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                                                                    Who are these neighbors? See “On the Cover”; page 2

Issue 1    October/November, 2008 “Working Together, Transforming Ourselves, Families & Communities”

                                     Vine City’s Recovery from Disaster ...
     Inside This Issue...
                                        Neighbors Helping Neighbors
                   English         By C. Shaheed DuBois                                   like Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic
                   Avenue                                                                 Charities, Fuller Group and the United Way of
                   Visits City     On March 14th, 2008 at approximately 8:40pm            Atlanta.
                                   the Vine City and Cabbage Town
                   Hall            neighborhoods, and the Downtown/Georgia                All were professionals in the area of Disaster
                                   Dome area, were devastated by a tornado.               Management and trained to respond and
                    PAGE 3                                                                handle service delivery, directing the clean-up
                                   That night, with the electricity knocked out by        task force, finding shelter and feeding people.
                                   downed trees, neighbors, friends and good
                                   Samaritans worked until dawn, to help the             Vine City is in Atlanta’s Council District
                                   ravaged neighborhoods. Georgia Power had              Three, and Ivory Lee Young is the veteran City
                 Live Healthy      every available repair crew on the scene,             Council member who was on the ground
                 Fulton            working overnight and into the next day, to           Saturday morning, with a team assessing the
                                   restore power, street by street.                      damage both district wide and in the
                 PAGE 4                                                                  neighborhoods, communicating with Council
                                   By 6:30 am the next morning, Vine City Civic          members at-large Caesar Mitchell and Mary
                                   Association, (VCCA) sector leaders,                   Norwood. They were on the scene helping the
                                   community volunteers and Hands On Atlanta             neighborhood, and they kept the City of
                                   gathered at the                                                                   Atlanta Bulk Waste
Westside                           parking lot of Mt.                                                                Department vehicles
Neighborhood                       Gilead Missionary                                                                 in the area for weeks
                                   Baptist Church . By                                                               clearing any debris
Tax Allocation                     9:00am, the Salvation                                                             and trees that were
District (TAD)                     Army arrived and                                                                  stacked for removal.
PAGE 6,7                           provided lunch for                                                                State Representatives,
                                   the many volunteers                                                               “Able” Mable
                                   that were already in                                                              Thomas and Kathy
                                   place, tarping                                                                    Ashe, State Senator
                                   damaged roofs and                                                                 Vincent Fort and a
                 We Must           cutting fallen and                                                                representative from
                 Focus On          damaged trees.                                                                    Congressman John
                                   Hands on Atlanta/        Aerial View of Vine City Tornado Damage (Source: AJC) Lewis. Commissioner
                 Our Greatest      Home Depot                                                                        Nancy Boxill and her
                 Challenge         provided two ½ ton                                                                office were available
                 PAGE 8            trucks loaded with tarps, wood, nails, hammers                                     as needed.
                                   and other building supplies needed to get the
                                   repair work started. The volunteers were given Long Term Recovery
                 Discovering       work assignments with skilled foremen
                 Your              directing them all the time with safety first in      On March 20th, 2008, Vine City was declared
                                   mind. There was very little idleness. The             Disaster Area #1750 by President George
                 Best              Salvation Army relocated to Beulah Baptist            Bush, which authorized the Federal
                 PAGE 9            Church that day to assist survivors with food         Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) to
                                   and the Red Cross set up a recovery center            render full support.
                                   there directing services for medical, relocation,
                                   immediate food, and clothing need.                    The VCCA established a Long Term Recovery
                                                                                         Committee, using the offices of the Sisters
                                   On Monday March 17      th, there was a regional      Action Team, Inc. a community based family
Youth on the                       disaster assessment meeting at the United             empowerment network as a temporary base
                                   Way’s Loudermilk Center, where all Disaster           of operation.
Move                               Relief Services came together to assess what
Getting the                        happened, where it happened, what needs               Mr. Tony Torrance, Mrs. Nasrah Smith, Ms.
Vote Out                           there were, who could address those needs and Linda Adams and Mr. C. Shaheed DuBois
                                   when could they get started. These agencies           were on the ground from the first night of the
PAGE 10                            were from the Federal, State, County and City
                                   levels of Government, and private agencies                   “Vine City ‘s Recovery” continued on page 5...
 2                                                     The Historic Westside                                       October/November, 2008

                                      Publisher’s Notes
We Are Proud of The Historic Westside                Westside publication is to be a vehicle where            It is with great gratitude that we acknowledge
                                                     the community can tell its own stories.                  The Community Foundation Neighborhood
It is indeed an honor to live and work within        Currently NPU-L is a community in transition             Fund and Brent Brewer of Creating Vibrant
the Historic Westside. We have a legacy of           striving to maintain historical significance             Communities, Inc. (CVC) the publisher of the
strong, visionary, innovative leadership From        while balancing the impact of gentrification yet         West End Newsletter for their support and
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to our                    welcoming revitalization. This will be no easy           technical assistance that allowed our vision to
contemporary leaders “Able” Mable Thomas,            task and will require a positive, proactive              become a reality.
Michael Julian Bond, and City Councilman             communication vehicle like The Historic
Ivory Young. There are many indigenous               Westside. In future editions we hope to                  Makeda Johnson is the chair of NPU-L and the
community based organizations seeking to             include our bordering neighbors. Our                     founder of Sisters Action Team,
insure that the residents of our community           publication is “A Dream Come True.”                      Inc. (SAT) a 501(c) 3 a non-
receive the resources they need to maintain                                                                   profit organization with the self
wholistic lifestyles.                                For a long time, I have admired the West End             help motto “Working Together
                                                     Community Newsletter and shared my desire                Transforming Ourselves, Families
We have confronted the challenges of a               to duplicate its success for the Historic                and Communities.” SAT operates
community flood disaster in 2002 and the             Westside. The dream deferred became a reality            The Healthier Me Wellness
recent tornado with neighbor helping neighbor        after sharing my vision with Brent Brewer who            Resource Center located at 899
attesting to a strong commitment to service          encouraged me and rolled up his sleeves                  Martin Luther Jr. Drive.
that always prevails within the NPU-L                sharing his skills, talents, and time.
communities. The objective of The Historic

