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									 China pesticide monthly market

It reports dynamic issues related to policies, technologies, development, trade, etc in the field of pesticide industry and
its correlated industry.Contains pesticide Imp & Exp Data in This Present .


News: It reports dynamic issues related to policies, technologies, development, trade, etc in the field of pesticide industry
and its correlated industry.

Plant Protection: It covers the situations of plant diseases and insect pests in local areas and analyses its influence on
pesticide market.
Material Market: It monitors production and price trend of major pesticide processing materials, and analysis the
influences on pesticide production and price.

Data Statistics: It provides timely conditions of insecticide, fungicide and herbicide, for example, monthly yield, imp &
exp data, turnover, profit and profit margin and so on..

Analysis Forecast: It covers an in-depth analysis on market change, future trend and policies both at home and abroad in
domestic pesticide market and its correlated industry.

Price Trend: It monitors average wholesale and retail prices of main pesticide varieties as to forecast the future prices.

Port Trends: It reports volume, stock and price change of imported fertilizer via ports.

Technology Development: It covers up to date pesticide producing technologies in China and makes an in-depth analysis
on its market potential and prospect.

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Table of Contents :
News Flash
News & Analysis
Ć Five kinds of high-toxic pesticides were completely forbid in domestic market
Ć The analysis of sulphur supply capacity
Ć The boom extent of pesticides trade increases continuously in 2007
Ć The investment keeps a great increase in pesticide trade
Ć The developmental trend analysis of Chinese trans-gene herbicide resistance crop
Ć The output of pesticides is 1.731 million tons in 2007
Ć The export of pesticides reaches 473 thousand tons
Ć The forecast of pesticides market

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