; The Multilateral Myths of the Mass Media Mind Manipulators
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The Multilateral Myths of the Mass Media Mind Manipulators


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									  The Multilateral Myths of the Mass Media Mind Manipulators: The Whole World Really is a Stage...Managed
                                 Event! by M. McInnes (mmcinnes@cogeco.ca)

Chapter 1: Hidden in the Tapestry: The Invisible Time Traveling Cerebrum Sculptors
Chapter 2: CULTivating the Soil: Sow Lies, Reap Confusion
Chapter 3: Discrediting All Non-Acolytes: The Exit Doors Painted on Brick Walls
Chapter 4: The Men Behind the Curtain: Cradle to Cremation Control of the Cullible
Chapter 5: Blue Pill or Red Pill?: Either You Are With Us or You Are With the Terrorists
Chapter 6: Curing the Memes: Free Minds Can Disrupt the HoloReality
Chapter 7: When the Serfs Revolt: The Storming of the Ivory Towers


This essay is one person's attempt to show some of the many falsehoods in the world and the possible hidden meanings
of these lies to any who are willing to look. There are many facts herein that can be researched independently, again by
any who choose to do so. The interpretation of some of these facts, are the author's opinion. The others are self-evident
once you view the BIG picture, so to speak.

The information in this essay is only an outline of the subjects mentioned. It should not be taken as a representation of all
the information available about any of the topics mentioned herein.

The repetitive nature of the themes in this essay is entirely by design. This is to reinforce the existence of a nefarious
force, which is actively working against humanity. This force has left its mark throughout history and in recent times has
become so obvious that you cannot miss it, if you know how to interpret the ‗message‘.

I would like to apologize for not being able to give proper credit to the providers of a lot of the source material for this
essay due to my lack of separating the original sources from my collection of several dozen CDs that contain just web
pages. (over 100,000 pages and growing.)

WARNING - Reading beyond the introduction will take you through a journey not unlike When Alice Fell Through the
Looking Glass. You will, hopefully, have a series of emotional responses to the essay you are about read. They may range
from, denial to amusement, confusion to anger and just maybe a little bit of satisfaction just for learning something new
about the world and how it directly effects your life.

Part 1: Hidden in the Tapestry: The Invisible Time Traveling Cerebrum Sculptors

The modern world is full of new tangible items and new ideas. From Hi-Tech consumer products to New Age social
movements, there is a common underlying Thread. This Thread is so fine a filament that even when it is fully in plain
sight, it is undetectable to ALL but those who know of it and actively seek its existence.

Whether you live in New Hampshire, Manitoba or Arizona this common Thread affects you, ALWAYS and ALL WAYS. Just
what is this seemingly all pervasive, yet nearly intangible Thread? The answer to that may seem outlandishly ludicrous to
most people, at least at first, the reason for this will be explained in a later chapter. For now though, we will deal with
what the Thread is and the answer is simply this: OCCULTISM/PAGANISM.

Most people do not realize just how much OCCULT/PAGAN influence is buried just out of sight. It is all around you and
after reading this essay you will be able to find much evidence of the Thread in your own home. Now before you roll your
eyes, again, let me start to put some things in context so that you can examine how daily life for most people on the
planet is really a series of hidden rituals to ancient, supposedly forgotten, Pagan gods, unless your faith involves Roman,
Teutonic or Greek (etc.) mythology.

Let's start with something very basic, the days of the week. There are 7 days in a week; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Seems pretty innocent to most, no overt references to Satan or human
sacrifice here.

Let's look at those names just a little closer and you will be able to see how the Thread hides in the open. We are going to
look at the Modern English, Old/Teutonic English, Latin and Greek names of the days of the week, they are listed in two
tables below:
         Modern English         Old/Teutonic English

        Sunday          sunnandæg - day of the Sun - a god*
        Monday          mon(an)dæg - day of the Moon - a goddess*
        Tuesday         tiwesdæg - Tiw's (Tiu's) day - god of war
        Wednesday       wodnesdæg - Woden's day - god of the wild hunt
        Thursday        thursdæg - Thor's day - god of thunder
        Friday          frigedæg - Freya's day - goddess of love and beauty
        Saturday        sæter(nes)dæg - Saturn's day - a god*
*These are named after celestial bodies, which in turn are named in honor of pagan gods/goddesses, such as Saturn the
Roman god of agriculture. Most celestial bodies, from planets to star constellations are named after such gods. There is a
partial listing in the table below:
          Celestial Body          Deity it Honors/Represents

