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									SEO Secrets

How to Drive Customers
to Your Web Site and Make
Tons of Cash Using
Search Engine Optimization
    Internet Timeline

1977    E-mail takes off; Internet becomes a reality;
number of hosts breaks 100.

1984      Internet growth continues; # of hosts breaks
1,000; Domain Name Server (DNS) introduced. Rather
than remembering something like 123.456.789.10, it’s
easier to recall www.myuniversity.mydept.mynetwork.

1987      Commercialization of Internet is born; number
of hosts is 28,000.
1993      The WWW revolution truly begins; number
of hosts is 2 million; 600 WWW sites exist.

1996      Microsoft enters the fray; 12.8 million hosts and
half a million Web sites exist.
The Numbers Game

• In early 1997, nearly one in four
  Americans over the age of 16
  was an Internet user.
• In 2001, there were roughly 459
  million Internet users worldwide.
• That number is projected to
  surpass 1 billion in 2005.
What Is a Search Engine?

  Search engines are the key to finding
  specific information on the vast
  expanse of the World Wide Web.

  A search engine is a program that
  combs through Web sites and
  documents for specified keywords.
  After searching, it returns a list of sites
  and documents in which those keywords
  were found.
How Do Search Engines Work?

    Typically, a search engine works by sending out a
    SPIDER to fetch as many documents as possible.

    A spider visits a Web site, reads the information on
    the actual site, reads the site's meta tags, and also
    follows the links the site connects to. It then returns
    all that information to a central depository where
    the data is indexed.

    Then, another program, called an INDEXER, reads
    these documents and creates an index based on
    the words contained in each document.
The Function of Algorithms

   Each search engine uses a proprietary
   algorithm to create its indices with a goal that,
   ideally, only meaningful results are returned
   for each query.
   One of the elements a search engine algorithm
   scans for is the frequency and location of
   keywords on a Web page. Those with higher
   frequency are typically considered more
   Another common element algorithms analyze is
   the way pages link to other pages on the Web.
    How We Search

Industry research shows that search engines
outperform banner and tile ads in every category.

Granted, there are many other ways to find new sites:
  • following links on other sites
  • reading about sites in magazines
  • referrals from friends
But no matter which other methods they use, they
almost always are used in addition to using the
search engines, especially when actively trying to
locate new information.
   How We Search

• More is not necessarily better.
• Upwards of 90% of people use only
 a handful of all search engines.
• Hundreds of search engines out there
 — only a few require special effort
 to attain top rankings for your
 keywords and phrases.
  Brand Awareness


* Unaided awareness consists of all the brands, companies, product
  names, etc. that the respondents can think of on their own.
Likeliness to Read/Click

Origination of Online Purchases

Major Search Engines

  •   Google      •   Overture
  •   Yahoo       •   Infospace
  •   MSN         •   Netscape
  •   AOL         •   AltaVista
  •   AskJeeves
How Much Traffic Is Possible?

    It’s the million-dollar question:
       How much traffic to my Web
       site can a search engine really
    The answer depends on the contents of
    your site and the keywords people will
    use to find you.
How Much Traffic Is Possible?

    • Top 10 placement for a keyword can literally
      double a Web site's traffic overnight.

    • Also important — the quality of traffic from
      search engines is much greater than from
      other sources of online advertising.

    • Finally, search engine marketing is the most
      cost-effective form of online advertising,
      costing as little as 5 cents per visitor.
Keyword Considerations

  Good keywords
  What are people searching for?
  Hidden words
  Images that say it all (You can use keyword text
   in your images, as meta tags, to boost your
  Font selection (use of bold and italics a plus)
  Background color
  Using search-engine friendly language
  Leaving your mark
Choosing Good Keywords

  • Be selective and deliberate in
    your choice of keywords.

  • Learn to think like your
Specific Words; Power Phrases

     Be More Specific
        Less Effective Keyword Choices:
        airline / cheap / airfares / discount

     Pick Power Phrases
        More Effective Keyword Choices:
        discount airfares / cheap plane tickets
The More Specific, the Better

    Golf vs. Wilson golf clubs vs.
    “Wilson golf clubs”
    • Golf — 137 MILLION results.
    • Wilson golf clubs — 617,000 results.
    • “Wilson golf clubs” (using quotation
     marks to confine the search)
     — 36,100 results.
Regionalize Your Keywords

   Increase your search effectiveness
   by adding regional identifiers.

