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					  Est. Jan 2002                                         September 2006

   15KG COMP. DOG FOOD FROM £6.39p
        1 THE GREEN. TEL. 01509 856577
  OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK Mon. – Sat. 9-5.30ish

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                  Pine Workshop
        • FREE Local Delivery • FREE Waxing Service
            • Same Day Delivery on Stock Items

   0115                   9 508070
                     • Full or Part Kitchens
 Opening times Mon. - Fri. 7am-5pm Sat 8am-5pm Sun 11am-4pm

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      Jade Design Services

 Free initial consultation
 Full CAD Drafting Services
 Planning Applications
 Building Regulations
 Project Management
 Domestic & Commercial

                 Over 25 years experience -
   “Having achieved an ‘Advanced City & Guilds and two
awards for quality, I have the ability to offer a High Standard
  of Quality & Service whilst giving great value for money”

    Building Project Design & Planning
                    Contact: Andrew Seller
                    01509 85 39 18
             8 Manor Close . Costock . LE12 6XH
Visit our Web site:

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• We have a safe, secure, stimulating, homely and happy environment

• Highly qualified caring, friendly staff for ages 6 weeks to 8 years.

• Bright, large, spacious and secure separate play areas for ages 0-18
  months, 18 months-3 years, 3-5 years and we have an indoor physical

• Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks prepared daily by our
 qualified cook. All meat, fruit and vegetables supplied by East Leake

•A family run purpose built nursery offering full and part time sessions
 and flexibility to families where possible.

• Open 7.30am-6pm all year round and in the heart of the village.

• OFSTED registered and inspected.

• Awarded Quality Counts accreditation by The National Day Nurseries
 Association and we are Investors in People.

• Registered to accept the Government funded free entitlement places for
 all 3 and 4 year olds.

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From the Editor,
What can we comment
on this month? To
start ,at the beginning
of the month, Brook-
side was awash with
paper, not water, as a
blue wheeled bin was
set alight on a Tuesday
prior to the collection
on Wednesday. A Ford
escort estate found it-
self wedged up against
a road sign on the top
road off Kirk Ley. It is
mentioned that the
driver, a none licence
holder was drunk the
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                                      In-Home Legal Services (EAST MIDLANDS)
      NUMBERS                              230 Charnwood Rd, Shepshed, Leics. LE12 9NR
East Leake TIMES
856577                                  Tel: 08450 568571 24/7 service
e-mail theed-
or visit                 Water                       0800 783 4444
East Leake Parish Council                         SCHOOLS
email              Brookside Primary                      820001
Parish Council Offices           852217           Lantern Lane                           820112
Health Centre                    852181           Costock Primary                        852084
Drs. Bhalla & Patel              852799           Harry Carlton                          852424
Village Dental Practice          852399           PNEU                                   852229
Brook View Dental Care           856041           AMENITIES
Chemist                          852810           Leisure Centre                  852956
POLICE            0115 940 0999 ext 6370          Library                         852349
R.B.C.                    0115 9819911               Registration of Births Deaths and
N.C.C.                    0115 9823823                      notice of Marriage.
PUBLIC UTILITIES                                  @ East Leake Parish Council Offices
Gas                               0800 111999     every Wednesday 10am-12 noon
Electricity                     0115 929 1151

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             ELAPs                    The age range is huge, we have
The ELAPs pantomime has now           people as young as 8 and as old as
been cast featuring many young        80.
faces in principal roles.             It is a group where all members of
Look out for performances in East     the family can get involved with
Leake Village Hall from 7th-9th De-   the activities and share good qual-
cember.                               ity time with each other.
There's still time to come and join   ELAPs was created to provide the
the chorus, and to help backstage.    people of East Leake with their
Rehearsals take place Thursdays       own theatre.
from 7.30pm in East Leake Village     There are two productions each
Hall, when anyone is welcome to       year; a comedy in May and a Pan-
drop in and meet the gang.            tomime in early December.
Chorus rehearsals will take place     The rehearsals for the May play
between 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm for the    usually start in January.
benefit                               This play is aimed more towards
of younger members.                   our adult members and is usually
As ever, check out the ELAPs web-     based around a comedy.
site at and choose    Our Pantomime auditions start in
About >Contact from the menu to       August and this involves all ages.
get in touch with either Hayley       It is a large production with the
Masom, the chairperson, on 01509      opportunity for singing, dancing
852364 or Sonya Oates, secretary,     and acting as well as huge involve-
and director of Aladdin on 01509      ment in the overall production and
820079.                               staging.
ELAPs has been in existence since     Our members are not all actors.
January 1999, where it started with   Many individuals who belong to
only 7 people, its membership has     ELAPs have never acted on the
now risen to over 30 each year.

The East Leake TIMES is now      6    online and available for adverts!
stage. There are so many tasks that      ter "Stage Whisper".
need to happen backstage for any         This is distributed via email and
production to work.                      provides you and your family with
A list of all these roles and tasks      all the vital information and news
are included inside this pack.           from ELAPs.
As well as our productions we also       ELAPs is completely self-funded,
hold workshops.                          membership is required for your
The workshops can be at different        year's activities.
times in the year and have covered       This covers us for our insurance
subjects such as, singing, choreog-      and rental of the village hall.
raphy, miming, using emotion,            Each play raises money which is
perfecting accents and prop mak-         used to invest back into the group.
ing. The aim of Elaps is to ensure       So far, we have purchased our own
that everyone has the ability to         lights, stage extension, curtains,
learn, grow and develop in all as-       shed and sound equipment.
pects of the theatre regardless of       ELAPs members also help towards
their age at the same time as hav-       the raffle and with providing part
ing fun and meeting new people.          of their costumes for the big pro-
There is a yearly social night           ductions.
ELAPs4ELAPs where members                ELAPs meet every Thursday night
and their families can come along        from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at the Vil-
and be entertained by ELAPs!             lage Hall.
There are always after show par-         During the busy periods (Mar-May
ties for the cast, crew and families     and Oct-Nov) extra rehearsals are
of each production.                      made on alternate Sundays from
There will be Youth activities dur-      1pm to 5pm.
ing the year, which may vary from        There will always be a rehearsal
a small production to entering           schedule published at the begin-
competitions against other youth         ning of every production by the
groups throughout the county.            director/producer.
The outcome of these activities          I hope this pack of information
may depend on additional volun-          makes joining ELAPs and under-
teers to assist in running the group,    standing every part of the group a
so if any family member is inter-        little easier.
ested, be sure to let us all know.       I look forward to seeing you over
All of the Elaps activities, work-       the coming productions, if you
shops, productions, play dates and       have any questions at all don't
much more is shared with all our         hesitate to ask myself of one of the
members via the ELAPs Newslet-           other members of the committee.