        Mars                     Mars, Roman God of War
        Phobos/Deimos            Attendants of Ares, Greek God of War, These are the 2 moons of Mars: Fear/Panic
        Pluto                    Pluto/Dis, Roman God of the Underworld
        Moon                     Diana/Columbia, Roman Goddess of Fertility, Hunting and the Moon
        Mercury                  Mercury, Roman God of Commerce, Messenger of the Gods
        Neptune                  Neptune, Roman God of the Sea
        Uranus                   Uranus, Greek God of the Sky
        Venus (morning star)     Venus, Roman Goddess of Beauty/Love
                                 Satan/Lucifer, The Light Bearer, (Christian Theology)
        Sun                      Helios, Greek God of the Sun
                                 Apollo, Roman God of the Sun
                                 Frey, Norse God of the Sun
                                 Aton, Egyptian God of the Sun

As you can see from the tables above, you are unwittingly participating in OCCULTISM/PAGANISM on a regular basis by
speaking the names of a group of 'Forgotten Gods.' Most of the above listed gods are Anglo-Saxon/Teutonic in origin,
though Thor is from taken from Norse Mythology. Norse Mythology has a counterpart for the Teutonic gods listed, such as
Odin in place of Woden and Tyr in place of Tiu. I hope this information doesn‘t cause any PHOBOiaS to manifest:
        Culture               God of War                Goddess of Love                 Supreme God

        Norse            Tyr                    Frigg                            Odin
        Teutonic         Tiu                    Freya                            Woden
        Roman            Mars                   Venus                            Jupiter
        Greek            Ares                   Aphrodite                        Zeus (dethroned his father Cronus)

Now let's follow the Thread as it was weaved through some other cultures and see who they named their days for and
how they are interconnected with each other. By the way, the Greeks called the days of the week the Theon hemerai
'days of the Gods', that pretty much puts it all in perspective:
        Latin                                             Ancient Greek

        Dies   Solis - day of the sun           Hemera   Heli(o)u - day of the sun
        Dies   Lunae - day of the moon          Hemera   Selenes - day of the moon
        Dies   Martis - day of Mars             Hemera   Areos - day of Ares
        Dies   Mercurii - day of Mercury        Hemera   Hermu - day of Hermes
        Dies   Jovis - day of Jupiter           Hemera   Dios - day of Zeus
        Dies   Veneris - Venus's day            Hemera   Aphrodites - day of Aphrodite
        Dies   Saturni - day of Saturn          Hemera   Khronu - day of Cronus

Also note that the day of each gods worship are mostly the same regardless of culture or era, i.e. Friday is the day to
worship the goddess of love and beauty and Tuesday is the day to worship the god of war, whether you live in North
America today or lived in Europe millennia ago.

Even the word crown, the headpiece of royalty comes from the worship of Pagan gods. The word crown is from the Latin
word corona, which was a garland worn around the head usually by the victorious commander in battle in ancient times.
The planet Saturn has a set of rings around it. It is also the designated planet of Cronus. Cronus overthrew his father to
be the ‗supreme ruler of the universe‘. He was the Victor. The crown encircles the head, as the rings encircle Saturn.
Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery after all.

As a side note, you may have noticed that most people receive their pay on Fridays and how their mood is more positive,
upbeat and they smile more. Smiling people are more likely to attract social contact then scowling people and more social
contact can lead to love.

On another level, money is seen indirectly as an object of worship, the material goods that people buy with their money
are the actual objects that they worship, so it could be said by shopping on Friday, people then are able to worship the
objects of beauty that they purchase, thus paying homage to a New Age Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Shop 'til you Drop. Torchlight special in aisle 4, Unicorn tears and Phoenix feathers are 20 percent off for the next half of
an hourglass.

