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					Executive Director
Brentwood Soccer Club
Brentwood Tennessee

The Brentwood Soccer Club was formed fifteen years ago. The club currently serves approximately 850
youth soccer players ranging in age from 8 to 18 years of age in its developmental and advanced
programs in Brentwood Tennessee. Our mission is "National recognition for its continued tradition of
excellence in developing players, coaches and teams. We are coaches, players, parents and
administrators working together with integrity for the future of our club."

We are seeking an executive director to be our chief executive officer and whose primary
responsibilities include the development of board staff, volunteer infrastructure, strategic planning for
long-term sustainability, oversee design and delivery of quality programs, and fundraising beyond
program revenue for this evolving non-profit organization. We are looking for an individual with strong
strategic leadership skills to establish and implement policies and procedures that will guide and ensure
the club’s long-term sustainability as a service-oriented organization for youth and families.

    3 - 5 years of experience in business management, including strategic planning, human
       resources, and board development
    Demonstrated experience in fundraising, with emphasis on corporate sponsorships, special
       events, and foundation grant-seeking
    Experience in financial administration, including budget development and management,
       preparation of monthly income and expense reports, and general accounting
    Branding and marketing expertise, as well as demonstrated success in membership
    Bachelor’s degree in a related field is required and advanced degree in finance, business
       administration, or non-profit management or professional equivalent experience is preferred
    Excellent written and oral communication skills
    Passion for youth development through sports
    Ability to pass a criminal history and child abuse database background check

For immediate consideration, submit cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to
Or mail it to:
        BWSC – ED Search
        P.O. Box 3113
        Brentwood, TN 37027
Compensation is commensurate with experience.
                                        Brentwood Soccer Club
Job Title: Executive Director

Function: To be the Chief Executive Officer of the Brentwood Soccer Club

       By providing leadership to Brentwood Soccer Club;
       By providing direction toward the achievement of Brentwood Soccer Club’s philosophy, mission,
        vision, and its annual goals and objectives;
       By providing advice and assistance to Brentwood Soccer Club as a whole, the Board of Directors
        (hereinafter, "the Board"), the President of the Board and other officers, and board committees;
       By administering the total operations of Brentwood Soccer Club
       By employing administrative, and any other staff in accordance with federal and state laws and
        regulations and pursuant to policies adopted by the Board, and by supervising and, if necessary,
        terminating such employees, and
       By performing such responsibilities and having such powers as may be provided in this board
        approved job description, or as may otherwise be provided by the Board through the President.

Reports to: the Brentwood Soccer Club Board of Directors

Essential Responsibilities:
     Develop the annual budget with the assistance of the Budget Committee and submit it to the
        Board for approval.
     Manage Brentwood Soccer Club’s resources within the approved budget guidelines and in
        accordance with current laws, regulations and nonprofit rules.
     Maintain accounting system with the assistance of the Finance Committee to ensure that sound
        fiscal controls and nonprofit status are maintained.

    Identify short and long-term resource requirements.
    Develop a plan to secure those resources that includes targeted funding sources (i.e.,
       foundations, corporations, individuals, etc.).
    Establish and implement strategies to approach funders, including personal solicitations, and
       submission of grant proposals and corporate sponsorship solicitations.
    Administer fundraising records and documentation in accordance with nonprofit guidelines and
       IRS requirements.
    Assess existing sponsorship agreements and solicit relationships with other sponsors if

Community and Public Relations
    Develop a branding and marketing plan that assures that Brentwood Soccer Club’s mission,
     programs, products, and services are presented in consistent, strong, and positive messages.
      Create Brentwood Soccer Club communications that effectively inform and educate parents,
       athletes, and coaches across programs.
      Promote Brentwood Soccer Club in the local and state communities.
      Serve as liaison between Brentwood Soccer Club and the City of Brentwood Parks and
       Recreation Department, and other local government officials.
      Represent and promote Brentwood Soccer Club in the local, state, national, and international
       soccer communities.

Program Development and Delivery
    Oversee design and delivery of quality programs that are consistent with Brentwood Soccer
       Club's mission.
    Develop continued plan for growth and expansion, and implement strategy for effectuating that
    Supervise marketing and promotional efforts of such programs, as well as products and services.
    Ensure consistent and effective delivery of programs, products, and services Human Resource
    Recruit, hire, train, manage, and evaluate administrative personnel, and all other staff in
       accordance with authorized personnel policies and procedures that conform to current laws and
    Identify training and other professional development needs of administrative staff.

Board Administration and Support
    Report to the Board of Directors.
    Attend all Board meetings, including special, telephone, and electronic meetings and executive
       sessions except those sessions that evaluate the Executive Director’s performance and
    Formulate Brentwood Soccer Club‘s annual goals and objectives in conjunction with the Board,
       and then carry out those annual goals.

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