; aspire. believe. thrive. the campaign for the model ywca
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aspire. believe. thrive. the campaign for the model ywca


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									                                                                             i need
i want

         i work
                         aspire                                                               i think

                                                                                                        i lead

i give                                                                                i cry

                                                        i hurt

                                                                  i love                      i build

                                                                             i plan

believe                                                 i teach
                                                                  i create

                                                                                              i laugh

                              i hope
i dream

                                                i can

                  i promise

                                       i feel

i inspire
How do you nurture a dream? How do you reach a goal? How does what seems
impossible become possible? It doesn’t happen alone. At YWCA Metropolitan
Chicago, we know women thrive when they are supported, and when they have
the resources they need. We know that when a girl believes in herself, she is
empowered to dream big. And we know every woman deserves the opportunity to
realize her own success. The YWCA has designed a way for women and girls to
discover their potential and achieve their dreams—the Model YWCA. It represents
a fresh, new approach to social service provision; one that is responsive to the
city’s changing demographics, and one that takes a proactive, holistic approach to
changing the landscape for women in low-income communities. Five new, “model”
YWCA centers across the Chicago metropolitan area will offer cutting-edge
programs in economic empowerment and racial justice and activism. Each center
will also provide the YWCA’s existing flagship programs—comprehensive sexual
violence and support services and early childhood services. In these welcoming
environments, women and girls will have the resources and encouragement
they need to create opportunities for themselves, their families and in turn, their
communities. Aspire. Believe. Thrive. The Campaign for the Model YWCA
is our commitment to women and girls throughout the Chicago region. It is our
investment in the aspirations of the women who walk through our doors and our
investment in a girl’s belief that she can succeed. Now we ask for your investment
in helping these women and girls thrive.
                                 to be a mother and a scientist

“The YWCA is a place of stability, a             The path to success involves more than just getting
second home to me. They give me                  or keeping a job. It’s finding the right job—along
                                                 with reliable child care, dependable transportation
guidance and get me on the right                 and affordable health care. Getting on the “right
track. They are always sticking by               track” also requires a financial safety net—
my side and motivating me to do well             something to fall back on when times get rough.

and accomplish my goals.”                        The YWCA’s model approach is holistic, to cover
                                                 the full range of women’s needs. And because
Fendi, 19                                        every woman’s path is different, we customize an
Fendi’s goals include advanced education and a   individual plan for success so each woman can
career as a phlebotomist—and becoming a teen     achieve her goals.
mother was not going to stop her from pursuing
                                      my voice can make a difference

“I believe I am making a positive,                   An individual woman may be empowered when
lasting impact on the lives of those                 she is financially independent, running her own
                                                     small business or comfortably able to support
around me. No matter how tired I                     her family. But, from neighborhood organizing, to
am at the end of the day, I know I                   lobbying for worker’s rights and racial justice, we
made—small or large—a difference                     believe nothing is more empowering than when
                                                     women come together to raise a collective voice.
in someone’s life.”                                  With community meeting space, model YWCA
Maria, 33                                            centers are designed to encourage women’s
                                                     community activism.
Maria runs one of the largest home-based child
care businesses in the YWCA’s West Side provider
network—but her desire to make a difference didn’t
stop there. To share knowledge and resources, she
founded a coalition of Spanish-speaking child care
providers that now spans two counties.
                            my family thrives; my community prospers

“I knew I could do better. I knew I               Once a woman’s dreams are within reach, she
could have my own business and                    starts to think about how to give back. Can she
                                                  mentor a young woman in her workplace? Is there
still work with children and do what I            a girl in her family who could use extra support
love. All it took was belief in myself to         to make it through those difficult teen years? Can
know that I had the strength, even if             she advocate with her neighbors to make her
                                                  community safer?
people told me, ‘You can’t do that!’”
                                                  Model YWCA centers thrive on networks of women
Dianira, 39                                       engaged in volunteering, mentoring and advocating
Dianira took a leap of faith seven years ago      with other women and girls.
when she started her own business—now she
is a successful entrepreneur who mentors other
women with similar goals. “It makes me feel
blessed, lucky and fortunate to work with the
YWCA because I know there will always be people
there to support me.”
The face of the Model YWCA

