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The DIRECTV Group, Inc.
2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, CA 90245
Main: 310-964-5000
Fax: 310-535-5225

Annual Revenues – $17.2 Billion
Fiscal Year End – December
Employees –12,300
Ticker Symbol (NYSE) – DTV
Industry – Media / Broadcast Communications / Entertainment


            Enterprise Applications
                 o Approva BizRights
                 o AT&T Sterling Commerce Comergent eBusiness System
                 o Callidus TrueComp, TrueClaims
                 o IEX TotalView SmartSync Workforce Management
                 o Interwoven TeamSite content management
                 o Microsoft Exchange, Outlook
                 o NICE SmartCenter
                 o Oracle PeopleSoft
                 o Oracle Siebel CRM, Field Service, eConfigurator, Learning Management
                      System, Customer Intelligence
                 o SAP Enterprise Portal
                 o SAP Internet Sales Application (ISA)
                 o SAP R/3 ERP, Financials
                 o SAP SCM, CRM
            Data Management & Business Intelligence
                 o GoldenGate Software transactional data management
                 o IBM Cognos 8 Suite: Cognos Configuration, Cognos Connection, Framework
                      Manager, Query Studio, Go! Mobile
                 o IBM Cognos BI: ReportNet, Impromptum, PowerPlay
                 o IBM DB2
                 o Microsoft Access
                 o Microsoft SQL Server
                 o Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g
                 o Oracle Siebel Enterprise Analytics, Real Time Decision
                 o SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports
                 o SAS
                 o Sun MySQL
                 o Teradata Data Warehouse
            Hardware/OS/Systems Environment
                 o Antenna Software Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP)
                 o Brocade switches
                 o Citrix MetaFrame

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                o EMC AVALONidm
                o EMC CLARiiON networked storage
                o EMC SAN
                o EMC Symmetrix storage array
                o HP printers, servers
                o HP XP SureStore array
                o HP-UX
                o IBM AIX
                o IBM AS/400
                o Juniper Networks M-series routers
                o Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, NT
                o Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003
                o NVISION routers, NV9000 Router Control Systems
                o Red Hat Linux
                o RIM BlackBerry 8700
                o Sun iPlanet LDAP server
                o Sun servers
                o Sun Solaris
            Web Services & Application Development
                o Apache Web Server, Struts, Tomcat
                o C#, C++
                o Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
                o HP Mercury QuickTest Professional, Quality Center
                o HP Web Jetadmin
                o IBM Cognos Report Studio
                o IBM Rational ClearQuest, Rational Rose
                o J2EE
                o Java, JavaScript, JSP
                o JBoss
                o Microsoft .NET Framework
                o Microsoft SharePoint
                o Microsoft Windows BizTalk
                o Oracle BEA WebLogic
                o Perl
                o Quest TOAD
                o SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
                o SAP exchange Infrastructure (XI)
                o Shell Scripts
                o Sun iPlanet LDAP server
                o Tealeaf CX Suite: cxImpact, cxReveal, cxView
                o Visual Basic
            Networking, Management & Security
                o BMC Remedy
                o CA ARCserve BrightStor
                o CA Network Forensics
                o CA Unicenter AutoSys Job Management
                o Check Point Firewall
                o EMC Smarts
                o HP Mercury LoadRunner
                o HP OpenView, StorageWorks
                o HP Systems Insight Manager

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                 o    NetIQ AppManager
                 o    Novell NetWare
                 o    RSA SecurID
                 o    Symantec Veritas NetBackup
                 o    Trend Micro ServerProtect 5.5
            Other Technologies, Applications & Business Initiatives
                o BI Competency Center
                o Certus Sarbanes-Oxley
                o ClientLogic customer care and technical support outsourcing
                o Convergys outsourcing: customer service
                o Data center moved from California to Denver, Colo.; disaster recovery
                o HP IT outsourcing: CRM, system integration and management, LAN
                     management, data center, database and application support
                o Implemo Systems Oracle Siebel upgrade
                o Microsoft FrontPage, Office, Visio
                o Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
                o West Corporation speech-enabled IVR outsourcing


The DIRECTV Group, Inc., incorporated in 1977, is a provider of digital television entertainment in
the United States and Latin America. The business segments, DIRECTV U.S. and DIRECTV Latin
America are engaged in acquiring, promoting, selling and/or distributing digital entertainment
programming through satellite to residential and commercial subscribers. On Jan. 30, 2007, the
company acquired Darlene Investments LLC’s 14 percent minority interest in DLA LLC. On Aug. 23,
2006, the company completed the merger of its Brazil business, Galaxy Brasil Ltda. (GLB), with Sky
Brazil Servicos LTDA (Sky Brazil) and completed the purchase of News Corporation’s and Liberty
Media International’s interests in Sky Brazil. On Feb. 16, 2006, it completed the acquisition of Sky
Mexico. The company has a fleet of ten geosynchronous satellites, including nine owned satellites
and one leased satellite.

DIRECTV Holdings LLC and its subsidiaries referred to as the DIRECTV U.S., is the provider of
direct-to-home (DTH), digital television services and is also engaged in the multi-channel video
programming distribution (MVPD) industry in the United States. During the year ended Dec. 31,
2007, the segment had over 16.8 million subscribers. The segment distributes to its subscribers
more than 1,800 digital video and audio channels, including about 190 basic entertainment
channels, including over 70 XM Satellite Radio music channels, 33 movie channels, over 36 regional
and specialty sports networks, an aggregate of over 1,400 local channels, over 101 Spanish and
other foreign language special interest channels, and over 31 pay-per-view movie and event

The segment provides local channel coverage in standard definition to approximately 143 markets,
covering about 94 percent of the United States television households. In addition, it also provides
high definition (HD) local channels in 68 markets representing 72 percent of the United States
television households, as well as over 90 national HD television channels. The company also provide
professional and collegiate sports programming, such as the NFL SUNDAY TICKET package.

