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					  Info Exchange Workflow
Examples for External Users:
        Action Items

            Company Confidential
                     Company Confidential
Action Item Workflow through InfoExchange
    Newforma Project Center                                 Info Exchange

      Internal User Assigns Action

                                                            External User Receives

     Internal User Receives Update
              to Action Items

2                                    Company Confidential
Step 1 – On Newforma Project Center

     Internal User (Howard Roark) Creates an
    Action Item for External User (Peter Keating)

3                    Company Confidential
        Internal User Creates Action Item

Howard creates an action item for Peter
Keating by selecting the Identify an Action
Item task, completing the form. He
selects, “Send change notification email”
so Peter receives an email notification

        4                                     Company Confidential
Step 2 – On Info Exchange

     External User (Peter Keating)
      receives an email notification

5              Company Confidential
        External User Receives Notification

Peter receives an email
from Howard about the
action item. Peter can
respond to the email for
the action item. He can
also log into Info
Exchange to track action

        6                  Company Confidential
External User Logs into Info Exchange

7                  Company Confidential
         Assignees See Open Action Items on Info Exchange

Click the project link to
view Open Items for the

         8                  Company Confidential
View Open Items for the Project

           Click the project link to
           view Open Items for the

9                Company Confidential
     Assignees See Action Item Logs on Info Exchange

Peter can also select the Action
Items menu option to view all
action items filtering to view
open, closed, etc.

     10                            Company Confidential
          Select the Action Item Subject

Peter can select an action
item to see the contents of
the action item

          11                  Company Confidential
          Assignees View the Action Item Contents

After viewing the action
item, Peter can send an
email message OR
he can respond to the
          12               Company Confidential
          Send an Email from Info Exchange

After completing the email
message, he selects Send to
send it to Howard

          13                  Company Confidential
Step 3 – On Newforma Project Center

     Internal User (Howard Roark)
      Receives Action Item Email

14            Company Confidential
            Internal User Receives Notification

Either way, Howard will receive a
tagged email from Peter which he
can file into Newforma Project
Center. Since this action item is
complete, he will File and Edit the
action item so he can close it.

            15                        Company Confidential
          Action Item Is Complete

Howard can select
Completed to close
the action item.

          16            Company Confidential

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