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									                12 for 2012
                Legacy for Dorset from the 2012 Games

               Dorset and specifically Weymouth and Portland will be on the world stage in the run-up
               to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

               Following the success of the London 2012 Games bid, with the sailing events to be held off
               Weymouth and Portland, there is a unique opportunity for Dorset to address many of its
               local priorities.

               The ‘island’ of Portland has already given Dorset a presence already in London and many other
               parts of the world – through the Portland Stone that has been exported to be used in so many

               famous buildings e.g. The UN building. Now the challenge is to bring the world to Dorset,
               building on the focus that the 2012 Olympics will create.
dorset         The Chair of the Dorset Strategic Partnership (DSP), working with others, developed a paper,
               ‘Torch from the Stone’ that proposed the way forward, with the DSP leading the development
               and management of the county’s combined efforts to secure a community legacy aspects.
“The DSP and Local Government have been the driving force in progressing the 2012 legacy agenda in
Dorset. This has been a complex and difficult task, but their efforts have provided a model of best practice
and partnership working which has led to the development of some very clear, unequivocal legacy objectives.
I have been genuinely impressed by the approach that has been taken and am absolutely confident that
through a combination of national , regional and local plans that we will secure a lasting and discernable
legacy from the Games for Weymouth and Portland in particular.”
                        Guy Lavender, South West England Director for the 2012 Games

                                                  The Legacy list developed by the DSP seeks to balance local opportunities with those
                                                  for the county and wider region. Entitled ‘12 for 2012’, it lists 12 key benefits that DSP
                                                  partners and other organisations across Dorset will seek to gain from the Games.

                                                  ‘12 for 2012’ has been developed through the Partnership, the Dorset Working Group
                                                  for the 2012 Games and through wider public consultation at three ‘Dorset – Lighting
                                                  the Flame’ events, held at Dorchester, Portland and Bournemouth in July 2006.
                                                  The aspirations and actions are also being incorporated into the development of a
                                                  new Community Strategy for Dorset and the Local Area Agreement plus associated
                                                  action plans.

                                                  We believe that our plans in Dorset have a momentum behind them and the Partnership
                                                  is now seeking a mandate from all key partners in Dorset to actively support this list in
                                                  advance of a public campaign in the New Year. We are also developing a detailed
                                                  action plan to underpin the legacy list outlining specific actions, measures and assigning
                                                  lead responsibilities.
Developing Dorset’s Legacy
 2005 July                    November                         2006 January                  Jan - April                     May                           July
 Success. London 2012 is      Business Dinner with South       ‘Torch from the Stone’ -      Ongoing consultation with       DSP Annual Conference -       Public airing of draft Legacy
 awarded the Olympics and     Dorset MP – agreed that a        The DSP Board agree to take   partners to develop ideas       Workshop on the Olympics      list at ‘Lighting the Flame’:
 Weymouth and Portland will   focus was needed to              on responsibility for the     for the legacy for Dorset       and the opportunity for       consultation events in
 be the sailing venue.        maximise the opportunities       development and delivery      from 2012.                      Dorset with SWRDA, Sport      Bournemouth, Portland and
                              for Dorset from the              of the community legacy.                                      England and the Dorset        Dorchester.
                              2012 Games.                                                                                    Working Group for 2012.

September                     October                          November                      December                        2007 January                  2007 June
DSP agree Legacy list in      Consideration of ‘12 for 2012’   Dorset MPs briefing           Public consultation begins on   Launch of Legacy list         Launch of Dorset’s revised
principle                     by local authorities providing                                 Dorset’s Community Strategy,                                  Community Strategy
                              letters of support and           Final endorsement of          including the Legacy list and   Ongoing development of
                              guarantee to London 2012         ‘12 for 2012’ by the DSP      integrated actions to deliver   action plans to support the
                              Dorset County Council                                          the legacy.                     legacy delivery
                              Weymouth and Portland
                              Borough Council
                              West Dorset District Council
                              Endorsement of ‘12 for 2012’
                              by Dorset Working Group
                              for 2012 Games
                    12 for 2012
                     Legacy for Dorset from the 2012 Games

1   Improved transport infrastructure and access, with the
    Weymouth Relief Road open and in use, and an integrated
    road and rail based public transport system offering improved
                                                                         Well trained and more highly skilled people in work or
                                                                         volunteering to support local communities and sustain
                                                                         the local economy well beyond the Games.
    reliability and accessibility for road-based public transport

    serving Weymouth and Portland with more frequent and                 International recognition of Dorset as a desirable county to
    faster trains to and from Weymouth.                                  visit, that offers a warm welcome with improved customer
                                                                         care and quality service international standards, backed up

2   Creation of Europe’s top international sailing venue at the
    Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy, including
    improved facilities and a new marina for the benefit of the
                                                                         by high quality visitor accommodation.

                                                                         A greater understanding of diversity and multiculturalism,
    whole of Dorset.                                                     including improved access and facilities in the area for
                                                                         visitors and local people with disabilities.

3   Increased participation by people of all ages in sport, play

    and leisure activities.                                              Sustain the enhanced international profile of Dorset and
                                                                         through this continue to develop interest in the Jurassic

4   Increase in general levels of health and reduction in level
    of obesity in all ages of Dorset’s population through more
    healthy, active lifestyles.
                                                                         Coast World Heritage site, cultural activities and Dorset’s
                                                                         economic offer.

5   Weymouth and Portland becomes a centre of international
    marine and leisure excellence with a view to stimulating
                                                                    11   Provide a stimulus to improvement in the social, cultural
                                                                         and economic fabric of Weymouth and Portland together
                                                                         with improving the supply of housing accommodation,
    Dorset’s economy, increasing wage levels and providing               including affordable housing.
    more year round employment.

