Review of Market Kelley Blue Book by pengxiang


									                          Review of Market: Kelley Blue Book

        The Kelley blue book has been the official guide for the car buyer, listing things
such as new car pricing, trade-in values for used cars and checking your car’s current
values. With the development of their web site, they have also extended the contents
available on their site by adding a decision guide, Lemon check (vehicle history check),
and other useful information that may be useful to the average car buyer, such as
financial information, warranty, and advice for buying a vehicle which conforms with the
standards set by the Kelley blue book.

Interface and functions: HTML (hypertext markup language)

   1) The main page allows the user to choose a variety of functions from the page; the
      functions offered on the main page include trade-in values for a car, new cars
      values, advice on shopping for a car, and various different “goodies” that may be
      of use to the average car buyer. The input to activate each of these functions is by
      simply clicking on a category on the side of the main page.

                       Figure 1: Main Page of Kelley Blue Book

   2) By accessing the “New car pricing” option, it brings up a screen which allows you
      to choose the category of car which you would like to purchase. Compared with
      MSN CarPoint, this is a way better feature since it narrows the search for the user
      and allows them to use this page more effectively
                    Figure 2.1: New Car pricing page

By choosing from the following selection, the page will take you to a list of
different makes of vehicles, and allows a user to input the different makes that he
is interested in looking at. Compared to MSN CarPoint, the Kelley blue book web
page provides a narrowed search, which helps the user find what he needs without
feeling intimidated when given the amount of choices given by MSN CarPoint.

For this review, I chose to input the Audi Allroad into the Kelley Blue book
database. By choosing the car from the database, it reveals the different functions
available for the purchasing, buying and the specifications of the car.

                  Figure 2.2: New Car Pricing (cont’d)

By Scrolling down, the page gives more information to the user, such as the
different charges that are paid for the purchasing of the vehicle, plus the invoice
and retail price for the purchasing of the base model of the car. The pricing model
offered in the Kelley blue book is more extensive than the one offered in MSN
CarPoint, and because of this, it makes the Kelley Blue Book a better web site to
use when shopping for a car.
                   Figure 2.3: New Car Purchasing (cont’d)

By scrolling down more, a list of optional equipment is displayed to the user,
which is an extensive list of different incentives, emissions equipment, engine
configurations, transmission configurations, accessories packages, tires, exterior
and interior colours, and standard equipment. And even lists the option numbers
that the car manufacturer uses to track different options that are equipped on the
car when it left the assembly line. This list would be extremely useful when
shopping for a new automobile since it allows the user to know exactly what is on
the car, the price for the optional equipment, and the options that came with the
car when it was built to make sure that the user does not overpay for his/her
planned purchase. Compared to the information available to the user in MSN
CarPoint, this is a much more detailed list which makes it the clear winner in the
new car purchase/research option.

          Figure 2.4: New car purchase – Optional Equipment List
             (Note: the whole list could not be fitted onto the screenshot)

3) The side-by-side comparison page, which resides in the advices  decision
   Guides page, is certainly well-built; all the cars listed in the Kelley blue book can
   be put into the comparison page, this function allows the user to input up to 4 cars
   into the interface for comparison and also gives users a choice to compare cars
   within the same category, or cars which are in a different category, a helpful
   feature which is not available in MSN CarPoint.

                        Figure 3.1: Side-By-Side comparison

The side-by-side comparison feature offers the user with loads of information about
each specific vehicle, including the fuel economy, crash test rating for each test
conducted by the national highway safety association, optional equipment available
on each car, and even the interior and exterior dimensions of each car. This
comparison tool is offers much more information and is much more refined than that
of the one in MSN CarPoint. In comparison, the Kelley Blue book is also the clear
winner in car comparisons.
                  Figure 3.2: Side-By-Side comparison (cont’d)
                  (Note: whole list could not fit onto screenshot)

4) The Kelley Blue book also offers a decision guide, which helps you shop for your
   next vehicle, this feature was not offered by MSN CarPoint. The user inputs the
   price range of the vehicle, and submits the information to the server, and then the
   server narrows the search down to help the user find the right car for them.

                             Figure 4.1: Decision Guide
       As the search narrows down, it provides the user more choices, and hopefully
       narrows the search more, offering fewer and fewer car models to choose from at
       the end.

                             Figure 4.2: Decision Guide (cont’d)

       At the end, the Recommendation tool narrows down to a few choices according to
       what the user wants from a car, and allows the user to choose to see a specific
       car’s photo, put the car into the side-by-side comparison tool, or to make a quote
       for an online purchase.

                             Figure 4.3: Decision Guide (cont’d)

Even though the MSN CarPoint web page provides a lot of information for those who are
in need of purchasing a car, the Kelley Blue Book web page has taken that a step further,
providing users will all the information that a automobile shopper would need with no
exceptions, and should also be a hit for the car enthusiasts which are in need of
information of cars which they are interested in. Even though this page is in all sense
better than the MSN CarPoint web page, there are always downfalls to great things, such
as the fact that this site has a bothersome and boring interface compared to MSN
CarPoint; the interface is designed for those who are good with web navigation and have
good patience. By making this page, it is of great help for everybody, whether you just
want to learn more about automobiles, or you are shopping for one, Kelley blue book is a
source for all that information.

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