Time For A Change…
                           Letter From the Editor    more uncomfortable than we choose. Our com-              into new seeds of inspiration, inspiring us to
As I moved around and promoted the opportu-          munity will change only when we change. I mean           change from the stagnation of doing nothing or
nity to business owners, community servants,         Change your self, Change your Be-Attitude,               not enough, to movement.
and folk to be a part of the premiere publication    about health, about wealth (I mean money), rela-
of The Historic Westside. I heard the man-           tionships, housing, what’s for you or not.               We must channel our energy in a righteous di-
dated call for Change. It’s no coincidence that      Change how you feel about each other, what you           rection. If we would change from holding nega-
our publication would be launched at such a piv-     expect from one another.                                 tive thoughts about each other and release the
otal time, when the call for change is resounding                                                             potential for reconciliation, we will have aligned
across the country.                                  Let Us change our despair into hopes and                 our hearts and minds for progress. Sudden
                                                     dreams. Oh, let’s not forget change our old ideas        changes produce new improvements…. I’m
The need for change is a certainty, how we navi-
gate ourselves to change often times is much                              Our Volunteers & Supporters
What are the faces on page 1?                                          Writing                                Publisher: Makeda Johnson

         On The                                       Dr. Blaylock                  Amanda Rhein
                                                                                                              Editor: Yvonne Jones
                                                                                                              Graphic Design: Melissa Chandler
                                                                                                              Copy-Editor: Akbar Imhotep

                                                      C. Shaheed Dubois             Anthony Sills
                                                                                                              Technical Advisor: Brent Brewer, Board
                                                      Sara’Maat Imhotep             Janice A Shomo
                                                      Alliece Johnson               Yvonne Jones
                                                                                                              Member Creating Vibrant Communities

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                 Missionary Baptist) (@ Vine City
                 Park Groundbreaking)
                                                            Printing, Distribution & Publishing Information
                 MARTA Ashby Train Station @
                 MLK & Joseph E. Lowery.                Sister’s Action Team Family Empowerment Network (SATFEN) is a community-based organization
                                                        which focuses on spiritual connectivity, physical wellness and emotional balance. SATFEN’s motto is
                                                        "We are Sisters working together transforming ourselves, families and communities". In 2008 we ex-
                                                        panded our services to include services to the total family. Creating a support network in support of our
                                                        empowerment mission that now includes services for men and our youth.
         Story ideas and Ads for next issue: Sisters Action Team @ 678 705-9537 SATWENMakeda
 October/November, 2008                                        The Historic Westside                                                                   3

                                   English Avenue Day at City Hall
By “Able” Mable Thomas                          Banks Barber Shop, Flavaz Hair Gallery,              Let’s put a face on English Avenue with our
                                                San’s Hair Salon, Louise’s , A Step Above            direction toward the path of Commitment, Hope,
Let’s put a face on English Avenue. Who         Thrift Shop, Churches Chicken, Country               and Revitalization. .
are we? What have we contributed? What          Kitchen, K& K Soul Food, Paulson Food
do we deserve? We deserve the best like all     Butcher House, Boston Fish Supreme, 595              On Monday, August 18, 2008, English Avenue
citizens throughout Atlanta deserve the best.   North , European Automotives, Friar Motors,          Neighborhood Association, Tracey Bates-
We are tax payers, homeowners, renters,         Little Joe’s Body Shop, A-Used & New Tires           President , “Able” Mable Thomas- Vice President,
investors, businesses, churches, non-profits    Specialist, English Avenue Yards and Atlanta         Minister Kendal Richardson and Ms. Juanita
to name a few. We are the young, the old,       Technology Park( This list is not inclusive of our   Wallace coordinators with twenty strong
middle-aged and growing. We are workers,        diverse businesses ).                                residents headed to City Hall to let their voices
students, retired, unemployed and                                                                    be heard. Councilman Ivory Young graciously
entrepreneurs. Our Community name is                                                                 arranged meetings with Park Pride, Atlanta
English Avenue, not “The Bluff” regardless                                                           Development Authority, Code Enforcement
of what the media says. I am a lifelong                                                              Division to give us face time with City Directors.
resident who attended English Avenue                                                                 This was very informative, especially since we are
Elementary School which has been closed                                                              planning a Community Park in our beautiful
since 1995.                                                                                          green neighborhood.. Funding for the park is
                                                                                                     awarded through the Atlanta Renewal
We need neighborhood schools to bring                                                                Community and the City of Atlanta (Councilman
families back to our area. We have no                                                                Young’s Office).
Community Center nor do we have a
Community Park. We need all three to thrive                                                          We as a community believe in being a part of the
and survive in our now drug infested                                                                 solution. Our purpose for visiting City Hall was
neighborhood. We have not always been                                                                to request support to:
known for drug dealers, prostitutes, and
violent crime. We are sick and tired of the                                                          1. Stop the criminal activity and let us be safe in
bad seeds that have taken root in our dear                                                           our homes.
neighborhood. We will not rest until our                                                             2. Demolish the nine designated burned houses in
neighborhood residents are safe in their                                                             ninety ( 90) days.
homes, and safe to attend church, meetings                                                           3. Rehabilitate our senior citizen’s homes.
                                                English Avenue residents & stakeholders visit
or simply go to the neighborhood store.         City Hall                                            4. Provide educational and employment
                                                                                                     opportunities for our youth and neighborhood
As you may remember, English Avenue is                                                               residents. .
the neighborhood where our esteemed
ninety- two (92) year old grandmother, Ms.      We have youth programs (Bellwood Boys                We placed our requests and demands before the
Kathryn Johnston, was killed in a blotched      and Girls Club, Greater Vine City                    Atlanta City Council and invited them to come to
police raid on Neal Street N.W. We will not     Opportunities Program Inc., Street Smart             our neighborhood and see first hand what we are
let her death be in vain. We have an            and YMCA Head Start).                                experiencing. We also invited them to attend the
abundance of resources vested in human                                                               English Avenue Neighborhood Association
capital which is our residents. We have a       We have many great churches such as, Antioch         meeting which meets 10am every 1st Saturday at
strong housing stock. We have youth             Baptist Church- North , Lindsay Street Baptist       the Lindsey Street Baptist , 881 North Avenue
programs (Bellwood Boys and Girls Club,         Church, St. James Baptist Church,, Pilgrim Baptist   N.W. Atlanta Ga. 30318. We, the Neighborhood
Greater Vine City Opportunities Program         Church, Springfield Baptist Church, Amazing          Residents, are working to secure our community.
Inc., Street Smart and YMCA Head Start).        Grace Baptist Church, St. Joseph Holiness            The next step is for our government to do their
We have the English Avenue Neighborhood         Church, Thessalonians Baptist Church, Faith          part as we move forward on the path of Love,
Association and two Community                   Hope and Deliverance Temple,, Greater New            Hope, and Revitalization.
Development Corporations, Bethursday            Hope Baptist Church, St. Mark Baptist Church,
CDC and English Avenue CDC. We have             New Life Covenant Church (This is not inclusive      “Able” Mable Thomas is a State Representative and English
businesses such as Shoppers Supermarket,        of all our great worship centers).                   Avenue Resident
Morgan’s Grocery, Lockhart Barber Shop,

