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Webshield High Blacklist Filtering Profile Functions and ProtocolsOn


                                                                                            ABN 57 389 372 988

                                                                                 PO Box 473, Brighton SA 5048

                                                                                              Tel 1300 309 121

Webshield High Blacklist Filtering Profile

Below is an overview of the different categories and fuctions that are available through
Webshield filtering technology
We have ticked which ones have been filtered for this profile. If you want any further
changes or adjustments let us know.

Webshield offers secialised filtering plans such as:
Partner contracts - where only an authorised party can change your profile
Pass word profiles - where a pass word needs to be quoted before changes are made

You need to communicte these choices with us otherwise the primary account holder
will be notified of any changes requested and our policy of freedom of choice applies

All sites which are not categorised by the filter are Passed

Filtering Overview
                                Low                    High
Filtering Power
False Positives

Functions and ProtocolsOn Off                          Data Filter & Firewall              On    Off

3 Strikes Blocking                                     Open ports P2P, proxy block
Search word Filtering                                  Open ports P2P, proxy, chat block         X
Google / Yahoo safe search lock                        Closed ports with port 80, 443 FTP        X
URL Key word filtering                                 Port 80, 443 only                         X
Timed Filtering Profile
Partner Contract
Pass word profile

URL Content Category Filter

Threat Groups                  Block Pass Warn Allow   Productivity Groups                 Block Pass Warn Allow

Uncategorised Sites

Adult Content                                          Business/Investments
Child Porn/Child Abuse          X                      Employment
Explicit Art                    X                      Financial Institution
Obscene/Tasteless               X                      General Business
Pornography/Adult Content       X                      Online Trading/Brokerage
R-rated                          X   Real Estate

Bandwidth                            Community/Organizations
Image Server/Search Engines          Community Organizations
Internet Radio                       Local Community
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File SharingX
Streaming Media                      Education
VoIP                                 Education
Web-based storage                    Educational Games
Video Sharing                        Online Classes
Criminal Skills                  X   Entertainment
Dubious/Unsavoury                    Art
Hate & Discrimination            X   Comics
Illegal Drugs                    X   Entertainment
School Cheating                      Gambling                    X
Terrorist/ Militant/ Extremist   X   Games
Information Technology               Kids
Dynamic DNS Servers                  Movies & Television
Freeware/Shareware                   Music Appreciation
Information Technology               Restaurants/Dining
Internet Service Providers           Theatre
Portals                              Online Greeting Cards
Search Engines
Web-based Newsgroups
                                     Government/ Law/ Politics
Internet Communication               Government
Chat                                 Legal
Instant Messaging (IM)               Military Appreciation
Message Boards                       Military-Official
Web logs/ Personal Pages             Political Opinion
Web-based E-mail
Online Communities                   Health/Fitness
Miscellaneous                        Health/ Medical
Domain Landing                       Holistic
Intranet/ Internal Servers           Self Help
Invalid Web pages
Reviewed/ Miscellaneous              News/Reports
Security                             Sports
Bad rep domains                  X   Weather/ Traffic
Hacking                      X    Religion/Beliefs
Malicious Code/Virus              Paranormal
Phishing                     X    Religion
Spyware                      X
Web based proxies / Anon     X    Shopping
                                  Online Auction
Custom Categories                 Shopping
Customer reported Adult sites X
Executables                       Society/ Lifestyles
Facebook                          Alcohol
Googlepages                       Animals/ Pets
Hotmail yahoo                     Books & Literature/ Writings
MSN sites                         Dating/Personals
Myspace                           Fashion
Flickr                            Lifestyle
Image Search Engines         X    Recreation
Google pages                      Self-Defence
Always allow                      Social Opinion
Online TV                         Tobacco
Banks Antivirus                   Weapons
Banner block
Video sharing sites
Whitelist                         Travel/Events
Youtube                      X    Tickets
Gmail                             Travel
Australian Domains                Vehicles

Internet Productivity
Remote access                     Internet / Intranet Misc
Adaware                           Domain Landing
Fantasy Sports                    Edge Content Server
Free Hosts                   X    invalid Web pages
Web Hosts                         Reviewed Misc

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