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                                               car being stolen and the driver the-
 THE EAST LEAKE TIMES                          holder of an ASBO. Could this be
           Produced in its entirety by
                T. DOBSON.                     true? I’m sure someone will
   e-mail       enlighten the magazine! What ever
     The East Leake Times accepts no
 responsibility for ownership of copyright     it was going too fast when it hit
 regarding advertising. The responsibility                               (Continued on page 34)
     rests with the person placing the

                                                       Air Cadets Update
The new season of talks begins on               From C.I. Phil Gregg of 2425
the 20th September, 7.30pm at St.              (Nottingham Airport) Squadron
Mary's Hall. The subject for the               ATC
first talk will be 'Development of
Domestic Broadcasting' with the                        Air Cadets Update
speaker Mr. T Rosen                             On behalf of O.C. 2425
We look forward to seeing old and              (Nottingham Airport) Squadron
new members, visitors are also                 ATC
very welcome. A small charge is                        Ijzer March 2006
made. The bookstall will be there
                                                By the time you read this a team
as usual.
                                               of senior Cadets and Staff from
Those who missed seeing the Lo-                our Squadron and other local ATC
cal History display on 'Wartime in             Squadrons will be in Belgium on
East Leake and District' at the                the Ijzer March. This march entails
Carnival will have another chance              walking 80 miles in 4 days along
to see it at the Village Show on               the route of the WWI ands WWII
the 9th September at the Village               battlefields. Hopefully they won’t
Hall.                                          acquire too many blisters during
Looking forward to a possible dis-             this gruelling 4 days. The March is
play next year we would be inter-              organised by the Belgian Army
ested in anyone who has any                    and many military and civilian or-
memories photos, memorabilia                   ganisations from all over Europe
connected to shops and trades in               take part. You may read more by
East Leake and the area.                                                  (Continued on page 9)

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visiting the Ijzer website which     tors that came along to our Open
may be reached from the links        Evening to meet the staff and en-
page on our website                  joy the free barbeque.
         Walesby Camp
                                      More flying has taken place at
 Our Squadron had a great time at    RAF Syerston and RAF Cranwell.
Walesby Camp recently. A busy        One weekend alone we were lucky
weekend involved Sport, Initiative   enough to take 14 Cadets to RAF
Exercises, a ‘Night Exercise’ and    Cranwell to experience flying the
Archery amongst other activities.    Grob Tutor training aircraft. On
The weekend culminated in a raft     the same subject congratulations to
race which, as usual, ended with a   Flight Sergeant Worthington who
ducking for the Cadets and Staff!    has qualified to fly solo but who is
The Camp is one of many exciting     still too young to drive a car!
Camps that our Cadets have the
opportunity to attend during the     Coming Soon
                                      Sunday 27th August is the Not-
          Open Evening
                                     tingham Airport Fly-In event at the
Thanks to those parents and visi-    airport, Tollerton. Our Cadets are
                                     invited to help marshal the event
                                     and we will have a publicity tent
                                     on site, so we hope to see some of
                                     you on the day.

                                      To find out more about the ATC
                                     ring 0115-9812825 or visit
                            The ATC is
                                     for girls and boys aged 13+.
                                            Air Cadets Fact File:
                                      Each Squadron has a number, for
                                     instance ours is 2425. If a Squad-
                                     ron has a letter ‘F’ suffix, for ex-
                                     ample, 5F, it indicates that the
                                     squadron is one of the first 50

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         FINE FINISH                      LOOK! IT’S HERE!
         FURNITURE                          FIRST CLASS,
                                        AFFORDABLE, PRIVATE
                                         (& loved by today’s high-tec tots
  HAND MADE BESPOKE AND                             and teens!)
 FITTED SERVICE AVAILABLE                Anyone looking for Maths or
                                        English private tutoring,
                                        need look no further than their own
         KITCHENS                       doorstep! From September 4th, East
                                        Leake will be home to the eighth
   BUNNY TRADING ESTATE                 Independent Learning Centre in
       GOTHAM LANE                      Leicestershire, offering Maths and
    BUNNY NOTTINGHAM                    English tuition for children from
         NG11 6QJ                       6+ in a way that is ideal for today’s
                                        high-tech youngsters.
        0115 9844121
       OPENING HOURS                     To the delight (and often relief…)
    Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.00         of the students,
        Sat 10.00 - 5.00                                  they are taught us-
                                                          ing high tech IT                          equipment and
                                                          state of the art in-
                                                          teractive teaching
          R H BELTON                                      software They
                                        love our approach of being allowed
                                        to work independently on a PC,
         LANDSCAPES                     telling friends and parents that,
    BLOCK PAVING, DRIVES,               “The best thing about it is that you
     PATHS, BRICKWORK,                  can work at your own pace”, “It’s
       WALLS, PATIOS,                   great that you know immediately
    WATER FEATURES ETC.                 whether you are right or wrong”
     GARDEN DESIGN BY                   and “ You don’t feel so pressured
           J. CRANE                     or nervous if you make mistakes
     ENQUIRES WELCOME                   because the computer shows you
         FREE QUOTE                     the right way to do things- it makes
       Tel: 01509 820098                it easier to learn.”
      Mobile 07974 024744               However, our system is a lot

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smarter than that!                             Holiday House
For the student, an initial assess-
                                              Aldeburgh – unspoilt
ment takes place, followed by the
                                                  Suffolk coast
presentation of more challenging
                                           Sleeps 4, 3 mins from beach
work offered in small, achievable
steps. This guarantees early suc-             £245 - £565 p.w.
cess leading to improved confi-             01509 856765 (eve) or
dence! For the tutor, the system                856295 (day)
swiftly identifies and records areas          Barbara Wright
where a student is having diffi-
culty, which means very precise,
targeted help. No guesswork! No         our pupils have achieved higher
wasted time! Finally, for the par-      grades than predicted in both
ents, regular and accurate reports      SATS and GCSE examinations.
of their children’s progress are        An outstanding achievement that
always available. We believe that       we are extremely proud of!
our system is the ultimate in pri-
                                         Find out now…..
vate tuition.
Parents can also rest assured.          how East Leake Independent
All centres are run by appropri-        Learning Centre can help your
ately qualified and experienced         children. Contact us to ask for
tutors. Whilst a student learns to      more details or book a complimen-
become an independent worker on         tary session on tel: 0871 2000903
his own PC, the tutor is always         or 01530 224520.
readily available to offer lots of
individual assistance and atten-           AN INVITATION TO
tion. The aim of all the tutors is to    PARENTS, GRANDPAR-
ensure that students enjoy lots of        ENTS AND FAMILIES.
success, regardless of age and
ability, whilst feeling valued, se-     TO CELEBRATE THE GIFT OF
cure and well supported.                   CHILDREN, ST. MARY’S
 Finally!                                   CHURCH, EAST LEAKE
                                        SUNDAY, 1st OCTOBER 2006 @
All our students experience in-
creased motivation and improved         BABIES AND CHILDREN MAY
confidence, which feed back into        BE BOUGHT FOR A BLESSING.
their other academic work at                 A SHORT INFORMAL
school. Throughout the time ILC            SERVICE FOLLOWED BY
has been operational, almost all of           REFRESHMENTS.

