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									                   Program for Commissioner D. Grueneich
                                      April 2, 2008
                 Arranged by Joint US-China Co-operation on Clean Energy


08:00              Picked up by Holly Cheng at Jianguo Hotel Lobby PL/HC/KB/DG
09:00 – 11: 15     Meeting with NDRC China Investment Association
                   Working Lunch at IAC
12:45              Leave IAC for State Grid Electricity Power Research Institute
13:45 – 14:45      Meeting with: CEPRI
                   Mr. Like WANG, Vice President, CEPRI
                   Prof. Xiaomin BAI, Deputy Chief Engineer & Director of Graduate School, CEPRI
                   Ms Jin YE, Secretary, International Cooperation Dept., CEPRI
15:45 – 17:00      Meeting with NDRC Energy Research Institute

A. Investment Association of China, National Development and Reform Commission
 Know JUCCCE well, good relationship and trust built among senior management in IAC
 Bio sent to them, very interested with commissioner’s experience
 They have a general interests in hearing CPUC’s experience in managing energy efficiency,
     leading California to become first state to cap all GHG emissions from major industries
 Taking the opportunity to publicize California energy efficiency programmes and how power
     industry plays a roll in the energy efficiency programnme – introduction of smartgrid
 Brainstorming on how to move power energy efficiency and smart grid concept forward in

B. State Grid China Electric Power Research Institute
 JUCCCE paid one visit to them November 2007 during which Mr. Steve Papermaster shared
     some high level thoughts on smartgrid. The top person whom we met last time, Mr. Jianbo
     Guo, then one of the VPs with CEPRI. He has now been transferred to the State Grid and
     now acts as Department Head of Science and Technology Department. Mr. Wang is another
     VP with CEPRI and we have never met with him. Good working relationship established
     with the International Cooperation section of CEPRI.
 Bio sent to them, very interested with commissioner’s experience
 Taking the opportunity to publicize California energy efficiency programmes and how power
     industry plays a roll in the energy efficiency programnme – introduction of smartgrid
 Seeking views on how to engage other players: State Grid, SERC, NDRC, Local Grids
 Seeking on CEPRI’s view on how to move forward on this front. Checking if they will be
     interested in co-sponsoring, participating in the workshop on Smart Grid in November.

C. Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission
 Very active in China’s energy policy advising as well as co-operation with international
    players such as international energy institutions, industries as well as research bodies.
    NDRC’s think tank on energy.
    Bio, Smartgrid background information and CPUC introduction pack sent to ERI already.
    Mr. Han Wenke, head of the Institute is now the leader of the working group for US China
     Clean Energy Forum endorsed by the State in China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue.
     JUCCCE is trying to push the energy efficiency and smartgrid into Clean Energy Forum
    Objectives of ours are taking the opportunity to publicize California energy efficiency
     programmes and how power industry plays a roll in the energy efficiency programnme –
     introduction of smartgrid
    Seeking views on how to engage other players: State Grid, SERC, NDRC, Local Grids in
     energy efficiency/smartgrid discussions
    Seeking on CEPRI’s view on how to move forward on this front. Checking if they will be
     interested in co-organize, participating in the workshop on Smart Grid in November.


A. Investment Association of China, National Development and Reform Commission
Registered in 1995, report to NDRC. Key tasks:
1. Carry out government policies and promote Chinese investment;
2. Provide macro economic information and guide investment activities;
3. Feed in comments and make recommendations to the central government and related
    department on policies, legislation and reform;
4. Engage in investment research work, arrange experts in investigation trips as well as holding
    seminars to exchange expertise and experiences

JUCCCE assessment: Top executives from IAC are retired NDRC (previously called State
Planning Commission) directors, deputy directors and department heads, senior executives with
previous Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Electric Power, as well as from the Chinese oil/gas
majors such as CNPC/PetroChina, Sinopec etc. The key influencing capacity, we believe is that
they can address some of the issues through their internal reporting system and get these reports
delivered to the top Chinese officials through their own channel. They have also been invited to
major projects evaluation meetings where they perform as experts to evaluate projects and give

B. State Grid China Electric Power Research Institute
China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), founded in 1951, is a comprehensive research
institution and a scientific and technological enterprise affiliated directly to and wholly-owned by the
State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC). CEPRI mainly performs the research in the professional
fields covering: Planning of Power System; Analysis on the Security and Stability of Power System
Operation; Control and Protection of Power System; High Voltage Technology; Power System
Automation; Power Electronics and Electricity Saving; Telecommunication and Information; Power
Plant and Industry Control; Transmission and Transformation Equipment; New and Renewable Energy

Besides, the main business scope of CEPRI involves: technology R&D; technical consultation and
service; technology transfer; and product manufacturing and sales; project contracting; the inspection
and test on electric apparatus and meters; and domestic and international trade etc.