There are a lot more similarities relating to the pagan gods and the days of the week, which can be researched in any
public library or on the Internet. We are just following the nearly invisible Thread and touching on the ways it affects most
of society. As with all information in this essay, you can research further into the subjects and it will surely reinforce the
fact that the Thread is real and it is intimately woven into the very fabric of most of the cultures that you have studied in
school or are actively participating in today.

Another interesting thing that relates to the days of the week being named after gods is that many months are also
named after gods, such as January named after Janus, the two faced Roman god of gates/portals and March is the month
of Mars, the Roman god of war or as in the case of July and August, named after megalomaniacs who considered
themselves to be gods, Julius and Augustus Caesar in 46 B.C. Prior to the those months being added the Roman calendar,
the year was 10 months of 36 days and 5 days of celebration, where September, October, November, December literally
meant, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.

As a final note on the measuring of time, days are broken down into the hours of the day. The Hours just also happens to
be the name of the Greek goddesses of the seasons, justice and order. The phrase, the Hour of Judgment is upon us,
actually means this goddess (one of the Hours) of justice is about to pass judgment upon us.

So we have these measurements of time days/months and celestial bodies (celestial means heavenly,) named directly
after pagan deities and yet most people will never see any connection.

It may be of interest to note that the modern Christmas holiday (from Old English, Haligdæg, Holy & Day) is held between
the old Pagan holy day of Winter Solstice, the shortest day of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere and the pagan end of
year celebration. This is where ‗Yule-tide‘ comes from, the old Pagan holiday of Yule (winter solstice).

You may have been lead to believe that Christmas and Santa Claus are about giving and sharing, you are wrong. They are
about consuming. The image of Santa Claus that most of us grew up seeing is nothing more than a left-over advertising
icon used by Coca-Cola, which was created in 1931 by Haddon Sundblom to boost sales during the Great Depression. The
original recipe for their 'soft drink' included a hard drug, cocaine (The Real Thing, another sales ‗booster‘). Speaking of
hard drugs, less than 100 years ago you could order drugs such as Opium and Heroine from such a prestigious retailer as
Sears & Roebucks. These drugs, with syringes, would be delivered to the ‗customers‘ by mail. The whole story of Santa
Claus as being an ‗omnipotent presence‘ worldwide, bringing Peace & Joy to All of Mankind, sounds a lot like an Antichrist
doctrine to me.

All modern religious holidays have been turned into commercial ventures. You can verify this by watching the financial
reports during any ‗holiday‘ season. Listen to the financial outlooks from the talking head‘s observations about how your
purchasing (worship) of their products (false idols) is ‗favorable‘ when people are stampeding over each other to spend
their money and ‗gloomy & bad‘ when people are smart enough to keep their money in their control.

Another lie that the media keeps repeating during holidays is the myth of ‗the more you spend, the more you save‘. You
have to be brain-dead to buy that line of crap. That is as foolish a statement as ‗these doughnuts have 10 percent less
calories, so the more of them that you eat, the more weight you will lose‘. The more money that you do NOT spend, is the
more money you save. It is really that simple, yet the media‘s DoubleThinkers will try to convince you otherwise.

The average family will spend over $4,000 on 'Christmas gifts‘. Taxes, at the time of the birth of Jesus, were collected
after harvest season, which was at the end of summer even back then, not in the dead of winter at the end of December.

Why do people think that they need to spend so much money to celebrate the birth of Christ?
Why do people celebrate his birth at the wrong time of the year?

Even more interesting is the fact that an early Christian symbol was the fish (the disciples were fishers of men) and the
rise of Christianity began in the Age of Pisces, this means that the Constellation of Pisces (another OCCULT/PAGAN
reference) was dominant in the northern sky at the time of Christ's birth. The symbol of Pisces also just happens to be a

*It is my opinion, which has a basis in actual facts, that the Thread weavers were directly responsible for this happening.
It will be shown how they could have done so and why in the next chapter.