                               Congratulations on this first edition of the Historic Westside Newspaper!
                        Together we are going to spread the good news about what ’ s happening in our schools!

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 4                                       The Historic Westside                October/November, 2008

Fulton County Department of
Health and Wellness launched it’s
Live Healthy Fulton! Campaign on
Saturday September 27th at Atlanta
Centennial Olympic Park

The Live Healthy Fulton! campaign
encompasses FREE programs
offered by Fulton County's
Department of Health and Wellness–
Office of Health Behaviors

The hands-on, educational programs
include: heart disease and stroke
prevention, breast and cervical cancer
prevention, asthma control, healthy
cooking & eating, exercise, stress
reduction, and child safety. Our
September 27th kickoff at Centennial
Olympic Park was a huge
success. Attendees received
educational flyers as well as healthy
snacks, including dairy-free
smoothies. They also participated
in FREE hands-on activities,
including: low-impact aerobics,
massages, blood pressure screenings,
diabetes screenings, child car seat
demonstrations, and bike helmet
demonstrations. Entertainment
included a magic show and
storytelling; and giveaways of pens,
pedometers, child car seats, and $50
gas cards. Live Healthy Fulton!
wants you to "Look Better, Feel
Better, & Be Better!" Stay abreast of
our monthly events by listening for
our radio PSA's, visiting our website
at, or
calling 404-730-1243.

                                                          “Healthier Me ~ SPA DAY”
                                                                Call today and schedule one
                                                         for yourself, family, friends or church group
 5                                                                                               The Historic Westside                                October/November, 2008
Continued from Page 1 Neighbors Helping Neighbors...
                                                                                                 Vine City’s Recovery
disaster as full time volunteers, and they have                                                  The financial contributions of the Home           This is the community that survived a recent
continued to address the long term recovery                                                      Depot Foundation, the Atlanta United Way,         flood and would not turn over and die for
needs of the Vine City Community. Following                                                      Catholic Charities, FEMA, Salvation               anyone or under any adverse condition.
up with FEMA, GEMA and SBA, on behalf of
the survivors, planning tree cuttings, obtaining                                                 Army and the American Red Cross with the          The community report at Atlanta United Way
clothing, furniture, medical, and food referrals                                                 current community support of the Vine City        on March 17th , was not one of pain and
to United Way, Catholic Charities, Fulton                                                        Civic Association, Vine City Health &             anguish, but one of hope for the community
County agencies and local churches. They also                                                    Housing Ministries, Community Improvement         and need for continued support. At that
helped with insurance, repair issues and                                                         Association, and members of the English           conference we realized the level of grassroots
paperwork that the survivors needed.                                                                                                               community leadership and support exhibited
                                                                                                                                                   in Vine City had never been witnessed by the
The Vine City Civic Association had just                                                                                                           Disaster Relief Agencies. The results were
engaged in Comprehensive Sector Concept                                                                                                            admired and made a difference.
Training led by “Able” Mable Thomas. This
training accelerated the effective use of                                                                                                          The Home Depot Foundation Fund is
volunteer participation.                                                                                                                           responsible for twenty six (26) families
                                                                                                                                                   receiving insurance reimbursements totaling
 Help from outside agencies reinforced the                                                                                                         over $18,000 and over $15,000 in home repairs
existing community organizations. Many                                                                                                             for residents who were under insured or had
neighborhood residents gained a sense of                                                                                                           no insurance at all .
support, structure, and in particular, those who                                                                                                   The community leadership will always be
completed the training process were                                                                   Mt Gilead Missionary Baptist Church          remembered for seeing what needed to be
empowered to begin self help with guidance                                                                                                         done and doing it. The extraordinary personal
from Rev. Dexter Johnson, Chair of VCCA.                                                         Avenue Neighborhood Association                   sacrifices of the following community
                                                                                                 coordinated greatly with the community            residents must be mentioned: Mr. J. R.
Daily meetings were convened for updates and                                                     recovery process, by being present, immediate,    Murphy, Mr. John Carter, Mr. Julian Nabaa,
a review of available resources at the Hagar                                                     and expeditious.                                  Ms. Linda Adams, Ms. Shaunia Turner, Ms.
Civilization Center located at 19 Joseph                                                                                                           Dianne Pineiro, Rev. Cornelius Thomas, Rev.
Lowery Blvd. Ms Precious Muhammad,                                                               April, May, and June were spent clearing trees    Frazier, Mr. Paul “ Lateef” Pyle, Mr. Tillman
Executive Directress, made her building                                                          from houses and clearing major streets and        Ward, Mr. James Arpad, Ms. Pamela Flores,
available to the community without                                                               thoroughfares giving a sense of progress to the   Ms. Kathy Arnold, Mrs. Betty Myrick, and Mr.
reservation.                                                                                     recovering community.                             Robin Carmichael. These Heroes and Sheroes
                                                                                                                                                   helped seniors and those in need by delivering
I acknowledge the early response of Hands on                                                     The support received from FEMA, Salvation         food when it was not convenient and using
Atlanta on March 15th, their volunteers were                                                     Army, and the Red Cross during the first eight    their personal resources to support recovery
given work assignments. Teams were formed                                                        days was invaluable. It allowed for the           efforts. This was truly a sign of “Neighbors
and dispatched. Tony Torrance managed the                                                        community leaders to regroup and get a sense      helping Neighbors.”
equipment sign outs and returns. Security was                                                    of direction. It appeared at first that the
provided to prevent waste and vandalism.                                                         community was resisting the support and help      C. Shaheed DuBois is a English Avenue Resident,
The volunteerism of Hands on Atlanta, the                                                        but Vine City residents were attempting to        Vice Chair of Community Improvement
Latter Day Saints, the Fuller Group and the                                                      understand the process and how to activate the    Association, Member of NPU- L, English Avenue
Mormons of Covington, Georgia helped with                                                        systems in order to help themselves.              Neighborhood Association.
tree removal, covering of roofs and repairs.
     Jan Jordan
     Executive Director
                                             1429 Fairmont Avenue, NW
                                                                   Suite A
                                                                                                                     ‘Mr. Everything’
                                                   Atlanta, Georgia 30318
                                                           (404) 351-4949
                                                                                                                      Super Deli, LLC
                                                                                                                          Est. 1993
                                                       Fax (404) 351-2042

