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									AN EARLY REMINDER                    NEWS FROM THE FERAL CAT SANCTUARY                          Shirley Cram                                                                          NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                               Adoption Center
  The fourth of July is a tough        We have been very busy helping save a feral cat colony whose            Street Address:                         Helping                          U.S. POSTAGE
time for a lot of animals. People    feeder could not longer care for the cats. Four new arrivals joined       133 North D Street
go away from home; it falls on a                                                                               Lompoc, CA 93436                           the Helpless               LOMPOC, CALIFORNIA
                                     us a few weeks ago, then another five arrived about two weeks                                                                                      Permit No. 132
three-day weekend this year.
Pets are left alone, some of them
in backyards, to endure the noise
                                     later. The five female and four male cats are all settling in nicely.
                                     It is so rewarding to see the cats join the sanctuary cats and start
                                     coming to the feeding areas, eating and then basking in the sun and
                                                                                                               Saturdays from
                                                                                                               10 to 4 or
                                                                                                               By appointment
                                                                                                                                                V            Return Service Requested

and sights of celebration.
  Please think of your animals be-
                                     grooming. We do have one new arrival who I think must have come
                                     from a neighboring ranch. He is not neutered and is spending his
                                                                                                               (805) 735-6741
fore you make your holiday plans.    time making loud cat noises to attract the girls who are all spayed

                                     and not interested in him. He is a handsome cat and fortunately
                                     not too feral, so I have hopes of making friends with him so he, too,
                                                                                                               Mailing Address:
                                                                                                               PO Box 896
                                     can be neutered. I think he wants to stay here as the food is good        Lompoc, CA 93438
 If you have furs in your closet,
please don’t try to sell them or     and the beds are cozy.                                                    Website:
give them to a thrift store that                                                                               http://vivaonline.org
would sell them. Donate them         MORE FERAL CAT SANCTUARY NEWS                             Shirley Cram    Email:
for baby animals without the          As many of you know, I am the main caregiver at the feral cat            info@vivaonline.org
comfort of their mothers.            sanctuary, and I will be having knee replacement surgery on May
 All Animals magazine published      23rd. I will be away approximately four to five weeks, so if anyone
the following letter, written by     can help here at the sanctuary, it will be greatly appreciated. I         A NON-PROFIT HUMANE ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL ANIMALS
Dori Sahagian from Tujunga, CA.:     have closed down our introduction cages during the time I am away.
  A feral cat had given birth un-    We do have one situation where we need to take in a blind feral cat
der a bush outside my neighbor’s     and her helper. The balance of this colony have been living at a
apartment. Two days later, my        nursing home and the management no longer wants them there. The
neighbor called to let me know       colony is being relocated, but the cats must cross a busy street,
she’d found the mother dead          and the blind cat cannot find the food. The feeder has been or-              No-kill Cage-free                                            Feral Cat Sanctuary
(she had been hit by a car).         dered off the property, so this cat will starve if we do not help it.         Cat Shelter                                                  Lost and Found Service
  A few weeks prior to this inci-                                                                                 Low-Cost Spay/Neuter                                         Animal Placement Service
                                                                                                                   Assistance                                                   Pet Owner Education
dent, at a thrift store, I had       VERY SAD NEWS ABOUT BABY BUTTONS                                             Pet Adoption Services                                        Cat Boarding
purchased a large rabbit-fur           In May’s newsletter, we told you (and showed you pictures) the             Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)                                     Foster Homes
item that turned out to be a foot    story of Baby Buttons whose eye was in such bad shape that her                for stray and feral cats

warmer. I went to her apart-         upper lid was buttoned to her lower one to keep the eye protected
ment, and the kittens were in        so it could heal. When the healing process was supposed to be com-
her laundry basket, wrapped in a     pleted, the buttons were removed. Unfortunately, the eye had not
towel, meowing. I gently placed      healed at all and it was concluded that it needed to be removed.                                               KITTEN SEASON is here and these are examples
the kittens inside the fur-lined     That would have been okay; we’ve had cats before who had an eye                                                of the babies that VIVA gets every year. These 7
foot warmer.        The kittens      removed and got along very well the rest of their lives.                                                       week old feral kittens were just apprehended by
stopped meowing and promptly          Tragically, for Baby Buttons and those of us who loved her, when                                              our intrepid trapper, Linda. They will be available
went to sleep. The foot warmer       the doctor examined her previous to surgery, he found that she                                                 for adoption in approximately 3 weeks.