   ―Scottsdale real estate‖ vs. just ―real estate‖
Don’t Forget Misspellings

   Goggle              7,151
   Gogle               1,131
   Googel                909
   Googl                 472
   Googlr                333
   Gooogle               308
   Goolge                294
   Googgle               248

Keyword Resources
Web Site Components

• Title — (almost always more important than
  keywords or meta tags.) A count of 4 to 6 words
  is suggested for the title area.
• Content
• Keywords — A keyword frequency from 1 to 7
  is suggested for the ―link text‖ area.

• Description — A word count from 1 to 270
  is suggested for the ―link text‖ area.
         Meta Tags

meta tag          (met-á tag)
A special HTML tag (code) that provides
information about a Web page. Unlike normal
HTML tags, meta tags do not affect the way
the page is displayed. Rather, they provide
information about the page, such as who
created it, how often it’s updated, what the page
is about, and which keywords represent the
page’s content. The top search engines use this
information when building their indices.
    Sample Meta Tags

<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0">
<meta name="ProgId" content="FrontPage.Editor.Document">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<meta name="rating" content="General"><meta name="robots" content="index,follow">
<title>Personal Trainer, Training Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Scott White the best in personal
<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="Personal Trainer, Personal Training, Arizona,
    Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, fitness, Exercise, health, Scott White">
<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Arizona Personal Trainer Scott White offers
    personal training results in your personal fitness training goals in Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale,
    Tempe. Personal Training is Scott White's gift to you. Achieving your fitness goals in Arizona,
    Scottsdale, Phoenix.">

<meta name="Robots" content="index follow">

       <meta name="revisit-after" content="5 days">
       < meta http-equiv="PICS-Label" content='(PICS-1.1
          "" l r (s 0)) >
       < meta name="Author" content="Personal Power Training, Scott White">
       < meta name="Copyright" content="Copyright 2000-2004">
   What Is a Link?

A segment of text or a graphical item
(icon) that acts as a cross-reference
between parts of a Web document or
between two separate Web
documents. Also called hyperlink.
4 Big Link Questions

• How important is link popularity?
• How can link popularity be

• Are all links created equal?
• Whom should I link with?
How important is link

 Depending on the search engine, it
 can account for up to 30% of the
 factors affecting your keyword

 Two components of link popularity:
 1. Linking structure within your site
 2. Number of pages from external
    sites linking to your site
How can you improve link

  • Build compelling and unique content
    that others will link to on their own,
    based on the intrinsic value of your
    product, service or message.

  • Add proper text for your links

  • Create specific pages for specific links

  • Avoid link farming
Are all links created equal?

  NO! They absolutely are not.

  The reason has to do with your content. The
  name of the link and the content on both
  the linking page and destination page play
  a vital role in determining keyword relevancy
  on the destination page.
Are all links created equal?

  Let's say you're looking for Caribbean travel
  destinations and come across a page about various
  vacation options in the area. You notice a link called
  “Cheap Widgets,” and think, “OK, I just might buy one
  of these widgets on my Caribbean vacation.” You
  click on the link, only to end up at a page offering
  inexpensive ski equipment. Since you’re unlikely to
  go skiing in the Caribbean — and the link gave no
  indication that it pertained to ski equipment — clicking
  on the link has been a waste of your time.
Whom should you link with?

  • Similar industry sites

  • Sites that will send you traffic

  • Relevant sites
           Text Links

link text
The text contained in (and sometimes near) a
hyperlink. Link text pertains primarily to text
hyperlinks, as most other linking methods contain
no text that is readable as such by search engines.

<a href=">check link
 (In the above example, the phrase ―check link popularity‖
 is included in the link text.)
Why Use Text Link Exchanges?

    • When it comes to links, text links are the
      best option.

    • Search engines can see text, creating a
      higher ranking page.

    • Use appropriate key words in your text link.
    • The title of your text link should contain the
      link and keywords explaining your site.