 The nation’s largest volunteer organization perserving and revitalizing low-income houses and
                                                                                                          870 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
                        communities                                         Atlanta, GA 30314

                                                                                                                                                             Alpheus Kimario Smith

                                                                                                                                           881 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy. NW
                                                                                                                                                  Atlanta, GA 30318
                                                                                                                                                       (formerly Bankhead Hwy.)


                                                                                                                                              Tuesday~ Saturday 5:30AM~5PM

                       Story ideas and Ads for next issue: Sisters Action Team @ 678 705-9537
 6                                                 The Historic Westside                                  October/November, 2008

 Your Westside Neighborhood TAD Dollars at Work!
The Westside (TAD ) Tax Allocation District i     English Avenue Condominium                        Hagar Civilization Missionary
Neighborhood Fund is a mechanism to help          Estate                                            Society Training
promote redevelopment in the English
Avenue and Vine City communities. In order        By Alliece Johnson                                By Vonnjo
to promote a more equitable redevelopment
future, the Westside Redevelopment Plan           Local developer Alliece Johnson and the           Hagar Civilization Missionary Society Train-
provided the Neighborhood area of the TAD         Alpha to Omega Development Group, in              ing’s founder Precious Muhammad received
with an additional funding source; the            collaboration with DeVeale Construction and       funding from the Westside TAD for the
Westside TAD is the only one of the City’s                                                          renovation of 19 Joseph Lowery, part of the
                                                  the Atlanta Development Authority, have
10 TADs that has a Neighborhood Fund.                                                               original historic Bronner Brothers properties.
                                                  transformed a precious piece of the English       She is committed to reclaiming a piece of the
                                                  Avenue community, the motto of the English        Historic Westside History. The location will
The Neighborhood Fund is supported by
                                                                                                    house a Juvenile Prevention Training Pro-
TAD Bond proceeds derived from projects in
                                                                                                    gram, Re-Entry Program and a 24 hour eat-
the Downtown Portion of the TAD. When a
tax allocations bond issue has been sold, 20%
of bond proceeds supported by Downtown                                                              Ms. Muhammad has committed her life and
project property tax increments are deposited                                                       resources to the development of the Bron-
in the Westside TAD Neighborhood Fund.                                                              ner Family property, purchased in response
                                                                                                    to her and the community’s desire to retain
As I interviewed Tarnace Watkins, the TAD                                                           its historic significance.
Project Manager for the Atlanta Development
Authority I was enlightened, in laypersons                                                          With continued progress on the horizon the
‘terms, on the offerings of the Westside TAD.                                                       Historic Westside Community celebrates res-
A community must develop organized                                                                  toration. 19 Joseph Lowery raises the bar, as
strategies that will make their neighborhood                                                        an indicator of Sister Precious and her devel-
                                                                                                    opment team which delivered elegant archi-
attractive for redevelopment. It is important
                                                                                                    tectural design and superb quality that any
that those individuals or groups who are                                                            community can be proud.
interested in growing the community must          Avenue Neighborhood Association is “Block
strive to learn the opportunities that the TAD    by Block.”
funds offer, and how to develop the capacity
to make an application feasible.                  Ms. Johnson combined her real estate
                                                  experience and downtown skyline view to
It is advisable that communities develop          convert a two building apartment complex
partnerships with neighboring businesses and      into a well-appointed, modern five-unit
organization that can help put together a         condominium estate.
complete package. Investors, banks, and
lending institutions must be identified as        English Avenue Condominium Estate is
willing collaborative, while developing clear     located at 650 Jett Street. Alpha to Omega
and concise project proposals that show actual    Development Group has given a new light to
activity timelines.                               the downtown condominium market by
                                                  offering inner-city living with a contemporary
As we strive together to clean up and stand up,   feel.
let’s encourage one another, and hope the best
for each viable project embarked upon.            The contemporary styling, private parking,
                                                  skyline view, and convenient location minutes        Hagar Civilization Missionary Training
Current Westside TAD Neighborhood                 away from downtown Atlanta combined to
Fund Recipients:                                                                                              19 Joseph Lowery Blvd
                                                  provide residents the perfect “Live, Work,
●Neighborhood Union Health Center                 Play” neighborhood. This scenic view of
Fulton County Health Department                   downtown Atlanta is comparable to any
●Elm Street Townhomes -Bethursday                 Downtown, Midtown and Buckhead
Development Corporation                           Condominiums.                                                      Bob Jones
●English Avenue Condo Estates-Alliece                                                                     Chief Operating Officer
Johnson-Hines                                     Also, the addition of new courtyard                              404.215.2190
                                                  landscaping with grills and seating will help                                       Development
●Vine City Green Space –ADA and COA                                                                           Fax 404.215.2192
                                                                                                           440 Northside Dr. NW
                                                  with the ongoing beautification process of                                             Corporation
●NPU-L Demolition— NPU-L                                                                                      Atlanta, GA 30318
                                                  The English Avenue Community.
●Westside TAD Rehabilitation -
Rebuilding Together Atlanta & EACDC               For more information concerning the pricing
●Hagar Civilization Missionary Training           and neighborhood incentive programs you can
  Precious Muhammad / Eric Levine                 contact Ms. Johnson at 678-705-7049.
●Vine City Terraces-Vine City Holdings,
●Vine City Park - VCCA & Park Pride

