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Waterford Recreation and Parks


									Waterford Recreation and Parks
                                                               15 Rope Ferry Road
April 30, 2009
                                                       Waterford, CT • 860-444-5881

                                                          Recreation Book
                                         In this Issue:

                                         Summer Playground Information
                                         Camp Programs: Tennis, Golf, Music
                                         New (CSI) Camp - page 9
                                         Fitness Challenge - page 15

                                         Don’t miss out on these and other great
                                         offerings this Summer

                                                 Pick one, pick them all...
                                                 take advantage of what
                                                 Waterford has to offer.
                                                 Be Active and Stay Healthy!
                                                     MAIL IN REGISTRATION:
                                                No registrations will be accepted
                                                before the MAY 11TH POST MARK.

                 Waterford Recreation & Parks                                         1
Message from ....
    From the Desk of:
    Kerry Sullivan, Program Coordinator
        I know we are all looking forward to the warmer weather and we here at Recreation and Parks are hoping we have something for you, your family
    and friends to enjoy. You will see in this booklet that we have some very special new programs. Last year we did the Lego Camp and it was a huge
    success. This year we have added a C.S.I. Camp, which we think will be a lot of fun and very interesting for our future scientist and detectives. There
    are also many new dance programs for the children to enjoy, which incorporate physical fitness.
        Something new and exciting for everyone including the adults in the community is our Tri-Town Wellness Challenge. This is based on the popular
    show The Biggest Loser with a few twists of our own to make it unique. Not only will you be challenging yourself, competing among other individuals
    from town, but we will be challenging individuals from New London and East Lyme. Those of you who know me will also find out that I will be joining
    this challenge trying to make Waterford triumphant.
        A few other things I would like to bring to your attention, once again we will be offering Summer Concerts at Waterford Beach. These concerts will
    take place on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm from June 17 to August 19 a different band each Wednesday. These concerts are free to the
    public and a great family night out. Speaking of FAMILY NIGHT OUT AND BEING FREE we are trying something new this year! We will be offering
    two nights of free family oriented movies. Once again they will be held at Waterford Beach in the green area. In these tough economical times we here
    at Waterford Recreation and Parks are trying to bring a little something special to our residents. We offer these free programs to all our residents and
    the surrounding communities to enjoy… help us bring back Family Night.
        You will also find in this booklet a couple of days that we will be looking for volunteers. I recognize that this is the year of the volunteer and I am
    asking anyone who can to please try to volunteer someplace and let me recommend a couple (wink). One is the beautification project that was started
    last summer/fall at the corner of Route 1 and Route 156. This would be the War Memorial Community Flower Garden. With the help of some
    individuals from the community we were able to plant 1,500 crocus and daffodils last fall. This spring on May 16 we will once again be meeting at the
    garden at 10:00am to plant perennials, weed and get the garden going for the spring. On the 17 of May we will be working at the Waterford Dog Park
    to do some clean up, plant more wild flower seeds and hold a Community Yard Sale from 10am to 2pm to benefit the dog park. Also as a heads up to
    all our dog owners who have been using the dog park. The park will probably be closing for a few weeks between April and May for re-seeding. This
    has been a bigger success than even I had anticipated and believe me I had high expectations!
        Finally in closing I want to thank everyone who has contact myself and the Recreation and Parks Department about programs that they offer. We
    have seen an increase in proposals, accepting some and having to turn down some others. We have found this very interesting and are very pleased to
    learn we have such talented individuals living in Waterford.
        Enjoy the spring and summer and be safe!

4                                                                   Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                                                 Message from the Director
                          Message From The Director:
                           Summer days filled with going to the beach, playing sports
                          and simply enjoying the outdoors with family and friends will
                                                                                                                            Table of Contents
                          soon be here. We are pleased to offer you ample
                          opportunities to make the best of your summer byway of our                        RECREATION & PARKS DEPARTMENT
                          programs, parks, and facilities.                                                                   Messages from ............3
                           We realize that economic challenges are present for many                                    Important Information............5
of us, so we are striving to continue to provide quality services by consciously
                                                                                                                        Preschool Programs............7
controlling our costs when appropriate. Also note that we will continue to keep our
program and other fees at a reasonable cost so as to not deter the public from                                              Youth Programs............8
partaking in our programs. Please note that we have a financial assistance program                                           Adult Programs........13
available for those that may need it.                                                                                Aquatic/Pool Programs........16
  Waterford is a community that is fortunate to have a strong volunteer base. I would                                      Pool Regulations........19
like to thank all of those who so freely give of their time and skills such as the
volunteers that run our co-sponsored sport organizations, as well as those on the                                          Community News........20
Youth Sports Council. Thanks are also in order for those who serve on various                                   Community Center Information........22
committees such as the Playground, Dog Park, and Waterford Week committees.                                       Program Registration Form........23
Local scout groups also deserve to be commended for the service projects they                                            Youth Sport Council........22
complete. Consider volunteering yourself if possible.
  Project Updates:                                                                                                             TOWN DEPARTMENTS
  Stenger Farm Community Playground: Work continues and fund raising is
                                                                                                           First Selectman’s Office/Tax Office........26
underway. A projected completion date of summer 2010 has been set. Read more
about their efforts in this booklet and how you can help.                                                                      Senior Services........27
  Eugene O’Neill Theater Improvements/ Expansion: Our Commission is                                                                    Library........28
currently reviewing the plans brought forward by the Theater. A recommendation will                                     Youth Services Bureau........29
then be made to the Board of Selectman.                                                                              Emergency Management........30
  Capital Improvements: We continue to search out and apply for grants to assist
us in maintaining current facilities, such as the tennis courts, and also for
                                                                                                                     Stenger Farm Playground........31
enhancements to existing park areas.                                                                                             Public Works........32
  We hope to see you in the programs, and out in the parks! Please contact our office
with any questions. Have a healthy and safe summer.

                                                        Brian W. Flaherty, Director
                                                                            Recreation & Parks
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                                               The As
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                             ain, Kerr              te                  d trails,
                  concert               y Sulliva rtainment becom                 and a ne
                                                  n has be
                            series b
                                      y bringin               en enha e available.                                   Mail In Registration
                           Please lo             g in loca             ncing th
                 as these              ok                   l favo               e summ                              No registration will be accepted
                            concerts for the schedule rites and addin                    er
                                                                                                                     before the postmark date of:
                 a family               are free                through             g new
                          outing.                  to the p             out the b
                                                             ublic an
                                                                      d a grea ooklet
                                                                                                                          May 11th
                 We are
                          continua                                              t event fo
                residents           lly trying                                            r
                           to enjoy             new pro
               know ho                so pleas            grams a
                         w we are                e drop u           nd ideas                                         Mail to: Waterford Recreation
                                      doing or              s a line           for the
               Enjoy th                          to offer            or
                        e Summ
                                  er!                      any new stop in to let us                                          and Parks
                                                                     ideas.                                                   15 Rope Ferry Road
              Ryan T. McN                                                                                                     Waterford, CT 06385
             Recreati    amara, Assis
                     on and P        tant Directo
                             arks                r
                                                    Ellen Lind                     Walter Riley                   Book Layout             Trina Fulton
            Produced by                             President & Publisher          Retail Advertising Manager     Barbara Burgess         Mary Ellen Geragotelis
                                                    Paul Provost                   Deborah Sherwood               Advertising Designers   Christen Lewis
                                                    Advertising Director           Sales Executive                Sharon Brochu           Karen Mazur
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                                                         Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                                        5
Important Information
    Registration by Mail: No registration will be accepted before the postmark
    date of May 11, 2009. All Waterford residents get first priority. Out of Town Residents may
    mail in their registration forms dated May 18, 2009.
    Walk-In Registration: Registrations may be dropped off in person at the
    Recreation and Parks Department starting on May 27th, from 8am to                                       ent
                                                                                                  n Statemed for all
                                                                                            Missio be offer
    4pm. Please note that the mail-in date is earlier than the walk-in
    and therefore mail-in registrations have first priority.                                           ill      ach       e
                                                                                              ams w              giving
    Program Enrollment Policy & Refunds: The Recreation and Parks                       Progr d interests rtunity to
                                                                                                 n                o
    Commission reserves the right to re-schedule, relocate, or cancel any                ages a ual the opp f activities.
    advertised program due to facility availability and public response. If a              individ           riety o         s,
                                                                                                    in a va          ctivitie
    program meets the maximum enrollment, a wait list will be created. If                 engage gh these a le to make
    additional class openings become available, we will use the waiting list to               Throu will be ab ure time
    fill the class. 100% Program Satisfaction guaranteed.                                        ipants             f leis      al
                                                                                           partic ctive use o itive physic
                                                                                                   ru                 s
    Program Cancellations: All program cancellations due to weather or                      const ribute to po and good
                                                                                                    nt              lth,
    facility difficulties will be announced on Radio Stations WNLC, WTYD,                  and co mental hea ship.
    WICH, WKCD, WAVE and WSUB. News Channel 3 provides the cancellation                        and                 an
    postings for television. Please contact the office if you are not satisfied with                       sportm
    Payment Information: Cash or check only. Checks should be made payable
    to the Town of Waterford (return check fee of $25.00). Proof of residency is
    required. To qualify for the senior rate, you must be a Waterford Resident/Taxpayer, sixty-five (65) years of age or older.
    Pro-rating will not occur for late registrations.
    Financial Hardships: Scholarships are available and handled in a confidential manner. Contact the Recreation and Parks
    Office for more information.
    Accessibility Policy: We will make every effort to provide programs and facilities that are accessible to everyone. Please
    contact the office with any questions or comments. We guarantee coperation, 100% of the time.

           PROGRAM REGISTRATIONS: Mail–In Date is: May 11th, 2009 • Walk–Ins starting: May 27th, 2009

        Office Hours                                                                 Financial Assistance is available!
        8:00 AM - 4:00 PM         Monday through Friday                           Please take advantage of this opportunity if
                                                                                      you are experiencing a hardship that is
        Community Center                                                                 preventing you and your family from
        8:00 AM - 8:00 PM         Monday through Friday                               participating, Contact Brian Flaherty or
                                                                           Ryan McNamara in the Recreation and Parks Office
        8:00 AM - 12:00 PM        Saturday
                                                                                                        for more information.