became their surrogate mother        had fluid in her lungs and a mass growing in her abdomen. The only
until they grew too big to fit in    choice was to have her euthanized. She was such a sweet, happy                                                 You will pay a small fee for a feline from VIVA but
it. It had to be thrown away, but    cat. We mourn her loss.                                                                                        you can be assured it will be de-sexed, health
I didn’t care. It had served a                                                                                                                      checked, vaccinated, wormed and de-flead, plus you
better purpose.                                                                                                                                     have the satisfaction of knowing you did not con-
                                     Our boarding room is already filling for the summer
 humanesociety.org/coatsfor                                                                                                                         tribute to the problem of overbreeding AND you
                                     months. Make your reservations as soon as possible!                                                            have given a home to a cat in need. It’s all good!
cubs or call: 301-258-1490
                                                                                                                                                          Recent Donations

         JUNE 2011                   ARE YOU SPRING CLEANING?                                              Barbara Klinedinst                      Lompoc Community Womans Club         Cage Fund
                                                                                             Dianne Howe
                                                                                                           Karen & Steve Seaberg                   Lois Thompson & Frank Wasley         Jim Tellefson
                                       If so, remember VIVA’s consignment booth in Other Treasures on      Florence & Jerry Dunn                   Trudy & Leon Manton                  Judith Etchelecu
CALENDAR:                            E Street in the King’s furniture building. We need additional dona-   Eileen Enright                          Robert Peters
                                                                                                           Ernie Snowdon                           Michael Gore                         Dental Fund
Adoptions at our shelter             tions of goods so we can rotate our inventory and keep the booth      Patricia Fenwick Miller                 Janet & Hugh Jay                     Shirley Hand
Saturdays 10-4 or by appt.           looking fresh. We can use small furniture items such as desks,        Michelle Anne Phillips
                                                                                                           Penny P. J. Weiss
                                                                                                                                                   Stella Albert
                                                                                                                                                   Noele Jeroy                          Feral Cat Sanctuary
                                     dressers, and mirrors. Decorative items are also popular such as      Mette Grace Richardson                  Heloise Power                        Traci Brunald
                                                                                                           St. Francis Veterinary Hospital                                              Christine Borje
      June is Adopt-A-               old bottles, colored glassware, and other collectibles.               Village Veterinary Clinic               Sponsor Parents                      Marje Legerton
                                       VIVA has earned over $500 since last October when the booth         Santa Ynez Pet Hospital                 Leslie Armstrong
     Shelter-Cat Month                                                                                     Judith & Melvin Gatson                  Margaret Beebe
                                                                                                                                                                                        Natalie Vartapetian Sanders
                                     opened. All the money goes directly to support the VIVA cat shel-     Chris Risk                              Paula Belnavis
                                                                                                                                                                                        Lois Thompson & Frank Wasley
                                     ter on D Street. We hope to take in another $500 by the end of        Jeanne & Leo Glover                     Sharon Betzenderfer                  Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Graham
JULY DOG SHOW: 29,30,31              this year, but we need your help. Please drop off donations at the    Laurie Kingsley                         Karen & Joseph Bousquet                Judith Etchelecu
                                                                                                           PetSmart Charities/In-Store Adoptions   Cloverlane Foundation -              In Honor of Debbie Maples
 Call Barb Hayes now (733-3454)      VIVA shelter any Saturday between 10AM and 4PM. All items must        Helen & Robert Adams                     Diana & Gerald Chase                  Burt Parsons
to sign up for a shift at the        be in good condition. Thank you for your support.                     Joyce & Roland Bryan                    Mary Demery                          In Honor of Shirley Cram
                                                                                                           Linnea Collins                          Simone & Ray Dominik                   Theresa Wilson Flynn
VIVA table. The shifts would                                                                               Adrienne Doll                           Florence & Gerald Dunn               In Honor of Kathleen Palmer - She Liter-
only be for a couple of hours.       ALLERGIC TO ANIMALS? FIND WAYS TO KEEP THEM!