            Story ideas and Ads for next issue: Sisters Action Team @ 678 705-9537
 7                                      The Historic Westside                                               October/November, 2008
Continued from Page 6 Your Westside Neighborhood TAD Dollars at Work!…
Neighborhood Union Health Center’s Legacy Continues To Rise
By Vonnjo                                           with a small group of dedicated African             building that could be dedicated to the great
                                                    American women who were willing to sacrifice        work of the Neighborhood Union and its
December 1, 2008 will mark a new beginning          and work. They formed the Neighborhood              founder, Mrs. Lugenia Hope.
for the Neighborhood Union Health Center,           Union in the home of Mrs. Lugenia Hope,
located at 186 Sunset Avenue. The newly             adopting the motto “And Our Neighbors as            In 1952 the land was donated to the city of
renovated, soon to be historically designated,      Ourselves.”                                         Atlanta and the Fulton County Health
Neighborhood Union Health Center’s face lift                                                            Department. The center was built, dedicated
adds beauty to this facility but more importantly   Neighborhood residents had a strong sense of        and named the Neighborhood Union Health
the center will house                                                    pride and were not afraid      Center to honor these women.
needed services.                                                         to work hard for change.
                                                                                                        The Neighborhood Union Health Center’s
The new wing will be                                                          Mrs. Grace                legacy will continue to rise and shine forth as a
dedicated to Mental                                                           Hamilton ,the first       perfect example of our ancestor’s willingness to
Health and Drug/                                                              African American          work together (Umoja), a commitment to self
Alcohol Rehabilitation.                                                       woman to hold the         determination (Kujichagulia) and Faith (Imani).
The Dental Clinic will                                                        distinguished office of
expand to include Adult                                                       Georgia State
Dentistry. The Center                                                         Representative, was at
will continue to provide       Renovation of Neighborhood Union Health that time the Executive
Family Planning, WIC                 Center 186 Sunset Avenue N.W              Director of Atlanta
intake and disbursement,                                                       Urban League. Mrs.
child immunizations. There were also be              Hamilton greatly assisted with a strong
services to educate and treat communicable           recommendation from her committee to the
diseases.                                            Fulton County Health Department that a Health
                                                     Center be established Her recommendation
Sisters Action Team guided by D. Makeda              was that it be established and administered by
Johnson administered a neighborhood survey to African American physicians and nurses.
identify the health needs of the community.
The feedback was overwhelming. With this             On July 16,1944 The Westside Health Center
feedback in mind the project was funded              was opened on Sunset Avenue in a house                           Mrs. Carrie L. McCarter, RN
$2,625,000 from the Westside Neighborhood            owned by the Neighborhood Union. Dr. N.
TAD and Fulton County added an additional            Harper was named director of the clinic and         BURGRESSGREEN,INC.
$1,000,000, to the renovation project.               remained until his retirement in 1979, Mrs.                       Home Improvement
                                                     Carrie L. McCarter, RN was appointed as                            “30 years experience”
                                                                                                           Carpentry Finish basement     Decks
The Neighborhood Union Health Center’s               Administrative Nurse. She was the first African-      Kitchen/Bath        Windows/Doors      Plumbing
legacy is so rich and uplifting, teaching us the     American Public Health Nursing Supervisor in          PlasteringPainting All Flooring
                                                                                                           Drywall Molding…and much more!!
lesson of how a few can make a difference. The Georgia and retired in 1972. Mrs. McCarter
concept of a health center in this community         proposed that the Neighborhood Union donate                                                   Michael A. Green
                                                                                                                                Phone 404 444-7018 Fax 678 344 2587
began in 1908, one hundred (100) years ago,          the land to the county in exchange for a new                               

       Story ideas, Calender items and Ads for next issue: Brent @ 404 641-1893 or
 October/November, 2008                                                   The Historic Westside                                                             8

                  We Must Focus On Our Greatest Challenge
By Ivory Young                                         First, we must start by honoring the homes
                                                       where are our senior citizens live. Our seniors
The             greatest                               stay in our neighborhoods because they are          What's the future of our property when we are
challenge we face is                                   committed to protecting the interest of our         gone? Far too often the heirs and offspring that
gentrification. How                                    stakeholders.                                       inherit homes do not share the commitment of
do we revitalize our                                                                                       their parents.
communities         and                                We must reward their commitment with
protect the interest of                                resources to assist them with repairs and           The objective for local government should be in
existing     residents,                                maintenance to their properties. Far too many       support of protecting home ownership and
stakeholders, current                                  senior citizens get citations for code violations   providing options for homeowners for retention
and new businesses,                                    they cannot afford to resolve. Our seniors on       instead of selling their homes to investors.
our children, our senior citizens and the              fixed income must receive support from city,        Investors have one game plan for our homes
institutional systems which serve these                county and state government to repair and           and our neighborhoods and, that is, to make
populations? Residents in neighborhoods                maintain their property. We should be assisting     money.
bordering the Central Business District seek           our seniors and their families with establishing
relief from their neighborhood's deteriorating         long term plans for the family home to provide      Estate planning is essential and should be
infrastructure.                                        them with estate planning to identify and help      implemented long before mom and dad pass
                                                       implement their (THE FAMILIES) long-term            away to protect the family home and to shape
We must first begin by addressing the                  objectives.                                         the integrity of the legacy of that property and
infrastructure of our vacant and abandoned                                                                 our neighborhoods.
property. The failure of this infrastructure is the    Estate planning is essential
root cause of crime in our neighborhoods. The                                                              Gentrification has to be addressed one property
failure that I reference provides free room and        Committed residents, no day is promised for any     at a time in neighborhoods all over the City of
board for illegal activity that exists in vacant and   of us young or old but we must take serious the     Atlanta. Investors are making the American
abandoned structures. There are some                   practice of estate planning. We will not be here    Dream less of a reality.
immediate steps we can take to address this.           forever.
                                                                                                           If you have inherited a property you owe it to
                                                                                                           your loved ones and the neighborhoods that
                                                                                                           raised you to support the historic uses and
                                                                                                           maintain compatibility to what has historically

                                                                                                           If you chose to convert that home to rental
                                                                                                           property, don't be a slum lord and simply rent
                                                                                                           your property to anyone that has the cash. You
                                                                                                           could be renting to a prostitute or drug dealer.
                                                                                                           Be responsible in selecting your tenants and
                                                                                                           remain accountable. Ask the right questions to
                                                                                                           make sure your new tenant has the best interest
                                                                                                           of the community. Make sure there is a
                                                                                                           commitment by your tenant to be a good
                                                                                                           neighbor to the senior citizen and/or family next
                                                                                                           door to your family home.

