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Mina and Jessie
• 94.6% are Buddhists
• 4.6% are Islamic
• 0.7% are Christian
• 0.1% are other
•   The economy is emerging after being newly industrialized
•   The economy collapsed then recovered
•   Is the 2nd largest economy in southeast Asia
•   Exchange rate is 33.00 Baht= 1 US dollar
       Language/Time to Visit

• The official language of Thailand is Thai
• Other languages include Chinese, Malay,
  English, Lao
• The best time to visit is November through
•   Tropical
•   Monsoons
•   Southwest monsoon season= May to September
•   Northeast monsoon season= November to March
•   High mountains
•   Central plains
•   Chao Phraya River and it’s tributaries
•   Peninsula has varied geography
                       Brief History
•   Thais moved from China in 10 th century AD
•   They created individual states which caused many wars
•   European colonial powers threatened the Thai in 19 th and 20th centuries
•   Thais avoided colonial rule unlike surrounding countries
•   The monarchy ended in1932 which led to 60 years of military rule,
    followed by a democracy
• Passport
• Visa
• Recommended Typhoid vaccination
•   Hello!→ sa-was-dee
•   How are you?→ sa-bai-dee-mai
•   Thank you!→ kob-kun-(mak)
•   Where is the bathroom?→ you-tee-nai-ka
•   How much does this cost?→ an-nee-tao-rai
• Aromatic components
• 5 taste senses
• Influence form Burma, China,
  Cambodia, Laos
• Ingredients include fresh herbs and
  spices like ginger, tamarind, garlic
• Seafood is also commonly found in
  Thai food
• Zip-line Through Rainforest
• Visit the Grand Palace
• Snorkeling along the Andaman Sea
• Shop at local market places
• Visit the Doi Suthep
               Current Events
• Luangta Maha Bua
  Yannasampanno a loved monk of
  a forest temple passed away at the
  age of 98 on the January 31, 2011
  at 3:53 am. Luangta set up a
  donation fund whose proceeds go
  to preserving Thailand’s
• Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva
  gave orders for Cambodians to
  remove their natioinal flags posted
  in an area of dispute near Preah
  Vihear temple.
• From Denver to Chiang Mai is $1,762 for 2
  people with Korean Airlines
• From Bangkok to Denver is $1,022 for 2
  people with Delta Airlines
• We will depart February 4, 2011 and we will
  return February 14, 2011
• We will ride motorcycles through Thailand
  for 10 days for a total of $141.30 with North
  Wheels Rental Service
        Days 1-3 Chiang Mai
• We will stay at the Imperial Mae Ping hotel
  for $57 per night for 2 nights
• We will dine in our hotel and also at The
  Moxie, a modern Thai restaurant. Meals cost
  approximately from a $5 lunch to a $20
• While we’re here, we’ll visit the Doi Suthep
  temple, and the Queen Sirikit Botanical
• Total Cost for Chiang Mai is approximately
   Days 4 and 5 in Phitsanulok
• We will stay in the Pailyn Pitsanulok hotel for
  2 nights for $26 per night
• We will dine in our hotel and also at Pae Pha
  Thai Floating Restaurant ,a floating
  restaurant on a riverbank. Meals cost
  approximately from a $5 lunch to a $20
• We plan to visit Wat Phra Sri Rattana
  Mahathat a monastery, Wat Chulamanee and
  Wat Yai, both Buddhist temples
• Total cost for Phitsanulok is approximately
Days 8-10 in Kamphaeng Phet
• We will be staying Orchid Hibiscus Guest House for $63 a night
  for 3 nights

• We will dine in our hotel and also at The Night Market ,a bazaar
  of foods and adornments. Meals cost approximately from a $5
  lunch to a $10 dinner

• We will visit the Night Market, the Kamphaeng Phet National
  Museum, the Kampaeng Phet historic park, and the Khlong Lan
  National Park, full of waterfalls.

• The total cost in Kamphaeng Phet will be approximately $385
  (this includes gas money for the long distance and for our
  shopping spree)
      Days 11-14 in Bangkok
• We will be staying at the Lebua at State
  Tower for 3 nights for $139 per night
• We will dine in our hotel and also at 100°
  East ,a modern and relaxing seafood
  experience. Meals cost approximately from a
  $10 lunch to a $30 dinner
• We plan to visit the Grand Palace which
  includes the Temple of the Emerald Buddha,
  an elephant ride in Bangkok for $100 per
  person and will spend a day in the floating
  market which will cost about $100 each.
• Total cost for Bangkok is about $917
           Budget Breakdown
•   $6,000- $2,784 for plane tickets
•   $3,216- $141 for motorcycles with helmets
•   $3,075- $300 for Chiang Mai
•   $2,775- $177 for Phitsanulok
•   $2,598- $385 for Kamphaeng Phet
•   $2,213- $917 for Bangkok
•   We will have a total of $1,296 left over,
    meaning we spent $4,704

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