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     NEED REVIEWING?                           PRAISE
                                        Harvest Songs of Praise will take
  Please call Helen Moseley from
                                        place at St. Mary’s Church East
        Sterling McCall Asset
                                        Leake on September 24th 2006 at
     management in East Leake
                                        6.00pm.Come along and enjoy our
 For independent mortgage advice
 on 07966 076429 Our usual fees         festival with us. We look forward
    are £195.Your home may be           to seeing you.
 repossessed if you do not keep up
   repayments on your mortgage

      LEAGUE                               POLICE WARNING
Our next meeting will be at 7.30          AFTER INCREASE IN
p.m.on Thursday 28th.September             CAR KEY THEFTS
in the Catholic Church Hall.
Our subject will be "Travellers'         Police are issuing a warning to
Tales". All members welcome              car owners after an increase in
   FOR SALE COLUMN                        car key burglaries across the
                                        South Nottinghamshire Division.
 LEAN MEAN FAT REDUCING                  Superintendent John Busuttil ex-
             MACHINE £5                 plains: “A car key burglary is
         Tel 01509 85653687             where a thief enters a property and
        FOOTBALL BOOTS                  steals the car keys in order to take
  NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR                  the vehicle.
  UK SIZE 5 ½ (still in the box) .
  Worn 2/3 times at the end of last      “ One of the reasons this is hap-
 season, minimal wear £20.00 cost       pening more frequently is because
             new £125.00!               of increased vehicle security.
 Adidas F50+ (in original box)          Whilst some older vehicles are be-
 size 5. A little more wear than the    ing stolen, a large number are re-
 pair above but with loads of wear      cent models on a 'T' registration
   left . Insole wallet with 2 extra    plate or later.
        pairs, 1 unused. £ 5.00
           Tel 01509 856577             “ Thieves mainly target vehicles

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      Clothing repairs and alterations
             By Averil Matharu
Skirts and Dresses                     Trousers
Plain shortened          from 7.00     Shortened             from 6.00
Flared                  from 8.00      With turn-up          from 7.00
Waist alteration         from 7.00     Waist alteration      from 7.00
New Zip                  from 7.00     New Zip               from 7.00
Invisible Zip           from 8.00
Jackets and Coats                      Curtains
Sleeves Shortened from 9.00 Shortened from 1.20per foot
New Zips          from9.50 Shortened lined 1.50 per foot
          Tel 01509 852157 mobile 07963 654129
          14 Rushcliffe Grove, East Leake, Loughborough
        Please feel free to contact me for any other repairs
                Collections and delivery available

                                        failing to secure their homes by
at the top end of the market, al-
                                        leaving doors and windows
though less expensive cars are
                                        unlocked and open and this is
sometimes taken.”
                                        something that needs addressing
 In June and July 2006, there were      urgently.
49 instances where car keys were
                                        “Take reasonable precautions to
stolen have been recorded on the
                                        avoid becoming a victim. Apply
division, compared to 32 in June
and July 2005. Most of these of-        common sense, if you do open
                                        your doors and windows never
fences occurred overnight.
                                        leave them open if you go out and
 He says: “ Thieves will always         make use of ‘night lock’ security
favour an open or insecure door or      features and door chains.
window – it’s the easy option –
                                         “ Rather than leave your car keys
and insecure windows and doors
                                        in view we’d suggest you keep
were a factor in over half the re-
                                        them in a secure place at home,
ported car key breaks during that
                                        where they are out of sight of op-
                                        portunist thieves,” adds Superin-
 “ This indicates that residents are
                                        tendent Busuttil.

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  WORDS OFF THE LIPS               the good old British weather did
         OF                        its normal trick and disappointed.
                                   But what the heck winter will soon
   ♫♫CAT WOMAN♫♫                   be here and of course the dreaded
Hi peeps, September already. The   Christmas. I say that because now
long wonderful summer wasn’t so    the Christmas gifts will be in the
long was it?                       shops. Not in ours though, we like
Really hot days, and then with the to wait until we’re a bit closer.
promise of August being similar,   Otherwise it goes on for ever and
                                   we are all ‘skint’ and that’s just
     NOTTINGHAM CITY               with looking. What is good at the
             COACHES               moment is Stick insect food, bram-
                                   bles are prolific.
                                   Its great, on almost every hedge
                                   there are brambles. I could get
                                   really excited telling you how easy
  Book at The Olde Bakehouse       it is at the moment feeding my
  Pet Shoppe Tel: 01509 856577     huge army of Stickies. Some are
                                   dying off gradually. I only have 8
                                   normal sized tanks and a 4 foot
      When Choice & Quality Are    one left.! ( my snails aren’t breed-
            Important Come To      ing yet thank goodness)
             Six Acre              I’ve been bitten by a very sweet
            Nurseries              looking rabbit this week, looks a
              Over 45 years of     proper angel. Don’t judge a book
 Supplying Plants and Trees to the etc. Pippin the guinea pig has
         Trade and Public          charmed us for a week whilst on
    SHRUBS, CONIFERS, APINES, his holidays. As have others. Bryn
    HEATHERS, ORNAMENTAL           is scratching himself daft, we are
                                   trying flea treatments. And then of
    PRESERVES & CALOR GAS          course worm treatments as one
       OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK          leads to another. Just trying to find
          H.T.A. TOKENS SOLD
                                   the time to set up the big fish tank
              & REDEEMED           again, had a few problems last
            LOUGHBOROUGH           time, this time we’ll do the job
            ROAD, COSTOCK,         properly as we now have all man-
               (ON THE A60         ners of water testing kits to play
        BETWEEN LOUGHBOROUGH       with. Keeping extra busy as the
            AND NOTTINGHAM)
         Tel: 01509 856079         small animal boarding has done

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better this year. In fact we’ve been
full to bursting at times. Certainly       DT SERVICES
keeps us out of mischief.
                                          Painting & decorating
Take care, Kay XX
                                        Decorative treatments and
         STEPPING OUT – a              general property repairs and
          series of walks around
           the East Leake Area.
The new footpath which links
Meadow Park with the network of
rights-of-way over Fox Hill will
be officially opened by County
Councillor Lynne Sykes on 6th
September at 10 o’clock. It is to be
called the Frank Kirk Way in
memory of Frank Kirk who for               Tel 01509 670380
many years farmed the land                Mobile: 07988 884837
through which most of the foot-
path passes. Frank Kirk’s ancestor     used it as a youth club in their
William Kirk is recorded as farm-      teenage years.
ing in East Leake at the time of the   The census returns shows Oswald
enclosure of the open fields in        Kirk farming at Old Hall Farm in
1798 and the Kirks are the only        1881. Oswald Kirk was Frank’s
family recorded as farming at that     grandfather and served the parish
time who are still farming in the      council both as clerk (1896-1912)
village today. The land through        and as chairman (1913-19). Frank
which the footpath goes, now a         also served the village as a parish
plantation of poplar trees, was a      councillor and his son Tim still
part of Old Hall Farm. The farm        farms the land through which the
buildings are now residential units    footpath goes. We are very grate-
in the village centre between the      ful to Tim for being so cooperative
Church and Manor Farm Meadow.          in the establishment of the new
During the 1970’s these buildings      footpath. The other landowners
served as a restaurant and a squash    whom we should thank for their
and snooker club. This was a very      cooperation are Rushcliffe Bor-
important village amenity and          ough Council, Great Central Rail-
many villagers now in their forties    way and the Kingston Estate of

