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					WomanSpirit                            2004

                          Unsinkable Spirits, Remarkable Lives
The weekends go too fast, there aren’t enough hours in the day…you just need time for
yourself. Women who often say or think those thoughts find a great solution by attending
WomanSpirit. On Saturday, Oct. 16, the seventh annual event drew approximately 100
                          women to the Saint Mary campus. Women gathered with
                          friends and classmates to share a day of seminars, exhibits, and
                          speakers—all geared for them.
                                                                                                             Sr. Rosalie Curtin, C’55, who presented
                                                                                                             a workshop on “Getting to the Heart
                               The day began with keynote speaker and great granddaughter                    of the Matter,” poses for a picture with
                               of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown,” Helen Benziger McKinney,                     WomanSpirit participants, Sr. Maureen
                                                                                                             Hall, C’65, and Nancy Moylan, C’65.
                               who shared stories and spoke about the spirit and life of her
                                                                        great grandmother. Saint Mary’s very own Sr. Constance
                                                                        Phelps, Ph.D., shared a special interactive presentation on
                                                                        how 21st century women face the challenges of today.
                                                                        Participants were then asked to select a workshop from a
                                                                        menu of options—depending on their interests. The day
                                                                        ended with a presentation from Valissa Smith, long time
                                                                        news anchor for KCTV 5, who put following your dreams
Helen Benziger McKinney                                                 into an interesting and lighthearted perspective.
sets the theme of the
Unsinkable Spirits,
                                                                                       Citizens National Bank of Lansing, Kan., sponsored
Remarkable Lives.                                                                      WomanSpirit 2004. Providence Health, Kansas City,
                          Exhibitors offered merchandise, educational resources, and   Kan., provided all event printing.
                          information on social services in the community.

                           2004 Phonathon Exceeds our Pledge Goal!
Dear Alumni, Friends, Parents and Sisters,

We want to send a special warm thank you to those of you who responded so generously to our fall Phonathon. Your gift
helps our annual fund and provides scholarship monies to our deserving students. The funds are also used to update and add
educational equipment, expand campus wide programs, and improve our campus facilities. We have surpassed our pledge
goal and have currently received approximately $113,000. We will continue to collect funds for the 2004 Phonathon through
June 2005.

                                                 Our special thanks to the students who made the phone calls and helped prepare the
                                                 mailings. Thank you so much for your hard work and help with this important

                                                             Rachel Looney                                Sarah Lammers
                                                             Alumni Director                              Annual Development Director

                                              MISSION STATEMENT
                                              The University of Saint Mary educates students of diverse backgrounds to realize their
                                              God-given potential and prepares them for value-centered lives and careers that contribute
                                              to the well being of our global society.
                                                                                                                    Administrative Council
                                                                                                                   Sr. Diane Steele, SCL, Ph.D., C’83
    Dear Alums and Friends,                                                                                             President
                                                                                                                   Sandra Van Hoose, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                      Vice President and Dean
    Saint Mary lost a dear friend and trustee this fall. On
                                                                                                                      for Academic Affairs
    Oct. 24, 2004 Lawrence D. Starr returned to his Creator.
                                                                                                                   Keith Hansen, A.B.D.
    Larry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end                                                              Vice President and Dean
    of June. His dying came too quickly for us and for his                                                             for Student Life
    family. Larry understood the liberating power of educa-                                                        Molly Sirridge, C’75
    tion; and, as one devoted to the principles of democracy,                                                          Vice President for
    he knew that an educated populace is the key to a strong                                                           Institutional Advancement
    democracy. He believed that all people deserved a                                                              Dale L. Culver
                                                                                                                       Vice President for Finance and
    chance. He passionately believed in the mission of Saint Mary. So much so                                          Administrative Services
    that he left Saint Mary $1 million. The money will be part of the                                              Ron Logan, Ed.D.
    permanent endowment supporting the Lawrence D. Starr Global Studies                                                Vice President and Dean,
    Institute and the Lawrence D. Starr Endowed Scholarship in Political Science                                       Overland Park Campus
    and Global Studies. Larry’s generous gift is an affirmation of our mission.                                       Sisters of Charity of
    I have known many dedicated board members, but Larry stands in a class of his                                    Corporation Members
    own. When Larry joined the board, he attended classes to assure himself of the                                 Sr. Joan Sue Miller, SCL, C’59
    quality of a Saint Mary education. He actually took the time to come to campus                                       Community Director
    and attend classes—Shakespeare, Biology, Calculus and International Affairs. I                                 Sr. Linda Roth, SCL, C’70
                                                                                                                   Sr. Nancy Bauman, SCL, C’70
    am happy to report that he found our “product” outstanding.
                                                                                                                   Sr. Marianna Bauder, SCL, C’70
                                                                                                                   Sr. Maureen Hall, SCL, C’65
    Larry also took a keen interest in our marketing efforts, and our enrollment and
    retention numbers. He could recite our statistics better than some of the people                                    Board of Trustees
    on campus. I was downtown at the 4th of July parade talking to Larry when he                                   Honore Ashcraft
                                                                                                                   Charles Berkel
    first learned of his diagnosis. I was fighting tears and Larry wanted to know
                                                                                                                   Mary Alice Bramming, C’65 (Chair)
    what the freshman enrollment was going to be. This was typical of Larry. By                                    Sr. Katherine Franchett, SCL, C’61
    August when school was starting, the cancer had begun to take its toll. Yet, as                                Teresa Redlingshafer Gehring
    we visited he wanted once again an update on the enrollment numbers. I told                                    John A. Gordon
    him enrollment was up, but that we were losing students because they did not                                   Sr. Maureen Hall, SCL, C’65
                                                                                                                   Dr. Carol Hinds, C’64
    have enough money. He said, “I’ll send you a little something.” A check arrived                                Sr. Margaret Ellen “Peg” Johnson, C’65
    three days later for $20,000. We were able to keep five students in school whom                                     (Vice Chair)
    I fondly refer to as “Larry’s Kids.”                                                                           William Lindquist
                                                                                                                   Charles McCann
                                                                                                                   Irma Napoli
    Larry will be deeply missed. We will miss his inquisitive mind, his challenging
                                                                                                                   James Paquette
    spirit and his unfailing support. Someone who cares so passionately for the                                    Carolyn Parmer, C’84 (Sec./Treasurer)
    mission and our students is, indeed, a gift from God. Our dear agnostic Jewish                                 Sr. Linda Roth, SCL, C’70
    friend is now on the “other side of Easter,” a member of the communion of                                      Joseph Snyder
    saints, Saint Lawrence.                                                                                        Ernest J. Straub, Jr.
                                                                                                                   Sr. Charlotte White, SCL, C’63
                                                                                                                   Sr. Diane Steele, SCL, C’83 (President)

    Diane Steele, SCL, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                        ON THE COVER
                                                                                                                     This month’s photos are whimsical
                                                                                                                     winter scenes from Saint Mary’s
                                                                                                                     archives. The sleigh photo that
 The Aspire is published for the friends and alumni of the University of Saint Mary in the spring, summer, fall,     appears in the background and the
 and winter, including the Annual Report, by the office of Marketing, 4100 South 4th Street, Leavenworth, KS         photo of the “skating” students are
 66048, 913-758-6104. Please send all alumni news items, such as a marriage, birth, death, new job, promotion,       from the 1930s and ‘40s. The nun
 award, additional degree, etc., to the attention of: Rachel Looney, Alumni Director, at 4100 South 4th Street,      snowman is believed to be the
 Leavenworth, KS 66048, 913-758-6130 or looneyr@stmary.edu. Please remember to include your class year,              work of young novitiates near the
 current address, and phone number.                                                                                  Mother House.

www.stmary.edu                                                                                                       ASPIRE,Winter 2005             Page 1
Your Donations at Work
Take a moment and imagine the University of Saint Mary                         January, and we hope the money will be raised by spring,”
without a solid financial backing. Classrooms would be                         Sirridge stated. “With all the pledges and contributions
bare, Maria and Berchmans Halls would be vacant, and                           raised, an overall goal of $200,000, the renovation should
facilities would crumble like snow under the sun. New                          begin after the school year ends in the early summer.”
luxuries such as the McGilley Field House would only be a
                                                                               But what about the students? Without a student body,
figment of the imagination. In short, the university would
                                                                               renovations and improvements would be unnecessary.
cease to exist as it is known today.
                                                                               Moreover, for three future alums, without scholarship
If this unimaginable scenario were true, the current student                   assistance from generous donations, a Saint Mary
body population would drop by about 95 percent. That’s                         education would be extremely difficult to complete.
because more than 95 percent of future Saint Mary alums
                                                                               Sophomore Mohamed Dirshe, junior Brian DeMarea,
receive some form of financial aid, mostly privately funded
                                                                               and senior Renae Springe each epitomize the values
scholarships and grants.
                                                                               and character of Saint Mary. All three are receiving
Thanks to the generous donations of alums, Saint Mary                          scholarships and are united in the belief that Saint Mary
friends, and people like you, the university will continue to                  is the best institution for higher learning.
thrive for years to come.
                                                                                                                           Perhaps the most
Recent gifts not only fund the scholarships for university                                                                 interesting story in the
students but also helped the completion of the McGilley                                                                    history of any Saint
Field House, located on the north side of the campus.                                                                      Mary student comes
Opened just this past summer, the field house is being                                                                     from that of sophomore
used for multiple purposes, serving primarily as a practice                                                                Mohamed Dirshe.
facility, an intramural sports complex, and a house for                                                                    Called “Mo” by his
special community events.                                                                                                  fellow classmates,
                                                                                                                           Dirshe is a standout
                                                                                                                           center/forward on
                                                                                                                           scholarship for the
                                                                                                                           USM basketball team.
                                                                                                                           Under the surface,
                                                                                                                           the 6’9” Dirshe doesn’t
                                                                                                                           have much trouble
                                                                                                                           blending in despite
                                                                                                                           his enormous size. His
                                                                              Sophomore Mohamed Dirshe is able to attend   travels to become a
                                                                              the University of Saint Mary thanks to a
                                                                              Basketball Scholarship and an Alumni Honor   Spire star, however, are
                                                                              Scholarship.                                 anything but typical.
The newly constructed McGilley Field House is available for special events.    As a nine-year-old boy, Dirshe witnessed a life-altering
(See story on page 26)
                                                                               event in his native land of Afgoie, Somalia. Part of a
                                                                               minority tribe during the outbreak of the Somali civil war
For the past two years, using SpireFest, Spire Games, and
                                                                               in the early 1990s, Dirshe witnessed the savage murder of
phonathons to outreach, the Institutional Advancement
                                                                               his father, uncle and older brother just outside his home by
Office has hit or surpassed every fundraising goal they’ve
                                                                               militia men from a rival clan. His mother, still pregnant
set. “It’s an exciting time for the university,” Vice President
                                                                               with Mo’s twin brother and sister, was left to raise Mo and
for Institutional Advancement Molly Sirridge said. “The
                                                                               his six brothers and three sisters all alone.
contributions we have received recently definitely have the
university pointed toward the future. We greatly appreciate                    “The only thing I could do was cry,” Dirshe said. “It wasn’t
everyone who has made it all possible.”                                        like I was shocked or anything, but as I grow older, I still
                                                                               have flash backs. It’s not a pleasant thing.”
Sirridge’s staff is currently focusing on raising money for
a major face-lift for Xavier Theatre. Once the money is                        Dirshe stayed in Somalia until 1996. Then 14 and on
raised, the renovation will include new seats, fly lines, lights               the cusp of being an adult by Somali standards, which
and stage improvements. “The theatre campaign begins in                        meant an inevitable rendezvous with Somali militia,

Page 2    ASPIRE,Winter 2005                                                                                                    www.stmary.edu
Dirshe’s mother forced Mo to flee as a refugee to Kenya.        Diane Steele’s attention, the Sisters of Charity of
Dirshe, confused and feeling rejected by his mother, didn’t     Leavenworth—he did a lot of things. I’d say he’s probably
understand his mother’s reasoning.                              the one that
                                                                got me to this school with his dedication. The Saint Mary
“I was getting older and the chance of me getting hurt or
                                                                community welcomed me with open arms, and a big
getting killed was high,” he said. “My mom didn’t want
                                                                heart,” he continued. “Everybody from the school has
that. Then, I was too young to understand why my mom
                                                                been so supportive.”
wanted me to leave. Now, as I grow up, I know why.”
                                                                Now under political asylum, Dirshe is a biology and
Dirshe lived in Kenya with an uncle for about two years.
                                                                pre-med major and hopes his future skills as a doctor will
But during this time, he was frequently arrested by Kenyan
                                                                help others in need. “I decided to pick pre-med because we
police for not being a citizen, so his uncle made plans for
                                                                had a civil war back in my country, and a lot of people
Dirshe to flee to the U.S.
                                                                were dying from easily curable diseases because of lack of
“I was thinking first of all, my mother kicks me out, now       medication,” Dirshe said. “So when I saw that, I decided to
my uncle’s getting rid of me,” Dirshe said. “I really had no    become a doctor. I want to go back to my native land and
choice.”                                                        support my people.”
His travels took him from Kenya to Russia, then to Mexico,      University of Saint
New Mexico and then he eventually settled in Colorado.          Mary junior Brian
The trip was agonizingly difficult for Dirshe. He was           DeMarea is also
positive he would get caught in the act.                        interested in helping
                                                                the community.
“The passport I had was just a picture of me but not my         A graduate of
name,” he said. “I was listed at 5’8” and you could tell that   Archbishop O’Hara
I was 6’1” or 6’2” at the time. Looking at it, I thought ‘I’m   High School in
going to get caught.’ I didn’t even think about anything but    Kansas City, Mo.,
getting through.”                                               DeMarea came to
Once in Mexico City, Dirshe traveled with smugglers on a        USM looking for a
vegetable truck equipped with compartments for people           school to build both
to hide. He finally settled at the truck’s final location in    his portfolio and his
Glendale, Colorado. In Colorado for just a few months,          mind. Awarded the
Dirshe began volunteering with a local recreation center.       Ross Scholarship,
It was there that he met up with an assistant high school       which accounts
basketball coach from Thomas Jefferson High School in           for one-half of the
Denver. The coach pushed Dirshe to get into high school.        university’s tuition,
                                                                DeMarea viewed the      Scholarship recipient, Brian DeMarea, as the
Working with tutors virtually every day of the week, Dirshe     principles of a Saint   Mad Hatter in December’s production of “Alice
got up to speed and was eventually accepted into Thomas         Mary education as
                                                                                        Through the Looking Glass.”
Jefferson High. Playing basketball, soccer and baseball for     a must.
the school, Dirshe excelled at each, especially basketball.
He graduated within two years and was highly recruited by       “I really wanted a school that focused on the student-pro-
NCAA Division I basketball schools across the nation.           fessor relationship. You won’t find a better place than Saint
                                                                Mary for that.”
There was one problem, however. Dirshe didn’t have a lot
of the core classes necessary to attend a major university,     A psychology major and math minor, DeMarea boasts a
which scared many of the major schools away. He went            3.7 grade point average while being swamped with other
from a junior college in Texas to California Baptist College,   campus activities such as Student Government Association
but wondered if he would ever find a school that could give     (SGA), the Campus Activities Board and theatre. He also
him what he was looking for. Finally, he found his new          spent ten weeks over the summer in an internship with
home—the University of Saint Mary.                              Coro, a national organization dedicated to teaching
                                                                current college students to be successful in business, politics,
Getting in touch with Coach Phil Connor via the Saint           education, government, and non-profit sectors.
Mary website, Dirshe found a school willing to do anything
necessary to help him out.                                      DeMarea recently performed as both a Tiger Lily and the
                                                                Mad Hatter in the university’s December production of
“I told Coach Connor about all I’ve been through, and           “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”
he got a lot of people involved,” he said. “He got Sister

www.stmary.edu                                                                                ASPIRE,Winter 2005               Page 3
Senior Renae                                                               While Renae didn’t anticipate being a member of the
Springe is married                                                         soccer team, her plans changed early in her first year when
with an eight-year-                                                        previous head coach Jon Parry asked her to try out. She
old son, Brady.                                                            became a walk-on with the team and was eventually
Springe spends most                                                        awarded the Spire Award scholarship for her hard work
of her time with her                                                       and dedication. “I didn’t think I had the energy for it
husband and son,                                                           initially, but I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s worked out
when she’s not play-                                                       well for me so far,” she said. With about one more year of
ing soccer for the                                                         schooling left to complete, she plans on playing next year
Lady Spires or                                                             as well.
studying, that is.
                                                                           Putting the scholarships to good use, Springe has made
A transfer student                                                         sure her studies are a priority in her busy life. “I work
from Kansas City                                                           extremely hard at whatever I do,” she said. “It’s been
Kansas Community                                                           difficult at times to balance everything, but I’ve been lucky
College, Springe is      USM senior, Renae Springe, balances her 4.0 GPA   enough to do it.”
one of only a few        with soccer and taking care of her family.
                                                                           She’s also a big fan of the new field house, the university’s
students at the
                                                                           most recent addition. “The facilities are nice,” Springe
university that has a stellar 4.0 grade point average.
                                                                           said. “There’s definitely a lot more room. Before it was
Awarded with an academic scholarship and later a Spire
                                                                           built, we were practicing at night from 9:30 to 10:30 every
Award scholarship for her work on the soccer team, as
                                                                           night, just trying to work around everything else that was
well as a grant from P.E.O., a local women’s association,
                                                                           going on at Ryan,” she continued. “So it is nice to have
Springe hopes to become a forensic scientist. She is cur-
                                                                           extra areas where everyone can get in at different times.”
rently a Biology and Chemistry major. With a job and a
family, attending Saint Mary was a matter of convenience                   In all, without contributions from dedicated individuals
for her.                                                                   like you, the lives of Dirshe, DeMarea, and Springe would
                                                                           certainly be a lot different right now. With all they and
“I live really close. For me to go to another university
                                                                           hundreds of other Saint Mary students have gone through,
would mean I’d have to quit my job,” Springe said. “For
                                                                           it’s easy to see just how important your generous donations
me, the expense (of attending USM) was worth it because
                                                                           have been.
I was still able to work and be close to my family.”
                                                                                                                       – Bryan Schrepel

                      Xavier Theatre Renovation Donation Agreement
In support of the educational mission of the University of Saint Mary and its Touching Three Centuries Theatre
Renovation Campaign, I/we plan to contribute the sum of $______________. With my contribution, a plaque engraved
with my message will be attached to a chair in Xavier Auditorium. The gift is to be used by the University’s Board of
Trustees for renovating Xavier Theatre.
Cost per seat:
        ____ $1,000     Orchestra Seating                        ____ $500       Box Seat
        ____ $350       Center Floor Seat                        ____ $200       Plaza Center
        ____ $200       Plaza Left                               ____ $200       Plaza Right

Please print what you would like engraved on the plaque that will be attached to a chair in Xavier Auditorium.

(No more than 40 letters.) _______________________________________________________________________________

Please return this form to:      University of Saint Mary, Institutional Advancement Office
                                 4100 South 4th Street
                                 Leavenworth, KS 66048
If you have any questions, please call 913-772-0843, ext. 6302. Thank you!