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DIREC TV Latin Ame rica
DIRECTV Latin America (DTLVA) is the provider of DTH digital television services throughout Latin
America and the Caribbean, which includes South America, Central America and Puerto Rico.
DTVLA is comprised of PanAmericana, which provides services in Venezuela, Argentina, Chile,
Colombia, Puerto Rico and certain other countries in the region through its wholly owned subsidiary,
DIRECTV Latin America, LLC, or DLA LLC, Sky Brazil; and 41 percent equity method investment in
Innova, S. de R.L. de C.V. (Sky Mexico). It provides a selection of local and international
programming under the DIRECTV and SKY brands to approximately 1.5 million subscribers in Brazil
and approximately 1.7 million subscribers in PanAmericana. The segment has 1.6 million
subscribers in Mexico.

The company competes with Dish Network Corporation and Telefonica.


DIRECTV’s primary goal is to provide subscribers with the best television experience in the United
States. DIRECTV’s strategy focuses on offering subscribers differentiated and exclusive content,
attaining leadership in technology and enhancing sales, marketing, distribution and customer
service. The company focuses on the following core strategies:

    •   Offer differentiated and exclusive content
    •   Expand high-definition programming
    •   Offer exclusive content and create compelling new programming
    •   Launch enhanced and interactive services
    •   Introduce video-on-demand services
    •   Expand international programming
    •   Provide technology leadership
    •   Enhance DVR and HD equipment
    •   Introduce whole-house and portable services
    •   Enhance sales and marketing, customer service, distribution and installation
    •   Reduce churn and high-risk subscribers
    •   Improve customer service, distribution and installation.


DIRECTV’s capital expenditures were $2.7 billion, $2 billion and $900 million in 2007, 2006 and
2005 respectively.


   Co nve rg ys Custome r Se rvice O uts o urc ing, IE X T otalVie w Serve r, Smart S ync
    Workf orce Manageme nt S ystem, NIC E S mart Ce nter
    To ensure DIRECTV customers receive top-quality service, the customer service organization
    works closely with outsourcing partner Convergys Corporation. Between the two operations,
    nearly 10,000 agents spread across 14 sites handle approximately 75 million contacts annually
    that support the DIRECTV customer service organization. Both DIRECTV and Convergys have
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    standardized on the IEX TotalView Workforce Management system and a NICE SmartCenter
    solution, for staff planning and management. Under the previous system, all 90,000 exception
    codes were entered manually by Convergys and uploaded to DIRECTV through a team at
    another site. As a result, there was a two to four hour lag time between when the exceptions
    were entered and when DIRECTV could view them. Also, neither Convergys supervisors nor
    agents assigned to the DIRECTV account could be assured they had the most up-to-date
    information without WebStation.

    To overcome these challenges and bridge the reporting gap, DIRECTV and Convergys
    partnered with an implementation of TotalView SmartSync Suite, which is designed to facilitate a
    seamless data exchange between systems. “SmartSync has helped us streamline the reporting
    functions between the two organizations,” said Andressa Marlan, senior analyst from DIRECTV.
    “Now we’re able to quickly react to changing conditions in real time.” By using Smart Sync
    Suite, Convergys is able to use an automated system connected to their IEX TotalView server to
    send exception code updates to DIRECTV’s IEX TotalView server in 15-minute intervals. Instead
    of having the Convergys team logon to the DIRECTV server remotely, Convergys staff now
    enters agent data, creates schedules and inputs changes to those schedules into its own server
    and imports the data to DIRECTV. Convergys builds its schedules based on forecast information
    supplied by DIRECTV. The information is exchanged between the two organizations via
    SmartSync. With SmartSync, Convergys is able to relay schedules to DIRECTV two weeks in
    advance, send any updates three days prior to the actual plan and import intraday changes at
    30-minute intervals throughout the day.

   West C o rp orati o n S peec h-E nable d IVR O uts o urcing
    DIRECTV has been working with IVR developer West Corporation for almost 12 years. With
    1,500 television channels and endless combinations of packages to choose from, DIRECTV’s
    touch-tone IVR was getting maze-like. It was time to begin the conversion to a natural language
    speech-enabled system. DIRECTV’s upfront routing is done by West’s natural language speech
    system, and the sports package ordering system is undergoing a conversion. Movie ordering by
    phone is a simple directed-dialogue speech system and the rest of the system is touch-tone.

    DIRECTV’s call center technology manager Mike Uhlenkamp in 2006 describes the nature and
    the history of DIRECTV’s close business partnership with West Corporation. “Our direction
    going forward is to utilize the right technology for the right purposes,” said IT director Jeffrey
    Knight in 2006. “In some cases that may be natural language, in others a directed dialogue
    speech application and in others, DTMF (touch-tone). Customers will definitely see continued
    growth in our use of natural language and other speech products, but it won’t mean the
    elimination of DTMF.”

   NVISIO N R o uters, R o uter C ont ro l Pa nel
    In October 2007 DIRECTV deployed NVISION’s NV8256-Plus Large-Scale Video Routers, the
    NV8288 Digital Video Router, the NV9000 Router Control Systems, along with numerous state-
    of-the-art NV9640/41 Router Control Panels that include up to 30 re-legendable LCD buttons
    for control of multiple sources. “NVISION’s proven N-on-1 crosspoint redundancy was a key
    factor in our selection of NVISION routers for the DIRECTV backbone signal transmission,” said
    Hanno Basse, vice president, Engineering, DIRECTV, Inc. “For DIRECTV this means confidence
    in the non-stop delivery of programming to its viewers.”

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   Tealeaf C X S uite: c xImpact, c xRe veal, c xView
    In August 2007 DIRECTV selected Tealeaf CX to optimize its customer and dealer Web sites.
    DIRECTV deployed multiple products from the Tealeaf CX suite, and are already expanding the
    use of Tealeaf enterprise-wide. DIRECTV currently uses the cxImpact, cxReveal and cxView
    products to understand each user’s unique experience, proactively identify and respond to
    issues and create real-time dashboards displaying the business impact of these issues and
    ebusiness performance metrics. “Tealeaf provided the insight we needed to fully understand
    why specific user actions were occurring,” said Mike Benson, CIO and executive vice president,
    DIRECTV, Inc. “With this knowledge, we were able to target specific areas in our Web site for
    improvement, such as adjustments in customer workflows to simplify the checkout process.”

