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Optimal configuration of your CRM system you doing to keep your system tuned for optimal performance through• Improved performance and reliability accelerating rates of change? leveraging best practices Is your CRM system performing as well as it could be? CRM systems, much like our cars,

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									                                                Pivotal® Performance Health Check Services
                                                Use proven diagnostic and optimization services to keep your Pivotal
                                                CRM system running smoothly and at optimal performance

Enhance system performance and realize          Leading industry analysts predict that over the next five years the shelf
more value from your investment.
                                                life of the average business process will decrease by 50%. What are
• Optimal configuration of your CRM system      you doing to keep your system tuned for optimal performance through
• Improved performance and reliability          accelerating rates of change?
  leveraging best practices
                                                Is your CRM system performing as well as it could be? CRM systems, much like our cars,
• High user adoption rates through
                                                our homes, even our health, require maintenance and tuning to continue to run at peak
  streamlined usage patterns
                                                performance levels.
• Expert knowledge transfer to educate
  technical staff                               Faced with continuous change to your technology, network, user community, and business
                                                processes, the performance of your CRM system can begin to suffer over time. Pivotal
• Proven methodology from insight gained        Performance Health Check Services are designed to help optimize your environment and
  in many previous deployments                  adjust to these changes.
• Lower total cost of ownership and more        Pivotal CRM customers use our Performance Health Check Services for different reasons. Some
  value from your system—sooner                 have experienced slow form displays within Pivotal Rich Client; others have experienced slow
To learn more about Performance                 performance over their WAN, slow mobile synchronization times, or data hygiene issues on mobile
Health Check Services and how it can address    devices. In most cases, they simply don’t have the resources or the expertise to ensure an efficient
your firm’s unique needs, call +1 877-PIVOTAL   and optimally functioning system. Through Pivotal Performance Health Check Services, they have
(+1 877-748-6825).                              been able to take advantage of all of their system capabilities and have increased productivity and
                                                the value they provide to their customers, partners, and employees.

                                                Every Pivotal CRM system, regardless of size, complexity, or maturity, can benefit from these
                                                services. Whether companies want to proactively prevent problems prior to implementation,
                                                optimize performance after deployment, or get into the habit of regular tuning and maintenance
                                                to keep up with the pace of change, we can provide the recommendations you need to keep
                                                your systems running smoothly. We mitigate the potentially damaging effects of unidentified
                                                issues that impact user adoption. And we move your system closer to meeting your overall
                                                business objectives.

                                                There are many possible ways to optimize CRM systems. But first it is necessary to determine the
                                                exact state of your company’s systems before making crucial optimization decisions. Using the
                                                right strategy, you can make necessary investments and adopt best practices while reducing the
                                                total cost of ownership. Pivotal Performance Health Check Services include a complete analysis
                                                of your current technology situation. In only five days you get an overview of your system and
                                                a proposal that ensures the optimal performance, stability, and reliability of your CRM system.

                                                Better Performance, More Value
                                                Pivotal Performance Health Check Services are diagnostic and optimization services designed
                                                to identify factors that could impact the success of your implementation—in just five days. This
                                                service provides a thorough infrastructure review of your Pivotal CRM system, including your
                                                servers, network, and clients. It’s designed to identify and correct configuration issues that impact
                                                system performance. And it provides a plan of action for any changes to your Pivotal Business
                                                Module. Pivotal Performance Health Check Services are available to optimize performance for
                                                Pivotal Rich Client and Pivotal Business Server, Pivotal SyncStream, and Windows Access and
                                                Business Module deployments.

                                                Used as a measure to prevent problems prior to implementation, resolve issues after deployment,
                                                and generally keep the system “in tune” over time, Pivotal Performance Health Check Services
                                                maximize the performance of your systems. Ultimately we ensure your organization’s CRM
                                                investment meets the performance and reliability expectations your users demand. Using proven
                                                methodologies and best practices, Pivotal CRM’s qualified technical experts help ensure that you
                                                realize the greatest value from your CRM investment.

                                                                                                                  Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
Improved Performance, Stability, and Reliability
The Health Check begins with a detailed review of your system’s configuration settings,
performance, and operating procedures. Our team of technical experts—including Pivotal CRM’s
Professional Services team, R&D, and Global Technical Support—troubleshoots errors, identifies
risk areas, investigates the cause of problems encountered, makes recommendations, and
optimizes as directed to improve system performance.

At the highest level, our objective is to identify and fix any configuration issues onsite. We provide
a report that details how your Pivotal CRM system is configured, the changes that were made
to improve the system, and a recommendation for short- and long-term improvements. We
outline every test performed, identify end-user performance and usage patterns, and provide
recommendations to improve performance and enhance the user interface. We advise you on the
Pivotal roadmap and ensure your solution aligns with plans for future growth. Finally, we leave you
with the tools and education your team needs to conduct follow-up performance testing and to
analyze and compare effectiveness to your baseline results.

