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									   Water Garden
   August 2011

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Notes from Admin:                                               Gentle Reminders:
                                                                   Please remember to check your mailboxes
        August is here and we are mid way                             daily as there may be important center
through our “Summer Program.” The children                            information waiting for you.
have really been enjoying all of the special                       Please remember to knock before entering
activities as well as the special presentations.                      the office (if the door is closed) as we may be
One of the favorites was the Bubble Person,                           discussing confidential information. Thank
where she put a few of our friends in the bubbles.                    you.
Another favorite of the children’s was the Claire
Mills storyteller. The children always look forward             Lunch Program Change:
to her visit with us.                                                 Parties to Go has changed their lunch
        This month the “Summer Program” will                    prices, the new rates are $50.00 for Young
have more activities and presentations for the                  Toddlers and $100.00 for Toddlers and
children to take part in. Please take a look at your            Preschool. This is effective as of September.
calendars as there may be some days that ask                    Please make a note of this change. – Thank you.
for your child’s participation.
        As the summer continues, the transitions                Dates to Remember:
will be continuing as well. We wish all of our                  Thursday, August 25th – Tuition is Due
friends that will be leaving the program good luck              Friday, September 2nd – Center Closed for
on their new journeys. Children already enrolled                       Staff Development Day
in the program are anxiously awaiting their                     Monday, September 5th – Center Closed for
moves up in the other classrooms. We would                             Labor Day Holiday
also like to welcome all of our new families to the
center, we are so happy to have you join our
                                                                                 Happy Birthday to You!
Water Garden family.
Quarterly Parents Meeting:
                                                                           August 11th – Keesha’s Birthday
       The next parent meeting will be in early
                                                                          August 13th – Connor’s 2nd Birthday
September. Please let us know if there are any
topics that you would be interested in getting
more information about.
                                                                          August 10th – Ethan M.’s 4th Birthday
                                                                            August 25th – Jules’ 4th Birthday
                                                                            August 25th Shannon’s Birthday
                                All That We’re Learning…
                                                 Infant’s Newsletter

        Hello Infant parents! During the month of July the infants participated in a variety of activities that
enhanced the development of their fine motor skills; for example, reaching for toys, grabbing and grasping toys,
and exploring rattles. When the infants play with objects such as rattles, shakers, rings etc. the infants are
developing their grasping and releasing techniques, in which they will later be able to hold bigger objects. The
infants will also have the opportunity to enhance their auditory skills by listening to the sounds that the toys create
when using them. The infants seem to enjoy music and movement as well as story time. The older infants are able
to show interest in reading books, by pointing at them and saying “book”. The teachers are encouraging the older
infants to develop their self help skills by, sitting at the table feeding themselves, holding their own bottles, and
being able to soothe themselves. This promotes a sense of independence, listening skills and being able to follow

                                           Developmental Milestones
      Kaiya and Henry are able to hold an object and say this, in order for you to identify that object. They also
       both seem to enjoy books.
      Marlo seems to be enjoying sensory activities.
      Ruby is rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back. She is able to reach for toys.
      Nico is scooting.
      Jasper is rolling from back to tummy.
                                               Gentle Reminders

      Please make sure that all bottles are properly labeled with child’s first and last name, colored tape and
       current date.
      Please make sure that your child’s belongings are labeled with both first and last name.
      Please make sure that all food containers and bottles are taken home each and every day, due to licensing
       regulations we are not able to serve anything that was forgotten over night.

                                                    Sign Language

        Why is signing, communicating and singing to your child important? In infancy sign language, reading
books, singing songs and communicating everything you do to your child are all very important for language
development. Doing these things each and everyday provides your child with another outlet to communicate to the
teacher what their needs are without having words. Reading books and listening to stories helps them to exercise
their imagination and singing songs and listening to music helps them to express themselves physically in an
appropriate way. We encourage you the parent to help us in helping your child, when expressing themselves.