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   DOMESTIC BLISS                      Lord Belper.
                                       It is entirely appropriate therefore
 CLEANING SERVICES                     that the walk this month should
       GUARANTEED                      begin with the new footpath and
     PROFESSIONAL AND                  proceed up Fox Hill.
       Builders Cleans                  Route: Fox Hill; Cuckoo Bush,
        Home Cleans                    Leake New Wood, West Leake,
 House Sale Change Over Cleans         Caspian Kennels.
                                       Distance 10 Km - 6¼ miles. Al-
        One Off Cleans                 low 3 hours.
       Small Business
       Ironing Service                  Enter Meadow Park from Manor
     Domestic Bliss Cleaning           Farm Meadow and turn left at the
 Services provide a full range         yellow topped waymark post a few
          of cleaning and
                                       yards into the park. Walk through
                                       Oak Meadow along the stoned
                                       path with young trees and shrubs
    services for domestic and          on both sides. Follow this route
     business clients. It is our       until you see another waymark
    objective to provide each          post and a red dog bin at the en-
  Individual customer with a           trance to the short tunnel through
   tailor made service to suit         the railway embankment. Go un-
    their needs at affordable          derneath the railway and through a
  rates with a personal touch.         kissing gate into a plantation of
  Honest reliable key holders,         poplar trees.
      references available on          Turn right alongside the embank-
       request. We can clean           ment to a way mark post on the
                                       bank of the brook. Turn left to
  weekly, fortnightly monthly
                                       walk along side the brook until
  or just on a special occasion.
                                       you reach a bridge. Cross the
      Exceptional service at           brook and carry on to a gate where
         affordable rates.             there is a well fenced area contain-
    For a no obligation quote          ing pumps and an air shaft to a
             please call               gypsum mine. The footpath turns
   SANDRA WHITE ON                     left here with the mine workings
  01509 820501 or 07971263205          on your left and another poplar
  82 Sycamore Road - East Leake 6PT
                                       plantation on your right. The foot-
   email     path rejoins the bank of the brook

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 Unit 7, Machins Industrial Est. 96 Nottingham Road, Gotham

                     Family Business Since 1971
       All our frames are hardwood, dowelled & screwed.
             Over 70 pattern books to choose from.
               Visit our Workshop and Showroom.

                    Tel: 0115 9830 687
(Continued from page 16)
                                                       J.G. ELECTRICAL &
and you proceed with the brook on                     DOMESTIC SERVICES
your left until you arrive at another                 Electrical appliance testing
kissing gate out of the plantation.                     Painting & Decorating
A few yards further on there is an-                    Tiling/Coving/Plastering
                                                           Laminate flooring
other gate on your right. Go through                Bathroom & Kitchen Fitting service
the gate and reach another gate in                  For free quotation please phone
the footpath up Fox Hill. This foot-                  01509 852752 or mobile
path goes for about 200 metres up
the hill through bushes then turns
left and right to take a field edge
route up the hill. You will emerge at                     AQUA - PRO
the top of the hill onto the bridleway
                                                      CARPET & UPHOLSTERY
from West Leake. Turn right on this
bridleway and after passing Fox Hill
                                                     DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL
Barn on your right you will reach a
                                                     EST. 1991 CALL DAVE ON
T junction at a hedge by the golf
                                                          01159 830 802
course. Turn left at this junction                    or Mobile 07977 090722
                           (Continued on page 18)

 Advertise your business, all of the 17                 time.
(Continued from page 17)                field through a wooden gate. The
with the hedge on your right and        path now follows the field edge
after about a three hundred metres      with the hedge on you left and su-
you will come out onto the golf         perb views over south Nottingham-
course beside the third green. You      shire to your right. To the left you
now walk alongside the fourth           look down directly on the village of
fairway keeping a look out for fly-     Gotham. To the right are extensive
ing golf balls and showing consid-      views over the city of Nottingham
eration to golfers by not causing a     with Wilford Hill just to the right.
distraction as they take their shots.   To the right of this is the village of
On reaching the green of the            Keyworth elevated on another hill.
fourth hole you take the left hand      At the end of this field is a four-
fork of the path to enter the woods.    way junction of paths. To the right
The path proceeds through the           the path goes down hill to Gotham.
copse and comes out to the next         Straight ahead lies Cuckoo Bush

The East Leake TIMES is now        18     online and available for adverts!
Farm. It is the path to the left that   up the hill along a track with a
you take. It goes towards the           sign indicating that you are on the
woods with the hedge on your            Midshires Way. Manor Farm is at
right and enters the wood by a          the top of the hill and you turn left
wooden gate. In the wood turn           along the ridge with the hedge on
right and then after a few yards the    your left. This bridleway takes you
path goes off to the left. Following    past Caspian Kennels onto the
this path through the woods you         road by the railway bridge at the
will emerge into a clearing where       top of Woodgate. Turn left along
the path goes steeply down hill. At     the road and walk down Woodgate
the bottom of the hill turn left. The   Road back into East Leake.
path contours round the bottom of       Dennis Fox.
the hill and joins a farm track at a
T junction. Turn right along the         ST. MARY’S WOMEN’S
track and ignore the track that                GROUP
shortly goes off to the left. At the
next hedge turn left along the track    Our first meeting of the new pro-
with the hedge on your right. At        gramme is on Monday 18th Sep-
the next hedge bear right then left     tember. Tony Grundy will be talk-
and at the end of this large field      ing to us about ‘East Leake in
bear right and left along a field       War time’. Any members with
edge with the hedge on your right.      war time recipes are asked to
You will pass a small pond on           bring them to the meeting for dis-
your right on the brow of the hill.     play to others.
As you approach the next hedge          Visitors are welcome and further
turn left and you will be at the cor-   information on meetings can be
ner of a conservation project of        obtained from Sonia Burton on
newly planted trees. You have a         852720 or Sue Miles on 820386
choice of routes round the planta-
tion. The official right-of-way
goes round to the right but an al-          NEED BOOKLETS
ternative route to the left has been           MAKING?
made available by the project. Ei-        INSTRUCTIONS, GUIDES ETC
ther way you will cross a stream         Full service from clean sheet to
by a wooden bridge. Turn right            finished two stitch booklet.
along the track and you will come        For competitive rates and quick
out onto the road at West Leake.                    service call
Turn left along the road to the next     Tim at The East Leake TIMES
corner where you go straight ahead               01509 856577