CEPRI enjoys its high competence and reputation in science and technology research, equipped with
advanced facilities and equipment for testing and experiment. It possesses the National Power
Transmission & Distribution Engineering Research and Electricity Saving Center, the largest Power
System Simulation Center in Asia, and the National Quality Inspection and Test Center. It has been
authorized to award academic degrees of MSc. and PhD in the first level discipline of electrical
engineering. It has also set up a centre for postdoctoral studies on electrotechnics as well as master's
degree authorized discipline on computer application technology.

CEPRI is an organisation with the attached units of seven standardization committees of electrical
power sector including High Voltage Switch Standardization Technology Committee etc., three
professional committees including power system professional committee of Chinese Society for
Electrical Engineering (CSEE) and Chinese Secretariat of IEC-TC73 Short-Circuit Current
Professional Committee. It is the undertaker of Proceedings of the CSEE, a national Chinese core
journal collected by EI (Engineering Index). It is also the sponsor of Power System Technology.

CEPRI has nurtured and trained a large number of state-level experts in electric power field, academic
leaders, young and mid-aged scientific and technological backbone staff, excellent executive and
management staff. Among those, there are one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, one
academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 45 employees with post-doctor and doctor degree,
225 with master degree.

With the great efforts for several decades, CEPRI has obtained remarkable achievement in the
theoretical study on key technologies of power system as well as their application and popularization.
So far, it has been awarded 1,503 prizes for scientific and technological achievement, including 55
state-level awards, 247 provincial and ministerial awards, 19 SGCC awards. It has obtained 36 national
patents, of which one won Chinese Patent Gold Award.

During each crucial stage of the development of China power industry, for instance, in some major
construction projects including the first AC 330 kV and the first AC 500 kV power transmission and
transformation engineering, the first ±500 kV DC transmission engineering, Three Gorges Project, etc.,
CEPRI undertook the task of system research and project commissioning, which made a significant
contribution to the construction and development of nationwide power grid.

CEPRI has attained the certification of ISO9001 Quality System, for providing the advanced
technology, reliable products and perfect services.

C. Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission
NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks
Energy Research Institute, State Development Planning Commission (ERI, SDPC)

B14-B15F, Guohong Building, No.(A)11 Muxudi-beili, Xicheng District Beijing 100038, China
tel:86-10 6390 8576 fax:86-10 6390 8568

Organizational Status: Governmental institute, founded in 1980.

General Description: ERI, SDPC is the only energy economy and policy research institute at the
national level in China; its main function is to develop a scientific and technical basis-especially in
economic evaluation and assessment-for the development of the government's energy strategy and
policy. The institute is the major technical support group for the Chinese government in many
important national programs, including international cooperative projects with the World Bank, the
United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Asian
Development Bank (ADB). It also serves as the technical support group to the SDPC, the leading
agency of climate change policy making in China. ERI operates directly or is affiliated with four
research centers. The Energy Economics and Strategy Research Center works on energy demand
forecast and balance analysis; energy supply sectors; media and long term development strategies,
especially for the supply side; energy pricing; and regulation. The Energy Environment and Climate
Change Research Center, which serves as the secretariat for the Working Group on Climate Change of
China, was the leading group in preparing China's first country communication report to the UN
Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Center for Renewable Energy
Development (CRED), a major supporting team to the State Development Planning Commission and
the State Economic and Trade Commission on a series of national renewable energy promoting
programs, also covers rural energy issues. The Beijing Energy Efficiency Center (BECon), founded by
ERI and the US Department of Energy (USDOE), is well-known in energy conservation communities
not only in China but globally; it has conducted many policy studies of energy efficiency and serves as
a major technical supporting team for many national programs.
So me examp les o f the recent activities in areas of foreign co -op eratio n :

