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                                  AFP Training
AFPWeb Dot Com, Inc. (AFPWeb) is an authorized training company for AFP. Our
training procedures have been developed through close association with ProLib GmbH
(ProLib), Germany, the originators of AFP. This relationship with ProLib assures that
AFPWeb has an excellent capability in the coordination of AFP and related technologies.

Our training can include any or all of the following topics:

1.   AFP
2.   AFP Pages
3.   Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)
4.   Internet

A Detailed Explanation of Services

AFP is the technology that propels the AFP Pages. AFP does much more then just
process “script” in web pages. AFP also has the capability to access the DCOM
component in the Microsoft (MS) Windows environment plus utilize the MS Windows
Application Programmers Interface (Win API) that lays just below the surface of

By utilizing the DCOM and Win API components you can greatly increase the power of
AFP and your web applications. This means that not only can you create data driven web
sites, you can also control other DCOM enabled applications (or have them control AFP)
and even access the power of the operating system.

AFPWeb can teach you how to expand the power of your webs by accessing these
advanced technologies plus teaching you about the core AFP component itself.

AFP Pages
AFP Pages are HTML pages with AFP code embedded in them. AFP pages have an
“.AFP” extension and are processed by the AFP component. AFP pages generally have
AFP code inserted in them and the AFP code is delimited by the special “<% %>” tags.
When AFP processes these tags and processes the script code inside them, pure HTML
code is then generated and broadcast to the user’s browser.

There are many ways to create these pages and even more ways to make the pages totally
data driven. For example, it is possible to generate pages that will display the output in
any language you want. Your titles can be stored in a database and the correct titles in
the desired language can be inserted in the web page depending on a choice the user
selects when they first access your site. This means the same data that needs to be

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                            AFPWeb Dot Com, Inc.
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displayed can be understood by almost anyone around the world – all from a single web
page! You now would truly have a World Wide Web site.

AFPWeb can show you how to greatly enhance your web pages and web sites to become
dynamically data driven. No more static pages, no more writing a number of pages to
display a single idea. AFPWeb can show you how to put your data on the web for anyone
to access – or not access. Depending on your security concerns, you can also make your
data accessible to only those who need to see it or to everyone.

AFPWeb can show you how easy it really is to create powerful web sites in a fraction of
the time it would take with competing technologies.

Many people have not realized the power and the reach of the Internet. AFPWeb can
show you that the web has no bounds. We can show you how to reach an international or
local market easily and efficiently.

AFPWeb can show you how to take advantage of the hardware and software that propels
the web and make it work for you. We can show you how you can communicate with
any data source by any number of means. Plus we can also show you how to interchange
information seamlessly with internal or external entities on a “real time” basis. What this
means is that the old roadblocks of other technologies, when it comes to data interchange,
are a thing of the past.

AFPWeb is an experienced company with national and international contacts. We can
draw on a diverse pool of resources to help you with your needs.

With AFP and AFPWeb you can bring it all together in a far more powerful but less
complicated format. Let AFPWeb give you great ideas on how to expand your business
in powerful, yet cost effective, techniques.

Contact Info:

Web: http://www.AFPWeb.Com             Email: Sales@AFPWeb.Com
Snail Mail:
AFPWeb Dot Com, Inc.
2400 Falkner Rd.
Orlando, FL 32810

Voice: 1-407-295-9148

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