   A ntenna So ftwa re Mo bilit y Platfo rm, Orac le Si eb el CRM , RIM Blac kBerry
    DIRECTV is using Antenna Software’s Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP) and client software to
    provide CRM data to its 60-strong sales force, which supports about 7,000 nationwide dealers
    selling subscriptions to the company’s satellite services. When visiting a dealer, sales reps need
    up-to-date information from reports such as sales metrics, activation metrics, trending and
    availability of support tools and promotions, explains Erik Walters, project manager, sales
    operations, at DIRECTV. The company has been using Oracle’s Siebel CRM On Demand
    hosted service, which allows access to this information from any Web connection. However, the
    service by itself is PC-centric, attempting to jam a whole PC screen onto the sales forces’
    Research In Motion BlackBerry 8700 devices, which proved too complex to use. The Antenna
    Software client software rolled out as a small-device complement to Siebel CRM On Demand at
    DIRECTV in January 2007.

   Implemo S ystem s Siebel U pg rade
    In 2006 Implemo Systems, Inc., successfully assisted DIRECTV in upgrading their Siebel
    implementation to Siebel 7.7 in record time, meeting all the objectives and SLAs put forth by
    DIRECTV for this upgrade.

   HP IT O uts ourci ng: CRM, S ystem I nteg ratio n and Ma nage me nt, Databa se a nd
    App licati on S up po rt, LA N Ma na geme nt, Data C enter Ope ratio ns
    In September 2006 HP and DIRECTV announced a seven-year extension of their 12-year
    relationship with a new information technology outsourcing contract valued at approximately
    $500 million. HP will continue to provide IT operations and application testing services designed
    to support DIRECTV’s ability to roll out new promotions and new services, acquire new
    customers and ensure they receive timely, accurate billing for the satellite television services they
    use. “HP has been a strategic partner for DIRECTV since we were a start-up company,” said
    Dennis Fleming, vice president, Operations, DIRECTV. “HP’s technology, managed services and
    governance model will enable our IT to be agile enough to meet our business goals as we look
    to further grow our business and provide our customers with expanded satellite television
    programming and digital content.” Specifically, HP will continue to provide support for
    DIRECTV’s billing and non-billing customer relationship management environments, including
    system integration and management, local area network (LAN) management, data center
    operations, release management, database support, application support, change management,
    capacity planning, disaster recovery and support for new technologies. The deal is expected to
    result in $100 million in savings, a 20 percent reduction in cost, for DIRECTV.

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   Clie nt Lo gic O ut so urci ng: C ustome r Care, Tec hnical S up po rt
    In January 2007 ClientLogic signed a multi-year contract extension with DIRECTV, to continue
    providing customer care and technical support to DIRECTV’s more than 15.6 million customers.
    ClientLogic and DIRECTV began working together in 2004 with the common goal of providing
    the highest level of customer care in the industry. ClientLogic immediately implemented a multi-
    level client management team to ensure all lines of communication between the organizations,
    from strategic to tactical, were always open. The “peer-to-peer” management team, along with
    highly specialized auxiliary staff, has consistently identified business and operational initiatives to
    elevate customer care performance to the next level. “Customer satisfaction has been the
    cornerstone of DIRECTV’s success since its inception and that will be an area of intense focus in
    2007,” said John Suranyi, former president, sales and service, DIRECTV, Inc. “ClientLogic has
    been a key partner in ensuring that each of our customers has the best experience possible and
    we’re pleased to continue this important relationship.”

   AT &T Sterli ng Com merce C ome rge nt eB usi nes s System
    In June 2006 DIRECTV selected the Comergent eBusiness System for its new centralized online
    order and offer process for customers. The new online ordering system will provide DIRECTV
    with the flexibility to maximize the acquisition, satisfaction and retention of customers, and
    reduce the overall costs of bringing new offers and products to the market, attaining new
    customers and allowing current customers to add or change their hardware and programming
    options. “As we introduce new offers and products, their timely delivery is critical if we’re to
    maintain our position as the industry leader in customer satisfaction,” said Mike Benson, CIO,
    DIRECTV, Inc. “Our needs include a highly configurable and flexible system with deep
    functionality and extendibility to meet future growth. Comergent has the vision and strategy in
    place to meet our evolving eBusiness needs along with an outstanding reputation for customer

   Busi nes s Ob jects We bIntell ige nce
    In February 2002 DIRECTV Broadband selected Business Objects solutions for a partner
    reporting extranet. DIRECTV will use WebIntelligence, the integrated query, reporting, and
    analysis solution for the Web to improve customer and partner satisfaction and to gain
    competitive advantage. “By intelligently uncovering and tracking customer, product and
    business trends in our company’s data, our WebIntelligence powered partner reporting extranet
    will strengthen our ties with our partners and ultimately instill loyalty in our end-user customers,”
    said Regina Wiedemann, former senior vice president of business development, DIRECTV.

   Co g no s 8, C o g no s G o! M ob ile, BI Com pete ncy Ce nter, Teradata Wa re ho use
    DIRECTV deployed its Cognos-based business intelligence and planning environments in 2000
    and 2004, respectively. During 2006, DIRECTV upgraded the business intelligence and planning
    environments to the Cognos 8 software solution residing on a Teradata Warehouse platform.
    With Cognos 8, DIRECTV has built an Enterprise Business Portal as a standard, efficient
    gateway for its business community to access critical company information, enabled the
    Cognos Go! Mobile solution to deliver selected information to executives’ PDAs, integrated the
    planning and business intelligence environments to automate and deliver monthly business
    performance reporting via the Enterprise Business Portal and launched a Business Intelligence
    Competency Center to align the upgraded technology platform with the business needs.