 For families facing every parent’s                   The metropolitan Chicago YWCA began in 1876,
 worst nightmare, Scheherazade                        in one woman’s living room—where she and 12
                                                      other women gathered to address the needs of
 Tillet is a beacon of safety and hope.               thousands of rural women flooding the city in
 As a YWCA art therapist, she helps                   search of work. Today the YWCA still operates
 child sexual assault victims recover a               under this model—staff and volunteers working
                                                      together and within larger communities to support
 sense of strength and courage.                       women at every stage of their lives.
 But she doesn’t stop there. Scheherazade has
 begun a small movement of her own—working with
 her sister to lead workshops on body image and
 trauma, and by creating and directing a multimedia
 performance to raise awareness in hopes of
 ending sexual violence.
10 | aspire. believe. thrive. the campaign for the model ywca

A life-changing place
The new Model YWCA centers will be significantly different from most social service agencies,
not just in the scope of programs offered, but also in the way service is delivered and the way it
feels to be a member. Each center is designed to be highly visible in the community, with a street-
front, ground-level presence, including prominent signage and YWCA branding. Centers will be
bright and new, clean and inviting. It’s a place you choose to come to, a place of power, strength
and sisterhood. Women want to visit their local YWCA because it makes them feel welcomed,
embraced and valued.


Façade Each Model YWCA center’s façade is inviting
and distinctive, designed to be highly visible in the
community, with a street-level presence. Even walking
by, a young woman knows this is a place where she
can change her life.


Welcome Center When a woman walks through our
doors, she is greeted by a Client Relations Specialist
and immediately connected with the resources and
information she needs. She starts to envision a
path that will lead to emotional strength, financial
independence and professional success.


Empowerment Center When a woman joins the
Economic Empowerment program, a YWCA
Empowerment Coach works one-on-one with her to
develop an individualized plan. Together, they work
long-term to follow that plan to achieve her individual
work, financial and life goals.


Community Technology Center Technology skills are
essential in today’s workplace, and can often give a
woman the competitive edge she needs to advance.
A state-of-the-art technology center offers a range of
classes from computer basics to Microsoft certification,
as well as access to the YWCA’s custom suite of online
resources and a personal e-mail address.
Model YWCA locations
■ Number of new               ■ Communities served            ■ Target completion date   ■ Member demographics
  YWCA centers                   Greater Grand                                             Women
                                  Crossing                                                 Ages 18 to 40

  5                              West Side
                                 West Suburbs (2)
                                 South Suburbs
                                                                2010                       Earning between
                                                                                            $10,000 and
                                                                                            $30,000 per year


Children’s Room For single mothers, difficulty finding
child care is often a primary barrier to accessing
services. The YWCA is dedicated to putting supports
in place, like on-site child care, that will allow women to
achieve their goals.


Center Against Sexual Violence As the largest provider
of comprehensive sexual assault services in Illinois, the
YWCA will continue to provide caring, nonjudgmental
crisis support, counseling and advocacy services to
help women reach a place of healing and strength.


Community Training Center The YWCA was pioneered
by activists, and we have stood at the forefront of
human rights movements throughout our history. Today,
through our Center for Racial Justice and Activism, we
are training, organizing and nurturing a new generation
of advocates and providing meeting space for our
members, as well as the larger community.