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   Paths & Patios
                    No job too small!
               consultation & quotation
                                                   (01509) 852797
                   Antony Robinson                    Garden renovations:
                HND Landscape Construction           design & construction

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         BY   CAROLINE GRAY I.T.E.C. V.T.C.T. ME
                     Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage      30 mins £15.00
                     Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage      45 mins £20.00
                     Arms & Legs Massage                60 mins £25.00
                     Stress Massage (Back & Head)       75 mins £30.00
                     Full Body Massage                  90 mins £35.00
REFLEXOLOGY Including Foot Massage                      60 mins £25.00
INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE                                     30 mins £15.00
HOPI EAR CANDLES Incl. Face & Head Massage              50 mins £25.00
A treatment which helps to eradicate excessive
 ear wax, sinusitis, tinnitus, rhinitis, headaches & colds
          For an appointment please telephone (0115) 937 3784
                            Mobile 07901 766 059
                  44 Nottingham Road, Keyworth, Notts

  Manor Farm Animal and               ing! Our congratulations and Best
    Donkey Sanctuary                  Wishes go to Jane and Darren for
                                      the future.
 This Summer has been made all         It has been a busy summer – the
the more memorable by the de-         extended facilities in the Play Barn
lightful Blessing Ceremony for        have added another attraction to
Jane’s wedding in July. At long       draw repeat visits and we would
last we found out why she had         like to thank Clare, Danielle,
been spending all those balmy         Laura, Sophie and Zoe for their
summer evenings with Jim – when       valuable help – without them we
she was supposed to be marrying       would not have been able to cope.
Darren… Her hard work and              Sadly, we have to tell you of the
training certainly paid off as she    loss of another of our older resi-
arrived, in style, in a specially     dents – Pincey, the pot-bellied pig,
decorated donkey cart. The rest of    at the age of 14. Pincey had stead-
the team had spent the previous       ily become more reclusive after
evening decorating the bridge by      losing his mate, Perkey, some time
the lake for the occasion and, to     ago and we were seeing him less
round it all off, the sun was shin-                      (Continued on page 22)

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(Continued from page 21)                EAST LEAKE WOMEN’S
and less out in his paddock – even-           INSTITUTE
tually, not at all. Once we were
sure that all quality of life had       The WI had a busy month in Au-
gone for him we, regrettably, took      gust with another evening walk,
the decision to call the vet in.        and invitations to events held by
 We are delighted to welcome            West Leake and Gotham WIs as
‘Cookie’ – a baby duckling born to      well the usual monthly meeting.
one of our call ducks this week.        This time our speaker was Vicky
Some years ago, a pair of call          Rouse who told us about her career
ducks were given to Manor Farm          as a life model for art colleges in
as their owner could no longer          and around Derby. The competi-
look after them. Earlier in the         tion for a china figurine was won
Summer the male became poorly           by Madge Fletcher and Pauline
and died – leaving his mate very        Dutton won flower of the month
lost and lonely. Or so we thought,      with a cardoon. Our next meeting
as in due course she laid an egg        is on Tuesday 12th September at
which she guarded very jealously.       7.15 pm in the village hall when
After several weeks protecting her      the speaker will be Julia Godfrey
from the roosting chickens the egg      who runs a preserve business. The
has now hatched and little Cookie       competition is for a jar of home-
has emerged – it will be very inter-    made preserves. In the meantime
esting to see what breed we have,       we will also be serving refresh-
but our call duck is proving to be      ments at the village show on 9th
an excellent mother.                    September.
 Jack and Jill, the pygmy goats can
often be seen on their leads and we
hope that they will be soon be
calm enough for youngsters to take
them for walks around the Centre
                                        SUMMER CRIME PREVEN-
  Our Summer Opening times are          TION ADVICE FOR ALL
Tues-Fri 10am-4pm; Weekends &           SOUTH NOTTS RESIDENTS
Bank Holidays, 10am-5pm.                 South Nottinghamshire residents
Adults £4.50, Children £3.50 and        are being reminded not to encour-
Under 2’s FREE. We are offi-            age summer crime.
cially closed on Mondays and can-        Burglaries often occur when
not offer rides, etc.                   houses are empty. Nigel Turner of

The East Leake TIMES is now        22    online and available for adverts!
            AART de GROOT
Tree Specialist
All aspects of tree and hedge work undertaken.
Fully insured
Wood chips for Paths, Drives, Borders & Play Areas

Tel: Nottm (0115) 921 2319
32, Victoria Road, Bunny, Nottingham NG11 6QF

Nottinghamshire Police says:            police crime reduction managers
“Taking steps to ‘look in’ when         for further advice on this. Also
you’re out can help prevent bur-        think about joining or setting up a
glaries.                                Neighbourhood Watch in your
 “ If you are going away make sure      area.”
you ask a neighbour or family            Homeowners are also advised not
member you trust to keep an eye         to forget their sheds. You can
on your house. Ask them to ensure       make security improvements by
that your post doesn’t protrude         fitting a shed alarm, securing win-
through the letterbox – a clear sign    dows internally with steel mesh or
that the property is empty. Re-         bars, strengthening the door by
member to cancel milk and paper         using a pad bar and closed shackle
deliveries to your house. Use timer     padlock and fitting coach bolts to
switches on lights and radios to        external door hinges. Try to store
give the impression that the prop-      valuables in the garage but if the
erty is occupied.”                      shed is the only available storage
  He continues: “Opportunist            space then etch or paint your post
thieves will take advantage of          code on valuable items, chain and
open windows and unlocked               padlock valuables together and
doors, so remember to shut and          secure to an anchor point. Addi-
secure windows and doors in             tionally, insure and photograph
rooms you aren’t in.                    valuables items.
 “ Consider buying a burglar             For further crime reduction advice
alarm. They are the single biggest      visit the Nottinghamshire Police
deterrent, alongside an occupied        website-
house, to burglars. Purchasing an
alarm may not be as expensive as        imereduction/
you think and you can contact the

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                                                                   LOCAL POET RAISES
                       RENU                                             MONEY
                                                                 Beryl Butler would like to thank
   DOMESTIC OVEN CLEANING                                        everyone for their support in rais-
    •Does your oven smell when you switch                        ing £121.75p from her table top
    it on?
    •Have you got burnt on grease and grime                      sale in aid of cancer research.
    you can’t remove?                                            Thank you all.
    •Have you spent a fortune on miracle
    oven cleaners that don’t do the job?
                                                                  EAST LEAKE MEDICAL
  SAFE AND NON TOXIC SYSTEM WITH                                    East Leake Medical group
  NO MESS OR UNPLEASANT ODOURS                                        Patients Partnership
      Replacement bulbs, seals and filters also available         East Leake Medical Group
              Call 0115 9391555                                  (ELMg) is proud to announce the
                                                                 creation of the East Leake Medical
 Renu Oven Cleaning is a member of The Association of Approved
             Oven Cleaners
                                                                 group Patient Partnership
                                                                  The partnership is designed to al-
    Thistle Netball Club                                         low patients of the ELMg to have
                                                                 direct access to the planning and
       Interested in playing                                     policy making process of ELMg.
              netball ?                                          The partnership will be patient or-
            Aged 14+ ?                                           ganised and chaired but with ac-
     Come and join us                                            tive support and input from ELMg.
                                                                 For the initial six months the
            At                                                   chairman will be Andy Warren,
 East Leake Leisure Centre                                       who has been one of the instiga-
 On a Wednesday Evening                                          tors for the establishment of
    6 : 30pm - 7 : 30pm                                          lay/patient input groups at both GP
                                                                 practice and Primary Care Trust
   Play to keep fit or Play                                      (PCT) level.
    to compete in matches                                         As a patient lead organisation
   For further information                                       ELMPP will invite Practitioners,
       Call the centre on                                        clinicians, practice staff, and other
                                                                 health service providers
         01509 852956                                            (Opticians, Pharmacists, Dentists

