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					PHI KAPPA PSI                                   140 NW 13th St., Corvallis, OR 97330                                    February 2009

                            House Corporation Report 2008
                                                                                                  By Clint Stubbs, President
                   I hope all is well with each of you and that this finds you before Founders Day. I started this article in
              October of last year, and things have changed so fast that I was never able to finish it. I hope most of you
              have heard through the grapevine of the many events that Oregon Beta had to deal with last year.

The Loss of a Friend and Brother                                       The Boiler Explosion,                   November 15, 2008
    To begin with, I want to make sure everyone knows that on
October 14, 2008, we lost one of our beloved brothers in Phi
Kappa Psi. Jack Price, ’85-484, was killed in an accident. The
Corvallis Gazette Times reported: “Jack Price II, 43, of
Beaverton, was at the corner of Northwest 14th Street and
Northwest Van Buren Avenue when his older model red pickup
                       stalled. Witnesses say he got out of the
                       truck and was standing in front of it
                       when he reached into the engine com-
                       partment, apparently attempting to re-
                       start the vehicle. The truck suddenly re-
                       started, surged forward and ran him
                       over, pinning him underneath.”
                           Shortly after being taken to Good Sa-
                        maritan Regional Medical Center, Jack
                        succumbed to his injuries.
     Jack’s tragic death came at the end of the best summer
Oregon Beta has seen in more than 15 years. Recruitment
was extremely successful, and many house renovations were
completed. Brother Jack was in charge of renovation projects,               About the time I was ready to send out an Orange Peel
and he spent a great deal of time at the house working with the        with the news about Jack, the chapter suffered another
undergraduates. He oversaw the renovation of the kitchen and           devastating blow. The boiler exploded on November 15. You
the laundry room, installation of new carpet upstairs, new win-        can read more about what happened and see photos of the
dows, and new desks and closets in all of the rooms, exten-            damage on the Oregon Alumni Association Web site,
sive plumbing repairs and improvements to the bathrooms,      I will try to describe clearly all
and a fresh coat of paint for the exterior. Jack                                         that has happened since the explosion.
was truly invaluable to the work that was done                                                First, let me say that all the undergradu-
this past summer, and I am sure the under-                                               ates have gotten into housing for the rest of
graduates would attest to the valuable guid-             Founders Day                    this school year, and because of the high
ance and mentoring he provided throughout              Saturday, February 21, 2009       quality of men in Oregon Beta today, I am
the summer. All of the board members and                                                 sure they will continue to expand and improve
undergraduates who worked hard this sum-             Bridgeport Brewery, Portland
                                                             Details inside              the chapter even without the house.
mer to improve the house deserve our thanks.
     I hope that each of us can draw inspira-                                                 The investigation has not revealed the
tion from Jack’s life. I am sure many of you                                             cause of the explosion, and it may never do
know that Jack was committed to serving the fraternity from            so. Basically, the inspectors know that it was a steam explo-
the day he joined until the day of his untimely death. As you          sion, and unless blame can be laid on someone like a pump
reflect upon Jack’s passing, please take the time to reconnect         manufacturer or boiler service company, the insurance com-
with your brothers in Phi Kappa Psi. Pay a tribute to Jack and         pany is not interested in spending the money to determine the
find a way to serve your family, your fraternity, your community,      exact cause. Of course, it does not matter to us because the
and your country.                                                      insurance company is covering the claim.

    As brother John Briney ’89 said:                                         We are now determining what will be covered and what
                                                                       the costs will be. We have a structural engineering report that
      “I’m sorry to hear about the loss of a friend and brother.       indicates most of the north wing (main room) will need to be
Oregon Beta owes much to Jack and his cohort of brothers               replaced. Some areas could be salvaged or repaired, but the
who kept the chapter going during lean times. I was unaware            cost of doing so may be more than rebuilding. We also have a
of his current involvement in remodeling the kitchen, but I’m          list supplied by the insurance company that specifies what
not at all surprised. Phi Kappa Psi and Oregon Beta have lost          should be covered. We are having our contractor review the
a friend and brother.”                                                                                       Continued on page 2
Page 2                                                       ORANGE PEEL                                                  February 2009