Page 4   ASPIRE,Winter 2005                                                                                           www.stmary.edu
         ANNUAL REPORT – FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 2003 – JUNE 30, 2004
       With gratitude to the many benefactors and friends of the University of Saint Mary who make our work possible each year.
STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES                          YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2004               (With Comparative Totals for the Year Ended June 30, 2003)
                                                                                                                             2004                  2003
                                                                               Temporarily        Permanently
                                                             Unrestricted       Restricted         Restricted                Total                  Total
   Contributions                                                 $1,876,170       $2,519,837           $266,328              $4,662,335             $6,063,450
   Tuition and fees, net of student charge allowances:                                                                                -                      -
         $1,931,583                                               4,950,867                                                   4,950,867              4,874,436
   Federal Grants                                                    81,741                                                      81,741                 80,813
   Other grants and contracts                                       164,946                                                     164,946                220,576
   Investment return                                                263,741                                                     263,741                434,575
   Miscellaneous                                                     72,643                                                      72,643                 77,736
   Auxiliary enterprises                                          1,525,451                                                   1,525,451              1,436,580
   Net assets released from restrictions by
         satisfaction of program restrictions                     4,939,388      (4,939,388)                                            -                     -

TOTAL REVENUES, GAINS AND OTHER SUPPORT                          13,874,947      (2,419,551)            266,328              11,721,724             13,188,166

   Instruction                                                    3,152,826                                                   3,152,826              3,237,642
   Academic support                                                 488,645                                                     488,645                478,839
   Public support                                                   212,916                                                     212,916                209,251
   Student services                                               1,615,774                                                   1,615,774              1,573,132
   Institutional advancement                                        599,147                                                     599,147                541,048
   Institutional support                                          1,449,111                                                   1,449,111              1,513,012
   Plant operation                                                  786,156                                                     786,156                702,354
   Auxiliary enterprises                                          1,759,448                                                   1,759,448              1,759,666
TOTAL EXPENSES                                                   10,064,023                                                  10,064,023             10,014,944
CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                                              3,810,924                                                   1,657,701              3,173,222
                                                                                 (2,419,551)            266,328
NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR                                     7,867,480        3,176,159           4,303,749             15,347,388             12,174,166
NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR                                         $11,678,404        $756,608          $4,570,077             $17,005,089            $15,347,388

YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2004              (With Comparative Totals for the Year Ended June 30, 2003)
                                                                                                2004                                 2003
      Cash and cash equivalents                                                                    $688,397                             $579,904
      Accounts receivable, net of allowances; 2004 - $79,425; 2003 - $64,964                        416,990                              400,518
      Prepaid expenses                                                                               56,106                               54,983
      Inventories                                                                                    57,260                               80,106
      Contributions receivable                                                                      593,217                            1,159,963
      Investments                                                                                 6,436,407                            7,811,473
      Loans to students, net of allowance; 2004 - $20,000; 2003 - $20,000                           507,599                              478,471
      Property and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation;
        2004 - $16,324,352; 2003 - $15,727,105                                                   10,015,134                            6,317,952
      Other assets                                                                                    5,123                                5,123

    TOTAL ASSETS                                                                                $18,776,233                          $16,888,493

      Accounts payable                                                                             265,355                              233,230
      Accrued liabilities                                                                          390,623                              374,790
      Deferred revenues                                                                             31,284                               49,094
      Annuity obligations                                                                           26,990                               30,828
      Refundable government loan programs                                                          588,146                              588,018
      Long-term debt                                                                               468,746                              265,145

    TOTAL LIABILITIES                                                                            $1,771,144                           $1,541,105

      Unrestricted                                                                               11,678,404                            7,867,480
      Temporarily restricted                                                                        756,608                            3,176,159
      Permanently restricted
                                                                                                  4,570,077                            4,303,749

    TOTAL NET ASSETS                                                                            $17,005,089                          $15,347,388

    TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                                            $18,776,233                          $16,888,493

www.stmary.edu                                                                                                     ASPIRE,Winter 2005                Page 5
                                                A NN UA L R E P O RT
Heritage Society                    Trustee's Society                     Dr. Carol L. Hinds                Clarence J. Bernard
$250,000 +                                                                Marlene J. Hoch                   Bolton Sullivan Fund
                                    $2,500.00 +
SCL Community Council                                                     James Horner                      Clara M. Brogan
                                    Dolores & George Ashen                Kaaz-Lexeco Management, Inc.      Susan Brungardt
                                    James & Joyce DeCoursey               Eloise E. & Tom Kipp              Raymond D. Burns
$50,000 +                           Joan Dobel
Burnadette Long (d)                                                       Mary Ellen Knipp                  Daniel M. Carney
                                    Sally A. Dorsten                      Ann Kresse                        Frances M. Dewey
Goppert Foundation                  Regina T. Fatz (d)
Robert E. & Sharon Doran, III                                             William Krusemark                 Carlson Kort, L.C.
                                    First National Bank of Leavenworth    Leavenworth Rotary Club           Mary E. Chenovick
DST Systems, Inc.                   Geiger Ready-Mix
The Sunderland Foundation                                                 William F. Lindquist              Cigna Foundation Matching
                                    Hallmark Cards-                       Luminous Neon                               Gifts Program
Lewis H. & Elva Humphreys                     Contributions Committee     Mary Margaret & Robert Malley     Citizens Saving & Loan Assoc.
                                    John G. Humble (d)                    Rita M. McDonald                  Dale L. Culver
$25,000 +                           Kansas Independent College Fund
Ewing Marion Kauffman                                                     Karen L. McIver Wilson            Richard H. Dierks
                                    Kathryn E. Klug                       Nancy M. & Ken Mellard            Thomas Dobski
         Foundation                 James & Joyce McGilley
Lawrence D. Starr (d)                                                     William Murray                    Jean K. Emerson
                                    James P. McGilley                     Mutual Savings Association        Gail A. Erickson
Archdiocese of Kansas City          Ivan “Swede” (d) & Lucille J. Meyer
         In Kansas                                                        William C. & Barbara Nelson       Frances I. Escareno
                                    Rita & Bob Mika                       John D. & Kristie Ossello         Irma Napoli
Chicago Equity Partners, LLC        Jim & Patte Paquette                  Sr. Michel Pantenburg, SCL        Margaret Faciszewski
                                    Carolyn A. Parmer                     Doyle Patterson                   Richard Farrell
$10,000 +                           Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation
Charles & Antoinette Berkel                                               Nga T. Phan                       Marie C. Garrison
                                    Ramona & Claude Simons                Patricia A. Pixley                Philip G. Gehring
J.E. Dunn Construction              Williard B. Snyder
Nedra G. Dick (d)                                                         William H. Powers                 Frances M. Granahan
                                    Sprint Foundation                     Marvin & Dorothy Robertson        Great Western Mfg. Co.
E.R. "Spike" Meyer                  W. L. & Marie Tompkins
Mary Alice Bramming                                                       Saint John Hospital               Stewart R. Grote
                                    UPS Foundation, Inc.                  Teresa M. Redlingshafer           Sharon A. Growney-Seals
Frances & Robert Mannix             Leon & Margaret Wesner
Exxon Mobil Education Foundation                                          Teresa A. Redlingshafer Gehring   Mary Jo Guinan
                                    Sanford Zisman                        Reilly & Sons                     Jean M. Harrington
Mary Louise & Charles Knoblauch
                                                                          Sheila N. & James Rice            Helix / Reeves Wiedeman
Eugene H. Quinn
Muriel McBrien Kauffman
                                    President's Circle                    Sr. Susan Rieke, SCL              Joan Hess
          Foundation                $1,000.00 +                           Denis & Murial Ryan               Roberta A. Horning
Sr. Maureen Kehoe, SCL              Sharon & Tony Albers                  Richard P. Ryan                   Therese Horvat
MidAmerican Bank & Trust, n.a.      AllianceBernstein                     Geraldine Schultz                 Cameron Howell
Dr. Paul & Doris Hund               American Roofing, Inc.                John Sheehy                       Rebecca Huber
Vita Goppert                        Sharon & Merrill Armstrong            Edward G. Simons                  Mary Helen Hurley
                                    ASC Holdings                          Kathy T. Sinclair                 IBM Corp. Matching
                                                                          Peggy Slatt                                 Grants Program
Founders Society                    Associates in Family Health Care
                                                                          Gary D. Smith                     Theresa M. Jaksetic
                                    Marilyn M. & Charles Battey
$5,000.00 +                                                               Joseph & Marilyn Snyder           Verla James
                                    Daniel Beattie
ACI /BOLAND, INC.                   Betty L. Bernard                      Marietta T. Soukup                Larry Kaminsky
Emil Babinger Charitable Trust      Besel's Roofing & Heating             Mary Jo Springe                   Kansas City Life Insurance Co.
Marie-Therese & Carle Baker         Mary C. Bosanatz                      Dr. Dorothy K. Steck              Key Corp Foundation
Banc of America Capital             Lois J. Bower                         Fr. John Stitz                    KPMG Peat Marwick
          Managment                 Lisa M. & Richard Bowers              Marigene & John Suellentrop       John Kubitzki
BlueCross and BlueShield            Joan O. & Larry Brake                 Tidy T Car Wash                   Leavenworth County Human
          of Kansas City            Harry J. & Mary Briscoe               Marie L. Tobin                              Services Council
Kitty G. & Len Bronec               Eleanor J. Caffrey                    US Bank                           Leavenworth Plaza Associates, L.P.
Capital Electric Construction       Judy C. & Mike Collins                Dr. Sandra & Dallas Van Hoose     Albert & Geraldine Liebert
          Co., Inc. (Robert E. &    Commerce Bank                         Alice M. Vargas                   Etha Linda Linehardt
          Sharon Doran III)         Joseph and Rami L. Contrucci          Dr. Judith K. Vogelsang           Frances G. Lopata
Citizens National Bank              Mary L. DeCoursey (d)                 John L. & Judy Wempe              Marguerite C. Lowrey
Loral & Kirk Frohme                 DiCarlo Construction Company          Sr. Kathleen Wood, SCL            Dorothy Lynch
Charles B. Hunter                   Lawrence & Frances Engel              Bernard A. & Betty Zarda          Christine M. Mansour
JoeAnne F. Miller                   Enright Foundation, Inc.                                                Charles McCann
Rebecca L. & Brian Pollmiller       Julie A. Fallon                       Front Circle        $500.00 +     Lee & Judy McGuire
Rainier Investment Management       Fort Leavenworth Credit Union         Action Coffee Service, Inc.       Medtronic Foundation
Rusty Eck Ford-Lincoln-Mercury      Michelle T. Friend                    Mary A. Altman                    Karl H. Meisel
SCL Health System, Inc.             Mary Garlich                          Andrews McMeel Universal          Barbara & Gene Mika
Straub Construction Company         Minette H. & Robert Goldsmith                  Foundation               Rose Mary Mohr
          (Ernest & Marti Straub)   Abe & Linda Gustin                    Nicole M. & Chris Angermuller     James & Elizabeth Wimsatt (d)
Strickland Construction Company     Joan & Dan Hauserman                  A. Anonymous                                Murphy
                                    Daniel & Marietta Heinen              Aramark Catering                  Mary Alice Murphy
                                    Heartland Dental Group                Aramark Uniform Services          Patricia Naime

Page 6   ASPIRE,Winter 2005                                                                                              www.stmary.edu
                                                A NN UA L R E P O RT
Rosemary & Nick Nichols             Mary M. Bianco                  Mary K. Clark                     Helen L. Drake
Marina G. & Tom O'Sullivan          Patricia Biasotti               Barbara A. Cleary                 Nora Drbal
Rosemary W. Peterson                Donald & Alleta E. Biggs        Dr. Mark A. Clemens               Jeannette & Rob Drury
Lyle P. Phillips                    Mary J. Birdwell                Robert Clune                      Daniel M. Duffin
Michelle M. Piranio                 Elizabeth W. Bishop             Susan D. Clymer                   Judy K. Dugan
Sally Redlingshafer                 Stephen Blair                   Catherine Cochrane                Duke Energy Foundation
Dana S. Rieke                       Michele M. Blank                Patricia M. Cole                  Gladys Duncan
Jake & Heather Ruf                  Patricia Blankinship            Colgate-Palmolive Company         Marilyn A. Duncan
Ellen Scalet                        Brian Bode                      Patty Coleman                     Betty A. Duffy
Molly & Terry Sirridge              Eileen M. Boos                  Sr. Loretto Marie Colwell, SCL    Marie-Jo Dulade-Coclet
Dan & Kim Steele                    Booz-Allen & Hamilton           James O. Combs, III               Dynamics Research Corp
Oliver & Helen Steele               Frances M. Bouillion            Rosemary Combs                    Joyce M. Eagar
George Steger                       Barbara Braden (d)              Command Print                     Catherine J. Edgington
St. Francis Health Center           Joan F. Brancato                J. Michael Connolly               Margaret Ekerdt
TruGreen ChemLawn                   Sr. Marie Brinkman, SCL         Phil Connor                       Rachel Elvin
Judith L. Turgeon                   Helen L. Bristow                ConocoPhillips                    JoEllen Estenson
Wal-Mart Foundation                 John & Donna Brookhart          Carolyn Conrath                   Stanley L. Evans
Margaret M. Unrein                  Jeanne M. Broussard             Sara A. Conver                    Gloria J. Fairchild
Toni K. Walters                     Mary Anne Brown                 Mary Corley                       Janice Farley
Homer Williams                      Mary E. Brown                   Bette J. Cornwell                 Frank Farnsworth
Rosemary K. Wisniewski              Paul Brown                      Joann Corpstein                   Margaret M. Fay
Joan M. (d) & Ralph Young           Rita D. Brown                   Marilyn G. Costigan               Frances Feasel
                                    Virginia Brown                  June M. Cotter                    Leo Fecht
Tower Club          $100.00 +       Barbara S. Browning             Richard & Mary Ruth Coulter       Margaret M. Feely
3M Foundation                       Christine T. Brunkow            Mary Alice Coveney                Dolores A. Fehrs
Roberta Abaday                      Dixie E. Brunton                Deanna M. Cowley                  Mary Joan J. Felts
Advantage Printing Services, Inc.   Clarita Bryant                  Dolores V. Cox                    Laura A. Ferguson
Joan Albers                         Tresa A. Buessing               Daisy M. Coxon                    Financial Professionals, Inc.
Sr. Barbara Aldrich, SCL            Deborah A. Bugni                Robert T. Craig                   Joan M. Fitzpatrick
Marilyn J. Akins                    Frances A. Bunch                Anne Crisp                        Marie G. Focht
Marie A. Alkire                     Margaret A. Burke               Michael & Marti Crow              Barbara A. Folkner
Rebecca M. Akright                  David A. Burket                 Catherine Cuddy                   Ford Motor Company Fund
June Ambauen                        Patricia A. Burkley             Denise Cunningham                 Sylvia Francis
Elizabeth A. Andersen               Burlington Northern Santa Fe    Jane Curtin                       Jean Frainey
Adele Anderson                                Foundation            Mary E. Cutburth                  Mary E. Frankenreiter
Mary Ellen Anderson                 E.F. Burns                      Mary Beth Daigneaux               Amy C. Freeman
Eileen C. Angerer                   Butler's Muffler Shop           Mary Dailey                       Mary Evelyn Frelow
Virginia H. Apel                    Margaret M. Caffrey             Mary Ann Dalpes                   Jane B. Frey
Mary Archer                         Anita Cain                      Anna Mae Danner                   Margaret Ann Frick
Agnes E. Arnold                     Marie L. Cain                   Judith M. DaSilva                 Mary R. Fulbright
Ramona F. Arroyo                    Margaret T. Caldwell            Brenda A. Davis                   Sr. Roberta Furey, SCL
Tom Ashby                           Marilyn A. Cameron              Dorothy M. Davis                  Craig Gaffney
Irene Aubuchon                      Robert & Wilma T. Campion       Elizabeth A. Davis                Mary Galvin
Noreen C. Azzarelli                 Peggy J. Capps                  Patricia M. Davis                 Sharon Garbs
Diana C. Bahr                       Virginia C. Carosone            Joan S. Deardorf                  John A. Garcia
Alison K. Banikowski                Frank E. Carroll                Sr. Marie de Paul Combo, SCL      Michelle Y. Garcia
Bank of America Matching            Carstar of Leavenworth          Brunilda Debus                    Warren D. Garlock
          Gifts Program             Mary Carol Carter               Demaranville & Kramer, CPAs       Shirley Garrah
Paulina Barbosa                     Sr. Mary Julie Casey, SCL (d)   Mary Detten                       Joseph E. Geist
Catherine Barmann                   Richard D. Casey                Alice Devane                      General Electric Foundation
Barnett-Larkin-Brown Funeral        Casey's General Stores, Inc.    Mercedes L. Doherty (d)           Margaret E. St. Germain
          Home                      Patricia Cass                   Dominion Foundation               Dorothy Gillan
Kathleen Baron                      Don Choice                      Bob & Julie Donohue               Agnes Giese
Mary T. Bartholomew                 Orsoline Chiappetta             Robert D. Donaldson               Mary Jane Goebel
Joseph L. Bartkoski                 ChevronTexaco Matching          Roger H. Donlon                   Jessica Goffinet
Jacqueline M. Bassett                         Grants Program        M. Nadine Dooley                  Jeanne Gonderinger
Sr. Nancy Bauder, SCL               Alice S. Childers               Mary Doohan                       Mary Helen Goode
Barbara A. Beatty                   Bernadette Choi                 Sr. Ellen Dore, SCL               Patricia E. Goodell
Mary P. Beeby                       Christ Unity Church of          Mary I. Dorr                      Lorraine Gordon
Chris Beever                                  Leavenworth           Mary A. Dougherty (d)             Edith Gorman
Nancy Beha                          Chronicle Shopper               Dow Chemical U.S                  Jane Ann Gorsky
Susan L. Bellotti                   Frances M. Chupalio             Dow Corning Corporation           Marguerite T. Gosiger
Judith A. Bellome                   Church of the Annunciation      Joan M. Dowdall                   William R. Gonser Jr.
Clea L. Bernhardt                   Bonita Ciambotti                Jeannie Downs                     Jo Ann A. Grady

