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									     Welcome to Elim Reformed Church                                         Today’s Participants
                     Sunday, October 2, 2011                                 Ushers: DeWayne Adams & Brad Engelkes
                                                                             Greeters: Maynard & Fran Bruns
           Our Mission – To glorify God by knowing Christ,
             growing in Christ, and making Him known.                        Next Week’s Participants
                                                                             Ushers: DeWayne Adams & Brad Engelkes
          *Indicates that you are requested to stand if able
                                                                             Greeters: Wayne & Linda Buettner

The Approach to God                                                          What’s Happening This Week
Prelude – Bev Kearns                                                         Wednesday      1:30 pm      Ladies Aid
Call to Worship                                                              Thursday      11:45 am      Ladies Aid Outing to White Pines
*Hymn of Praise # 320 – How Firm a Foundation                                                            Dinner Theater
*Prayer of Praise                                                            Next Sunday    9:00 am      Sunday school
Prayer of Confession                                                                       10:00 am      Communion
Assurance of Pardon                                                                                      Consistory Nomination Ballots DUE!
The Law of God – Responsive Reading 35 (The Moral Law) p.621
*Hymn # 327 – Trust and Obey
                                                                             Elim News
Greeting of Friends and Welcoming of Guests                                  This morning we welcome Rev. Norm Shirk to our pulpit. We
Ministry of Music – Chuck Kearns                                             greatly appreciate his filling in for Pastor Gerry today.

                                                                             Pastor Gerry and Jan are spending some time with family in Iowa
The Word of God in Proclamation                                              this weekend following the passing of Gerry’s uncle from injuries
Scripture: Galatians 5:19-26                                                 suffered in a farm related accident this past week.
Sermon: Proof of Purchase
                                                                             Today there will be two offerings. The first offering will go
                                                                             towards the Benevolent Fund and be taken during the normal
The Response to God                                                          offering spot. The second offering is a special offering for RCA
Offering                                                                     churches and families affected by Hurricane Irene. More details
*Doxology                                                                    are given in today’s bulletin insert. This offering will be taken
*Prayer of Dedication                                                        during the singing of the last hymn.
Sharing of Joys and Concerns
Congregational Prayer                                                        Ladies Aid meets Wednesday, October 5 at 1:30 p.m. Cynthia
*Hymn of Dedication # 381 – It Is Well with my Soul                          Donnelly will lead the lesson “Praying with Psalms.” Closing
  [Special Offering will be taken during hymn for Hurricane Irene victims]   Moments are with Marge Bruns. Refreshment Hostess is
*Benediction                                                                 Eleanor Bonte. Don’t forget Thursday is the White Pines Outing.
*Closing                                                                     This month’s observance of the Lord’s Supper has been
                                                                             rescheduled for next Sunday, October 9. If you are unable to
  Please join us downstairs after the service for coffee and fellowship.     attend the service and would like to receive communion, please
                                                                             contact Pastor Gerry.
TO SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9*** Also, the list of those ineligible for
nomination to consistory was in error on the letter you received
in the mail. Please note that the following is correct. Members
not eligible to be nominated at this time are: Linda Buettner,
Roger Hayenga, Norma Swanson, Dennis Alderks, Ron Adams,
Arlene Hansen, Julie Mann, and Mary Ellen Rahn. Also, on the
eligible list substitute Joe Mann for Julie Mann. Please
prayerfully complete your consistory nomination ballot and
return it to the ballot box located in the narthex by Sunday,
October 9. If you did not receive a ballot, please contact Pastor
Gerry as soon as possible.

 The Elim and Phone Address Directory will be updated very
 soon. Please check the front bulletin board in the narthex                                   Elim Reformed Church
 and review not only your information but also any                                      140 S Church Rd. Kings, IL 61068
 information of family members that do not attend Elim                 Office: 815.562.6811    Parsonage: 815.645.6056 Cell: 815.708.2869
 regularly. Feel free to add email addresses as well if you                                    www.goelimchurch.org
 would like.

Contract Extension: The consistory has had informal
conversations with Pastor Gerry about extending his contract
for an additional year (to April 30, 2013.) If anyone would like to
have input on this matter you are encouraged to contact one of
the consistory members before the October consistory meeting.

