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					                                                        Session Abstracts for July 22 RUG Meeting

     Room            8:30am - 9:30am        10:00am - 10:50am          10:55am - 11:45am           12:50pm - 1:40pm           1:40 pm - 2:15pm           2:15pm - 3:00pm

                                                                      Upgrade Planning for JD
Hickory Ballroom,                         JDE session (Waiting for                               JDE session (Waiting for        JD Edwards
                                                                     Edwards EnterpriseOne &
  JD Edwards                                  abstract details)                                      abstract details)           Roundtables
                                                                           World, BRIJ

                                                                                                                                                      Closing Session: Ready,
                                                                        Best Practices for
                                                                                                                                                     Set, Fail! 5 Fatal Mistakes
                                              PeopleSoft with        Managing Your PeopleSoft
Maple Ballroom,     Welcome and Oracle                                                            (Waiting for abstract      PeopleSoft Financials        CIOs Make When
                                         Sharepoint within InFlight,   Data: Preparing for
  PeopleSoft         Opening Keynote                                                                details), Zanett            Roundtables           Considering an Upgrade
                                                   BTRG              Upgrades, Migrations and
                                                                                                                                                     or Implementation, Tom
                                                                           More, IBM
                                                                                                                                                             Colbert, CSS

                                                 Accounts                                       End User Training the Easy
 Oak Ballroom,                             Payable/Financials for      Waiting for abstract          Way with User             PeopleSoft HCM
    General                                 Oracle Application               details              Productivity Kit (UPK),        Roundtables
                                           Customers, OpenText                                             BRIJ
               Title                                                   Abstract
JD Edwards Session TBD
                                     SharePoint is fast becoming the intranet platform of choice for enterprise-
                                     level organizations. More and more people are looking for ways to
                                     integrate PeopleSoft content into SharePoint portals. Learn how our
PeopleSoft with Sharepoint within    custom SharePoint web part allows you to display fully interactive
InFlight                             PeopleSoft content inside of SharePoint, fully or partially SSO enabled.
                                     Allow PeopleSoft content to assume the look and feel of your SharePoint
                                     portal. Join James La Brash, Product Architect in this session to see how it's
Accounts Payable/Financials for
Oracle Application Customers

                                     Each JD Edwards upgrade project has unique characteristics, but all of
                                     them have the basics in common. This presentation, for both the
                                     technical & non-technical, will cover the overall upgrade process including
                                     moving to a new version, remediation, testing, & implementing new
Upgrade Planning for JD Edwards      functionality. You will also be introduced to some tools you can use in
EnterpriseOne & World                planning for a smooth & manageable upgrade. Focusing on the overall
                                     upgrade process including, how to define business goals for your upgrade
                                     project, preparing technically and organizationally, the structure of an
                                     upgrade project, how to recognize and mitigate project risks and how to
                                     leverage your upgrade to maximize the long term value of your JD
                                     Edwards software.
                                     With questions surrounding Oracle support for PeopleSoft today and in
                                     the future, organizations are forced to examine their strategies for
                                     managing their PeopleSoft data for upgrades and migrations. In this
                                     session, we will explore the current challenges organizations are facing,
                                     the best practices to help make your upgrade and/or migration projects
Best Practices for Managing Your     more efficient and effective. Leveraging best practices to ensure data
PeopleSoft Data: Preparing for       access and retention, and reduce any downtime associated with those
Upgrades, Migrations and More        projects.
General Interest Session TBD
JD Edwards Session TBD
PS Session TBD

                                     Business process documentation; Provide time and cost savings that jump
End User Training the Easy Way       start your implementation or upgrade; User acceptance test scripts help
with User Productivity Kit (UPK)     test applications prior to go-live; State-of-the-art design tools to rapidly
                                     create documentation, instructor-led training materials, web-based
                                     training to fit organizational needs; Create application HELP with
                                     transactional/procedural information to maximize user efficiency.
                                     As IT budgets start to increase in the wake of the century’s worst
                                     recession, the pressure is on the shoulders of IT Executives to effectively
                                     deliver value and give careful consideration to how those dollars are spent
Ready, Set, Fail! 5 Fatal Mistakes   – upgrade or reimplementation? THE PROBLEM: 85% of ERP projects fail
CIOs Make When Considering an        to meet stated goals and business value. THE REASON: Failure to fully
Upgrade or Implementation            assess the organization’s readiness for a major technology change, and
                                     not properly integrating people, business and technology into one
                                     purposeful framework. This session will examine five of the most common
                                     mistakes that can jeopardize a project (and a career).
      Presenter            Company

James LaBrash       BTRG

TBD                 OpenText


Michael Mittman, IBM
PeopleSoft Solutions
Architect            IBM


Tom Colbert         CSS

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