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									                     H.O.P.E. Group L.L.C.
Dedicated to Honoring and Optimizing the Potential in Everyone

                      Employee Policy
                     Procedure Manual
Make a substantial and lifelong difference in the life of a child in need

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                                    Revised 10/20/10

       H.O.P.E. Group, L.L.C. (“Hope Group”) was initially formed to provide services to

children whose developmental disability is attributable to either autism or a related

disorder. The services provided will typically be in the child’s home. By directing its

focus in this manner, Hope Group intends to tailor its services to the specific needs of

this client group.   Hope Group is expressly client oriented and expects active client

input and participation with respect to the services provided by Hope Group employees.

As such, Hope Group will demand that employees be sensitive to the needs and wishes

of the clients of Hope Group and be willing to work in a cooperative and team oriented


                            EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES

All personnel practices shall be conducted in compliance with the Equal Employment

Opportunity Act. Hope Group provides equal employment opportunities to all

employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex,

national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or status as a Vietnam-era or special

disabled veteran. Hope Group complies with applicable federal, state and local laws

governing nondiscrimination in employment. This policy applies to all terms and

conditions of employment, including but not limited to hiring, placement, promotion,

termination, layoff, recall, transfers, leaves of absence, compensation, and training. If

you believe you have experienced job-related discrimination, please promptly report

your concerns to the Human Resources Manager.

       Hope Group does not condone and will not tolerate sexual harassment.

Employees who commit acts of sexual harassment will be severely disciplined or

terminated. Any employee who believes that he or she has been the victim of sexual

harassment is encouraged to promptly report the matter to Hope Group. Any employee

who discovers evidence that a co-worker is being sexually harassed is encouraged to

report the matter similarly.     No employee reporting incidents of alleged sexual

harassment will be retaliated against or punished in any fashion. Your complaint will be

kept confidential except to the extent necessary to investigate and remedy the

circumstances raised therein.

       Hope Group is committed to the goal of providing quality services to persons with

developmental disabilities. To meet this goal it is important that:

              1.     All staff work cooperatively and openly; and

              2.     Hope Group and its employees solicit, and respond to, input from
                     persons served, from families and from peers.

Open and supportive communication at all levels is the most critical element to ensure

that quality services are provided.

       Personnel selection is based on a review of a standard written application,

verification of references and background information. An applicant shall not become

an employee of Hope Group until the selection process is complete and a standard

employment agreement is executed. All applicants and employees shall immediately

notify Hope Group of any change of circumstances which would make any of the

information provided during the employment process either inaccurate or misleading.

                                   EMPLOYEE RECORDS

       Each employee shall have a personnel record maintained by Hope Group. An

employee may inspect his or her personnel record in the presence of Hope Group, but

not remove any records contained therein. Records shall otherwise be confidential

except where disclosure is made to cooperate with DDD licensing, legal, safety, and

medical officials who request such records. Additionally, upon request, clients for

whom services are provided may be provided certain information relative to their

decision to utilize the services of an employee of Hope Group. Any records provided

will be noted as confidential. If an employee requests the release of records to

someone outside of Hope Group (i.e., verification of employment for a loan or

references, etc.) the employee will be required to sign a release of information form.

                         REQUIREMENTS FOR EMPLOYMENT

       All persons wishing to provide habilitation or respite services as employees of

Hope Group must satisfy state mandated minimum requirements relating to the service

class applied for in order to be eligible for employment consideration. These minimum

requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

              1.     Three references on Hope Group forms;

              2.     Fingerprint clearance;

              3.     Evidence of Article 9 proficiency (additional material is included in
                     each employee’s orientation material);

              4.     Evidence of current CPR certification;

              5.     Evidence of current first aid certification (additional material is
                     included in each employee’s orientation material);

              6.     Evidence of basic client orientation and documentation proficiency;

             7.     Client intervention techniques training, but only if such training is
                    either specified in the Individual Service Program Plan (ISPP) or
                    requested by the parent or guardian of the child for whom services
                    will be provided.

      In addition to the above, each applicant must meet the minimum experience,

education and/or training required for the category of service for which the applicant is

applying. A description of the minimum experience required to provide habilitation and

respite services, as well as a more complete description of the minimum requirements

enumerated above, can be found in the following portion of this manual.

                         ON BEHALF OF HOPE GROUP

      Employees of Hope Group shall provide documentation necessary for tax

withholding purposes and execute a standard form contract with Hope Group. 1

Employees of Hope Group shall keep all required certifications current at all times that

services are provided on behalf of Hope Group, and shall provide any such updated

documentation to Hope Group in a timely manner.