Café At the community café, clients, visitors and
staff can enjoy refreshments and prepare food for
community gatherings. Each café is a shared, casual
place for clients and staff to network and
build relationships.
12 | aspire. believe. thrive. the campaign for the model ywca

                 our                                            approach

                 Aspire. Believe. Thrive.
                 The words are simple, but the path to          women’s needs. The Center for Racial
                 achieving them is multifaceted, winding        Justice and Activism works locally to
                 and long. It requires overcoming barriers,     eliminate racism and sexism. And
                 like sexual violence, racism and sexism.       for those services we don’t directly
                 It involves the determination to define        provide, a community of collaborators
                 one’s goals, set a plan in motion to           is in place to ensure uninterrupted,
                 accomplish them, and work hard until           continuous support.
                 they are within reach.
                                                                The results are life changing, and not
                 The YWCA believes women who aspire             just for the women and girls we serve.
                 for more can find everything they need         When a woman thrives, her family,
                 to succeed through our new Model               neighborhood and community benefit.
                 YWCA centers and innovative new                She’s in a position to give back, to help
                 programs. Our approach is long term,           another woman begin her own journey.
                 comprehensive and specifically designed        She can focus on finding her own voice
                 to provide what women themselves have          and use it to improve conditions for
                 said they need.                                herself and on behalf of her sisters. She
                                                                sets an example for others, so they can
                 A holistic approach and a new economic
                                                                aspire to achieve, as she has.
                 empowerment program establish
                 work, financial and life supports at key       This is the Model YWCA: a place
                 moments in a woman’s journey toward            where women can overcome barriers
                 independence. Critical programs in early       and survive crisis, reach individual
                 childhood services and sexual violence         independence and success, and
                 and support services strengthen our            dramatically impact the economic and
                 ability to respond to the full range of        social viability of an entire community.
14 | aspire. believe. thrive. the campaign for the model ywca

Defining “the model”
■ A service model that            ■ An architectural model             ■ A model of success                    ■ A replicable business
   integrates all of our             of bright and welcoming               for women to achieve                    model for other YWCAs
   programs to provide               neighborhood centers                  economic security and                   and social service
   more comprehensive                                                      stability, strengthening                organizations
   support for women                                                       their families and                      throughout the country
   and girls                                                               communities

                 “Our new model will allow us to have a greater impact on
                 women and girls for the long haul. The new centers are
                 street-level, easily accessible and in greater Chicago’s under-
                 resourced communities. We are giving women the tools they
                 need to become economically secure, and in turn, share their
                 newfound strength with others in their communities.”
                 Laura Thrall, CEO, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

                 A campaign that lives its values
                 In 2007, the YWCA Board of Directors                  best achieved when government and
                 unanimously approved a transformational               private citizens work in partnership
                 campaign to better serve the women                    to build support around important
                 and girls of a metropolis that is itself              community development programs. And
                 transforming. Aspire. Believe. Thrive.                we have created a unique, investment-
                 The Campaign for the Model YWCA will                  style Venture Philanthropy Fund to
                 raise $6.5 million to build five new YWCA             demonstrate how individual investors
                 centers in critical-need areas of the                 can change the landscape for low-
                 Chicago region. Each center will offer a              income women, by supporting one
                 full suite of YWCA programs, including                woman at a time.
                 the new programs offered through
                                                                       Our plan is aggressive and the cost is
                 Economic Empowerment and the Center
                                                                       high, but we are committed to meeting
                 for Racial Justice and Activism.
                                                                       the needs of women and girls in the
                 Aspire. Believe. Thrive. The Campaign                 Chicago region. Just as we recognize
                 for the Model YWCA is the result of                   that when a woman joins the YWCA,
                 careful planning, aggressive goal                     she brings with her a personal story
                 setting and the visionary contributions               unlike any other, our campaign is
                 of our staff and volunteer leadership.                structured to find a place for everyone
                 We believe that community growth is                   to contribute to this important work.