                                                                              Community Center Fitness Room
                   (860) 444 - 5881 Office
                                                                        Take advantage of the Community Center Fitness Room!
                   (860) 444 - 5882 After 4:00 pm
                                                                              It has all the equipment needed to get your
                   (860) 444 - 5884 Community Ctr.                                 exercise goals on track, including:
                   (860) 440 - 5717         FAX                            • 2 Treadmills • 2 recumbent bicycles • Elliptical
                                                                             • Recumbent Stepper •A universal weight set
                                              designed to workout most body parts and many
                                                                                   free weights, medicine balls, etc.!
                   wtfdrp                                         Stop by the Recreation and Parks Office to fill
                                                                                   out the appropriate forms and you will be on
                   15 Rope Ferry Road                                                  your way to better fitness and health!
                   Waterford, CT 06385

6                                                     Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                                          Important Information
                                                                       Waterford Recreation and Parks Commission
                                                                                       John Worobey, Chairman
                                                                                     Luke Cappiello, Vice Chairman
                                                                                             Fred Brucoli
                                                                                           Aspasia Kanabis
                                                                                            Jack O’Keefe
                                                                                            Nan Scheiber
                                                                                           Warren Swanson
                                                                                            William Whelan
Beach Stickers                                                                           Stacey Wielachowski
•Get your beach sticker now by mailing in a photo-copy
 of your car registration and check.                                                                       Staff
•Send a photo-copy of your car registration to the                      Brian W. Flaherty..................Director
 Recreation and Parks Department in-order to receive a                  Ryan McNamara...................Assistant Director
 2009 Beach Sticker.
•Walk-Ins Welcome Starting June 1, 2009
                                                                        Kerry Sullivan...........................Program Coordinator
  We Recommend Mailing In A Photo-Copy Of Your
                                                                        M. Ann Nolan...........................Office Coordinator
Registration And A Sticker Will Be Sent Back To You!!                   Hilary Willard............................Receptionist/Clerk
              This Can Be Done At Anytime!                              Vernon McDade.....................Maintenance Foreman
Beach Sticker Fees:                                                                            Maintenance Crew
Waterford Residents: $10.00 first car $2.00 for each                      Bob Bezanson, Don Chapman, Rob Cooper,
additional car in the same family and household.
Waterford Senior Citizens: $2.00 per car with the                           Bill Cullen, Mark Munsell, Scott Olson
senior citizens name on the registration. Waterford                                    and Gary Perkins
seniors still have the option of showing I.D. at the gate
and entering free (65 years of age and over).
Out of town residents: $60.00 per car
Walker Pass for the season:                                                 Our Programs can be made accessible to all.
Waterford Residents (all): $2.00                                             Interested in Youth Sport Development?
                                                                       Visit to find outh Sport resources, recent
Out of town residents: $10.00                                          national articles regarding youth sports, and information on
Daily Parking Fee at the Gatehouse                                     how to help in the development of youth sports. NAYS-
                                                                       National Alliance for Youth Sports-has information for
without a sticker:                                                     parents, coaches, volunteers, and more!
Waterford residents: $2.00 weekday/$5.00 weekends
and holidays.
Waterford Senior Citizen: Free with I.D.                                                                  cuss?
                                                                                                  e to dis
Out of town residents: $10.00 during the week, and                                        ould lik e planning?
                                                                                   you w r futur
                                                                          nt ideas         fo               ission
                                                                  Importa s or concerns d Park Comm each
$20.00 on weekends and holidays.
                                                                          n                 n
Out of town residents attending picnics:                           Questio a Recreation a rth Tuesday of nter.
MUST be on guest list. During the week $5.00, $7.00 on             Stop by eld on the fou ommunity Ce w
                                                                              h               eC               ne
weekends, per vehicle.                                              meeting t 5:00pm in th t current and ing
                                                                     mo nth a             abou             xplain e
Walker/Biker Daily Fees at the Beach:                                           to listen         a note e         b
                                                                       Drop in gs or drop us cuss so it can                PROGRAM
Waterford residents: $1.00                                              hap  penin ld like to dis da.                   REGISTRATI
                                                                                u wou             e agen                             ONS
Waterford Senior Citizens: Free                                        what yo added to th                               Mail–In Date
Out of town residents: $5.00                                                                                                           Is:
                                                                                                                         May 11th, 20
 Waterford Beach and Pleasure Beach open on Saturday, June 20,                                                         Walk–Ins Sta
 2009. Please remember NO dogs at Waterford Beach or Pleasure                                                           May 27th, 20
     Beach from June 20 to September 8, 2009, Thank you!

                                                  Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                               7
8   Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                                             Preschool Programs
FUN IN THE SUN (3-5 year olds)                                  SUMMER PLAYGROUND
Don’t miss out on all of the excitement at the beach!           NOTE: ONLY THREE LOCATIONS –
Children explore nature, play games, and design crafts.         Quaker Hill School, Southwest School and the
Wednesdays, starting June 24th. Meets for 4 weeks               Civic Triangle
Code# 160011
                                                                (NO – Cohanzie, Oswegatchie or Great Neck Schools) (Grades K-5)
        Time:    9:00am - 10:00am
                                                                Mon. through Fri., June 29th—Aug. 7th. (Does not meet 7/3)
         Fee:    $19.00 residents/ $22.00 o.o.t.
    Location:    Waterford Beach Park                           9am-12noon at Quaker Hill, Southwest Elementary
   Instructor:   Paula Jessuck                                  schools and Civic Triangle.
   Class size:   Max. 8/ Min. 6                                 NOTE: Due to school construction, playground will
                                                                only be held at the above mentioned schools.
Tapping Butterflies (3-5 year olds)
                                                                Code #165051 Quaker Hill
Tap Dance and Ballet working together. Bring your own
                                                                Code #165021 Southwest Elementary
tap and ballet shoes.
                                                                Code #165001 Civic Triangle
Code # 160051-01
                                                                Register at the playground your child will be
       Dates:    June 17th to July 22nd
         Day:    Wednesdays                                     attending.
        Time:    4:15pm to 4:45pm                               Should it rain, the program is cancelled for that day.
         Fee:    $35 residents/$42 o.o.t.                       The Playground Program is a recreational opportunity for
       Where:    Community Center Dance Room                    children. The activities and program concept is
   Instructor:   Miss Nikki                                     designed as a neighborhood based, safe, and fun
   Class size:   max. 12/min. 6                                 recreational environment. Safety and educational
                                                                speakers may participate for the child’s enjoyment. This
Code #160051-02 Same info as above                              is not a day care program. Should it start to storm
                                                                during the time frame of this program, parents/guardians
        Ages:    6–8                                            are to pick up children promptly.
        Dates:   June 17th to July 22nd                         Please register at the playground and pay the instructor
          Day:   Wednesdays                                     there. There is a $10 fee for snacks, please pay in CASH.
         Time:   5:00pm to 5:15pm                               Please remember that you can pick a playground location
          Fee:   $35 residents/$42 o.o.t.                       that is closest for you. If you end up going to two different
                                                                playgrounds you have to register and pay at both.

Official Camp of Major League Soccer
Develop the skills necessary to standout in soccer! This
camp emphasizes coordination and ball control while
playing fun games with some of the world’s best athletes
and coaches!
Code # 150111-01
        Dates: August 3—August 7
          Age: 3-5 year olds
         Time: 9am - 10am
           Fee: $55.00
      Location: Leary Park
   Class size: Max. Unl./ Min. 10
Participants receive free soccer ball and t-shirt
Note: Participants must also fill out an MLS Form.
Note: Separate Check: Made out to MLS CAMPS

                                            Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                          9
Youth Programs
MLS SOCCER CAMP                                                  YOUTH TENNIS LESSONS
Official Camp of Major League Soccer                             (6-15 years old)
(Separate Check Made out to MLS CAMPS)                           Coordination, fundamentals, game play, strategy. Fun and
Develop the skills necessary to standout in soccer!              challenging while exercising at the same time! Participants
This camp emphasizes coordination and ball control while         must supply their own racquet. Please wear sneakers (no
playing fun games with some of the world’s best athletes         sandals), hat, and bring a water bottle. Lessons will run for
and coaches!                                                     6 weeks, one lesson per week, beginning Monday, June
Code #150111-02                                                  29th (no class July 4th) on the following schedule:
        Ages: 6 - 8 year olds                                    Code #150041-01
        Dates: August 4 - August 7                               Date: Tuesdays             Place: Waterford Beach
         Time: 10:15am - 11:45am                                 Time: 8:30-9:30am          Ages 4-5 yrs
          Fee: $70.00                                            Code #150041-02
  Class size: Max. Unl./Min. 10                                  Date: Tuesdays             Place: Waterford Beach
    Location: Leary Park                                         Time: 9-10am               Ages: 6-8 yrs
Participants receive free soccer ball and t-shirt                Code #150041-03
                                                                 Date: Tuesdays             Place: Waterford Beach
Code #150111-03                                                  Time: 10-11am              Ages: 9-15 yrs
        Ages: 9 - 12 year olds                                   Code #150041-05
        Time: 9:00am - 12:00noon                                 Date: Wednesdays           Place: Leary
         Fee: $105                                               Time: 9-10am               Ages: 6-8 yrs
  Class size: Max. Unl./Min. 10
Participants receive free soccer ball and t-shirt                Code #150041-06
NOTE: Participants must also fill out an MLS Form.               Date: Wednesdays           Place: Leary
                                                                 Time: 10-11am              Ages: 9-15 yrs
                                                                 Code #150041-07
                                                                 Date: Thursdays            Place: Waterford High School
                                                                 Time: 8:30-9:30am          Ages: 4-5yrs
                                                                 Code #150041-08
                                                                 Date: Thursdays            Place: Waterford High School
                                                                 Time: 9-10 am              Ages 6-8 yrs
                                                                 Code #150041-09
Competitive Junior Summer Tennis League!                         Date: Thursdays       Place: Waterford High School
                                                                 Time: 10-11 am        Ages: 9-15 yrs
This is geared for the Junior Varsity, Varsity and other         Code #150041-10
                                                                 Date: Thursdays       Place: Waterford High School
aspiring intermediate to advanced Junior players. Boys
                                                                 Time: 5-6 pm          Ages: 9-15 yrs
and girls 18 years and younger will be playing in a
combination of singles and doubles matches. We will              Code #150041-11
generally meet on Fridays and we will have both home             Date: Mondays         Place: Waterford High School
                                                                 Time: 5-6 pm          Ages: 9-15 yrs
and away matches. The teams will compete throughout
the summer session and the season will conclude with a                    Fee: $30.00 resident/ $40.00 o.o.t.
Team Championship Tournament! Try outs for the                     Class size: Max. 10/Min. 5
Waterford Recreation & Parks teams will start once
school has recessed for the summer. All those that are
interested please send an email to:
      Ages: 18 & under
     Dates: 6/29-8/7
       Day: Friday
      Time: TBD
       Fee: Res$/Non-Res$
   Location: Waterford High School
Coordinators: Mike Abate & Susan Welshock