House Corp. Report                             (Cont. from page 1)
list to see if anything needs to be added, and to prepare some
cost estimates. We also have an architect and structural engi-
neer looking into necessary code upgrades that the city will
require. We hope this information will all come together soon,
so the insurance company can provide us with the amount it
will pay for the loss.
     At this time, it looks like we will rebuild the north wing and
remodel the south wing. We are looking into the possibility of
adding additional rooms in a second and possibly third floor
in the north wing. We are also planning on a major remodel to
the south wing. The goal is that the finished house will look
brand new in all areas. The south wing will need a new fire
sprinkler system, heating, electrical, plumbing, new windows,
new doors, etc.
     The catch, of course, is that the insurance money will not
be enough to build the house that we will need for the next 50
years at Oregon State. The board is committed to not skimp-
ing on the remodel or the new building, which will likely mean            This photo shows extensive damage in the chapter house
that we will need to take out a loan. The size of the loan will           basement. Ceiling beams are split and the cinder block wall
depend a lot on our membership support.                                   is partially destroyed. The boiler was in a room at the right.

    The question now, more than ever, is what can you do to               aside. Maybe it is a portion of your tax return, or perhaps $10,
help Phi Kappa Psi? Can you volunteer time or services to                 $25, $100 — or any amount — per month for the next year.
help with the construction? In a capital finance campaign, can            Please send any contributions to the building fund to Oregon
you help by contacting alumni in your area or in your era of              Beta of Phi Kappa Psi, c/o Josh Kittel, House Corp. Board
brothers? Can you contribute to the building fund? Remember,              treasurer. His address is 220 E. 11th Ave., Suite 2, Eugene,
there is strength in numbers, so any amount you can send                  OR 97401.
over the next year will help significantly.                                    Finally, I invite everyone to attend the Founders Day event
     I will organize brothers to work on the capital campaign             in Portland. We should have completed conceptual designs
this month, so if you feel like you can help, please let me know.         for the new house on display, and we will discuss plans for the
I know that things are not good economically for many of us,              rebuilding process in detail.
but I ask you all to consider what you can do to set something             — Clint Stubbs, President, Oregon Beta House Corporation

                                                                         Founders Day 2009
                                                                      Founders Day 2009 will be celebrated at the Bridgeport
                                                                      Brewery in downtown Portland on Saturday, February
                                                                      21, with our Phi Psi brothers from Oregon Alpha. This
       House Corporation Board                                        year’s event will include a live auction, along with the
         President                                                    presentation of the 2009 Oregon Beta undergraduate
         (Committee for Philanthropy):                                scholarship recipients. Additionally, this will be an
         Clinton Stubbs ’93,,                        important Founders Day to attend because it will also
         503-848-2127                                                 serve as the kickoff to the rebuilding efforts for the
         Vice President (Committee for Alumni-                        Oregon Beta chapter house!
         Undergraduate Relations):
         Jim Phillips ’57,                                                        Schedule and Details
                                                                              Saturday, February 21, 2009
         Member (Committee for Fraternity
         Recruitment): Greg Smith ’92,                                  Bridgeport Brewery, 1313 NW Marshall St.,                                                           Portland
         Member (Committee for Fraternity                                         Cost: $20 per person
         Scholarship): Chris Koons ’93,                                              5:00 p.m. - House Corp. Meetings
         Member (Committee for Member                                     7:00 p.m. - Dinner and Awards Presentation
         Continuing Education): Justin Dillon ’94,                                                 8:00 p.m. - Live Auction
         Treasurer (Committee for House                               Please RSVP: Chris Koons, 503-422-8474
         Maintenance): Joshua Kittel ’93,
February 2009                                                 ORANGE PEEL                                                           Page 3

