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Search Engine Optimization Tips


									Web Design, SEO & Email Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization and search engine placement services are designed to
raise your natural                                                          search
engine ranking
. We can help you secure top search engine

   ranking through a combination of both on-page and off-page seo techniques.

We have blueprinted a winning internet marketing plan for natural search engine placement for
many of the Internet's most successful companies.

The key to success on the Internet is: location, location, location. Search engine optimization is
location. Helping your website move into the search engine's top real estate is what our service
does. Success lies in having your website attain top 10 rankings on the major search engines
for your top keywords. Anyone can secure top 10 rankings for obscure, non-competitive
keywords. Our programs are designed to secure ranking for your “money keywords”.

“Money keywords” are the keywords with the highest search volumes and the fiercest
competition. To attain top search engine placement for “money keywords” takes a significant
investment. When top 10 natural rankings are secured through a successful search engine
program, the return on investment is huge.

To attain search engine ranking for competitive keywords takes a combination of both on-page
and off-page search engine optimization techniques.

Search engine optimization primer:

Web Design, SEO & Email Marketing Services

The steps we take to attain top search engine ranking "naturally" are as follows:

Keyword Research - Identify the top "keywords" that the client's target market is searching for
on the Internet. Target these top "keywords" for consultant's search engine placement process.
We recommend for the most accurate research on search volume for
your top keywords.

Analysis - Full analysis of the current site. Approximately 50 items are considered, analyzed
and tested for search engine readiness to determine all items that should be done in the
optimization process and make recommendations on needed adjustments.
 Work out any design / navigational / structural issues that may be detrimental to the Client's
site ranking.

On Page Search Engine Optimization - Aid in the design and implementation of search
engine ready, keyword optimized titles, descriptions and keyword tags. Edit page headings
based on keyword phrases. Incorporate keyword phrases further within existing text. Change
navigation menu to incorporate text links. The important on page search engine optimization
points are:

Meta Tags

After you've done the done your keyword research, place your keywords in the meta keywords

<META NAME="Keywords" content="search engine optimization, seo, sem, search engine
marketing, search engine placement">

The meta keywords tag does not carry a lot of weight, but it is taken into consideration by some
search engines.

Web Design, SEO & Email Marketing Services

Meta Description

The meta description tag is a must-do. The meta description carries at least a little weight in
several search engines. An abstract of the meta description is often used by search engines in
the search results pages.

<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Professional search engine optimization by
respected industry leader, Patrick Gavin.">

The Title Element

Of all the on page factors, the title element, casually referred to as the page title, carries the
most weight.

<TITLE>Widgets - Wide Selection of Widgets at Wholesale Prices</TITLE>

Try to include your keywords along with a promotional blurb which gives the consumer to
choose your site instead of the competition.


Using heading within the body copy of the page is not just a good search engine optimization
practive; it also helps the reader anticipate the subject of the page (H1 tags) or the subject of
the paragraph (h2 tags). The key here is to include your keywords within the headings:


Web Design, SEO & Email Marketing Services

Although it's short and sweet, this heading won't help you rank for the keyword “widgets”. A
simple edit here and there can work wonders:

<H1>The History of Widgets</H1>

Bold & Italics

Although there is no definitive proof, it is widely believed that using your targeted keywords in b
old text
and in italics helps search engines to identify your page as most relevant to those search terms.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (Link Building) - Link popularity will continue to be an
essential factor in top search engine rankings for the foreseeable future. We have developed a
solid game plan to build link popularity for your website that will solve the link popularity puzzle
and will raise your search engine rankings.

This strategy includes: submission of your website to all relevant directories and also contacting
non-competing relevant websites that may offer a sponsorship opportunity.

Monitoring - Monitor ranking and indexing. Provide Client with monthly reports detailing
ranking improvements on the targeted keywords and also tracking increases in traffic.

Maintenance - Make monthly adjustments to the previous efforts, as needed. The search
engines are ever evolving, continued adjustments to previous search engine optimization
techniques will continue to be necessary to stay a step ahead of your competition.

Find out how you can benefit from ABC4PC's complete solution of Search Engine
Optimization Services                                                                         .

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Web Design, SEO & Email Marketing Services

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