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					                          The INTERCOM              Cape Canaveral Chapter, Inc.
   VOL 33 NO. 8                               Military Officers Association of America                                                AUGUST 2010
                                                       Issue Editor: LT Bill Keeney, USN

                                August Luncheon                                       4th Of July
                                  Speaker Is
                                  Jerry Yellin                                          Cruise
                              What happens when a hard-charging
                                                                                 The Cape Canaveral Chapter
Five-Star Chapter         fighter pilot who flew missions over
   Five Star Award:                                                          celebrated the 4th of July paddling
                          Japan learns that his son is marrying a
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,                                                      around the Indian River Lagoon on
     2007 & 2008          Japanese woman? He changes. Hear
                                                                             the River Boat The Delta Queen. It was
                          how his experiences during the war, his
                                                                             raining when the cruise started, but it
                          hatred for the Japanese, the wedding of
                                                                             cleared before the fireworks. They were
                          his son to a Japanese lady whose father
                                                                             spectacular and the Chicken Marsala
                          was in the Japanese Air Force, changed
                                                                             dinner was good. It was an enjoyable
                          his life. The mellowed fighter pilot recently
                                                                             evening with good company and
                          returned to Iwo Jima with his 18-year old
                                                                             exciting fireworks.                     Fireworks On The River
                          Japanese grandson to participate in 65th
                          anniversary activities.
                                                                                                                                  Joe Oblack, Ruth
                                                                                                                                   Oblack, Mary &
                                                                                                                                  Frank Dunagan &
                                                                                                                                   Hank & Mildred

                                        Jerry Yellin
                                                                                    L-R :
                              Jerry Yellin is a WW II fighter pilot           Enjoying Cruise
                          from Hillside, New Jersey. He was in              John & Cara Cleland,
                          combat in the Pacific Theater and Iwo
                          Jima with the 78th Fighter Squadron                 Jerry Waldrop,
                          (P-51s). He participated in the first land-           Janice Teal,
                          based fighter mission over Japan on April          Barbara Waldrop
                          7, 1945 and the last mission of the war
                                                                                & Jim Teal.
                          on August 14, 1945. He was awarded
                          the Distinguished Flying Cross with an
                          Oak Leaf cluster and the Air Medal with
                          four Oak leaf clusters.
                              Married to Helene for 60 years, they
                          have four sons and six grandchildren,
                          three in America and three born and                                                                    Lee & Vista Boyland,
                          raised in Japan. Jerry is the author of                                                                 foreground Jack &
                          the award-winning historical fiction book                                                               Pat Kerns. Peering
                          The Blackened Canteen and his memoir                                                                    over Jack’s head is
                          Of War and Weddings about his life as a                                                                  Dolores Harwell.
                          warrior and his transformation when his
                          son married the daughter of his enemy.
                          He and Helene live in Florida.

                             August Calendar                       9      Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki             17   Board Meeting/Luncheon - Tides
                             5 Breakfast Club - Golf Course       10O     On the Go - Tuscany Grill           19   Breakfast Club - Current Affairs - IRCC
                             6 Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima           12      Breakfast Club - Golf Course        26   Breakfast Club - Golf Course
                             8 USSR Declares War on Japan         16      Surrender Negotiations with Japan   28   Occupation of Japan Begins
                                                                                  Cape Canaveral Chapter Officers
                                                                 PRESIDENT                                        DIRECTORS
                                                                  Maj Joseph Oblack, USAF 453-2947                 (Term Expires 2011)
                                                                                                                   Col William W. Brandon II, USAF 255-0174

                                                                 FIRST VICE PRESIDENT (OPERATIONS)
                                                                  Col Susan Neugebauer, USAF 253-9658              CAPT William Riedel, USCG 255-6682
                                                                                                                   Col Howard Peckham, USAF 784-4481
                                                                 SECOND VICE PRESIDENT (SUPPORT)
                                                                                                                   MAJ George H. Rosenfield, USA 259-2329
                                                                  CPT Lee Anspacher, USA 253-2655
                                                                                                                  (Term Expires 2012)
                                                                 SECRETARY                                         CAPT Ernest H. Joy, USN 757-0193
                                                                  LTC Frank Dunagan, USA 784-8934                  CAPT Alfred W. Schumann, USN 752-7275
                                                                 ASST SECRETARY                                    COL Erwin C. Hamm, USAR 254-3084
                                                                  Mrs Roslyn Bates, AUX 773-4459
  EDITORIAL COMMITTEE                                                                                              PARLIAMENTARIAN
     LTC Les Merritt, USA 452-7200                               TREASURER                                          CAPT Alfred W. Schumann, USN 752-7275
     LT Bill Keeney, USN 779-2341                                 LTC Steve Turner, USA 266-6290
                                                                 ASST TREASURER                                   CO-CHAPLAINS
  CIRCULATION MANAGER                                             1LT Lee Boyland, USA 255-3995                    Lt Col Norman Desrosiers, USAF 777-0024
     Lt Col Robert Clark, USAF 723-4267                                                                            MAJ Susan Caswell, USA 494-4254
                                                                 MASTER-AT-ARMS                                    Lt Col Thomas Unrath, USAF 757-3637
  WEBSITE MAILING LIST                                            CPT Jack Kerns, USA 622-4828
    Col Larry G. Sills, USAF 757-8353
                                                                             Cape Canaveral Chapter Committees
  ADVERTISING MANAGER                                            AWARDS
     1LT Phil Reynolds, USA 633-5522                                                                              PAFB TIDES CLUB LIAISON
                                                                  BG Jim Teal, USA Chmn 259-7796                   BG Gordon “Bat” Masterson, USAF 752-4805
                                                                  CAPT Bob Cote, USN 622-4463
    Col John D. Beeson, USAF 783-2950                             COL John Caulfield, USA 779-3023                PAFB CMDR’S RETIREE COUNCIL
    1st Lt Gloria Makowski, USAF 773-0151                                                                           CDR Court Yelle, USN 783-3992
                                                                 AUX ORGANIZATION
    Cozette Merritt 452-7200
                                                                  Mrs. Roslyn Bates, AUX 773-4459                  PROGRAMS
  EDITORIAL CONSULTANT                                                                                             Col Susan Neugebauer, USAF 253-9658
     CAPT Alfred W. Schumann, USN 752-7275                       BREVARD VETERANS COUNCIL
                                                                 To Be Filled                                      PUBLIC AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS
                                                                                                                    LTC Frank Dunagan, USA 784-8934
  Chapter Club Activities                                        BUDGET AND FINANCE
                                                                  LTC Steve Turner, USA Chmn 266-6290             SHIRT FACTORY
  THURSDAY MORNING BREAKFAST CLUB                                 1LT Lee Boyland, USA 255-3995                     Capt Jody Jessen, USAF 636-5678
  Meets each Thursday at 0800 at PAFB Golf Club,                  Col William Brandon, USAF 255-0174
  except the 3rd Thursday of each month at                                                                        SPEAKERS BUREAU
  Colony Hall, Indian River Colony CLub. OinC                    COMMISSARY/BX REPRESENTATIVE                       1st Lt Gloria Makowski, USAF 773-0151
  Maj Joe Oblack, USAF 453-2947                                  Cozette Merritt, AUX 452-7200
                                                                                                                   STUDENT AFFAIRS (ROTC)
                                                                 ENTERTAINMENT & SOCIAL AFFAIRS                    CW4 Robert John, USAR 631-8843
  MONTHLY LUNCHEON - 12 Noon                                      LTC Frank & Mary Dunagan, USA Chmn 784-8934
  Meets 3rd Tuesday for lunch at The Tides.                                                                        SURVIVOR ASSISTANCE
                                                                  CAPT Bob & Nancy Cote, USN 622-4463
  Reservation form, program and menu always                                                                         CAPT Ernest H. Joy, USN 757-0193
  shown on page 16.                                              HEALTH OF CHAPTER
                                                                                                                    LTC Les Merritt, USA 452-7200
  Maj Joe & Ruth Oblack, USAF 453-2947                            Karyl Saulnier, AUX 253-2360
                                                                                                                    Mrs. Roslyn Bates, AUX 773-4459
  CURRENT AFFAIRS FORUM                                          HISTORIAN                                          Lt Col Norman Desrosiers, USAF 777-0024
  Meets 3rd Thursday after TMBC at IRCC.                           Capt Larry Jackson, USAF 757-3936              TOPS OFFICER
  1LT Lee Boyland, USA 255-3995                                  LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS                                Col William Brandon, USAF 255-0174
                                                                  Col John Beeson, USAF 783-2950                    MAJ George Rosenfield, USA 259-2329
  MOAACC members are invited to meet with                         MG John Cleland, USA 757-9327                    VOLUNTEER CO-ORDINATOR
  IRCC’s Computer Club.                                           COL Duwayne Lundgren, USA 777-7494               CW4 Robert John, USAR 631-8843
  Call MG Huck Long, USA 752-1127                                MEDICAL AND VA CLINIC LIAISON                     WEBMASTER
                                                                  Col Duane Graveline, USAF, MD, MPH, 453-7297      Ruth Oblack 453-2947
  Meets 2nd Tuesday for lunch at local restaurants.              MEMBERSHIP                                        WELCOME
  Call LT Bob Ball 253-1324 or                                    CPT Lee Anspacher, USA 253-2655                   CPT Jack Kerns, USA 622-4828
  Col Bill Brandon 255-0174                                       MAJ Andrew Folley, AUS 757-8667                   Lee Reis-El Bara, 254-3945
                                                                  Mrs. Roslyn Bates, AUX 773-4459                   Rosemary John 631-8843
  MOAACC INVESTMENT CLUB SATELLITE                                                                                  Pat Kerns, 622-4828
  Meets 3rd Tuesday after MOAACC luncheon                        NAME TAGS
                                                                                                                    Ruth Oblack 453-2947
  at The Tides. President: Tom Blake (433-1944)                   CAPT Alfred W. Schumann, USN 752-7275

