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									E-filing Season for IRS Form 2290 (HVUT) Draws Near

As the month of November moves closer and closer, you will want to be able to get your Form
2290 taken care of as swiftly as possible once it is made available. It is unfortunate enough that
the filing process was delayed, but to avoid any future confusion about the issue, it would be
beneficial to be ready to file once the form is available.

In order to make the filing process easier with the IRS using Form 2290, it is very important that
you keep accurate records, just like you would when filing any other type of tax return. It is
crucial for anyone filing form 2290 to maintain their records for at least 3 years prior to the filing
date for any taxable highway vehicles registered to them. For fleet owners and small trucking
companies who have filed form 2290 in the past, it is wise to always keep the 2290 records on
hand, as one never knows when IRS inspection may take place. It is even important to save
these returns if they are only for a part of a year. In the case of a suspended vehicle (public
highway use was less than 5,000 miles/year) it is still necessary to keep records of Form 2290’s
filed for them as well.

You will need to gather the following information before filing form 2290 to accelerate the filing
process. You will need a description of all vehicles for which you are filing as well as a VIN
(Vehicle Identification Number) for each one. You will also need to know the gross taxable
weight of the vehicle. It is also necessary to report the date the vehicle was acquired, as well as
the name and address of the previous owner. The first use month for the taxable period is also
required for reporting. If a vehicle is considered to be suspended, keep a record of actual
highway mileage. If the vehicle is an agricultural vehicle, then keep accurate records of the
number of miles it is driven on a farm or field. Keeping proper records of your 2290 information
will be a great help to you in the unfortunate event of an audit. It will also make the task of filing
this form much easier.

ExpressTruckTax.com is an IRS authorized E-File provider who can help you file form 2290 as
well as keep secure online records of previously filed form 2290’s. For more information on the
2290 filing process, heavy vehicle use tax, IRS payment methods, etc visit the Express Truck
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