Chapter President’s Report                                                                      OSU Greek
      The Oregon Beta Chapter is the strongest it has been in a decade, and we have
                                                                                                Community Gives
no intention of slowing down. We just initiated the largest pledge class we have had
in a very long time, despite the turmoil we faced in the fall term. We are thrilled to have     Support to
12 new brothers, and we already have a great start on our winter pledge class. At the
end of week one in the winter term, we had three new pledges, and we hope to end                Oregon Beta
the term with ten.
     Fall term 2008 showed us what a resilient group we are, AND what it truly                  Phi Psis
means to be a member of this Fraternity. We continue to grow closer in brotherhood                    On November 25, 2008, the Daily
every day, even without a common place of residence. Every member found suitable                Barometer reported that other mem-
housing, and a core group of the members are housed in three different locations, in            bers of the Greek community at OSU
groups of five or six. These houses have become the locations for our brotherhood               were being supportive of Phi Kappa Psi
events, smaller social gatherings, recruiting, and places to simply relax and enjoy             after the chapter lost its house to a boiler
each other’s company.                                                                           explosion. Rebecca Johnson wrote the
      We are holding Monday night chapter meetings at the Hilton Hotel for the re-              article, “Phi Kappa Psi remains hope-
mainder of the year. Dinner is served at 5:30 p.m., and we invite any alumni brothers           ful in face of adversity.”
with an open Monday night to join us.
                                                                                                    The article stated that Phi Psis had
      We will post the dates of our events on the Web site,, so
                                                                                                received many calls from other campus
you will be able to see when and where the events are, the improvements we are
                                                                                                organizations, offering to help Oregon
making, and, in general, what we are up to. It will be greatly appreciated if even a few
alumni can make it to some of the recruitment events and share with potential Phi               Beta get back on its feet.
Psis the benefits of being a member of Phi Kappa Psi, as well as the lifelong com-                   One example of help provided was
mitment being a member entails. We will host many brotherhood and recruitment                   that of Delta Gamma sorority, which al-
events this term. We turn every IFC event into recruitment/brotherhood; this provides           lowed the Phi Psi Christmas event,
one or two guaranteed events a month. Another event we are planning is our first                “Christmas for Kids,” to be held in the
annual Brostock, which will include a barbecue, Frisbee golf, video games and tour-             Delta Gamma house. Another example
naments, and other activities.
                                                                                                was Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, which sold
      As Donald Trump once said, “Without passion, you don’t have energy; without               tee shirts in order to raise money for
energy, you have nothing. Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without              the Phi Psis. The tee shirts sold for $18
passion.” The undergraduates we have now are both passionate about this Frater-                 each, and $10 of every purchase went
nity and excited about our potential as a chapter. Oregon Beta is no longer on the              toward helping Phi Psi members.
verge of being shut down. Instead, the chapter is exceeding the expectations others
had for us, and excelling in all that the members undertake, moving toward a bright                   Johnson quoted Neal Frederick: “It
future. Now and forever proud to be a Phi Psi,                                                  means a lot when other fraternities are
                                          — Neal Frederick ’07, Chapter President               willing to fund-raise for you.”

  Oregon Beta Soldier Writes for the Daily Barometer
     Christopher Robert Topham ’08, initiated May 24, 2008, is a 1st Lieutenant in the Oregon National Guard, 2-162 Battalion. He
enlisted in 2003 and received his officer’s commission upon graduating from Mariam Military Academy. He was then sent to OSU
to finish his four-year degree, and is now a senior majoring in communication.
     Chris left for six months of training at Fort Benning, Georgia, in September 2008, after receiving a call that his unit would be
deploying to Iraq in May 2009. During his months of training, Chris has been sharing his thoughts and experiences through regular
columns in the “Forum” section of the Daily Barometer. His columns can be accessed through the Barometer Web site: http:// Here are some excerpts.

By Chris Topham                                 Now my self-image has become some-              “Day one: Close your eyes
                                                thing I have spent the last six years cul-
“Welcome to real life”                          tivating; that of a young officer in the fin-   and imagine” October 9, 2008
Daily Barometer, September 30, 2008             est Army in the world. . . . There are over           I enlisted in the Army six years ago
     I go into the barber shop, order the       two dozen soldiers from all across Or-          in what feels like a different universe;
usual and watch as the trappings of the         egon who are going to be deploying with         the towers had fallen just prior and
everyday world fall past my shoulders           us in the upcoming months, and scores           American forces had just launched an
and onto the floor. My hair is cut short for    more who have already served their              all-out assault on Afghanistan. Support
two reasons: one is so that I can main-         country in the Iraq war. It is not money or     for the military was at a record high, and
tain a decent state of hygiene even after       glory that drives them to serve, but the        we felt justified in taking the fight to an
weeks without running water, and two is         knowledge that some good can be                 enemy who had claimed civilian lives.
so that my enemy cannot grab it if I must       found even in the darkest of times. The               Today the war has a different feel,
engage him in hand-to-hand combat.              road is long but it is walked by people         and a completely different mission, yet
     I used to define myself as a 23-year-      who also believe in a greater calling           there are still those who I proudly stand
old non-traditional student at Oregon           than themselves; it is a selfless thing         beside as the young defenders of free-
State University studying communication         to devote one’s life to service and yet it      dom. As I head into the second phase
who splits his time between Greek life          is done every day by the young men and          of my officers’ training, a course that
and competing on the forensics team.            women of America’s Army.                                           (Cont. on page 4)
Page 4                                                      ORANGE PEEL                                                  February 2009