                                                                 Scholarship Corporation Board of Directors      Scholarship Finance Committee
                                                                  BGen Wm Hall, USA, Chmn 777-1782                LTC Steve Turner, USA Treas 266-6290
                                                                  Mrs. Roslyn Bates, AUX Asst. Treas 773-4459     Mrs. Roslyn Bates, AUX, Asst. Treas 773-4459
                                                                  MG Maury Kendall, USA Adv 752-0877              LTC Les Merritt, USA 452-7200
  MOAACC paid up membership                                       LTC Les Merritt, USA 452-7200
  as of 30 June 2010 was 1394 of                                  LTC Steve Turner, Treas. USA 266-6290
  whom 414 are Life members.                                      Col Bob Kronebusch, USAF Secy 777-2492         Scholarship Selection Committee
                                                                                                                  Col Bob Kronebusch, USAF Chmn 777-2492
                                                                                                                  CAPT Alfred Schuman, USN 752-7275
 The Intercom is published 12 times annually by the Cape          MOAACC Scholarship Fund
Canaveral Chapter , Inc. an affiliate of the Military Officers                                                    CPT Lee Anspacher, USA 253-2655
                                                                  P.O. Box 254708
Association of America of Alexandria, VA. Its mailing                                                             COL Ken Dickinson, USA 452-1836
address is P.O. Box 254186, Patrick AFB, FL 32925.
                                                                  PAFB, FL 32925-4708
                                                                                                                  LTC Les Merritt, USA Secy 452-7200

                                                                                           nounced it accepted the Japanese sur-
                                                                                           render and the emperor could remain
                                                                                           in a ceremonial capacity. On August 13
                                                                                           the U.S. resumed conventional air raids
                                                                                           and dropped leaflets on Tokyo contain-
                   By Major Joe Oblack, USAF (Ret)                                         ing translated copies of America’s accep-
                                                                                           tance of the surrender, the first news of
          Japan Surrenders                                                                 the ending of the war made public to the
                                                                                           Japanese people.
     August is a very significant month in                                                     The Japanese military questioned
world military history.                                                                    whether they would allow the Emperor
     On August 6, 1945, under the com-                                                     to surrender. However, loyalty to the
mand of Colonel Tibbits, the B29, Enola                                                    Emperor was an absolute but so was
Gay dropped the first atomic bomb on                                                       the refusal to surrender. The Emperor
the city of Hiroshima. The long and ex-                                                    recorded a message to be broadcast
pensive Manhattan Project was deemed                                                       over the radio in which he personally ac-
a success. The Atomic Age came into                                                        cepted the Allied surrender terms. There
being.                                                                                     was a failed attempt by a military faction
     What followed in Japan can be viewed        Japan’s Foreign Minister Mamoru           to steal and destroy the recording. The
as the tenacious military leadership un-     Skigemitsu Signs The Surrender Document       Minister of War, General Anami Kore-
willing to accept surrender. Following                                                     chika personally supported continuing
the bombing of Hiroshima the Japanese          was a 3-3 tie. The emperor broke the tie,   the war but he could not bring himself
government met to consider what to do          ordering Japan to surrender. Japan then     to openly rebel against the Emperor. He
next. Military leaders hoped that if they      offered to surrender on the condition       committed suicide.
could hold out until the ground inva-          the emperor be allowed to remain as             On August 15 the Emperor’s re-
sion of Japan began, they could inflict so     head of state. Meanwhile on August 10,      corded broadcast was heard all over
many casualties on the Allies that Japan       LTG Leslie Groves, officer overseeing the   Japan. For most subjects it was the first
still might win some sort of negotiated        Manhattan Project, reported to the War      time they heard his voice. Over the next
settlement. Next came news that the So-        Department that the next bomb, a plu-       few weeks Japan and the United States
viet Union had declared war on Japan           tonium weapon, would be ready for de-       worked out the details of surrender. On
and then the second atomic bomb on             livery after 18 August. Truman ordered      September 2, 1945 the formal surren-
Nagasaki.                                      a halt to atomic attacks during surrender   der ceremony took place on the deck of
     The Imperial Council met again on         negotiations.                               the U.S.S. Missouri. The occupation had
August 9-10. The vote to end the war               On August 12 the United States an-      already started on August 28.

                                               ing campaign that lasted from March to      years has served as a Circuit Judge in
June Scholarship Donations                     June had an objective of raising $20,000    the 18th Judicial Circuit in Brevard and
                                               and actually raised $20,064. The contri-    Seminole counties.
 Anne Turco                                    butions made during the rest of the year         For the last two years he was the
  IMO Frank Turco                              amounted to $8,859. There was a bal-        Chief Judge of the Circuit. Judge Sim-
 Cynthia McDonald                              ance carried forward from last year of      mons said that he is honored to be a
 Les Merritt                                   over $1,000 which gave a grand total        member of the second largest MOAA
  IHO CW4 Kenneth Marschall                    of slightly over $31,000, enough for the    Chapter in the country and commends
 Courtney Yelle                                scholarships without touching the invest-   his fellow members for their service to
 James R. Slay                                 ments.                                      our country and our community.
 Thomas Jay Hornada                                The Scholarship Corporation wishes           Judge Simmons has said that his
 Gail Lane                                     to express its thanks to the members for    military service taught him courage and
 Jack & Beverly Dibble                         their generous contributions to this most   discipline. These traits have served him
 John H. Geist                                 important chapter cause at a time when      well as a Circuit Judge because it takes
                                               charitable contributions have declined.     courage and discipline to make tough
 Hipolito Vazquez
                                                                                           judicial decisions. When Judge Simmons
 James L. Boyland
 James M. Snyder                               Judge Clayton Simmons                       entered the Air Force he swore to sup-
                                                                                           port and defend the Constitution of the
 Gloria Makowski                                  Joins MOAACC                             United States. When Governor Bush ap-
  IMO John K. Barker                                                                       pointed him to the Bench, he took the
 Robert and Sally Lomenzo                          Circuit Judge Clayton D. Simmons        same oath to become a Circuit Judge.
                                               recently joined MOAACC and he is            Judge Simmons, in a recent speech said:
Scholarship Fund Raising Campaign              proud to be a member. Judge Simmons         “I took those oaths seriously and pledge
                                               is a retired USAFR Lt Colonel with 28       to you that I will continue to honor my
   The recent fund raising campaign            years of combined regular and reserve       oath as your Circuit Judge.”
was a huge success. $30,000 was                service. He also is a Vietnam Vet. He was        He is running in the August 24th Pri-
needed to fund the 10 scholarships that        appointed to the bench by Governor          mary and would appreciate your sup-
were awarded last month. The fund rais-        Jeb Bush in 2003 and for the last seven     port.