10                                                  Waterford Recreation & Parks
Youth Programs
Youth Programs                                                             Youth Programs
(All checks are to be made out separately to:
                                                               NEW CAMP – CSI (CAMP
Play-Well Summer Camp)
                                                               SCENE INVESTIGATORS)
Pre Engineering: using LEGO we’ll create, play and             (Checks made out separately
learn. Build motorized cars, trains, buses and trucks;         to CSI-CAMP)
race them; crash them; repair them. (Ages 5 to 6)              Become a mini investigator.
Code # 120111-01                                               Learn some of the techniques
                                                               that have become popular on
        Date:    July 13th—17th                                the different TV shows. A great
        Time:    9:00am—12noon                                 program for students interested
    Location:    Community Center                              in science.
   Class size:   max. 22/ min. 11
         Fee:    $125                                          Code #120141-01
Engineering FUNdamentals, using LEGO we’ll                             Date:    July 6th – 10th
explore concepts in physics, mechanical and                            Time:    9:00am – 12noon
structural eng. and architecture while playing.                       Where:    Community Center
(ages 7 to 9)                                                            Fee:   $100.00 Check made out CCI Camps
Code# 120111-02                                                   Class size:   Minimum of 10, Maximum of 25
                                                                     Grades:    6th – 8th
        Date:    July 13th—17th                                  Supervisors:   Teachers/Students of High Education
        Time:    1:00pm—4:00pm
    Location:    Community Center                              Code #120141-02
   Class size:   max. 22/min. 11
         Fee:    $125                                                  Date:    July 6th – July 10th
                                                                       Time:    1:00pm – 4:00pm
Pre-engineering. Building and design using LEGO’s                     Where:    Community Center
and challenge opponents to the finish. (ages 5 to 8)                    Fee:    $100.00 Check made out to CCI Camps
Code# 120111-03                                                   Class size:   Minimum of 10, Maximum of 25
                                                                     Grades:    6th – 8th
        Date:    July 20th—24th                                  Supervisors:   Teachers/Students of High Education
        Time:    9:00am-12noon
    Location:    Community Center
   Class size:   max 22/min. 11
         Fee:    $125
                                                               NEW – MINI DANCE CAMPS             I’M
Sports Bots, we will design and build motorized                                                  NEW!
remote controlled sports bots to compete through               Ballet and Tap Dance
LEGO’s. (ages 9-12)                                            Code #120151-01
Code#120011-04                                                         Date:    July 13th – 17th
        Date:    July20th –24th                                         Time:   1:00pm – 2:30pm
        Time:    1:00pm—4:00pm                                        Where:    Community Center Dance Room
    Location:    Community Center                                        Fee:   $50.00 res./ $100.00 o.o.t.
   Class size:   max 22/min 22                                    Class size:   Minimum 6, Maximum 12
         Fee:    $125                                                  Ages:    6 to 9 years old
                                                                  Supervisor:   Miss Nikki

                                                               HIP HOP AND JAZZ
                                                               Code #120161-01
                                                                       Date:    July 13th – 17th
            The main ingredient for fun                                 Time:   2:30pm – 4:00pm
                                                                      Where:    Community Center Dance Room
                 Check Us Out....
                                                                         Fee:   $50.00 res./ $100.00 o.o.t.                           Class size:   Minimum 6, Maximum 12
            Explore all the areas                                      Ages:    6 to 9 years old
    Parks & Recreation Programs Online!                           Supervisor:   Miss Nikki

                                            Waterford Recreation & Parks                                              11
Youth Programs
Youth Programs
HIP HOP AND JAZZ                                               PERCUSSION LESSONS/ PERCUSSION
Code #120161-02                                                ENSEMBLE
       Date:    July 20th – 24th                               Code #120021-03
        Time:   1:00pm – 2:30pm                                         Date:   July 27th – July 31st
      Where:    Community Center Dance Room                             Time:   10:45am – Noon
         Fee:   $50.00 res./ $100.00 o.o.t.                              Fee:   $40.00 res./ $50.00 o.o.t.
  Class size:   Minimum 6, Maximum 12                                  Where:   Clark Lane Middle School Music
       Ages:    6 to 9 years old                                                Room (L 103)
  Supervisor:   Miss Nikki                                        Class size: Max. 15 /Min. 8
                                                                   Instructor: Gary Vallee
                                                                 Reading Materials: Drum sticks, drum pad, lesson
                                                               book (Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 or 2) and a
Code #120161-03                                                pencil. Beginners must meet with Mr. Vallee prior to the
       Date:    July 20th – 24th                               end of the school year for information on what percussion
        Time:   2:30pm – 4:00pm                                equipment and materials are needed.
      Where:    Community Center Dance Room
         Fee:   $50.00 res./ $100.00 o.o.t.                    Boys and girls entering grades 5,6,7 or 8 in August
  Class size:   Minimum 6, Maximum 12                          2009 who either already play a percussion instrument
       Ages:    10 to 14 years old                             and would like to continue during the summer, or who
  Supervisor:   Miss Nikki                                     would like to begin on a percussion instrument during
                                                               the summer. Percussion Ensemble music may be
INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC LESSONS                                     covered. Students will be playing different percussion
Code #120021-01
        Date:     July 27th – July 31st                        CREATIVE WRITING FOR CREATIVE MINDS
        Time:     8:00am – 9:15am                              Fiction writing, poems, and writing projects. It’s time to
         Fee:     $40.00 res./ $50.00 o.o.t.                   get your thoughts and ideas on paper. Let this program
       Where:     Clark Lane Middle School                     tap into your creative process!
                  Music Room (L 103)
   Class size: Minimum 8, No Maximum                           Code #: 120082-01
    Instructor: Gary Vallee                                            Dates:    August 17th – August 21st
  Reading Materials: Instruments, lesson book                           Days:    M-F
(Essential Elements Book 1 or 2) and a pencil.                          Time:    9:00am - 12:00pm
Boys and Girls entering Grades 5,6,7, or 8 in Aug. 2009                 Ages:    11 - 14
who either already play a woodwind or brass instrument                   Fee:    $50.00 residents, $60.00 o.o.t.
and would like to continue to play during the summer, or            Location:    Community Center
would like to being on a woodwind or brass instrument              Instructor:   Emily Culp & Galen Danskin
during the summer. Various styles of small ensemble               Class Size:    min. 6/max 12
music (Woodwind & Brass) and/or band may be covered.

Code #120021-02
        Date:      July 27th – July 31st
        Time:      9:20am – 10:35am
         Fee:      $40.00 res./ $50.00 o.o.t.
       Where:      Clark Lane Middle School
                   Music Room (L 103)
    Class size: Max. 30 /Min. 8
     Instructor: Gary Vallee
  Reading Materials: Instruments and a pencil.
Boys and girls entering Grades 5,6,7, or 8 in Aug. 2009
who already play a woodwind, brass, or percussion
instrument and who would like to learn the jazz style of
playing. Pianists, guitar players, and bass players are
welcome as well. Improvisation will also be covered.

12                                                Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                                                            Youth Programs
NEW PROGRAM: ACT IT OUT                                          SWIM LESSONS
A mini acting camp. Great introduction to the arts.              (Note registration cut off dates)
Code #120171-01                                                  Discover the benefits of learning how to swim! Group
                                                                 setting provide appropriate level of instruction whether a
      Dates:     July 6th - July 10th                            beginner first entering the water or advanced
       Time:     1:00pm to 2:00pm          NEW!                  swimmer fine-tuning your
      Where:     Community Center                                technique. Join
        Fee:     $75.00 res/$125.00 o.o.t.                       us in reaching
  Class Size:    Minimum 10/Maximum 15                           your personal
     Grades:     1st to 3rd                                      achievements.
  Supervisor:    Susan McGuire                                   NOTE * you
                                                                 must register
Code #120171-02                                                  no later than
      Dates:     July 6th - July 10th                            two weeks prior
       Time:     2:15pm to 3:15pm                                to start so that
      Where:     Community Center                                we can hire the
        Fee:     $75.00 res/$125.00 o.o.t.                       appropriate
     Grades:     4th to 6th                                      amount of
  Supervisor:    Susan McGuire                                   individuals.
                                                                            Fee: $30.00 - $125.00 maximum fee per
GOLF CAMP (10 years old and up)                                                    family, residents only
Code# 150035                                                           Location: Waterford High School Pool
A week of golf training to                                                 Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
prepare you for the                                                  Class size: Max. 12/ min. 6
season! Learn proper
technique and
enhance your skills,
etiquette, grip, swing,
putting, etc. Come mom
and daughter, father and son,
husband and wife, anyone!
         Dates: July 13th - 17th
          Time: 8:00pm—9:00pm
           Fee: $100.00 residents, $125.00 o.o.t.
      Location: Great Brook Golf
                  Route 184 in Groton
    Instructor: Chris Hedden
   Class Size: Max. 20 /Min. 4
Participants must purchase bucket of balls daily

                                             Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                 13
Adult Programs
ADULT TENNIS LESSONS                                                   ACTIVE YOGA/ FITNESS
Learn all of the basic skills necessary to challenge your              Code #130035-01
friends or improve your current abilities! Tennis offers               Add yoga to your life and enjoy the benefits. Increase
great fitness workouts and so much more.                               your flexibility and breathing control while allowing you to
Participants must supply their own racquet. Please wear                relax.
sneakers (no sandals), hat, and bring a water bottle.                          Dates: June 20th-Aug. 1st (No class July4th)
Lessons will run for 6 weeks, one lesson per week,
                                                                                Days: Saturdays
beginning June 29th (no class July 3rd) on the
following schedule:                                                             Time: 8:30 - 9:30am
(note: maintenance or repair of courts could alter this schedule)               Ages: 16 years and older
Code# 150043-01                                                                  Fee: $35.00 residents
Date: Mondays                Place: Waterford High School                                 $15.00 seniors; $42.00 o.o.t.
Time: 6-7pm                  Level: Beginner/Intermediate                     Where: Community Center
Code# 150043-02**                                                         Instructor: Ann Marie Pagan
Date: Mondays               Place: Waterford High School                  Class size: 15 min/30 max
Time: 7- 8:30pm             Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Code # 150043-03
                                                                       PASSIVE YOGA
Date: Thursdays              Place: Waterford High School
Time: 6- 7pm                 Level: Beginner/Intermediate              Code#130035-02
                                                                       The fundamentals of yoga are practiced here with an
Code # 150043-04                                                       emphasis on stretching and rejuvenating your focus.
Date: Thursdays              Place: Waterford High School
Time: 7-8pm                  Level: Intermediate                                Dates: June 23rd - July 28th
                                                                                 Days: Tuesday
Fee: $30.00 resident; $15.00 seniors; $40.00 o.o.t.
                                                                                 Time: 9:00am – 10:00am
**Class is 11⁄2 hours, fee is $45 resident/$20 senior;
                                                                          Instructor: Ann Marie Pagan
$60.00 o.o.t.
Class size: Max. 10/ Min. 5                                            **All other information same as above class.