www.stmary.edu                                                                                       ASPIRE,Winter 2005               Page 7
                                          ANN UA L R E P ORT
Ruth M. Graefing               Elizabeth B. Johnson             Linaweaver Construction, Inc.      Karen R. Mead
Kathleen L. Graham             Sr. Andrea Johnston, SCL         John G. Linehardt                  Phyl Meany
Virginia M. Gravatt            Deborah L. Johnston              Henrietta Linenbrink               Mary Jean Mehl
Great Plains Direct, Inc.      Anne C. Jones                    Blanche Lippman                    Teresa Mehring
Eileen C. Greene               Constance A. Jones               Frieda Littleton                   Doris A. Meier
Mary E. Greene                 Joyce M. Jordan                  Patricia A. Lester                 Barbara Meitner
Angela M. Gregory              Sr. Frances Juiliano, SCL        Maggie A. Lock                     Devri Merello
Mary Alice Grellner            Jeanne Juliet                    David M. Lockton                   Jane Metz
Gloria L. Grenier              Joetta Kaaz                      Ronald L. Logan                    Jan Meyer
Carlene Grieshaber             Philip E. Kaiser                 Jean Lonergan                      Elaine Michaels
Lynda T. Grimm                 Mary E. Kallman                  Kathryn E. Loncar                  Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Mary L. Hagen                  Cindy M. Kane                    Sr. Ann Marita Loosen, SCL         Margaret E. Milano
Marilyn L. Hail                Margery L. Karp                  Peggy Lorenz                       Sr. Joan Sue Miller, SCL
Esther T. Hall                 Elaine M. Keil                   Barbara Lubaczewski                Anne K. Miller
Jeffrey L. Hall                Robert N. Kelly                  Ann M. Lutz                        Jan C. Miller
Sr. Maureen Hall, SCL          Kimberly Kelley                  Joan Lynch                         Marnie H. Miller
Jennie Halualani               Angela J. Kennedy                Mary Margaret Lynch                Mary P. Miller
Edna K. Hamera                 Kathleen A. Kerr                 Terry Lyskowski                    Sherry Miller
Christine Hamm                 Nancy C. King                    Shannon Macioroski                 Sylvia J. Miller
Rosemary Hamm-Field            Nancy J. King                    Mary C. Mackin                     Joan F. Mills
Phylis A. Hancock              Fernand D. Klein                 Elizabeth M. Madeo                 Betty A. Milroy
Keith R. Hanse                 Nancy J. Klemp                   Sarah Magoba                       Christine L. Milyard
Peg L. Hard                    Thelma E. Kline                  Patrice Malley                     Sr. Mary Beth Minges, SCL
Therese Harmening              Mary Klink                       Katherine Manning                  Mary Jeanne Minhondo
Nelson N. Harper               Kathy & Steve Knetter            Alice M. Marcum                    Mary Ann Mitchell
Evelyn L. Harris               Joan Koenig-Martz                Margaret McDonald Boss Trust       Jeannine A. Mock
Colleen A. Harris              Sue M. Knott                     Carol S. Marinovich                Colleen W. Mockler
Amy Hartman                    Blanche R. Kobe                  Dorothy J. Maronick                Ella L. Moore
Beth Hartman                   Carole A. Kobets                 Sr. Mary Vincentia Maronick, SCL   Nancy S. Moran
Norma J. Harvey                Elizabeth Kolaz                  Virginia Marshall                  Mary C. Morin
Mary Lou Haskins               Eileen Kottenstette              Vivian M. Marshall                 Elizabeth Anne Movelle
Marian Hatcher                 Mary E. Krick                    Charmaine Martin                   Agnes E. Mulligan
Marihelen Hatcher              Rosa E. Krissek                  Edward L. Martincich               Elizabeth D. Mullins
Brenda K. Hawkins              Lorraine T. Kroetch              Maryhelen Masterson                Gayle Murphy
Jean M. Hayes                  Rita Kross                       Jean R. Maupin                     Ann Nance
Joanne Heise                   Daniel S. Krouse                 Mary Ellen Maxwell                 Vicki D. Nash
Henke Manufacturing, Inc.      Marilyn T. Krueger               Elizabeth L. McAdams               Margaret Neff
Betty Jean Herrick             Steven M. Kucharo                McCaffree-Short Title Co.          Meyer E. Nelson
Charles Hicks                  Phyllis J. Kuckelman             Margaret J. McCaleb                Mary Louise Nentwig
Florence A. Higgins            Marcella L. Kwapiszeski          Margaret McCan                     Cathy Newton
Kathy Hillen                   William J. La Brie               Barbara McCool                     Rosalie Nichols
Ines T. Ho                     Yolanda Lalyre-Rodriguez         Ellen K. McCarthy                  Mary Alice Nicholson
Carla M. Hoagland              Robert & Karen K. Lammers        Marian L. McCarthy                 Evarista C. Nnadi
Ann C. Hogan                   Judy A. Landwehr                 Mary Lynn McCarthy                 Donna Nolan
Cecelia Honkomp                Mary Jane Lang                   Mary Lee McClure                   Elizabeth Nold
Joan Horan                     Mildred M. & Ralph Langley       Jane Bradford McCrone              Carlotta M. Noonan
Marion M. Horne                Lansing Lumber Company           Erin V. McDonald                   Cecilia G. Noonan
Mary Lorian Horvat             Colleen R. LaPorte               Patricia A. McDonald               Paul S. Nord
Margaret H. Hruza              Florence M. Larkin               Betty A. McDonnell                 Northern Trust Company
Nancy Hsu                      Paula J. Larkin                  Geraldine M. McDonnell             Gloria Nussman
Martha M. Hubbard              Rita J. Larkin                   Dolores J. McEnroe                 Kathy M. Odenwald
Harold J. Hudson               Lario Oil and Gas Company        Rosalee McEntyre                   Sr. Mary Julianne O'Flannigan, SCL
Ann O. Huot                    Joseph A. Lastelic               Shirley McGeary                    Gay O'Leary
Retha M. Huppe                 Douglas E. Lathrop               Marilyn McGilley                   Dolores G. Olson
Ellen L. Hustings              Anne M. Lattimer                 Mark McGilley                      Laurel A. Olson
Immaculate Conception Church   Leavenworth-Lansing Area         Jim McGinnis                       John Orndorff
Constance Imming                          Chamber of Commerce   Sallie L. McGlinn                  Anne Osdieck
Catherine D. Jacques           Maizie M. Lee                    Linda G. McGowan                   Patricia A. Osimo
Deborah D. Jameson             Margaret Lenahan                 Norene M. McIntosh                 Juliet Pacquing
Patricia J. Jeffrey            Therese J. Lenahan               Janice F. McMahon                  Theresa P. Padovano
Virginia S. Jennings           Betty A. Leonard                 Joyce L. McMahon                   Frances A. Padow
Jim Plunkett, Inc.             Margaret Le Roy                  Kevin McMullen                     Juanita K. Palash
Beverly Johansen               Ramona M. Levy-Strauss           Anna K. McNamara                   Trudy Palenske
Annette S. Johnson             Jane Ellen Liebert               Louwana A. McNamara                Jerome Paluka

Page 8   ASPIRE,Winter 2005                                                                                     www.stmary.edu
                                                A NN UA L R E P O RT
Sally Papreck                       Bernard & Helen Ruysser                Rosalie A. Stull               Linda Zablatnik
Elizabeth Paprocki                  Sadtk's Furniture Co.                  Rose I. Suhr                   Lilli Zarda
Dawna A. Parker                     Judith A. Saale                        Gladys P. Sullivan             Karen Zeller
Jon D. Parry                        Rosemary Sachse                        Sheila Sunderland              Mary I. Ziller
Joan M. Payne                       Barbara M. Sample                      Mary C. Sundermeyer            Carolyn Zimmerman
Jeannette M. Peck                   Phyllis G. Sandy                       Raymond E. Surbaugh            Dorothy Zoellner
Mary Kaye Pedziwater                William M. Santee                      Dorothy Swanson                Janice Zoellner
Dolores M. Pennington               Patricia Sarcone                       Pat S. Tabe
Mary Jo Peterson                    SBC Foundation                         Sharon D. Takacs
Earl W. Petty                       Patricia A. Scally                     Joan Takada                      “We make a living
                                                                                                            by what we get;
Sr. Margaret Petty, SCL (d)         Mary Schleicher                        Connie A. Teel
Pfizer Foundation                   Marilyn J. Schlosser                   Dolores Theis
Betsy Phelan                        Norman A. Schmalz                      June Thibault                    we make a life by
Agnes A. Phelps                     Sue A. Schoenfelder                    Thrift Shop
Lucille M. Phelps                   Dolores M. Schottler                   Teresa C. Thummel                what we give.”
Erna M. Pinkham (d)                 James and Linda Schroeder              ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Paula Poirier                       Valerie Schroer                        Timothy Fisher & Associates
Poor Richard's Printing             Laura J. Scott (d)                     Francis & Katie Thorne
                                                                                                              – Sir Winston Churchill
Joan Porter                         Scott & Associates                     Anna Totta

                                                                                                          Matching Gift
Anne T. Potter                      Rae Sedgwick                           Townsend Outlook Publishing
Charlotte L. Powell                 Dolores R. Seerey                      Alvin Robert Trams
PQ Matching Gift                    Sr. Eileen Sheehy, SCL                 Marlene Trenkle                Companies
Price Chopper Leavenworth           Stephen V. Shepard                     Betty A. Tyrrell
                                                                                                          3M Foundation
Price Chopper Kansas City           Clara F. Siefken                       Kathleen R. Urbom
                                                                                                          American Electric Power
Procter & Gamble Matching Gift      Rick L. Silvey                         Carolyn K. Vaca
                                                                                                          Andrews McMeel Universal
Gayle A. Pulem                      Mary E. Siman                          Dessislava O. Vartolomeeva
Alfred & Elizabeth Pursell          Barbara Sindo                          Mary M. Vermillion
                                                                                                          Bank of America Matching Gifts
Nancy Quastler                      Nikki R. Sisson                        Joan I. Vidmar
Irene Quinn                         Sisters of Charity - Mother House      Ellen Viens
                                                                                                          Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Margery M. Rabdau                   Sisters of Charity - Saint Mary        Mary Vitale
Cheryl A. Rader                                East Convent                Theresa Vitt
                                                                                                          Chevron Texaco Matching Grants
Gail P. Radke                       John M. Skene                          Marjorie Voorhees
Mary Ann Rastorfer                  SKF USA, Inc.                          David P. Vuncannon
                                                                                                          Cigna Foundation Matching Gifts
Marie C. Raths                      Mary Ann Slattery                      Sue H. Wachtel
Mary Sean S. Ratzloff               Mary E. Slattery                       Diana Wagner
                                                                                                          CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Mary T. Rau                         Shirley M. Slusher                     Caridad F. Wade
                                                                                                          Colgate-Palmolive Company
Edward J. Reardon                   Sally C. Smart                         Mary C. Walker-Baptiste
Molly Reardon                       Sr. Mary Lex Smith, SCL                Dean Walton
                                                                                                          Dominion Foundation
James Redlingshafer                 Ursula I. Smith                        Marie Louise Warakomski
                                                                                                          Dow Corning Corporation
Janice & Rex Redlingshafer          Sara E. Sochran                        Ann Frances Ward
                                                                                                          DST Systems, Inc.
Betty Jean Reed                     Joyce A. Solomon                       Robert Warinner
                                                                                                          Duke Energy Foundation
Patricia A. Regan                   Betty L. Sosna                         Beverly Warzecha
                                                                                                          Ewing Marion Kauffman
Ed F. Reilly, Jr.                   Marianna Spain                         Debra B. Watson
Ernest Renfro                       Elizabeth A. Spalitto                  Rita Weaver
                                                                                                          ExxonMobil Education Foundation
Luanne Rieke                        David Spehar                           Mary Elizabeth E. Wempe
                                                                                                          Ford Motor Company Foundation
Rosemary Rieke                      Mary Darleen Speier                    Mary Ann Westhoff
                                                                                                          General Electric Foundation
James D. Rhodes                     Stacia A. Spillane                     Kay & Tom M. White
                                                                                                          Hallmark Matching Gifts
Mary Riordan                        Noel A. Stanton                        Margaret M. White
                                                                                                          Honeywell Matching Gifts
R.L. Leintz Funeral Home LLC        Kathleen A. Stark                      Judy Wiedower
                                                                                                          IBM Corp. Matching Grants
Alan R. Roach                       Sr. Diane M. Steele, SCL               Dee S. Wilder
Ronald A. Roberts                   Sr. Daniel Stefani, SCL (d)            Mark A. Wilkinson
                                                                                                          James D. Rhodes
Gary H. Robinson                    Cindy J. Stergar                       Steven D. Wilkinson
                                                                                                          Key Corp. Foundation
Palmeda F. Robinson                 Jennifer R. Stewart                    Annabel J. Willcott
                                                                                                          Knight Ridder
Carolyn M. Roettger                 Robin Stimac                           Elaine Willman
                                                                                                          Medtronic Foundation
Judy A. Rogers                      James A. Stotler                       Lola M. Wilmes
                                                                                                          Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Herbert Rome                        St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church   Rosemary Wilson
                                                                                                          Pfizer Foundation
Steven A. Romondo                   Joanne F. Stout                        Mary Sue Winneke
                                                                                                          PQ Matching Gift
Ron Mears Appreciated Advertising   Marguerite B. Strange                  Jacquelyn Witte
                                                                                                          Proctor & Gamble Matching Gift
Michael & Nina Rowe                 Catharine E. Straub                    Mary M. Wolf
                                                                                                          RR Donnelly & Sons Company
RR Donnelley & Sons Company         Kevin Straub                           Margarite M. Wolter
                                                                                                          SBC Foundation
Keith W. Rucker                     Myra A. Straub                         Peter and Linda Woodsmall
                                                                                                          SKF USA, Inc.
Mary Ruhlman                        Teresa J. Stremel                      Georgia M. Wright
                                                                                                          Sprint Foundation
Harley & Rena Russell               Doreen Strizic                         Sarah J. Wyrick
                                                                                                          State Street Foundation
Jo Ann Ruybal                       Fr. Michael C. Stubbs                  Raquel O. Yiengst
                                                                                                          Toyota Motor
www.stmary.edu                                                                                           ASPIRE,Winter 2005         Page 9
                                                 ANN UA L R E P ORT
Endowed Named                        Rose Marie McWilliams Scholarship    Marlene & Ronald Hoch
                                     Clarence and Audrey Wiss Malone                                               The Saint Mary Legacy
                                               Scholarship                James and Isabelle Hollow                 Society honors alumni
(bold were established in the past   Edward P. & Florence Maronick                  Scholarship                     and other friends who
year)                                          Scholarship                Mary Ann Julich Memorial                 have made deferred gifts
                                     Katherine “Katie” Mika Voice                   Scholarship
                                                                                                                  to The University of Saint
Platinum Level                                 Scholarship                Mary Giunta Kalhorn Memorial
                                                                                                                  Mary in their estate plans.
                                     Mary Alice Passman Murphy                      Scholarship
($100,000 or more)
                                               Scholarship                John M. & Ruth Driscoll Kehoe
Sisters of Charity Jubilee
                                     Thomas J. and Mary V. O’Donnell                Scholarship                   “I thank my God
                                     John Frances and Lucille
                                                                          Emma and Frank Kelly Memorial
                                                                                    Scholarship                   whenever I think of
                                                                                                                  you; and when I pray
                                               O’Shaughnessy Sch.         George and Frances Kelly
Joseph Jon Delaney Scholarship
                                                                                                                  for you all, my prayers
                                     Mary L. Robbins Memorial                       Scholarship
                                               Scholarship                Agnes Finn Kocour Scholarship
                                                                                                                  are always joyful.”
                                     Arthur Schouten Memorial             Marie Laurvick Memorial
Elpha Meyer Carney Memorial
                                               Scholarship                          Scholarship
                                     Agnes Sirridge History Scholarship   Lear-Siegler Scholarship                      – St. Paul, Phil. 1:3-4
Goppert Scholarship
                                     Sister Rose Tomlin Scholarship       Father Stephen Lee Scholarship
Hearst Scholarship
Owen and Genevieve Degan
                                     Union Pacific Scholarship
                                     John and Sylvesta Welling
                                                                          Sheila McGovern Scholarship
                                                                          Don and Marie “Mini” Maahs            The Saint Mary
                                                                                                                Legacy Society
         Horner Scholarship
                                               Scholarship                          Scholarship
                                     Wyman/Ashen Scholarship              Dr. Ed and Shirley Maronick
Diamond Level ($75,000 -                                                            Scholarship
                                                                                                                (bold were established in the past
$99,999)                         Bronze Level ($10,000 -                  Henry J. and Marilyn Miller
Sisters of Charity Health Services                                                  Meiners Scholarship
                                 $24,999)                                                                       June Cooper Ambauen
                                 Emil Babinger Scholarship                Katherine “Katie” Mika History        Adele & David Anderson
Gold Level ($50,000 -            Olive Ann Beech Scholarship                        Scholarship                 Mary Archer
$74,999)                         Kitty Goeters Bronec Scholarship         Mary Tierney Miller Scholarship       Nancy Beal
Archdiocese of Kansas City in    Muriel M. Burzle Scholarship             Ray Miller Memorial Scholarship       Barbara Bemis
          Kansas                 Kathryn Colwell Calvin Scholarship       Agnes E. Mulligan Scholarship         Charles & Antoinette Berkel
Leo Brinkman Scholarship         Edward Carroll Scholarship               Elizabeth “Boots” Bray                Helen Blackburn (d)
Genevieve Frances Hug Fox        Class of 1952 Scholarship                          Murphy Scholarship          Stephen Blair
          Scholarship            Leo B. and Miriam Conner                 Patricia Connor Naime Scholarship     Mary Blume
Sterling-Hail Scholarship                  Scholarship                    Sister Marie Owen Scholarship         Albert (d) & Bernice Bodde
Lewis and Marquerite Humphreys   Marcella Reilly Cooke Scholarship        Max and Lillian Pollner Scholarship   William Bode
          Scholarship            Heather Coulter Scholarship              Danette Stefani Quinn                 Leonard (d) & Mary Bosanatz
Loretta Schad McGovern Memorial Edith and Harry Darby Foundation                    Scholarship                 Ruth Boyd
          Scholarship                      Scholarship                    Sister Mary Augustine Quinn, Ruth     David Brain (d)
Frances Kelly Mannix Scholarship William DeCoursey Scholarship                      Catherine Biggerstaff, &    Jerry G. Bradley
Jerry and Mary Sheehan Memorial De LaSalle Christian Brothers                       Sister Ann Virginia Petty   Larry & Joan Brake
          Scholarship                      Scholarship                              Memorial Scholarship        Mary Alice Bramming
                                 F. G. Donohue Family Scholarship         Martha Miller Roult Scholarship       Catherine Ormsby Bratton
Silver Level ($25,000 -          Margie and John Donohue                  Rena Fogarty Russell Scholarship      Harry & Mary Briscoe
                                           Scholarship                    Mary Goetz Ryan Memorial              Clara Lemm Brogan
                                 Mother Mary Peter Dwyer                            Scholarship                 Len & Kitty Goeters Bronec
Marjorie Markey Blair Memorial
                                           Scholarship                    Mother Leo Francis Ryan               Lucille Buek (d)
                                 Barbara Feth Scholarship                           Scholarship                 Margaret Ann Burke
Bowman Family Scholarship
                                                                          Scholarship Friends Executive
Mary Agnes DeCoursey Scholarship Sister Mary Paul Fitzgerald                                                    Eileen Burke-Sullivan
                                           Scholarship                              Board Scholarship           Marjorie Crummer Burrell (d)
Matthew Howard Doran
                                 Regina Anne and Matthew Flynn            Cora Spence Scholarship               J. Anthony (d) & Muriel (d) Burzle
                                           Scholarship                    Mary Jo Springe Scholarship           Susan Butchart
Nona and Charles Frankenhoff
                                 Margaret Freese Scholarship              Doris M. Turgeon Scholarship          Grace Wilson Buzaljko
                                 Marie A. Gaiser Scholarship              Bette Lee Warta Scholarship           Kay Colwell Calvin (d)
Marjorie Besel Greenamyre
                                 Virginia Sheahan Gateley                 Helen Schafly Weimer & Elizabeth      Edith Campodonico
                                           Scholarship                              Weimer Bishop               Eleanor Russell Carroll (d)
Eileen Horner Memorial
                                 Giunta-Kalhorn Scholarship                         Scholarship                 Frank Carroll III
                                 Emilie Gordon Memorial                   Sister Mary Ernestine Whitmore        Margery Chapman (d)
Helen and Austin Johnson
                                           Scholarship                              Scholarship                 Mary Quastler Chenovick
          Memorial Scholarship
                                 Richard Besel Greenamyre                 J. Winters and Mary Morrell           Orsoline Chiappetta
Jane Claudia Keegan Memorial
                                           Scholarship                              Scholarship (2)             Carolyn Conrath
                                 The Greenamyre Family                    Joan & Ralph Young Scholarship        Sara Ann Conver
Sister Mary Janet McGilley
          Scholarship                      Scholarship                                                          Helen Sheehan Corcoran
                                 V.B. Greenamyre Scholarship