 Retired Officers Wives                                                           Day Away Bus Trip
    The next meeting of the Retired Of-                           Carriage Museum & The Villages
ficers Wives will be held at the Tides on
August 27. Representing “VITAS”, Susan               The Carriage Museum & Resort en-           best in the USA and modeled after the
Blakely will discuss the Hospice pro-            compasses over 400 acres of Florida’s          Royal Ascot Racetrack in Britain used in
gram.                                            horse country. This is a tour of one of        the movie “My Fair Lady.” Don’t forget
    Lunch will be served at noon, pre-           the largest collections of                                     to bring your camera to
ceded by social time at 11:30. Choice            carriages in the world with                                    capture some beautiful
                                                 more than 160 carriag-                                         views.
of entree, Seafood Quiche, or chef salad
                                                 es, including the 1840’s                                          This event will take
or fresh fruit plate. Indicate your selection                                                                   place on Tuesday, 26
when you make reservations by August             Dress Chariot owned by
                                                 Emperor Franz Joseph of                                        October 2010. The cost
25 before noon. Call Dean Pittman (777-                                                                         is $70/person which in-
3044) or Renee Thomas (724-4962).                Austria. And there are ten
                                                                                                                cludes transportation, ad-
    Note: Please do not leave messages           horse barns where guests                                       missions, lunch and Lee
on answering services.                           bring their horses to train                                    - one of the greatest tour
                          --Jean Dougherty       for the winter months, a weekend or just       guides in Florida.
                                                 for a day.                                         The bus leaves the south parking lot
           Navy Wives                                The tour will include the nearby Vil-
                                                 lages which is now the second largest city
                                                                                                of the Tides at 7:30 AM and the IRCC At
                                                                                                Ease Club at 8 AM. The bus will return at
   On summer vacation.                           in Florida after Jacksonville. It has three    approximately 7 PM. Call Mary/Frank at
                                                 town centers and the grounds are me-           321-784-8934 for advanced reserva-
          Army Wives                             ticulously cared for and landscaped. The       tions. Send check payable to MOAACC
   On summer vacation.                           tour of the facilities will include the Polo   to MOAACC, PO Box 186, Patrick AFB,
                                                 Grounds which are considered to be the         FL 32925.

                        Help Wanted                                                        Special Thanks. . .
                     By Major Joe Oblack, USAF (Ret)
                                                                             to MAJ Andy Folley, USA., for his outstanding
       Ruth and I have been monthly luncheon coordinators for
  over a year now and we intend to continue as long as our bodies           memebership recruiting efforts. Check out all the
  permit. However, in the event we crash and burn the luncheon                 New MOAACC Members on Page 10-11.
  must go on.
       We are looking for a couple who would duplicate our efforts
  in the event we desire an extended vacation or for some reason
  we are not able to coordinate a particular month’s luncheon.
  There is definitely a requirement for one of the coordinators to
  be computer savvy.
       Work requires coordinating with the Tides beginning with the
  Friday before the luncheon, coordination with seating (presently
  done by Rose Mary John), preparation of a financial document
  for payment to the Tides and coordination with our Treasurer.
  Ruth and I found it to be a lot of work but also very satisfying.
  If interested please call 321-453-2947. Oblack11032@aol.
       And one more. Phil Reynolds has advised that he will be de-
  parting the local area and will give up the position of Advertising
  Manager for the Intercom. Interested personnel please call me.

                              A Wells Fargo Company

                        Damita Maiolo
    Relationship Specialist, Community Banking

          100 S. Sykes Creek Pkwy • Merritt Island, FL 32952
      Tel: 321-639-5300 • Fax 321-639-5289 • Mailcode: FL2614

  Date: 10 August
                                        The Cape Canaveral Chapter has
                                    prepared the plans and made the pre-
                                    sentation to the Florida Council of Chap-     Day
                                                                                        The cruise itinerary is:

                                                                                         Ports of Call          Arrive     Depart
                                    ters Board of Directors and has been ap-      1      Port Canaveral, FL               4:30 PM
  Event: Lunch                      proved to host the 2011 Florida Council
  Time:     Noon                    of Chapters State Convention on May 8,        2      Cococay, Bahamas 7:00 AM         4:00 PM
  Cost:    Choice                   next year (10 months to go). There is a       3      Cruising
  Location:                         lot to do to prepare for a convention as      4      Charlotte Amalie,
   Tuscany Grill                    we well remember from the convention                 St. Thomas           11:00 AM    7:00 PM
   7640 N Wickham Rd.               we hosted two years ago. All the action       5      Philpsburg, St Marten 8:00 AM    5:00 PM
   Melbourne, FL                    is in the last year and the Convention
                                    Chairman, Capt Larry Jackson, has things
                                                                                  6      Cruising
   (321) 757-7220                                                                 7      Cruising
   Park Place at Suntree            started.
                                        The convention will be a convention       8      Port Canaveral, FL     7:00 AM
   For Reservations or additional
                                    at sea, a seven day Eastern Caribbean             Registration can be done by filling out
     information: Please phone
      Bill Brandon (321) 255-0174
                                    Cruise that leaves from and returns to        the cabin registration form which is avail-
      or Bob Ball (321) 253-1324.   Port Canaveral. The cruise ship will be       able at chapter functions, and will be
       Cut off for reservations,    Freedom of the Seas, the largest cruise       published in the January 2011 edition
       cancellations 5 August       ship afloat.                                  of the Intercom. Registration can be done
                                        Accommodations are: Balcony state-        on-line.
                                    room at $1,200 per person, ocean view             To register on-line, go to the Florida
                                    stateroom at $970 per person, prom-           Council of Chapters Web site, http://
                                    enade stateroom $920 per person and , and click on the Conventions
Freedom of the Seas                 interior stateroom at $860 per person.        link. The Convention Central Web page
                                    These rates represent special group rates     is displayed, click on the Convention
                                    for the Florida Council of Chapters 2011      drop-down menu and click on 2011.
                                    State Convention at Sea. They are very        The Convention Home Page will be dis-
                                    attractive rates for a seven day, six night   played. Click on the link titled “Click Here
                                    cruise of the Caribbean on the largest        to Book Your Reservation.” The registra-
                                    and most modern luxury liner in the           tion page is displayed and you can reg-
                                    world.                                        ister and pay the deposit on-line.