      Before any employee of Hope Group provides services to any client of Hope

Group, that employee shall review the client orientation form specifying the needs of the

client, with the client. If a current client orientation form has not been completed, the

employee will complete the form with the client and submit a copy of same to Hope

Group.   Every employee of Hope Group shall have a copy of the applicable client

orientation form with him or her at all times that services are provided or ensure that

such documentation is maintained at the client’s residence.

      Finally, employees of Hope Group agree to:

                 1.       Authorize a criminal record check to verify that they have not been
                          convicted or found by a court to have committed a sex offense, a
                          drug related offense, a violence related offense, child abuse, child
                          neglect or contributing to the delinquency of a minor;

                 2.       Immediately report all observed or alleged instances of abuse and
                          neglect to the DDD and Hope group;

                 3.       Participate in each client’s ISPP and provide any training as
                          specified in that plan;

                 4.       Use positive behavior techniques and redirection when necessary
                          to address behavioral issues. Corporal punishment, psychological
                          abuse, verbal abuse or seclusion will not be allowed at any time or
                          for any reason, even if used by client; Contact Hope if serious
                          behavioral issues arise.

                 5.       Maintain and keep current an appropriate record of all services
                          provided to the clients of Hope Group;

                 6.       Respect each client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality by
                          declining to release information to others unless expressly
                          approved by Hope Group. ALL information you learn about clients
                          or their families in working with them is CONFIDENTIAL. Please
                          respect their right to privacy and DO NOT discuss them with your
                          friends, family or others within the program;

                 7.       Report to Hope Group any of the following conditions:

                          a.       Unsafe or unsanitary living conditions;
                          b.       Deterioration in the individual’s physical or mental health;
                          c.       Any unexplained marks, bruises, scratches or signs of
                                   potential abuse; and
                          d.       Any marked changes in the individual’s abilities, moods or
                                   level of understanding.

                 8.       Take steps to enhance the human dignity of the person to whom
                          services are being provided by:

                          a.       Speaking to the individual in a manner which is respectful
                                   and appropriate to his or her age; and
                          b.       Refraining from speaking about the individual to others
                                   without including the individual in the conversation if he or
                                   she is present.
 It is expressly understood, however, that employment is “at will” wherein either party may terminate the
employment relationship with or without cause or prior notice.

9.    Deliver services in a manner that gives full regard to each person’s
      right to dignity and privacy.

10.   Deliver services in a manner that encourages and enhances self-
      esteem and self-sufficiency;

11.   Deliver services in a consistent, team oriented fashion;

12.   Immediately report all injuries incurred while providing services and,
      unless an emergency exists, obtain an information/authorization
      form from Hope Group before seeking medical or hospital
      treatment. Injuries incurred while providing services within the
      scope of employment are covered under Hope Group’s workers’
      compensation policy if properly reported;

13.   Immediately notify Hope Group if concerned that your ability or
      level of training is inconsistent with the needs of the child to whom
      services are being provided;

14.   Report all unusual incidents (this includes severe injuries, missing
      client, severe illness, hospitalization, etc.) to Hope Group. Of
      course, in a life-threatening emergency, contact 911 for assistance,
      and then call Hope Group after the situation is under control.

15.   Complete an Incident Report (DD-191) and contact the office within
      twenty-four (24) hours if there is an injury, property damage,
      aggression, neglect, etc. that involves a client. IF IN DOUBT,

16.   If you encounter difficulties with any client for whom you are
      providing services, contact Hope Group for assistance. Requesting
      that a parent return early because of behavior problems should be
      a LAST resort. Hope Group will attempt to arrange for another
      provider if you are unable to complete the service because of
      behavior difficulties or an emergency in your own family.

17.   When families leave you with the person receiving services, please
      make sure that you obtain from them all necessary medications
      (with clear directions on when and how they are to be
      administered), medical insurance cards, and information as to
      which clinic the client may be taken, a consent form from the
      parent/guardian allowing you to seek treatment, and a telephone
      number where you may reach the parent/guardian. Remember,
      however, that prior approval is required from Hope Group to
      administer medications.

             18.     NEVER leave the client for whom you are providing services in the
                     care of another person who is not a certified service provider. This
                     is true even for short periods of time to run errands, etc. If you feel
                     you need to have backup coverage during longer respite jobs, you
                     should make arrangements with Hope Group prior to commencing
                     that respite job;

             19.     If you plan to take the client out of the home in which you are
                     providing services, assuming that Hope Group has given
                     authorization, obtain the parent/guardian’s permission to do so
                     PRIOR to the outing. You MUST have a current driver’s license,
                     current auto insurance and vehicle registration for each vehicle
                     used to transport clients (copies must be on file with Hope Group)
                     and seat belts for each person being transported, and for young
                     children, a car seat for each child;

             20.     Inform Hope Group immediately of any difficulties that involve the
                     families you are working with, so that we can work with you to
                     resolve the problems. Please do not wait until the situation
                     becomes a crisis before you make us aware of these issues; and

             21.     Do not discuss case management issues with families as you
                     might misinform families. Further, your primary role is to provide
                     services – not to be an advocate.