Low-Risk, Fixed-Fee Service
We deliver a comprehensive evaluation on a predictable fixed-fee, fixed-time basis. You know the
exact scope and cost of the project, with no unexpected surprises. We can help you enhance the
performance of your existing system and give you the best results—fast.

Complete Analysis in Five Days
Plan - Day 1
Provide a working agenda that defines the scope of the analysis and actions for the next four days.

Diagnose - Days 2-4
Review systems onsite or through an off-site virtual visit.
• Gather information, analyze, and diagnose.
• Review your system’s configuration settings, performance, and operating procedures.
• Troubleshoot errors, identify risk areas, investigate the cause of problems, and
  make optimizations.
• Fix configuration issues while onsite.
• Prepare a detailed report covering:
     •    Pivotal system configuration
     •    Changes made to enhance performance
     •    Recommendations for short- and long-term improvements (optimizing your system)

Recommend - Day 5
Develop and document technical recommendations that maximize performance, stability,
and reliability.
• Document recommendations to improve performance and enhance the user interface.
• Document business function alternatives.
• Provide an estimate of performance gains.
• If requested, we can provide you with an estimate to assist in implementing our recommendations.

Review - Day 5
Presentation of the Pivotal Performance Health Check Report and a complete review of the findings.
• Review the business module, research, and documentation.

Educate - Day 5
Provide education services and diagnostic tools to perform follow-up performance testing.

                                                                  Pivotal CRM | Pivotal Professional Services
                                                         Three Major Areas are Targeted

                                                          Business Process
                                                          • Outline three to five of your most critical business processes.
                                                          • Understand what actions your end-users commonly perform, then focus and document how
                                                            these processes effect UI performance.
                                                          • In Pivotal Rich Client and Pivotal Business Server Optimizations, we determine the size of
                                                            your system’s data packet, performance bottlenecks, and information on how the system
                                                            uses the network. Pivotal SyncStream Optimizations include only those components that
                                                            affect Pivotal SyncStream.
                                                          Business Module
                                                          • Review the business module to determine whether customizations are meeting business-process
                                                            needs based on what was learned from evaluating business processes.
                                                          • Perform a business-module review to determine the source of any slow performance issues.
                                                          • Provide recommendations to correct customization-related performance issues.
                                                          • For Windows Access and Business Module Optimizations, the focus is on UI performance and
                                                            naming conventions.
                                                          • For Pivotal SyncStream Optimizations, the business module is reviewed for best practices in
                                                            security filters, territory management, and customization effects on Pivotal SyncStream.
                                                          • Review each software component to ensure complete compatibility. Includes the web server,
                                                            database, application server, service packs, and hot fixes for your operating system and all Pivotal
                                                            and non-Pivotal software.
                                                          • Implement best practices of configuration settings for Pivotal CRM and non-Pivotal CRM software.

                                                         Optimization in Seven Steps
                                                         Pivotal Performance Health Check Services provide a foundation from which you can
                                                         plan and implement CRM solutions that deliver the value and performance you require.
                                                         We can help you optimize your systems in seven steps. Each step is composed of multiple
                                                         results-focused steps that simplify, define, and help organizations implement even the most
                                                         complex optimization initiatives.
                                                          Step 1          Step 2           Step 3            Step 4             Step 5          Step 6        Step 7

                                                          Review a        Document         Document the      Analyze and        Develop         Review        Receive
                                                          detailed plan   system issues.   system’s          document SQL       performance -   diagnostic    customer
                                                          of action.                       customizations,   performance;       tuning          tools and     acceptance
                                                                                           key configura-    interaction with   recommenda-     techniques.   and sign-off.
                                                                                           tions, system     application        tions.
                                                                                           integrations,     and database       • Formalize
                                                                                           and workflows.    servers; network    and
                                                                                                             performance;        document
                                                                                                             and system          recommenda-
                                                                                                             integration.        tions.
                                                                                                                                • Conduct
                                                                                                                                 a recom-

                                                         Pivotal Professional Services
                                                         Pivotal CRM strives to help organizations achieve meaningful CRM results by delivering a
                                                         collaborative and flexible set of services that are designed to meet the unique requirements of
                                                         each Pivotal CRM customer. Drawing on our extensive technical and industry knowledge and
                                                         proven methodologies, we give companies the speed and predictability of a CRM solution
                                                         completed on time, on budget, and customized to each customer's unique way of doing business.

                                                         Learn more about the wide range of implementation, optimization, and upgrade services that
                                                         accelerate and increase return on your Pivotal CRM investment, while reducing total cost of
                                                         ownership. Contact us at +1 877-748-6825 or Customers
                                                         outside of North America should send an e-mail to

Take the Pivotal Step with Pivotal® Performance Health Check Services
Contact a Pivotal CRM representative today to learn more about how Pivotal CRM can address your unique needs. Call +1 877-PIVOTAL
(+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at

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