Materials Research Database with METADEX,
ProQuest Materials Science Journals, and deep indexing of over a
million tables and figures. It’s ideal for those interested in topics
such as materials processing and applications, recycling, biomateri-

                      To learn more or to set up FREE trials, call 1-800-521-0600, or email
      To learn more or set up FREE trials, call 1-800-521-0600, ext. 3344; email:; or visit
                             LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC09D7026. ProQuest proudly supports diverse suppliers.
Health Sciences                                                                ProQuest Health Management™
                                                                               This resource provides reliable and relevant research (full text from
                                                                               key journals and dissertations and theses) for professional health
ProQuest Health and Medical Complete™                                          care administrators. Topics include public health administration,
This core collection provides information from clinical research titles        health economics, statistics, hospitals and insurance, business
as well as from hundreds of consumer and administration titles.                management, law, and more.
Topics include medical sciences, immunology, pharmacology, nursing,
physical fitness, surgery, and others. Most titles are available in full
text and with MEDLINE indexing.                                                ProQuest Public Health
                                                                               Whether your researchers are studying the business, administration,
                                                                               policies, or application of public health care, this resource is a great
ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source                                        place to start. It features key journals, economic surveys, market
Start here for reliable health care information covering nursing, allied       reports, government publications, timely public health-related newspaper
health, alternative and complementary medicine, and much more.                 articles, technical reports, working papers, and full-text dissertations.
This resource is designed to meet the needs of researchers at health
care facilities as well as those in nursing and allied health programs.
Content includes e-books, video clips, newsletters, abstracting and            ProQuest Psychology Journals™
indexing for hundreds of titles (most available in full text), and thousands   In addition to covering clinical and social psychology, this collection’s
of full-text dissertations representing the most rigorous scholarship          hundreds of abstracts and full-text articles also provide coverage of
in nursing and related fields.                                                 related disciplines such as genetics, psychology of business and
                                                                               economics, addiction, linguistics, neurology, social welfare, and more.

ProQuest Hospital Collection
Look here for the latest health care information. This resource
includes five top health databases from ProQuest: ProQuest Health
and Medical Complete™, ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source,
ProQuest Health Management™, ProQuest Psychology Journals™,
and ProQuest Family Health. It also includes access to Medical
Evidence Matters, an evidence-based search tool drawing information
from hundreds of peer-reviewed journals, and CultureVision™, which
provides reports that help health professionals provide culturally
competent patient care.

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News Solutions                                                             Critical Mention
                                                                           This comprehensive
                                                                           Web-based television
Military Newspapers from Gannett                                           and radio search and
                                                                           monitoring service
Company, Inc.                                                              allows users to find,
ProQuest offers full-text news and information from leading U.S.           track, and view break-
military newspapers from Gannett: Air Force Times, Armed Forces            ing news from an
Journal, Army Times, Defense News, Federal Times, Marine Corps             expanding network of
Times, and Navy Times. These online newspapers are relied upon by          U.S. and international
active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel, and defense          broadcast and cable
decision-makers for extensive breaking news coverage.                      stations. Researchers
                                                                           can immediately
                                                                           access broadcast
NewspaperDirect Library PressDisplay                                       news, anytime and anywhere; share and archive news clips via email;
A continuously growing collection, NewspaperDirect Library                 create customized alerts; and prepare comprehensive media reports.
PressDisplay presents today’s newspapers in digital full-page format,
as they appear on newsstands worldwide. Popular titles include USA
Today, Washington Post, Al Hayat, The Jerusalem Post, China Daily,         ProQuest Historical Newspapers™
The Moscow Times, and hundreds more. A multilingual interface,             For vital primary source material about worldwide and local events
article translation capabilities, social networking tools, and RSS feeds   from the 18th century into the 21st century, start here. Your researchers
are just some of the features that make this resource easy to use.         become eyewitnesses to history when they search and view millions
                                                                           of digitized pages that include front-page headlines, editorials,
                                                                           photographs, classified ads, birth and death announcements, stock
                                                                           information, and more. Top titles in this expanding collection—featur-
                                                                           ing historically mainstream U.S. and international titles as well as
                                                                           titles from the African American press—include The New York Times
                                                                           with Index, Washington Post, Chicago Defender, The Guardian, and
                                                                           dozens of others.