CO-ED STEP AEROBICS                                                    YOGA ON THE BEACH
Code #130055                                                           Code# 130035-03
Step class to build endurance, coordination, and                       The fundamentals of beginner yoga take place in a
strengthen muscle groups. Participants MUST bring                      beautiful environment. Classes will be held at Waterford
their OWN step.                                                        Beach. Meet at the bridge to the beach.
         Date: July 7th - July 30th                                            Dates:    July 7th – August 11th
         Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays                                            Day:    Monday (rain day is Tuesday)
         Time: 5:30pm – 6:15pm                                                  Time:    8:00am – 9:00am
          Fee: $23.00 resident/taxpayer;                                   Instructor:   Toni Tryopolis
                $12.00 seniors;$35.00 o.o.t.                                     Fee:    $35.00 residents; $15.00 senior;
       Where: Community Center                                                           $42.00 o.o.t.
   Instructor: Ceil Decker
   Class size: min 20/max 40
                                                                       EARLY MORNING PILATES
                                                                       Code #: 130085-01
                                                                       Start your day off right! This low impact program is
                                                                       designed to develop core strength, release tension and
                                                                       improve flexibility. Resulting in improved posture and
                                                                       ease of movement. Please bring your own yoga mat and
                                                                       stability ball to class.
                                                                                Date: Wednesdays July 1st – August 15th
                                                                                       (no class on July 15th)
                                                                                Time: 8:00am—9:00am
                                                                            Location: Community Center Dance Room
                                                                                 Fee: $35.00 residents; $15.00 seniors;
                                                                                       $42.00 o.o.t.
                                                                           Instructor: Denise Hanner

14                                                        Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                                                            Adult Programs
EARLY MORNING BODY SCULPTING                                     ZUMBA – CARDIO FITNESS
Code # 130095-01                                                 DANCE CLASS – NEW                        I’M
This low impact class will target all major muscle areas         Code #130125
to increase strength and toning. Participants will work          Zumba dancing is based on international rhythms, this
with tubing, bands and weights in addition to core               class is sure to have your heart pumping and feet
conditioning exercises.                                          moving! Designed to accommodate all fitness levels. No
Code # 130095-01                                                 special equipment required; active clothing and athletic
                                                                 footwear recommended. Great class for cardio patients
         Date: Thursday, July 2nd – August 13th                  to take.
                (no class on July 16th)
         Time: 8:00am—8:45am                                               Days: Wednesday and Thursdays,
     Location: Community Center Dance Room                                        July 1st –August 6th (no class 7/29)
          Fee: $35.00 residents; $15.00 seniors;                           Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm
                $42.00 o.o.t.                                            Where: Community Center Dance Room
    Instructor: Denise Hanner                                         Instructor: Katey Durham
                                                                            Fee: $40.00 resident; $20.00 seniors;
                                                                                  $65.00 o.o.t.
Code # 130115-01                                                 FINANCIAL & TAX STRATEGIES
Work building strength, agility and                              Code# 120135-01
power. Intermittently high bursts of                             Sessions (4) will include: Retirement Strategies, Income
cardio-aerobics with strength                                    Protection Management, Education/Extra Income/
training.                                                        Estate Preservation Strategies, Debt Management,
       Dates: June 20th –                                        Investment Strategies and Taxation Strategies.
               August 1st                                                 Dates:    July 6th-July 27th
               (no July 4th)                                               Days:    Mondays
        Days: Saturdays                                                    Time:    6:00pm-7:30pm
        Time: 9:45am-                                                       Fee:    FREE
               10:30am                                                   Where:     Community Center- Room 141
        Ages: 16 years and older                                      Instructor:   Julie Greco
         Fee: $35.00 residents; $15.00 seniors;                      Class Size:    10 min/ 25 max
               $42.00 o.o.t.
       Where: Community Center
   Instructor: Ann Marie Pagan                                   DOG OBEDIENCE—
   Class size: 15 min/30max                                      BEGINNERS
                                                                 Code# 120075-01
                                                                 DOG OBEDIENCE—
Code #120175-01                                                  NOVICE
A fun class with music from yesterday to today. This             Code# 120075-02
class will focus on stretching, basic dance steps and a          This class will refine
combination of different dance steps. LET’S DANCE into           basic skills and work
a healthier you.                                                 towards taking the
          Day: Mondays – June 1st to July 6th                    dog off leash. You must
         Time: 6:15pm – 7:00pm                                   provide instructor with proof of
       Where:  Community Center Dance Room                       vaccinations at first class. Please bring training collar,
    Instructor:Nicole Craddac                                    leash and treats to first class.
          Fee: $30.00 resident; $15.00 seniors;                          Dates: June 30th– July 31
               $40.00. o.o.t.                                                    completion of 10 sessions
   Class size: 30 max/10 min                                              Days: Tuesdays and Fridays (no class 7/3)
                                                                          Time: 5:15pm - 6:15pm –Beginners 01
                                                                                 6:30pm – 7:30pm –Novice 02
                                                                           Fee: $37.00 residents; $18.00 senior citizens;
                                                                                 $46.00 o.o.t
                                                                         Where: Veterans Field
                                                                     Instructor: Barbara Keck
                                                                     Class size: Min 7/ Max 10

                                             Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                     15
Adult Programs
  Code #: 130155
  Dates: June 22nd- August 22nd
  Days: Monday- Friday 6:00pm-7:00pm
  Time: Weigh-Ins Saturdays 9am
  Ages: 10 years to 99 years

  Come join members of the Waterford, East Lyme, and
  New London communities as they challenge one another
  in a weekly fitness challenge. Participates will take part in
  group activities, in locations throughout Southeastern          Sign up with your local Recreation and Parks Department.
  Connecticut, as they try to achieve their maximum weight        An organizational meeting explaining the challenge will be
  loss goals. There will be one overall winner along with         held at the Waterford Community Center on June 15th at
  winners from their respective towns. All weigh-ins will be      6:00pm. All weigh ins will take place at the Waterford
  held on Saturday mornings in the Waterford Community            Community Center at 9:00am on Saturdays with a half
  Center by a nutritionist and will be held in the strictest of   hour nutritional discussion following weigh ins.
                                                                  Grab a partner, mother and daughter, father and son,
  The group will meet Monday through Friday from 6:00pm           husband and wife, siblings, aunts and uncles, nieces and
  to 7:00pm to do some sort of exercise program that is           nephews, children through seniors are all encouraged to
  geared in their town that can be continued when the             take part in this new and innovative Tri-Town challenge.
  program ends. Some of the activities that will take place       There will be weekly challenges and prizes to be had. No
  are walking, swimming, hiking, kick boxing, aerobics,           one gets voted out! The only thing you have to lose is
  water walking, jogging, biking and much more.                   weight and bad habits. Come join in the fun of this
  Everything will be geared towards the individual’s              challenge!
  capabilities. Participants will help to encourage others as
  well as instructors pushing you to levels you never             Cost of this program is: FREE
  thought you might obtain.                                       Minimum of 10 participants per town/ No Maximum

Health Benefits of Exercise
  Regular exercise can help protect you from heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, non insulin-dependent
diabetes, obesity, back pain, osteoporosis, and can improve your mood and help you to better manage stress.
  For the greatest overall health benefits, experts recommend that you do 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic activity three or
more times a week and some type of muscle strengthening activity and stretching at least twice a week. However, if you
are unable to do this level of activity, you can gain substantial health benefits by accumulating 30 minutes or more of
moderate-intensity physical activity a day, at least five times a week.
  If you have been inactive for a while, you may want to start with less strenuous activities such as walking or swimming
at a comfortable pace. Beginning at a slow pace will allow you to become physically fit without straining your body. Once
you are in better shape, you can gradually do more strenuous activity.

16                                                   Waterford Recreation & Parks
Waterford Recreation & Parks   17
 Aquatic Programs
Discover the benefits of learning how to swim! Group setting provide appropriate level of instruction whether a beginner first
entering the water or advanced swimmer fine-tuning your technique. Join us in reaching your personal achievements.
NOTE: You must register no later than two weeks prior to start so that we can hire the appropriate amount of
           Fee:    $30.00 - $120.00 maximum fee per family, per session, residents only
      Location:    Waterford High School Pool
          Days:    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
     Class size:   Max. 12/Min. 6

SESSION I: JUNE 29 - JULY 17                                      SESSION II: JULY 20 - AUGUST 7
(No registration after 6/12)                                      (No registration after 7/10)
*Class is American Red Cross Learn To Swim Program                *Class is American Red Cross Learn To Swim Program
Code #110021-A1                2:30 pm - 3:00 pm ~ level 1        Code #110011-B1             2:30 pm - 3:00 pm ~ level 1
Code #110021-A1             10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 2         Code #110021-B1           10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 2
Code #110021-A2             11:00 am - 11:50 am ~ level 2         Code #110021-B2           11:00 am - 11:50 am ~ level 2
Code #110021-A3              12:25 pm - 1:15 pm ~ level 2         Code #110021-B3            12:25 pm - 1:15 pm ~ level 2
Code #110021-A4               1:25 pm - 2:15 pm ~ level 2         Code #110021-B4             1:25 pm - 2:15 pm ~ level 2
Code #110031-A1             10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 3         Code #110031-B1           10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 3
Code #110031-A2             11:00 am - 11:50 am ~ level 3         Code #110031-B2           11:00 am - 11:50 am ~ level 3
Code #110031-A3              12:25 pm - 1:15 pm ~ level 3         Code #110031-B3            12:25 pm - 1:15 pm ~ level 3
Code #110031-A4               1:25 pm - 2:15 pm ~ level 3         Code #110031-B4             1:25 pm - 2:15 pm ~ level 3
Code #110041-A1             10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 4         Code #110041-B1           10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 4
Code #110041-A2             11:00 am - 11:50 am ~ level 4         Code #110041-B2           11:00 am - 11:50 am ~ level 4
Code #110041-A3              12:25 pm - 1:15 pm ~ level 4         Code #110041-B3            12:25 pm - 1:15 pm ~ level 4
Code #110041-A4               1:25 pm - 2:15 pm ~ level 4         Code #110041-B4             1:25 pm - 2:15 pm ~ level 4
Code #110051-A1             10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 5         Code #110051-B1           10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 5
Code #110051-A2             11:00 am - 11:50 am ~ level 5         Code #110051-B2           11:00 am - 11:50 am ~ level 5
Code #110051-A3              12:25 pm - 1:15 pm ~ level 5         Code #110051-B3            12:25 pm - 1:15 pm ~ level 5
Code #110051-A4               1:25 pm - 2:15 pm ~ level 5         Code #110051-B4             1:25 pm - 2:15 pm ~ level 5
Code #110061-A1             10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 6         Code #110061-B1           10:00 am - 10:50 am ~ level 6
Personal Water Safety                                             Lifeguard Readiness
Code #110061—A-2            11:00am - 11:50am ~ level 6           Code #110061—B2            11:00am - 11:50am ~ level 6
Fundamentals of Diving, Lifeguard Readiness,                      Fitness Swimmer
Fitness Swimmer

18                                                   Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                                                   Aquatic Programs
Preparation Course For Life Guarding Today                               Pool Schedule At
Code #110132
Participants must be 11 years of age, or completed 5th                 Waterford High School
grade, through 14 years of age. You must be able to swim
front crawl/freestyle for 25 yards continuously while              Daytime Schedule
breathing to the front or side, tread water for one minute         Register at the pool - need proof of residency
using arms and legs, submerge and swim 10 feet
                                                                   “Harry Neilan Early Morning Lap Swim”
         Date: June 29 - August 7                                  Monday through Friday, 6:00am - 7:30am
         Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday               Senior Citizen Swim:
         Time: 12:25pm - 1:15pm                                    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 7:30-8:30am
          Fee: $30.00 residents only
    Location: Waterford High School Pool
                                                                   Evening Schedule
                                                                   No registration needed for Lap/Open Swim.
   Instructor: Leona Podezwa
   Class size: min 6/ max 12                                       Proof of residency is required at the door/check-in.
                                                                   Monday & Friday:
SENIOR SWIM                                                        6:30 - 7:30pm           Lap Swim
Code #510014-01                                                    7:30 - 9:00pm           Open Swim (no lane lines)
Enjoy a leisure swim at the Waterford High School Pool!
There is a separate schedule for this program that will            Wednesday:
fluctuate with the availability of the pool due to High            6:30 - 7:30pm           Working Parent/Tot Water Play
School programming.
         Date: July, August, September                             Tuesday & Thursday:
        Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday                6:30 - 8:00pm     Open Swim
        Time: 7:30am-8:30am                                        8:00 - 9:00pm     Lap Swim
          Fee: $25.00 per quarter
       Where: Waterford High School Pool                            The pool is closed on
                                                                    weekends throughout
                                                                    the summer.
                                                                    Identification is required
                                                                    for entrance into the
                                                                    pool. It is for Waterford
                                                                    residents and
                                                                    taxpapyers only.