      Hope Group does not contract to provide transportation services and such

services are generally not within any employee’s scope of services with Hope Group.

Similarly, time spent commuting to the service site is not compensable.             Unless

otherwise pre-approved by Hope Group, all services should be provided in or near the

client’s residence. To the extent that employees use their personal vehicle for pre-

approved Hope Group purposes, said employees will be required to have a current

driver’s license and liability limits of $100,000 / $300,000 (bodily injury) and $50,000

(property damage).


          Employees of Hope Group will not administer any medication during any services

rendered without the prior written approval of Hope Group.       Approval for providing

medication may require additional training and, if approved, will require additional



          Employees must recognize that Hope Group is an agency that has contracted

with the DDD for the provision of habilitation and respite services to eligible persons

with developmental disabilities and their families.    Hope Group is only assigned a

specified number of habilitation and respite hours for these persons by DDD and will be

paid by DDD only for those hours within the specified number of hours assigned to

Hope Group. The assignment of hours is directed by DDD. As such, Hope Group will

assign an authorization code to each client, and track the number of hours of service

each employee provides to each client. If an employee is unsure about authorization,

or is requested by any client of Hope Group to provide additional services for which

payment is expected from Hope Group, the employee should contact the Hope Group



          Employees of Hope Group will be paid once per month for all authorized work

reflected on the standard time sheets submitted by that employee. All employee

compensation is subject to withholding of federal and state income taxes, and

deduction for Social Security and Medicare taxes.

       Blank time sheets are available at the offices of Hope Group and these blank

sheets may be copied by the employee. Please see Hope Group’s Timesheet Protocol

document for more information. This protocol will be further discussed at the time of

hire and all employees should promptly call Hope Group with any questions regarding

this protocol.


       Respite services will be compensated at the rate of nine dollars ($9.00) per hour.

Habilitation services will generally be initially compensated in accordance with the

following rate schedule (the initial rate will be included in the employment agreement).

                                  INITIAL STARTING RATE

1. $10.00/hour:     No experience providing habilitation service and no college degree.

2. $10.25/hour:     Up to six months of significant, verifiable experience in an ABA

3. $10.50/hour:     Six months to a year of significant, verifiable experience in an ABA

4. $10.75/hour:     One year or more of significant, verifiable experience in an ABA
                    program providing habilitation service with children under the age
                    of 18, or an Associate’s Degree in a related field (see below for
                    Associate Degree requirements).

5. $11.00/hour:     Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field (see below for
                    Bachelors Degree requirements) or a minimum of 2 years verifiable
                    experience of habilitation/implementing ABA programs.

6. $12.00/hr.       Completion of a Masters Degree in a related field and a minimum
                    of 2 years verifiable experience of habilitation/implementing ABA

An employee may receive an increase of $.25/hour to their habilitation pay rate every 6-

11 months upon completion of 600 hours (300 of those hours must be habilitation) or

once a year regardless of the hours worked (until reaching the cap of $14.00/hour).

Please note that this pay increase is not applicable to those who only provide respite

services. The minimum requirements to be eligible for a raise are as follows: there

must be a good performance review from the family, attendance during the review

period of additional child specific trainings provided by Hope Group, a good record of

promptness with time sheets and correct and complete monthly progress reports.

Employees with college degrees must produce a copy of their diploma or transcripts

showing they completed the proper credit hours for their degree. Employees with a

college degree will not receive the appropriate pay rate until Hope Group is in receipt of

the copy and will receive that rate based on the pay period in which we receive the

documentation, not the date of the diploma.      We will accept an associate degree in a

related field (i.e. Psychology, Education, Speech and Language etc.) or a Bachelor

degree in a related field (i.e. Psychology, Education, Speech and Language etc.) with

an emphasis on disabilities.      Finally, the foregoing rate structure is intended as

guidance only and the ultimate rate to be provided is left to the sole discretion of Hope


       Employees shall not charge clients of Hope Group any additional amounts for

services provided on behalf of Hope Group. Furthermore, an employee is not entitled

to any specific rate based on prior experience and may, theoretically, receive different

rates for different clients. Factors that Hope Group may consider in its determination of

the rate of compensation to be provided to any employee generally include, but are not

limited to, the following: (See next page please.)