The East Leake TIMES is now                                 24    online and available for adverts!
                      Andy’s upholstery!
                             Andy is your local upholsterer.
                   He has done heaps of work in this area already!
                The local Plumtree Church had all new seating done by
      him, please feel free to go there if you are wanting any refs:
      This is a family business that offers you down to earth prices
                (He will not be beaten on new suite prices)
 All suites are from hard wood frames (no chip board in my suites). All
suites are made to our own individual measurements at no extra costs….
Top name fabric books! He offers a repair service to your existing suite.
      New seat cushions, Spring repairs etc. All at reasonable costs.
Call today for your appointment to discuss your
         Tel. 0115 9813388
etc.) to attend meetings as re-        you have an issue that you wish to
quired.                                bring to their attention.
 The ELMPP activities will range        ELMPP will also act as the public
from the organisation of the man-      face for both the current Rushcliffe
datory annual “Improving Practice      PCT, with its link to the Rushcliffe
Questionnaire” (IPQ), that gener-      Health Network, and the new Not-
ates a plan of action to improve       tinghamshire County Teaching
the patient experience, though to      PCT, together with the new social
surveys of ELMg patients on spe-       enterprise organisation (Principia,
cific experiences, changes to ser-     Partners in Health) that is currently
vices and any other ideas for im-      in development, allowing the public
provement at ELMg.                     and patients to have direct input to
                                       the planning for new services and
 ELMPP will not be a channel for
                                       changes to the current provision of
individual complaints, complaints
                                       health and social services in the lo-
should be made to the practice
                                       cal area.
manager or the PCT based PALS
service is the correct route for all   These aims of active public/patient
complaints. Can be contacted if                             (Continued on page 26)

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                                             THE ‘NEWLY
  Doggie                                IMPROVED’ A60 ROAD
  Dazzlers                             JUNCTION AT COSTOCK
  Grooming Studio                      The East Leake TIMES, or
                                       should I say the person who
 • All breeds catered for
 • Clipping                            constructs it, has it’s / his own
                                       views on the newly altered/
 • Trimming
                                       improved (joke) road junction that
 • Hand stripping
                                       joins the back road from East
 • Shampooing                          Leake (with many erratic to say
 • Nails                               the least road users) through
 Telephone: 01509 889271               Costock to one of the main
 Mobile:     07841 818263              Loughborough to Nottingham
    Helen Reed Professionally          main roads (A60).
     trained Canine Beautician         A member of the community has
    Ashleigh, Keyworth Road,           been in touch with the powers that
    Wysall, Notts. NG12 5QQ            be, snippits of email/s to follow.
                                       What do you think to the junction,
                                       is it safe / safer than it was or not
(Continued from page 25)               safe in your opinion at all.
inclusion in health and social care    Extracts of various emails sent to
are fully in-line with current gov-    The East Leake TIMES
ernment and Department of Health       Dear Mr. Burton. I would dispute
policy and thinking. See               your claim that three vehicles can for details of the       be accommodated safely within the
various policy statements              central turning lane when driving
 If you have any questions or que-     normally up to the junction It may
ries about ELMPP, in the first in-     well be that there is the
stance please contact Andy War-        physical space but this would only
ren via the Health Centre by a         accommodate three reasonable
note. It is hoped to have e-mail       size vehicles if they were driven in
and web access to ELMPP as soon        and manoeuvred just to show that
as it can be organised.                it was possible. As I noted the
                                       turning lane at other similar junc-
Andy Warren                            tions (e.g. A46 East Bridgford as
Chair of ELMPP and Rushcliffe          one example) are considerably
Health Network.                        longer - why provide such short

The East Leake TIMES is now       26    online and available for adverts!
one here when there is plenty of
                                             Painter and decorator
road either side. Secondly, with
regard to your observation that                  Merz décor
four was the maximum number of               4 poplar avenue, East leake
vehicles wishing to make the turn
on the day, did you try Monday to                     LE12 6QB
Friday from 4.30 pm to 6.30                      Tel 01509 559 865
pm. I'm confident that you will see             Any job considered -
significantly more during these              Expertise in wallpapering -
periods though probably not now
                                                 Call now for a ‘free’
the schools have closed and people
are on holiday. However, you                           quotation.
yourself do acknowledge that a
fourth vehicle was left ex-
posed.  The point is that                 LAWN MOWERS
                                                  SERVICING REPAIRS
people don't drive as you                             SHARPENING
expect them to, they have used the             OVER 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE
road for 10, 20, 30 years and ex-             POWER GARDENING SERVICES
pect right turning traffic to be out
                                            01509 820338 or 07710 905290
of their way by the time they get to
them. When they finally realise
that they are not , it will often be
to late.
                                             DOG WALKER
 My original message was                          Do you live in the
prompted by an actual experience
of having a vehicle skidding up
                                                EAST LEAKE AREA
behind me with brakes full on after         and would like a reliable and
my car was left out in the                    trustworthy dog lover to
danger area. Fortunately he                       walk your dog..?
missed me but only by a couple of
feet. Anyway, assuming vehicles                    Call Jan on
do slow down, why make them do                Tel: 01509 820926
this, when for the sake
of an extended central lane, this
can be avoided ? As it stands, I
still maintain that this junction              The East Leake TIMES
is now far more dangerous than                     Is now on line.
                   (Continued on page 28)