Until Next Time,
Your Infant Team
                                       Young Toddlers Newsletter
        Hello Young Toddler parents! As we embraced the month of July, we continued our summer program by
exploring zoo animals. The children participated in a variety of Art Smart activities, for example painting with zoo
animals and stamping with zoo animals. When the children use their fingers to paint, they are learning simple
science of recognizing changes that occur when colors mix.
        As a part of Math Counts the teachers counted the number of animals with the toddlers. They also had the
opportunity to work on different types of puzzles. These activities will help the young toddlers to recognize
differences and similarities and to classify things by size, weight, shape, and color. Some of the toddlers
participated by counting along one, two, three, etc.
        As the month continued, the teachers prepared a variety of hands on Science Rock gooey activities, for
example, experimenting colored spaghetti, jell-o, ice painting, and bubble popping etc. When the children examine
and sort natural objects they learn to observe, identify, compare, contrast and classify objects using concepts such
as size, weight, color and texture. When the children use tools such as magnifying glass they are learning to
coordinate their muscles of their hands and eyes. When catching bubbles the children are learning to track object
movement with their eyes.
        As a part of Movement Matters the group Do-re-mi visited and sang a variety of songs that the children
have been learning over time. The toddlers swayed back and forth and explored different musical instruments
which the children seemed to enjoy. They had the opportunity to explore maracas, mini cymbals, scarves etc. When
listening and dancing to music, the children are able to express themselves freely in which promotes physical
development, body rhythm and muscle coordination.

                 What in the world is happening in our young toddler room?
      Juliet is repeating phrases that the teachers says, for example, Teacher Irma says let’s go play, she repeats
       “go play”.
      Sarah is showing signs of being independent; she is learning to clean up after herself during snack and
      Kiwi is singing the A, B, C song as well as the clean up song.
      Sofia is enhancing her gross motor skills by attempting to shoot the ball when playing basketball outside.
      Jude is able to say all the sounds of the farm animals, for example cow says moo etc.
      Calvin is able to say three to four word sentences, for example, he says “I do this”.

                                                Sign Language
        This month the teachers introduced the signs, Lion, elephant, giraffe, help, all-done and thank you. We ask
you to encourage your child to sign. The signs that the teachers are working on and have worked on are posted in
the classroom.

                                              Gentle Reminders
      Please continue to put on your child’s first coating of sunscreen before coming to school, the teachers will
       apply the second coating.

Until Next time,
Your Young Toddler Team
                                       Toddler Room Newsletter
        July started off with a bang just as the toddlers began participating in the summer program. Our first
week consisted of art projects celebrating Independence Day. We were also lucky enough to have great
weather which kicked off some great water play outside!
        Through Art Smart we explored the arts by painting which gave us the opportunity to learn new
techniques and textures. We started the week with canvas painting and also had the chance to paint with
rollers. The toddlers were then introduced to clay which they used to make snowmen and snakes. In
preparation for the week of science experiments, we decorated an apron.
        Ooey, gooey, gross and fun are words to describe our Science Rocks science week. There were
multiple sensory items such as goop, water, ice, bird seeds, oatmeal and clean mud. The toddlers were also
given paint, glue and shaving cream to mix together as they painted with their hands. We finished the week
with a treat: bubbles! After a demonstration and exploration of the wonderful world of bubbles, the children
all went outside for some hands on bubble making.
        We finished July with character week! The toddlers dressed up in the costumes offered in the
classroom as well as making and decorating glasses and crowns. For Language Works we had a wonderful
story teller come to our classroom: Claire Mills. It was a great way to finish an amazing month of fun.