    • The description should be a simple
      description of your site with keywords.
Text Link Examples

Link to
Personal Trainer, Training, Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale Scott
White Personal Trainer to fitness models, bodybuilders, and others
who want to become super lean and lose fat faster than ever. Scott
White, personal trainer Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa,
Gilbert, North, South, Paradise Valley.
Link to
Trainer U, Personal Trainer Certifications, School Get a personal
Training Certification, Nutrition Certification. Become the best in the
fitness industry. Trainer U offers personal training certifications
and teaches how to own a successful personal training business and
make a six-figure income as a personal trainer.
Link to
AZ Fitness Trainers Arizona Fitness Trainers is where you can hire
Arizona's top personal trainers and hire a personal trainer in Arizona,
Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Sedona, and
Tucson. AZ Fitness Trainers checks the trainers’ backgrounds and
rates each personal trainer in Arizona.
 Methods of Linking

             GOOD                        • Build additional links
• Compatible sites related to            • Set up a link page
  your business
                                         • List your site on high
• Inbound (sites that point to              ranking sites — home page
  yours)                                    is the best
• 3rd level linking                      • Link to higher ranking
   Example: I exchange links                pages
   with one site, but another site
   lists my info, and I list the first
   site’s info. Because of the 3-                     BAD
   way exchange, the site
   pointing back to me isn’t the
                                         • Link farming (50-100 links
   site I’m pointing to. This               per page)
   makes it look like a site just
   linked to me and I didn’t
                                         • Hidden links
   exchange links with them.             • Incompatible sites (porn,
• Articles published online                 drugs, gambling) —
                                            although it is possible to
• Sign guest books                          have hidden pages
Search-Engine Friendly Content

    • Does your content match your meta tags?
    • Do the links pertain to the content on your
      Web pages?
    • Does your content contain your keywords
      (fewer than 10-12)?
    • Does your content make sense?
    • Do you have high-quality information?
    • Will other Web site owners want to link to you
      because your site has good information?
    • Is your content easy to follow?
      Web Hosting

• Go Daddy
• Image Link
 Low Cost: 15 sites for less than
  $40 a year
 A Resller’s Program
 Domains Names

• Go Daddy

• Names 4 Ever
  Submit Your Stuff

                    Search Engines
MSN (NOTE: MSN follows the Yahoo and Google directories)
INFO Tiger
Li’l Engine
Submit Plu
Submit Your Stuff

 DMOZ Open Directory Project

 Google Directory

 Yahoo Search Directory
      Get Noticed!

• Forums & chat rooms
• Link exchanges
    – First page
    – Top sites
•   Guest-book entries
•   Web-published articles
•   Strong, dynamic content
•   Blogs
Make the Most of Forums

  • Join forums on your subject

  • Contribute relevant content

  • Publicize your Web site(s)
Page Rank and Popularity

  • Link with other high-ranking
    Web sites

  • Make sure every page on your
    site is search-engine friendly
SEO Software Programs

     Web Position Gold

     Submit Wolf
  Submit by Paying



• Pay Per Click
      Pay Per Click

pay per click (PPC)
A paid form of advertising, popularized mostly by
the ―search engine‖ GoTo (now called Overture),
whereby businesses bid to be placed at or near
the top of search results for particular
keywords or phrases. Bidding is done on a ―per-
click‖ basis, meaning that a company pays a
specific amount every time the engine sends
them a visitor. The top results on Overture also
show up in the results of many popular search
engines (usually listed as ―sponsored‖ or ―featured‖
  PPC Advantages

• Require no changes to a current site’s
  content or look to obtain top positions;
  owner needs only a willingness to pay.

• Implementation of a pay-per-click
  campaign is relatively quick.

• Implementation of a PPC campaign is
  relatively easy and does not necessarily
  require any specialized knowledge.
   PPC Limitations

• New bids can lower the positions of
  older ones — and many react by raising
  their bid to regain a previous ranking.
• Monitoring of positions becomes crucial.
• Campaigns can become prohibitively
• Many ―savvier‖ search engine users
  bypass them without consideration.
PPC — Determining Visitor Worth

     If it costs $50 in click-throughs to make a $40 sale,
     the campaign has failed.
     Profit from the Web site over a given period
     divided by the number of total visitors for the
     same period (profit divided by visitors).
     If a site nets $1,000 in profits from goods or
     services in a given period during which it has 2,000
     visitors, each visitor is theoretically worth 50 cents.
PPC Keyword Selection

 • No practical limits on the number of phrases to
 • Usually no extra cost to add as many keyword
   phrases as possible.
 • Keyword optimization much less crucial.
 • Under-performing keywords do not cost extra.
 To help identify keyword phrases, Overture has a tool
 on their site that allows advertisers to see how often
 particular search terms are actually typed into their
 engine. It also provides popular suggestions based
 upon the terms you enter.
Pay Per Click Resources