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   Junip er Netw orks M- series R o uters
    In 2001 DIRECTV Broadband deployed Juniper Networks M-series Internet backbone routers
    throughout its North American access network. With this significant network upgrade, DIRECTV
    Broadband’s subscribers gain greater quality of service, performance, and reliability for high-
    speed residential subscribers’ access to Internet and residential broadband services. DIRECTV
    Broadband can lower the cost of network operations through the scalability inherent in Juniper
    Networks M-series routers. “DIRECTV Broadband is a survivor in the residential DSL
    marketplace, and one of the primary reasons we have survived the changing landscape in the
    DSL industry is our focus on lifestyle-enhancing services,” said Ned Hayes, former president and
    chief executive officer of DIRECTV Broadband. “It’s critical that we offer our residential
    subscribers new, cutting-edge voice and data DSL services, and we chose Juniper Networks
    routers to advance both the network integrity and the performance for our subscribers as we
    expand our robust collection of value-added services.”

   App rova Bi zRi g hts, SA P R /3
    In December 2004 DIRECTV selected Approva BizRights 2.1 to enhance visibility into their
    internal controls and business processes within its SAP R/3 environment. BizRights enables
    companies to identify, document, test, remediate and monitor internal controls 24/7. As
    opposed to point-in-time audits, which quickly become obsolete, BizRights monitors customers’
    ERP controls constantly and flags discrepancies for review as soon as they occur. When
    BizRights detects a potential violation, it pushes out alerts to managers via e-mail, allowing them
    to act quickly. In addition to mitigating business risk by stopping violations, BizRights fosters
    continuous auditing and continuous compliance.

   Calli d us True C omp, True Cla ims
    In 2005 DIRECTV successfully deployed Callidus TrueComp, helping the direct-broadcast
    satellite provider to automate the resolution of compensation-related issues with increased
    accuracy. The vendor said its software helps to ensure accurate and timely delivery of payouts
    and results to drive competitive advantage by aligning distributor and dealer performance with
    corporate strategy. “By leveraging TrueComp, we have the ability to implement compensation
    programs almost overnight to meet business needs, allowing us to immediately align activities to
    current business goals,” said former DIRECTV executive vice president and chief information
    officer Bob Pacek. With TrueComp DIRECTV has retired its legacy systems and dramatically
    reduced the administrative labor needed to manage them, freeing up time for compensation
    analysts to bring new programs to market faster. The deployment summary: 25,000+ payees, 1
    million to 10 million transactions per week, and 20 to 30 unique compensation plans. DIRECTV
    chose and is now in production with Callidus TrueComp and participated in an early beta
    version of TrueResolution® known as TrueClaims™.

 Tera data       Data    Ware house,      G olde nGate     Softw are      Tra nsactio nal      Data
    Mana geme nt
    Jack Gustafson, data warehousing director for DIRECTV, is responsible for implementing and
    maintaining the data modeling, data integration, ETL development and database performance
    for the enterprise data warehouse. Gustafson started with DIRECTV in 2003 and has
    successfully implemented GoldenGate with Teradata to provide the company with the ability to
    make operational decisions much faster. Register for this on-demand Web seminar to hear
    Gustafson share best practices employed in transforming a culture of “after the fact reporting” to
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    one of proactively integrating the most relevant and critical data, empowering business analysts
    to make accurate decisions faster. GoldenGate Software and DIRECTV’s Teradata data
    warehousing environment now provide the most up-to-date information to business users,
    which ultimately affect customer satisfaction levels and loyalty.

    “GoldenGate and Teradata have been integral to our success in helping us achieve an active
    data warehouse,” said Mike Benson, chief information officer of DIRECTV, in October 2007.
    “The customer drives our business, and with this technology, we can quickly and easily perform
    customer and product segmentation and analysis, which help our sales and marketing teams to
    make accurate, timely business decisions. Ultimately, we derive more value from having access
    to the most relevant, timely data and can use that information to better serve our customers.”

   Siebe l E nterp ri se A na lytic s Platfo rm, Te radata Ware ho use
    “We have selected Siebel’s Analytic applications and Teradata to support our next-generation
    approach to enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence,” said Robert Pacek in May
    2004, who was then chief information officer of DIRECTV Operations LLC. “We’re pleased with
    the progress and collaboration we’ve seen from Siebel and Teradata, and expect this integrated
    solution to provide significant benefits and competitive advantage to DIRECTV. Siebel Analytics
    generates SQL specific to Teradata, and makes use of specialized analytic functionality offered
    by the Teradata database. This enhances Siebel’s existing support for Teradata, currently
    deployed in joint customer sites worldwide.

   SA P S CM, Inve nto ry Col lab orati o n Hub
    DIRECTV turned to the SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) application to begin to turn the
    tide. The SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub application played a strong role in the supply chain
    makeover, providing real-time collaboration and direct purchasing synchronization. More than
    90 percent of DIRECTV’s material flow moves through SAP SCM, and crucial documents, such
    as purchase orders, are provided to suppliers with posted responses in real time. The DIRECTV
    supply chain business unit has boosted productivity substantially, and can now handle three to
    five times the amount of purchasing volume with the same headcount as it could under the
    previous legacy process. “We now have full visibility and predictability in our supply chain,” said
    Richard Thompson, senior director of information technology, DIRECTV Inc. “Prior to deploying
    the SAP application, we had very little real-time visibility or ability to predict where everything
    was. It was as if you were driving through your rearview mirror.” (Business transformation study,
    .pdf download)

   Interw o ve n Tea msite C onte nt Ma na geme nt, S ie bel C RM
    DIRECTV is using Interwoven Inc.’s Teamsite product to link from its Siebel CRM application
    directly to specific pages in the knowledge base. “That is a huge challenge when you’ve got a
    complex product,” said Michael Johnson, former senior director of customer service
    communications in 2003, who adds that it becomes even more of a challenge when customers
    have multiple interactions with the company. Agents and representatives asking the same basic
    questions over and over tends to frustrate already frustrated customers. “People want
    personalization,” he says. “They do not want to repeat the whole story [to] each person they
    speak with.” DIRECTV is now using software from Siebel to capture customer history to ensure
    customers are not required to repeat basic information.

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   S un MySQ L
    MySQL develops a family of high performance, affordable database servers and tools. Their
    mission is to make superior data management available and affordable for all types of
    businesses. They contribute to building the mission-critical, high-volume systems and products
    worldwide. MySQL’s robust database solutions embody ingenious software architecture while
    delivering dramatic cost savings. With superior speed, reliability and ease of use, MySQL has
    become the preferred choice of corporate IT managers because it eliminates the major
    problems associated with downtime, maintenance, administration and support. Sun lists
    DIRECTV as a customer.