                     What in the World is Happening in the Toddler Room?
      Jonathan continues to develop skills in social conversation and interactions as his speech continues to
       grow and develop. He is often found in the library exploring books! He is also quite the chef in the
       kitchen; grocery shopping and making dinner!
      Kylee has a great curiosity for books as she interacts with the reader, asking questions about the book
       as it is read to her. She also can be found in the library holding books conventionally and pointing to
       pictures as she turns the pages. Kylee can also be found helping a baby to sleep; covering up the baby
       and reminding others to be quiet so that her baby can sleep!
      Luna continues to enjoy counting, especially during group time, at calendar counting the days of the
       month. She also enjoys painting, especially with her hands. As she finger paints she is exercising her
       imagination and creativity as well as learning about how colors mix to make new colors!
      Jackson has been enjoying and asking for the scales to weigh teddy bears and corks. As he is
       interested in this activity he is learning to create systems for classifying, ordering and arranging. He
       continues to improve upon his large motor skills as he has made up a new game where he dances
       outside on the slippery sand until he falls down, just to get back up and do it again!
      We have missed Olivia as she has been on vacation. When she is here, she enjoys painting and
       sensory activities like goop! When she is participating in making goop, she is learning; to follow a
       recipe, measure ingredients and observe what happens as the ingredients are mixed together.
       Outside you can find her dancing with her friends and by herself!
      Mitchell is enjoying exploring the toddler classroom. He likes to make cakes with the pegs and
       pegboards as well as turning the gears on the white board!
      Colin loves to play with the cars, truck, airplanes and helicopters. He is also quite the social butterfly
       using his social skills to make to new friends and at the end of the day he is the first to say good bye to
       all of his friends.
      Marcos loves to play in the kitchen, washing dishes and putting things in the sink. He also likes to
       paint for extended periods of time!
      Logan is getting more creative with building and stacking with blocks and can make a car ramp with
       the cars.
      Elise is talking in complete sentences and can say “I feel down and hurt myself.”
      Connor enjoys the dancing streamers with music and loves turning around and dancing in a circle.
      Amanda is very hands on and independent. “Do it myself,” she says. She loves to explore cutting with
       scissors and art craft materials.
      Phoebe is singing and clapping her hands dancing around the classroom and enjoys the “Please, stand
       up song.”
      We are so excited to welcome three new pandas; Mitchell, Colin and Marcos! Welcome Colin and his
parents Jaime and Scott. Welcome Mitchell and his parents Michelle and William. Last but certainly not least
we would like to welcome Marcos and his parents Kristina and David along with his brother Dante to the
Toddler room as well. We are excited to have you and look forward to getting to know you.

      In an effort to keep the cubbies tidy, please take home your child’s artwork every Friday.

      Please make sure to label all of your child’s belongings with their initials.

      Please bring in your diaper wipes for the month of August.


                   Happy August to all form your friendly preschoolers! We kicked off of our summer program
embracing the colors red, white and blue, in celebrating the 4th of July! It was a bedazzling week as the children
created fire work replicas using glitter and sand balls, studied the American flag and what it stands for and
created our own flags to show love for our country. Outdoors, the children enjoyed dancing with streamers,
and exploring some of our newer outdoor materials (frisbees, stilts, parachute and bean bags)
       Next, our classroom was transformed into a colorful art gallery as our little Picasso’s were engulfed in
colors around the world, in exploring the fine arts through ART SMART. The children explored a vast
array of colors as they dyed pasta for stringing necklaces, studied Egyptian artifacts through a visit to the
museum, and put their architectural skills to work while forming marshmallow sculptures. It was a week filled with
creative expression and artistic inventions!
       Shortly after, we jumped aboard the fantasy train in zooming through a week of character fun and make-
believe. The children acted out a tale of a princess and a dragon with LANGUAGE WORKS, as Clare
Mills captivated the children through storytelling. Other activities included transforming the dramatic play area
into a cottage in role-playing Goldilocks and the Three Bears, decorating crowns and tiaras, counting and
categorizing gems, and sashaying around throughout the week in a wide assortment of costumes!
       Finally, we wrapped up the month getting sticky and grimy through a hands-on week of Oooey, Gooey,
SCIENCE ROCKS exploration! There were lots of ooohs and aaahs in the air, as the children
tantalized their senses through exploration of slimy spaghetti, measuring and pouring in making a colorful batch
of Oooblick (cornstarch concoction), and getting their hands sparkly clean in discovering clean mud (ivory
soap and shredded toilet tissue). Overall, the children loved all the fun of measuring ingredients, and observing
what happened as the ingredients mixed together!

Please follow along with the summer calendar. There are still a lot of fun activities and presenters on the

Until next month!
Your Preschool Team!

      Please make sure that all of your child’s clothing items are labeled. We are finding an excess amount of
       unlabeled clothing daily.

      If you are missing any clothing items, please check the lost and found box under the children’s sign in

Thank You
          To Lola Morales for her term serving as Preschool Parent Rep. We appreciate her commitment in
           making sure that you, the parents, were in the know of “Preschool Happenings”.

Welcome to…..
          Kian, Frances, Maeve and Claire who have recently joined the preschool class. We are extremely
           happy to have them and their families and board, and look forward to a fun-filled year.
                                                              Back to School Routines
August is the time for gradually easing children back into a routine so that when school starts, it won’t be an abrupt transition.
Here are some ideas for easing the transition into school routines:

          Start re-implementing your school-year routines during August, depending on when school starts in your area. If
           you let your child stay up a little later during the summer, gradually get back to the bedtime you will expect when
           school starts. Talk to your child about why you are doing this and how it will help his/her transition back to school.