   Vard Roemer ’59 sent this photo, taken in 1959 in the “new” house, which was dedicated on February 22, 1958.
   Front row, from left: Jerry Hand, Don Ong ’57, Gary Bedsworth ’58, Byron Ostrom ’59, Glenn Stockwell ’59, and Nobuo
   Kawasaki ’57.
   Second row: Don Patton ’55, Ken Stern, John Grotefend ’57, Harold Hofman ’58, Ralph Hilzer, Roger Bladholm ’58, and
   Don Crismond ’57.
   Third row: Bob Platt ’56, Larry Smith ’59, Gary Laugen ’58, John Benedict ’57, John Huffman ’58, Alan Eberlein ’57, Robert
   True ’56, Donald Moar ’58, Frank Ivy ’59, Kenneth Ashman ’59, and Roger Coggburn ’59.
   Back row: Dick Roberts ’58, Vard Roemer ’59, Gene Thornton ’59, Jim Phillips ’57, Maurice Kurtz ’59, Bill Platt ’59, Lynn
   Curtis ’59, and Dick Bjelland ’59.

Chris Topham Writes for the Barometer (Cont. from page 3)
lasts seven weeks and focuses on               to engage any target that approached            your sweet young child. We’ll make him
small group tactics and individual skills,     past a certain distance because of the          drill and make him run, we’ll make
I am proud and thrilled to see all of the      large amount of vehicle-borne IED at-           some changes in your son. Mothers of
other leaders who, like me, have an-           tacks that had been occurring in that           America, meek and mild, say goodbye
swered the call.                               area, and as this car approached him,           to your sweet child.”
                                               he knew that he would have to do the
“In life things can change                     unthinkable — he would have to kill             “The importance of leader-
                                               another human being to save his life            ship and accountability”
quickly, in war, a little too                  and the lives of his comrades. The sol-
quickly” October 30, 2008                                                                      November 14, 2008
                                               dier proceeded to fire his .50-caliber
                                               machine gun at the car, killing the occu-            When the day is over and the last
     It is strange to think that all of the
                                               pants and stopping the vehicle in its           candle has burned itself out, the only
training in the world, all of that hard work                                                   thing left to a person is just the reflec-
and dedication, amount to only seconds         tracks. Its driver turned out to be an illit-
                                               erate man with a wife and three little          tion in the mirror or inner truth that lies
when the time comes. Once that weapon
                                               girls. All five were killed because he          buried inside you as you toss and turn
is loaded and your finger is on the                                                            in your sleep. . . . Sometimes the ebb
trigger, you have mere seconds to              could not read the signs. . . .
                                                                                               and flow of whatever crap life has in
decide who lives and who dies. That is              The military changes you, forces
                                                                                               store for us seems to do more flow than
the cruel nature of the beast — kill or be     our youth to grow old before time and
                                                                                               we are deserving of, but part of what
killed.                                        exposes even the innocent to the great-
                                                                                               makes a person is how they deal with
     I recently heard a story of a young       est horrors man can envision.
                                                                                               everything when the cards are down.
soldier, a 19-year-old boy . . . who found          The reason most people join the            The key to happiness is not found at
himself in downtown Baghdad with a             military in the first place is the same —       the bottom of a bottle, or in some bomb-
speeding car coming towards his posi-          to protect our loved ones by sacrificing        shell that sweeps you off your feet or
tion. His unit had set up a road block         a part of our own humanity . . . .              even in the fountain of youth, but rather
with flashing lights and signs written in           We have a cadence we sing while            in being able to really look deep down
Arabic, warning all traffic to slow for a      on our morning runs: “Mothers of                at who you are and to know you are not
search or be fired upon. His orders were       America, meek and mild, send to me              living for the wrong reasons.
February 2009                                              ORANGE PEEL                                                         Page 5

                                                    The Oregon Alumni Association enjoyed a weekend full of Phi Psi activities in
                                               July 2008. On Friday, July 11, the Phi Kappa Psi Road Show made a stop in Portland
                                               at the Widmer Brothers Gasthaus. More than 40 members attended the event.