To clarify how Christ's time was during the Age of Pisces, we have to take a quick astronomy lesson. Every 2,160 years, a
different house of Zodiac is dominant as the North Star. This changing of constellations in the northern sky is a
phenomenon known as 'Precession of the Equinoxes'. All the houses of the Zodiac eventually occupy this position in the

It has also been revealed in recent years by a handful of 'renegade researchers', such as Robert Bauval, that they have
found evidence that seems to indicate that some ancient cultures actually knew of the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' and
may have even measured it almost as accurately as astronomers of today. Keep in mind that it takes approximately
26,000 years for all 12 of the Zodiac houses to cycle through the 'top spot' and today's astronomers have access to very
powerful computers to plot the perceived movement of the stars.

We are about to have a new Zodiac constellation dominant in the northern sky, that of Aquarius, you may have heard a
song referring to the ―Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.‖ The song is actually about precession, as the stars themselves are
'moving into a new alignment'.
Currently there is a societal shift to the idea that water is now to be considered as mankind's most precious resource, just
as we are about to enter the Age of Aquarius. We are about to enter the OCCULT/PAGAN age of the Water Bearer. Aqua =
Water. You may have noticed an increase in advertising for products related to water, from filtration systems to
moisturizing creams to environmental movements.

The United Nations, a front group for implementing the Communist Manifesto worldwide by subverting national
sovereignty, forcing gun confiscation and ultimately committing complete genocide of any that would oppose their world
dictatorship, has declared that 2003 is the International Year of Fresh Water. This supposed peace group, which has its
own military, did nothing to stop the massacre of millions of civilians in Cambodia, China, Central America, South
America, Russia or Africa. So much for helping the oppressed, for as long as there is an organization that is supposedly
doing something the rest of us can just put it out of our minds and have a clean conscience about it.

A former executive of General Motors has stated that, ―Structure is strategy in slow motion.‖ The structure of the U.N. is
made up of mostly tyrannical regimes and the ―free democracies‖ are the minority.

A new resort recently opened that also follows this theme, ATLANTIS, named after the legendary lost city. A city, that
legend tells us, was actually a series of ring shaped islands that supposedly 'fell into the sea in a single day.'

In the movie the Wizard of Oz, it is water that defeats the wicked witch of the west. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,
one of Disney's most popular cartoons could be called Frozen Water White and the Seven Dwarves. Shows such as the
Little Mermaid (which actually has a penis hidden in the art on the cover of the original VHS release, it is in very center of
the picture below), the Snorks and Fraggle Rock, with their common theme of 'cities under the sea' are examples of how
this idea is introduced to the young to prepare them for the next step in their indoctrination.

                                                                                              Now you can understand why
                                                                                              there is a major change in the
                                                                                              use and conservation of
                                                                                              water. The Thread weavers
                                                                                              are working in the background
                                                                                              to coax society to revere
                                                                                              water, not unlike the Hindu
                                                                                              reverence of cows, which is
                                                                                              where the phrase 'Holy Cow'

                                                                                              Water; water everywhere and
                                                                                              not a single STOP to THINK.

                                                                                      So far we have touched on
                                                                                      the Thread and how it is
                                                                                      woven into the calendars that
                                                                                      are used all around the
                                                                                      industrialized world. Let's stay
                                                                                      close to the subject of
                                                                                      astronomy      but    from     a
                                                                                      different    source,    modern
                                                                                      science.      The       National
                                                                                      Aeronautics      and      Space
                                                                                      Administration (N.A.S.A.) has
launched the most advanced space programs in the past 50 years. Surely the Thread cannot have influenced this type of
scientific endeavor, right? Wrong. It has and it will undoubtedly be again and again.

You may have heard of the Apollo missions. Apollo was the Roman god of the sun (light bearer). Apollyon is mentioned in
the Book of Revelation, it describes him as being the holder of the key to the bottomless pit, in other words Apollo =
Lucifer (light bearer) from the Bible. You can look that up in the Book of Revelation; chapter 9, verse 11. The Thread
weavers have even influenced the names of each of the Space Shuttles.

Columbia was a pagan goddess, also known as Diana, who is referenced in the Bible as being worshiped around the world,
in the book of Acts. Diana is also the Roman goddess of fertility, hunting and the moon (moonday). The Atlantis is named
after a supposedly mythical city. The Challenger's name comes from the Latin word calumnia, which means trickery. The
Endeavor‘s name is from the Latin word debere, which means to owe. Just who owes what to whom here?