A Worksho p on Internat io na l Co mpa riso n o f Industria l Energy Efficiency ,
which was or ganized b y Ener gy Research Institute (ERI),was held in Beijing on
March 18 -19. Officials and Exp er ts fro m IEA, Internatio nal Aluminu m Institute,
Internatio nal Iro n &Stee l Asso ciatio n, Europ ean Chemical Ind ustry Co uncil
(Cefic), I nstitute o f Ener gy Eco no mics Jap an, J ap an Cement Associatio n, J apan
Chemical I nd ustr y Associatio n, J apan p ap er asso ciatio n, Natio nal Develop ment
and Refo r m Co mmissi o n, Ener gy Research Institute, N atio nal B ureau of
Statistics, China Cement Associatio n, China Non -ferro us Ind ustry Associatio n,
China Iro n &Steel Asso ciatio n, China Petroleum &Chemical Ind ustry
Asso ciatio n as well as representatives fro m corpo ratio ns too k p art in the
co nference, in which they too k d iscussio ns o n issues o f current energy
efficiency status , calculate methodo lo gy , ind icato rs for benchmarking,
imp ro vement, p otential etc. The particip ants also co nd ucted team d iscussio ns on
the top ics o f benchmark in Iro n &Steel, P etrochemical, Cement and P ulp &
Paper ind ustries.

China and U.S. Edge Closer in Energy Talks

SEATTLE - Itron supplies technology to manage energy use to thousands of utility companies around
the world. In China, where improving energy efficiency over the next decade is critical, it's just getting

Officials from the United States and China hope that marrying such high-tech solutions with pressing
energy needs will help the two countries solve environmental problems while benefiting both

China's energy planners got a firsthand look at the technology last weekend during a visit to Itron's
headquarters near Spokane, Wash. It was part of an effort to showcase the Northwest's innovations as
government officials from both countries met in Washington state to discuss collaboration on energy
and the environment.

Together the two countries use half of the world's energy, consuming a third of its oil and more than
half of its coal. China is on track to surpass the United States this year as the largest emitter of carbon
dioxide, and some experts say it already has.

"If half the world can work together and say, let's both try to clean this thing up, then you create a
situation where the rest of the world can say yes," said Stanley Barer, co-chairman of a private-sector
coalition that hosted the visiting Chinese energy officials in Seattle over the weekend.

While recent bilateral negotiations have been stuck on thorny issues such as the value of the Chinese
currency, this time the two sides found more common ground, said Sen. Maria Cantwell, who
participated in the government talks.

"I thought it was a great start," she said "There was a lot of enthusiasm for the task at hand. This was
about getting to the specifics of how our governments might work toward reducing CO2."

The talks on energy, spun off from the regular meetings on economic issues known as the U.S. China
Strategic Economic Dialogue, included officials from the U.S. Treasury, Commerce, Energy and State
Departments and the Environmental Protection Agency.

They met privately in Gig Harbor, Wash., with Chinese representatives from the National Development
and Reform Commission; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Science and Technology; State
Environment Protection Administration; and the Ministry of Finance.

They chose Gig Harbor as a quiet place away from the spotlight, a spokeswoman from Cantwell's
office said. The officials also attended a reception at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.
Separately, the University of Washington and a private business group each signed agreements with
China's Energy Research Institute, a government think tank.

"There was a real meeting of the minds," said Barer, chairman emeritus of shipping company Saltchuk

The business group agreed to form the U.S.-China Clean Energy Forum, committing to meetings two
or three times per year in Seattle and Beijing for the next several years. American members include
former U.S. Trade Representatives Carla Hills and Mickey Kantor.

The group said it will identify and implement projects in clean energy and alternative fuels and
recommend solutions to the two governments to address trade, legal and financial barriers.

One of the key legal questions is how to protect the intellectual property of technology companies like

The company has begun to sell software to utilities in China, and it manufactures natural-gas meters at
a factory in Chongqing. Its most cutting- edge products are advanced metering systems that take
precise measurements of energy use and deliver data back to utilities. Two-way systems can send
signals to customers or to smart appliances to cut consumption at times when the energy supply is
constrained. In measuring water use, its technology can detect leaks under the street using acoustics.

Itron sees opportunities in China's plan to boost its energy efficiency, said marketing director Tim Wolf.
But concerns over intellectual-property rights have made Itron cautious about the China market.

"Senator Cantwell and everyone made it clear that IP rights are an important concern as we go
forward," Wolf said. "Working directly with a government-sanctioned group in China mitigates those
concerns to some extent."

The UW signed an agreement with the Energy Research Institute "to begin to collaborate on areas of
energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protection by looking at possibilities for joint
research and joint training programs," said Phyllis M. Wise, UW provost and executive vice president.

The effort will start with meetings and workshops between UW faculty and researchers and their
counterparts at the Chinese institute, eventually leading to joint studies and joint training programs, she

At the national level, the U.S., China energy talks will begin to address intellectual property, export
regulations and financing when they resume in China later this spring, a U.S. Treasury Department
spokeswoman said.