                                                                                                           Melissa Wolfe, O.M.D.,LAC.              Judith Etchelecu                     ally Saved My Life ~ Susan Abegg
                                                                                                           Steve Matzkin, D.C.                     Edith & Robert Greene                In Honor of Tiger, My Friend Cay’s Cat
We’ll have our hats, shirts, and a   The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology offers           Sheila Haugh                            Judith Griffin                         Kathi Backus
few knickknacks for sale and         the following tips to reduce indoor allergen levels for sensitive
                                                                                                           Joyce Moiha                             Carol Gurney                         In Honor of Dusty & In Memory of Taffy
                                                                                                           Caitlin & Gregory Brown                 Blanca & Jorge Gutierrez               Marilyn Fendrick
brochures to offer the partici-      adults and children:                                                  Rancho Purisima Chapter, NSDAR          Virginia Hall                        For Jeanie ~ Erik Jensen
pants and visitors.                   Replace carpeting with hard surfaces such as tile, hardwood
                                                                                                           Kristen Coada                           Deanna & Gregory Hart                For Gata ~ Joseph Diaz
                                                                                                           Kathleen Kaplan                         Dianne & John Howe                   For Baby Buttons’ Speedy Recovery
                                        floors, and polished stone. Carpeted floors accumulate 100         Nancy & Norm Larson                     Ronald Hutchins                        Betty Roberts
                                                                                                           Gisela & Richard Christ                 Linda & Bill Hylton
                                        times more cat allergens than hard floors.                         Julie & Shaun Victor                    Carol Irvin & Kay Fergus
                                                                                                                                                                                        In Memory of Lorena (Trudy) Trudeau
                                                                                                                                                                                          Burt Parsons
                                      Limit or remove fabric-upholstered furniture. Research shows        Christopher Bean                        Gerlinde Jantz                       In Memory of Rose Guerra
                                                                                                           Carole Self-MacDonald                   Kerry Johnson
                                        that upholstered furniture and curtains contain significant        Rita & Norman Blau                      June Linden
                                                                                                                                                                                          Madeleine Evans
                                                                                                                                                                                          Shirley Cram
                                        amounts of pet dander, even more than what’s typically found on    Katy Zappala                            Trudy & Leon Manton                    Marian Stave
                                                                                                           M. Patricia Bowman                      Katherine (Susie) Morey &
                                        the floor.                                                         Kerry Johnson                           Mary Hennessy
                                                                                                                                                                                          Gwen Francis
                                                                                                                                                                                          Elizabeth Bondietti & Family
 Barb reports that the only dog       Wash bedding and curtains frequently. Remove allergens by us-       Leslie Armstrong                        Sheridan & Jerry Rawlins               Joy & Butch Browder
available right now is Scooter, an      ing one of these methods: Wash items in 140 degrees F water
                                                                                                           Betty DeGeneres                         Nell & Sam Reece                       Sally Keane
                                                                                                           Patricia Edgerton                       Cindy & Mark Reinhardt               In Memory of Frances McIntyre and
adult cairn terrier who will make       with one rinse; wash at any temperature with two rinses; or use    Angela Hladyniuk                        Hal Robinson                         Madeleine Merlinos ~ Janet Cawley
a great addition to any family.         a steam washing machine.
                                                                                                           LaVonne & Wil Krauth                    Betty & George Rowley                In Memory of Tim ~ Marlo Sagatelian
                                                                                                           Jill Gendron                            Arnie Schildhaus                     In Memory of Linda Greco
He is very good with kids and         Put tightly woven coverings on all bedding. Protective coverings    Alison Siewert                          Noel & Ken Shields                     Kristie Molina
cats and other dogs.                    for mattresses, box springs, and pillows are recommended.