                                            Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                  19
Aquatic Programs
                                       EXPLANATION OF SWIM LEVELS

Level I - • Orientation to aquatic environment                    Level IV - • Develop confidence and competency in strokes
          • Create a sound foundation for aquatic and safety                   and safety beyond preceding level
             skills                                                          • Deep water bobbing
          • Supported floating and kicking on front/back                     • Dives from side of pool from stride and standing
          • Alternating arm action                                             positions
          • Water safety rules                                               • Breaststroke and butterfly
          • How to get help in an emergency                                  • Turns at the wall
          • Recognizing a swimmer in distress                                • Familiarity with CPR
          • Fundamentals of using a life jacket                              • Fundamentals of elementary backtroke and side
Level II - • Expand on fundamental aquatic locomotion and                      stroke
              safety skills
            • Floating and kicking on front and back              Level V - • Continued refinement of front crawl, back crawl,
            • Rhythmic breathing                                             elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke
            • Combined stroke on front and back                             • Refinements of strokes and endurance
            • Turning over front to back, back to back                      • Alternate breathing
            • Recognizing a swimmer in distress                             • Swimming underwater
Level III - • Increase swimming skill competency                            • Open turns on front and back
             • Practice safety and rescue skills                            • Diving safety
             • Elements of the butterfly                                    • Beginning diving progression from diving board
             • Front and back crawl
             • Jumping into deep water with a life jacket         Level VI - • Develop maxium efficiency for strokes
             • Safe diving from side of pool                                 • Introduce surface dives
             • Treading water                                                • Introduce flip turns
             • Throwing assist
             • Care for conscious choking victim                         Personal Water Safety
                                                                             • Endurance of strokes
                                                                             • Turns
                                                                             • Review safety skills and information
                                                                             • Tread water
                                                                             • Survival float and swimming
                                                                             • Self rescue techniques
                                                                             • Safety rules
                                                                         Fundamentals of Diving
                                                                             • Endurance of strokes
                                                                             • Turns
                                                                             • Dives and approaches
                                                                         Lifeguard Readiness
                                                                             • Endurance of strokes
                                                                             • Turns
                                                                             • Tread water
                                                                             • Using the rescue tube
                                                                             • Wading with equipment
                                                                             • Walking assist
                                                                             • Beach Drag
                                                                             • Using a backboard
                                                                         Fitness Swimmer
                                                                             • Endurance of strokes
                                                                             • Turns
                                                                             • Fitness swimming program

20                                                   Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                                                                                         Pool Regulations
                     WATERFORD RECREATION AND PARKS COMMISSION (2/04, revised 4/04)
                                               SWIMMING POOL RULES AND REGULATIONS
  (The following rules and regulations are based on Section 19-13-B33 of the CT Department Of Public Health Code, as well as the experience of Recreation and Park Staff)

1. Emergencies should be immediately reported to both Aquatic Staff and trained Emergency Medical Personnel.
2. All visitors to the pool are reminded that they enter and use the pool and its related facilities at their own risk.
3. Only Waterford Residents and their Guests (Fridays only) are permitted use of the pool at any time. Proper identification must be shown to Aquatic Staff and all pool
     users must sign a Hold Harmless/Indemnification form, agreeing not to hold the Town of Waterford and/or its staff responsible for accidents caused by the negligence
     and/or recklessness of the pool user in failing to follow all of the rules set forth in the Town’s Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations. Failure of an adult to sign the
     form for either him/herself or for a minor will result in the inability of the adult or child, respectively, to use the pool and/or other related facilities, until such time as
     the Hold Harmless/Indemnification form is signed.
4. A Lifeguard must be in attendance while the pool is in use. Swimmers will be signaled when the pool is closed by a whistle/other directions provided by the Lifeguard.
     Any use of the pool when it is not officially opened for public use is prohibited.
5. All swimmers must have an appropriate, clean swimsuit made of nylon or non-linting materials. All hairpins, jewelry (medic alert jewelry is allowed), bandages and other
     objects that may fall into the pool must be removed before entering the pool area.
6. All swimmers shall bathe with warm water and soap before entering the pool and whenever returning to the pool after engaging in any other building activity outside the
     pool area.
7. Disposable diapers will not be allowed in the pool. Infants and children not yet potty trained must wear tight fitting rubber pants or swim diapers.
8. All children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years of age or older, while in the pool and pool area. Children between the age of 10 and 17
     must prove their ability to swim unassisted or unaided in front of Aquatic Staff to be allowed to swim alone. (Staff Administered Swim Test)
9. Any person not a pool user who is present in the pool area needs to remain in the bleacher area and off the pool deck. Parents/guardians interested in monitoring their
     children aged 10 or older are encouraged to do so and can seat themselves in the bleacher area.
10. Non-swimmers (any person unable to safely swim on his/her own), regardless of age, must wear a functioning flotation device approved by the U.S. Coast Guard (you
     must bring your own), and must remain in the shallow end of the pool. Non-swimmers who are children must always be accompanied by an adult in the water (Non-
     swimmers (any age) will not have to wear a functioning flotation device while being taught how to swim. However, someone who has the ability to swim must
     accompany the non-swimmer while in the pool during the course of instruction.)
11. Any pool user (child or adult) uncertain as to their ability to safely swim unassisted by a flotation device or when unaccompanied by another person in the pool, must
     request a swimming test from Aquatic Staff. (Staff Administered Swim Test)
12. Valuables should be left at home. Neither the Town of Waterford nor its agents are responsible for the loss or theft of any personal items left unattended in the locker
     room, pool area or in any part of the building.
13. All persons must leave the pool area at closing time or when otherwise asked by staff to do so. All locker rooms must be cleared no more than 15 minutes after closing
14. Towels will not be supplied by the town. Each swimmer is responsible for bringing their own towel. Swimmers must wring out towels in the locker room in the showers
15. Prohibitions Related To Locker Room Use: -Adults not using the pool or who are otherwise not assisting their child under the age of 10 in dressing for swimming are
     not permitted in the locker room at any time. Running, pushing, fighting, swearing, spitting and blowing one’s nose in the showers and sinks are absolutely prohibited.
16. Prohibitions Related To Pool Use: All of the following activities are absolutely prohibited: Running, boisterous or rough play (except supervised water sports), diving in
     the shallow end, diving or jumping on or near other swimmers, twisting or otherwise entering the water (except when properly using the ladder) backwards, pushing,
     fighting, swearing, dunking, playing pool basketball in the shallow end, hanging/sitting/playing on the ladders, lane lines, guard stands or swim blocks, spitting, blowing
     nose in pool, swimming with open sores or any other communicable disease.
17. No use of the of the diving board and starting block (s), unless permission is obtained from the Director of Recreation and Parks or his designee. Permission will only
     be granted for special events (pool party rental groups can use the diving board).
18. Lap swim is for adults only. If a child under the age of 18 desires to lap swim, s/he must pass a staff administered swim test. Anyone not participating in lap swim
     must stay out of the lap swim lanes and off of the lap swim markers. Only lap swimmers or those in instructional lessons can use kick boards.
19. No conversations with the lifeguards, other than to seek assistance in an emergency or otherwise ask questions related to pool rules and regulations. Your safety
     depends on the lifeguards’ performance of their job duties.
20. No masks, fins, and snorkels are allowed, unless a doctor’s note is presented each time they are used or if written permission from the Department of Recreation and
     Parks has been received.
21. No street shoes can be worn on the pool deck, nor can any jewelry of any kind (i.e. earrings, body piercings of any kind, rings except wedding or engagement) be worn
     in the pool. Medic alert jewelry is allowed.
22. No glass is allowed in the pool area, except for cameras, which use can only be in the spectator area.
23. All food and drinks (except bottled (plastic only!) water) are prohibited from consumption in the pool area. Gum is also prohibited in the pool and pool area. All tobacco
     use and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the pool area and anywhere on school grounds.
24. Failure to abide by any of the rules and regulations will be grounds for removal from the building, and, depending upon the nature of the violation, may be cause for
     removal from the school premises.
25. The Recreation and Park and Aquatic Staff reserve the right to make any new or modify any existing rules and regulations to maintain the health and safety of all pool
     users and visitors. Questions pertaining to the rules are welcomed by aquatic staff and/or Recreation and Parks at 860-444-5881.