Meanwhile, Cantwell heads to China next week for three days, to speak at an American Chamber of
Commerce conference in Beijing and meet with Chinese government leaders on energy issues.


Published: 2008/03/07 12:00:00 CST

UK pa r lia ment Gro up visit ed ERI
Tim Yeo ,Chair man o f the Ho use o f Co mmo ns Enviro nmental Aud it Committee
visited ERI with his co lleagues o n January 30, 2008 .Exp erts form Energy
Enviro nment and Climate Change Research Center p articipated in the exchanges ,in
which they mainly d iscussed the issues o f China's d o mestic policy to wards climate
So urce: Center fo r Ener gy Enviro nment and Climate Change Research P ublished :
20 08 -2 -3

Exxo n M obil Co rporat io n visit ed ERI fo r a ca demic excha ng es
David Reed , Senior Planning Officer o f Exxo n Mob il Corpo ra tio n and Su Ling
visited ERI o n 9 No v,200 7. More than 20 researchers o f ERI p articipated in the
meeting.At which they mainly d iscussed the issues o f enengy d emand and supply
scenario analysis to wards 2 030 .
At the meeting, David Reed introd uced his r epo rt entitled " Outloo k o n energy
d emand and sup ply " ,which includ ing the supp ly and d emand situatio n o f nearly 100
co untries and r egio ns ,and loo king forward to areas includ ing oil, natural gas, coal,
electricity, alter native fuels, carbo n d io xide emissi o ns, techno lo gical pro gress and
imp ro ving ener gy efficiency. All the P articipants exchanged their views .
So urce:R esearc h Manage ment a nd Int ernation al Col labora tion Div ision
Pu blishe d :      200 7-11- 12

O PEC Of ficers Visit ed ERI
Mo hammad Alipo ur -J eddi, head o f the P etroleum Market Analysis Dep artment o f the
OPEC visited ERI with his colleagues o n October 25, 2007.Han W enke ,d irector o f
ERI met them ,T he two sides co nd ucted frank and friend ly discussio ns o n issues
co ncerned b y bo th.
So urce: Resear ch Managem ent and Internatio nal Co llabo ratio n Divisio n
P ub lished : 2 007 -1 0 -26

In J une 27, 2007 , Polit ical B urea u of the Centra l Co mmittee ha d a meeting
with fo cus o n ener gy reso urce issues in China. Memb er o f Political B ureau and
relative Minister s p articip ated the meeting. Zho u Dad i, to gether with Zhang
Ho ngtao, Dep uty Dir ector General o f State B ureau o f Surveying and Mapp ing,
gave a presentatio n o n this top ic and answered q uestio ns fro m particip ants.

                          Dian M. Grueneich
                          Commissioner, California Public Service Commission
                          Dian M. Grueneich was appointed to the California Public Utilities
                          Commission (CPUC) by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in January
                          2005 and unanimously confirmed by the State Senate in May 2005 for a
                          six year term. The CPUC regulates California’s investor-owned utilities,
                          which provide approximately 80% of the state’s energy services.
                          Commissioner Grueneich is a nationally recognized expert in energy and
                          environmental issues, with almost 30 years of experience in the field.
                          Since her appointment she has focused on energy efficiency, renewables,
                          climate change, and transmission planning and infrastructure.
Commissioner Grueneich is the presiding Commissioner on energy efficiency and oversees the 3
year $2.7 billion energy efficiency program of the California investor-owned utilities (IOUs).
Ms. Grueneich serves on the Governor’s Climate Action Team, the California Green Action Team,
the National Energy Efficiency Leadership Group, and the Leadership Council of the China-US
Energy Efficiency Alliance. Commissioner Grueneich is committed to building partnerships
nationally and internationally that advance best practices in clean energy and policies to achieve
maximum energy savings.
In 1986, Ms. Grueneich founded her own law and consulting firm, known as Grueneich Resource
Advocates (GRA) since 1993. From 1982-1985 Ms. Grueneich was a Senior Associate at Heller,
Ehrman, White & McAuliffe, a major San Francisco law firm, specializing in West Coast energy
issues, including Pacific Northwest matters. From 1977-82, she was Staff Counsel at the California
Energy Commission.
                               Këri Bolding
                               Senior Communications Advisor, California Public Utilities
                               Këri Bolding is the Senior Communications Advisor for the California
                               Public Utilities Commission, working to position California as a global
                               leader in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and aggressive emissions
                               reduction legislation. Ms Bolding builds partnerships and vehicles for
                               information exchange on clean energy at the state, national and
international level. Through strategic promotion of California’s clean energy leadership and
achievement, Ms. Bolding helps advance diverse support for the development of new renewable
resources and achievement of maximum energy savings.
Previously, Ms. Bolding served as the Director of Communications and Business Services at the Center
for Resource Solutions, working with businesses, government agencies and renewable energy
providers of all sizes. She provided large corporations, organizations and public coalitions renewable
energy procurement options and developed the first U.S. renewable energy labeling program for
businesses and manufacturers seeking to label consumer products “Made with Renewable Energy” and
co-brand with Green-e Logo.
A Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Ms. Bolding works to build widespread public
awareness for clean energy, and unite stakeholders to develop innovative energy efficiency strategies
and advance emissions reduction policies. Her work integrates intuition and comprehensive market
analysis for effective messaging and public education strategies. A Stanford Graduate of
Communications, Ms. Bolding has spent over a decade in the energy field, putting marketing
fundamentals to work for energy organizations, corporations, start-ups and national nonprofit
organizations. She recently published a comprehensive Resource Guide on Best Practices in Marketing
Green Pricing Programs, available in print from the American Public Power Association.

