How to Adopt Guinea Pigs by anamaulida


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                <p>When finding your new friend it is important to make
an informed choice as to which particular guinea pig you are going to
make your new pet and friend for life.</p>
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<p>Make sure that all areas are clean and clear from any discharge. Just
as with domestic cats and dogs, there are a lot of different breeds of
guinea pigs, but not all are recognized by governing organizations. In
North America, the American Cavy Breeders Association holds power, while
the UK has its British Cavy Council. There are a few more such bodies,
but to the ordinary pet keeper those things do not particularly matter.
What most people want to know when asking about guinea pig breeds are the
different descriptions and aesthetic characteristics.There are about a
dozen or so named breeds. Because many of these breeds have "ideal"
characteristics in contrast to the natural variability of actual
characteristics, confusion may arise. For the sake of argument, we will
skip most of the talk on rosettes and focus on the hair length and
characteristics as the main points of differentiation. The body shapes of
guinea pigs are similar across all breeds, unlike with dogs and cats
where one breed can look vastly different from another. Colors can vary
also, and colors are not particularly associated with most guinea pig

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<p>The first on our list is the Rex. The Rex's hair is short and fuzzy,
and stands on end uniformly across its entire body.The Teddy looks kind
of like a teddy bear, due to its dense, fuzzy, erect coat. The coat is
moderately long, enhancing the huggable appearance much like the stuffed
toy it is named after. This breed is quite popular, especially with
younger pet owners.</p>
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<p>· The Alpaca is a curly coated Peruvian. Many of these are first-
generation Peruvian hybrids.</p>
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<p>· A Ridgeback is genetically similar to the Abyssinian, but with a
more uniform coat, with the exception of a ridge of hair running down the
spine. · Abbyruvians or Sheba Mini Yaks are also quite similar to
Abyssinians, but with longer hair. The hair tends to curl up and clump,
giving rise to the nickname "Bad Hair Day" Cavy.</p>
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<p>Most people think that it is wiser to adopt guinea pigs than buy new
ones. By adopting their pets, they could help homeless cavies in finding
a new family that could love them. If you want to try adopting too, you
should know about the advantages of adopting instead of buying cavies.
Here are some of the reasons why it is better to visit your local rescue
centers and look for your newest family member. There are many benefits
in adopting guinea's from local animal shelters. Firstly, they have
physically fit bodies. Unlike pet shops, animal shelters do not sacrifice
the health of pets under their custody. Once you start to adopt guinea
pigs, you will notice how healthier they are than cavies sold in pet
shops. Credible veterinarians regularly check them in rescue centers.
They are also more sociable because they are already accustomed to being
held and hand fed by humans. Lastly, there is actually no risk of getting
pregnant guinea pigs from rescue organizations. They store male and
female cavies in separate cages to avoid unwanted numbers of piglets.</p>

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