Oktoberfest Celebration                          Fifth Annual MOAACC
     Come to our Oktoberfest picnic on
                                                    Scholarship Cruise
Saturday, 30 October 2010, at Patrick          The fifth annual scholarship cruise has special fea-
AFB “tables” (North beach pavilion), 12    tures that earlier cruises didn’t have. It leaves from
noon until 4 PM. The cost is only $12      New York rather than a Florida port on September
per person and includes food (wurst,       19. Transportation to New York is by plane or a                         MS Veendam
chicken, sauerkraut, potato salad and      roomette sleeper on a train. Meals on the train are
German chocolate cake), drinks (soda,      included and bus transportation to the plane, the ship, the train and back is all included.
                                               The cruise is a Holland America Line cruise to Bermuda for two days in Saint George and
wine, beer and water) and music. There     two and a half days in Hamilton. The cruise ship is the MS Veendam.
will be an expert chief and preparer of        The special group cruise rates closed on June 30, but Capt Larry Jackson, the cruise
German food who was born in Ireland.       director, said he may be able to work in a few more passengers at the group rate or near
Also, there will be a                      the group rate. The rates were attractive: Inside cabin was $1,765 by air and $1,865 by
buxom Fraulein bar                         train, Ocean view was $1,915 by air and $2,015 by train, Verandah was $2,790 by air and
maid serving Ger-                          $2,890 by train. It will be a fun cruise. It will be an adventure getting there, cruising and getting
man beer.                                  back. Give Larry a call at 321-757-3936 and see if he can work you in.
     Enjoy great fel-
lowship,       games
                                                                       Skinny Dipping & Old Men
                                                                     Submitted By: LTC Ernest Wood, USAR (Ret)
(volleyball,    horse
shoes), the beach                              An elderly man owned several acres               bunch of young women skinny-dipping in
and the ocean. Call                        near a river. It was properly shaped for             his river.
Frank/Mary Duna-                           swimming, so he fixed it up nice--picnic                 He made the women aware of his
                                           tables, horseshoe courts and some fruit              presence and they all went to the deep
gan at 784-8934
                                           trees.                                               end. One of the women shouted to him,
for      reservations.                         One evening the old farmer decided               “We’re not coming out until you leave!”
Make checks pay-                           to go down to the river and look it over.                The old man frowned, “I didn’t come
able to MOAACC                             He grabbed a five gallon bucket to bring             down here to watch you ladies swim naked
and mail to PO Box                         back some fruit. As he neared the pond,              or make you get out of the river naked.”
186, Patrick AFB, FL 32925. It is a good   he heard voices shouting and laughing with           Holding the bucket up he said, “I’m here to
idea to bring a lawn chair.                glee. As he came closer he saw it was a              feed the alligator.”

                                                                                                 were struggling last year to keep the cost
                                                                                                 of the healthcare reform from exploding,
                                                                                                 they got most of the industry to ante.
                                                                                                 Pharma agreed to give $80 billion in
                         By Col John D. Beeson, USAF (Ret)                                       revenue over the next decade, hospitals
                                                                                                 kicked in $155 billion in foregone Medi-
                                Paying The Doctors
                                                                                                 care and Medicaid payments, and medi-
     During the last week of June the            and has done so for the last nine years.        cal-device makers grudgingly agreed to
House of Representatives passed leg-             Each year they have dealt with the prob-        a $20 billion tax. But one big player re-
islation restoring the 21 percent cut in         lem of doctor payments for Medicare             fused to put any money on the table:
Medicare payments to doctors that took           patients through emergency legislation.         doctors.
effect 1 June. Unfortunately the current             Because of the way the SGR formula               The American Medical Association
legislation is still just an incremental fix     is constructed, the cut gets bigger every       pledged to support healthcare reform
as it only lasts through November 2010           time it is delayed. Doctors were hoping         only if its members’ incomes did not take
(just after the election). Authorizing the fix   that the SGR would be repealed as part          a hit. That doctors demanded protection
in the last week of the month means that         of the recently passed Healthcare Re-           for their wallets strikes Howard Brody,
the doctors will get paid late.                  form Bill, but it was not. This year the        a family physician at the University of
     In last month’s column, I explained         cut was to have been 21 percent and is          Texas Medical Branch, as ethically ques-
how the Medicare doctor payment                  estimated to be 40 percent by 2016.             tionable. He thinks doctors have a moral
problem came about. Here is more de-                 According to the Texas Medical As-          obligation to help get the nation’s health-
tailed information. A law authorizing a          sociation, physicians cannot continue to        care bill under control.
program as large, complex and expen-             absorb cuts in Medicare fees while the
sive as Medicare must have cost esti-                                                                 The bigger problem is that doctors
                                                 cost of running a practice has gone up
mates that are as complete and accurate                                                          rip off the system with inappropriate
                                                 28 percent. To do so would be subsidiz-
as possible. To accomplish this Congress         ing Medicare. They say a family practice        care. He estimates one fifth to one third
came up with the Sustainable Growth              physician only makes $7.22 on an es-            of U.S. health-care costs, at least $500
Rate (SGR). The formula was constructed          tablished patient visit. They recommend         billion a year, goes toward tests and
to track both healthcare costs and the           that the flawed SGR formula be eliminat-        treatments that do not benefit patients.”
overall economy.                                 ed and replaced with a rational Medicare        In my opinion, a good percentage of this
     The growth of healthcare costs start-       physician payment system that is fair and       cost is doctors protecting themselves
ed to outstrip inflation in 2001 and as a        keeps up with the cost of running a prac-       from the legal profession and malprac-
result, the formula began to call for a cut      tice.                                           tice lawsuits.
in Medicare payments to doctors. Con-                On the “other side of the coin” a                Obviously the Administration and
gress just postponed dealing with the in-        15 March, 2010 Newsweek article said            Congress have a lot of work to do in the
evitable increased payments to doctors           “When the White House and Congress              healthcare area.

                                                                           FREE REVIEW

                                                                                                       Suntree/Viera Office
                                                                                                       7640 N. Wickham Road
                                                                                                       Suite 109A, Melbourne, FL

WW II Memorial
                                                                           AYAD B. SAAD
                                                                             Financial Advisor
                                                                                Member SIPC

                                          Thursday Mornin
                                                      Frequently the agenda includes inter
                              Come join us at the Patrick AFB Golf Course Pro Shop Meet
                                                    The third Thursday of each month the
   Smithsoanian                                Searching around, Bud found his old
                                               oxygen hose from his oxygen mask.
                                                                                               sound Islamic theological ground to be
                                                                                               infuriated by the non-Islamic US troops
 Magazine Publishes                                Bud Evans came to MOAACC’s                  in Saudi Arabia before his attack on
                                               Thursday Morning Breakfast Club meet-           September 11, 2001. The Qur’an has
  Intercom Story                               ing on May 13 and gave a talk to the            many passages about avoiding friendly
                                               members. He reviewed the events lead-           and protective relationships with Jews or
    A story that appeared in the De-           ing up to his ejection from the aircraft,       Christians and instructs those who are pi-
cember 2008 issue of the Intercom was          the difficulty he had opening the para-         ous to fight and slay them.
published in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of         chute, the rough landing, and his visit 50
the Air and Space Smithsonian Magazine.        years later to the site where it occurred.       Marine Mammal Observer
Lt Col Norvin (Bud) Evans, USAF (Ret),         The members enjoyed it and gave him a
a test pilot and member of the chapter,        rousing round of applause when he fin-              Taylor Sullivan, who lives in Indian
wrote an article about a flight he made in     ished.                                          Harbor Beach, gave an interesting talk
an early version of the F-104 when it still                                                    and slide show at the June 24 TMBC
had the ejection seat firing downward in-
stead of upward. Bud was forced to eject
                                                Islamʼs Battle With Peace                      about her job as a Marine Mammal
                                                                                               Observer. Taylor is an independent
when a hose ruptured and his plane lost                                                        contractor whose job it is to travel on
                                                  COL William Prince has extensive ex-
oil pressure.                                                                                  oil prospecting ships and assure that
                                               perience as an Army intelligence officer
                                                                                               there are no undersea mammals in the
                                               and as a post retirement consultant on
                                                                                               vicinity of a prospecting ship when the
                                               the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is
                                                                                               ship is using very high powered sound
                                               a member of the chapter and lives at
                                                                                               bursts which are used to locate potential
                                                                                               sources of oil or gas.