               Oregon                                The highlight of the evening was a speech by National Vice President Paul
                                               Wineman, who is now president of the national Fraternity. He emphasized the ben-
         Phi Kappa Psi                         efits of the Phi Psi Leadership Academy in Cabo San Lucas. Wineman also reflected
                                               on his own personal experiences to stress the importance and satisfaction of help-
                                               ing others.
               Alumni                               The following day, the association hosted its second annual golf tournament at
           Association                         The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club in Aloha. Participants were treated to gor-
                                               geous weather, but were challenged by the 114 sand bunkers! We look forward to
               Update                          our third annual tournament in 2009.
                                                   We also look forward to Founders Day on February 21 at the Bridgeport Brewery
                                               in Portland. Visit our Web site,, for information on
                                               coming events, or send e-mail to
                                                                                                       — Chris Koons ’93

          Congratulations to Chris Gerritz ’06, Oregon Beta Chapter President in 2007-08,
                                on his election as IFC President!

     Lester A. Tehle, ’48-61, of Milwaukie, Oregon, died No-        polio and became an active surfer. He grew up in the Bay Area,
vember 29, 2007. He was a member of Sigma Phi Sigma                 and attended college at San Jose State as well as Oregon
Fraternity when he attended Oregon State College from 1936          State. He completed a master’s degree in political science.
to 1939. He served in the Civilian Conservation Corps (1934-        His avocations included helping adults learn to read, leading
35). He worked for the Forest Service in the Oakridge/Mt. Fuji      an Adopt-a-Highway crew, and guiding interested folks on
area and served in the Army. In 1941, he worked at the experi-      Humboldt Bay. His family reported: “The list of people touched
mental department for the B-29 bomber at Boeing in Seattle.         by Glenn is long and diverse, like his life experience. Also like
He moved to the Oak Grove area in 1949 after beginning his          his life, his list of friends reflects the best of love, community,
apprenticeship as a patternmaker in the Portland area in 1946.      compassion, energy, exuberance, and faith — in the people
He retired from Willamette Pattern Works in 1981. Lester was        who make it all happen.” Glenn leaves behind his wife and
active in the Milwaukie Elks, Milwaukie Senior Center, Oak          love of 35-plus years, Christina; his parents, Wayne and Bernice
Lodge Water District, Oak Grove School Board, and the Pat-          Stockwell; two brothers, Gene and Robin; three children, Kevin,
tern Makers Union. He will be remembered by his many friends        Lisa Whitchurch, and Eric; and four grandchildren.
and family as one who cherished friendships, loved to dance,
                                                                         Jack D. Price II, ’85-484, age 43, died in Corvallis near
and was quick to offer smiles and hugs. Lester was preceded
                                                                    the OSU campus on October 14, 2008. (See article on page
in death by his wife of 59 years, Phyllis; and sons, Phillip and
                                                                    1.) “He was like a father to us. He was there for us when we
Bruce. He is survived by his companion, Betty Meyers; daugh-
                                                                    needed him and he had the answers to everything,” said Jack
ters, Sandy Moretty and Julie Larson; eight grandchildren; and
                                                                    Grant, a new member of Oregon Beta. Zach Paresa ’08 worked
nine great-grandchildren.
                                                                    closely with Jack Price on the kitchen during the summer. “It’s
   Carl W. Stucki, ’58-177, of Chinook, Washington, died            hard to put into words how much effort and time Jack put into
August 2, 2007, after battling cancer, according to the family.     the house,” he said. Chris Gerritz ’06, said, “The dedication
     Richard B. Roberts, ’58-184, of Auburn, California, died       and mentorship Jack showed was outstanding.” Before the
December 28, 2007, after suffering a heart attack at age 68.        boiler explosion (see article on page 1), the chapter had de-
Dick was an avid exerciser who, in 1980, completed a mara-          cided to dedicate the renovated kitchen in honor of Jack Price,
thon in less than four hours. He was a regular at the gym,          and the Oregon Beta House Corporation agreed.
played racquetball at the Auburn Courthouse, and prided him-              A memorial service was held at the Kingstad Center in
self on “almost” beating younger players. He also loved skiing      Beaverton on Sunday, October 19. Jack’s family wrote about
in the Sierras. Dick joined a volunteer group, the Canyon Keep-     him: “There is a saying that if you have one good friend in your
ers, and with that group he camped and did trail maintenance        life, you are a blessed person. Jack was very blessed be-
for several years. He earned his pharmacy degree at Oregon          cause he had so many good close friends, but if you ask them,
State in 1962. He worked with DIROCO, Inc., and with that           they would say they are the blessed ones to have known him.”
organization he visited Hawaii, Micronesia, and other destina-
tions. Dick and his wife of 47 years, Karen, enjoyed trips to           Jack was born in Van Nuys, California, to Jack and Valerie
Singapore, the east coast, Canada, the Grand Canyon, and            Price. The family moved to Vernonia, Oregon, when Jack was
Nashville, Tennessee. Most recently, Dick traveled to Guate-        seven years old. As a college student, he majored in business
mala. In addition to his wife, he is survived by his daughter,      and enjoyed football games, tailgating, and all the good times
Cindy Method; his son, Craig; two granddaughters, Jessica           he had with brothers of Oregon Beta Chapter. He worked as a
and Tori Method; and his beloved little dog, Buffy.                 bouncer and manager at the Toa Yuen Restaurant. After he
                                                                    graduated from OSU, Jack started his construction company,
    Glenn W. Stockwell, ’59-191, of Loleta, California, died        Jackson Enterprises. Surviving family members include his
January 29, 2008, at age 68. He was a professor at the Col-         mother, Valerie Price; four sisters, Toni, Sheree, Jill, and Lora;
lege of the Redwoods. Glenn survived a childhood bout with          and many, many friends and brothers.
Page 6                                                      ORANGE PEEL                                              February 2009