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                                              A NN UA L R E P O RT
Richard & Mary Ruth Coulter       Howard (d) & Kay Manning          Melissa Mitchell-Wilson               Julia Quigley (d)
Deanna Stetzner Cowley            Frances Kelly Mannix              Sarah Brown Wyrick                    Mary Rau
John & Mercedes Craughwell        Jean Burke Maupin                 Ralph & Joan (d) Young                Mary Riordan
Frances Lawlor Denefe (d)         Theresa Walter Mauton             Jon & Carolyn Zimmerman               Charles and Martha Roult
Nedra G. Dick (d)                 Karen McIver Wilson               Twenty-nine Anonymous Members         Mary Goetz Ryan (d)
Richard Dierks                    Juanita McKee (d)                                                       Hazel Starns (d)
Joan & Jerome (d) Dobel           Margaret McLellan (d)             (d) – Deceased Member                 Dorothy Steck
Anna Louise Doerr (d)             Rose Marie McWilliams (d)         [Membership as of June 30, 2004]      Francis & Joyce Underwood
Margaret Donohue                  Barbara Meitner                                                         Dallas & Sandra Van Hoose
James (d) & Joan Dowdall          Nancy Himmelberg Mellard                                                Leon & Margaret Wesner
Mary Margaret Downey (d)          Darlene Erskine Merrifield        Perpetual                             Nancy Choy Wilson
Harry & Audrey (d) Duckers        Ivan J. (d) & Lucille Meyer                                             William & Kathy Yarrow
Mary E. Allgaier Dunn (d)         Mary Miller                       Memberships
Susan Emerson                     Rosemary Miller (d)               (established with $1,000 pre 2003,    Memorial Perpetual
Frances Escareno                  Eugene (d) & Norma Mitchell
Virginia Everhart (d)             Jeannine Mock
                                                                    $2,000 post 2003)                     Members
                                                                                                          (In Memory of a deceased loved
Regina Quirk Fatz (d)             Virginia Moore                    Individual Perpetual                  one)
Jim & Paula Finn                  Agnes Mulligan
Dorothy Fagan Fitzpatrick         Helen J. Murphy                   Members
Thomas J. Fitzpatrick (d)         Jayne Nash                        Eva Barnett                           Lucille Conroy Allnoch, gift of
Margueriette Flaherty             Mary Louise Nentwig               Margaret McDonald Boss (d)                      Isabel Conroy Carroll (d)
Burwell (d) & Genevieve (d) Fox   C.H. & Rosemary Nichols           Mrs. Joseph A. Butler, Jr. (d)        Dr. William Archer & daughter
Lila LeBlanc Frommelt (d)         Rosalie Nichols                   Class of 1993                                   Cathleen, gift of Mary
LaVon Fugit                       Mary Jane O'Connor (d)            Isabel Conroy Carroll (d)                       Archer
Sharon Garbs                      Carolyn Boettcher Parmer          Luciel Carroll (d)                    Colleen Roult Barron, gift of
Gwendolyn Gilboy                  Rebecca Pollmiller                Mr. (d) & Mrs. Henri Choquette                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Roult
Gertrude Gilmore (d)              James & Bernadine Pretz           Mary Clarkson (d)                     Elizabeth Batterton, gift of Mary
Geraldine A. Gleeson (d)          Rose Pynick (d)                   James Jr. & Joyce DeCoursey                     Eggleston
Robert & Minette Goldsmith        Muriel Rada                       Mrs. F. G. Donohue (d)                Dana Steven Berkel, gift of
Paula Goleta-Poirier              Kathleen Burns Radford            Mary Margaret Downey                            Mr. & Mrs. Charles Berkel
Gloria Grenier                    Mary Rau                          Farmers Insurance Group               Maureen McDonald Boss, gift of
Kathleen Allgaier Gribble         Clara Jo Reed                     Melba Farrell (d)                               Mr. & Mrs. George A.
Marilyn Sterling Hail             Patricia Regan                    Loral Frohme                                    Young
Joan Wohlrab Hall                 Pat J. Reilly                     Genevieve (d) & Burwell (d) Fox       Helen Josephine Boyle, gift of
Sandra Hick                       Mary Riordan                      Mr. & Mrs. V.B. Greenamyre                      Mary Boyle Smith
Eleanor Higgins                   Michelle Ricci-Rodriguez          Virginia Greenlease                   Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bride, gift of Saint
Ann C. Hogan                      Raymond & Carolyn Roettger        Irene Haigwood (d)                              Mary Alumni Association
Mary Kay Hoppe                    Vivian Rombeck (d)                IBM Matching Grants Program           Sister Marie Celeste Bride, gift of
Art Horner (d)                    Charles & Martha Miller Roult     Mr. & Mrs. Albert Incani                        Saint Mary Alumni
Owen (d) & Genevieve (d) Horner   Josephine Rutka                   Robert & Elizabeth Irwin                        Association
Katharene Householder (d)         Anna Rose Ryan (d)                Joy Johnson                           Leo J. & Mae Brinkman,
Elizabeth (d) & Benson (d) Hoy    Mary Goetz Ryan (d)               H. Austin (d) & Helen (d)                       gift of family & friends
Constance Curran Imming           Marie Santee (d)                            Hinnenkamp Johnson          Mike Bronec & Florence Goeters,
Paul Jenkins                      Josephine Scanlon (d)             Robert (d) & Mary (d) Kalhorn                   gift of Len & Kitty Bronec
Jeanne Juliet                     Annette Schlaf                    Catherine Kelly (d)                   Glen Buek, gift of Lucile Buek
Catherine Kelly (d)               Katie Savage Schlatman            Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Kennedy (d)           Neil John Cahill, gift of Mr. & Mrs.
Kathryn E. Klug                   Gilbert (d) & Geraldine Feighny   Agnes T. Kramer                                 Lawrence Fink (d)
Mary Louise Welling Knoblauch                Schultz                Dr. & Mrs. Robert Lederer             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cahill, gift of
Sue Stalker Knott                 John & Dolores Rodesney Seerey    E. P. Maronick (d)                              Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence
Sylvia Markowitz Koepke           Loretta Siebers (d)               Florence Maronick (d)                           Fink (d)
Edwin (d) & Ruth (d) Kongs        Mary Siman                        Marguerite Maronick (d)               Carole A. Carroll, gift of
Agnes Kramer                      Romaine Simon                     Stephen Maronick (d)                            Frank E. Carroll III
Alfred Kramer (d)                 Pat Long Stein                    Mr. & Mrs. Andres Matzeder (d)        John Carroll, gift of Isabel Conroy
Harriet Kramer (d)                John & Marigene Suellentrop       Catherine Merrill                               Carroll (d)
Ed (d) and Ann Yonker Kresse      W.L. "Tom" & Marie Tompkins       Mr. & Mrs. Ivan J. Meyer              Jean Casebier, gift of Academy ‘50
Essie Bromwell Lallier (d)        Amy Van Trump (d)                 Anne & Leo (d) Mullin                 Dorothy Hanly Cavender,
Ralph & Mildred Langley           Betty Vossman (d)                 Helen Murphy                                    gift of Marilyn C. Smith
Burnadette Long (d)               Virginia Burke Wasson             Mary Murphy (d)                       Genevieve Zahner Charmley,
Margaret Lozenski                 Doug & Patricia Waters            James & Elizabeth “Boots” (d)                   gift of Mary Eggleston
Dorothy Lynch                     Josephine Hanrahan Welsh                    Murphy                      Sister Ann Theresa Conroy, gift of
Mary Margaret Lynch               Charlene Brose Wenzl              Teresa Murphy (d)                               Isabel Conroy Carroll (d)
Robert & Mary Margaret Malley     Clarence Wheaton (d)              Dr. & Mrs. Mansour Naime              William P. Cooney, gift of Betty
George Hamilton Malone (d)        Thelma Wilkerson (d)              Mr. & Mrs. Leo F. Nusbaum (d)                   Carrol & Catherine
Gertrude Mangan (d)               Rebecca Williams                  Lucille Phelps                                  Stanton

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                                                    ANN UA L R E P O RT
W.P. (Packey) Cooney, gift of          Mr. & Mrs. Glen Kelly, gift of Mary     Sister Marie Owen, gift of Margaret      1988-89, Sr. Barbara Sellers
          Mrs. Walter Cooney                     Eggleston                               L. King                        1989-90, Sr. Mary Immaculata
J. H. DeCoursey, Sr., gift of          Ruben & Ivy Kennedy, gift of Roy        Kermit Phelps, gift of Lucille Phelps             Desmond (d)
          Mrs. J. H. DeCoursey (d)               & Nadine Dooley               Max & Lillian Pollner, gift of           1990-91, Sr. Mary Louis Sullivan (d)
Jane Roult Dennis, gift of             Leo Mullen & Tina Kunz, gift of                   Mr. & Mrs. Charles             1991-92, Sr. Mary Liguori Horvat (d)
          Mr. & Mrs. Charles Roult               Anne Mullin                             Frankenhoff (d)                1992-93, Dr. C. Kermit Phelps
Claudia Chirnside Dillon,              Tina Kunz, gift of Leo (d) & Anne       Edward F. Reilly, Sr., gift of Edward    1993-94, Sr. Mary Dolorita Flynn (d)
          gift of Class of 1958                  Mullin                                  F. Reilly, Jr.                 1994-95, Dr. Ada Herrera
Margaret Donohue, gift of Mr. &        Genevieve Stempski Kushan,              William & Sarah Rooney, gift of          1995-96, Sr. Thomas Aquinas
          Mrs. F. G. Donohue (d)                 gift of family & friends                Mary Clarkson (d)                       O’Connor (d)
Robert E. Doran, Jr., gift of          James Kushan, gift of family &          Lance Michael Samuel, gift of            1996-97, Dr. Agnes T. Sirridge (d)
          Lottie Doran (d)                       friends                                 Margaret Samuel                1997-98, Sr. Marie Brinkman
Antoinette Marie Zeugin Duffin, gift   John “Jim” Kushan, gift of family &     Julia Magrath Santee, gift of Marie      1998-99, Fr. John Stitz
          of Eugene Duffin, family               friends                                 (d) & W. Milt Santee           1999-2000, Sr. Marie Therese Bride
          & friends                    Michael & Barbara Kushan, gift of       Josephine Sarli, gift of Tom &           2000-2001, Michael Paul Novak
Naomi Eggleston, gift of Mary                    James & Carol                           Connie Parrino                 2001-2002, Sr. Mary Edwin
          Eggleston                    Marcel Otto Lederer, gift of Dr. &      Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Saunders, gift              DeCoursey
Mary Catherine Scanlon Faubion,                  Mrs. Robert Lederer                     of Mrs. Mary                   2002-2003, Dr. William Krusemark
          gift of Mr. & Mrs.           Sister Mary Ellen Lennemann,                      Frankenreiter                  2003-2004, Sr. Joan Sue Miller,
Richard Mullen                                   gift of Eleanor Caffrey       Mary Conroy Terry Schiltz, gift of                SCL
Mary Catherine Scanlon Faubion,        Madison Letts, gift of                            Isabel Conroy Carroll (d)
          gift of Mr. & Mrs.                     Mrs. Mary Helen Letts (d)     Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Scrafford,         Sr. Marie Therese Bride, gift of Saint
          Richard Mullen & the         Ida & Margaret McGilley, gift of                  gift of family                           Mary Alumni Association
          Faubion family                         family                        Lucille Lipp Sellers, gift of David O.   Jeanne Remington Beavers, gift of
Patricia Fecht, gift of Leo Fecht      John W. McGilley, gift of family &                 Lindsay                                 Isabel Conroy Carroll (d)
Louise Stoltz Feth, gift of Barbara              friends                       John D. Sheehan, gift of                 Sr. Mary Julie Casey (d), gift of
          Feth & Joan Feth Fuller      William & Anne Mallory & William                  Mrs. Sheehan & family                    Continental Bank
Mrs. Lawrence Fink, gift of                      Mallory, Jr., gift of Dr. &   Jeanne Sherrick, gift of Margaret        Sr. Mary Madeleva Ditmars (d),
          Lawrence Fink (d)                      Mrs. C. Kermit Phelps                   Layson                                   gift of alumni & friends
Sister Agnes Eugenia Finn, gift of     Mary Marcel, gift of James & Carol      Mother Mary Ancilla Spoor,               Naomi Eggleston & her other six,
          St. Mary Academy                       Marcel                                  gift of the Class of 1947                gift of Mary Eggleston
          Alumnae                      Patsy Boyle Marten, gift of John        Boley & Martha Stempski,                 Sr. Mary Liguori Horvat (d),
Sister Mary Paul Fitzgerald, gift of             Marten                                  gift of family & friends                 gift of Judith Vogelsang
          Lily Lee Loh & Eleanor J.    William F. Martin, Sr., gift of         Walter & Mary Stempski by family         Sr. Mary Liguori Horvat (d),
          Caffey                                 Elizabeth Martin              Mr. & Mrs. William Teasdale, gift of               gift of Mary Eggleston
Dr. Louis Fleisch, gift of             Jill Ann Meiners, gift of                         Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P.           Sr. Mary Mercita Jackson (d),
          Eleanor Fleisch                        Henry & Marilyn Meiners                 Teasdale                                 gift of Mary Eggleston (d)
Jerry Frankenreiter, gift of           Katy Meinhardt, gift of                 William B. Teasdale, gift of family      Sr. Maureen Kauffman
          Mrs. Mary Frankenreiter                Academy ‘50                             & friends                                in honor of 60th Jubilee
Marian, Charles, & Miriam              Lawrence R. Meyer III, gift of          Marian Conroy Terry, gift of Isabel      Ann Remington LaBriola, gift of
          Frankenreiter, gift of                 Marynell Meyer                          Conroy Carroll (d)                       Isabel Conroy Carroll (d)
          Mrs Mary Frankenreiter       Lawrence Sr., Lawrence Jr., &           Maude Tomlin, gift of Dr. (d) &          Sr. Rosalie Mahoney (d), gift of
Dr. Benjamin Freiband, gift of                   Louisa Meyer, gift of                   Mrs. Benjamin Freiband                   Lucile Buek (d)
          Agnes Tomlin Freiband                  Louisa Meyer estate           Marguerite Straley Wier, gift of         Sr. Mary Vincentia Maronick,
Stephen Fuller, gift of Olga Fuller    Louis A. & Mayne Falk Miller, gift                Henriette Straley (d)                    gift of Mary Jo Guinan
Sister Rose Dominic Gabisch                      of Henry & Marilyn            Phyllis Ann Wells, gift of Anna          Sr. Contance Phelps, gift of Dr. &
Rev. Clement Green, gift of                      Meiners                                 Wells                                    Mrs. C. Kermit Phelps
          Genevieve Lueckenhoff        Josephine Stoltz Mella,                 Sharon Wells, gift of Richard Wells      Sr. Blanche Marie Remington, gift of
          & Ann Luechenhoff                      gift of nieces & nephews      Sister Mary Ernestine Whitmore,                    Isabel Conroy Carroll (d)
          Doerr                        Mary Tierney Miller, gift of family               gift of family & friends       Mary Conroy Terry Schiltz, gift of
Mary Fitzgerald Green, gift of                   & friends                     Walter F. Willcott, gift of family &               Isabel Conroy Carroll (d)
          Mrs. Emmett Fitzgerald       Ray Miller, gift of Mr. & Mrs. Fred               friends                        Sr. Barbara Schrader, gift of
Harriet Ridgway Halpin,                          Miller                        William J. & Rosa Williams,                        Raymond & Madeline
          gift of the Class of 1947    Robert W. Miller, gift of                         gift of Eva Barnett                      Schrader
Col. Helmer A. Holmstrom, gift of                Mr. & Mrs. Charles Roult                                               In appreciation for the Sisters of
          Mr. & Mrs. C. E.             Sister Ann Modesta Mulholland,          Honorary Perpetual                                 Charity, gift of Mary
          Dolsberry IV                           gift of Lorraine Sullivan                                                        Eggleston (d)
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Horner             Sister Mary Dominica Niland, gift
                                                                               Members                                  Sr. Bernadette Marie Teasdale, gift of
          & Mr. & Mrs. Robert                    of Mr. & Mrs. Robert          Executive Board                                    friends
          M.Mueller, gift of                     Dillon                        Honorees:                                Sr. Rose Tomlin (d), gift of Dr. (d) &
          Mr. & Mrs. James A.          Matilda M. Noth, gift of Sister         1984-85, Sr. Mary Janet                            Mrs. Benjamin Freiband
          Horner, Jr.                            Mary Teresa Noth, FSM                  McGilley (d)                    Sr. George Towle (d), gift of Nancy
Marie Jette, gift of Sister Jeanne     Sister Mary Mark Orr, gift of           1985-86, Sr. Xavier Andree (d)                     Choy Wilson
          Marie Jette                            Margaret Fay                  1987-88, Saint Mary parents

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                                            A NN UA L R E P O RT
Class Listings                  Monica Medill Russell               Mary Alice Frey Miller           Helen Boyer Morgan
                                Patricia O’Brien Walsh              M. Virginia Meehan Reese         Ann Frances Writt Ward
                                                                    Anita Klasinski Skinner
Academy                         1942                                Jean Dawes Will                  1936
1929                            Marianna Mella Donaldson (d)                                         Orsoline Chiappetta
Etha Linda Ferguson Linehardt   Regina Quirk Fatz (d)               1948                             Ethel Sandler Sickel
                                Betty Hudspeth Harris               Anna Genitz Baker                Dorothy Boman Swanson
1931                            Jean Burke Maupin                   Joan Follina Brancato
Barbara Burt Braden (d)         Catherine Dean Murray               Lottie Mulligan Cianciolo        1937
                                Lucena Burns Panek                  Delores Baalman Fortin           Margaret Ronan Cote
1932                            Marjorie Donahue Wortham            Anita Kern Gill                  Marie McGowan Focht
Orsoline Chiappetta                                                 Patricia Ryan Gillispie          Dorothy Shrier Goodrick
                                1943                                Beth Crancer Hall
1933                            Rosemary Baker Combs                Patricia Reefe Hovorka           1938
Margaret Ronan Cote             Sammie Brosnahan Criswell           Kathleen Sexton Olek             Eileen Sullivan Angerer
                                Virginia Rucker Crowley             Romaine Klasinski Simon          Mary Rose Erickson
1934                            Virginia Antoine Marley                                              Margaret Fay
Barbara Pigg Meitner            Etta Boller Regelman                1949                             Minette Barlow Goldsmith
Betsy Phelan                    Margaret Meyer White                Geraldine Sens Ayres             Florence Fritton Kelly
                                Marcella Landauer Wyatt             Dolores Riley Cox                Mary Margaret Dalton McCollum
1935                                                                Theresa Burick Forge             Barbara Pigg Meitner
Barbara Chase Clayton           1944                                Mary Ann Baragary Frederick      Betsy Phelan
Nedra Dick (d)                  Louise Klasinski Ambrosini          Ann Doran Gorman                 Margaret Gillispie Shaffer
Anna Roche McNamara (d)         Joanne McDonnell Cady               Virginia Haywood Marshall        Cecilia Fritton Shaughnessy
                                Betty Hilts Duffy                   Mary Gates Ruhlman
1936                            Lucille Williams Elliott            Juanita White Russell            1939
Lillian Burch Huber             Jean Schmitz Jarvis                 Geraldine Eisenring Schramm      Nedra Dick (d)
                                Suzanne Reilly Kaye                 Mary Murphy Wagoner              LaVon Painter Fugit
1937                            Blanche Becher Lippman                                               Mary Jo Hegarty Heschmeyer
Neyle Fish Gonser               Joanne Haake Meyers                 1950                             Anna Roche McNamara
Mary Jane Denman Haake          Shirley Medill Ruddy                Shirley Mickelson Angelone       Agnes Mulligan
                                                                    Kitty Goeters Bronec             Rosemary Westhues Rieke
1938                            1945                                Sr. Patricia Connolly, SCL       Geraldine Feighny Schultz
Charlotte Elbersen Banchero     Ruth Dawes Elliott                  Sr. Mary Joan Eble, SCL          Margaret Gilmore Shea
Marie Duffin Garrison           Delores Fehrs                       Marialice Pratt Enghauser
Zita Lauerman Kaiser            Joan Weaver Hauserman               Catherine Beuerlein Jacques      1940
Betty Aaron Phillips            Peggy Condon Likens                 Ella Busken Moore                June Cooper Ambauen
De Metris Crandall Sphire                                           Phyllis Santora Trombino         Mary Waters Beeby
Margaret Roche Unrein                                               Marilyn Chamberlain Wenzel       Mary Burke Klink