6   Improved economic opportunities for wider Dorset, with
    access to quality employment, where young people can
                                                                    12   Dorset to achieve a step change in its environmental and
                                                                         sustainability performance including energy and water use;
                                                                         waste & recycling; travel; food; materials and wildlife.
    see they have a future.
“The County Council has been closely associated with the development of the Weymouth and Portland
National Sailing Academy. Maximising this opportunity is a priority and we will continue to work hard
with our partners to deliver a lasting legacy from the Games.”
Angus Campbell, Leader, Dorset County Council

Delivery of the Legacy                                Dorset’s Health Pentathlon

Sitting behind the Legacy list is a developing        The Dorset Health Gain Partnership is keen to make the most of the 2012 Olympics
action plan that includes the details of how the      as an excellent opportunity for promotion of the fundamental message of the
legacy will be delivered, with specific actions,      benefits of good health and in particular the benefits of exercise. The thrust of the
                                                      work will be an Olympic Health Challenge, made up of a pentathlon designed
measures and targets. It includes specific lead
                                                      around health priorities for Dorset. There will be one challenge area for each
responsibilities to ensure expectations are clear.
                                                      Olympic ring, and for every countdown year from 2008. This idea could be applied
                                                      not only locally, but regionally and nationally, with funding through the Communities
As with the list, the action plan integrates local,   for Health initiative.
county-wide and national aspirations. Many of the
actions are already underway. The development         The aim is to use a blend of social and professional marketing approaches, with the
of a new Community Strategy for Dorset to be          emphasis on:
                                                      • ‘Sport for all’ (e.g. existing Dorset Youth Games,
launched in 2007 also provides the ideal
                                                         Dorset Disability Games, Sporting Chance)
opportunity to embed the actions required to
                                                      • Local and ‘non-expert’
take this vision forward.
                                                      • ‘Feel good’ factor
                                                      • Offering volunteering opportunities
The following examples highlight some of the
innovative work underway to develop and
deliver ‘12 for 2012’.

“The DSP, The Dorset Working Group for the 2012 Games and key partners have
constructed a focused and deliverable legacy plan that addresses the key
opportunities brought about by the Olympics.” Paul Kinvig, Managing Director, Dorset Echo
“We are all determined to use this fantastic opportunity to firmly establish Weymouth and Portland
as an international centre of marine leisure excellence. It’s key to improving long term job
prospects and earnings for local people. We are already seeing increased investment
in physical infrastructure and are confident that big gains for communities will
follow as participation in cultural, volunteering and sporting activities grows.”
Tom Grainger, Chief Executive, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council

Dorset’s Cultural Olympiad

The Jurassic Coast Arts Strategy is the first arts strategy for a natural World Heritage
Site in the UK. It provides a ready-made framework for linking the Jurassic Coast,
the Arts and the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It will make a key
contribution to the Cultural Olympiad by demonstrating how an environmentally
sensitive site can meet Olympic ambitions around the themes of internationalism,
young people and joint sport-art initiatives.

Its lasting legacy will include improvements in the following areas:

• participation and aspiration in the arts amongst young people with a focus on
  international cooperation, culture, world peace
• opportunities for young people to be trained and start work in the creative
  industry sector
• arts infrastructure in key areas including iconic projects, public art and festivals
• international exchange for artists and communities
• more joint projects between arts and sport and between arts and tourism,
  establishing models for joint working
• higher profile for the inspirational power of the arts

“The 2012 Games, with the sailing events in Weymouth and Portland, offer a golden
opportunity to raise the profile of the area and the South West region.”
Gordon Page CBE, Chairman, Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Economic Partnership and Chairman, Cobham Plc.
“The legacy of skills development for our young people from 2012 will
strengthen the capability and capacity to sustain our viable economic
community for future generations.”
Valerie Stevens, Chair, Dorset Federation of Small Businesses

 The Environmental legacy - Young People’s views
 The Dorset Coast Forum and Jurassic Coast World Heritage        A questionnaire was supported in the school by display
 team wanted to hear the aspirations and vision of Dorset’s      boards titled ‘Our Coast, Your Future”’, with maps and
 young people about our coast - particularly what legacy they    photographs illustrating the Marine Park proposal and inviting
 would like left after the 2012 Games. Students from Bridport    all the students to express their ideas and hopes for the
 were briefed on how ideas, for an environmental legacy might    future. Over 100 surveys were completed by the students,
 best be progressed, including the proposal for a Marine Park:   showing 67% in favour of the proposed Marine Park, with
 a nature park under the sea from Weymouth to St Aldhem’s        many more interested in the associated recreational activities.
 Head. The students were tasked with researching and             52% of students surveyed thought the 13-19 year old age
 presenting the views of young people back to the Dorset         group would be the one most likely to visit a Marine Park.
 Coast Forum Conference of scientists, planners and decision-
 makers in November 2006.                                        Of the recreational activities proposed, water-sports, at 72%,
                                                                 were the most popular with the students, followed by scuba
 The students, including some county and national athletes,      diving, glass-bottomed boats and an open-air aquarium.
 came up with a wide range of creative ideas including           Most of the students commenting thought the Marine Park
 heritage, ecology and conservation, employment prospects,       would be ‘fun’, many thought it would bring more visitors to
 recreation and sport and coastal transport.                     the area and would be interesting and educational.

                                                                 The Dorset Coast Forum is collating all the ideas, in order to
                                                                 develop plans and take delivery forward.

   For further information click on www.dorsetforyou.com/dsp

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