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									With Design Services closing, how will I get design work done?
      Contact Communications & University Relations (CUR) by sending an email
      to approvals@lsu.edu. Provide the information listed at this link,
      http://www.lsu.edu/pa/Design/index.shtml, in your request and CUR will
      evaluate your information and respond within 48 hours (excluding
      weekends and holidays) with next steps. The work will be completed either
      by CUR or by a contracted design services vendor. CUR will provide
      consultation on available resources and the best way to proceed.

Design Services and Printing Services archived my files; who will keep my files backed-
up now?
       Beginning June 30, 2011, the Design Services archive servers will be housed
       at CUR. The process for requesting your files is to provide your project name
       or job number via email to archive@lsu.edu. You will receive your files
       within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

       If you initiate a new project that is outsourced using a professional services
       contract managed by CUR, CUR will keep a copy of your files on the servers to
       be located in their office.

       If you design and produce a project yourself, you will continue to be
       responsible for archiving your files as you have in the past.

Do I need approval from the Office of Communications & University Relations before
getting design assistance?
       Yes. Getting approval from CUR is your first step to allow you to proceed with
       your project. You can help by providing answers to all the questions asked in
       the creative brief available by clicking this link,

Are there resources for design services remaining on campus?
       There are limited resources for design services on campus and all options
       require planning and foresight on your part in order to obtain services in a
       timely manner through CUR.

       CUR will accept reputation defining work that is significant to LSU and/or
       closely related to projects currently in-house. In the event CUR is unable to
       do the work on your project, CUR will assist you in obtaining the appropriate
       design help for your project.

Is there a state graphic design resource or contract available?
        No state design firms are available. CUR will negotiate a campus contract
        with multiple design services vendors who will assist in providing design
        services for you.
Can I contract for design services through the Office of Purchasing?
        CUR will manage design services for the University. If CUR determines that a
        design services vendor will be used, CUR will contact you upon review of
        your projects. The steps are as follows: 1) Send your project to
        approvals@lsu.edu for review by CUR; 2) Once approval is granted, and if
        CUR recommends that a design services vendor is to be used, CUR will
        instruct you to release a requisition to Purchasing as a “PSR” type; CUR will
        attach its approval and specifications/quote, as well as any forms you are
        required to complete (see Purchasing’s website for more information); 3)
        Purchasing will issue a Purchase Order to the vendor and work will be
        completed; 4) Submit final, completed design to CUR for approval.

Can I expect the same turnaround on my project?
       CUR’s goal is that all projects are initiated within 48 hours (excluding
       weekends and holidays) following the request. Timelines for projects will
       vary based on the scope of work required and whether it is purchased from a
       design services vendor.

What will the approvals process be for design?
      CUR will determine if it will handle the project internally or if it will be sent
      to a design services vendor within 48 hours (excluding weekends and
      holidays) of your submitting your request to approvals @lsu.edu for review
      and approval. All materials produced for LSU must comply with LSU’s Visual
      Identity Program guidelines.

Will the purchase of design services have dollar limits like there are when ordering
       Design services are governed by Louisiana laws for Professional Services and
       therefore require a professional services contract; however, CUR will manage
       these contracts for the University and instruct you when to use them.

How much extra will a rush charge incur?
     Rush charges may be incurred, and will vary depending on the design
     services vendor. Accurate timelines must be included in the specifications
     provided to CUR when requesting services.

How will design fees be charged, and will the hourly rate change? I need this for
budgeting purposes.
      If a design services vendor is used, fees are typically charged hourly.
      However, it is possible to request a flat rate depending on the project. This
      should be clearly communicated to CUR when requesting approval of the

How many design comps will I receive?
     Typically, you will receive anywhere from one to three design concepts to
     choose from at the first proof stage of a project. The exact number is
       determined by the information you provide to CUR. You will receive a first,
       second, and final proof to review, edit and approve the work.

If a vendor is used, will the vendor have Easy Streets access?
        Access to Easy Streets is the responsibility of the vendor and is coordinated
        through the LSU Office of Parking, Traffic & Transportation. All vendors
        contracting with LSU are informed of the need to contact the LSU Office of
        Parking, Traffic & Transportation.

Will I own the design files?
        Yes, LSU maintains ownership of its files.

I can pay for printing with a P-Card; can I pay for design with a P-Card?
        No. Design services must be processed using a purchase order. Note that all
        design and web contracts are reviewed by CUR for approval. You can save
        time by sending your project information to approvals@lsu.edu for
        consideration before contacting Purchasing.

How do I get my design printed since Design Services would send specifications and
coordinate with area printers?
       Your design services vendor will assist you in providing specifications about
       the project they’ve developed for you so that you can purchase printing
       services. For information on purchasing requirements for printing, see

How will Design Services files be updated?
     Prior to June 30, 2011, once you obtain your files from Design Services, you
     can provide them to CUR and it or a design services vendor will be able to
     update the files. Please be aware that it is possible that you will be unable to
     open the files that are provided to you. The files are created in professional
     design software that is standard industry-wide, and will be editable and
     viewable only by a computer with that software loaded.

       Be sure to pass along all files you are provided to CUR. If CUR, or the
       design services vendor, if one is used, do not receive everything, they may
       elements of the project may have to be recreated and you will have to pay
       additional charges for this service.

       After June 30, 2011, please email approvals@lsu.edu to initiate a project.
       Include the necessary information to de-archive your files with your request
       and CUR will provide the files to the designer assigned to the project.

Can a print vendor handle the design portion of my job?

A printing services vendor can handle design services upon the approval of
CUR. Printing services inclusive of design services must be obtained via a fax
quotation or sealed bid when the total expended amount is greater than $5,000 in
accordance with University and State Purchasing rules & regulations. It is
acceptable to include design services in a project for printing services, but the
competitive amount will be determined by the full amount of the project, including
design services, delivery and fulfillment.

Who do I call for advice on how to set up a file properly? Will I be charged a fee by a
vendor for tech support by phone?
      Technical services are considered Consulting Services and require a contract
      if the amount exceeds $2,000. There will likely be a fee for providing pre-
      press work for your files, but sometimes this is a worthwhile expenditure to
      ensure your project prints correctly.

       If your budget does not allow for this fee, you may find a print vendor willing
       to walk you through the steps for setting up a file for print.

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