1939                              “For it is in giving              1951
                                                                                                     Mary Jane Gillispie Lang
                                                                                                     Anna Margaret Stretton Petrie (d)
Helen Hayes Andrus                that we receive.”                 Edith Watson Campodonico         Rosemary Cahill Sachse
Florence Koch Fischer                                               Rose Lozenski Harth
Virginia Green Rasse                                                Teresa McGilley Redlingshafer    1941
Betty Conner Stewart                – Saint Francis of Assisi       Joann Becker Reindl              A. Mezzera Boone
                                                                    Dolores Free Theis               Anna Malnar Brockland
1940                                                                                                 Margaret Caffrey
Bobbie Lonergan Boeppler        1946                                1952                             June Quane Cotter
Helen Dolan Brogno              Millie Mulligan Cox                 Margaret Steinke Whisnant        Mercedes Leonard Doherty (d)
Rose Gloria Metzger Bucksner    Mary Brown De La Paz                                                 Virginia Cotter Ford
Jean Eble Hayes                 Agnes Duffin Giese                  Junior College                   Neyle Fish Gonser
Emma Jane Duffin Hoins          Mary O'Brien Markey                                                  Marianna Bauer Grotefend
Betty Waters Keyes              Mary Margaret Ryan Martin                                            Mary Jane Denman Haake
                                                                    Ellen Haffey Clark
Elizabeth Simmons McAdams       Elizabeth Wimsatt Bray Murphy (d)                                    Lillian Daugherty Keating
Mary Riordan                    Emma-Jean Navinsky Murphy                                            Blanche Rice Kobe
Kathleen Smith Robb             Louise Lambert Netzer                                                Betty Bagby Schneider
                                                                    Patrice Clune Malley
Marie Louise Shay Warakomski    Laura Warner Scott (d)                                               Jeanne Shreve
Virginia Burke Wasson           Virginia Mason Waters
                                Annabel Crawford Willcott
                                                                    College                          1942
1941                                                                1933                             Helen Zeugin Bristow
Mary Kennally Clark             1947                                Agnes Collins Dagenette (d)      Virginia Maxwell Brown
Rosemary Kearney Heitert        Mary Kelly Enright                                                   Margaret Tutty Caldwell
Elizabeth Marksman Hoffman      Dolores Will Halling                1935                             Dorothy Considine
Janice Spence McMahon           Norene O'Connor McIntosh            Gertrude Zeugin Bauder (d)       Frances Eble Dewey

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                                               ANN UA L R E P O RT
Edith Warzel Gorman                Mary Rogers Pauley               1948                            Trenidad Jimenez Fredericks
Constance Curran Imming            Bernadine Martin Pretz           Louise Klasinski Ambrosini      Carol Wimsatt Fuss
Vivian Lynd Marshall               Hortenzia Benchea Rapking        Mary Mahoney Bianco             Rita Glynn
De Metris Crandall Sphire          Marie Maffei Raths               Sr. Marie Brinkman, SCL         Mary Ellen Ellis Knipp
Margaret Roche Unrein              Sr. Daniel Stefani, SCL (d)      Mary O'Neill Firko              Sylvia Matejovsky Lapke
                                   Marigene Wegeng Suellentrop      Mary Alice Grellner             Colleen Reardon LaPorte
1943                               Betty Darcey Tyrrell             Evelyn Tebedo Harris            Betty Hodapp Leonard
Helen Haynes Andrus                Nina Stacholy Vazquez            Peggy Jean O'Connor Hogan       Virginia Kinerney Manning
Betty Bernard                      Angela Mocellin Victory          Bernadette Malone Hughes        Mabel Slenker McPherson
Sr. Madelon Burns, SCL (d)         Patricia O'Brien Walsh           Virginia Stovall Jennings       Andree Renouard Metcalf
Lucille Mitchell Dryer             Joan McCarthy Young (d)          Mary Lou Wynne Kehoe            Elizabeth Wimsatt Bray Murphy (d)
Gladys Weisz Duncan                                                 Rita Kaullen Kerwin             Theresa Dercher Ruzick
Cecelia Honkomp                    1946                             Rose Mary Mulvihill Kornblum    Laura Warner Scott (d)
Kathryn Iliff                      Ann Mansfield Arr                Margaret Coomes Le Roy          Doreen Stefani Strizic
Mary Margaret Lynch                Irene Hemovich Aubuchon          Blanche Becher Lippman          Ruth Cariaga Tavares
Patricia O'Connor O'Brien          Charleen Hawkes Bennett          Philomena Ridgway O'Connell     Mary Jacinta Teets (d)
Charlotte Medill Powell            Annette Bohrer Bohrer            Alvara Ramm                     Joanne Flynn Ukena
Agnes Sirridge (d)                 M. Suzanne Carroll               Betty Kennan-Sosna              Diane Householder Welch
Ellen Anderson Sirridge            Helen Sheehan Corcoran           Margaret Martin Stuart          Annabel Crawford Willcott
Peggy Hennessey Slatt              Patricia Podhaisky Della Croce   Betty Fisher Ulricksen          Raquel Otero Yiengst
Marie Westhues Staub               Violet Haase Eaton               Joan Cahill Wessel              Patricia Smith Zeller
Catherine Mufic Vrbanac            Marguerite Miller Gosiger        Edna Selbe Wood
                                   Ruth Mortensen Graefing          Therese Lyons Yoakam            1951
1944                               Virginia Hollow                                                  Patricia Schlageck Angelone
Elizabeth Weimer Bishop            Constance Welling Jones          1949                            Clea Hubbell Bernhardt
Mary Pavlick Bosanatz              Rosemary Smith Kranick           Patricia Denk Biasotti          Jean Thoma Bomstad
Grace Wilson Buzaljko              Marcella Cooney Kwapiszeski      Patricia Blankinship            Joyce Navarre Brennan
Bette Vogeltanz Cornwell           Mary Martin Lawrence             Ruth Dawes Elliott              Eleanor Caffrey
Rita Gronniger English             Frances Kelly Mannix             Dolores Eakes Fehrs             Sr. Mary Cecilia Carig, SCL
Jane Bozworth Frey                 Geraldine Maffei McDonnell       Elizabeth Neale Gable           Maryellen Ratterman Connor
Charlene McLellan Grebenc          Dolores Brungardt Olson          Carlene Leeds Grieshaber        Winifred Coman Crim
Mary Lou Schott Haskins            Jeanne O'Brien O'Neill           Esther Buettner Hall            Laura Williams Ferguson
Jean Eble Hayes                    Elizabeth Zalar Paprocki         Mary Cooper Hall                Beverly Urbaczka James
Sr. Andrea Johnston, SCL           Margaret Cassidy Piacentine      Roberta Sabato Hartley          Flo Smet Lane (d)
Mary Louise Welling Knoblauch      Elosie Rodriguez                 Marie Doman Hinchie             Joan Weishaar Koenig Martz
Rosa Abbott Krissek                Marie Smith Tobin                Marion Horne                    Ellen Kearns McCarthy
Burnadette Long (d)                Florence Reichert Higgins        Helen Neuman Hughes             Phyl Chevalier Meany
Elizabeth Simmons McAdams                                           Mary Josepha Lammerding         Jeannine Mock
Rosemary McGlinchy Mulcahy         1947                                       Johnston              Armelda Phillips Sassano
Katherine Braun O'Connor           Margaret Burke                   Doris Martin Juhl               Anita Klasinski Skinner
Margaret Mullen Presley            Rosaleen Craig Buthod            Eloise Rentchler Kipp           Sr. Mary Kathleen Stefani, SCL
Mary Riordan                       Marie Hoferer Cain               Fernand Cain Klein              Elizabeth Dwerlkotte Studer
Dorothy Martin Wacker              Mary Alice Martin Coveney        Betty Marnell Kramer            Yvonne LeMaire Tellam
                                   Mary Malone Cummings             Margaret Lenahan                Anne Kennedy Thoma
1945                               Dorothy Cooper Davis             Dolores Schaefer McEnroe        Mary Evans Turner
Clara Lemm Brogan                  Patricia Padden Davis            Patricia Connor Naime           Marjorie Schoenfelder Voorhees
Dixie Peters Brunton               Margaret Donohue                 Mary Ann Henscheid Newman
Mary Kennally Clark                Peg King Hardy                   Mary Julianne O'Flannigan        1952
Mary Stone Combs                   Dorothy Manion Joyce             Sr. Michel Pantenburg, SCL       Mary Altman
Joan Woehler Dobel                 Sr. Lorraine Leist, SCL          Mary Rau                         Joan Follina Brancato
Florence Higgins Giebler           Sr. Dominique Long, SCL          Sally Brady Reilly               Beverly Dirkes Clark
Peggy Watson Gierszewicz           Sr. Mary Lenore Martin, SCL      Mary Elizabeth Lammerding        Laura Kelly Disney
Eileen Conner Greene               Marian Hays McCarthy                       Wempe                  Jo Ann Gilday Dorr
Margaret Harvat Hruza              Elaine Urbaczka Michaels         Jo Anne Winters Wheat            Joan Domitrovich Dowdall
Marjorie Kinney                    Marnie Trudelle Miller                                            Eleanor Wallace Garvey
Mary Margaret Ormsby Malley        Cecilia De Donder Noonan         1950                             Kathleen Lienhard Graham
Sr. Mary Vincentia Maronick, SCL   Dolores McHale Pennington        Harriet West Alvey               Virginia Martin Manion
Rita Morgan McDonald               Mary Jo Hrella Peterson          Patricia Hogan Conwell           Esther Hart McCormick
Sr. Mary Janet McGilley, SCL (d)   Patricia Humphrey Pixley         Irene Meyer Daly                 Joan Fleisch Mills
Elizabeth Anne Dickmann            Betty Jean Wosser Reed           Brunilda Lopez Debus             Mary Alice Passman Murphy
          Movelle (d)              Elizabeth Hardy Regan            Mary Ann Margrave Ely            Mary O'Donnell
Doris Janney Murphy                Gladys Ranney Sullivan           Mary Catherine McCormick Farrell Harriet Honda Pellerin
Hazel Murray                       Jean Weber                       Frances Grennan Feasel           Dolores Rodesney Seerey
Sr. Mary Teresa Noth, FSM                                           Jane Miller Foris                Mary Layden Siman

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                                             A NN UA L R E P O RT
Elizabeth Cho Whitesell          Dorothy Kamer Zoellner        Shirley Canaday McGeary          Jean Aaron Lonergan
Mary Holdgrafer Zimmerman                                      Rose Mary Corkle Mohr            Dorothy Ryan Maronick
                                 1955                          Stella Crowe Otte                Rosalee McEntyre
1953                             Catherine Mohr Abram          Rose Perko                       Doris Lutz Meier
Dolores Ortiz Ashen              Joan Olden Brake              Joan Porter                      Sr. Joan Sue Miller, SCL
Kathleen Altman Baron            Donna Demars Brown            Gertrude Mayer Punteney          Mary Jeanne Minhondo
LaVerne Tocher Brunmeier         Jeanne Shannon Chapp          Johnette Sawyer                  Colleen Williams Mockler
Sr. Mary Jo Coyle, SCL           Joann Redeker Colot           Mary Siefken                     Sara Kennedy Mullen
Virginia Lesser Dertina          Nancy Breen Creel             Barbara Basgall Suhr             Josephine Rome Rutka
Sr. Ellen Dore, SCL              Bessie Fritsch Fowler         Alvin Robert Trams               Jean Ryan
Helen Walden Drake               Lucille Hoppe                 Alice Murphy Vicevich            Dolores Heitz Schottler
Margaret Michenfelder Eigenman   Florence Larkin               Patricia Evers Wernel            Joan Shih
Barbara Marak Folkner            Dorothy Hessel Lintz          Elaine Solomon Willman           Mary Weber Smallwood
Mary Saunders Frankenreiter      Marcella Pokorny Muller       Victoria Ramirez Webb            Margaret McCormick Tatarka
Genedina Bolosan Goo             Joan Takarabe Takada                                           Ann Cullen Tepoorten
Jean Kennedy Gose                Catherine Schnieders Thiel    1958                             Anna Totta
Jo Ann Kearney Grady             Harriet Reno Underwood        Joan Fore Allwin                 Ellen Corkle Viens
Marian Miller Hatcher                                          Agnes Rebar Arnold               Beverly Fanty Warzecha
Genevieve Kane Hendrickson       1956                          Noreen Kennedy Azzarelli         Mary Alice Rossillon Waylan
Sr. Dorothy Henscheid, SCL       JoAnn Grieb Birg              Judith Huls Bledsoe
Joy Boman Kozak                  Eileen Kotlarz Boos           Dolores Bertels Bolin            1960
Barbara Bailey Lake              Jeanne Mackin Broussard       Elizabeth Little Call            Marie Thompson Alkire
Rosemary Donnelly Manning        Rosanna McDonald Carmichael   Sr. Mary Julie Casey, SCL (d)    Mary Murphy Blickenderfer
Maryhelen Dixon Masterson        Virginia Mesenko Carosone     Shirley Smith Clayton            Kay Clift Bode
Mary Jean Mabry Mehl             Mary Beth Frick Daigneaux     Patricia Hughes Cole             Marilyn Gray Costigan
Louise Paulsell Morgan           Joan Matkin Deardorf          Phyllis Yeager Coleman           Catherine Wagner Cuddy
Mary Louise Nentwig              Lucille Domenico              Margaret Malone Faciszewski      Margaret Campbell Felstet
Juanita Kreiling Palash          Anita Hufnagel Eischen        Shirley Clift Garrah             Mary Claus Fisher
Jane Ronan Palmer                Joan Forge Erffmeyer          Ruthanna Schutte Garrison        Judy Maguire Furey
Sr. Joan Marie Sanchez, CST      Valencia Friel Ficken         Dorothy Zalar Gillan             Kathryn Metz Godsill
Ellen Rentchler Scalet           Jean Deegan Frainey           Frances Turk Granahan            Mary Fitzgerald Hegarty
Patricia Schmitz Scally          Mary Sardick Garramone        Marylee Welch (Mick) Hamilton    Janet Mc Dermott Heon
Barbara Coppinger Sullivan       Virginia Barton Gravatt       Rita Depner Leader               Betty Jean Zalar Herrick
Mary Smith Trausch               Marilyn Sterling Hail         Patricia Kain Lester             Roberta Buxton Horning
Betty Cotter Wojciehowski        Betty Jo O'Connor Hoff        Patricia Meyer Kirlin            Retha Lallier
Margarite Mohr Wolter            Caryl Wegener Joyce           Mary Ward Meyer                  Jean Lafranier Lliorca
                                 Maizie Au-Young Lee           Kathleen Mann Pritchett          Kathleen Wilmott Lynass
1954                             Mary Cronin Mackin            Ann Muckenthaler Quaney          Shannon Macioroski
Joan Depperschmidt Albers        JoAnn Gardner McLeod          Mary Kay Williams Ruebel         Virginia Gauger McQuillan
Virginia Haag Apel               Lorraine Medill               Beverly Couhig Schuetz           Genevieve Larsen Morris
Sr. Ann Barton, SCL              Ann Langvardt Nance           Shirley Heintzelman Slusher      Mary Patania
Nancy Beha                       Gay Loggins O'Leary           Marianna Hofstra Spain           Agnes Lipovac Phelps
Jewell Oidtman Bode              Joyce Mackin Solomon          Rose Kim Suhr                    Phyllis Shortino Sandy
Micheline Neyrinck Carr          Kathleen Eraerts Stark        Sharon Vicinus Takacs            Patricia Meehan Scown
Mary Joan Highberger Felts       Dorothy Kochik Steck          Clare Ann Seitz Tischer          Rosalie Townsend Stull
Mary Bradley Hagen               Rita Crancer Weaver           Loretta Lutz Tonnsen             Myra Ligeko Straub
Annalee Smith Hollenbeck         Mary Ann Donovan Westhoff     Toni Nugent Walters
Mary Lorian Horvat                                             Carolyn Mueller Willingham       1961
Catherine Beuerlein Jacques      1957                                                           Elizabeth Campbell Barrett
Thelma Eckelkamp Kline           Mary Suwalsky Barry           1959                             Sr. Charles Marie Beeby, SCL
Dorothy Hoffman Lynch            Jacqueline Krueger Bassett    Patricia Kelly Burkley           Sr. Mary Loretta Beier, SCL
Norma Lustig Masterson           Sr. Mary Cecile Breen, SCL    Sr. Anne Callahan, SCL           Mary Louise Henscheid Borrowman
Mary Donegan Mayfield            Mary Carol Kuss Carter        Alice Skeehan Childers           Alexandra Brous Cahill
Louwana Shortino McNamara        Sotora Hyler Clark            Judy Helmert Collins             Patricia Treff Callaghan
Mary Lou Pavela Naudet           Catherine Floersch Criqui     Annette Stockey Colbert          Ralene Mazza Canty
Eileen Nixon                     Mary Krueger Detten           Mary Roach Corley                Barbara Rathman Cleary
Ursula Marley Smith              Sr. Roberta Furey, SCL        Mary Schmith Frison              Deanna Stetzner Cowley
Mary Darleen Urbaczka Speier     Shirley Kasperick Griffin     Jennie Oba Halualani             Mary Dewilde Efinger
Carmen Buxo Stewart              Angela DeWilde Kennedy        Patricia Ryan Harris             Patricia Riggin Forge
Sr. Anita Sullivan, SCL          Sylvia Markowitz Koepke       Joanne McConnell Heise           Therese Fitzgerald Harmening
Mary Arkfeld Wacker              Marilyn Trudelle Krueger      Joan Brazil Hess                 Alice Mary Anderson Higgins
Lola Tippit Wilmes               Ann Peresich Lund             Mary Kay Bondi Hudson            Mary Wiederholt Hoden
Linda Huffman Zablatnik          Joan Lynch                    Deanna Roberts Jaggers           Joan Horan
Jeanne Lepp Zinda                Ruby Barron Matt              Dolores Klasinski                Beverly Delaney Johansen