   SA S
    SAS business intelligence software and services improve performance through insight into vast
    amounts of data, resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions; more profitable
    relationships with customers and suppliers; compliance with governmental regulations; research
    breakthroughs; and better products. SAS offers leading data integration, intelligence storage,
    advanced analytics and traditional business intelligence applications within a comprehensive
    enterprise intelligence platform. SAS listed DIRECTV as a customer in 2007.

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       DIREC TV Stre ngt hens Nati o nwi de C ustome r Service S upp ort wit h Ne w
         H unti ngto n, West V irgi nia Call Ce nte r, PR, J une 30 , 2 0 08 . Continuing to sharpen
         its focus on customer care and enhance its industry-leading customer satisfaction,
         DIRECTV, the nation’s leading satellite TV provider, opened in Huntington, West Va., its
         sixth owned-and-operated customer care facility. The former PRC (PRC, LLC) facility will
         employ more than 550 DIRECTV customer service representatives and supervisory staff.
         The Huntington call center representatives will provide support for DIRECTV’s more than 17
         million customers, handling a wide range of call types involving products and programming,
         new and existing customer activation, upgrades, sports programming, pay per view event
         ordering and related transactions. “At DIRECTV, when we talk about giving the customer a
         great experience, it’s not just about the best HD offer, unique content and cutting-edge
         technology,” said Mike Palkovic, executive vice president, Operations, DIRECTV, Inc. “It’s
         also about the quality of the experience when any one of our more than 17 million
         customers reach out to us at our call centers. Each time the phone rings at 1-800 DIRECTV
         is an opportunity to continue to earn the loyalty of a customer or earn the business of a
         potential customer. That’s why we place such a high value on the skills and knowledge of
         the new DIRECTV employees at our new Huntington call center. It’s an exciting time to be a
2008 Sal esQu est® . CorporateCRUSH™ is a trademark of SELIGENCE LLC.
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        part of DIRECTV and a new corporate citizen of Huntington and we’re looking forward to a
        mutually beneficial partnership in the years ahead.”

       DIREC TV t o Purc ha se I nstallati o n Fulfi llme nt Se rvi ces C om pany 1 80 Co nnect
        Inc. to Ga in C o ntrol o f a Sig ni fica nt P orti o n of the DIREC TV I nstall atio n
        Netw ork , P R, Ap ril 1 8, 2 0 08. 180 Connect Inc. has signed a definitive merger
        agreement with DIRECTV. The transaction will provide DIRECTV with control over a
        significant portion of its installation and home service network and is expected to close in
        the third quarter of 2008. Under the terms of the agreement, DIRECTV will acquire 100
        percent of 180 Connect’s outstanding common stock and exchangeable shares for $1.80
        per share. In a separate transaction, UniTek USA, LLC has agreed to acquire 100 percent of
        180 Connect’s cable services operating unit and certain DIRECTV installation services
        markets in exchange for UniTek’s satellite installation services in New York City, Burbank,
        Calif., and Bloomington, Calif., and cash. This transaction is expected to be completed
        immediately following DIRECTV’s acquisition of 180 Connect. By acquiring 180 Connect,
        DIRECTV will gain control of one of its largest installation and home service providers in 45
        U.S. market locations throughout California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Utah,
        Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Arkansas, Virginia, Hawaii and western Pennsylvania. Prior to
        the acquisition, DIRECTV had outsourced all its installation service operations through 13
        home service provider companies. “The acquisition of 180 Connect enables DIRECTV to
        gain operational control over a large portion of its installation and service network and is an
        important part of our effort to continuously improve the customer experience,” said Mike
        Palkovic, Executive Vice President, Operations, DIRECTV, Inc. “Our installation technicians
        are the first and often the only point of face to face contact that a customer has with
        DIRECTV and this merger underscores the importance we place on this interaction. We
        welcome 180 Connect’s employees to the DIRECTV family and with its solid base of
        technicians in the field and strong back-office support, we believe we have a great
        opportunity for growth and to provide an even higher level of service that our customers
        have come to expect.”

       DIREC TV to Ca rry Al l Se attle Marine rs Game s, PR, Ap ril 1 1, 20 0 8. DIRECTV
        customers will receive every regular season Mariners game during the 2008 season due to
        an agreement between DIRECTV and FSN Northwest that adds 45 games to the schedule.
        The additional games are the result of FSN’s new deal with the Mariners in which the
        network will now air all available games exclusively. The agreement makes DIRECTV the
        largest provider in Alaska to carry every Mariners game during the 2008 season.

       DIREC TV Launc he s R us sia’ s First C hi ld ren’ s C ha nne l i n the U nite d State s,
        PR, Ap ril 3, 20 08 . DIRECTV, the nation’s leading satellite television provider, continues
        to expand its WorldDirect programming platform with the exclusive addition of TV Nanny,
        Russia’s first children’s channel. TV Nanny teaches children the values and traditions of the
        Russian culture with programming featuring entertainment shows, educational programs
        and good-natured cartoons free of violence or aggression. Russia’s leading psychologists
        participated in the development of the channel’s content with the goal of creating a
        harmonious blend of entertainment and education. TV Nanny is a product of Channel One
        Russia, one of Europe’s leading broadcasters and content providers.

       DIREC TV Satellite La unc h Sets t he Sta ge f or D elive ry o f Up to 1 50 Nati o nal
        HD C ha nnels, P R, Ma rc h 20 , 20 08. A powerful, new DIRECTV satellite, launched
        successfully from the Pacific Ocean-based Sea Launch platform, will further boost

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        DIRECTV’s HD capacity, enabling the industry’s HD leader to deliver up to 150 national HD
        channels when the satellite goes into service this fall. With the additional capacity, DIRECTV
        will also expand its delivery of local HD channels to more than 100 markets, representing 84
        percent of U.S. TV households. DIRECTV will launch another satellite in 2009 that will
        enable the nation’s leading satellite TV service to offer consumers up to 200 national HD
        channels. DIRECTV 11, a Boeing 702 model satellite, lifted off from the Odyssey Launch
        Platform aboard a Sea Launch Zenit-3SL rocket. The satellite’s ultimate geostationary orbit
        position will be at 22,236 miles (35,786 km) above the earth. “Our new DIRECTV 11 satellite
        will soon join its sister satellite in orbit to form the most robust HD delivery system in the
        multichannel video industry and will be instrumental in maintaining DIRECTV’s position as
        the undisputed leader in HD for years to come,” said Derek Chang, executive vice president,
        Content Strategy and Development, DIRECTV, Inc.