                                                                    thing else, except Rotary (37 years), to semi-retire and play
The Blab Sheet                                                      more golf. My brother, Neal [’60-202], and I still operate our
    Robert S. Seal, ’50-110, and his wife, Anna Maria, live at      business park, Southtowne Commerce Center, in a strenu-
3312 Cedar Bluff Dr., McKinney, TX 75070, and their phone           ous 12-hour work week.” Alan and Carol are parents of Terry
number is 469-742-9789. Bob wrote that Founders Day 2008            (45) and Kristi Parks (43), both of whom live in Eugene, “where
was a special time for him: “I enjoyed the company of my brother,   they became Ducks from drinking the water, not by attending
John [’50-101], and enjoyed celebrating Founders Day with all       the U of O.”
the brothers in Portland on February 16 at Kell’s Restaurant.            John W. Huffman, ’58-178, retired from the state Health
Great to meet the undergraduates and witness their achieve-         Division. He and his wife, Pat (ΑΟΠ-OSU), live at 15116 SE
ments.” Bob and Anna Maria are parents of Stephanie (44) and        Francis St., Portland, OR 97236. Their family is full of Beavers:
Debbie (43).                                                        Richard (47; OSU grad), Nancy (45; OSU and U of TX grad);
     Richard M. Justus, ’50-117, retired from the Federal Ex-       Stephen (43; OSU grad); David (41; OSU grad) and two grand-
ecutive Service with the US Air Force. He’s now involved with       daughters, Katie and Becky McManus, who are currently OSU
several civic organizations and programs, including mentoring       students. John enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and volunteer work.
young people, and helping elder folks with assistance pro-          “Pat and I have traveled a lot. Last year, we spent a week on a
grams, although his primary interest is working with the Na-        boat on the Amazon River and five days at Machu Picchu in
tional Atomic Museum. “I’ve slowed down quite a bit, while the      Peru. Also met with brothers Dick Ong [’55-149], Jim Phillips
doctors and hospitals have been replacing or removing old           [’57-171], and Clint Stubbs [’93-553] at Jerry Nelson’s place
worn out parts. So I’ve dropped out of the commemorative            at Cabo.” Send e-mail to John at
(formerly Confederate) air force. Sold my interest in an old B-     or call him at 503-761-8591.
25, temporarily suspended all my hot air ballooning and                  Jeffery W. Schneider, ’67-305, is an independent con-
packed up the balloon, so I have a garage full of nylon and         sultant. “I really enjoy my ‘semi-retired’ status; working about
wicker basket. Still have my home in San Antonio, beach house       10-15 hours per week, adding to my volunteer time in several
on North Padre Island, Texas, and small ranch in Morfa, Texas.      places, and visiting the kids and grandkids. Life is good! Hope
Our new Atomic Museum is due to open in March 2009 here in          to make the reunion one of these years!” Jeff and his wife,
Albuquerque. I’m in the process of finishing up a couple of         Sally, live at 307 Washington St., Lynchburg, VA 24504. Send
consulting jobs — one for the Air Force (pro-bono — no cost to      e-mail to or call 434-846-9139.
the taxpayers), and one helping out a small minority business            Mark H. Grenier, a k a “Grizz,” ’74-374, writes: “After 30
get started doing business with the federal government. I’m         years of federal service, including 20 years as a federal law
about to start another one, helping out with hazardous waste        enforcement officer with the US Postal Inspectors, I retired on
problems and procedures at Los Alamos labs.                         July 1, 2008. Looking forward to going fishing. I want to give a
     “I didn’t make Founders Day festivities with the Albuquer-     shout out to brothers Cady [W. Robert (Bob), ’75-377], Wilson
que alumni bunch because I was in the hospital, but will try        [Donald E., ’75-378], and Atkinson [Dale, ’74-375].” Mark and
and remain involved. Give my best to all, and please offer my       his wife, Rita, are parents of Kristen (23), Kari (21), Kimber
greetings in particular to all of the more mature alumni who        (20), and Kellee (18). They receive mail at PO Box 772481,
were around in the ’50s. Fight fiercely for Phi Kappa Psi!” Con-    Eagle River, AK 99577. Call 907-688-0144 or send e-mail to
tact Dick at 505-296-6949, or 4999 Arroyo Chamisa Rd. NE, 
Albuquerque, NM 87111. Dick’s wife is deceased. He has three
daughters and a son, Peg (51), Karen (49), Joanna (47), and                                   Matthew J. Schaefer, ’04-628,
Tom (45); and four grandchildren.                                                        married Kendra Breanne Bates on
                                                                                         September 6, 2008, in Springfield,
     Alan W. Eberlein, ’57-175, and his wife, Carol (ΑΞ∆-OSU),                           Oregon. The newlyweds are at home
live at 9685 Greenbriar Dr., Klamath Falls, OR 97603. Contact                            at 2969 Atlantic Blvd., #927, Ingleside,
Alan via telephone at 541-882-5105 or via e-mail at                                      TX 78362. Send your congratulations “I have resigned from Associated Or-                             via e-mail to
egon Industries board of directors (14 years), and most every-