The shuttle Discovery's name is the most revealing of the fleet. The prefix (dis) is added to the root (cover). Being a
proper name the D is capitalized. The word Dis in old Latin is a translation for the Greek god Pluto, the god of the
underworld, Hades. The word cover in old Latin is cooperire, which is to conceal/hide. Hiding their reverence to the god of
the underworld in plain view, this is the Thread weaver‘s M.O.

The military branches of most countries also use OCCULT names for their weapon systems, such as the Trident missile
submarine (the Trident is the 3 pronged scepter of Poseidon, the Greek god of the Sea) and the Aegis anti-missile cruiser
(Zeus carried the Aegis Shield to protect him). The US Military has deployed a sci-fi like ‗universal translator‘ called
Babylon. The system was developed by DARPA's (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Information Awareness

Again and again, the Thread is exposed when you really look into things that seem, on the surface at least, mundane.
Without even looking to obvious sources, we can see the Thread knitted into all parts of everyday life, yet like even the
deepest cover mole (spy), once identified, they are very easy to observe.

Next let's take a look at something else most people use on a daily or near daily basis, MONEY. The word money comes
from Moneta, which is the name of the temple where the Romans minted their first silver coins, which had the image of a
pagan emperor. The word dollar comes from the Joachimsthaler, a coin first minted in the early 16th century at St.
Joachimstal in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. The American dollar has many OCCULT references on it, the pyramid with all
seeing-eye of Horus and the owl in upper right corner are just two of them. The world markets currently use the United
States of America's dollar as their primary currency indicator; meaning prices in the world markets are measured in U.S.
Dollars, thus pulling all of the world's societies into the web of deceit. Is it also merely a coincidence that the word
Plutocracy, a group of wealthy elites who control/influence government, is directly tied to Pluto, the Roman god of the
Underworld? Your soul for a little wealth/fame/success anyone?

                                                             In G old
                                                                O il
                                                                D rugs we trust.

                                                             Every time that you use money to pay for a purchase you
                                                             are again, from a technical point, albeit unknowingly,
                                                             participating in OCCULT/PAGAN worship, for these activities
                                                             are directly tied to pagan deities.

                                                             There is even an OCCULT connection in the upcoming
                                                             Federal elections in the U.S. The leaders of both major
                                                             parties are members of a ‗secret‘ Yale fraternity known as
―Skull and Bones.‖ You may think that this is just an innocent ‗college boys club‘ where they party and plan pranks. I
would challenge that assumption by directing you to study the origins of these ‗secret fraternities.‘ When the first Ivy
League schools were built in America they did not only teach economics, philosophy and politics they also taught
ecclesiastical studies. Many of these schools were built as seminaries for teaching missionaries to convert the heathen
Indians to Christ and to keep the population under the control of the Church. These fraternities were actually formed by
REAL occultists, such as the Freemasons, Templars and Rosacrusians, to hide their OCCULT related activities.

      Harvard University was established in 1636 and was named for its first benefactor, John Harvard of Charlestown,
       a young Puritan minister who upon his death in 1638 left his library and a great portion of his estate to the new
      Yale University was founded in 1701 as the Collegiate School in Branford, Connecticut, with a gift of books from
       10 clergymen. In 1716 it moved to New Haven; it was renamed Yale College in 1718 to honor a generous
       benefactor, Elihu Yale
      Princeton owes its origin to a movement the by the Synod of Philadelphia (a council convened to discuss
       ecclesiastical matters) in 1739 to establish in the Middle Colonies a college to rank against Harvard/Yale in NY &
       William/Mary inVI, was called the college of New Jersey headed by Reverend Jonathon Dickinson

Do you see the Thread that binds these 3 entities? Minister. Clergymen. Reverend. Even though these schools were
founded more than 100 years apart they still had very common roots. Now do you see why these groups have such vows
of secrecy? You could not possibly have taken part in some ‗Satanic‘ supposed frat-boy prank back then. It could get you
killed and your family name disgraced, therefore only true OCCULTISTS would dare take this kind of risk. These people
were true believers.