       Pat Saja k J oi ns DIRE CT V Game Lounge, P R, M arc h 1 0, 2 00 8. After celebrating
        a successful year with more than 130,000 subscribers and 50 million plays in 2007,
        DIRECTV Game Lounge is welcoming Pat Sajak, longtime host of Wheel of Fortune and
        founder of Pat Sajak Games, to the platform. Pat Sajak will be an integral part of Game
        Lounge marketing throughout 2008. !Beginning this month, Game Lounge will also be the
        exclusive provider of Pat Sajak Games’ interactive version of Code Letter Crossword
        Connections, a game that combines Sajak’s patent-pending Code Letter system with a
        traditional crossword puzzle. !”The success we experienced with Game Lounge last year far
        exceeded our expectations,” said Steven Roberts, senior vice president, DIRECTV, New
        Media and Business Development. “This year, we are thrilled to be taking the platform to the
        next level with new and exclusive games, as well as bringing on one of gaming’s most
        iconic figures, Pat Sajak, to DIRECTV Game Lounge.” !

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Co mme ntary f rom a P roject Ma na ge r
based in Los A ngles, Cal if.
The IT team in Los Angeles designs, develops and
implements Web-based applications written in
Java, J2EE, WebLogic, .NET, BizTalk and SQL
Server for the enterprise solutions practice group.
A team of 15 to 45 specialists manage integration
projects of complex software applications and
systems supported by budgets ranging from $5
million to $20 million. Governed by Software Development Life Cycle in creating and maintaining
project artifacts including RFP, SOW, project charter, risk list, business requirements specifications,
system requirements specifications, design, testing, training documentation and communications
plans, teams evaluate proposed emerging technologies against technical requirements, supporting
the assessment of the responses to the integration and functional requirements and evaluation of
the impact on the technical architecture. They also manage resources and use judgment of cost and
time to negotiate contracts with vendors and independent contractors.

Co mme ntary f rom a Web Log ic A dmi ni strato r ba sed i n De nver, C ol o.
The WebLogic team in Denver installed and administers the WebLogic application server 8.x/9.x
using JDBC, JMS, JNDI and other J2EE Services. The team configured and integrated the iPlanet
LDAP server with WebLogic. They performed application deployment in domain and clustered
environments to achieve high availability and fail-over functionality. The group configured the JDBC
connection pools and data sources troubleshooting and fixing problems. They analyze performance
of the WebLogic 8.1 server using LoadRunner and review and modify UNIX scripts used for batch
jobs. Their software environment includes WebLogic 8.x/9.x, Apache Web Server 1.x/2.x, J2EE,
Java 2.0, Struts 1.0.1/1.0.2, JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, XML/ XSLT, EJB2.0, JMS, JDBC, Mercury
LoadRunner, Web Services, HTML, Java Script, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i, Windows XP, Sun Solaris,
Red Hat Linux 7.1 and Shell Scripts.

Co mme ntary f rom a Se ni o r C o g no s C o ns ulta nt based in El Seg und o, Calif.
The Service Installation Tracking Analytical System (SIT) was implemented to analyze various
services provided by the company’s competitor, Comcast. Users of the system include the call
center for management of customer interaction, operations for forecasting the resource
requirements and marketing for analyzing trends and events. To manage this project, Cognos

    •   Gathered business requirements for the model.
    •   Used the framework manager to model metadata from different sources and publish
        packages to the servers.
    •   Created complex drill-through reports, charts, bursting reports and master-detail reports
        using Report Studio and performed ad-hoc queries using Query Studio.
    •   Used cascading prompts, filters and bookmarks to create efficient reports in Report Studio.
    •   Customized the Cognos Connection Portal to personalize the homepage.
    •   Involved in building multidimensional cubes for user groups using PowerPlay Transformer.
    •   Created multi-page reports with prompt pages and conditional variables according to the
        end user requirements.
    •   Filtered and multiplied query reports for product growth analysis against multiple data
    •   Developed flexible score card reports and dashboards using Cognos 8 Report studio.
    •   Involved in upgrading Cognos 8.2 to Cognos 8.3.
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    •   Migrated the reports from Cognos 8.2 to Cognos 8.3.
    •   Maintained security in Cognos Connection by controlling privileges for users, groups and

Their software environment included Cognos 8.3, Cognos 8.2 Suite (Cognos Configuration, Cognos
Connection, Framework Manager, Query studio, and Report studio), PowerPlay, Impromptu, Oracle
10g, UNIX, AIX and Windows XP.

Co mme ntary f rom an Ope ratio ns Ana lyst ba sed in El Se g undo, Ca lif.
Operations analysts are responsible for UNIX systems administration and BEA WebLogic application
support for DIRECTV operations. DIRECTV’s UNIX environment includes HP-UX, Sun Solaris and
IBM AIX. They are using both EMC and HP solutions for SAN. Security solutions in place include
Symantec Veritas NetBackup and RSA SecurID. The company’s migration of its data center from
California to Colorado involved de-installations, physical installations, system and network
reconfigurations, backup configurations, application support and disaster recovery testing. They
moved more than 300 systems to the new data center location. The company has built HP-UX 11.0
– 11.i v2 and Tru64 5.1b systems on the enterprise level to support specific applications for Denver
operations. Responsible for disk configurations and cabling to Brocade switches, they are involved
in performing troubleshooting analysis on WebLogic applications on UNIX platforms.