                                                                                                           In addition, in these tough economic times if
                                                                                                           you are selling consider selling to a family like
         “Healthier Me~SPA DAY”                             HEALTH DISPARITIES                             your own rather then just another investor. Or
                                                                                                           selling to a family who could probably afford a
                                                        Prevention Wellness Programs                       minor renovation rather than starting from
       Receive BENEFI-                                                                                     scratch. Home ownership breeds a commitment
                                                                                                           that helps us to stabilize our communities.
                                                           REACH for Wellness Family
                    CIAL…                                                                                  You are the first line of defense in minimizing

                Foot Massage
                                                            Empowerment Program                            the negative impacts of gentrification in our

              Neck Massage                                     “Discover Yourself”                         Ivory Lee Young is a resident of the Vine City
                                                                                                           Community and District 3 City Councilmen
                                                             Personal Empowerment
                                                                                                            Grandma’s Child Development Center, LLC
             Back Massage                                     ‘Healthier Me” SPA Day                               “Helping develop young minds for the future”
                                                                Stress Management
         Instructional Meditation
                                                             Mediation/Yoga Classes
      Cardiovascular Prevention
                                                            Heart Disease Prevention                               IN OUR HOME WE PROVIDE
               (Heart Disease)                                                                               QUALITY LOVING CARE FOR YOUR ACTIVE &
                                                                (Cardiovascular)                                        GROWING CHILD
                                                                                                           WE GIVE...PLANNED & SUPERVISED DAILY AC-
                                                                                                           TIVITIES & STIMULATE CREATIVITY
    Stress Management Tech-                                                                                 THROUGH ARTS & CRAFTS SOCIAL SKILLS ACTIVE
                                                                                                                  Monday – Friday        To Register Call:
                                                                                                                     7am – 7pm          Grandma Barbara
                                                                                                                 222 Walnut St. NW        (404) 399-3483
                                                                                                                 Atlanta, GA 30314      Fax (404) 525-8534
                     Program services are provided impart through a grant from
                     ACORA & Fulton County Department of Health &Wellness
 9                                                       The Historic Westside                                   October/November, 2008

                                          Discovering Your Best
By Dr. Blalock
                                                       Following a Set of Principles: Following a set
Each individual                                        of principles provides a framework for you to          Dr. Blalock is an Organizational Psychologist who offers
controls the directions                                carry out behavior. Some important principles          various training and coaching services designed to enhance
he/she take in his/her                                 that we advocate are patience, truth, justice,         youth and adults mind, body and spirit self-awareness.
life. The decisions you                                respect, balance, reciprocity, order, and              The services developed by Dr. Blalock have been proven to
make today will have                                   discipline.                                            successfully improve one's quality of life.
an impact on your
future. Often times,                                   Self Awareness: Become aware of your past,
we look outside                                        current strengths and pains (e.g., fears,
ourselves for answers                                  insecurities, rejections). Knowing your strengths                    Discover Your Best
and solutions seeking someone to save us, but          allows you to have a clear view of your                  A New Way of Living Empowerment Series:
change must begin within the individual. In            capabilities, and …….always when people keep
essence, you are the only one who can save you!        things inside (hidden away) it often leads to
                                                       addictions, compulsions, fixations and/or               Learn unique strategies and approaches
Developing and nurturing yourself is a extremely       obsessions.                                             to living wholesomely in today’s world
important part of your life. As a result of                                                                      In our training participants learn to:
emotions such as depression, greed, sadness,           Take Responsibility: The decisions you make
etc., people may behave in a manner that is not        today will have an impact on your entire life. In         ~Eliminate Destructive Beliefs and
consistent with one’s true self. This can get you      essence, you are the only one who can save you!
off balance and you may begin to neglect some          Often times, we look outside ourselves for                         Manage Stress
important parts of yourself.                           someone to save us, but change begins with you.
                                                                                                                 ~Visualization and Breathing Tech-
We live in a world that is always changing, as we      Have Clear Intentions: Have clear intentions                            niques
are changing and developing ourselves. We learn        about what you want. When asking for what you
and re-learn things about others, our                  want, be specific. Ask for what you want to clear
environment and ourselves throughout our lives.        away. Send feelings of love to those you feel may                       ~Survival Skills
Thus, it is important to take a look inside to         have hurt you at some time and pray for them.
determine how you can continue to grow by              Also, send feelings of love to other people who                   ~Develop Plan of Action
increasing your self-awareness, forming healthy        have had similar experiences as you have. See
habits and becoming more focused. In order to          what you learned from this and how you may                   For enrollment information call
attain wanted situations and maintain awareness        help others.
about yourself, there are certain strategies that
you should adopt daily throughout your life.

     7 Steps to Optimal Health
         Seven Tips on Thoughtful Eating
        Drink no water within hours of eating doing so dilutes
                  digestive juices and disrupts fluid balance.

        Chew slowly and thoroughly because it is important to
          extract nutrients essential for blood preparation.

      Do not drink liquids with meals not doing so conserves vital
        energies and keeps stomach confusion to a minimum.

      Do not eat fruits and vegetables together not doing so will
         impart circulation consistency better for digestion.

        Do not use fruits and milk together doing so creates an
                  acid – alkaline balance disruption.

      Try to visualize all the wonderful meals you can enjoy using
                     wholesome natural ingredients.

           Once you add love to the meal then it’s complete.

