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The Pivotal CRM Data Management module empowers businesshelps companies easily and effectivelymanage data importing and hygiene without analysts, marketers, or CRM “super users” to easily import, de-dupe,advanced IT skills. and merge records in Pivotal CRM, enabling companies to cost-

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									                                                     Pivotal® CRM Data Management
                                                     Import data into Pivotal CRM, eliminate duplicates, and merge
                                                     records with ease—all without writing a single line of code

The Pivotal CRM Data Management module               The Pivotal CRM Data Management module empowers business
helps companies easily and effectively
manage data importing and hygiene without
                                                     analysts, marketers, or CRM “super users” to easily import, de-dupe,
advanced IT skills.                                  and merge records in Pivotal CRM, enabling companies to cost-
•	 Import data easily into Pivotal CRM with
                                                     effectively maintain data hygiene with reduced demand on the IT team.
   great flexibility
                                                     CRM systems’ value is closely linked to the quality and integrity of the data within them. If new data
•	 Track imported records for                        is hard to get into the system, companies will rapidly fall back upon standalone databases and
   future reference                                  spreadsheets that cause data silos and compromise a CRM system’s reliability and usefulness.
                                                     But as new data is added to the system, it can also create new problems. Even the best CRM
•	 Identify duplicates using desired criteria
                                                     systems can easily fall prey to bad data, as duplicate records within the system are created and
   and features
                                                     cause confusion and clutter. Unfortunately, data hygiene is often a laborious and time-consuming
•	 Merge multiple records with numerous              task that requires complex coding and heavy IT involvement, making it a prohibitive undertaking
   options for handling overlapping data             that often falls by the wayside.
•	 Undo jobs as needed, to reverse any errors        CDC Software has the solution: Pivotal CRM Data Management. An application module that
•	 Improve data hygiene and eliminate                runs seamlessly within the Pivotal CRM or Pivotal CRM for Financial Services suites, the Data
   duplicate data                                    Management module is part of your Pivotal CRM solution, enabling users to easily import,
                                                     de-dupe, and merge records, keeping your Pivotal CRM data clean and trustworthy. Its intuitive,
•	 Reduce the drain on IT with easy, intuitive       code-free tools allow data hygiene tasks to be performed by non-IT members of your team,
   tools non-technical users can employ              reducing bottlenecks and the need for advanced technical resources.
To learn more about the Pivotal CRM Data
Management module and how it can address             Import Data with Ease
your firm’s unique needs, call +1 877-PIVOTAL        Expand and enhance your CRM database by importing data from text-delimited files into any table
(+1 877-748-6825).                                   in the Pivotal CRM system whenever needed. Pivotal CRM Data Management lets you perform
                                                     imports immediately or schedule them to run automatically at a predetermined time (for example,
                                                     overnight). The user can select the file to import, the delimiter to use, the row to start importing
                                                     from, the date format, the separators to use for decimals and thousands, and the text qualifiers,
                                                     ensuring data is imported cleanly and in a format consistent with existing data. Fields mappings
                                                     from the source file to the destination table can be saved and reused for future imports; they can
                                                     also be imported or exported, which allows testing to be performed on a staging system and then
                                                     fluidly carried over to the production system.

                                                     As data is imported, the user can choose whether to omit duplicate records found during import,
                                                     import them, or overwrite existing records. All imported records are tracked for easy identification
                                                     in the future, and imports can be undone if needed. Foreign key field matching is also supported,
                                                     so the system displays corresponding records, not obscure hexadecimal numbers. If further
                                                     data processing is required on imported data, the user has the option to run a client script on
                                                     the imported records, providing greater flexibility in handling imported data. Pivotal CRM Data
                                                     Management also enables users to force the system to recalculate all formula fields in a selected
                                                     table and related tables, enabling data to be easily updated. This feature can also be used to
                                                     “tickle” a table to prompt synchronization with mobile devices or satellite systems.

                                                     Eliminate Duplicates
                                                     Pivotal CRM Data Management helps you manage the pervasive problem of duplicate records by
                                                     giving users the ability to run batch duplicate checks on any table at any time they desire, using
                                                     any desired set of fields for duplicate checking. Duplicate checks can search for exact matches
Merge records with a single click through a clear,   or use a Soundex algorithm to identify similar-sounding words—a great way to catch duplicates
intuitive interface
                                                     that have only slight differences, such as a misspelling. The duplicate search returns a full list of
                                                     possible duplicates and allows the user to view the records immediately to cross-compare, or to
                                                     save the list to address at a later time.