                                                                  Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                                                    21
The Lion’s 5-Mile Road Race                                          Men’s 35 and Older
Date: Sunday, August 16, 2009                                        Wooden Bat Softball League
Location: Waterford Beach Park                                       Thurs., April 28th - 6 pm
Time: 8:30am start time                                              Organizational meetings planned for March with play to begin in
Fee: $10.00                                                          Spring. Contact the Recreation and Parks office for further
Free T-shirts to the first 100 entries                               details
The 3/4 mile Kids Fun Run starts at 8:10am!!
                                                                      Community Yard Sale
                                                                      Sunday May 17th - 10am to 2pm
                                                                      @ Stenger Farm to benefit the Waterford Dog Park.
                                                                      You bring your items to sell as well as a table and we’ll provide
Summer Concerts                                                       the location and publicity. A $20 donation goes to the dog
Where: Waterford Beach Park                                           park. Call Kerry @ 444-5881 to register.
Cost: Free admission!
Time: From 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Bring a chair and/or a blanket.                                                  Community Flower Garden Planting
Wed., June 17th: Waterford Comm. Band                                            Saturday, May 16th – 10:00am
                 (6:30-7:30pm)                                        @ War Memorial next to Town Hall
                                                                      Bring a perennial to donate to this community garden and have
Wed., June 24th: Munsell Brothers                                     some fun while making your town look beauteous & welcoming!
Wed., July 1st:  Left of Center                                       Prizes Awarded!!
Wed., July 8th:  Shoreline Connection
Wed., July 15th: Jay Dempsey and Highway Call                                                    Annual Fishing Day
Wed., July 22nd: Eight to the Bar                                                              Saturday, April 18th, 2009
Wed., July 29th: Five after Five                                                        Great morning of fishing and bonding out at
Wed., Aug. 5th: Zydeco Hoggs                                                            the Stenger Farm Park (adjacent from Clark
                                                                                               Lane.) Bring the family! A great
Wed., Aug. 12th: Vince Thompson                                                         intergenerational program. Prizes Awarded!!
Wed., Aug. 19th: Karl Kelly
Please note that Bands can change.
Great Family Fun! Bring a Picnic Dinner, Frisbee or bubbles.                                                                W!!
Great place for kids to get that extra energy out, in a safe                           COME ONE COME ALL
environment.                                                                       MOVIE NIGHT!!
Please remember, NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on town
property and NO DOGS during the beach season.
                                                                        Dates: July 19th, 2009 and August 30th, 2009
                                                                               Location: Waterford Beach Park
                                                                           (In the grassy area where the concerts are held)
                                                                                 Time: 9:00 pm (cancelled if it rains)
                                                                      In these tough economical times everyone is looking for a
                                                                      good time for a good price and what is a better price then
                                                                        FREE!!! Bring the family, the friends, or the date to the
                                                                        Waterford Beach Park and catch an outdoor movie. All
                                                                         you need to bring is a lawn chair, flashlight, and we’ll
                                                                                      provide the entertainment!
open on
Sat., June 20th!                                               Playground Committee
Beach Sticker Mail-Ins                                         Stenger Farm Earth Day Celebration
accepted now!                                                  Sunday, May 3rd • 1pm-3pm
Send a photocopy of your car registration and check made       @ Stenger Farm (Weather Permitting)
payable to the Town of Waterford and mail to Waterford         Activities for kids of all ages including a
Recreation and Parks, 15 Rope Ferry Road, Waterford. We        scavenger hunt, hikes, trail cleaning, park clean
will get your sticker back to you a.s.a.p.                     up, and an assortment of information about the
                                                               importance of recycling.

22                                                      Waterford Recreation & Parks
Waterford Week of May 23rd – 25th, 2009
                                                              Saturday, August 15, 2009
Saturday, May 23, 2009                                        Lions Club Craft Show at Waterford High School ~ 9am-4pm
Flea Market at Waterford High School ~ 8am-3pm                Lions Club Flea Market ~ 9am-4pm
Monday, May 25, 2009                                          Kids Fun Fair at Waterford High School ~ 10am-2pm
Memorial Day Parade on Rope Ferry Road ~ 1pm                  American Red Cross Blood Drive at
                                                              Waterford Town Hall ~ 9am-2pm
Waterford Week of August 12th – 16th, 2009                    Fourth Row Theatre Company Production at
Wednesday, August 12, 2009                                    Waterford High School ~ 7:30pm
Variety Show at Clark Lane School ~ 7pm
                                                              Sunday, August 16, 2009
Thursday, August 13, 2009                                     Lions Club Road Race at Waterford Beach ~ 8:30am
Community Sing-a-long on The Quaker Hill Green ~ 7pm          Waterford Week Parade (Great Neck Rd to WHS) ~ 1:00pm
Fourth Row Theatre Company Production at                      Fourth Row Theatre Company Production at
Waterford High School ~ 7:30pm                                Waterford High School ~ 3pm
                                                              Family Evening at the Beach 5pm-10pm
Friday, August 14, 2009
Fourth Row Theatre Company Production at                      Saturday, August 22, 2009
Waterford High School ~ 7:30pm                                Day at the Farm at Waterford Country School ~ 10am-3pm
Firemen/Policemen Softball Game                     
at Veterans Field ~ 7pm

                                           Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                  23
Community Center Information
                 Discover all the excitment at the Waterford Community Center
     The Waterford Community Center is a unique facility that caters to people of all ages and includes:
• Recreation & Parks and Senior Services Offices
• Multi Purpose Activity room for community events,
  basketball, and recreation programs
• Cardiovascular/Fitness room
• Locker rooms
• Dance and aerobics studio        Hours of Operation:
• Technology room
                                    Monday - Friday
• Conference/Training rooms         8:00am - 8:00pm
• Arts and Crafts rooms                Saturday
• Dining Hall and Kitchen          8:00am - 12:00pm
• Outdoor patio
• Billiards

 OFFICE HOURS                                                                                                         FRE
 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday
 8:00 am - 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday
 8:00 am - 12:00 pm, Saturday
                                                           Individuals are required to show photo identification/proof of
 (860) 444-5881       Office                               residency to use the Community Center. Please familiarze yourself
       444-5882       After 4:00pm                         with the rules and regulations upon entering. Community Center
       444-5884       Community Center                     Pass Cards are available to residents. Individuals must show proof
 (860) 440-5717       FAX                                  of residency to obtain a Pass Card. Anyone under the age of 18                                       years of age must have an adult sign forms as well as show proof of                                    residency.
                                                           Please call the Recreation and Parks Office at 444-5881 or the
 15 Rope Ferry Road, Waterford, CT 06385
                                                           Community Center Reception Desk at 444 - 5884 for more details!

As personal time continues to decline while the pace of life quickens and performance expectations rise, our physical environment
also becomes stressed...the demand for recreation, quality time, livable communities, and park stewardship continues to grow.
Waterford Recreation & Parks continues to offer numerous programs and opportunities for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Be happier * build family unity * feel great * increase communication skills * expand knowledge * lose weight * diminish chance of
disease * build self-esteem * reduce stress * promote sensitivity to cultural diversity * eliminate loneliness * increase community pride
* reduce crime * provide safe places to play * generate revenue * lower health care costs * meet friends * educate children and adults *
relax * elevate personal growth * strengthen neighborhood involvement * conquer boredom * provide child care * boost economy *
increase tourism * build strong bodies * increase property value * preserve plant and animal wildlife * take care of latchkey children *
instill teamwork * live longer * reduce unemployment * clean air and water * enhance relationship skills * offer places for social
interaction * teach vital life skills * create memories…
Please take the time to look over the opportunities available and make an effort to try something new or push yourself to begin the
exercise you have been putting off. If there is something we are not offering that you think would be of interest to the community,
please call the Recreation and Parks Office at 444-5881 to let us know. Enjoy the season!
When was the last time you tried something that you said you were always going to try?

          Individuals who wish to reserve any of the facilities should contact Kerry Sullivan at the
                  Recreation and Parks Office (444-5881) for information on availability.

24                                                       Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                           MAIL IN ON THE 11th OF MAY
                                   Waterford Recreation & Parks Commission
                           Summer 2009 REGISTRATION FORM
Complete the registration form below. Include all pertinent information. Return the completed form with payment in full to
the Recreation and Parks Office. We accept cash or checks only. Checks should be made payable to the Town of Waterford.
Program cancellations will be heard on Radio Station WNLC, KOOL 101 and WSUB the day of the cancellation. Please Fill
Out Registration Form Completely. Especially The Code Number. NO PROGRAM REGISTRATION WILL BE
ACCEPTED BEFORE THE MAY 11th POST MARK. Any registration received before MAY 11th will not be opened
until the walk-in date of MAY 27, 2009. Appropriate mail-ins get first priority. Check The Front Of Booklet Under
Program Registration And General Information For More Information.
Mail completed form and payment to:                Recreation and Parks
                                                   15 Rope Ferry Road
                                                   Waterford, CT 06385


                                                                     Change in address, please check box
                    Daytime                             Evening


    Code #           Program Name                                 Participants Name                        M/F     Date of Birth/Age      Fee


2nd choice _____________________________________________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

2nd choice _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Total Fees: ___________
In the event a class is full or cancelled, we will try to place you in another class. Otherwise, the registration fee will be refunded.

Emergency Contact: Name:__________________________________________________ Phone:______________________



In consideration for participating in activities sponsored by the Town Of Waterford, I hereby waive and release the Town Of Waterford, it’s
agents, officers and employees, whether paid or voluntary, from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, damages, liabilities, costs,
expenses, and or judgments, including attorney’s fees and court costs, which may arise from my participation in activities or nay illness or
injury resulting there from, either directly or incidentally. I hereby represent that I understand and am familiar with the nature and type of
activities in which I participate in. I acknowledge that I will be solely responsible for the furnishing of necessary safeguards and appropriate
equipment for protection against injury. Photos taken during programs may be used for promotional purposes. Please notify Recreation and
Parks if you do not want picture published. I have read this document and understand and agree to its terms and conditions.
________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Signature of participant (or parent if participant is under 18)                               Date

                                                      Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                              25
Waterford Youth Sport Council
  The Waterford Youth Sport Council is comprised of youth
sport organization representatives and residents interested
in developing and maintaining positive environments for
Waterford’s youth. This Council will work hard to ensure
youth sport guidelines are being met by each co-sponsored           Waterford Youth Sport Organizations
youth sport organization in Waterford.
  The Youth Sport Council is also responsible for addressing      American Legion       Harold Hansen       442-5498
public concerns regarding the youth sports being offered.         Babe Ruth             Robert Bono         442-7164
The Council meets quarterly each year in the months of
                                                                  Big Girls Softball    Jody Nazarchyk      443-3503
January, March, July and October at 6:00pm on the 4th
Tuesday of the month at the Community Center.                     Little League North   David Sutera        443-3503
                                                                  Little League South Rich Petit            444-0154
                                                                  Pre-Teen Basketball Kevin Barrs           443-7778
                                                                  Soccer             Gregg Swanson          443-1500
                                                                  Youth Football     Justin Mariani         701-0706
                                                                  Youth Cheerleading Kristen Pezzolesi      444-2322
                                                                  Youth Wrestling    Mark Duplice           443-5994

                                                                     To contact the Youth Sport Council:
                                                                            Waterford Youth Sport Council
                                                                            Attn. Bruce Miller, President
                                                                                15 Rope Ferry Road
                                                                                Waterford, CT 06385