                          AidoAkil,                                     TryCope youth dedicated vegetable garden to Our Beloved Sister Queen Elizabeth Graham
                 Natural Health Practitioner                            a devoted community advocate whom made her transition on March 13,2008. Vine City
              Owner: Praises All Natural Products                       resident Pam Flores assisted youth.
                                                                        TryCope was founded in 2005 by Linda Adams. During the summer of 2006 TRYCOPE
                                                                        held it’s first program at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church with over fifty(50) youth ages 5 yrs to
                                                                        14 yrs. During the school year Ms. Adams started the after school program located in
                                                                        the Magnolia Park Apartments. TryCope mission is to develop and implement programs
                                                                        that are designed to support and expand the emotional, intellectual, physical, social and
                                                                        spiritual potential of youth in urban communities. TryCope is now in it's third year and has
            Story ideas and Ads for next issue: Sisters Action Team @ 678 705-9537
 October/November, 2008                                          The Historic Westside                                           10

                                    Vote! It’s Your Voice, Use It !!!!!!!!!

In Support of Tax Allocation Districts

By Amanda Rhein, Senior Project ManagerAtlanta
Development Authority

A Tax Allocation District (TAD) is established
for the purpose of catalyzing investment by
financing certain redevelopment activities in
underdeveloped or blighted areas using public
dollars. Redevelopment costs are financed
through the pledge of future incremental in-
creases in property taxes generated by the re-
sulting new development. Typically, upon
creation, TADs have vacant commercial and
residential properties, blighted conditions and
numerous vacant buildings or are in need of                   EARLY                         Youth Voter Registration Drive
significant environmental remediation. TADs                                                     At Herndon Stadium
are the city’s most effective redevelopment
tool. The city has ten(10) TADs: Eastside,
                                                           ADVANCE                  By Sara’Maat Imhotep
Westside, Atlantic Station, Princeton Lakes,
Perry-Bolton, BeltLine, Metropolitan Parkway,
Stadium Area, Campbellton Road and Hollo-
                                                        ELECTION DAY                As a young African American I have al-
                                                                                    ways felt that voting was essential to the
well/M.L. King.
                                                             VOTING                 well-being of society. You can’t ignore the
                                                                                    injustice that takes place in America but
In the Westside TAD, the Neighborhood
Fund was established to catalyze the revitaliza-            YOU MAY PARTICIPATE     the only peaceful way to change that is to
tion of Vine City and English Avenue. Twenty                                        get out and vote. Everyone knows that
                                                             IN ADVANCE VOTING
percent of bond proceeds generated by Down-                                         our ancestors and elders fought to ensure
town projects in the Westside TAD are depos-                                        that we would have the right to vote .
ited in the Neighborhood Fund. To date, ap-              OCTOBER 27-31, 2008        And now more than ever we must honor
proximately $14 million has been allocated to                                       their sacrifice. If African Americans, par-
10 projects that will improve the quality of life
in these two communities. This program has,                 Fulton County           ticularly young African Americans would
and will continue to be an incentive for other            Government Center.        get out and vote ; things in America could
developers to invest in these neighborhoods                 (Downtown)              take a turn for the positive, and even
that have a history of disinvestment. The pro-              141 Pryor Street,       though I still have three(3) years until I
jects will benefit existing community stake-                   Suite 4064           am able to vote I am passionate about
holders while providing a renewed vibrancy                 (404) 612-7060           exercising our right and duty to vote.
throughout the two neighborhoods; approved                                          That's why I have devoted a lot of time
projects are distributed throughout Vine City
                                                            North Annex             and energy to getting people, registered to
and English Avenue, along the periphery as
                                                           7741 Roswell Road,       vote.
well as in the core. Furthermore, the partner-
ships that have been formed between private                    Room 209
sector and non-profit agencies will build ca-              (404) 613-7675           Sara’Maat is a resident of Vine City and 10th
pacity, enabling these less experienced organi-                                     grade student at Paideia High School
zations to become more financially stable and                South Annex
active developers.                                      5600 Stonewall Tell Road,
                                                               Room 105
TADs have demonstrated success as redevel-
                                                           (404) 612-3050
opment tools that allow local communities,
such as Vine City and English Avenue, to revi-
talize blighted neighborhoods and transform
them into vibrant, growing areas. As our state
and country face uncertain economic times, we
are all looking for a cost effective and smart
way to invest in our future – TADs provide
just that solution. On November 4th, vote yes
on Amendment 2 to allow our local communi-
ties the choice to revitalize their neighbor-
hoods. Amendment 2 restores to school sys-
tems the power, if they so choose, to help their
communities grow. This is an option school
systems in Georgia have enjoyed for more                                              Sara’Maat is a resident of Vine City and 10th
than two decades, and that school systems in                                              grade student at Paideia High School
46 other states enjoy as well. Earlier this year, a
state Supreme Court decision took away that
power from Georgia communi-
ties. Amendment 2 puts that local control
back in their hands.

       Vote YES on Amendment No. 2.
        Vote YES for Georgia’s future.
                                                      State Representative Elect 55th
 October/November, 2008                                                       The Historic Westside                                                        11

       For Your Health
Flu Season Is Here: How to Stay Healthy                    In the Spirit of Harm Reduction
By Anthony Sills                                           By Janice A. Shomo, MSW, CAS