          “Rehearse” packing lunches in the morning or evening, if that will be part of the fall routine, so that you will know
           how much extra time it takes and what supplies you will need to have on hand.

          If your child will purchase lunch or a beverage, begin collecting dollar bills and change and put them in a handy
           location, such as the backpack closet or the kitchen. Find out how much lunch will cost and practice together
           counting out lunch money.

          If your child takes a nap, begin decreasing nap time so that he/she will be ready for a full day without a nap by the
           time school starts.

          Do a “dry run” of the new morning routine, whether it is walking to the bus stop, driving to school, etc. to see how
           much time it will take. Remember, it almost always takes more time than you think, especially when the unexpected
           happens (you have to go back for homework, sneakers for gym, etc.)

          If you haven’t done so already, make a visit to the school to meet your child’s teacher and other important
           people in the school (secretary in the office, etc.). If this doesn’t work with your schedule, see if a relative or
           neighbor whose child attends the same school can take your child. Tip: Many schools are open in the few days prior
           to the official start of school so children can meet teachers while they are setting up their classrooms. This may
           provide a nice way for children, particularly those who may be anxious about a new school year, to spend some time
           with their teacher in a relaxed, 1:1 setting.

          Make sure you and your child know the routine for before and after school care – where he/she will go, how
           he/she will get between school and child care, etc.

          Have a back-up plan for what to do in case you are late. You probably had a plan for your early childhood center, but
           be sure that your emergency pick-up people know where the new school/after-school program is located and what the
           pick-up routine is there. It is always better to prepare ahead of time than wait for an emergency.

          Your child may have been used to eating breakfast at your early childhood program. Breakfast will not be available in
           many schools, so plan extra time in August to get in the routine of having a good breakfast before leaving for

          Note important school dates in your home and work calendars, such as early-release days, school vacation
           days, parent/teacher conferences, family school events, etc. Many schools post the calendar on the school Web site
           well before the start of the school year. For working families, this step can be invaluable to helping to organize work
           and life. Give the calendar to everyone involved in your child’s care including after-school sitters, etc.

With a little bit of advance preparation, the transition to school can be a very positive one for you and your child. Enjoy this
next stage in your child’s life and in your life as a parent.

Bright Horizons Family Solutions®, Bright Horizons®, and College Coach® are all registered trademarks owned by Bright Horizons LLC. Bright Space® is a registered trademark of
the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.
                                                       The Great Kindness Challenge
In August, Bright Horizons is challenging our centers and families to participate in The Great Kindness Challenge. The goal of
the Great Kindness Challenge is to get one million children participating worldwide in simple kind deeds to help inspire a
lifelong commitment to service and kindness. Here are some ways you can participate as a family:
       Give a hug to someone who is feeling sad
         Make a healthy snack at home
         Leave flowers or baked goods at a neighbor’s front door anonymously
         Do something special for a sibling
         Adopt an endangered animal
         Call a relative you have not talked to in awhile
         Volunteer to help at a soup kitchen or community service event
         Donate coats and gloves to a homeless shelter
         Spend time or offer to help out a neighbor who is elderly or sick
         As a family, send a thank you note to a community worker such as fire fighter, letter carrier, grocery store clerk, or
         Have a yard sale and donate the money to charity
         Plant a tree
         Compliment five people
         Share your toys with siblings and friends
         Say “Good Morning” to five people
         Donate food to the food bank
         Donate a new school backpack to a homeless shelter
         Put your pocket change in the first donation box you see

For more ideas, check with your center director or visit

                                                                Parent Webinar Series

                                                          Potty Training: Tips & Strategies

Cindy Meltzer and Lisa Gatto of Isis Parenting recently joined Bright Horizons to share tried and true tips for potty
training success. With patience and consistency you will have the whole family doing the potty dance soon.

Please visit to view the Webinar.

 Bright Horizons Family Solutions®, Bright Horizons®, and College Coach® are all registered trademarks owned by Bright Horizons LLC. Bright Space® is a registered trademark of
                                                                   the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

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