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                                           (Continued from page 27)
                                           before it was 'improved' and I just
                                           hope that it doesn't claim another
                                           life before you acknowledge this.
                                           After reading these words more
                                           than you were originally thinking
       are specialists in Mobile           about the junction comes to light.
  vehicle paint repairs. Our unique        Can you remember in detail how
  system is capable of Repairing :-        the road junction was constructed
         STONE CHIPS                       before they put the bollards in the
 Paint Scratches Bumper Scuffs             centre of the road. Can you re-
 (Black, Grey & Colour Coded)              member having plenty of room to
      Door Mirror Casings                  pull over to the right before turn-
   Minor Body work Repairs                 ing right, into Costock, where as
       Resale Preparation                  now the space is limited to four
     Repairs are completed at a            normal sized cars at a maximum.
    fraction of the cost & time of         When you are travelling along the
 conventional body shop methods at         road with the intention of turning
    your home or place of work             right, across the traffic, bear in
 For further details please phone          mind that looking ahead to what
   Home:- 01509 881077                     the situation at the junction is, is
                                           paramount. Slow down, sensibly,
   Mobile:- 0788 792 4989                  in advance so that the driver be-
     30, East Rd Wymeswold
                                           hind you is made aware of a situa-
                                           tion that he/she has not yet seen.
                                           When driving about locally and or
                                           Nationally you will see signs up
                                           informing you that a junction , the
   Odd Jobbing, D.I.Y ing,                 road or priority has changed.
     Handy Man with                        Would this have been a very cost
         experience                        effective (in terms of life) and sen-
                                           sible solution to the problem so as
 RELIABILITY, TRUST &                      to let the driving public know that
                                           the junction had changed prior to
    PUNCTUALITY                            them ploughing into the car in
      ENSURED                              front of them that had ‘slapped
     Call 07986 125482                     their anchors on’ because they
     or 01509 856577                       were not informed of a potentially
                                           dangerous change ahead. Think on

The East Leake TIMES is now           28   online and available for adverts!
                Keyworth Carpets
                 Your local caring company
     Come and see our wide range of Carpets, Rugs,
       Vinyl, Karndean and Laminate flooring.
           We also supply and fit curtains, Blinds,
            Conservatory Blinds and Awnings.
    Free expert advice - 38 years in the carpet trade
              Select at home service available.
     Opening Hours: Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri 9-5pm Mon & Sat 9-1pm
         73 Wolds Drive, Keyworth.            Tel: 0115 9375784

Voluntary Service Overseas                 SOAR VALLEY U3A
I am a 21 year old Psychology          The next general meeting of Soar
graduate who lives in Costock, and     Valley U3A is on Tuesday Sep-
I am due to embark on a 6 month        tember 26th at 2.30pm., the meet-
voluntary placement with VSO           ing will be held in Sutton Boning-
(Voluntary Service Overseas) to        ton village hall.
Kazakhstan, and then to Houn-          The speaker this month is Angela
slow. I will be giving up my time      Wilson and the title of the talk will
to help children and adults with       be ‘Being a JP’
both mental and physical disabili-     Snooker re-starts in in October
ties, and am currently attempting
to raise money for the VSO char-           THE EAST LEAKE
ity. I wondered about possible ex-              TIMES
posure, to interest local businesses               mail
in East Leake in sponsering me (a
local girl) on this worthy cause. I      THE MAGAZINE NEEDS
would happily engage in any good          LOCAL INPUT TO ITS
publicity it would surely generate.              PAGES!

Advertise your business, all of the 29      time.
  LES ELECTRICAL SERVICES                   with a new start time of 10am.
  •Extensions     •Power points             Ballroom and Folk dancing re-
  •Showers        •Security lights          starts in September and who
  •Lighting       •Control panels           maybe interested in a Science or
                                            Technology group and or Bridge
   Prompt friendly service & advice.        group?
     Free estimates with pleasure.          If you require any information on
         Contact Les Smith                  the above please call 01509
   Tel:- 01509 853620 or Mobile             672402 / 672012 or you could visit
           07754 190185                     our web site at
        IN CUMBRIA                            CASH FROM RUBISH
    Lovely beamed cottage, Log
   Fire, Sleeps four, Garden and            People from Tollerton have cause
  Parking. 15 mins from Ullswater           to celebrate - the village has been
        Tel : 01509 672918                  awarded £5,000 for achieving a
                                            reduction in the amount of waste it
 COULD YOU USE THIS                         produces. For the past four months
 ADVERTISING SPACE?                         villagers have worked together to
                                            reduce the amount of waste they
      !!IT WORKS!!                          throw away.
                                            Tollerton was one of four villages
  Call 01509 856577                         in Rushcliffe taking part in a
                                            household waste reduction pro-
                                            gramme – Sutton Bonington,
       SELL YOUR                            Hickling and Kinoulton also par-
     UNWANTED ITEMS                         ticipated. The incentive scheme
         HERE                               was co-ordinated by Nottingham-
  The last items in this box SOLD.          shire County Council, and was a
           SELL YOURS                       partnership project with Rushcliffe
      from £1.00 a line                     Borough Council, Mansfield Dis-

       Now advertise in full colour in the new look

    Plus see us online at

The East Leake TIMES is now            30    online and available for adverts!
                                                      • Analogue or Digital
                                                    • BBC Freeview installed
                                                  • FM and DAB radio aerials
                                                  • Satellite dish installations
                                                • All work guaranteed - 5 years
                                             Special rates for pensioners & disabled
                  0115 961 7024
trict Council, and local parish                    THE OLD BAKEHOUSE PET
councils.                                             SHOPPE. Tel : 856577

Financial incentives were offered                    CLEARANCE SALE of
to encourage people to participate                    WELLIES from £5.99
– villages could win cash prizes                       SHOES from £2.99
ranging from £1,000 to £5,000 to
spend on improving their local                       WHILE STOCKS LAST
community, and householders
could win environmentally
friendly household goods and gift                        Skin Deep
vouchers in on recycling
The scheme was funded by the                         For all your Beauty and
Department for Environment,                       Holistic Treatments to include;
Food and Rural Affairs, as part of                       •Airbrush Tanning
the latest Government initiative to                       •Aromatherapy
encourage waste minimisation and                       •Indian Head massage
recycling through offering finan-                          •Reflexogoly
cial rewards to local communities                        •Holistic massage
Prizes were awarded to the three                            •All waxing
other villages for their participa-                          •Manicures
tion – the original prize structure                          •Pedicures
was altered to allow each of the                   •Facials - to suit all skin types
villages to benefit, as it was felt                •Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
they had all shown a marked im-                   For flexible appointment times
provement and a real commitment                            Call Elaine on
                    (Continued on page 32)             07921 912103

Advertise your business, all of the 31                time.
   Threads                                        Home improvement specialists and
            0115 937 6010                               building maintenance
                                                UPV-C DOORS & WINDOWS
                                              FASCIAS, SOFFITS, GUTTERING
       All Leading Brand Names                    INTERIOR & EXTERIOR
                                                 DECORATION plus MUCH
           NEEDLECRAFTS                          Tel Syd Gough 01509 856235

                                              (Continued from page 31)
    LANARTUS                SIRDAR
     JAEGAR      DMC
                            KING COLE
                                              to the environment:
                                              • Sutton Bonington received
                                              £2,000, and will use this money
                                              to install an environmentally-
                2c Main       Knitting
                 Street        Yarns
                                              friendly wind and solar powered
               Keyworth                       lighting system for the village’s
               NG12 5AD                       scout and guide hut.

