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                                                     Trevor Lamis
         – 415 Ferry Landing, Atlanta, Ga. 30328 – (404) 272-8489


Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business                                                Atlanta, GA
Master of Business Administration (Information Systems)                                                    December, 2012

Kennesaw State University, College of Science and Mathematics                                               Kennesaw, GA
Master of Science in Information Systems                                                                   December, 2010
    GPA: 3.9/4.0

The University of Georgia, Terry College of Business                                                            Athens, GA
Bachelor of Business Administration (Management Information Systems)                                             May, 2008
       Major GPA: 3.6/4.0


The Lovett School                                                                                              Atlanta, GA
Software Consultant (June 10 – August 10)
     Quickly assessed and learned the school’s back office food management system.
     Worked alongside food service director and production manager to enhance system efficiency.
     Completed project to configure inventory items and to train system users on time and under budget.

Colocube                                                                                                       Atlanta, GA
Data Center Assistant (June 09 – November 09)
    Managed colocation services with rapid and reliable deployment of customers’ equipment.
    Monitored power and bandwidth usage.
    Configured Power Distribution Units and supervised electrical installations.
    Aligned system racks for optimal performance.

Horizon Software International                                                                                   Duluth, GA
Systems Analysts II (June 08 – March 09)
     Successfully provided software installation and configuration to customers throughout the United States.
     Performed technical support and on-site training to clients.
     Executed project implementation plans as team lead and revised plans if necessary to meet changing needs and
        requirements of the business.
     Supported basic dataflow, communications management, problem determination with resolution.
     Communicated escalation issues effectively with Product Engineer and enforced project standards.
     Served as on-site liaison to district staff, providing assistance, recommendations and feedback
     Tested company software with quality assurance.
     Compiled documentation to enhance methodology of training guides.
     Established ongoing client relationships after implementations.

Ideal Technology Group                                                                                        Atlanta, GA
Sales Representative (June 07 – August 07)
     Gathered website requirements through client interaction.
     Improved sales skills through cold calls and met with potential clients.
     Developed feedback to corporate management and aligned sales leads.
     Increased efficiency of sales process.
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       Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005, MS Access
       Programming Languages: SQL, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
       Software: Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, Visio, Adobe Photoshop


Database Project for Systems Analysis and Design Course                                                      Athens, GA
    Served as client liaison and participated in the SDLC of a new database system which improved and modernized The
       Union’s existing platform.
    Facilitated interviews and consulted with top management to gather requirements.

Web Application Development within Network Application Course                                                   Athens, GA
   Developed a Java based web application capable of facilitating client-server interaction, prompting user login, and
      displaying randomly generated data based on specific criteria.
       Validated data on both the client and server side of the application using JavaScript.


2010 Information Security Curriculum Development Conference
       Presented research paper, “A Forensic Approach to Incident Response,” at security conference.
       Paper was also submitted for publication by The Association for Computing Machinery.

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