ProQuest Newsstand™
Customize a searchable, full-text news database for your users,
selecting from hundreds of current full-text newspapers recognized
                                                                           Dialog and Innography
for their journalistic merit. Choose ProQuest Newsstand Complete           The pairing of Dialog's precision search and Innography's advanced
for the entire database, or select individual titles. Other options        IP business intelligence analytics enables researchers to uncover
include international, national, regional, and state packages; Middle      patterns and trends in patent literature at a glance. Researchers can
East Newsstand; Latin American Newsstand; ProQuest Canadian                effortlessly export citations, IPC classifications, patent strength, and
Newsstand; and ProQuest U.S. Hispanic Newsstand.                           many other details from a multi-select checklist; quickly search
                                                                           INPADOC legal status and perform opposition searches with new
                                                                           query syntax; and efficiently download PDF documents and view
                                                                           first-page diagrams.
                                                                           Innography integrates information from patent, financial, and case
                                                                           law databases to allow fast analysis and visualization of results.
                                                                           Using it, researchers can blend and graph very large data sets quickly
                                                                           with other information to produce a result that is larger than the sum
                                                                           of its parts. Additional tools are available to mine and analyze
                                                                           abstracts, art, infringements, patent numbers, and more.

                      To learn more or to set up FREE trials, call 1-800-521-0600, or email
      To learn more or set up FREE trials, call 1-800-521-0600, ext. 3344; email:; or visit
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Government                                                                  ProQuest Military Collection™
                                                                            This online resource covers
                                                                            topics across all government
Digital National Security Archive                                           and military branches, including
The Digital National Security Archive includes tens of thousands of         international relations, political
declassified documents, many obtained through the Freedom of                science, criminology, defense,
Information Act.                                                            aeronautics and space flight,
                                                                            communications, civil engineering,
                                                                            and more. Researchers can
                                                                            access hundreds of periodicals,
                                                                            some dating back decades.

                                                                            Gain immediate access to hundreds of think tanks, research
                                                                            organizations, and advocacy groups, including the Hoover Institution,
                                                                            International Monetary Fund, Organization for Economic Cooperation
                                                                            and Development, RAND Corporation, and the World Bank. PolicyFile
                                                                            links directly to current research on virtually every public policy
                                                                            issue—U.S. and international. More than 50 percent of the abstracts
                                                                            link directly to the full text of research reports and studies.

                                                                            World Conflicts Today™
                                                                            Navigate the complexities of the political and cultural conflicts
                                                                            shaping our world with clear, concise text and multimedia resources
                                                                            that analyze 10 major, unresolved conflicts, including Afghanistan,
The two newest collections include:                                         Iraq, Korean Peninsula, and the Palestinian Territories. This resource
                                                                            synthesizes volumes of news articles, primary sources, books, and
The United States and the Two Koreas: 1969-2000                             opinion pieces generated by each conflict, offering unbiased insight
Study the Nixon administration’s response to the downing of a U.S.          into why conflicts remain so difficult to resolve today.
reconnaissance plane by North Korea, growing concern over North
Korea’s economic instability, and secret discussions with Japan,
China, and Russia aimed at coordinating an international diplomatic
response to North Korea’s threat to regional security. Examine U.S.-
South Korean economic relations, political liberalization in South
Korea, the historic summit meeting between leaders of the two
Koreas in 2000, and more with this enlightening collection.

Colombia and the United States: Human Rights,
Narcotics and the Dirty War in Colombia, 1960-2010
This collection traces U.S. policy toward Colombia throughout
decades of sustained conflict, political corruption, and civil unrest.
Documents cover the formation and influence of insurgent groups,
militias, and narcotics trafficking organizations, and the rise of
paramilitary violence. The resource features dossiers on Colombian
political and military figures, human rights cases, and materials that
tie dozens of high-level Colombian officials to the drug trade and
death squads.

Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government
Publications, 1895-1976
While the U.S. government is the largest publisher in the world, very
few documents have been cataloged historically. The Monthly Catalog
is the only authoritative index that provides single-point, online access
to high-value U.S. documents created by all three branches of the U.S.
government for more than a century. It offers the complete backfile of
re-keyed bibliographic records from nearly 1,000 monthly catalog
issues, together with archival-quality page images.