               1.     Length of service with, and past loyalty to, their clients;
               2.     Client input;
               3.     Documentation of client activities and progress toward meeting
                      goals, and general compliance with Hope Group policy;
               4.     Independent and/or ongoing training received;
               5.     The number of hours of service provided during the above periods;
               6.     The relative difficulty in providing services to a particular client.

         Hope Group will not cover the costs of the fingerprint clearance necessary for

applicants to be considered for employment. However, Hope Group will reimburse

employees up to thirty dollars ($15.00 per class) for the cost of obtaining the 1st Aid and

CPR certification necessary to be considered for employment with Hope Group. The

above reimbursements will be made only after the employee exchanges the card and

receipt and successfully completes one month of service on behalf of Hope Group.

Other costs will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with sole discretion as to

reimbursement for same residing with Hope Group.

                                SCHEDULING SERVICES

         Employees of Hope Group shall schedule services directly with the clients of

Hope Group. Scheduling shall, of course, be consistent with the authorization granted

as to the number of hours that the employee may provide to each client. Accordingly,

employees have some ability to structure the number of hours they wish to work, as

well as the times that services will be provided. Of course, if you are too rigid with

respect to scheduling matters, this may adversely impact your ability to secure client


         The number of hours authorized for a particular employee may be altered at any

time by either the client or Hope Group. Additionally, future services will require the

continuing concurrence of the client, the employee and Hope Group.            In essence,

employees operate very much like independent contractors and, as such, each

employee must recognize that they are not guaranteed any specified number of

compensable service hours while employed by Hope Group.

      Employees must also recognize that they operate as part of a team and that

promptness and attendance to duty are imperative. As such, all employees shall report

for duty at the time agreed upon, be appropriately attired (no dangle earrings, etc.) and

be mentally and physically prepared to provide services for the entirety of the scheduled

service time.

      Hope Group recognizes that there are occasionally times when, because of

illness or unavoidable circumstances, an employee cannot provide services as

scheduled. Under these circumstances, the employee should notify the client of same

as soon as possible. Obviously, an employee shall also notify each client as soon as

that employee knows that he or she will alter a schedule for planned circumstances

such as vacation, medical leave, bereavement leave, jury duty, military leave, or

suspension of services for any reason.


      Habilitation goals, and the methods to be used to achieve those goals, must be

consistent with the ISPP and be documented. Additionally, as noted in the Payroll

Section, progress toward achieving these goals must be submitted to Hope Group on a

monthly   basis.     Detailed   daily   documentation   of   activities   and   habilitation

methodologies, and the progress being made on those activities, must also be kept at

the service site. Proper documentation is a fundamental and essential part of any

habilitation provider’s job function.


      Employees shall not be compensated for any vacation, sick or other leave taken.

Workers compensation protection is provided from the date of hire.                   Hope Group

provides benefits including but not limited to 401K. Additional information about the

current benefit programs offered to “full time” employees will be provided at the time of

hire. If you have any questions as to benefits, or any other issue discussed in this

policy, you should contact Hope Group.


      Employees     providing   habilitation        and   respite   services   are    considered

“companion” workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the rules promulgated

thereunder, and are exempt from overtime rules.                Accordingly, employees shall

generally not be paid overtime for work exceeding 8 hours of habilitation or respite

service in any one day or 40 hours in any one week (Saturday through Friday).

Because habilitation services are intensive, however, and because providing more than

40 hours of habilitation services during any one week may impact an employee’s ability

to provide quality service, employees shall not be permitted to provide more than 8

hours of habilitation service in any one day, or more than 40 hours in any one week,

without the prior approval of Hope Group.

                                        DRUG USE

      Employees of Hope Group shall be drug free and may be subject to random drug

testing as a condition of employment.

                         INFECTIOUS/CONTAGIOUS DISEASE

       Any employee of Hope Group contracting an infectious disease or contagious

condition (i.e., tuberculosis, hepatitis, scabies, etc.) is required to notify Hope Group

immediately.     Medical information received by Hope Group will be maintained in a

confidential manner.       Employee records pertaining to this regulation will be

communicated only on a need-to-know basis, and maintained in the employee’s

medical file.


       Once again, all employees of Hope Group are considered to be “at will”, and may

be discharged with or without cause and with or without notice. Without restricting the

“at will” relationship between Hope Group and its employees, Hope Group reserves the

right to use a system of warning, or progressive discipline, when and if Hope Group

determines that it would be helpful and appropriate under the circumstances.

                                      POLICY CHANGES

       Hope Group reserves the right to unilaterally modify, add to, or eliminate any of

the policies included herein.

                                      DDD POLICY

       Hope Group intends to comply with all applicable DDD statutes, regulations and

policies including, but not limited to, the following (which are included in the employee’s

orientation material):

                1.   Article 9;

                2.   Incident Reporting; and

                3.   Client Rights.


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