                        Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE
                        Most recently COO at Mustang Ventures, an early stage venture fund in
                        Shanghai, China. An active alumna of MIT, she created the MIT Forum on the
                        Future of Energy in China Prior to Mustang Ventures, Peggy was an Internet
                        executive in Silicon Valley. She was General Manager of the Consumer
                        Applications at Zaplet, a dynamic email communications platform (funded by
                        KPCB and acquired by MetricStream). She was VP of Marketing at
                        SeeUthere.com (now owned by Starcite). As an independent advisor, she
                        consulted to ecommerce companies on strategy, fundraising, and business
partnerships. In 1996, Peggy co-founded and was CEO of Channel A, one of the earliest business-to-
consumer ecommerce web sites. She led NetManage into the retail channel with Internet Chameleon,
the first consumer software package to connect Windows users to the Internet (1994). As Product
Manager at Symantec, she managed the Macintosh line development tools, helped launch Symantec
C++ for Windows, and built the OEM channel for Symantec's Norton Group. She was a management
consultant at McKinsey & Co. in Los Angeles.
Peggy is Chinese-American and currently resides in Shanghai. She has a B.S. from MIT in Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science with a thesis in ISDN. She has been active in the non-profit world
in leadership positions for most of her life.

Holly Cheng, Chief Representative in Beijing for JUCCCE
Most recently, Holly was General Manager of business development for BP China’s Gas and Power
business. During her 16 years with BP, she has also taken different roles including deputy General
Manager in BP's frontline downstream joint ventures as well as managing relationship with Chinese
government bodies at different levels. Holly's international assignment during her earlier years within
BP included postings in BP London on Strategic Gas Projects as well as with BP Australia as a
commercial analyst. Prior to her professional life with BP, she worked at China Daily as a reporter and
business editor. She was born and raised in China. Holly holds a BA with Beijing Foreign Languages
Institute and Post Graduate with the Petroleum and Energy Studies, Oxford.
Peter Jianya Yan
Peter Jianya Yan is the COO of Beijing Falcon Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd. (China5e.com), an
internet-based content provider and energy consulting company. He was Managing Director of
NovaCom Consulting (1999-2005), a general business consulting company with focus on market
research, media relations and event management. He was Chief Representative of                   Beijing
Representative Office, John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company (1995-1999) and Chief
Representative of Electrolux Beijing Representative Office (1990-1995). He worked for MOFCOM
during 1981-1990.
Peter was Moderator at Coal-Gen Sustainability China 2008 organized by IPPF and Allied Resources
Allocator Company and US Clean Energy Trade Mission seminar on The U.S. – China Clean Energy
and Energy Efficiency (C3E) Dialogue in 2008, Chairperson at the Global Hydro Power Summit in
2006, Keynote Speaker at New Ventures Investor Forum in China organized by the World Resources
Institute of the U.S. and the first Asian World Publishing Congress held in Singapore by Media Listing
Co. Ltd.in 2003 and 1987, and Official Interpreter of Sino-U.S. Economic and Trade Promotion
Symposium and trip assistant to Mr. Lei Renmin, Head of the Chinese official delegation to the
symposium and former vice-Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of China in 1986.
Peter holds a BA in applied economics with North East London Polytechnic. He had a Six-month
management training at Electrolux companies in Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong
including one month field training in direct sales in 1990 and has passed five of ten courses by LOMA
(Life Office Management Association). Successful completion of all ten courses will lead to an
industry designation - FLMI (Fellow, Life Management Institute).


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