Also consider this, Skull & Bones has roughly 800 living members currently, yet out of a potential pool of at least 100
million Americans that are legally able to run for president, both John Kerry and George Bush are members of this ‗club‘
with a miniscule population.

To see how members of this type of group acts, I would recommend that you watch a video called Dark Secrets Inside
Bohemian Grove (documentary) by Alex Jones. Also check out The Skulls and Eyes Wide Shut, both Hollywood
productions that give a rough outline on some of the inner workings of secret groups.

The Thread is the being woven by the Invisible Time Traveling Cerebrum Sculptors, who have free reign in a world that
denies their very existence. They have the ability to subvert entire cultures, thousands of years and miles apart, even
those with totally different belief systems.

Part 2: CULTivating the Soil: Sow Lies, Reap Confusion
In the first chapter you learned of the covert tapestry of the Thread. Now you are going to delve into some of the more
overt aspects of the Thread, but to do so it is important to understand a couple of key issues.

"All deception in the course of life is indeed nothing else but a lie reduced to practice, and falsehood passing
from words into things." -- Robert Southey

First and foremost, is the fact that the downfall of civilization, breakdown of society etc., is NOT a problem that is caused
by television, music or video games etc., they only exasperate it. It is a DIRECT EFFECT of the totally immoral and
unethical leaders in politics, business, churches etc.

These corrupt individuals' actions are then emulated by the masses, thus perpetuating the cycle. Each generation of
children is greedier, more spiteful, and more apathetic than the previous generation.

A person's attitude is a direct reflection of the leadership they are subject to.

Second and just as important, is the decline of education. An 8 th grade education today is roughly equal to a grade 5
education 50 years ago. This is by design. An uneducated population is an unquestioning population. This dumbing down
of the populace helps the Thread weavers push their agenda forward.

Looking back throughout history, the downfall of most empires shows a large increase in decadence and debauchery just
before the collapse. The corrupt leaders start the cycle that the masses will emulate with the skill of any professional
thespian. At the same time that the education of the population falls to all time lows, new religious/political systems are
offered as an alternative to the corrupt systems in place at the time.

To see the direct effect of this decay of morals simply watch any of the daytime-talk shows. Maury Pouvich and Montel
Williams are constantly airing episodes of their shows with themes such as; Multiple Paternity Tests for Teenage Girls
(some guests have needed over a dozen tests to find their baby‘s father), My Teen Tried to Kill Me and My Preteen Drinks,
Smokes & Swears Like a Sailor.

Madonna, who is known for her bohemian lifestyle and for her attacks of the Catholic Church in her music and videos has
a released a song called Ray of Light. The song is about her conversion to Cabalism, which is, according to Webster‘s
College Dictionary, 1) an OCCULT doctrine based on the cabala 2) any OCCULT doctrine.

It will be of great interest to the reader to know that every year in California, there is an event that is attended by the
leaders of business and heads of state from around the world. This event is held in a place called Bohemian Grove, where
they partake in bizarre OCCULT/PAGAN rituals, such as making sacrifices, called 'The Death of Care', to a giant stone owl
called Moloch. Moloch/Baal is the name of a pagan god that children, usually firstborn, were sacrificed to in ancient times.
This sacrifice was known as 'Passing through the Fire/Flame'. Remember that the word dollar is from the Joachimsthaler
coin first minted in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia.

This is how the Thread weavers infect culture after culture; they stay close to the new seats of power, thus enabling them
to directly influence the new regimes. Like white smoke in heavy fog, they blend in perfectly with their surroundings. They
make their changes in society in small increments, thus not attracting unnecessary attention to their agendas. It is this
transfer of power that allows them to add their symbols* and ideologies to the new regimes.

*Such as the sign of the fish in Christianity during the Age of Pisces, thus flaunting to future acolytes how their 'power'
has a presence in all eras. Throughout history there have been many transferences of power from one group to another.
Yet as in almost all such transfers, some of the infrastructure from the old regime is incorporated into the new. I believe
that it is specifically during these transfers that old, forgotten symbols are re-introduced into society with new meanings
attached to them overtly, yet their true meaning is known by the powers ‗behind the throne‘ and is kept hidden from the
uneducated (non-Acolytes) masses.

