II Intern Workshop on Molecular Phytopathology

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					                             2 nd International Workshop organized by
DFG Research Group “Systemic Acquired Resistance“ (SAR)                   2 nd International Workshop
                                                                          on Molecular Phytopathology
                                                                        Mechanisms of Disease Susceptibility
  Genotype                             Genotype
  Pathogen                             Host

                Disease Resistance
                     in Barley          SAR

                                                                              03. - 05. December 2003
                                     Stress and
     Soil Factors

                                                                               to be held at the castle of

  Interdisciplinary Research Center for Environmental Sciences (IFZ)
  Institute of Phytopathology and Applied Zoology (IPAZ)
  Workshop on Molecular Phytopathology
  Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32
  D-35392 Giessen
  Tel.: ++49 641 99-37492 / 37491
  Fax: ++49 641 99-37499
                                                                                    First Circular
Information                                                                                            Programme
The general topic of the International Workshops on Molecular Phytopathology held in the castle        Sessions:
of Rauischholzhausen includes cereal diseases caused by biotrophic, hemibiotrophic and
necrotrophic fungal pathogens. While the first workshop had been focussed on the phenomenon            •   Cytology of plant-microbe interactions
of Durable Resistance, the 2nd workshop will be aimed at gathering international specialists for
discussions about mechanisms of DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY.                                                    (new microscopic techniques and single cell analysis)

Progress in genome research and systematic gene function analysis has been generated a valuable        •   Strategies of biotrophic and hemibiotrophic pathogens
basis for answering important questions on how pathogenic fungi interfere with plant physiology
and signal transduction to get access to host tissue and nutrients. Possible factors comprise, for         (redox status, antioxidative system)
instance, those, which suppress plant defence as well as those which redirect plant metabolism
suitable to support a biotrophic pathogen. Accordingly, one main focus will be on cell death           •   Defense and cell death suppressor genes and pathways
signalling and regulation and on the link between plant cell death and resistance or susceptibility.
                                                                                                       •   Cell wall alteration enzymes
Participants of the 1st Workshop in April 2001 acknowledged the productive though private
atmosphere of the Rauischholzhausen castle facilities. For this reason and because of limited
space, the 2nd workshop again will be restricted to a limited number of highly qualified scientists,
                                                                                                       •   Pathogenicity factors
who are willing to contribute oral or poster presentation and to actively participate in the
discussions.                                                                                           •   In silico-pathway modelling
The Castle of Rauischholzhausen is the conference facility of the Justus-Liebig-University
Giessen. Besides seminar rooms there are also overnight accomodation in the Castle itself.
The Castle is located at the border of a village with the same name amidst impressive scenery
near Giessen in Germany, approximately 80 km north of Frankfurt (Main).
Giessen is easily reached by train from Frankfurt central railway station, which is closely
connected to the Frankfurt airport.
The event will start on Wednesday Dezember 03., 2003 at 1100 in the Institute for Phyto-
pathology and Applied Zoology (IPAZ) located at the Interdisciplinary Research Center for
Environmental Siences (IFZ), Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32, D-35392 Giessen. A bus shuttle from
Giessen station to IFZ and to the Castle of Rauischholzhausen will be organized.

Further information on the Workshop (arriving, accomodation) is available on the following web

Co-ordinator Prof. Dr. K.-H. Kogel

Pre-Registration by means of the included form is appreciated until January 31., 2003.

The Castle Hotel is able to provide accomodation for all participants. It offers a few single rooms
and a lot of double rooms. Conference fee will amount to 300,- €. This will also cover full board

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