                Bud Evans
     He was operating out of Edwards
AFB, and he narrowly survived. The de-
sign of the F-104’s ejection system was        L-R: MG Cleland, COL Prince & Maj
changed after that and Bud was the last        Oblack                                              Taylor Sullivan & Joe Oblack
pilot to eject downward. He wrote a story
about his experience and the Smithson-             COL Prince addressed the TMBC                   These undersea mammals, such as
ian editors read it and paid him to allow      meeting on June 17, and his subject was         whales, dolphins, seals and others, use
them to publish the story in their maga-       Islam’s Battle with Peace. He stated that       their sonar senses to navigate, commu-
zine.                                          the United States is involved in a clash of     nicate, and search for food. If they are
     The archeologist/curator at the muse-     cultures; the Islamic East and the Judo-        subjected to high powered sound bursts
um at Edwards AFB found a wing section         Christian West. He shared his extensive         their sonar senses can be damaged seri-
of Bud’s plane while excavating the crash      knowledge of the Islamic holy book, the         ously.
site. A few days later he read Bud’s story     Qur’an, with the members. He has done               Congress has passed laws prevent-
in the Air and Space magazine and he           considerable study and research of the          ing the use of the high powered sound
invited Bud to visit Edwards and have a        Qur’an which came from the archangel            bursts if undersea mammals are near-by.
look at the old crash site. Bud went there,    Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad in              Taylor’s job is to lookout for these under-
visited the crash site. That wing section is   the eighth century. He presented a well         sea mammals and shut down the high
displayed in the Edwards Museum along          organized and interesting slide show of         powered sound blasts if there are any
with some pictures taken when Bud vis-         the Qur’an; its place in the Islamic religion   mammals in the sea near-by.
ited.                                          and the various ways it is organized and            Her talk and slide show was inter-
     They also went to see the location        translated.                                     esting and informative. The members
where Bud ended up after ejecting and              During his presentation, he made            showed their appreciation with an enthu-
very narrowly getting his chute open.          the point that Osama bin-Laden was on           siastic round of applause.
ng Breakfast Club
resting speakers. Here are some of them.
ting Room on Thursdays at 0800. The meeting is over at 0900.
e meeting is held at IRCCʼs Colony Hall.
     The Battle Of Cowpens                            CDR Ed Carpenter, USN (Ret)                        Founding Fathers
                                                          By CDR Ed Stafford, USN (Ret)                By 1LT Lee Boyland, USA (Fmr Off)
          COL Pat Keane often entertains the
     TMBC with presentations about histori-              On the 29th of April members of the
                                                     TMBC got a vivid idea of what it was               There is usually a Current Affairs
     cal battles in American history. Usually        like to be a prisoner of the communist         meeting following the Thursday Morn-
     it’s Civil War battles, but on July 31 he       North Vietnamese for an incredible six         ing Breakfast Club meeting when it is
     discussed the Revolutionary War battle,         years and three months. The speaker            held at the Indian River Colony Cllub on
     The Battle of Cowpens. Using charts             and former POW was Commander Al                the third Thursday each month. Knowl-
     of the battle that he had prepared he           Carpenter, USN (Ret) a guest, old friend       edgeable and entertaining speakers are
     described the events leading up to the          and former squadron mate of CDR Ed
                                                     Stafford.                                      invited to speak on a topic of interest to
     battle, the commanders facing one an-
                                                         The talk was illustrated by charts and     the members. The talks usually last 20
     other, their force strengths, their tactics
                                                     photographs and delivered with under-          minutes to half an hour and are followed
     and how the battle was fought.
                                                     standably controlled emotion. If there         by a spirited question and answer dic-
                                                     was a focal message it was that endur-         sussion time.
                                                     ing, courageous unity of purpose within
                                                     an unbreakable chain of command can
                                                     enable American fighting men to survive
                                                     such an ordeal and bring them home
                                                     with honor.

            Joe Oblack with Pat Keane                                                                     Mark Vance & Lee Boyland
           COL Keane explained that the battle                                                          The May 20th Current Affairs forum
     was fought on January 17, 1781 in a                   Al Carpenter & Joe Oblack                featured Mark Vance, a well known local
     field by a river near the border of North                                                      personality and expert on the Founding
     Carolina and South Carolina. Colonel                  CDR Carpenter is by any standard a       Fathers. Vance regaled the attendees
     Tarleton commanded the British forces           war hero who enlisted in the Navy and          with historical facts, antidotes, and stories
     which were comprised of several regi-           by sheer merit and ability worked his
                                                     way up to first class petty officer, then      of bravery and sacrifices made by our
     ments of Royal Army battle hardened                                                            Founding fathers leading up to the sign-
                                                     to OCS for a commission, to Pensacola
     veterans. General Morgan commanded              for flight training, with gold wings in hand   ing of the Declaration of independence.
     the Continental forces and devised a            to a light attack squadron, to a carrier at        The key element of his presentation
     strategy that took advantage of the ter-        Yankee Station in the Tonkin Gulf (where       was the pledge all of the signers of the
     rain.                                           he had to eject from his damaged A4E           Declaration of Independence made: We
           Morgan’s sharpshooters, located on a      jet).                                          pledge our lives, our fortune, and our sa-
     hill, killed 15 British in the front line and         Then after an interval back home, he     cred honor.
     when the British were drawn into mak-           went to sea on a second tour, and it was
                                                     toward the end of that one when he was             Vance’s presentation showed us how
     ing a full frontal attack, they were met        shot down in a dive bombing run over           many pages are missing from our history
     by the Continental Infantry and the militia     Haiphong harbor. This ejection took place      books. He discussed the sacrifices made
     and sharpshooters were on both flanks.          at about 550 knots. The wind stream            by our founders, and the unpleasant
     The British were defeated. Cornwallis lost      violently dislocated both his shoulders        consequences some of them suffered.
     one-fourth of his army and the Ameri-           and partially shredded his ‘chute. In the      And though relentlessly pursued and
     cans started to think that they could win       water the chute dragged him under and          persecuted, they all kept their pledge.
     the war.                                        he came up to look into the barrel of a            All in all, it was an outstanding pre-
           It was another entertaining presenta-     machine gun. Thus began the six plus
                                                     years of harsh imprisonment.                   sentation, followed by almost an hour
     tion of a historical battle by the chapter’s          One of Al’s two Silver Stars was         of questions and spirited discussion. Ev-
     Irish born history expert. The members          awarded for his heroic conduct in the vi-      eryone left with pride and renewed de-
     showed their appreciation by giving COL         tal and dangerous role of a communica-         termination to support and defend the
     Keane a big round of applause.                  tor while in prison.                           Constitution.
                                                                                                               New Members
                             By Col Klyne D. Nowlin, USAF (Ret)                                        Mrs. Helen Ball, AUX (Harry)
                                                                                                       1096 Ironside Ave.
     Speaking at the June MOAACC                                                                       Melbourne, FL 32940-6732
                                                  this was brought to the attention of the             321-255-6924
monthly luncheon, CAPT Joseph Steck-              responsible state agency, a decision was             Sponsor - Andy Folley
ler, USN (ret), a strong advocate for the         made at the state level to bring nonprof-
elderly and a MOAACC member said,                 its into the managed care organization,              Mrs. Veronica E. Bannister, AUX (Bob)
“To make it (health care) work will de-           hopefully to enable more of the client               440 Eagle Dr.
pend a lot on our ability to understand           care dollars to be used for service rather           Satellite Beach, FL 32937-3710
parts of it and understand how we can             than overhead.                                       Sponsor - Andy Folley
make it work.”                                         As a result of their effort, the first year’s
     For 24 years, Steckler has devoted           operation by the Brevard Alzheimer’s                 Mrs. Mary Bolin, AUX
his time and effort to promoting and              Foundation proved the soundness of the               380 Sherwood Ave.
supporting senior services by serving on          decision. At last count, $223,000 new                Satellite Beach, FL 32937-3053
                                                  monthly care dollars are being allocated             Sponsor - Andy Folley
many Brevard County and Florida com-
mittees and task forces. Some of his il-          to the care of 174 clients in Brevard                Mrs. Vista Boyland, AUX (Lee)
lustrious accomplishments include Direc-          County with 7 percent overhead costs.                704 Kenwood Circle
tor of Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation,            Hopefully, more nonprofit organizations              Melbourne, FL 32940-1777
                                                  will be brought into the program as this             321-255-3995
Chairman of Brevard County Commis-                                                                     Sponsor - Lee Boyland
sion on Aging, and serving on a number            is one way to lower the cost of future
of State task forces on elderly issues. He        care, he said.                                       Mrs. Sharon K. Braden, AUX (Frank)
hosts two weekly radio                                                  Finally, he referred to        284 Ainsley St. SE
shows: “Elder Hour”                                                   a recent article in AARP         Palm Bay, FL 32909-8587
                                                                      entitled, “The 10 Steps.”        321-952-5492,
and a political show on                                                                                Sponsor - Andy Folley
                                                                      “This article is so full of
WMEL. In addition, he
                                                                      holes, it’s not funny,”          Mrs. Peggy Anne Brocato, AUX (Walter)
authors the Florida To-                                               he remarked. As one
day column, “Focus on                                                                                  142 Skyland Blvd.
                                                                      example, he said the             Satellite Beach, FL 32937-3277
Seniors” and writes and                                               new law does not allow           321-773-6212
moderates a television                                                nonprofit organizations          Sponsor - Andy Folley
show titled, “Aging With                                              to receive a tax break
Dignity” which runs dai-                                                                               Maj William H. Corbett Jr., USAF Active
                                                                      for reimbursement be-             (Janet)
ly on various Brevard                                                 cause they don’t pay             5505 Desert Valley Dr.
County channels.                                                      taxes. This would affect         Las Vegas, NV 89149-6690
     Steckler opened his                                              nonprofit organizations,
presentation by com-               Joe Oblack & Joe Steckler                                           Sponsor - Gene Walsh
                                                                      such as the Brevard
menting on three recent publications to           Alzheimer’s Foundation, which has 87
                                                                                                       Mrs Nancy Cote, AUX (Bob)
illustrate why we need to understand              employees that receive full time medical             2950 LeConte St.
what we are reading:                              benefits, he said.                                   Viera, FL 32940-6460
     First, referring to a medicare and                Addressing increased medicaid costs,            321-698-6462
medicaid flyer received by most seniors           he said Florida budgets $19 billion of its           Sponsor - Andy Folley
by mail, he said, “if you read it, the key        $70 billion State budget for medicaid.
                                                  Under the Affordable health Care Act,                CWO5 Larry Cupac, USN Ret
words are free, expect and what hap-                                                                   3410 Biscayne Dr.
pens.” He challenged anyone to explain            the federal government picks up 92                   Merritt Island, FL 32953-8335
how the Affordable Health Care Act can            percent of the Medicaid costs for the first          321-305-4017,
drive down costs of health care. He ex-           three years. After that, medicaid costs re-          Sponsor - Susan Neugebauer
claimed, “It simply isn’t there.” He contin-      vert to a 40 percent (state) and 60 per-
                                                  cent (federal) split. “This is what has the          Mrs Georgette Walsh Diaz, AUX (Peter)
ued, “What is there is more entitlement                                                                1828 Arbor Dr.
programs.”                                        governors so upset because they don’t                Melbourne, FL 32935-4724
     Second, he referred to a Florida To-         know where they are going to find the                321-253-0552
day editorial that recommended priva-             additional medicaid dollars ($3.5 billion a          Sponsor - Andy Folley
                                                  year for Florida),” he said.
tizing more Medicaid dollars under                                                                     Mrs. Suzanne Graveline, AUX (Duane)
                                                       The last item, he talked about was
Managed Care organizations, to include                                                                 4414 Cormorant Lane
                                                  House Bill, HR 3043. He said under this
HMOs. “This is probably one of the big-                                                                Merritt Island, FL 32953-8504
                                                  bill, patients being discharged from a               321-453-7297
gest fallacies,” he remarked. By encour-          hospital would be eligible to go to adult            Sponsor - Andy Folley
aging our state to put more people into           day care, with transportation provided
any type of profit managed Care, such             to and from, under medicare. The cost                Mrs. Patricia B. Hughes, AUX (Robert)
as HMOs, we reduce the amount of the              for adult day health care averages $60               2565 Addington Circle
care dollars that can be directed to the          a day, where as the normal practice is to            Viera, FL 32955-6515
care of patients.                                                                                      321-635-8491
                                                  place patients in a nursing home or re-              Sponsor - Andy Folley
     For example, according to Steckler,          hab facility at $500 a day, he explained.
several clients managed by out of area            “This is one of the ways we can help                 Lt Col Eric C. Huppert, USAF Ret (Erin)
managed care organizations were devot-            bring down the cost of health care.” He              3515 Savannahs Trail
ing an excessive amount of the client’s           asked for members of the audience to                 Merritt Island, FL 32953-8625
reimbursement allowance to overhead               contact their Congress Representative to             321-454-4996,
rather than actual client services. Once          support HR 3043.                                     Sponsor - Andy Folley

