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					                                                                                                                                     HERO Session #:
                                      Professional Development Proposal Form                                                         (Staff Dev. Use ONLY!)
                                            *Submit at least 4 weeks prior to the project/training*
                             Once the Budget Manager has approved, please forward to Clarissa Langston for processing.

Coordinator:                                                                                                       Phone:
Contact Person:                                                                                                    Phone:
Title of Project/Training:
Date(s):                                                                                                           Times:
Location:                                                                                                          Room:
Equipment Needed:                                                                                                  Follow-Up Required?
Allow a Waiting List?                       Wait List Limit:                                                       Follow-Up Due By:
Training For (Level:)                                                                                           Hours           Credits          Max. #
Target Participants (Specific):                                                                                 Seat Time        MIP's           of Seats
Relevant to RTTT:                      Private School Eligible:
RTTT Project #:

                                                           Rationale of Project/Training

                                                                       DOE Coding
Primary Purpose:
Implementation Method:
Learning Method:
Evaluation Method, Student:
Evaluation Method, Staff:

                                                           Resources (Costs & Funding)
Item                                       Cost           Funding Source/Budget Code                                        Instructor Information
Trainees                                  $0.00                                                                             Name of Instructor #1:
Trainers/Consultants                      $0.00
Secretarial                                                                                                                 Hours:
Printing                                                                                                                    Name of Instructor #2:
Other                                                                                                                       Hours:
        Total Training Cost:              $0.00              Note: Trainee & Trainer cost will auto calculate

Approved By:                                                                         Funds Verified By:

Traci Dami                                                 Date                      Director/Executive Director                                 Date
Director of Staff Development,                                                       (Funding Source)
Instructional Technology & Media

Last Updated On: September 28, 2011
                                                   DOE Coding

Primary Purpose                                        Implementation Method
A: Add-On Endorsement                                  M: Structured Coaching/Mentoring
B: Alternative Certification                           N: Independent Learning/Action Research
C: Florida Educators Certificate Renewal               O: Collaborative Planning
D: Other Professional Cert/License Renewal             P: Participant Product
E: Professional Skill Building                         Q: Lesson Study Group Participation
F: W. Cecil Golden Professional Development            R: Electronic - Interactive
G: Approved District Leadership                        S: Electronic - Non Interactive

Learning Method                                        Evaluation Method - Student
A: Workshop                                            A: Results of District-Developed/Standardized Test
B: Electronic - Interactive                            B: Results of School/Teacher-Constructed Student Test
C: Electronic - Non Interactive                        C: Portfolios of Student Work
D: Learning Community/Lesson Study Group               D: Observation of Student Performance
F: Independent Inquiry & Action Research               F: Other Performance Assessment
G: Structured Coaching/Mentoring                       G: Did Not Evaluate Student Outcomes

Evaluation Method - Staff
A: Changes in Classroom Practices
B: Changes in Instructional Leadership Practices
C: Changes in Student Services Practices
D: Other Changes in Practices
Z: Did Not Evaluate Staff Outcomes
                                                         Race to the Top

Project # Project Name                           Notes                                        Notes… Con't
    1     Lesson Study
                                                 - Aerospace
   2     STEM Career & Technical
                                                 - FAA Testing
                                                 - Biotechnology
                                                 - Dual Enrollment
   3     Advanced STEM Coursework
                                                 - Computer Science
                                                 - Upper Level Math Courses
   4     Tech. for Improved Instruction          - Any Instructional Technology
   5     Improve access to data                  - Single Sign On
                                                 - Data Warehouse
                                                 - School Improvement Trainings
   6     Data to improve instruction             - RtI
                                                 - Collier Writes
                                                 - Student Lead Conf. Trainings
                                                 - Clinical Education
                                                 - Mentoring
   7     Educator Preparation Programs           - Preparing for Principalship
                                                 - Aspiring Leaders Program
                                                 - Alternative Certification
   8     Teacher & Principal Evaluation System   - New Evaluation System (HR)
                                                 - Staffing decisions
   9     Use of data in human capitol
                                                 - Using th data to make staffing decisions
                                                                                              - Differentiated Instruction
                                                 - Make & Take Sessions (ESE)                 - Common core standards training
                                                 - Parapro online software                    - PBS
                                                 - RtI Tier 3 Interventions                   - Classroom Management
                                                   - Level Lang. Instruction (LLI)            - iDart
  10     Staff Development                         - Reading Hoizons                          - HERO training
                                                   - Wilson Reading                           - School Improvement Points training
                                                 - Co Teaching                                - Program Evaluation in Data Warehouse
                                                 - Online assessments in Data Warehouse       - NTIP
                                                 - Any assistive technology                   - SIOP
                                                                                              - Classroom Walkthrough
  11     Trainings done for EPE & IHS            - Lastinger Training
Online                                        Administrative/Leadership
Administration Center Board Room              Instructional
Administration Center 1-103                   Non-Instructional
Administration Center 1-105
Administration Center 2-136
Administration Center 2-231 (Tech Lab)
Administration Center 3-102 (Tech Lab)
Administration Center 4-166 (Café)
Administration Center 4-167 (Café Room)
Administration Center 5-102
Administration Center 5-148
Administration Center 5-151
Outside CCPS: Big Cypress National Preserve
Outside CCPS: Boys & Girls Club
Outside CCPS: Conservancy of SW Florida
Outside CCPS: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Outside CCPS: CREW Land & Water Trust
Outside CCPS: Edison College, Naples
Outside CCPS: Lee County
Outside CCPS: Naples Botanical Gardens
Outside CCPS: North Collier Regional Park
Outside CCPS: Rookery Bay
Outside CCPS: Vineyards Community Park
Outside CCPS: Various Locations
Outside CCPS: Other
Alternative Schools
Avalon Elementary
Barron Collier High
Big Cypress Elementary
Calusa Park Elementary
Corkscrew Elementary
Corkscrew Middle
Cypress Palm Middle
East Naples Middle
Eden Park Elementary
Estates Elementary
Everglades City School
Golden Gate Elementary
Golden Gate High
Golden Gate Middle
Golden Terrace Elementary
Gulf Coast High
Gulfview Middle
Highlands Elementary
Immokalee Community School
Immokalee High
Immokalee Middle
Immokalee Technical Center
Lake Park Elementary
Lake Trafford Elementary
Laurel Oak Elementary
Lely Elementary
Lely High
Lorenzo Walker Technical High
Manatee Elementary
Manatee Middle
Marco Charter Middle
Mike Davis Elementary
Naples High
Naples Park Elementary
North Naples Middle
Oakridge Middle
Osceola Elementary
Palmetto Elementary
Palmetto Ridge High
Parkside Elementary
Pelican Marsh Elementary
Pine Ridge Middle
Pinecrest Elementary
Poinciana Elementary
Sabal Palm Elementary
Sea Gate Elementary
Shadowlawn Elementary
Tommie Barfield Elementary
Veterans Memorial Elementary
Village Oaks Elementary
Vineyards Elementary
Walker Institute of Technology

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