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					             Monster Beats High Def Headphones ControlTalk

                 Monster beats solo HD headphones with control talk in black

today’s top artists and producers want you to by dre are the ideal attachment to any
portable media player and an excellent replacement for the headphones that came in the boxes have
the ability to capture that sound, with product that delivers on the promise of high definition sound
and will be supported with the endorsement and training of some of the most respected names in
music and electronics! MUSIC MAKES A BETTER WORLD
           Beats By Dre Solo High Performance with ControlTalk
Product Features

* High performance on-ear headphones
* Over-ear design keeps the music in and the surrounding noise out
* Featuring Control Talk (on-cable control of music and high quality hands-free calling)
* Wired with tangle free Monster Cable
* Folding design; includes touring case, cleaning cloth
Technical Details
* Brand Name: Monster
* Color Name: White
* Headphones Form Factor: Ear-cup
* Headphones Technology: Binasural
* Item Weight: 2.1 pounds

           Beats By Dre Solo High Performance with ControlTalk
Hear All The Music: In Comfort and Style Monster Headphones that could reproduce the true
dynamics of today’s music were a rarity until the legendary Beats Studio hit the scene. Now, a new
headphone in the Beats tradition, Beats Solo. brings you amazing sound in a smaller, lighter on-ear
design. With Beats Solo, you’ll hear every sonic detail the musicians and recording engineers laid
down in the studio. Deep bass. Hard hitting drums. Bold midrange. And clean, undistorted highs.

All in a comfortable fit you can wear for hours. Perfect While on the Move Solos are compact and
incredibly lightweight and ready for your active lifestyle, gym work out, or frequent travel. The tri-
fold design allows Solos to fit into the included compact carrying case. With Beats Solos getting a
great music experience has never been easier. ControlTalk: The Ultimate in iPod Control and Hands-
Free Calling With the built-in ControlTalk remote on the Beats Solo headphone cable, you get on-cable
control of your music, as well as easy, high quality hands-free calling.

You’ll enjoy quick-access music playback control, like volume, play/pause and tracking, without
having to dig for your iPod. Plus, the high-grade mic and high-resolution, sound-isolating headphones
all combine to let you hear and be heard much more clearly and conveniently than you ever could
with the phone to your ear. A Natural Fit With Solos, you feel the music, not the Monster beats
headphones. Plush, on-ear cushions comfort your ears and form an acoustic seal that keeps the sound
in and noise out.

*Remote and mic supported by iPod Nano (4th gen), Classic (120GB), Touch (2nd gen), iPhone 3GS
and newer, but not all Blackberry. Remote supported by iPod Shuffle (3rd gen). Requires software
v. 1.0.3 for iPod Nano (4th gen), 2.0.1 for Classic (120GB), and 2.2 or later for Touch (2nd gen).
Support for Blackberry varies by model.

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