26                                                 Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                                      First Selectman’s Office
A reminder from the Tax Office …
July, 2009, is tax collection month!
   Real Estate, Personal Property, and Motor Vehicle tax
                                                                                 Our Su
                                                                                             F    IRST S
bills will be mailed by the end of June.                                                   mmer s             ELECTM
                                                                                         to a new ason will soon AN’S OFFI
   Payment is due in July for the first half of your Real                     forward                e
Estate taxes, as well as the entire amount of Personal                       season.                  series o           be upon                CE
Property and Motor Vehicle taxes. Real Estate tax bills of                   our gym Our Communit f activities in th us and we loo
                                                                                        n                    y                      e                   k
                                                                            very imp asiums and th Center is very Summer and
$100.00 and less are payable in one installment only,
due in July.                                                                            ortant th          e High S                busy wit            Fall
   All tax bills are in the name of the owner of record as                 choose                  at you s           chool P                h activit
                                                                                       s                                         o                     ie
of October 1, 2008. New owners of real estate should                       come s ince they do fill ign up early for ol are in full us s and
contact the Tax Office regarding the transfer of property,                           tart new               very quic            any pro             e. It is
                                                                             The co              activitie              kly. This          gram yo
to ensure timely receipt of the tax bill. If you are making                                               s                                          u
monthly escrow payments to your bank for real estate                      proud o mmunity of Wa and prepare o is a great tim may
                                                                                    f our fac             terford is           ur child             e to
taxes, your bank will pay your bill. No bill for real estate             program               ilities. W             extreme            ren for th
                                                                                      fo                   e                     ly                 e fu
taxes will be mailed to you.
   You have up to and including August 3, 2009, to make                    This Su r everyone in o are able to see active and we ture.
                                                                                      mmer b               ur comm                 a vibran           a
or mail your payment without an interest penalty. We are                activitie
                                                                                  s and e ooklet shows                unity.                t civic re
open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm,                    friendly             xperienc             us the v
                                                                                  a                     e                   ar
and from 9:00 am to 12 noon on Saturday, July 25.                     Summe tmosphere tha s. These activit iety of opportu
Most of your questions are answered in the brochure we                           r is a tim            t we so               ies high            nities fo
                                                                     and frie                                    e                                          r
mail with the bills. Contact the Tax Office at 444-5816 if                      nds. Ke e when we take njoy here in W light the family
you need additional information or assistance.                       sunshin                ep your               time to             aterford
                                                                                e                      s                    s                  .
   If you are expecting a tax bill and have not received it         activitie appropriately. unscreen avail hare time with The
by July 10, please contact the Tax Office for a duplicate                      s can he                Your pa            able and              families
                                                                    during th              lp                   rti                    e
bill. By State law, failure to receive a bill does not                          ese Sum each person to cipation in the njoy the
                                                                      I look fo              mer mo                stay safe          se v
                                                                                                                              , healthy arious
invalidate the tax, or any interest that is added due to late
payment.                                                           activitie rward to partic nths.                                        and acti
                                                                              s and h
                                                                                        ope tha ipating with yo                                     ve
                                                                                                  t you ha             u in the
Mark Burnham                                                                                                ve a hea              se vario
                                  **Avoid li
                                  Pay by m s **                  Dan Stew                                             lthy and
Tax Collector                               ail **
                                                                 First Seardlectman
                                                                                                                                            le year.
                                                                E-mail:d 60) 444-5834
                                                                                                   fordct .o

                                                           Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                                         27
Senior Services
                   Waterford Senior Services Department 444-5839
 Contact Senior Services for assistance with ConnPACE, Medicare, Medicaid and Energy
     Assistance programs. Please call or visit for information or with any questions.

     State law provides a reimbursement program for Connecticut renters who are elderly or totally
     disabled, and whose incomes do not exceed certain limits. Persons renting an apartment or room, or
     living in cooperative housing or a mobile home may be eligible for this program. Renters’ rebates can
     be up to $900 for married/union and $700 for single persons. The renters’ rebate amount is based on
     a graduated income scale and the amount of rent and utility payments made in the calendar year prior
     to the year in which the renter applies. Application may be made at the Waterford Senior Services
     between May 15 and September 15th. If you earned less than $30,500 (unmarried) and $37,300
     (married/union) in 2008 you may be eligible for the Renter’s Rebate Program.
     You MUST bring the following information to your appointment: 12 rent receipts or cancelled rent
     checks, or a statement for total rent paid for 2008, 12 electric receipts (cancelled checks) or
     statements from CL&P showing amount paid in 2008, 12 utility receipts (cancelled checks) or
     statements from oil/fuel company showing amount paid in 2008, Social Security 1099 form for 2008,
     1040 Income Tax Form for 2008 (if you filed), 1099 forms for all other sources of income, such as;
     pension, bank interest, etc. Please call Senior Services at 444-5839 to schedule an appointment.

                                                             Senior Services Picnic
                                                            Wednesday, July 29, 2009
                                                                    at Noon
                                                            John Banker will provide some
                                                                 lively entertainment!
                                                               Waterford Beach Park
                                                                 Weather Permitting

                                                             Stop by for flyers on our exciting upcoming trips.
                                                             Here’s a list of some of our new trips:
                                                             May         The Platters, Plymouth Rocks
                                                             June        Long Island Adventure
                                                             July        Laughing Lobster, Tall Ships
                                                             August      Tanglewood
                                                             Sept.       Big E, Slice of Brooklyn,
                                                                         Party in the Poconos

                                                                 Do you receive our Reaching Out Newsletter? If
                                                                not, call Senior Services at 444-5839 to get your
                                                                             name on our mailing list.
                                                                Need A Ride? Call Senior Services at 444-5839
                                                                                for ride information.

28                                              Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                                                               ADULT PROGRAMS & SERVICES
                                                                       • Book discussions
                                                                       • Movies and film discussions
                                                                       • Wide variety of informational and recreational
                                                                       • Author appearances
           Summer Reading Program                                      • 24/7 online reference @

        Be Creative                                                    • Downloadable audiobooks @
                                                                       • Internet via public computers and WI-FI access…
                                                                         and more!
        @ Your Library                                                   Call the Waterford Public Library @ 444-5805
                                                                                   ext. 2 for additional information.
                      KICK OFF:                                            View our monthly Calendar of Events on our
              Wednesday, July 1, 7:00 pm                                     web site (
             Featuring mine Robert Rivest                                   Stop in to the Library and pick up a printed
         and the 8th Annual Cookie Challenge                                         monthly Calendar of Events.

                                                                                Monday - Thursday            9:00 - 9:00
                                                                                Friday                       9:00 - 5:30
                                                                                Saturday                     9:00 - 5:00
                              th paradise
            e always imaginedy.” at                                             Sat. (July & Aug.)           9:00 - 1:00
     “I hav
     will be a kind of librar orges (1899-1986)
                                                                                Sunday                       1:00 - 5:00
                                                                                Sun. (July & Aug.)            CLOSED
                       - Jorge Luis B
49 Rope Ferry Road,Waterford CT 06385 (860) 444-5805

Waterford LIbrary Fund Drive 2009
YES! I want to invest in knowledge, reading pleasure and community spirit! Enclosed is my contribution in support of
high quality library service.
                                                                                                      Please address your
❑ $10      ❑ $15      ❑ $25     ❑ $50        ❑ $100        ❑ $250            ❑ $___________
                                                                                                      donation as follows:
•   Your contribution in any amount is tax deductible.                                                Library Fund Drive
•   The Library also welcomes bequests, gifts of securities, and other donations.                     The Waterford
                                                                                                      Public Library, Inc.
•   If your company matches gifts, please enclose the appropriate.
                                                                                                      49 Rope Ferry Road
•   Your check should be made payable to: The Waterford Public Library, Inc.                          Waterford, CT 06385
•   Thank you very much for your kind donation and your support!

                                (As you would like it to be published - Anonymous donations are welcome)

                                                                                                                    Summer 2009
                                                                                                                     Rec & Parks

                                              Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                     29
Youth Service Bureau
What’s Happening At Waterford Youth Services Bureau?
                          200 Boston Post Road, Waterford • (860) 444-5848
     Please visit the WYSB’s website at for the most up to date information
                        on programs and services for children, youth and families.

SKATEBOARD PARK                                               TRIPS! TRIPS! TRIPS!
Beginning April 4th, the Skateboard Park will have
assigned use-times.                                           Saturday, May 16th
Time: Sat. & Sun. 9-10:30am the park is exclusively open      American Girl Place in New York City
       to beginners (up to age 11) with little to no          Lunch in the American Girl Cafe & Shopping
       experience in skateboarding.                           $59.00 per person for lunch in American Girl Cafe and
Time: Sat. & Sun. 10:30am-Noon the park is exclusively        travel.
       open to experienced elementary school-age              Coach bus will depart Youth
       skateboarders.                                         Services at 9am and depart NYC at
Excluding the above reserved times, the Skateboard Park       4:30pm. A day your child will never
will be open during daylight hours & weather permitting.      forget at American Girl Place!
All children must be accompanied by an adult. The use         More than a store, it’s a place full of
of head & body gear is strongly recommended.                  magical and memorable
YOU SKATEBOARD AT YOUR OWN RISK!                              experiences. Lunch will be served
Youth Promise WYSB’s new community service clubs for          in the Café. All children must be
elementary, middle, and high school kids. Meets on            accompanied by an adult.
Mondays beginning July 6th—August 10th                        To Register: Call Youth Services at 444-5848
Time: Mondays 9-11am: students entering grades 3-5
                                                              Friday, July 3rd
Time: Mondays 1-3pm: students entering grades 6, 7, & 8       Boston Red Sox vs. Seattle Mariners @ Fenway Park
Time: Mondays 4-6pm: students entering grades 9-12            $44.00 per person for ticket and travel!
                                                                            Coach bus will depart Youth Services at
GIRLS CIRCLE                                                                 3pm for the 7:05 game. All children must
For girls between the ages of 13-16. Learn how to feel                       be accompanied by an adult. Space is
better about yourself, build stronger friendships, make                       limited! We will begin accepting
healthier choices, and define your future goals.                               registrations and payments on June 1st.
When: Wednesdays; 7/8-8/12 from 3-5pm                                           To Register: Call Youth Services at
Where: Youth Services, 200 Boston Post Road                                     444-5848
Facilitator: Erin Eccleston
Registration: Call 444-5848                                   American Red Cross Babysitter Training
                                                              Youth Services has partnered with the American Red
STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR KIDS                                    Cross to offer training to youth (ages 11-15) in providing
This psycho-educational group is for youth between the        safe care while babysitting. This program is an
ages of 10-14 who want tips on managing or getting            expanded version of our original Safe-Sitter class in
through stressful situations.                                 which youth will receive additional First Aid and CPR
When: Fridays; 7/10-8/7 from 10-11:30am                       training. Lunch will be provided.
Where: Youth Services, 200 Boston Post Road                   When: July 9th from 9-4pm
Facilitator: Trish Burgie-Capps                               Where: Youth Services, 200 Boston Post Road
Registration: 444-5848 (Space is Limited)                     Facilitator: American Red Cross Staff
                                                              Fee & Registration: $65 per person. Space is Limited.
WATERFORD YOUTH COUNCIL                                       Call Youth Services at 444-5848.
Students in Grades 6-12 are encouraged to sit on Youth
Council—A council that’s devoted to the issues that are
important to youth. Meetings are every other month and
dinner is served. 1st meeting is on June 8th from 6-7pm.
Contact Youth Services at 444-5848 for an application.