Co mme ntary f rom an I nf ormatio n Tec hnol o gy A nal yst base d i n El Seg und o, Cali f.
IT analysts at DIRECTV are primarily responsible for sales applications, including call center and
order management applications, XML-based services, the dealer and partner ordering and self-care
portal, back-office support applications to manage dealer and partner relationships, and
eCommerce functionality on The company has eight systems and processes 20
million transactions per year. The IT team replaced a custom dealer tracking application with the
partner management function of SAP CRM, relying on third-party consulting and SAP America
professional services for implementation.

Co mme ntary f rom a Se ni o r Ope rati ons A nal yst based in El Seg und o, Calif.
For their database needs, DIRECTV uses a combination of Microsoft SQL 7.0 and Oracle 8i and 9i.
DIRECTV has implemented a $6 million storage area network that includes HP StorageWorks, HP
XP SureStore Array 1024 and EMC Symmetrix. For antivirus management, DIRECTV is using Trend
Micro Server Protect 5.5. Monitoring tools include CA network monitors, NetIQ AppManager and HP
Systems Insight Manager. For security and business reporting operations analysts use Veritas
NetBackup, Crystal Reports, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Citrix MetaFrame and Certus Sarbanes-

Co mme ntary f rom a Se ni o r Staf f E ng ine er base d in El Seg und o, Calif.
Java Server Page (JSP), JavaScript, Java, HTML coding via Microsoft FrontPage and Oracle
databases are used to design and develop DIRECTV’s Web-based database applications.
Automated program scripts are created using Mercury QuickTest Professional. A Java application
executes Microsoft SQL queries that create Oracle database tables, which are then extracted and
saved. The Cognos Business Intelligence reporting environment, which includes ReportNet and
Impromptu tools, supports company publishing and production of catalogs. The Impromptu macro
automatically opens catalogs, converts them into PDF attachments and then e-mails them to
potential customers via Microsoft Outlook or Perl scripts. This is all performed on a UNIX exchange
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Co mme ntary f rom a Se ni o r Ma nage r b ase d i n E ng lew oo d, C ol o.
A downtime system project was initiated in early 2007 to improve the company’s customer
information process during an application outage. DIRECTV is upgrading their IEX TotalView work
force management system. Siebel’s contact and call center enterprise helps DIRECTV increase call
center efficiency and develop both short- and long-term strategies for field service representatives.

Co mme ntary f rom a Net wo rk Se rvic e A dmi nist ra tor ba sed in El Seg und o, Calif.
Employees rely on Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 for e-mail and other communication functions.
About 3,500 users are supported by IBM AS/400, Novell, Windows NT/2000/XP and UNIX servers.
Security for these platforms includes Check Point Firewall, Veritas NetBackup and CA ARCserve
2000 for data protection.

Co mme ntary f rom a Ca ll Ce nter Tec hnol o gy M a na ger base d i n De nve r, Co lo.
DIRECTV’s interactive voice response (IVR) telephony technology interfaces with various network
components, such as their Integrated Composite Applications Networks (ICAN) middleware and
their Siebel call center platform. Managers of the company’s 15,000-seat call center also rely on
Siebel tools that include Field Service, eConfigurator, Analytics, Learning Management System,
Customer Intelligence and Real Time Decision applications.

Co mme ntary f rom a B usi ne ss A nal yst base d i n El Se g undo, Ca lif.
SAP is used to process internal sales orders and returns, verify customer addresses, and maintain
and update customer databases. The platform also monitors vendor fulfillment errors. Research
analysts utilize SAS software to monitor sets of product and customer statistical data. Database
designers use Microsoft Visio to create entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) for the company’s Oracle
database management system (DBMS), which helps manage inventory and update vendor
information. IBM Rational Rose is used to developed case, class, interaction, state transition, activity
and architectural models.

Co mme ntary f rom an I nf ormatio n Tec hnol o gy M ana ger base d i n Miami La kes, Fla.
In 2004, DIRECTV initiated a major global operations migration that included moving data centers
and networks, and support for application, service level agreements (SLA) and desktops from Florida
to California. The company’s enterprise resource platform (ERP) utilizes SAP technology and
processes. Microsoft SQL Server is used to publish reports to all levels of management regarding
call center operations. A four-person IT team manages daily operations and system uptime for about
400 Windows 2000 and 2003 servers, which are critical to DIRECTV’s operation.

Co mme ntary f rom a Se ni o r IT O perati o ns A nal ys t based i n E l Se g und o, Calif.
IT operations employees manage more than 500 HP printers using Novell and JetAdmin products.
The company has data backed up and restored daily using ArcServe for Netware/NT. Teams of IT
operations employees have completed on the following projects:

    •   DIRECTV’s “On Call Escalation” for the company’s support center using Microsoft
    •   Automation of the entire file transfer and encryption procedures in Perl.
    •   Planned and relocated DIRECTV’s data center with disaster recovery methodology.
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Co mme ntary f rom an A rc hitecture E ngi neer bas ed in El Seg und o, Calif.
Working with a $4.3 million budget, architecture engineers resolved the SAP Enterprise Portal
Architecture Security issues for their partner portal. Another project with a $14.8 million budget
required a team of engineers to design, architect and support Siebel Field Services security and
access control models, which resolved a long-term design issue and enabled more than 11,200
non-employee service installers to enter order information online wirelessly and receive dispatch
reports on demand. They also designed, implemented and configured CA Network Forensics for
internal network policy abuse detection across multiple data centers, adhering to a $500,000

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Fi rst            Last               Title                          P ho ne         E-Mail

Mike              Benson             EVP and CIO                    310-964-4700

Brett             Bielby             Senior Systems Engineer        310-964-0700

Jean Marie        Bradshaw           Technical Manager              562-754-2938

Jeff              Cole               Director of IT Development     310-964-4468
                                     Senior IT Development
Jimesa            Ellington          Manager                        310-964-5000

Alex              Goncharov          Director, IT Operations        310-964-0700
                                     Director, Enterprise
                                     Integration and
Luz               Gonzalez           Management                     310-964-1971
                                     Senior Manager of IT
Annmarie          Griffin            Development                    310-964-5000
                                     Senior Manager,
                                     Infrastructure Design and
Harris            Hoang              Architecture                   310-964-1125
                                     Senior Manager, IT
Julie             Jenkins            Development                    310-964-5000
                                     Siebel Integration
Stephen           Jines              Architect                      310-964-1148
                                     Embedded Software
Heesoon           Kim                Manager                        310-964-3426