                           2008 Honor Roll of Contributors
     In 2008, 34 Oregon Beta brothers and friends donated a total of $4,165 via the alumni communications program. Many thanks
to all who have extended their generous support to Phi Kappa Psi. Oregon Beta Chapter depends on alumni support, and the alumni
communications program helps keep brothers connected. All donations, in any amount, are welcome — and all news from brothers
is welcome, too!
Name                       Init. Yr. & No.     John W. Huffman             58   178        Michael W. Gardner             70   342
Robert H. Steagall             48      68      Richard A. Martino          63   247        Mark H. Grenier                74   374
Wesley R. Peavy                48      72      Ross A. Cockrell            64   255        W. Robert Cady                 75   377
David P. Moomaw                49      90      Edward A. Wagner            64   267        Kenneth A. Shwartz             75   379
John R. Seal                   50 101          Stephen P. Piazza           65   273        Jack D. Price II in memoriam   85   484
Robert S. Seal                 50 110          George A. Christensen       66   282        John S. Briney                 89   516
Richard L. Graham              50 113          James A. Danse              66   283        Clinton H. Stubbs, Jr.         93   553
Richard M. Justus              51 117          Jeffery W. Schneider        67   305        David S. Dixon                 99   601
John C. Burger                 53 135          Raymond L. Slaughter        67   307        Haldon C. Dick        BGSU     55
Michael H. Mulkey              53 136          Scott T. Schaeffer          68   312        J. Shannon Hodges       Ark.   79
James H. Phillips              57 171          David S. King               69   321        Ruth E. Harman
Alan W. Eberlein               57 175          Robert B. Brodie            70   341

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