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<p><strong>Â </strong>The Aye- aye belongs to many unusual animals found
in the islands of Madagascar. It obtained its name from its cry which
sounds “Aye-aye.― The Aye-aye also belongs to the mammal group of
primates like people, monkeys and apes. The animal is believed to have
magical powers and can bring about death to the place it appears in. It
is considered to be a source of evil, Due to this belief Aye-Aye is
mercilessly killed by the people of Madagascar. These mammals are now the
rarest mammals on Earth. They are an endangered class because their
habitat is disappearing. The exact population is unknown, but their
number is assumed to be between 1000 – 2000. They move over very large
distances of land almost without rest. Over 80% of their time is spent on
<p>Â </p>
<p>When it was discovered in the 18th century by Zoologists, they
classified them as squirrels or kangaroos. Finally studies proved them to
be primates and they were given a scientific name Daubentoni a

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<p>The head and body length of the Aye-aye is about 30-37cms. Its tail is
about 44-53cms long. It weighs 2.3kgs, and has shaggy black hair. It has
five fingered hands with one very long middle finger. All fingers have
flat nails. </p>
<p>Â </p>
<p>The Aye-aye sleeps in the nest during daytime and keeps awake at
night. This means it’s strictly a nocturnal and solitary animal that
lives in the dense forests of Madagascar.</p>
<p>Â </p>
<p>Their nest is a complex structure of intertwining twigs and leaves. A
single nest requires 24 Aye-ayes to construct it. Therefore a new nest is
constructed, after very few days. </p>
<p>Â </p>
<p>The animals eat insects, larvae and fruits. They use their large bat-
like ears to hear the barrowing of larvae that live beneath the barks of
trees. Aye-aye also feeds on coconuts.</p>
<p>Â </p>
<p>There’s only one species of the aye-aye now living. Although a much
larger one lived in</p>
<p>Â the past, they are now extinct. This is the reason why many
scientists and citizen-</p>
<p>groups are working hard  to save this animal.</p>
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<p><strong>Â </strong></p>
<p><strong>DID YOU KNOW?</strong></p>
<p><strong>Â </strong></p>
<p>v       All shrimps born are males, but slowly some develope
into females as they mature.</p>
<p>Â </p>
<p>v       The giant pacific octopus can squeeze its entire body
through a hole which is the size of its beak.</p>
<p>Â </p>
<p>v       Penguins generally mate once and produce one egg per
<p>Â </p>
<p>v       The world camel population is 1,962,700</p>

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