                                                                                                           Sonja Hess                              Julie Simons                         In Memory of Shirle Martin - Mother’s Day
                                                                                                           Gwen & Clete Wood                       Rachel Smith                           Stephanie & Don Wilson
 Margarita and Conchita were          Vacuum when the allergic person is not home. Vacuuming makes        Rhonda & Roderick Cooper                Bennie Stanton                       In Memory of Frieda Stave
both adopted by long-time VIVA          indoor allergy problems worse by blowing particles back into the
                                                                                                           Barbara Cubicciotti                     Marian C. Stave                        Ernie Snowdon
                                                                                                           Greta Van Bemmel                        Cynthia & Bruce Stovall                Gwen Francis
supporters!                             air. Cat allergens remain airborne for two hours; dog allergens,   Beverly & Max Dean                      Jim Tellefson                          Shirley Cram
 We’re still looking for foster         which are heavier, stay suspended for about 12 minutes.
                                                                                                           Joya & Lance Dugan                      Sandra Thorns                          Hal Robinson
                                                                                                           Bea Hamlin                              Stephanie Welch                        Carolyn & Omer Joly
families who are willing to care      Keep pets out of the bedroom. Animal dander builds up over          Charles Hayes                           Georgina Wenta                         Elizabeth Bondietti
for homeless dogs until a for-          time on pillows and bedding, making symptoms worse at night
                                                                                                           Betty Lewis                                                                  In Memory of Maverick ~ Billie Padgett
                                                                                                           Jeanne & Svend Lindegaard               Food and Supplies Drive              In Memory of Chrissy & Maggie
ever home is found. Call Barb!          and in the morning.                                                Joann Otis                              Martha Hicks      Lynda Snodgrass      Marilyn Buck
                                                                                                           Ellen Triplett                          Anna Wolfe        Thelma King
                                      Practice good hygiene habits. After petting or playing with a       Charles Ward                            Judith Etchelecu Eva Jaborek
                                                                                                                                                                                        In Memory of Sarah - Much Loved VIVA
                                                                                                                                                                                        Kitty ~ Les Oliveira
SHELTER ADOPTIONS                       pet, allergy suffers should wash with soap and warm water.         Barbara Wilkins                         Shirley Dace      Mr. Wolf           In Memory of Figaro (died 04/29/11)
Recently we’ve had some success       Wear a face mask for doing chores. When cleaning litter boxes
                                                                                                           Mary Yackley                            Cynthia Stovall Gwen Francis         Owned by Grace Collins ~ Sabrina Pinnell
                                                                                                           Margo & Jim Morgan                      Maria Slizys      Jean Meyer         In Memory of Santee ~ Kirsten Quinlan
adopting a couple of long-time          or grooming pets, wear a N95 grade face mask to filter out air-    Nancy Jo Anderson                       Kerry Johnson     Sylvia Ornelas     In Memory of Uncle Spot, our Dalmatian
residents: Boots and Dancer. On         borne allergens.
                                                                                                           Dorothy & George Elerding               Risa Grimes       Shelley Stahl        Nancy Faragan
                                                                                                           Joseph Thomas                           Alison Marsh      Susie Strong       In Memory of Oakley, Former 2/3 Kitty
Saturday, May 14th, four cats         Regularly change your home’s HVAC filter. Install a new pleated     Nancy & Adil Yaqub                      Chris & Sandie Bean                    Deanna & Gregory Hart
found forever homes. We have            MERV 12 rated filter every three month.
                                                                                                           Janet Kirkwood                          Isabel & Martin Thruston             In Memory of Wendy ~ Ruth Cvetan
                                                                                                           Robert Hill                             Sandy Montgomery & Rancho Purisima   Goodbye to Joey, My Sweet 15 yo Kitty
at least 150 more. Come get one!        Don’t live without your pets; deal with the allergy problems!      Judith Etchelecu                                 Chapter CSSDAR                Sharon Betzenderfer

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