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									Pick and choose from the following
slides to create the perfect
presentation for your church,
small group, school or party…
      Every year Viva invites thousands of
    children at risk across Africa, Asia and
  Latin America to attend a Christmas party.

The parties not only provide each child with a present,
 a full stomach and the knowledge that they are loved
   and valued, but also connect the children to local
   projects that can support them in years to come.
  Planning a Christmas party this year?
You can use it to make sure children on the other
side of the world get to enjoy the very same thing.
   Want an idea for a Christmas present?
 You could make it possible for children to attend a
party as an alternative gift for your friends and family.
  Text Viva to 70777
    to give £5 now
and you’ll help a child attend a party!

Thank you for supporting
Viva Christmas Parties

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