                         To learn more or to set up FREE trials, call 1-800-521-0600, or email
                                LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC09D7026. ProQuest proudly supports diverse suppliers.
Research Support                                                            RefWorks
                                                                            RefWorks enables users to automatically organize and create a
                                                                            personal database online; format bibliographies and manuscripts in
ProQuest Central                                                            seconds; import references from a variety of databases; manage
                   Start here for                                           alerts with an RSS feed reader; and learn about authors by linking to
                   an unparalleled                                          concise profiles from COS Scholar Universe™. Recently, RefWorks
                   central online                                           2.0 Beta was released. This new generation of research information
reference resource. The mil-                                                management has a modern, intuitive interface that provides easier
lions of articles in this growing                                           access to its many advanced features.
database provide global
coverage of a wide range of
subjects including business,
health sciences, technology                                                 Harness the speed of the Internet! This current awareness tool
and natural sciences, social                                                provides a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute picture of today’s global
sciences, humanities, and                                                   research. Monitoring over 9,000 peer-reviewed journals and other
more. ProQuest Central                                                      sources, RefAware provides users with immediate access to new
includes full text from                                                     research and articles matching their specified interests. Articles
thousands of newspapers,                                                    appear within hours of being posted online—often even pre-publication.
company reports, scholarly
journals, popular trade
publications, newsletters,
and newswires, and includes                                                 Social Sciences
information not available in other aggregated resources.
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses                                             Discover the world with CultureGrams. It provides concise cultural
                                                                            and statistical snapshots of every country recognized by the United
This resource features more than one million full-text dissertations in     Nations, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Local experts document the
PDF, plus indexing and abstracts for more than two million dissertations    intimate details of each country’s customs, protocol, traditions, and
and theses. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses provides the most               daily life, with unique perspectives on culture ranging from attitudes,
comprehensive coverage of multidisciplinary academic research available.    greetings, and gestures, to the arts, recreation, daily diet, and more.

Get connected to one of the most comprehensive general reference
collections of media-rich, online content with eLibrary. It features over
80 million documents from e-books, journals, newspapers, transcripts,
and image, Web, and video collections. Plus, it easily integrates into
daily work with permanent links, widgets, bookmarking, and other
Web and open-source sharing features.

                                                                            Ethnic NewsWatch™
                                                                            Researchers start here for thought-provoking views of current
                                                                            events, culture, and history on local, national, and international levels.
                                                                            Content is gathered from the African American, African, Caribbean,
                                                                            Arab and Middle Eastern, Asian American, European and Eastern
                                                                            European, Hispanic, Jewish, Native, and multiethnic presses. This
                                                                            comprehensive, full-text database of newspapers, magazines, and
                                                                            journals includes archival material back more than 30 years, and
                                                                            features many important Spanish-language publications.

                      To learn more or to set up FREE trials, call 1-800-521-0600, or email
      To learn more or set up FREE trials, call 1-800-521-0600, ext. 3344; email:; or visit
                             LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC09D7026. ProQuest proudly supports diverse suppliers.
       789 E. Eisenhower Parkway
              P.O. Box 1346
       Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346

Business and Finance                                                    Genealogy
ABI/INFORM®                                                             HeritageQuest® Online
ABI/INFORM is the authority in business research databases. It          With coverage dating
features country briefs, industry reports, market research, company     back to the late 1700s,
profiles, current news, thousands of full-text journals, and more.      HeritageQuest Online
ABI/INFORM is a single point through which library users gain           features genealogical
access to top publications such as Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal,   and local history data
EIU ViewsWire, and MIT Sloan Management Review. It features             via U.S. federal census,
content from major publishers such as Dow Jones & Company Inc.,         Revolutionary War, and
Business Monitor International, Financial Times Limited, and IGI        Freedman’s Bank records;
Global. It is also the gateway to scholarly publications such as        historical books; memorials
Journal of International Business Studies, The China Quarterly,         and petitions from the
Journal of Economic Growth, and Foreign Affairs. Deep backfiles fur-    U.S. Serial Set; the
ther support in-depth research.                                         Periodical Source Index
                                                                        (PERSI) article citations;
                                                                        and more.
ProQuest Entrepreneurship
Bridge theory and practice with unprecedented online discovery
and advisory tools for entrepreneurs and educators. ProQuest            Ancestry® Library Edition
Entrepreneurship features start-up toolkits that include video clips    Trace personal histories with the world’s largest online collection of
with advice from successful entrepreneurs, templates and guides,        family records and resources: Ancestry Library Edition. Billions of
the latest market research from leading experts and publishers,         names from U.S., U.K., and Canadian census and vital records,
teaching resources such as business cases and sample business           immigration and passport records, military histories and records,
plans, and more.                                                        photos, and more help users uncover the past.

            789 E. Eisenhower Parkway • P.O. Box 1346 • Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346 • USA • 800-521-0600 •

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