Rebecca A. Kendall, AUX (John)                     Lt Col David C. Merker (Kathleen)          Mrs Susan S. Stout, AUX (Bruce)
14728 Keavy Ridge Ct.                              331 Coral Reef Dr.                         1541 Tippicanoe Court
Haymarket, VA 20169-5403                           Satellite Beach, FL 32937-3860             Melbourne, FL 32940-6860
703-994-3845,                                      321-615-5672,           321-757-9148,                              Sponsor - Andy Folley            
Sponsor - Andy Folley                                                                         Sponsor - Andy Folley
                                                   Mrs Carolyn S. Mosley, AUX (Bob)
Mrs Patricia A. Kerns, AUX (Jack)                  1177 Acappella Dr.                         Mrs Janice B. Teal, AUX (James)
201 Plantation Club Dr. #701                       Melbourne, FL 32940-6970                   1677 Independence Ave
Melbourne, FL 32940-1928                           321-254-5435                               Melbourne, FL 32940-6815
321-622-4828                                       Sponsor - Andy Folley                      321-259-7796
Sponsor - Andy Folley                                                                         Sponsor - Andy Folley
                                                   Col Norman S. Neill, USAF Ret (Joann)
Mrs. Patricia Ketchum, AUX (James)                 1863 Freedom Dr.                           Mrs Dorothy M. Trudeau, AUX (John)
1326 Pilgrim Ave.                                  Viera, FL 32940-6875                       3727 Meadowwood Ct
Melbourne, FL 32940-6719                           321-242-4537,            Melbourne, FL 32935-4735
321-255-6493,                 Sponsor - Andy Folley                      321-242-9385
Sponsor - Andy Folley                                                                         Sponsor - Andy Folley

Mrs Gene K. King, AUX (Bill)                       Mrs. Doris L. Neimeth, AUX (Albert)        Mrs. Margaret B. Tune, AUX (Howard)
1531 Tippicanoe Ct.                                1088 Ironside Ave.                         6917 Owen Dr.
Melbourne, FL 32940-6860                           Melbourne, FL 32940-6732                   Melbourne, FL 32940-6651
321-752-0311                                       321-255-6654,            321-623-7040,
Sponsor - Andy Folley                              Sponsor - Andy Folley                      Sponsor - Andy Folley

Mrs Peggy C. Leiser, AUX (Fred)                    Mrs Carolyn Rosenfield, AUX (George)       Mrs. Sandra K. Waldheim, AUX (Eddie)
433 Travelers Dr.                                  1289 Bonaventure Dr                        750 S Lake Sybelia Dr.
Polk City, FL 33868-5138                           Melbourne, FL 32940-1902                   Maitland, FL 32951-5547
863-984-5626                                       321-259-2329,       407-644-3996
Sponsor - Andy Folley                              Sponsor - Andy Folley                      Sponsor - Andy Folley

Mrs Susanne E. Lundgren, AUX (Dwayne)              Mrs Ann N. Slane, AUX (Terence)            Mrs Trudy Walsh, AUX (Gene)
448 St. Georges Court                              2497 Saint John Ln                         1502 Independence Ave.
Satellite Beach, FL 32937-3840                     Melbourne, FL 32935-3635                   Melbourne, FL 32940-6809
321-777-7494                                       321-259-0273,         321-255-6585,
Sponsor - Andy Folley                              Sponsor - Andy Folley                      Sponsor - Gene Walsh

Mrs Beverly Mackmull, AUX (Jack)                   Lt Col Paul Stewart, USAF Ret (Georgina)   Mrs. Martha Sue Wilson, AUX (Jack)
1802 Independence Ave.                             1838 Independence Ave                      1909 Crane Creek Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32940-6840                           Melbourne, FL 32940-6848                   Melbourne, FL 32940-6793
321-255-6931                                       321-254-5912,        321-255-3561,
Sponsor - Andy Folley                              Sponsor - Andy Folley                      Sponsor - Andy Folley

                           (MOAACC Member - Husband - James P. Christo)
                                                      “Giving Thanks”

       Florist and Gourmet Gift Baskets
         1887 S. Patrick Dr. • Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
              321-773-8855 • 800-393-8854
                     Beverly J. Christo - Owner

