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					                        AIESEC Global Mobility Program

•     Presentation – Organization
•     Presentation – AIESEC
•     Global Mobility Program

    Presentation by:
    Alex Lau, Wilma Loyatum, Bobby Tang, Peter Masters
                                                         AIESEC: Global Mobility Programs
What is                                  ?
•   Unique and continuously growing global network helping high potential
    graduates discover and develop their potential.
•   Unique platform for organisations to connect with and source truly global,
    diverse talent.
•   Leading youth driven organisation.
•   Global, non-political, non-profit.


• To interact and source high-potential university students and
  graduates from all over the world through our exchange
  programs, conferences, and virtual communication tools.
                  – The Network:
55,000 committed & passionate members
(students / recent graduates)

1,100 University Campuses
110 Countries & Territories in 5 Continents
                        Australia– The Network:
      Committed and
        passionate members
      (students and recent graduates)

14 Local Chapters
  •    ANU                   •   AU
  •    UNSW                  •   Flinders
  •    USYD                  •   Curtin
  •    UTS                   •   UWA
  •    Macquarie             •   UQ
  •    UMelb                 •   QUT
  •    Monash
  •    RMIT
What do we offer?

 - Access top talent through our internship
 program which is spread across 110 countries and
 more then 1100 universities world wide
 - Cost effective recruitment for short to long term
Our Global Mobility Program
Why us?

                                     •   Experts in Logistics – Visa management,
   The AIESEC Difference                 arrangement of accommodation, Australian
                                         introduction & integration.
                                     •   Flexibility – Internships span any time
                                         between 1.5 to 12 months, and can be
                                         arranged to start at any point in the year.
                                     •   Youth – All members are between the ages of
  •Leadership      •Global and           18 and 30, and bring with them perspective
                   Diversity             and energy.
  •Functional                        •   Global Network – 107 Countries worldwide
  Skills           •Self-Awareness   •   Business Mindset – Leadership roles provide
                                         AIESECers with experience in running and
  •Effectiveness   •Proactive            managing a business.
How can we guarantee quality?

   International standards and guidelines

   Strict recruitment process

   The employers have the final say

   Dedicated service

   Continuous evaluations

   60 years of experience
Your organization decides:
 Starting date

 Duration of the internship (6 to 52 weeks)

 Geographical belonging

 Academic background

 Working experiences

 Other pertinent qualifications
 Roles in a potential relationship

            AIESEC                               Company
Sourcing top talent from a global     Provide challenging project
pool                                  assignments
 Facilitate Reception &               Interview pre-screened candidates
Integration Process (includes VISA,    Pay salary and administration
housing, etc.)                        fee.
 Providing cross-cultural skills
and preparation for the chosen
 On-going support,
communication and evaluation of
the intern/internship
What does it cost?
What does your company get?

   Business Development and External relations
    team are dedicated to your account

   Speedy delivery

   Single point of contact for co-ordination and

   Logistical support “pre, during and post”
    delivery of intern
Partnership with AIESEC University of Queensland

                                               The University of
Program Description
                                                   Partner of the Global Mobility Program
                                                                               since 2000
-   The Office of Undergraduate Education                       Total number of interns: 9
    at UQ is responsible for the student
                                                 Sushila Chang, Director of the Office of
-   As new office they needed to be able to
                                               Undergraduate Education at the University
    connect with students on campus to
                                                                     of Queensland says:
    be able to deliver the office’s mission.
                                                “As a new office in UQ, we really needed
-   By providing technical skill and a               someone who could move the office
    youth perspective, AIESEC was able to         forward. Our AIESEC intern, Nico, had
    assist in the office’s web                  the skills we badly needed and has been
    development/communication strategy.                     involved in everything we do.”
Example of partners
•   What is AIESEC?
•   Global Mobility Program
•   Benefits and Quality Assurance
•   Good case example – University of Queensland
Contacts and Follow-Up of the meeting:

  Alex Lau – Business Development and External Relations Director
  0403 203 975

  Bobby Tang – Business Development and External Relations
  0431 853 383

  Wilma Cheruto Loyatum – President 2011
  0425 325 672

  Peter Masters – AIESEC Australia Vice President Incoming Exchange                                            AIESEC: Global Mobility Program
  0426 336 163

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