                                              • Kinoulton and Hickling each
                                              received £1,000: Kinoulton plan to
  EAST LEAKE LIBRARY                          spend their money on litter bins
    OPENING TIMES                             and an annual village clean-up,
The current library opening hours             while Hickling’s prize will go to-
(since April 2004) are as follows:            wards a project to restore a build-
   MONDAY 9.00AM -1.00PM                      ing alongside the Grantham canal.
         2.00PM - 7.00PM
  TUESDAY      9.00AM - 1.00PM                Results from the household incen-
         2.00PM - 7.00PM                      tive scheme have demonstrated an
     WEDNESDAY 9.00AM -                       increase in recycling. Most signifi-
    1.00PM      PM CLOSED                     cantly, more people have started to
  THURSDAY 9.00AM - 1.00PM                    recycle their cans and tins. Rush-
         2.00PM - 7.00PM                      cliffe residents can recycle their
  FRIDAY       9.00AM - 1.00PM
                                              tins and cans simply by rinsing
         2.00PM - 5.00PM
  SATURDAY 9.00AM - 1.00PM                    them and putting them in their blue
 Telephone number : 01509 852349              recycling2go bins for collection.
               email:              Well done Sutton Bonington. Ed.

The East Leake TIMES is now              32    online and available for adverts!
                      ELVIN & Co.
       92 Main Street East Leake Loughborough Leicestershire
                             LE12 6PG
                 WITH LOCAL KNOWLEDGE
                 MOVING HOUSE
                BUSINESS ADVICE

                   Telephone (01509) 852454

   Carpets in comfort                          Arley House
 We come to you. Choose from our
 extensive range of pattern books in
 the comfort of your home. Quality
 Carpets and Vinyl's supplied and fitted.
A personal and Friendly local service         IAPS Co-educational
    established for over 30 years.
   Call Rob 0115 937 4511                    Day School 3 – 11 years
      or 07798 905 303                         Thriving Early Years Unit
                                              Small Teaching Groups
                                             Family Atmosphere Proven
                                                  Academic Success
                                              For a prospectus or for further
 Fancy advertising your business
                                                details, please telephone:
 in FULL colour. One eighth of a
page A5 from as little as £39 per                    01509 852229
      month or £ 1.20 a day!                  8 Station Road, East Leake
    01509 856577 or email                     Loughborough, LE12 6LQ    

Advertise your business, all of the 33         time.
                                                                    driver that de-
                                                                    cided to ignore
                                                                    the central re-
                                                                    serves ,to protect
                      Spacious Heated Kennels &                     motorists turning
                      Cattery for Inoculated Pets                   out of the new
                    Care by Qualified Staff                         estate, and with
                         All diets catered for                      out regard just
                        Inspections Welcome                         used the other
                                                                    side of the road.
                                                                    ‘Why not there
 Tel: 01509 852272                                                  was no other traf-
                                                                    fic about’!......
(Continued from page 8)
                                                                    Earlier on in the
the road sign.                                    month (August) East Leake be-
On the subject of cars and speed, it              came the latest village to suffer
was while travelling on Gotham                    from the ‘fly tippers’. This again,
Road earlier on in the morning that               was at the top of Kirk Ley Road
I was overtaken by an impatient                   where you turn left on your way to
                                                  Loughborough. It seems as though
                                                  this was quickly cleared as I have-
                                                  n’t noticed it again. I talk about
                                                  and recall to mind regularly, the
    NEEDS ‘YOU’ TO WRITE                          subject of motor vehicles exceed-
  ABOUT WHAT CONCERNS                             ing the speed limit. The problem
  YOU IN OUR COMMUNITY                            is by no means just a local. Re-
 ALSO GENERAL THINGS OF                           turning to East Leake the other
         INTEREST. IF YOU                         morning from Melton Mowbray
     HARBOUR THOUGHTS                             the product of may be, too much
   THAT YOU FEEL OTHERS                           speed and / or too much speed in
    WOULD LIKE TO HEAR                            conjunction with alcohol was clear
                 ABOUT...                         for all too see. A white Peugeot
                    email                         was parked neatly on the Holwell                   round about just prior to entering
                     or call                      Asfordby Hill. Well I hope that
               01509 856577                       all the people involved in these
    Have your editorial in print                  misdemeanours are ok…. or do
                and on-line                       I?? Please contact the magazine                     with your views. ed.

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          PUBLIC BINS
Raw meat has been found in local     MALCOLM WADDILOVE
                                       Roofing & Building Services
public bins. The meat was found in
                                            ♦Slating &Tiling ♦Felt Roofs
quantity in three bins, un cooked            ♦Re-Pointing ♦Leadwork
and in white plastic bags on Sta-            ♦Guttering & Downspouts
tion Road, two in the village and            ♦Alterations & Extensions
one on Costock road. Any ideas?          FREE ESTIMATES & SURVEY REPORT
                                           ALL WORK FULLY GUARANTEED
                                         Tel: (0115) 983 0624 or
                                          MOBILE 07984 658859

      OR FULLCOLOUR                       ALL SIZES UP TO A4 from
 For competitive rates and quick                 60p call into
          service call                     The Olde Bakehouse Pet
 Tim at The East Leake TIMES                       Shoppe
     01509 856577                           01509 856577

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            Abitech Systems Ltd
                           Tel 0115 9374549
                       13 Main Street – Keyworth
                          Behind HSBC Bank
          New System Specialists
                    Traditional Mini Tower
                  Silent Powerful Micro X-C
                        Laptop Systems
                For Both Your Home & Business
              Free Delivery & Installation Included
              3 Year Warranty On All Abitech Systems Pc`s & XPc`s

          Repairs & Upgrade Service
         Free Collection & Delivery Service, or
     Drop Off Any Weekday Morning From 9 - 12
   No Need To Call First. Offices Behind HSBC Bank
   Professional Microsoft Qualified Engineering Staff

   Software, Internet & Accessories
   Printers, Scanners, Ink Cartridges, CD`s & More
             Microsoft Windows Updating
       Have Windows XP Installed On Your PC
 Broadband Sharing – Wireless Networks & Broadband
     Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware Softwares In Stock
           Genuine Microsoft Office Supplier
    Report Illegal Software To :

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           West Leake Road, East Leake Tel: 01509856700
                          Brand new facility
                    DIY Livery From £19.00/Wk
                           • American Barn
                        • Hardwood Stables
                  • Sliding Doors with Anti-Weave
                          • Swivel Manger
                     • Wash and Clipping Area
                         • All Year Turnout
        • Direct Access to Good Hacking and Bridleways
                        • Secure Tack Room
                    • Toilet & Shower Facilities
                        • Recreational Area
                       • Vehicle Parking Area
                         Trailer Storage Area
 On-Site Trailer and Horse Box Living Quarter Servicing Available

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                  35 YEARS EXPERIENCE in

                   No 88624
 Qualified for ENERGY EFFICIENT BOILER installation

                  NO JOB TOO SMALL
 Michael J Price Telephone 0115 9375063

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The East Leake TIMES is now   40   online and available for adverts!

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