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                                                ANN UA L R E P ORT
Marilyn Wood Kasubke                Jean Marie Hiesberger            Nancy King                     Connie Teel
Beverly Santo Knobbe                Carla Zancanella Hoagland        Mary Fish Kitsmiller           Dolores Gwartney Thompson
Rita Ziegler McCormick              Ruth Hiebl Johannes              Nancy Buselt Klemp             Mary Blinzler Weidenbach
Jo Ann Nelson                       Patricia McCarthy Kerr           Judy Valdez Klingler           Pat Moxcey Wright
Mary Alice Barr Nicholson           Lee Anne Capelli Koehler         Pat Costigan Komer
Darleene Stone Overstreet           Marguerite Coyne Lowrey          Doris Robinson Krebs           1967
Norma Walters Poff                  Kathleen Murphy Mallon           Susan Cunningham Krische       Mary Schmidt Walker Baptiste
Mary Ann Tonnar Rastorfer           Margaret Hogan Milano            Rita Morris Leroux             Sheila Nelan Bellantoni
Madelyn Wendel Regan                Dolores Podrebarac (d)           Ann Loosen                     Frances Moran Bouillion
Joan Schutte Rodis                  Mary Ann Nies Schmidt            Mary Jo Rashford Lopez         Maureen Sullivan Braun
Marilyn Mohlman Ronnebaum           Lynne Hager Sell                 Barbara McCool                 Kitty Goeters Bronec
Marie Therese Schnieders Schaefer   Barbara Harrison Sindo           Marsha Lohman Miller           Mary Grillot Brown
Theresa Verschelden Schleif         Sara Sodamann Sochran            Betty Manning Milroy           Kathy Soetaert Clouse
Sr. Barbara Sellers, SCL            Marjorie Pachek Sosna            Nancy Dover Moylan             Catherine Ryan Cochrane
Marietta Wieseler Soukup            Sr. Charlotte Marie White, SCL   Rosemary Nusbaum Murphy        Judith Kain DaSilva
Marsha Strick Spellicy              Rosemary Wisniewski              Joan Coupe Nelson              Sally Dill Dorsten
Marilyn Miller Twichel              Carolyn Saenz Zimmerman          Lillian Norris                 Eve Sickel Goldstein
Judy Underwood Watowa                                                Sr. Roberta O'Leary, SCL       Ann Hayes Goodnow
Elizabeth Williams Wunder           1964                             Mary Lynn Flentie Pinocci      Rosemary Johnston Gray
Mary Harrison Ziller                Geraldine Miller Baker           Rosemary Davis Redford         Carol Thorson Hartegan
                                    Mary Staley Brown                Mary Moran Slattery            Mary Gleichman Huber
1962                                Sally Holewinski Brown           Mary Ann Slattery              Kathleen Kenney
Marilyn Gorman Akins                Sr. Susan Chase, SCL             Noel Nusbaum Stanton           Barbara Bailey Kevil
Judith Himmelberg Allen             Anna Mae Danner                  Marceline Moidl Sutter         Susan Anderson Laeder
Mary Lynch Baker                    Mary Ellen Doherty               Rosemary Coughlin Swartz       Judy Boes Landwehr
Marilyn Gorman Barsi                Joyce Milleret Eagar             Karen Collier Vizina           Alice Wetta Marcum
Lorretta Sramek Boyarski            Beth Stevermer Finn              Mary Sue Winneke               Doris Sands Mayfield
Noreen Kerrigan Cadieux             Joan Fitzpatrick                                                Maureen Layden Moravchik
Rose Marie Dwyer Champeau           Margaret Ann Frick               1966                           Sharon Morgan
Sr. Marie de Paul Combo, SCL        Loretto Claus Hayes              Judith Vasos Baczewski         Alice Fallon Mumford
Paula Day                           Carol Hinds                      Mary Brady Bennett             Patricianne Murnane
Anna Molloy Ferdinand               Marlene Peter Hoch               Marie Fuoco Blaney             Di Anne Stedem Naros
Monica Bolewski Gould               Sr. Frances Juiliano, SCL        Carole Grigsby Bozworth        Kathy O'Connor
Mary Jo Brazil Guinan               Margery Karp                     Clarita Smith Bryant           Sharon Ovaitt
Sylvia Rohleder Hovey               Suzanne Lenahan                  Nancy Carrigan                 Frances Petrovic Padow
Marion Romasko Johnson              Rosemary Schell Luckett          Linda Hund Chapman             Mary Sue Harkins Plague
Mary Kongs Keeler                   Carmen MacDonald                 Mary Quastler Chenovick        Gayle Pulem
Karen Freimuth Kosmicki             Patricia Domme Martin            Bernadette Castle Cleary       Yolanda Lalyre Rodriguez
Lorraine Caritas Kroetch            Delores Mayer                    Mary Ann Galmish Dalpes        Barbara Maronick Sample
Rita Krueger Larkin                 Anne Meyer Miller                Mildred Reust Donahue          Ann Sanders
Joan Diers Lee                      Mary Hannon Morin                Rita Wilding Drake             Donna Wilson Smith
Henrietta Linenbrink                Anne Martin Osdieck              Janice De Francia Farley       Sharon Elsweiler Staab
Mary Lee Miller McClure             Mary Kaye Townsend Pedziwater    Mary Ellen Dearth Feely        Kathleen Sherman Stevens
Virginia Mann Muehlbach             Marilyn Kroner Putthoff          Mary Evelyn Austin Frelow      Teresa Santee Thummel
Betty Himmelberg Palaski            Patricia Sarcone                 Mary Greene                    Sheryl Johnson Wardle
Jeannette Palmer Peck               Clara Siefken                    Kathleen Allgaier Gribble      Marilyn Chamberlain Wenzel
Nancy Ordonez Seeberger             Edward Simons                    Trish Flaspohler Hammons       Sr. Mary Barbara Wieseler, SCL
Marjorie Baker Shaljean             Sue Lenihan Smith                Mary Jane Harrington
Sr. Eileen Sheehy, SCL              Joan Cooper Vidmar               Mary Murnane Kenney            1968
Rita Heintzelman Siebenmorgen       Joyce Zasorin White              Sharon Stretz Khoury           Angela Flythe Alexander
Joanne Rooney Stout                                                  Nancy Nies Labiak              Judith Francis Bellome
Mary Maronick Tanzey                1965                             Shirley Mura McGlinn           Janean Harnden Bowen
Marlene Casey Trenkle               Elaine Abels                     Patricia Bristow Moulden       Margaret Yeh Braum
Kay Kline White                     Sharon Williams Albers           Margaret McDonald Pecaut       Patricia Stegeman Brisson
                                    Catherine Boedeker Barmann       Rosemary Wiederholt Peterson   Bernadette Peterson Cinadr
1963                                Mary Alice Bramming              Debbie Henscheid Povlsen       Donna Kieffer Des Marteau
Patricia Amberg                     Marilyn Mader Cameron            Alicia Cruz Reilly             Nora Hutchens Drbal
Edna Bair                           Patricia Hogan Cass              Susen Stonner Renner           Catherine Doherty Edgington
Barbara Wewers Beatty               Frances Doolittle Devonshire     Sr. Susan Rieke, SCL           Karin Kramer Franson
Norma Bray                          Nichole Helfert Duncan           Marilyn Barr Rowland           Joyce Rauth Fears
Sally Davis Coffman                 Joan Wohlrab Hall                Rena Fogarty Russell           Edna Hamera
Daisy Sanchez Coxon                 Sr. Maureen Hall, SCL            Judith Ensch Saale             Marty Arth Harrison
Patricia Clarke Gauger              Mary Hamilton                    Carol Spinner                  Kathy Hillen
Mary Essner Hein                    Maureen Hurley                   Catharine Straub               Jeanne Singleton Juliet

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                                          ANN UA L R E P ORT
Elaine Besand Keil             Julie Schneider                Marie Castro                   Muriel Rada
Carol Hohman Lechner           Deborah Stewart Schroeder      Frances Pokorny Chupalio       Janell Hauck Sniff
Leslie Lines                   Nikki Macioroski Sisson        Peggy Bender Cruver            Sue Horn Wachtel
Maggie Desch Lock              Judy Neubrand Spooner          Barbara Dierks Dallavis        Frances Myers Wilkerson
Kathryn Loncar                 Eileen Rauth Strider           Mary Akromas Dayton            Mary Sue Sheehan Wilson
Peggy Mathews Lorenz           Patricia Eggert Waters         JoEllen Stimac Estenson
Toni Bartol Loudon             Karen Ryan Wewers              Ann Victoria Garcia            1973
Nancy Martin                                                  Mary Granger                   Mary Lou Alvadj
Kathryn Quinn Milner           1970                           Susan Slattery Herbert         Margaret Gagne Berger
Christine Peschka Milyard      Elizabeth Franken Andresen     Ann Bushbaum Huot              Melinda Stoeger Burke
Nancy Miller Moran             Candace Grotzinger Arrington   Sr. Maureen Kehoe, SCL         Patty Grebenc Coleman
Maggie Hutcheson Perkins       Nancy Beal                     Rita Meyers Kross              Carolyn Joppa Conrath
Nancy Quastler                 Jeannie Harrington Downs       Margaret Fleming McCan         Sara Conver
Maureen Riley                  Marilyn Arend Duncan           Rosalie Nichols                Elizabeth Davis
Carolyn Konert Roettger        Julie Wulfkuhle Fallon         Margaret Voegele Ohm           Gwendolyn Gilboy
Judy Ronan                     Rosemary Hamm Field            Joyce Kleypas Parker           Mary Shaffer Gist
Virginia Sander                Janice Funk                    Anne McKeon Potter             Veronica Cacek Gleason
Sue Gonderinger Schoenfelder   Tina Duff Gaik                 Mary Ellen Kranda Rice         Lisa Birzer Goedken
Sharon Seigler                 Mary Jane Gordon Goebel        Shirley Robak                  Mary Lou Robak Greim
Elizabeth Bellante Spalitto    Mary Helen Firko Goode         Barbara De Coursey Roy         Colleen O'Connor Harris
Stacia Spillane                Peggy Grebenc Green            Mary Eleanor Schram            Jean Huber Holman
Teresa Stremel                 Mary Giles Hall                Sr. Mary Lex Smith, SCL        Jimmie Jones
Mary Puthumana Thomas          Mary Jo McGinnis Hobbs         M. Patricia Kennedy Solbach    Joyce Eichholz Jordan
Patricia Townsend              Maria Mazzella Hoft            Ann Sullivan                   Philip Kaiser
Diana Jones Tschache           Jenean Cowhick Huckaby         Mary Bammer Vitale             Mary Brucks Lank
Rozann Nusbaum Wadleigh        Janice Williams Hughes         Linda Olberding Walter         Mary Lynn McCarthy
Sarah Brown Wyrick             Margie Hayes Hunninghake       Christine Kocka Weglarz        Karl Meisel
Janice Wacker Zoellner         Ellen Bauder Hustings          Carol Wind                     Jan Hinds Meyer
                               Mary Maher Johnson             Cynthia Dusselier Wosel        Jan Rowan Miller
1969                           Kathleen Sisko Kerr                                           Laura Forck Morehead
Catherine Anzicek              Julie Flaspohler Lang                                         Donna Giese Nolan
Marjorie Nelson Armstrong      Sr. Mary Pat Lenahan, SCL        “It is not how much          James Rabdau
Helen Laurvick Beausoleil
Mary Anne Millard Brown
                               Penelope Lonergan
                               Natalie Luby
                                                                we give, but how             Carol Grant Redd
                                                                                             Mary Ann Doty Rizzo
Susan Kimmerly Cantin          Charmaine Doyle Martin           much love we put             Kathleen Lozano Roberts
Laura Dinges Caulfield
Anne Nicks Crisp
                               Karen Lambrecht Mead
                               Mary Ann Denzel Mitchell         into giving.”                Palmeda Johnson Robinson
                                                                                             Eleanor Sharpe Sigafoose
Kathleen Crocker               Sylvia Sullivan Moore                                         Phyllis Stowell
Anne Hannigan Distin           Lynne Kavula Morales                      – Mother Teresa     Helen Martin Swanson
Gloria Lawrence Fairchild      Cathy Griggs Newton                                           Denise Thorpe Walker
Margaret Feely                 Carlotta Krische Noonan                                       Judy Wittrock Wolf
Becky Chenoweth Golba          Shirley Caligiore Provance     1972
Lorraine Gordon                Nancy Putthoff Reddig          Sr. Barbara Aldrich, SCL       1974
Sr. Bernadette Helfert, SCL    Beth Kuckelman Reust           Joyce Schell Amick             Jo Ann Taylor Beegles
Sally Taylor Holy              Michele Arnold Rhoades         Kathy Atkins                   Karen Everett Cavender
Jeanne Duffin Hund             Judy Lawrence Rogers           Kathryn Surbaugh Bach          Denise Chevalier
Mary Ann Hubbel Huslig         Marjorie Rupp                  Donna Cavanaugh Blazek         Kathleen Martin Cinfo
Patricia Jeffrey               Mary Baker Schleicher          Jeanne Lawrence Cernich        Kathy Gompert Compton
Marti Sachse Judson            Sheila Schmeits                Maureen Current Cobb           Jamie Wright Coniglio
Mary Gonderinger Krick         Patricia Boerner Shoemaker     Ann Bachtel German             Deborah Gayle Ernst
Kathy Klotz Leary              Elaine Clooney Whitehead       Charlotte Goedde Graf          Patrice Sevier Halbach
Christine Gordon Mansour       Jacquelyn Zahller Witte        Karen Griggs                   Christine Engemann Harris
Linda Samson McCauley          Sr. Kathleen Wood, SCL         Deanna Nie Hanson              Rebecca Berich Huber
Sr. Rita McGinnis, SCL         Tricia Hammond Wuebker         Ines Tien Ho                   Kristy Kisler
Judy Fennell McGuire           Janet Aaron Yaugo              Sr. Jane Jackson, SCL          Kathleen Klodzen
Sylvia Johnson Miller                                         Theresa Jaksetic               Sue Werdenhause Kremer
Gayle Murphy                   1971                           Helena Paro Krebs              Lois Devereaux LeFebvre
Michele Lawless Nuetzel        Margaret Trumble Adams         Therese Lenahan                Linda Loeffler
Kathleen McGuire O'Connor      Adele Konkel Anderson          Carol Marinovich               Terry Rieke Lyskowski
Judy O'Connor                  Sharon Smith Armstrong         Patricia McDonald              Andrea Ciabattari McCormick
Sally Rieke Papreck            Marie-Therese Caldwell Baker   Patricia Milan-Shores          Jane Bradford McCrone
Dawna Marshall Parker          Patricia Bauer                 Anita Olson                    Teresa Untiedt McMillen
Loretta Kocour Sadler          Joyce Bonkoski Beach           Marilyn Page                   Margaret Dorsey McNamee
Virginia Hesse Schenck         LaVonne Danner Boetel          Dorothy Schmeckel Quinlan      Teresa Mehring

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                                           ANN UA L R E P ORT
Charlene Campbell Nickel       Cynthia Ferris Rhatican       Mary Blair Powers               Wanda Blockburger Owen
Sr. Margaret Petty, SCL (d)    Ellen Turley Robinson         Norma Dettwiler Pretz           Margaret Lehn Pike
Erna Sheehan Pinkham           Sally Smart                   Kathleen Page Reardon           Luis Romero
Linda Grant Potts              Linda Sommer                  Warren Reed                     Yvonne Hughes Tripp
Patricia Regan                 Connie Pappageorge Thrasher   Diane Rogenmoser
Susan Smith-Vandergriff        Alice Vargas                  Marilyn Storey Simmons          1981
Susan Brucks Stuart            Debra Bernard Watson          Catherine Smith                 Jo Cole Adams
Karen Kremers Tyler            Julia Blaufuss Willets        Margaret Wickham St. Germain    Katherine Stork Bacon
Judith Vogelsang                                             Cindy Stergar                   Laura Murray Beeves
Caridad Farias Wade            1977                          Lucy Urlacher                   Teresa Casey Bryant
Mary Conroy Wood               Craig Avdeychik               Catherine Newton Verschelden    Sr. Loretto Marie Colwell, SCL
                               Mary Hunt Birdwell            Susan Juergensmeyer Wieberg     Gary Creek
1975                           Mary Frain Caldwell           Bill Wuckowitsch                Suzzie Roos Downey
Alison Banikowski              Jane Cindric                                                  Rosemary Hauber Grady
Kathleen Benson                Therese Gorsky Cosan          1979                            Catherine Rose Grimm
Gwendolyn Webb Buchanan        Mary Donnelly Cutburth        Rebecca Davidson Akright        Sue Stewart Grosdidier
Bonita Ciambotti               Sandra Gil Dark               Ramona Arroyo                   Michele Boudreau Hashagen
Emily Roling Dierking          Kathleen Moore Dickson        Diana Ward Bahr                 Albert Janes
Katrina Dixon-Shea             Joanne Giese                  Mary Debello Bartholomew        Sharon Schwenk Kirby
Anne Lueckenhoff Doerr         Kay Ward Gray                 Susan Bellotti                  Michele Kobus
Kathleen Kreifels Gawart       Marihelen Hatcher             Gary Borushaski                 Mildred Langley
Patricia Hogan Gilbertson      Kimberley Cartwright Hess     Sue Mitchell Bower              Annemarie Winter McKee
Jane Ann Gorsky                Joseph Hoytal                 Rita Dunnebecke Brown           Evarista Nnadi
Gloria Lescault Grenier        Wanda Douglas Jeannin         Deborah McAuley Bugni           Donna Cash Patti
Ann Hogan                      Carole Kobets                 Brenda Clary                    Michelle Piranio
Mary Kay Johnsen Hoppe         Mary Beth Sullivan Lambuth    Eva Helming Fye                 Teresa Demeulenaere Rew
Nancy Lee Hsu                  Bridget Jones May             Linda Adamson Heim              Bernadette Schmeits
Anne Frey Keeley               Margaret Loosbrock McCaleb    Sheryl Rettig Kaiser            Kathleen Mellott Serra
Anita Godwin Keith             Margaret Kongs McIntyre       Mary Kallman                    Roberta Santa Sexton
Kimberly Harrington Kelley     Donna Otto Moeller            Rebecca Stambaugh Lloyd         Janet Vosburgh Smedsrud
Eileen Sullivan Kottenstette   Mary Sumpter Moldenhauer      Teresa Dorr Martz               William Staudenmaier
Ann McCarthy                   Rosie Quinn                   Edward Morton                   Georgine Bartels Svatos
Sallie Duffin McGlinn          Mary McNair Rulle             Molly Rieke Reardon             Bonnie Bretz Taggart
Nancy Himmelberg Mellard       Valerie Schroer               Luanne Chontos Rieke            Janice Brown Thomas
Devri Schroer Merello          David Spehar                  Norman Schmalz                  Yvonne Pagenkopf Willcott
Marina Garcia O'Sullivan       Sondra Tucker                 Rose Schmeits                   John Wolf
Nancy Temme Prescott                                         Carol Schmidt                   Edward Yazdandoost
Elizabeth Pursell              1978                          Robin Bassett Stimac            Mary Yoakum
Judy Freeouf Quanty            Louise Obloy Bannister        Marie Mack Tobin
Mary Hogan Rachac              Mary Ault Bennett             Joanne Fenton Vamosi            1982
Christine Bersbach Raya        Nell Hinz Briggs              Ann Hawkins Yount               Barbara Kuzma Akers
Sharon Taylor Simon            Frances Hermesch Bunch                                        Margie Chancey
Molly Kasten Sirridge          Mary Bushbaum                 1980                            Donna Cooper
John Taylor                    Laurie Metz Cleavinger        Valerie Jambrosic Anzicek       Mary Sinak Cowles
Lucy Struckhoff Tobben         Patricia Willy Deveau         Debbie Barnes                   Myra Newby Denigan
Teri Cunningham Willett        Mary Dunnebecke Dorr          Susan Berry                     Paula Ellis
Ramona Myers Youngblood        Sharon Garbs                  Michele Wales Blank             Margaret McMurray Griffith
                               Jane Morehouse Gies           Barbara Henscheid Browning      Phylis Hancock
1976                           Linda Riesselman Gilliland    Christine Bukaty Brunkow        Danette Smith Hanson
Roberta Charney Abaday         Vicki Fredrickson Gorman      June Loecker Deal               Sue Stalker Knott
Dorothy Adams Biermann         Patricia Gould                Julie Segura Gregory            Kathleen McCaffrey
Yvonne Brown                   Irene Caton Groves            Joyce Hermesch Hamza            Vanda Daman McGraw
Denise Cunningham              Michael Henry                 Herbert Harris                  Cynthia Trowbridge Moore
Frances Escareno               Nan Horvat                    Janice Kloster Heble            Cynthia Lamas Oldenburg
Sharon Fenoglio Hoover         Jill Murray Hunter            Judith Martin Kane              Patricia Osimo
Mary Helen Wallau Hurley       David Kovac                   Julia Franchere Killmar         Juliet Pacquing
Anne Ward Keane                Phyllis Kaiser Kuckelman      Eileen Conner Koestner          Rehea Keller Richardson
Elizabeth Kolaz                Alice Love                    Ramona Lanitulok Levy-Strauss   Yvonne Edgell Samson
Patricia Bruegging McGuire     Nancy Lundin                  Mary Bradley Lincoln            Theresa Drake Schmitt
Donna Carroll McVeigh          Susan Cassmeyer Morgan        Theresa Maher                   Mary Denzel Sundermeyer
Jo Bartoletti Mihailovich      Mary Schrodt Nahlik           Mary Miller                     Diann Fiore Taylor
Elizabeth Nold                 Mary Lane Olson               Sr. Mary Beth Minges, SCL       Diane Lardner Westling
Gwendolyn LeBlanc Payne        Geni Torres Pantoja           Jerry Moore                     Gail Patterson Yaple
Linda Boersig Reinhardt        Joan Lenahan Porter           Kathy Poell Odenwald            Linda Desch Zuchowski