Atlanta, GA— Flu season started October 1st but now
is the time to take precautions so you can stay healthy    Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, Inc.
this year. Influenza (the flu) is a contagious respira-    (AHRC) offers a comprehensive five tier link-
tory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can cause     age program that has successfully transitioned
mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death.    individuals from active drug usage to treatment
The flu virus is spread through the air when a person      and care services.
who has the virus sneezes, coughs, or speaks. The flu
can even be passed on if a person touches an object        AHRC provides wellness and health related
that someone with the virus sneezed or coughed on.         services, resources and linkages to treatment
People carrying the virus can be contagious 1 day be-      and care that reduces the level of personal
fore to 5 days after their symptoms appear so they can     harm and risk of contracting communicable
pass it on before they even know they are sick. The                                                             The Grapevine HIV/AIDS Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                                    founded by Minister Kendall Richard
best way to prevent the flu is by getting an annual flu                                                                  Celebrated its 3rd Annual
vaccination.                                               The five tiers were developed using the Stages                    “Lift Jesus Higher”
                                                           of Change model, and each step is designed to              Christian Youth Aids Walkathon
Every year in the United States, on average 5% to          motivate and support the individuals to access                    September 6, 2008
20% of the population gets the flu; more than 200,000      the next step.
people are hospitalized annually from flu complica-
tions and about 36,000 people die from flu. Some           1) Reduce and/or eliminate racial and
populace, such as older people, young children and            ethnic health disparities;
people with certain health conditions, are at high risk    2) Promote health and quality of life of
for serious flu complications.                                 individuals and communities;
                                                           3) Build on community strengths and assets
How can you keep from catching the flu? Wash your             to address health issues;
hands frequently with soap and water. Try to avoid         4)     Develop effective working relation-
close contact with sick people. Cover your nose and               ships among community members and
mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough and                  the organizations and leaders who serve
avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth as this                   them; and
spreads germs. Flu epidemics often start in schools        5)Focus on prevention and early detection.
and then move quickly through a community as stu-
dents spreading the virus to family members and peo-
                                                           AHRC provides education and tiered risk re-
ple around them.
                                                           duction programs to empower adults in the
                                                           prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of sub-
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC),
                                                           stance use, HIV, STDs, Hepatitis and other in-           Mr. John Carter, born , raised and
the best precaution is vaccination. There are also eve-
                                                           fectious and communicable diseases.                       remains an active native son of
ryday tactics to battle the flu. Other ways to fight in-
fection include regular hand washing and avoiding          (AHRC), Board, Executive Director and Staff                         Vine City
contact with people who are coughing or sneezing.          would like to thank the NPU - L and the Eng-
Parents of young children, school-age children, and        lish Avenue community for being an essential
caretakers of the elderly are groups that need to take     part of AHRC’s presence, past and future.
certain precautions, as these groups are especially sus-   AHRC is a health promotion and wellness
ceptible to the virus.                                     linkage and prevention program in Atlanta,
                                                           Georgia designed to reduce social determinants
Do not miss school or work due to the flu. Be smart        such as unemployment and homelessness, that
and get a flu vaccination today.
                                                           contribute to racial and ethnic health dispari-
                                                           ties. These socio-economic factors combined
                                                           with limited access to care, lack of health in-
                                                           surance, poor health literacy, linguistic barri-
                                                           ers, and provider discrimination are significant
                                                           contributors to health disparities.
        For Exciting, Affordable &                                                                                     The Hand Of Inspiration…
                                                                                                                        Nathaniel Bronner, Sr
            Great Storytelling                             For information and further assistance,            (Located at the corner of Joseph E. Lowery Blvd
             Experiences!!!                                Please feel free to utilize our website            & Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.)
                                                  or contact us at
                                                           (404) 817-9994 or fax us at (404) 817-9939.        The uplifted hand means : He reached out
     Call Akbar the Storyteller                                                                               to help humankind in the holistic mission :
                                                           Our mailing address is P.O. Box 92670, At-         Developing the whole man –body, mind
                                                           lanta, Georgia 30314.                              and spirit and he leaves this legacy:
       404-284-9807 or 404-468-3392
                                                           In the Spirit of Harm Reduction                                 1. God First
                                                           Janice A. Shomo, MSW, CAS                                    2. Family Second                               Executive Director                                           3. Vocation Third
                                                                                                                          4. Work Hard
                      E-mail:                                                                                        5. Keep Good Company                                                                                         6. Be Honest
    Halloween, Christmas, Kwanzaa,
    Black History & other programs

           Story ideas and Ads for next issue: Sisters Action Team @ 678 705-9537
                                                                                                                              This PRIME CORNER property is located within a 5 mile radius of
                 The English Avenue                                                                                            Downtown Atlanta, The Underground, Georgia Dome, Phillips
                                                                                                                             Arena, Turner Field, The Georgia Aquarium, 57 Universities and
                 Condominium Estate                                                                                           Colleges, Fox Theatre, Atlanta Symphony, Atlantic Station, The
                                                                                                                             World of Coke, Centennial Park, and countless other Four and
                                                                                                                                             Five Star Restaurants & Hotels.
                                    I & 2 BEDROOM CONDO’S
                                    $99,999 TO $149,999                                                                       Our rooftop deck has a magnificent view of the Atlanta skyline,
                                                                                                                                   surveillance, system that can be viewed via internet,
NEW KITCHENS, NEW BATHS, NEW FIREPLACES, NEW CERAMIC TILE, NEW BEDROOM CARPET, NEW TREY CEILING,                              remote access parking, Brick & Secure Wrought Iron Fencing,
NEW CUSTOM LIGHTING, NEW WINDOWS, NEW DOORS (INTERIOR & EXTERIOR), NEW PLUMBING, SEWAGE LINES                                                          Courtyard Area
                                      AND NEW ELECTRICAL
                                                                                                                                     (grills, picnic tables, and beautiful landscaping).
                                  Down Payment Assistant
                                    Up to $60,000.00                                                                         One Home warranty, Fire places, Jacuzzi tubs, Hardwood Floor-
                             Of community incentives available                                                                ing, New HVAC Systems, Hot Water Heaters, Pre-Wired Cable,
                                        Call TODAY                                                                                   Ceiling fans, Balconies, Reserved Parking Space.
                                                                                                                                       Project funded by ADA. Your tax dollars at work..

                              Future Concrete Company
                                    The Best in the Business

Bobby Adams

Jamaree Norris
                                                                          652 Erin Ave.
Vice President                                                        Atlanta, GA 30310
                                                                                                     Make Your ‘Dream’ of Home Ownership a ‘Reality’ learn about
                                                                                                                   New HUD Programs Available
        Patios                              Footings                         House Slabs

       Porches                        On Grade Slabs                              Walls
                                                                               Brick * Block
                                                                                                   Yvonne Jones
        Decks                              Peagravel
                                                                                                   BUSINESS, COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL, SALES
                                                                                                   4964 LAVISTA ROAD                                            678-437-2711
                                                                         And more of your
      Sidewalks                        Curb & Gutter
                                                                         concrete needs...
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