A program that is focused on resolving conflicts and
meeting the needs of your children after a divorce.
When: Tuesdays; 6/30-7/28 from 6-7:30pm
Where: Youth Services, 200 Boston Post Road
Facilitator: Trish Burgie-Capps
Registration: 444-5848

30                                                Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                             Emergency Management
                 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, 204 Boston Post Rd, 442-9585
 For more information on preparing your pets for
 emergencies, please visit the following websites:
                                                                            EMERGENCY PET SUPPLIES                                                           Current medications                                                         Recent picture of you & your pet
                                                                            Medical/Vaccination records
                                                                            All ID numbers (license tags)
 Or contact your local emergency                                            Extra collars & leashes
 management office.
                                                                            Plastic bags for waste pickup
 Waterford: 860-442-9585                                                    Piddle pads
 East Lyme: 860-739-4434                                                    Muzzle
PREPARE                                                                     Pet food (1 week supply)
•Assemble a pet emergency supply kit.                                       Food/Water bowls
•Purchase a pet carrier (check with consignment shops).                     2 gallons water
•Pet Emergency Guide                                                        Litter/Litter box
•Your pets are important members of your household. The                     Pet first aid kit
likelihood you and your pets will survive an emergency largely              Pet treats
depends on planning.                                                        Pet bedding
                                                                            Pet toys
STAY NFORMED                                                                Paper towels
•Know the types of emergencies for your area.                               Liquid dish soap
•Become familiar with local and regional plans.
                                                                            Pet cage/carrier
•Adapt plan information to your personal circumstances.
                   GET INVOLVED                                             Lysol wipes
                   You can get involved by becoming a volunteer             Hand wipes
                   for your state or local Animal Rescue Team or            List of your pet’s special needs
                   by becoming a CERT volunteer.
                   For more information on these programs,                                              DO W
                   contact your local emergency management                                              IS BE AT
                   office.                                                                             FOR ST
                                                                                                         PET R
                    AFTER THE EMERGENCY
                    Don’t allow pets to roam loose as familiar landmarks and smells may be gone.
                    If your house is damaged and all exits are not securely closed, keep pets in crates or isolated in
                    specific rooms.
                    Be patient and compassionate with your pets. Their behavior may not be normal. Remember,
                    the emergency is as frightening to them as it is to you.
                    If behavior problems develop or persist, consult your veterinarian.
                    If you are unable to live in your home while repairs are being made, find temporary
                    accommodations for your pet with family/friends or try to secure a pet-friendly rental or hotel.

                    Planning to evacuate:
                    Have a list of family and friends outside your immediate area who can provide temporary shelter.
                    Develop a buddy system with neighbors or friends who can care for your pet.
                    Make a list of pet-friendly accommodations outside your immediate area.
                    Make a list of boarding facilities & vets who might provide shelter in an emergency.
                    Ensure your pets have all necessary vaccinations and are properly licensed.

                                             Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                31
     Stenger Farm

                                                                               Thank y
                                                                                         ou to all
                                                                               sent in d            thos
                                                                         apprecia          onations e people that h
                                                                                     te your           for th                      ave ge
                                                                                                support e playground. W nerously
                                                                                                                         rly in the e really
                                                                                  Imagine uncertain times                            se finan
                                                                            The ad-            a pla                      !
                                                                                       hoc play ce where every
                                                                            Recreati              ground                     body pla
                                                                                                            co                           y
                                                                         playgrou on and Parks to mmittee is wo s!
                                                                                    nd that                  constru                  rking wit
                                                                           Waterf              will brin                  ct a com              h
                                                                       interacti ord, providing o together the re munity
                                                                                 on for c                pportun                    sidents
                                                                                             h                       it
 Levels of SponsorshipStenger Farm Playground                                   parents ildren of all age ies for play an of
                                                                        The com           , grandp                 s and ab                d
 Imagine a place where everybody plays!                                                              arents a
                                                                    for this      mittee is
                                                                                                continuin        nd care ilities, their
                                                                    support ject by contacti                g its effo ivers.
                                                                               w                       ng local            rt in fun
 Barn Raiser                    $25,000 or above                   preparin hether financia                        b                  draising
 Blue Ribbon Sponsor            $10,000 or above                              g grant                l or thro usinesses for th
                                                                   and plan             app                     ugh                         eir
                                                                              ning fun lications to cha in-kind service
 Red Ribbon Sponsor              $5,000 or above                                         draising                 ritable fo                s,
                                                                                  opportu           events th                     undation
                                                                                              nity to p          at ev                      s,
 White Ribbon Sponsor           $2,500 or above                          If you’d
                                                                                   like to b            articipate eryone has the
 Playground Sponsor              any level                           proces                    e invo                   in.
                                                                 meeting s, please join u lved in the fund
                                                                          s, which                s at one                     raising
 In-Kind donation of goods and/or services:                                           ta                     of
                                                                          month 6 ke place on the our committee
 ________________________________________                           Please           pm at th                 third Tu
                                                                                                eC                         esd
 ________________________________________                         conside help us turn this ommunity Cente ay of the
                                                                            r making                project                    r.
                                                                                        a ta                   into
 ________________________________________                                       Stenger x-deductible d a reality and
                                                                                            Farm Pla             on
                                                                                                       yground ation to the
Thank you for your tax deductible contribution to the Stenger Farm Playground!
In-kind donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.
All donations of $100.00 and above will receive sign recognition at the playground.
Inscription to read: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Stenger Farm Playground

                                                Stenger Farm Playground Donation

     Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

     Address: ______________________________________________________City__________ST___Zip________

     Phone:____________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________

     Donation Amount: __________________________                                                                                     ation
                                                                                                                   For more i ayground
     Please make checks payable to “Town of Waterford.”  Your gift is tax-deductible.                                    the Pl
     ❑ Please check if you do not wish for your name to be published.                                              about e Planning
                                                                                                                       or th      ittee,
                                                                                                                          Comm tact the
     Mail to: Waterford Recreation and Parks Office                                                                            con          s
                     Attn: Playground Donation                                                                         please n and Park
                                                                                                                             atio          1.
                     15 Rope Ferry Road                                                                               Recre at 444-588
                     Waterford, CT 06385.

32                                                           Waterford Recreation & Parks
                                            Public Works Department
                                        Regular Transfer Station Hours                Winter Transfer Station Hours
                                               April - December                              January - March
                                          Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,                 Monday and Thursday, 7:30 – 3:00
                                            & Saturday 7:30 - 3:00                        Saturday 11:00 – 3:00

                                                              HOLIDAY SCHEDULE 2009
                                       Holiday                     Pick Up           Date          Rescheduled To:
                                       Good Friday                 Friday            April 10        Thursday
                                       Memorial Day                Monday            May 25          Tuesday
                                       Independence Day            Friday            July 3          Thursday
                                       Labor Day                   Monday            Oct. 12         Tuesday
                                       Veteran’s Day               Wednesday         Nov. 11         Thursday
                                       Thanksgiving                Thursday          Nov. 26         Wednesday
                                       Day after Thanksgiving      Friday            Nov. 27         Monday
                                       Christmas                   Friday            Dec. 25         Thursday

Electronics Collection
Our transfer station will now collect any electronics for recycling! Bring your old TV,
computers, printers, monitors, etc. for no charge to the transfer station.

Cardboard - Small amounts of corrugated cardboard can be placed with the newspaper for your
weekly collection. This cardboard should be cut-up, bundled and manageable by one person.
Drop off containers for cardboard are available at the following locations:
Transfer Station – Hartford Road (regular business hours)
Waterford Town Beach - in the parking lot
Oswegatchie / Cohanzie / & Quaker Hill Fire Houses – in the parking lots.
Yard Waste Collection – Collected on Thursdays by appointment only.
                                                                  Bulky Waste Curbside Collection:
                                                                  Call 444-5864 to schedule an appointment. April – October
                                                                  $20/per appointment for regular residential units. Certain
                                                                  items will have additional fees, these items are: appliances,
                                                                  tires, couches, loveseats, overstuffed chairs, mattress & box
                                                                  springs. These fees will be in addition to the appointment
                                                                  charge. All fees need to be paid in advance and appointments
                                                                  will be scheduled once payment is received. Appointments
                                                                  are scheduled for Tuesdays, and we accept up to 20
                                                                  appointments each week. If you know you will be on
                                                                  vacation and want to spend it cleaning the basement or garage
                                                                  come in and pay your appointment fee and hold your date!
                                                                  Hazardous Waste Collection – There are area drop off
                                                                  locations that residents can bring their hazardous materials
                                                                  to starting in April. Look for these locations in the local
                                                                  paper. They run from 9:00 – 1:00 and all are open for
                                                                  Waterford residents at no charge to you.
                                                                  No Large Pieces Of Metal Should Be Placed Into Your Large
                                                                  Rolling Garbage Can. These Large Pieces Of Metal Will
                                                                  Puncture The Town’s Garbage Trucks And Cause Great
                                                                  Damage. Please Be Diligent In The Items You Place In Your
                                                                  Garbage Kart.
                                                                    Paper Recycling Attention Waterford Residents
                                                                    We Need Your Help!! We need residents in the town to
                                                                   recycle paper products as much as possible. This includes
                                                                   cereal & cracker boxes, junk mail, magazines, shoe boxes
                                                                                   & corrugated cardboard.

                                              Waterford Recreation & Parks                                                  33
Waterford Utility Commision
                                     Here Are A Few Tips On Water Conservation
     • Don’t let the water run while shaving or brushing teeth.
     • Only run the dishwasher and clothes washer when they are fully loaded.
     • Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator or in the microwave instead of running water over it.
     • When washing dishes by hand, use two basins - one for washing and one for rinsing rather than let the water run.
     • Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets. Dripping faucets can waste about 2,000 gallons of water each year. Leaky toilets can
       waste as much as 200 gallons each day.

     • Don’t over water your lawn.
     • To prevent water loss from evaporation, don’t water your lawn during the hottest part of the day or when it is windy.
     • Use a broom, rather than a hose, to clean sidewalks and driveways.
     • Maintain a lawn height of 21⁄2 to 3 inches to help protect the roots from heat stress and reduce the loss of moisture to
     • Avoid planting turf in areas that are difficult to irrigate properly such as steep inclines and isolated strips along sidewalks and
     • Aerate lawns at least once a year to help soil retain moisture.
     • Promote deep root growth through a combination of proper watering, aerating, appropriate fertilization, thatch (grass clippings)
       control, and attention to lawn height. A lawn with deep roots requires less water and is more resistant to drought and diseases.
     • Mulch around plants, bushes and trees to help the soil retain moisture, discourage the growth of weeds, and provide essential
     • Plant in the spring or fall, when watering requirements are lower.
     • When choosing plants, keep in mind that smaller ones require less water to become established.
     • Collect rain water in a barrel and use it to water your garden. (please note, this is not a legal practice in all areas).
     • Use porous materials for walkways and patios to keep water in your yard and prevent wasteful runoff.
     • If you have a swimming pool, get a cover. You’ll cut the loss of water by evaporation by 90 percent.

                      Check out the following link for more water saving measures.

34                                                        Waterford Recreation & Parks

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