                                                                                                   can truly give because we don’t want to
                                                                                                   take away from ourselves. We don’t find
                                                                                                   ourselves anticipating or getting excited
                                                                                                   on Sunday morning that what we do that
                                                                                                   day will be pleasing to God. Sunday can
     By Chaplain Lt Col Norman Desrosiers, USAF (Ret)                                              be a chore for many people.
                                                                                                        Yet, God gives His love freely and
     The month of August is an interesting      it to be the best gift yet. It isn’t easy to go    openly. He never holds back. All that He
time for me. You see, my wife celebrates        from store to store to get ideas and yet           has is ours for the asking. God always
her birthday in this month and I stretch        that is exactly what I tend to do. I cross         seems to have the right gift that we need
my imagination to come up with just the         check each item with others in the same            at any moment of our life. Maybe if we
right gift to let her know how special she      category just to be sure before I make             treated our worship time as a celebra-
is. So many times it seems easier to get        the big plunge and buy her present.                tion and not a chore, our whole attitude
a simple gift. We might try to get some              The day comes and excitement,                 would change.
flowers or take our spouse out to a nice        along with anticipation, accompanies the                How about you? Are you excited
dinner but sharing something that is last-      event. I find that I almost want to jump           about spending time with God in your
ing seems so much more meaningful.              out of my skin because I know this is the          life? Do you meet regularly in commu-
     I don’t know about you but my wife         exact item she wants and needs. What               nity so you can experience the gift of His
has most of the “toys” that are on the          joy it is to share the final moment when           love that He has for each of you? Au-
market these days. I shudder to buy             the gift is open and the love pours forth.         gust is a special month that allows me to
clothes or jewelry for her for fear I would     It does represent a magical time, even if          share a moment with my wife that only
get the wrong thing. Suddenly I realize         it did take many hours of planning and             comes once a year.
that buying something that expresses            research that will never be seen or dis-                Each day is a special time when I can
love and appreciation is very stressful.        cussed. The smile and surprise seem to             learn more and more of that love that
     I find that I put a lot of energy into     be enough.                                         comes unconditionally from God who
getting just the right thing that says what          I often wonder why it is that the same        loves me and wants me to feel special.
I would like to say. With modern technol-       experience isn’t expressed when we                 I hope you are enjoying that experience
ogy, I spend hours searching the internet       think of our relationship with God. We go          yourself. If not, why not find a commu-
and reading all the reviews on a given          to church, if it is convenient. We give our        nity or church where God can touch you
product before buying it. You see, I want       offering but often we hold back what we            and let you know His love.

                 Sy Berman Has Left Us                                                             periences to civic organizations and both
                                                                                                   adult education classes and high schools.
                                                                                                   He was an enthusiastic and interesting
    Lt Col Seymour Berman, USAF (Ret),          citations for combat.                              speaker. His talks were exciting.
a main stay in the Cape Canaveral Chap-              After he retired from the Air Force,              In an attempt to show its appreciation
ter of the Military Officers Association of     Sy worked at the Cape for several aero-            for all of his good works, the chapter, at
America since he joined 33 years ago,           space companies and he owned and                   different times, awarded Sy two Certifi-
passed away at his home on June 25,             operated American BB Reality, a real               cates of Merit, the next to highest award
2010. His death was peace-                                    estate brokerage firm in Co-         the chapter can bestow on a member.
ful and due to natural causes.                                coa Beach. He participated           This year he was awarded the MOAACC
He was 93 years old.                                          in several community ser-            Citizenship Award for the work he has
    Sy had a distinguished                                    vice organizations; such as          done representing the chapter in the
military career stretching                                    Circles of Care, Air Force           community.
from 1941 to 1961. In WW                                      Association and the Opti-                The chapter bids a sad farewell to a
II he was a senior navigator                                  mists Club of Cocoa Beach            beloved comrade.
in the 483rd Bomb Group at                                    among others.
Foggia, Italy flying in B-17s.                                      As a long time mem-
He flew two combat tours in                                   ber of the Cape Canaveral
Europe which amounted to                                      chapter of the Military Of-
57 combat missions when                                       ficers Association of Amer-
the life expectancy of a B-17 Sy Berman with gift at his ica, Sy served six terms as                    Essie Mae Adams, AUX
navigator was 15 missions.       93rd Birthday Celebration. a member of the chapter’s             Wife of Lt Col Mayo Adams, USAF (Ret)
    He flew missions against targets at         Board of Directors. He also served as the                     26 February 2010
Ploesti, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Munich,      liaison officer between the Military Offi-         LTC George T. Norton, USA (Ret)
Weiner Newstadt, Augsburg, Schwein-             cers Association of America chapter and                        6 March 2010
furt, Regensburg and others. He also flew       the Brevard Veterans Council. Sy was the              LT John Barker, USNR (Ret)
in the Berlin Airlift and the Korean War.                                                                       6 June 2008
                                                chapter’s representative on the Brevard                  Marcella Sheahan AUX
    His awards, in addition to campaign         Veterans Council Board of Directors. His                        6 June 2010
medals, included the Distinguished Flying       reports on the activities, problems and              Maj Max R. Exline, USA (Ret)
Cross, two Purple hearts, The Air Medal         progress of the Veterans Council were a                        24 June 2010
with nine oak leaf clusters, the French         highlight of the weekly Thursday Morn-            LtCol Seymour Berman, USAF (Ret)
Freedom medal, The Russian Victory              ing Breakfast Club meetings.                                   25 June 2010
Medal and the Greek Victory Medal for                Sy was also an active member of the                      Doris S. Byers
distinguished service, among others. His        chapter’s Speakers Bureau. He was asked            Wife of LTC Andy J. Byers, USA (Ret)
bomb group received two presidential            frequently to deliver talks about his ex-                     20 June 2010

MG John Cleland’s Talk At IRCC Gate Ceremony
                July 4, 2010
     In your program you will find two fa-      dark ages and the Sharia that radical Is-
miliar quotes from the Declaration Of In-       lam would force upon us has changed not
dependence. When I reviewed that great          one whit since then. Hard to believe but
document in preparation for this short          under Sharia, every woman must belong
talk, I found additional words, not so famil-   to some man as his absolute property,
iar, but clearly applicable to our country’s    women cannot leave their home without a
situation today -- quote: “When a long          male family member escort, women must
train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing       be fully covered outside the home, cannot
invariably the same object evinces a de-        drive a car, are not fit subjects for formal
sign to reduce them (the people) under          education and must obey their male mas-
absolute despotism, it is their right, it is    ter without question.
their duty to throw off such--and to pro-           Under Sharia, infidels, that is all per-
vide new guards for their future security.”     sons who are not a Muslim, are classified
     Just how do those words apply to-          as “protected subjects” or Dhimmis in Ar-
                                                                                                     MG John Cleland, USA (Ret)
day? Well, as we speak, America is under        abic. Note the classification is as subjects,
attack by radical Islam which is pursuing a     not citizens. Dhimms have no legal rights       to conquer and subjugate the world. Con-
design to place these united states under       and must subject themselves to the will         trast that with America’s situation today.
absolute despotism. That absolute despo-        and the whims of their Muslim overlords.        Nearly nine years after 9/11, we have
tism is Islamic law or Sharia.                  Punishment for breaking Sharia is swift         been unable to defeat the terrorists of
     I should note that we are not under        and brutal. Sharia is an abomination, truly     radical Islam whose ultimate goal is to
attack from the Muslim world. This war is       a return to the dark ages.                      subjugate the world and impose Sharia
not about religion per se. It is about Islam-       Let us now look at this war that radical    upon the conquered lands.
ic law which is part and parcel of radical      Islam has forced upon us in the context             In WW II the American people un-
Islam. Islamic law or Sharia brings with it     of two recent wars, WW II which we won          derstood the threat and knew exactly
the lifestyle of the dark ages and absolute     and Vietnam which we lost. There is much        who the enemy was and why we were
despotism. Sharia is the antithesis of the      we can learn.                                   fighting. This is not the case today. Our
laws of our land which are based on our             First WW II. Less than four years after     government has not identified the enemy
constitution and the premise that all men       the Day of Infamy that brought us into          nor explained the threat to our indepen-
are created equal.                              WW II, we had soundly defeated the axis         dence.
     Sharia was promulgated during the          powers who, between them, had sought                In WW II our strategic objective was