Meal Train for Sam & Harriet Gocken: Those that have signed
up to bring a meal have been registered on the website. Please
check the sign-up poster for other available dates in October and
sign-up if you are interested. The availability of that date will be
confirmed with the website and you next week. If you would
prefer to sign up on the website yourself, email
fhayenga@aol.com so that you can be forwarded a specific
link to Sam & Harriet’s page. Once you are on the webpage, you
will need to set up your own ‘meal train’ account. All that is
required is your name, email, and selecting a password. Please
continue to pray for Harriet who is in the process of receiving
chemo treatments.
Today we will take up a special offering for those touched by the hurricane Irene flooding. There was a lot of
damage to RCA churches and many RCA families were affected. The funds we collect will be channeled
through the RCA agencies seeking to help especially RCA churches and families. To get a sense of the
situation we offer this by Tom DeVries, the new General Secretary of the Reformed Church in America.

                                       Reflections on Irene Flooding:
                                      What It Means to Be God's People
Tom De Vries, general secretary of the Reformed Church in America, spent Labor Day weekend visiting churches in New York and New Jersey that had been impacted by Hurricane Irene.
Below are his thoughts from his time in New Jersey.

Hillsborough, New Jersey, becomes an island when the creeks begin to rise
around it. The Raritan River flows gently across the street from South Branch
Reformed Church…at least today. That was not the case when Hurricane Irene
came through the neighborhood.

On September 5, as I drove over the bridge to the church with my wife, Laura,
and Luis Perez, synod executive minister for the Regional Synod of the Mid-
Atlantics, the muddy residue on all the trees, vegetation, and undergrowth
displayed a water line that was above the top of our vehicle. This demarcation
reflected the experience of many in Hillsborough and other communities in
northern New Jersey.

We inspected the impact on South Branch Reformed Church as pastor Steve Eckert walked us through the
building. Most of the damage was in the basement. Flooding wiped out the kitchen facilities, community
preschool rooms and equipment, two boilers, and carpet and flooring. The drywall and baseboards had already
been removed four feet up the wall. Pastor Steve, a fire and rescue volunteer, shared how there were more than
300 rescues within the community the previous weekend as the storms were coming through. It was affirming to
hear him tell us of other classis pastors from the Delaware-Raritan Classis who had responded and helped with
the clean-up of the church, serving side-by-side with congregation members. South Branch is moving toward
recovery, but it will take time, money, and ongoing help.

                                                   Hillsborough Reformed Church is also located in this community, and Fred
                                                   Mueller is the pastor of this congregation, started in 1766. The river flooded the
                                                   parsonage, both basement and first floor, and the carpet and furniture were
                                                   already removed as we examined the effects of the hurricane. Across the street,
                                                   the church building experienced flooding that caused the backing up of the
                                                   septic system into the church basement. The basement houses the church
                                                   offices, children's classrooms, and music room. All contents will be destroyed.
                                                   Drywall and baseboards will also be removed. As we spoke with members of
                                                   the congregation, it was encouraging to hear the ongoing vision for ministry in
                                                   the community, even in the midst of challenging loss.

Further down the river is Griggstown Reformed Church. David Leung Kahler is pastor of this congregation in
Princeton, New Jersey. He showed us the boiler that was flooded, the parsonage basement that had also flooded,
and the results of a 60-foot tree that had blown down, catching a corner of the parsonage roof. The majority of
clean-up had already taken place, and it was great to hear how Reformed Church of Willow Grove and Stanton
Reformed Church had already sent volunteer groups to serve and help during this time of need.
Our final stop was in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. Pompton Reformed Church was not directly impacted by
Hurricane Irene, but desired to have a direct impact. Many homes and families in this community suffered
damage from the storms and flooding, and the city asked the church to become a center for clothing, food,
bedding, and toy distribution. The church opened its doors and hearts, and the donations have been
overwhelming—so much so that they've run out of room! Under the leadership of pastors Debbie Rundecker
and Tom Bartha, this ministry to the community is designed to reach out and extend Christ's love to the many
who are struggling with the effects of flooding in the Pompton Lakes area.

We share Christ's love together—directed toward others, directed toward each other. Even when going through
tough times, we can depend on brothers and sisters in Christ to provide help and hope. The opportunities are
before us to share and serve—to offer healing to RCA congregations in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,
and the Virgin Islands. At least 15 RCA congregations have been impacted. The clean-up and recovery will not
take days or even weeks; it will take months, and perhaps even longer.

As a denomination it is our time to get involved in giving and serving, sharing in taking an offering for these
churches or giving a personal financial contribution to be used for rebuilding. You can also help in coordinating
a group to come and help these sister RCA congregations. Information to help you take the next steps is
included below.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support. Thank you for caring. But especially, thank you for
getting involved—for not standing on the sidelines, but making the effort to do something now. It is what it
means to be God's people. It is what is significant about being part of the Reformed Church in America.

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