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                                      ANN UA L R E P ORT
1983                       1985                           Michael Simonis               Barbara Collins
Sandra Parks Ackerman      Nancy Clark Bauder             Jean Cianciolo Titus          Robert Kirwan
Michael Bardwell           Tresa Murphy Buessing          Thomas Winkelbauer            Kolotita Lemanua
Virginia Bertrand          Kathleen Byard                                               Gloria Nussman
Elizabeth Bowes            Isabel Clough                  1988                          John & Kristie Holmes Ossello
Mary Coogan                Nancy Cecil Connolly           Joseph Bartkoski
Joann Corpstein            Gisela Aponte Davis            Glenda Channel                1993
Louwane Bishop Courtney    Julie Arauza DeGraffenreid     Molly Donohue                 Devin Cooley
Mary Engelmeyer            M. Nadine Kennedy Dooley       Susan Loyacono-Honeywell      Rachel Umscheid Elvin
Mary Fulbright             Gail Erickson                  Julie McConwell McBride       Lori Filbert
Sharon Growney-Seals       Kathy Fisher Forner            Elmorine McKiernan            Sylvia Tellez Francis
Cynthia Herrin             Mary Alberta Grimm             Adriana Melgoza Pecina        Christine Gould Hamm
Helen Wright Huff          Rosalia Haas                   Margaret Perkins              Brenda Hawkins
Laura Jaurequi             Norma Harvey                   Marilyn Schlosser             Joan Payne
Elizabeth Benson Johnson   Lori Heintzelman               Mary Ann Miller Vance         Jo Ann Pfeiffer
Anne Chiarelli Jones       Martha Hubbard                 Linda Wade                    Christine Loudon Symons
Ann Yonker Kresse          Judith Kane                    Georgia Wright
Charles Lowe               LeAnne Spencer Lauf                                          1994
Barbara Lubaczewski        Mary Lavery                    1989                          Debbie Reusch Bell
Richard Lynch              Sarah Magoba                   Sherie Breen Cole             Rebecca Bell
Margaret Casey Moseley     Martha Jenkins Mercer          Henrietta Bush Ehrlich        Patricia Bozich
Jo Ann Chavez Ruybal       Mary Gillgannon Miller         Warren Garlock                Peggy Andrews Capps
Steven Seaman              Paula Goleta Poirier           Jean Harrington               Joseph & Rami Carey Contrucci
Jodi Shockey Slapper       Robin Thurston Ross            Ann Heintzelman               Teresa Croft
Sr. Diane Steele, SCL      Mary Amaro Ryan                Catherine Kuhn                Anna Adamski Egbert
Ann Blanton Widener        Leah Hammack Wolf Schmidt      Kathleen Murphy               Michelle Friend
Sr. Amy Willcott, SCL      Evelyn Shelton                 Paula Ernzen Murphy           Michelle Jimenez Garcia
                           Chou Soung                     Margaret Neff                 Kathy Buchanan Knetter
1984                       Margaret Satterwhite Waddell   Janice Palcher                Cynthia McGee
Lezlie Valenzuela Allman                                                                Michelle Chambers McQuillan
Jodie Wessel Berve         1986                           1990                          Cynthia Wheeler Mettlach
Joseph Biondi              Paul Bennetts                  Brenda Curry Davis            Vicki Nash
Lisa Ash Bowers            Robert Breitenstein            Patti Ames Denney             Laymond Owens (d)
Jerry Bradley              Susan Brungardt                Joyce Morales Folscroft       Gail Dowling Radke
Bernadette Surh Choi       Margie Drake                   Robert Holt                   Carolyn Davis Sanderford
Margaret Cronkleton        Patricia Goodell               Patricia Bailes Jolley        Kathleen Kraker Stegman
Sarah Cutting              Garry Knight                   Kathleen Klein                Tracey Tillinger-Goetz
Kathy Colvin D'Attoma      Marilyn Vitt Lappin            Cynthia Enneking Pedroza      Dessislava Vartolomeeva
Wanda Ford                 Leo Long                       Nga Phan                      Sharon Anstine Williamson
Raymond Franklin           Debbie Richardson Meyer        Donna Pittman
Amy Henscheid Freeman      Barbara Edmonds Munsterman     Wesley Potts                  1995
Sharon Gwartney            Pamela Coldren Oberdiek        Tracy Zielinski Schmidt       Christine Gehman Angelini
Marietta Huppert           Mary Sean Buckley Ratzloff     James Siler                   Alicia Stowe Brady
Sherry Brown Johnson       Tamara McCleary Robinette      Pamela Vaccaro Spalding       Sherrie Speierman Bridenstine
Betsy Johnson              Linda Kearney Schroeder        Susan Sixta Taylor            Susan Carroll
Cindy Herrin Kane          Sharon Bowyer Shippee          Mary Wolf                     Joseph Clark
Kathleen Kenton            Mary Vermillion                                              Karen McMullen Dare
Kathryn Klug                                              1991                          Gregory Dowell (d)
Marie Vogel Kohrmann       1987                           Evelyn Amoroso                Jean Carroll Ferrara
Cindy Miller Koucherik     Debbie Fellows Alexander       Jill Eggers Barrett           Anita Meringer Gregory
Cecelia Barton McCraney    Karen Caudill Baker            Charles Calloway              Joseph Herbin
William McNamee            Angela Schaefer Ball           Rhonda Seitter Crow           Angelica Rodriguez Hernandez
Annie Woods Nickson        Nancy Dix Collard              Jennifer Grasela              Bridget Holton
Carolyn Boettcher Parmer   Hassan El'Amin                 Laura Guilfoyle Krom          Erin Fethers Kearns
Marvin Payne               Virginia Filbert               Teresa Lee                    Karyn Wyrick Moore
Ann Schmeltz Pickert       Lori Foskett                   Katrina Feuerborn Martinez    DuBwa Simmons Moses
Rebecca Pollmiller         Linda Chapman Garlinger        Cheryl Rogers Rader           Danielle Ernzen Nichols
Christine Prieto Ramirez   Ann Mader Lutz                 Sheila Steinmetz              Michael Ryan
Kelly Rivera               Kathyrn Lynass                                               Debra Plank Sack
Kathy Desch Sinclair       Cheryl Verbeck Manuel          1992                          Cynthia Scircle
Jean Braswell Stritt       Karen McIver-Wilson            Sheila Nelson Rice            Cynthia Thiele
Sheila Sunderland          Thunie Miller                  Dwayne Boettcher
Lu Ann Taylor              Sarah Maurer Palmer            Kolean Tauiliili Burgess
Theresa Vitt               Jon Parry                      Arlana Coleman

www.stmary.edu                                                                         ASPIRE,Winter 2005         Page 19
                                         ANN UA L R E P ORT
1996                         1998                            Michael Lu                     Meg Sandefur
Tiffany Arrington            Thomas Day                      Barbara Ring                   Jennifer Stewart
Monica Boucher Berryman      Shawn Engel                     Constance Rudolph              Sunny Summers
Maxine Coats                 Kathy Flentie                   Mary Ruhlman
Suzanne Fichman              Daynen Mansanti Lalicker        Chad Shafer                    2002
Tamara Grodsky               Tania Koterwas Landauer         Robin Spinner Visocsky         Stephen Dotson
Jennifer Klamm Laffoon       Thomas Scarlett                 Gary Washington                Joseph & Amy Hill Godina
Linda McGowan                Joann Shultz                    Amber Wilson                   Deborah Humston
Juanita Newton                                                                              Deborah Jameson
Michael Robinson             1999                            2001                           Janet Lyon
Nancy Schimoler              Brian Burns                     Nicole Sirridge Angermuller    Elizabeth Madeo
Stephen Shepard              Lana Elefante                   Carrie Kant Barbarich          Stephanie Seem
Lori Singleton-Hawk          Margaret Fitzgerald             Karen Barry                    Ann Super
Sylvia Waters                Dallas Henry                    Carole Burkemper               Rose Walsh
                             Christopher Huot                Betty Coleman
1997                         Joyce Kirk                      Stacy Copeland                 2003
Byron Anderson               Douglas Lathrop                 Trish Coupe-Schuele            John LeiVan
James Baker                  Sally Selzer                    Mandy Brubaker Coy
Robin Bromell                Judith Tranckino                Rejanee Cytacki                2004
Karen Anders Clay            Patricia Welicky                Michael Finnell                Gary Green
Jason Lalicker                                               Marty Gale                     Gary Anderson
Jane Ellen Liebert           2000                            Barbara Haag                   Mary Archer
Amy Mader                    Marita Campbell                 Lisa Horn                      Rebecca Ascherl
Megan Durkin McLaughlin      Stephanie Connolly              Kimberly Molina Klein          Jeanne Dapogny
Mary Mertz                   Linda Dailing                   Patrick McDermott              Kimberly Foster
Misty Toomey                 Angela Gregory                  Leah Ochs                      Retha Huppe
                             Joey Hall                       Rowena Philbrick               Lauren Powell Schatz
                             Heather Heintzelman Kerekes                                    Cynthia Wuebker

                                                                                  University of Saint Mary
                                                                                    Alumni Association
                                                                                     Invites You On an

                                                                               Alaskan Cruise
                                                                                      September 4-11, 2005

                                                        For alumni, friends, family
                                                                  and significant others

                                                            Final payment is not due until June 1, 2005.
                                                            A deposit is required to reserve your spot.
                                                               Space is limited. Call today for prices
                                                           and information on how to book your cruise.

                                                              Contact the Alumni Director, Rachel Looney,
                                                                at 913-758-6130 for more information.
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                                Saint Mary Receives Generous Gift from Estate
                                      of Board of Trustee Lawrence Starr
                        In the weeks leading up to his death        that justice be extended to
                        on Oct. 24, 2004, Lawrence Starr had        the Palestinian people.”
                        many conversations with Saint Mary
                        President, Sister Diane Steele. He          “He not only gave jobs to
                        wanted to leave a substantial gift to       refugees from the former
                        the university for which he held a          Soviet Union, he also
                        great fondness. At $1 million, Larry        discussed issues with
                        Starr’s gift is one of the largest single   them and recommended
financial gifts ever received by the University of Saint Mary.      books for them to read.
That aside, it’s the relationship with Starr that makes the gift    He not only provided the
so special.                                                         University with funds,
                                                                    he also spoke directly to
Starr was a Kansas City philanthropist and entrepreneur             students and faculty about
and sat on the University of Saint Mary Board of Trustees.          his thoughts on issues
He was the retired chairman and CEO of Kansas City-                 of global importance,”
based Koch Equipment LLC. Soon after his death at age               added Riegg.
72, he was inducted into the Packaging Hall of Fame of                                            Lawrence D. Starr
                                                                                                  1932 -2004
the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute as the              Sister Marie Brinkman also
“founding father of vacuum packaging in the U.S.”                   considered Starr a good friend. “He had such a keen mind,”
                                                                    said Sr. Marie. “He was ever eager to learn and had a strong
As a member of the University of Saint Mary Board of                commitment to the educational mission of the University of
Trustees, Starr focused his attention on the quality of             Saint Mary.” She added, “Saint Mary was blessed with his
students’ learning and their potential impact for good.             friendship, loyalty and guidance and it is an honor to have
His influence is memorialized in the university’s Lawrence          the Global Studies Institute carry his name.”
D. Starr Global Studies Institute, established to promote
attitudes, policies, and practices that foster peace and justice.   John Starr, his son, said, “Dad felt that he could make a
Saint Mary has also established the Lawrence D. Starr               significant impact with his financial support for admissions
Endowed Scholarship in History, Political Science and               and global studies at University of Saint Mary. As an alum
Global Studies.                                                     of Caltech and MIT, he knew well that any endowment he
                                                                    could leave would be lost in their massive endowments. Dad
Dr. George Steger, chair of the history and political science       felt that University of Saint Mary would cherish every dollar
department, enjoyed a long friendship with Starr. “He               and help to educate students in need about the world and
had a steadfast belief in the dignity of human beings and           democratic values.”
human life in all its diversity,” Steger said. “His commitment
to justice and his abiding love for and confidence in the           Sr. Diane Steele could not agree more. “In many ways the
principles of democracy were cornerstones of his life and           formal document naming the Global Studies institute for
because these principles are at the core of the Global              Larry captures his spirit,” she said. “The document sites his
Studies Institute mission, he felt strongly about leaving a         profound love of life in all its wonder, beauty, and pain; his
bequest to fund GSI endeavors.”                                     generous spirit and loving heart; his keen mind, ever eager
                                                                    to learn; his abiding love for and confidence in the principles
Dr. Nicholas Riegg, the executive director of GSI, talked of        of democracy; his commitment to justice; his steadfast belief
the profound affect Larry had on him and others at Saint            in the dignity of human beings and human life in all its
Mary who had the opportunity to know and work with him.             diversity; his belief in the power of your ability to help
“He was an inspiration – a light, in the way he lived his life.     others become their best selves; his friendship, loyalty,
While he strongly supported GSI endeavors to develop                guidance to the University of Saint Mary; his commitment
theories and ideas supportive of global integration, he also        to the educational mission of the University of Saint Mary.
strongly emphasized the need to avoid sterile academic              We thank God for Larry while we continue to mourn his
presentations that ignored the ‘human dimension’ and the            untimely passing.”
need for charity, understanding and mutual respect amongst
all people. He believed in the importance of Israel’s                                          – Laura Davis and Bryan Schrepel
continued existence, but tempered his support by insisting

www.stmary.edu                                                                                    ASPIRE,Winter 2005       Page 21
                                               USM Honored for Athletic Character
                                 The University of Saint Mary strives to build strength, integrity and character in all its
                                 students. Recognizing the university’s mission in action, the NAIA took notice, honoring
                                 the character of the University of Saint Mary’s student athletes.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), in conjunction with the NAIA Character Committee, named
the University of Saint Mary a Champions of Character institution in November. The NAIA awards the Champions of
Character distinction to collegiate institutions that uphold five tenets during athletic competition: integrity, respect, responsi-
bility, sportsmanship and service leadership. This is the first year the University of Saint Mary has received such a distinction.
USM is one of just 188 schools nation wide that were honored by the NAIA.

“This is a tremendous honor for the University,” Athletic Director Darrell Phipps said.
“We strive to provide a solid foundation for the future of our student-athletes. To be recognized
like this means we are accomplishing our mission.”

“Being a Champion of Character Institutional Award winner means you take the time to inten-
tionally practice what the NAIA and the institutional mission statement look like in action,” said
Rob Miller, NAIA Director of Champions of Character Initiatives. “We are proud of our mem-
ber institutions that take honor in this award and understand the importance we place on it.”

The Champions of Character was created by the NAIA three years ago to create an environment
in which every student-athlete, coach, official and spectator is committed to the true spirit of
competition through the five tenets. The University of Saint Mary is a NAIA Division II
member offering eight varsity sports programs. Approximately 55 percent of the Saint Mary               Coach Darrell Phipps is proud of
                                                                                                        what this award means to USM.
student body population competes in collegiate athletics.

                                           USM Seventh Annual Lincoln Lecture To
                                          Feature Kansas Filmmaker Kevin Willmott
                                  This President’s Day, Feb. 21, at 7 p.m., Kevin Willmott, a Kansas film director/screen-
                                  writer and assistant professor of film studies at KU, will be the featured speaker at
                                  University of Saint Mary’s seventh annual Lincoln Lecture. Willmott will discuss his latest
                                  independent film called “CSA: The Confederate States of America,” which is being
                                  released nationally in select cities in January 2005. It debuted at the 2004 Sundance
                                  Film Festival.

                                  Part parody, part faux documentary, “CSA” asks what this country would be like if the
                                  South had won the Civil War. Professor Willmott plans to show excerpts from his film at the
                                  lecture and will also ponder the question "What would America have been like without the
                                  vision of Lincoln?"

His lecture will be held in Saint Joseph Dining Hall on the main campus. The event is free and open to the public.

The Lincoln Lecture series was initiated in 1999 to acknowledge Saint Mary’s extensive collection of unique Lincoln
memorabilia and to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s strong ties to Leavenworth. Lincoln delivered his first presidential campaign
speech in Leavenworth in 1859 at the urging of his friend Mark Delahay, a Leavenworth lawyer and newspaperman.
Noteworthy items in the 10,000-piece Lincoln collection include an original copy of the 13th Amendment, the document
that abolished slavery, and a lock of Lincoln’s hair, claimed to have been taken from the president after he was fatally shot by
John Wilkes Booth in 1865.

The Lincoln Lecture will be followed by a dessert reception in the Walnut Room of Mead Hall. Call 913-758-6308 for
more information.
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    How to make chocolate glop
Chocolate Glop is a Saint Mary favorite that was discovered by
accident in the early 1950s. Now you can enjoy the tradition.

                  Recipe for Chocolate Glop

1 c. flour, sifted                2 tbsp. salad oil
3/4 c. granulated sugar           1 tsp. vanilla
2 tbsp. cocoa                     3/4 c. chopped walnuts
2 tsp. baking powder              3/4 c. brown sugar
1/2 tsp. salt                     1/4 c. cocoa
1/2 c. milk                       1 3/4 c. hot water

Sift together first 5 ingredients; add milk, oil and vanilla; mix until
smooth. Stir in nuts. Pour into greased 8x8x2 inch baking pan.                “Mmm! May I serve you some Chocolate Glop?”
Combine remaining ingredients and pour over batter. Bake at 350º
for about 45 minutes. Makes 6 to 8 servings.

Seven New Members Join University of Saint Mary
                                                                                                                          T Y O F SA
                                                                                                                      R SI

             Board of Trustees
                                                                                                                    VE               IN


                                                                                                            T HE

The University of Saint Mary welcomes seven new mem-                Teresa Redlingshafer Gehring
bers to its Board of Trustees. The new members include              is a regional manager with Dell
Honore Ashcraft, John Gordon, Sister Maureen Hall, Sister           Incorporated, responsible for

Margaret Ellen “Peg” Johnson, Charles McCann, Teresa
                                                                    the North Central United
                                                                                                                  S ET SC IEN

Redlingshafer Gehring, and Sister Linda Roth. All seven             States. She formerly held the
were inducted at the first Board of Trustees meeting of the         position of director of admissions at Saint Mary.
new academic year this fall.
                                                                    Sister Linda Roth was previously both the vice principal for
Honore Ashcraft holds her MBA in International                      Immaculata High School and campus minister for Saint
Management and Marketing from the Monterey Institute of             Mary. Most recently, she directed a job training program at
International Studies. She has been teaching and working as         El Centro in Kansas City. Currently, she is a Community
a marketing consultant for over 20 years.                           Councilor of the Sisters of Charity.

John Gordon is a retired General with the U.S. Air Force.           Charles McCann is the president and owner of McCann
He has over 36 years of experience in high-level leadership         Business Group, a local accounting firm that offers private
and management, including four years at the White House.            investment banking and wealth management services. He
                                                                    also served 17 years as a Trustee with the Metropolitan
Sister Maureen Hall is a Community Councilor with the               Community Colleges.
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and has many years of
serving her community and faith in Parish Ministry.                 These new seven make 22 total members on the USM Board
                                                                    of Trustees. Returning members include: Charles Berkel,
Sister Margaret Ellen “Peg” Johnson is the Community                Mary Alice Bramming, Sister Katherine Franchett, Dr. Carol
Secretary of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. She has         Hinds, William Lindquist, Irma Napoli, James Paquette,
taught high school music, including both band and chorus,           Carolyn Parmer, Joseph Snyder, Ernest J. Straub, Jr., Sister
for over 34 years.                                                  Charlotte White, and University of Saint Mary President,
                                                                    Sister Diane Steele.
www.stmary.edu                                                                                       ASPIRE,Winter 2005              Page 23
                         Attend Alumni Reunion 2005 on July 8-10
Step onto University of Saint Mary campus for the first time, for the hundredth time. Plan now to attend Alumni Reunion
2005. Bring your classmates and family to relive old memories and create new ones.

If you are willing to help gather your class to attend the Reunion, you can be a class agent. To volunteer, please contact
Rachel Looney at 913-758-6130.

Take a minute to honor an outstanding alumna/alumnus by nominating her/him for a University of Saint Mary Alumni
award to be presented at the 2005 Reunion.