Jeffrey           Knight             Director, IT                   310-964-5000

Donna             Lee                Senior Programmer              310-964-4591

Michelle          Locke              VP of Corporate IT Audit       310-535-5000
                                     Manager, Vendor
Nancy             Mandoky            Management/IT Contracts        310-964-3679

Andressa          Marlan             Senior Analyst                 310-535-5000

John              Mastromarino       IT Analyst                     310-964-3466

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           www.SalesQ m

                                     Director, IT Enterprise
Blaine            McNutt             Systems Design                 310-964-1694

Charles           Miller             Director, Online Media         310-535-5000
                                     VP, Technology and
John              Norin              Architecture                   310-964-0717

Ken               Perry              Director, IT Development       310-964-6255

John              Powers             SVP, IT Development            310-964-3040
                                     Director, Remote IT
Margaret          Roll               Operations                     303-712-4411

Maya              Rozhansky          Senior Software Developer      310-964-5000
                                     Senior Director, IT
Richard           Thompson           Development                    310-964-3642
                                     Manager, Technical
Erik              Walters            Operations                     310-964-5000

Mitch             Wasden             Network Services               310-964-5000
                                     Senior Analyst, IT
Carolann          Webb               Operations                     310-964-1758
                                     Director of Enterprise
Gerald            Wheeler            Architecture                   310-964-1527

Mark              Willford           Manager, IT                    303-660-7142
                                     Senior Manager/Database
Ping              Wong               Support                        310-964-5000
                                     Director, Outsourcing
Tim               Wooldridge         Systems                        310-964-1938

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Fi rst              Last               Title                          P ho ne         E-Mail
                                       VP of Broadcast Systems
Hanno               Basse              Engineering                    310-964-5000

Tammy               Benedict           VP, Direct Sales               310-964-5000
                                       VP, Programming
Toby                Berlin             Acquisitions                   310-964-5000

Aaron               Bernardin          Business Manager               310-964-5000
                                       Senior Director of Risk
Larry               Caddle             Management                     310-964-5000
                                       VP, Planning and
Jamie               Calandruccio       Operations                     310-964-5000

Chase               Carey              President and CEO              310-964-5000
                                       SVP, Strategy and
                                       Development, DIRECTV
Derek               Chang              Entertainment Group            310-964-5000
                                       EVP; President, New
                                       Ventures; President and
                                       CEO, DIRECTV Latin
Bruce B.            Churchill          America                        310-964-5000
                                       Senior Manager,
Rex                 Corbett            Commercial Business            310-964-5000

Caley               Cronin             Manager, Public Relations      310-964-5000

Heather             Curatolo           VP, Direct Response            310-964-5000

Patrick T.          Doyle              SVP and CFO                    310-964-5000

Jade                Ekstedt            Manager, Public Relations      310-964-3429

Janet               Emery              Director, Online Learning      310-964-5000
                                       EVP, Programming
Dan                 Fawcett            Acquisition                    310-964-5000

Dan                 Ferguson           Director, Marketing            310-964-5000

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             www.SalesQ m

Ellen               Filipiak           SVP, Customer Service          310-964-5000

Steve               Fish               VP, Mid-West Region            310-964-5000
                                       VP, Business Processes
Dennis              Fleming            and Solutions                  310-964-1540
                                       VP, New Business
Rich                Forester           Development                    310-964-5000
                                       SVP, Advertising and
Jon                 Gieselman          Public Relations               310-964-5000
                                       VP, Space and
Phil J.             Goswitz            Communications                 310-964-5000

Evan                Grayer             VP, Broadband                  310-964-5000

Darris              Gringeri           VP, Public Relations           310-964-5000

Kevin               Grundy             SVP, Engineering               310-964-5000
                                       EVP and Chief Marketing
Paul                Guyardo            Officer                        310-964-5000
                                       SVP, Programming
Daniel M.           Hartman            Acquisition                    310-964-5000
                                       EVP, General Counsel and
Larry D.            Hunter             Secretary                      310-964-5000

J.C.                Kawalec            VP, Western Region             310-964-5000
                                       Director, Programming
Chris               Lauricella         Acquisitions                   310-964-5000

Caroline E.         Leach              VP, Communications             310-964-5000
                                       Director, Agreements and
Michele             Leonard            Contracts                      310-964-4858
                                       SVP, Treasurer and
J. William          Little             Business Development           310-964-5000
                                       Director, Enterprise
Kristine            Macrae             Project Management             310-964-2362

John                Malone             Chairman                       310-964-5000

Aaron               McNally            VP, International              212-462-5020

Robert              Mercer             Director, Public Relations     310-726-4683
                                       SVP, Controller and Chief
John F.             Murphy             Accounting Officer             310-964-5000
                                       VP, Business and Legal
                                       Affairs and Associate
Chris A.            Murphy             General Counsel                310-964-3180
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             www.SalesQ m

                                    VP, Sports Sales and
John             O’Neill            Marketing                      310-964-5000    jo’

Michael W.       Palkovic           EVP, Operations                310-964-5000

Alison           Pascola            VP, Ad Sales                   310-964-5000

Romulo           Pontual            EVP and CTO                    310-964-5000

Bob              Riordan            SVP, Advertising Sales         212-556-8534
                                    SVP, New Media and
Steven           Roberts            Business Development           310-964-5000

Jonathan M.      Rubin              VP, Investor Relations         310-964-5000

Randy            Satterburg         VP, Marketing                  310-964-5000
                                    SVP, Sales and
John             Shelton            Distribution                   310-964-5000
                                    Director, Advanced
Tyler            Slocum             Services and Content           310-964-5000

Tim              Traynor            SVP, Advanced Products         310-964-5000

Mike             Uhlenkamp          Manager, Call Center           310-964-5000

Roberto          Valerio            Marketing Director             310-964-5000

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