The Animals of Bali - Mild Vs Wild

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                <p>The warm climate and lush sub-tropical vegetation of
Indonesia provides an ideal habitat for a diverse variety of animal and
bird species. For visitors to Bali, holidays are invariably themed with
at least some kind of brush with the wildlife. Despite Bali's popularity
as one of the world's favourite tourist destinations, there are still
many species of native fauna that live within the in the island's eco-
system. There are also a surprising number of sanctuaries and wildlife
parks open to the public which are dedicated to the preservation of some
of Bali's more high profile natives. Depending on how up close and
personal you want your brush with nature to be, on Bali holidays you will
have the opportunity to encounter all creatures great and small.<br>
On the Mild Side<br>
Like the smiling Balinese people themselves, much of the animal life on
the island is laid back and gentle. From delightfully coloured finches
and sparrows, to lazily swimming giant sea turtles, it seems that the
phrase 'being on island time' refers to the animal population as well as
For a magical wildlife experience with one of nature's most delicate
creations, you can visit the Taman Kupu Kupu Butterfly Park on your Bali
holidays. You will be able to see many rare species of butterflies
endemic to Bali, as well as watch the birth of baby butterflies and hold
them in your hand. As you walk through a netted enclosure, thousands of
intricately decorated butterflies hover around your head and shoulders.

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On the other end of the scale, but nevertheless almost as gentle, are the
wonderful elephants of Bali. A visit to the Elephant Safari Park in Taro
is a totally interactive encounter and it claims to be the only place in
the world to give visitors a 'complete elephant experience.' Guests are
encouraged to wander amongst the elephants and hand feed them as they sun
themselves by the lake, plus there are plenty of opportunities to
experience their gentle intelligence and friendliness. You can take a
safari ride through the park high on the back of your own personal
elephant; or you can view the incredible spectacle of these wonderful
animals painting pictures with their trunks.<br>
On the Wild Side<br>
Years ago in Bali, animals such as tigers, panthers and leopards lived
abundantly in the<br>
forests and jungles of the island. Today, although they are still around,
you are unlikely to come face to face with any of these creatures except
in a zoo.<br>
The Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the must see places on your Bali
holidays. It is a unique way to see these very lively, excitable
creatures interacting in a natural habitat. The macaques (the Balinese
monkey) can be extremely unpredictable, so visitors are not allowed to
pet them. You can however get quite close to them because although they
live in the wild, the macaques are well accustomed to human presence. The
cheekiest amongst them are brave enough to sneak up close to steal your
lunch and once it's gone it's gone! From a safe distance they are
extremely entertaining and their mischievous faces can be most
If a visit to Komodo Island is not on your agenda, you can still see the
famed and dangerous Komodo dragons on your Bali holidays. The Bali Zoo,
just fifteen minutes out of Ubud, houses a number of these fascinating
prehistoric animals and you can view them safely from outside their
enclosure. The dragons are actually the world's largest lizards and can
grow up to a terrifying ten metres. For a truly exotic experience, the
Bali Zoo is also home to reptiles, primates, tigers, lions and
crocodiles; everything you could ever want to experience the wild side of
this most gentle of Indonesian islands.</p>                <!--

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