General Information:
        • Nominees must be Saint Mary graduates and cannot currently be
          employed at Saint Mary
        • Nomination deadline is March 1
        • Nominees reviewed by the selection committee
        • Recipients notified in April and recognized at the 2005 reunion on
          Saturday, July 9

Category Criteria:                                                                    Members of Saint Mary’s Class of ‘79 enjoy the 2004
        Saint Vincent De Paul Award:                                             Reunion.
        • Recognizes an alum who exemplifies the mission of the University
        • Nomination remarks must include the words, “community, respect and excellence” to describe the nominee’s
          contributions to society.

        Sr. Mary Mark Orr Pioneer Spirit Award:
        • Recognizes an alum who has achieved great success in her/his professional career
        • Nomination remarks must include how Saint Mary plays a role in the nominee’s success.

        Sr. Mary Janet McGilley Service Award:
        • Recognizes an alum who has helped advance the University by sharing her/his time and talent with Saint Mary
        • Nomination remarks must include the nominee’s contribution to Saint Mary and why he/she feels it is important
          to give back to the Saint Mary community.

                        Alumni Recognition Program Nomination Form
Category for Nomination:         ____ Saint Vincent De Paul Award
                                 ____ Sr. Mary Mark Orr Pioneer Spirit Award
                                 ____ Sr. Mary Janet McGilley Service Award

Your Name: __________________________________                     Nominee:     ______________________________________
Relationship to Nominee: _______________________                  Class Year:_______________________________________
Your Phone Number: __________________________                     Nominee’s Address: _______________________________
                                                                  City, State, Zip: __________________________________
                                                                  Nominee’s Phone Number: _________________________

In 500 words or less, explain why the above nominee should be recognized in the 2005 Alumni Recognition Program, and
attach any supporting documentation such as news clippings, programs, etc. We will NOT be able to return these items.
Please submit by March 1, 2005 to:      University of Saint Mary, Rachel Looney, Alumni Director
                                        4100 South 4th Street
                                        Leavenworth, KS 66048
Page 24 ASPIRE,Winter 2005                                                                                         www.stmary.edu
                                                Class Notes
Academy 1938, College 1942                     Kan. and Edward Matt to Jackie                Carol Hohman Lechner - Lincoln,
Bob Sphire - Lexington, Ky. - son of           Fedderson on Sept. 5, 2004 in Des             Neb. - Carol just started her thirty-third
DeMetris Crandall Sphire, is entering          Moines, Iowa.                                 year with the University of Nebraska
his 14th year as a guidance counselor and                                                    Libraries as a technical services manager.
head football coach of the Lexington           College 1959                                  She is excited about being a grandmother
Catholic High School. During his tenure,       Mary Alice Rossillon Waylan - Ann             to two boys and one girl.
the Knights have compiled a record of          Waylan, daughter of Clyde and Mary
116 wins and 36 losses. Since beginning        Alice Waylan, received Ph.D. degree in        Carol Konert Roettger - St. Louis, Mo.
district play in 1993 they have never failed   Agriculture (animal cell growth), from        - Member of National Executive Board of
to make the KHSAA playoffs. This past          Kansas State University, December 2003.       NPCD- National Association of Parish
spring, Sphire took on additional responsi-    She is lead park scientist at Cargill,        Catechetical Directors- (Part of the
bilities when he was also named head           in Wichita, Kan., in research and             NCEA.) She is the Heartland Regions
coach and offensive coordinator for the        development. Ann Waylan and                   representative. Her daughter and son-in-
Lexington Horsemen national indoor             Christopher Brackenridge were married         law have given her two grandchildren.
football league and led them to winning        at St. Isidore Church, May 1, 2004,
the National Championship Title on             Manhattan, Kan. They both work for            Mary Puthumana Thomas - Mary's
Aug. 7 in only their second season.            Cargill in different areas.                   son, Joe, and his wife, Beena, are the
                                                                                             proud parents of Zachery Joseph Thomas
College 1944                                   College 1963                                  born June 12, 2004.
Mary Lou Schott Haskins - Barberton,           Barbara Wewers Beatty - Kansas City,
Ohio - Mary’s oldest grandson, Thomas          Kan. - Barb retired from teaching after 36    College 1969
Patrick Haskins, got married on July 3,        years in the Archdiocese of Kansas City,      Patrick Waters, son of Patricia Eggert
2004 to Ashley Peters at St. Rita Catholic     Kan. She continues to keep in touch with      Waters, graduated from KU School of
Church in Solon, Ohio.                         her career by doing substitute teaching.      Law in May 2004. His brother, David, is
                                               She just taught a ten-week reading course     an attorney with the firm of Lathrop &
College 1946                                   at Donnelly College. Her son, Kevin, and      Gage in Kansas City.
Elizabeth Schmahl Reed - San Antonio,          his wife, Marlene, adopted a little girl,
Texas - Has worked since 1990 on the           Abegail Annamarie, from the Philippines.      College 1970
Stilwell House to see that it was fully        She came to the U.S. in December and          Lynne Kavula Morales - Pacifica,
restored.                                      celebrated her 4th birthday in August.        Calif. - Husband, Art, retired in July 2002
                                               She joins her big sister, Alyssa, in the      as a police officer in San Mateo County
College 1949                                   Beatty family.                                after serving for 31 years. He has taken a
Geraldine Sens Ayres - Baldwin City,                                                         position as risk management director for a
Kan. - She is expecting a grandchild.          Judith Mader Kroll - Laguna Niguel,           large firm in Burlingame. Daughter, Kara,
                                               Calif. - She has been married 39 years        and her husband, Sean, celebrated their
College 1950                                   with homes in Alaska and California.          one year wedding anniversary on Oct. 31.
Catharine Cahill Anderson - She is             She has four daughters and seven grand-
happily awaiting the arrival of her second     children (1 on the way). She has worked       College 1978
great grandchild.                              for 25 years as a medical technologist,       Linda Spero Erny - She has been mar-
                                               eight years as director of religious educa-   ried for 28 years with two grown grand-
Academy 1951, College 1955                     tion, and many years as legal assistant to    children 26 and 24. She is a senior tax
Harriet Reno Underwood - Gillette,             her husband.                                  and compliance research assistant at
Wyo. - She has a new granddaughter,                                                          Sprint in Overland Park, Kan.
Abigail.                                       College 1965
                                               Karen Collier Vizina - Baraga, Mich. -        Christine Vitt - Awarded church musi-
College 1957                                   She retired after 36 years on Nov. 1, 2004.   cian of the year for the state of Missouri
Ruby Barron Matt - Saint Olaf, Iowa -          Her seventh grandchild was born on            by the Missouri Federation of Music
Her daughter, Sharon Matt Atkins,              Oct. 11, 2004.                                Clubs for the year 2003-2004.
received her Ph.D. in Art History from
Rutgers University. Her granddaughter,         College 1968                                  College 1980
Rachel Baeuchle, graduated from high           Patricia Stegeman Brisson - Daughter,         Amanda Burns Peterson - Butte,
school in Leavenworth in 2004. Family          Jennifer received her doctorate from          Mont. - Parent of current student, Geoff
weddings include Elaine Matt to Brad           Washington University in St. Louis. She       Peterson (C’08).
Schaffner on May 29, 2004 in Lawerence,        is now at Princeton doing post doctorate
                                               work in genetic research.

www.stmary.edu                                                                                      ASPIRE,Winter 2005          Page 25
College 1983                                     College 1990                                     Gruenloh. Angela is a registered nurse for
Sharon Growney-Seals - Sharon just               Lavonne Noem Curtis - was married                the Kansas City Cardiology group and
finished her doctorate through Nova              to Rev. Dr. Daniel Curtis in July 2002.          works in Lee’s Summit. Michael continues
South East University in Higher                                                                   as a team coordinator for DST Systems,
Education Leadership with an emphasis            College 1991                                     Inc. in Kansas City.
in English Education. She has also been          Karen Carr - Westminster, Calif. - Saint
named chair of the English Department            Mary has helped her get a job at the V.A.        College 1998
at Ouachita Technical College.                   in Leavenworth. She is now working               Rebecca Arns Cotney - Broken Arrow,
                                                 towards a teaching credential for special        Okla. - Rebecca and her husband Danny
College 1985                                     education. Karen wants to thank the staff        had a son, Ryan Anthony, born on
Gisela Aponte Davis - Topeka, Kan. -             and the many sisters who welcomed her            Oct. 21, 2003.
She is a tutor and substitute teacher for        with open arms and love.
Seaman Schools in Topeka. Her family                                                              College 2001
includes a daughter, Natalie, son, Jacob,        College 1995                                     Linton Lavergne - College Station,
and husband, Steve. They have six horses,        Christine Gehman Angelini - Denver,              Texas - Linton has been promoted to
two dogs, six cats, and a goat. She loves to     Colo. - She is working for the Sisters of        a program manager position in the
train horses for barrel races and pole           Charity of Leavenworth St. Joseph                Texas A&M University system's program
bends. She is also CCD teacher for               Hospital in Denver as an oncology social         on terrorism and weapons of mass
Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic               worker.                                          destruction.
                                                 Karen Wyrick Moore - Wheat Ridge,                Hillary Watts - Kansas City, Mo. -
College 1987                                     Colo. - She is working at St. Joseph             Tristan Cash Bird born June 4, 2004 to
Shelly Ann Moyer Hamilton -                      Hospital in Denver as a social worker in         Hillary Watts and Daniel Bird.
Overland Park, Kan. - Married Allen              their community clinics.
Hiegert on May 1, 2004. She is currently
working as a third grade teacher in              College 1996                                        In the “Saint Mary Sweethearts” story,
Leavenworth, Kan.                                Michael Cowan - Overland Park, Kan. -               Summer 2004 edition of the Aspire, it was
                                                 Got married on Oct. 9, 2004 to Angela               incorrectly stated that Will Ciston married
                                                                                                     Lara Pope. His wife’s name is Lara Semmler.

                      Saint Mary Offers a Wide Range of Facility Rentals
                                      Are you looking for a facility to host an upcoming special event?
                                      Whether you’re planning a wedding, anniversary, small or large
                                      business meeting or a special dinner, Saint Mary Facility
                                      Reservations, a hospitality service of the University of Saint
                                      Mary, can help service all your needs.

                                      Saint Mary Facility Reservations offers a variety of meeting spaces
                                      as well as a large banquet area with seating accommodations from
                                      35 to 400 guests. No matter what the event, Saint Mary offers the
                                      ideal location for all your special occasions. We offer personalized
                                      one-on-one customer service and assist with all your details from
                                      room set-up to catering. Saint Mary facilities are available to
                                                                                    alumni, non-profit,
                                                                                    business, educational
                                                                                    and community groups.

                                                                                 Our mission at Saint Mary Facility Reservations is
Photos of some of the facilities                                                 to accommodate you and your special needs.
that are available for your event:
Saint Joseph Dining Hall,                                                        For more information concerning the rental of our
McGilley Field House and the
Social Room in Saint Mary Hall.
                                                                                 facilities call Carole Gonzalez, coordinator of the Saint
                                                                                 Mary Facility Reservations at 913-758-6134 or email her
                                                                                 at gonzalezc@stmary.edu.

Page 26 ASPIRE,Winter 2005                                                                                                 www.stmary.edu
                         In Memorium
Academy 1930                                  College 1962                                College 2002
Helen Singer Hester Dau - Colorado            Monica Bolewski Gould - mother of           Edwin Ediger - father of Sandi Dale -
Springs, Colo. - July 3, 2004.                Christine Gould Hamm (C’93) -               Nov. 13, 2004.
                                              Leavenworth, Kan. - Dec. 6, 2004.
Academy 1935, College 1939                                                                University 2004
Anna Roche McNamara - Bradenton,              Sr. Mary Ludgera Pieperbeck, OSF -          Carolyn Jean Linn - Winfield, Kan. -
Fla. - Sept. 29, 2004. - Sister of Margaret   Germany - Aug. 2, 2004.                     mother of John Linn - Oct. 1, 2004.
Mary Roche Unrein (A’38 and C’42).
                                              College 1965                                Lawrence Starr - Kansas City, Mo.-
College 1936                                  Mary Dolora Cotter - Nov. 1, 2004.          Oct. 24, 2004. See story on page 21.
Wilma Amelia Kraus Mangan -
Overland Park, Kan.- May 23, 2004 in          College 1966                                Ivan “Swede” Meyer passed away on
Overland Park.                                Marilyn Felber - Sioux City, Iowa.          Oct. 8, 2004 in Lansing, Kan. Swede
                                                                                          served on the President’s Council while
College 1938                                  College 1967                                Sr. Mary Janet McGilley was president.
Sr. Ann Jeanette Mathias -                    Robert Joseph Westfall - Marion, Iowa -     He also was a leader in establishing the
Leavenworth, Kan. - Oct. 26, 2004.            father of Patricia Westfall Steinhoff -     Leavenworth/Lansing Fund Drive for
                                              Nov. 5, 2004.                               Saint Mary.
Academy 1940, College 1944
Sara Fasenmyer Robinson - Prairie             June Marie Lowney - Billings, Mont. -
Village, Kan. - Dec. 5, 2004 - Sister of      Nov. 1, 2004.
Sr. Mary Sarah Fasenmyer (A’39).
                                              College 1971
College 1945                                  Ferdinand Peter Schmitz, Jr., father of
Joan McCarthy Young - Carlsbad,               Peg Schmitz, - Nov. 11, 2004.
Calif. - Aug. 28, 2004.
                                              Marcella Murphy Caldwell, mother of
Doris Marie Janney Murphy - Helena,           Marie-Therese Caldwell Baker, -
Mont. - Nov. 17, 2004.                        Aug. 8, 2004.

College 1946                                  College 1973
Patricia Ulrich - Olympia, Wash. -            Katherine “Rooney” Carlson - Tulsa,
                                                                                                   SpireFest 2005
Sept. 3, 2004.                                Okla. - Oct. 20, 2004.                                Coming Soon
                                                                                            Save the Date! SpireFest moves to the
College 1948                                  Sara Jane “Sally” Conver - Peoria, Ill. -     Hyatt Regency Crown Center on
John Cissell - Mission, Kan. - Spouse of      mother of Ann Conver, - Sept. 5, 2004.        June 11, 2005. In addition to the
Mary Collins Cissell (C’48) RIP -                                                           cocktail reception, silent auction, din-
Nov. 28, 2004.                                College 1979                                  ner, and dancing, this year’s SpireFest
                                              Georgette Braswell Meyer - Fort               will bring you a live auction led by
College 1953                                  Worth, Texas - Dec. 6, 2004.                  the famous Nigro Brothers of Kansas
Marian Elizabeth Redle Kuzma -                                                              City. Last year, over $90,000 was
Billings, Mont. - July 28, 2004.              College 1980                                  raised for student scholarships at the
                                              Shirley Johnson - Leavenworth, Kan.-          University of Saint Mary. This year,
Sr. Barbara McCauley - Leavenworth,           mother of Sally Johnson Hargis -              the goal is to raise over $100,000.
Kan. - Oct. 26, 2004.                         May 7, 2004.
                                                                                            Reservations are $75 a person or
College 1957                                  College 1999                                  $700 for a table of ten. To reserve
Rosalie Pokorny Negus - Topeka,               Karen Fitzgerald - Leavenworth, Kan. -        your space, or for more information,
Kan.                                          mother of Maggie Fitzgerald (C’99),           please contact Sarah Lammers at
                                              John Fitzgerald (C’99), Brendan               LammersS@stmary.edu or call
Eula Lee Derks Shonsey - Denver,              Fitzgerald (C’01), and Michael                913-758-6126.
Colo. - Nov. 3, 2004.                         Fitzgerald (C’03) - Nov. 28, 2004.

www.stmary.edu                                                                                   ASPIRE,Winter 2005          Page 27
  We’re proud that you’re a Saint Marian who earned your bachelor’s degree.Why not take your career to an even higher level with
  one of our advanced degrees? AND, you can complete your degree in 2 years or less.

  The facts are indisputable! Workers with higher degrees enjoy more career success and earn bigger salaries than their less-educated
  counterparts, according to government studies. Further more, they’re far less likely to be laid off in an economic downturn or
  otherwise unemployed.

  So what are you waiting for?
                                                                        Average Annual Earnings
  Saint Mary has a master’s degree program that’s right for you:        SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau
                                                                        MASTER’S DEGREE                              $70,900
          • Master of Business Administration (MBA), with
            concentrations in Finance, Human Resource                   BACHELOR’S DEGREE                  $52,400
            Management or General Management.
                                                                        HIGH SCHOOL GRAD $32,300
          • Master of Arts Program in Psychology, with a
            counseling or general track.

          • Master of Arts Program in Education or Master of Arts in Adaptive Special Education.

          • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), a distance learning program for practicing teachers.

  All of these programs are designed for adults who have to juggle home and work responsibilities while advancing their education.
  Accelerated classes meet on weeknights at convenient suburban campuses in Overland Park and Kansas City, Kansas.Tuition is rea-
  sonable, and financial aid and payment plans are available.

  As a Saint Mary alum, you know what a top-notch education you’ll be getting. University of Saint Mary is a highly respected and fully
  accredited university with more than 80 years of collegiate tradition in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

  And talk about convenient. Our Overland Park Campus is located near College Blvd. and Pflumm, with
  KCK classes at Providence Medical Center near I-435 and Parallel Parkway.

   Call (913) 345-8288 to learn more…or to
   apply for admission to one of our Graduate Degree

Page 28 ASPIRE,Winter 2005                                                                                           www.stmary.edu
Homecoming 2004
The third Annual Homecoming Capture the Spirit held Saturday, Oct. 30,
brought back many alumni to the Saint Mary campus. Alumni and
friends attended the volleyball match against Tabor held in the morning.
Several attended the fun outdoor tailgate lunch in the front circle before
heading over to watch USM fight for a victory against Sterling.
With their USM pennants flying high, football fans cheered on an
                                          impressive Spire defense. We
                                          enjoyed an entertaining halftime
                                          performance from the Lionettes
                                          - the Lansing Dance Squad.

                                         The crowd was on the edge of
                                         their seats most of the game as
                                         the Spires put forth a great team
                                         effort against Sterling but fell short of a victory.
                                         Despite their loss, the crowd enjoyed a warm day
                                                                            in the sun with
                                                                            classmates and
                                                                            Saint Mary spirit.

                                                                           Each year, the
                                                                           new tradition of
                                                                           Homecoming will
                                                                           build and entice more
                                                                           alums back to their
                                                                           alma mater. The
                                                                           beginning years are the foundation for a great
                                                                           future of alumni involvement. Thank you to all
                                                                           who supported Saint Mary at Homecoming 2004!

Spire Games set for April 30
Each year, Saint Mary asks local Leavenworth/Lansing businesses
to support the University in an effort to raise money for student
scholarships. The employees of these local businesses and their
families are invited to the USM campus for a day of games and
activities, live entertainment, food, and prizes.

Last year, over 50 businesses and individuals supported and/or
participated in this event and a crowd of
over 200 participated in the Games.

This year’s Games are set for April 30, 2005
on the USM campus.

If you would like more information about
how you can become involved – as a
sponsor or volunteer – please contact Sarah
Lammers at the University of Saint Mary,
LammersS@stmary.edu or 913-758-6126.
                                          Get the Best
                                        Seats in the House
                                            Buy a New Chair
                                          for Xavier Auditorium

                                             The old theatre seats are in dire need of replacement.

                                                  Be a lasting part of Saint Mary by helping us
                                           with this impressive renovation project, and as our thanks,
                                        we will install a brass plaque on your new chair in honor of you,
                                                      a classmate, special loved one or Sister.

                                          The University of Saint Mary Fine Arts Theatre and Music
                                                  Departments continue to present quality
                                                      entertainment to sold out crowds.
                                                        Be a part of the excitement!

               For more information about getting the best seats in the house,
                        please call 913-772-0843, ext. 6302

4100 South 4th Street
Leavenworth, KS 66048


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