      Major Pay Per Click
       Search Engines
      Google AdWords

Pay Per Click Resources

   Notable Second-Tier Pay
   Per Click Search Engines
     LookSmart LookListings
Pay Per Click Resources

            Other Notable
        Pay Per Click Services
 Enhance (formerly Ah-Ha)        Lycos Insite AdBuyer    
 ePilot Advertising Network               Mirado (serves Europe/UK)
 Kanoodle   Search 123
Pay Per Click Resources

    Pay Per Click Resources

banner ad
A graphical web advertising unit, typically measuring 468
pixels wide and 60 pixels tall.

banner exchange
Network where participating sites display banner ads in
exchange for credits which are converted (using a
predetermined exchange rate) into ads to be displayed on
other sites.

banner blindness
Tendency of Web visitors to ignore banner ads, even when
the banner ads contain information the visitors are actively
Pros & Cons of Banners

 beyond the banner
 Online advertising not involving standard GIF and JPEG
 banner ads.

 Banners look nice, but they are just pictures, and pictures
 can’t be seen by search engines, so this isn’t as
 effective as adding text links.

 If you do decide to go with banners, make sure you ad
 an “alt tag” which enables you to add text to the
 picture in the banner. This will help your search engine
Link Exchange Sites
  Link Popularity
  E-Mail Signatures

Personalize your e-mail with a signature.
• Contains your e-mail address.
• Provides your Web address.
• Gives your physical location & phone number.
• Is an opportunity to send a marketing message.
• Keep your message to 6 or fewer lines.

 NOTE: If you use something cute, change it
Sample E-Mail Signature

  In great health and happiness —

  Scott White • Personal Power Training
  Scottsdale, Arizona • 480-628-1607 • • •
  Professional Fitness Trainer • Optimal Performance Exercise Kinesiologist
                Bulk E-mail

Hello —
I recently came across your Web site. I really like your site and am interested in
exchanging links with you. I have a personal training Web site. As you may or may not
know, the more inbound links that point to your site, the higher the search engines will rank
your site.
I am offering to create a link pointing to your site here: You select which
category you’d like to appear in — or if you don’t see one that works, I can add a special
category for you. In return, you will place a link on your site that says “Scottsdale
Personal Trainer, Scott White” and links to
As we are not competing for the same customers, this is a great way we can help each
other out. Please let me know , at your earliest convenience, if you are interested. Thanks.
In great health and happiness —

Scott White • Personal Power Training
Scottsdale, Arizona • 480-628-1607 • • •
Professional Fitness Trainer • Optimal Performance Exercise Kinesiologist
     Stay Vigilant

• Check your SEO status often.
• Use to check the
 popularity of your links.

• Use a Web host that will monitor
 your traffic, links, etc.
Submitting Is Not Enough

  True or False?
  Submitting your site to thousands of search
  engines will send a flood of new traffic to your
  Web site. False.
  Most ―search engines‖ exist for one reason:
  To collect your e-mail address so they can
  send you SPAM. WARNING: Don’t use your
  real e-mail address when you submit, or you
  can expect to receive more than 400 pieces of
  junk mail within 24 hours!
Submitting Is Not Enough

  REMEMBER: As much as 95% of search
  engine traffic comes from the top 20

  Education is the key to gaining a competitive
  advantage. Visit the MarketPosition Web site
  and read their newsletter
  s.htm) to stay current with SEO info.

Traffic Zap Exchange
Traffic Zap makes it easy for you to trade
visitors with other Web masters. They enable
you to swap real visitors with more than
50,000 of their registered members’ sites to
generate a continuous stream of targeted,
unique visitors to your own Web site.
 Copy What Works

• Find out where your competitors

• Determine how the top ones in
  your category rank, and — more
  importantly — study them to figure
  out why.
  Web Site Design

• Research formats/designs that

• Content — Write copy that
 generates interest and SALES.
 (Visit for help in this area.)
   Web Site Design

Things to Avoid
• Overuse of Redirects (hyperlinks
  within your site that redirect the user to
  your main page)

• Flashy stuff that’s just for show (e.g.,
  flash, frames, JavaScript, or dynamic
  [database driven] generation)
     Take ACTON!

Everything done is done right, Nothing
done is always done wrong!
                         — Scott White

Your action, each and every day, is
what is propelling you to a new and
greater future.
                          — Scott White

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