                                                                                                                                      Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
Merge Multiple Records                                                                 Track and Manage Activities
Identifying duplicates is a challenge, but deciding what to do with them is            System administrators have full control over the use of the Pivotal CRM
often much more complex. Often, valuable data is spread across multiple                Data Management module. Only authorized users have access to the
records, making it impossible to simply identify a single record to keep.              import and duplicate-check utilities and can see the “merge” button on
                                                                                       search results. The administrator can control and block access to imports
Pivotal CRM Data Management gives authorized users a merge utility                     and merges on selected tables to ensure no harm is done to the system.
that can be applied to the results of a duplicate check or to any other set
of search results. While most merge solutions only allow the merging of                A full audit trail is available to enable tracking of each data import,
two records, Pivotal CRM Data Management can be used to merge any                      duplicate check, or merge, giving administrators the date, time, user,
number of records, significantly aiding in managing multiple duplicates.               affected records, and details of each job run within the module. Imported
The user can select a single “winning” record or can interact directly                 records are tagged with unique identifiers for easy reference. And every
with the data. “Losing” records can be deleted or stored in an inactive                import and merge job can be undone if needed, providing peace of mind
state. The “Smart Merge” option can also be used to automatically pick                 to administrators and reducing the risk of granting access rights to less
any populated field as the winning value where one record has data in                  technical users. Pivotal CRM Data Management gives you the power to
this field and the others do not. All secondary tables that link to one of             manage data with great flexibility, visibility, and confidence.
the merged records are automatically updated to point to new merged
record. Each newly created merged record can be previewed to ensure
it is correct before confirming. But even if an error is made, merges can
be undone to revert to the former state.

 Features                                      Description
 Import Tool                                   Import data from any text-delimited file into any Pivotal CRM table, even if it is highly customized. You can pick the
                                               source data file, the delimiter, the row to start importing from, the date format, decimal and thousand separators,
                                               and text qualifiers to make sure data is imported accurately.
 Instant or Scheduled Imports                  Run imports instantly or schedule them to start automatically at a defined time and date.
 Saved Mapping                                 Save the column and field mappings from any import job for reuse later.
 Mapping Import and Export                     Export field mappings from the system or import them from another system.
 Script Running                                Run batch scripts on imported records to implement further batch operations on imported data.
 Foreign Key Matching                          Display records, not numbers! The import utility recognizes foreign key fields and displays the corresponding
                                               records instead of large hexadecimal numbers. Record matching is also done using foreign key look-ups and
                                               matches. Administrators can specify how to manage the foreign key link.
 Formula Refreshing                            Easily prompt the system to recalculate all formula fields in a selected table and related tables. This feature can
                                               also be used to “tickle” a table, forcing a change to aid in synchronization to mobile or satellite devices.
 Duplicate Checking                            Search any table in Pivotal CRM for duplicates—even heavily customized ones. Define the fields you want to use
                                               for duplicate checking and save them for later reuse or vary them by job as needed. Duplicate checks return a list
                                               of all possible duplicates. You can view the applicable records to compare them or save the duplicate check to
                                               come back to later.
 Exact Match or Soundex                        Compare values using an exact match, or use the Soundex algorithm to identify similar-sounding words.
 Record Merge                                  Combine any number of records and eliminate duplicates with ease. You can select the “winning” record from
                                               a list of contenders with a single click or directly interact with the data in a number of ways. View the newly
                                               created record before confirming, and choose to delete or retain “losing” records. All secondary tables that have
                                               links to a merged record are automatically updated to point to the new merged record. Merges can also be
                                               reversed if needed.
 Smart Merge                                   Check the “Smart Merge” option to have the system automatically pick any non-empty field as the winning value
                                               when one record has data in this field and the others do not.
 Field Concatenation                           Merge the memo fields from all records being merged into a single memo field in the merged record.
 Audit Trail                                   Track all import jobs and imported records, as well as all duplicate checks and merges. A full audit trail describes
                                               the date, time, user, number of records, and even a summary of the job details for every import job and all affected
                                               records are tagged with a unique identifier, as well as the results of all duplicate checks and merges.

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To learn more about how Pivotal CRM can meet your organization’s unique needs, call us at +1-877-PIVOTAL or visit us at www.PivotalCRM.com.

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