THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON

                                               Engagement Council

                                      Meeting Minutes – August 10, 2010

Members Present: D. Ayers, C. Beller, T. Beyerle, J. Boyes, D. Hickey, B. Jenkins, B. Jordan, J. Kovatch, B. Kraus,
J. Kristofco, A. Mast, L. Meek, C. Menzemer, E. Perduyn, K. Ross-Alaolmolki, J. Savery, D. Steiner, D. Weber.

Chair: H. Harris Bane

Recorder: K. Haverkamp

        TOPIC                                      DISCUSSION                                     ACTION

Future of Engagement      Discussed previous focus of EC:
Council (EC)                   New Market Development
                               Broad outreach and partnership
                               Curriculum engagement topics
                               Barriers and best practices

                          How has EC helped you and your college/department:
                              Help connect with colleges/depts. that we do not have
                                direct contact with on a regular basis.
                              See different levels of engagement.
                              Know what is going on at UA outside of own area.
                              Opportunity to see different levels of engagement.
                              A chance to see both credit and non credit side of UA and
                                know who to contact when opportunities/questions arise.

                          Ideas about future focus of EC:
                               Do not make focus too narrow.
                               Beneficial to meet people and see how colleges/depts.
                                  have energy with each other.
                               Match up people in smaller subgroups for collective
                               Funnel barriers to see commonalities among connections.
                               Removing myths & miscommunications.
                               Structure meeting to collaborate ideas.
                               Create assessment tool – value in knowing what other
                                  people are doing when developing new initiative (see
                                  Engagement Database topic for more details).
                               Help remove institutional barriers to do new things.
                               Have community partners/businesses make a presentation
                                  about their needs or go out to businesses and report back
                                  to group about their needs.

                          Ideas about structure of meeting:
                               Agenda - time limits, topic, and contact info.
                               Minutes – shared and posted more regularly
                               Create Ad Hoc Committees (see Ad Hoc Committee topic
                                  for more details)
Engagement Database   Create a database for outreach and partnerships – gather data,       Committee:
                      assessment and best practices.                                       H. Harris Bane,
                            Organized by College/Department                               J. Savery, D. Steiner
                            Include description, contact, action items/where in
                            Work with Institutional Research

                      Suggested assessment/outcomes:
                           How service learning helps student retention
                           How Student Success Seminar using service learning
                           Assessment with Coops and Internships

Ad Hoc Committees     Suggested committees:                                                Next meeting:
                          Best Practices/Research – to be proactive in addressing
                             problems. Draw from proposed Engagement Database,             Brainstorm around
                             Eduventures website.                                          agenda items for each
                          Assessment Tools – what are metrics/tools for new               Ad Hoc Committee.
                             market, outreach and engagement, external messaging
                          Challenges/Issues – when taking new product to market.          Divide EC members into
                             Link with Cross Functional Team.                              committees.
                          Market Research
                          Communications
                          Curricular Engagement Survey. Committee:
                             D. Steiner, K. Ross-Alaolmolki, B. Lyons, J. Savery,
                             H. Harris Bane

Eduventures           Report from members attending annual meeting (H. Harris Bane,
                      J. Savery, K. Ross-Alaolmolki)

                      Affirmation of push for online learning. Companies that market
                      course development cost a lot of money.

                           Protocol on foreign universities going into a US university
                           Professions feel that there is a language problem. Some
                               universities do this well. UA does not have support to do
                               this in volume.

                      Adult Learners:
                          Universities need to be strategic to be successful
                          Be innovative with course/program offerings
                          Adult learners need options – they will go where it is

Tuition Plateau       Students at Wayne and MCUC do not receive tuition. Main
                      campus students receive tuition plateau, but they also pay higher    Recommendation went
                      tuition than students at Wayne and MCUC.                             to the Provost for
                      Recommendation: No one pays more than maximum that main
                      campus students pay for 12 credit hours.
Upcoming Year Reports   School of Law (B. Jordan) – Working on interdisciplinary
                        community engagement course to with healthcare/hospitals for
                        law and nursing students.

                        Enrollment (B. Kraus)
                            Fall: increase of 6% head count & credit hours, Freshman:
                               increase of 7%, Transfer: increase of 8%.
                            Space utilization: IT is developing a new scheduling
                               application that will help determine best way to schedule
                               classes – more spread out classes and access to rooms
                               owned by Colleges/Depts.

                        Wayne (J. Kristofco) – Formalizing partnerships with career
                        centers. Wayne Co. Career Center, LPN to BSN partnership,
                        partnership with Amish Community.

                        UA Foundation (E. Perduyn) – Foundation is doing well.

                        Nursing (K. Ross-Alaolmolki)
                            RN to BSN program should be totally online by May
                            Partnership with New Mexico Military Institute for a 2-
                               year program in health education.
                            Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program with
                               Akron Children’s Hospital has grown to 15 students. One
                               of 13 approved programs in US.
                            Developing Adult Gerentology Nurse Practitioner
                               Program with Law School.

                        Summit College (D. Weber)
                            Launched a Bachelors of Organizational Supervision
                            Industrial Computing Applications degree was approved
                               by OBR

                        Medina County University Center (J. Boyes)
                           Delivering 3rd and 4th year Spanish, French and German to
                              Medina City Schools as postsecondary option due to
                              budget cuts at high school.

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