                Campaign Total: $6,500,000

                                               67%                                                        33%

                                          Construction and Capital $4,390,000
                   Economic Empowerment Services and Center for Racial Justice & Activism* $2,110,000

                                                *Supports start-up costs and first-year operation of new programs at each center.
Measuring your contribution
■ Your investment in       ■ A gift of $1,000             ■ $15,000 will support       ■ Capital gifts of $25,000
  women and girls can         provides 10 sessions of       a woman through the           or more support an
  change lives at every       economic empowerment          entire two-year               entire community of
  level of giving             coaching or sexual            economic empowerment          women and girls
                              violence counseling to        coaching program              through the
                              a woman who seeks to                                        construction of new
                              change her life                                             Model YWCA centers

             “We are pleased to be able to honor our mothers by
             supporting this center, in the hope that the women who enter
             here will receive the care, encouragement and skills that will
             enable them to pursue their own dreams to make a better
             life for themselves.”
             Cheryl Parks Francis and Zed Francis, III, donors

             Inspired philanthropy: honoring our mothers
                                                          Cheryl and Zed’s investment will carry
                                                          women through an entire continuum of
                                                          economic empowerment—from finding
                                                          and keeping a job, to advancing on a
                                                          career path, pursuing higher education,
                                                          and achieving home ownership or asset
                                                          development. Laura Parks’ personal
                                                          motto, “When opportunity knocks, open
             Laura Parks          Mildred Francis         the door!” will certainly come to life as
                                                          women walk through the doors of the
             Our mothers’ and grandmothers’               YWCA and into our new centers.
             YWCA was radical, progressive, and
             forceful in its advocacy for women’s         We invite you to become a part
             rights and racial justice, often far ahead   of a new generation committed to
             of its time. The women who founded           eliminating racism and empowering
             this movement were very much like            women. Whether you choose to support
             Laura Parks and Mildred Francis—two          a program’s launch or a building’s
             strong women who survived the Great          construction, you are making an
             Depression, contributed to the war effort,   investment in women, their families and
             built successful careers and raised          our communities. To learn more, please
             thriving families.                           visit us at www.modelywca.org.

             In celebration of these women, Laura
             and Mildred’s children, Cheryl and Zed
             Francis, have provided a leadership gift
             to create the first Model YWCA center
             on Chicago’s South Side, the YWCA
             Metropolitan Chicago Laura Parks and
             Mildred Francis Center.
16 | aspire. believe. thrive. the campaign for the model ywca

                 Dear friends,
                 The words “aspire”, “believe”, and “thrive” together create an equation of deceptive
                 simplicity. For many, envisioning a goal, creating a plan, and realizing success seem
                 as regular as setting an alarm and getting up every day.
                 But across the Chicago region, many women lack the resources and support networks
                 they need to thrive. They may have big dreams, but lack the plan, the coaching, and the
                 training to advance in a career and build sustaining family assets. They may also be
                 survivors of sexual or domestic abuse or face racial or cultural barriers to success.
                 Aspire. Believe. Thrive. The Campaign for the Model YWCA is our vision for an
                 organization that will better meet the needs of women in the 21st century. It is our
                 belief that when women thrive, our region becomes economically stronger and more
                 culturally vibrant.
                 While we are adding exciting new programs and changing many of the ways we
                 provide them, our mission to eliminate racism and empower women remains at the
                 core of all we do. Staff cross-training, holistic services and new technology will help us
                 leverage our sexual violence and early childhood expertise across all Model YWCA
                 centers. New programs in economic empowerment and racial justice and activism
                 will reinforce our ability to respond to the full range of women’s needs. Finally, careful
                 management and strong financial performance have set the stage for a solid financial
                 position and hopeful future.
                 Whether you have been a friend and supporter of the YWCA since the civil rights and
                 women’s movements or are joining us for the first time, we invite you to believe in our
                 aspirations for a Chicago region where all women thrive. With your support, we will
                 continue to promote women’s economic empowerment, advocate for racial justice,
                 and create stronger, more vibrant Chicago communities.
                 We invite you to join us.


                 JoAnn S. Lilek                     Renetta E. McCann           Laura S. Thrall
                 Board President                    Campaign Chair              Chief Executive Officer
  We welcome your involvement in
      Aspire. Believe. Thrive.
The Campaign for the Model YWCA.

                             Please send questions,
                            comments and inquiries to
                              or call 312.762.2768.

            Concept, design and art direction: Birkdesign Inc.
            Photography: Lindsay Gallup
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