clear and known to the American people            bat units and declaring victory in Iraq, yet
-- the unconditional surrender of the axis        radical Islam is still a force to be reckoned
                                                                                                    Army Ball Celebrates
powers --our strategic objective in the war       with there. Have we really established a             235 Years Of
on radical Islam has not been enunciated,
is not clear.
                                                  government in Iraq that is strong enough         “Boots On The Ground”
                                                  to protect its people and secure its bor-                    By Joyce Wilden
     In WW II, we put America on a to-            ders, a government capable of sowing the
tal war footing; we harnessed the might           seeds of freedom in the Middle East?                 Army veterans of World War II, Ko-
and power of America and applied that                 In Afghanistan, our president says           rea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan and
overwhelming force to winning the war.            we will begin to withdraw our troops in          their spouses were honored on June 13
The entire country was engaged in and             July 2011. What kind of message does             at the annual Army Ball at Indian River
made sacrifices for the war effort. In this
                                                  this advertised pullout send to our allies       Colony Club in Viera. The 223 attend-
war against radical Islam, it is only our mili-
                                                  and to our troops? What message does             ees from various branches of the military
tary and their families who are engaged in
the war effort; they alone are making sac-        it send to radical Islam and the Taliban?        enjoyed a patriotic program, themed
rifices for America. The rest of us amble         Well, the Taliban leader in Afghanistan has      “Boots on the Ground.” The official call
along life’s path as usual and are, to coin a     answered for the Taliban. Last week, in          to dinner was the familiar Army mess
phrase, fat, dumb and happy.                      response to a question about negotiating,        “Soupy” bugle call, but the formal affair
     In WW II, we took total war to the en-       he said. “We are certain that we are win-        also included elegant floral decorations
emy wherever we found him. Today we               ning. Why should we talk if we have the          and a birthday cake for the Army cut
have taken the war to Afghanistan and             upper hand, and the foreign troops are           with a ceremonial saber.
Iraq only--and the war is not total in either     considering withdrawal and there are dif-            The Melbourne Swingtime Jazz Band
country.                                          ferences in the ranks of our enemies.”           played as dozens of former commis-
     In WW II, we built the mightiest armed           If we pull out of Iraq or Afghanistan        sioned officers in dress uniforms and
force the world has ever seen. This war           before we have soundly defeated the ter-         decorations took to the dance floor with
against radical Islam is, to the best of my       rorists of radical Islam and before those        their partners..
knowledge, the only major war we have             countries borders are secured, the end
ever fought without increasing the size           result will be far different than what hap-
and combat power of our armed forces.             pened when we pulled out of Vietnam.
     Shifting to the Vietnam war, the follow-     The Terrorists of radical Islam will surely
ing lessons stand out.                            wreak a terrible vengeance on those poor
     You cannot win a war when the en-            souls who sided with the USA and both
emy has a sanctuary and can support               countries will become a secure base for
Guerillas or Terrorists by sending trained
                                                  radical Islam. We will have lost two cru-
troops, leaders, arms, equipment and
                                                  cial battles in the war on radical Islam
funds across the border.
     It is impossible to win the hearts and       and the Terrorists of radical Islam will be
minds of a people until their security is as-     free to concentrate their forces on bring-
sured. How secure would you feel if you           ing the battle to our homeland. I believe                 Rensselaer Military Ball
and your family were citizens of Afghani-         the American people will, as they always                  “Those Were The Days”
stan today?                                       have, rise to the occasion--but they must
     You cannot leave a country to fend           know what the stakes are. It is up to our
                                                  president and the Congress to turn this
for itself until its government is able to
protect its people from the enemy within          war around. Our elected leaders must                Walgreen’s Military
and secure its borders from the enemy             buckle down to the task of leading our
                                                  country and our allies to a solid victory.
                                                                                                        Discount Day
     Now, if all of the aforementioned are        Our job, as veterans who have been there               By CDR Court Yelle, USN (Ret)
correct, and I believe they are, what needs       and done that, is to continue to support
to be done? First and foremost America            our great troops and to speak out on                  It has been announced that every
must recognize and acknowledge that we            the conduct of this war based on our             Walgreen’s in the “Walgreen’s Mel-
are engaged in a world war against radi-          considerable military experience. We must        bourne District” within Brevard County
cal Islam. We do not need an exit strategy        take every opportunity to express our            in the area between Sebastian and Port
for Iraq or Afghanistan, we need a victory        views to our legislators, our civilian friends   St. John will recognize all military, active
strategy to provide for the decisive defeat       and neighbors, our youth and the media-          and retired, with a special discount every
of radical Islam world wide.                      -the enemy in this war is radical Islam and      month on only the first Tuesday. Dates
     We must face the fact, the cold hard         the absolute despotism of Sharia; Iraq           are Tuesday, August 3, September 7
fact, that the defeat of radical Islam world-     and Afghanistan are important battles in         and so forth. Titusville and north of Titus-
wide is directly dependent on the reality         this world war which we must win; our
                                                                                                   ville in Brevard County is not included.
and the application of American power. As         elected leaders must put this country on a
                                                  total war footing and announce a victory         This is a revision of the previous special
was the case in WW II, victory or defeat in
this global war will depend on America’s          strategy to provide for the decisive defeat      pilot program only in the limited Brevard
willingness to dedicate the resources re-         of radical Islam world wide.                     County area. Military need to show their
quired to win and win decisively.                     So, on this anniversary of the day our       ID card in advance of the purchase and
     Is America really at war, are we doing       nation declared its independence, let us         will receive a 20 percent discount on all
all that is possible to win this war? Not in      rededicate ourselves to serving America,         Walgreen’s products, not including Phar-
my book. And the longer this war drags            the greatest and finest country in the           macy. Military will also receive a 15 per-
on the better the chance radical Islam has        world, bar none. Let us get out and let          cent discount on all other store products
of winning it.                                    our views be heard.                              excluding tobacco, alcoholic beverages,
     We are close to withdrawing our com-             Thank you and may God continue to
                                                  bless America.                                   dairy, gift cards and prescriptions.

                      DR. VINNY
     Dr. Sciortino, a family physician in Viera, is proud to be an
     American. He emigrated from Italy as a child and became
     a citizen at 17. A strong work ethic helped him achieve his
     boyhood dream of becoming a physician.

     Dr. Vinny, as his patients affectionately
     call him, is a former Major in the Air Force.
     He cared for family members of active duty
     personnel, and simply states, “I’m honored
     to serve those who served our country”.
     • Board Certified in Family Medicine
     • Practicing Physician since 1985
     • Speaks English, Italian & Spanish

                   7000 Spyglass Court • Viera

                             (321) 751-7113
      Privileges at Cape Canaveral Hospital & Wuesthoff Rockledge & Melbourne.
        Hours: Mon-Thurs, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm • Friday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

                The Military Officers Association of America, Cape Canaveral Chapter (MOAACC)
                                   P.O. Box 254186, Patrick AFB, FL 32925-4186
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                            New Chapter Annual                  New Chapter Life                  Change of Address                Active Duty: First 2 Years $20
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                                               Service                                Member DOB
     Check appropriate boxes:                                                                                                                 70-79       $235
                                        Retired                Active Duty             Widow(er)          Spouse
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            Regular        Reserve                             Nat’l Gd.               Former Officer
            MOAA National Membership No.                                                (See MOAA magazine label)                 Life Membership payable over three
           Do not list me in the Chapter Directory                                                                                consecutive months.
     Signature                                                                                                                    Make Check payable to MOAACC.
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     For internal use: DB                   Intercom                   National                Welcome pkg.                       to THE INTERCOM.

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       LUNCHEON - August 17. 2010
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            The Tides - PAFB                                       and mailing it to MOAACC, P.O. Box 254186, Patrick AFB,    $11.50.
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