To understand this transfer of power when an empire crumbles is made easier to follow when only cosmetic changes are
applied to the new system, such as how the reign of Caesars did not end with the collapse of Rome. The German word
Kaiser is from the Latin word Caesar, meaning emperor. The Russian word Czar is also from the Latin word Caesar. These
‗Empires‘ don‘t really collapse per say as much as they simply change venues and start up anew.

The lack of education allows the actions of the Thread weavers to go largely unobserved by the masses, enabling the
manipulation of those masses. This is happening to you right now, the rise in overt OCCULT/PAGAN references in society
is very easy to see, if you can recognize it for what it is. The people's complete lack of knowledge on subjects related to
OCCULTISM/PAGANISM allows the Thread weavers to sow their symbols and theologies into the fabric of society.

Not too far back in history, just being accused of witchcraft might have gotten you killed and even you if were not killed,
you would certainly be ostracized from the community. The reverse of this is true at the current time. Today, people
claiming to be witches, clairvoyants and prophets are being acclimated.

In the past, it was virtually impossible for the Thread weavers to have a world, wide field of influence due to the lack of
mass communications. The invention of the printing press, radio, television and most recently the Internet have enabled
them to consolidate their control unlike at any previous time in history.

Look at the way, over the past few decades, how witchcraft has become so acceptable, even though it is a fallacy. It
started in the mainstream media with a sit-com called 'Bewitched.' Since the inception of that show, there has been a
flood of witchcraft themed shows. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed are just 3 examples
of the current shows on television that follow this theme.

Another OCCULT/PAGAN practice on the rise currently is Necromancy, talking to the dead, another fallacy. Shows like
Crossing Over, Beyond and Tru Calling are gaining a wider and wider audience. The show Tru Calling takes the blasphemy
to another level, not only is the title character a necromancer, she also resurrects the dead. Movies on the subject are
also showing up more in the mainstream media, Ghost, The 6th Sense and Frequency are just 3 examples.

―Those that do not know history, ARE REPEATING IT, right this very minute.‖

This is all being accomplished through a process deceptively titled 'Television Programming.' There is NO such thing as
television programming. You do not program televisions. Televisions simply receive an electronic signal. The correct term
is 'Audience Programming', for it is the audience that is being 'programmed', to accept an increasing amount of overt
OCCULT/PAGAN influence on their society and to desensitize them to the real life horror happening around them.

Movies are another avenue of the Thread weavers system of control. Take a look at some of the more popular children's
movies, from the Lion King to Harry Potter and you will find that OCCULTISM/PAGANISM is a prevalent theme.

In the Lion King, at Simba's birth, he is marked on his forehead; the mark of the beast is also found on the forehead or
the hand. Simba is also a practitioner of necromancy; he talks to his dead father, who rises to the sky as a star
constellation/god after he dies, as was the belief of the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt. Even the name of the movie is
symbolic, The Lion King = The King of the Jungle King or the King of Kings. Simba also becomes a vegan, a New Age
religious reference, forsaking the eating of other animals. Simba's uncle, Scar, (he also has a mark on his forehead) uses
deception to keep Simba from taking his rightful place within the pride, just as the Thread weavers use deception to keep
the populace from taking control over their birthright.

The Matrix is brimming with OCCULT references overlapping historical mainstream religious themes. Neo is a hacker and
the main 'hero', also known as 'the one'. Neos is old Greek for young or new. The leader of the rebels is Morpheus.
Morpheus is also the Greek god of dreams, the son of Hypnos, who is the Greek god of sleep. The Matrix is therefore
Hypnos, and Morpheus is its son. The Matrix is an artificial 'Dreamworld'. It is a place where the true believers can impose
their will on reality, just like the doctrines of some New (Neos) Age religions where the inner self is all-powerful. Morpheus
is the captain of a ship called the Nebuchadnezzar, who was a Babylonian King that conquered Jerusalem and Destroyed
the Temple. Neo's real name is Thomas Anderson and at first he doesn't believe that the Matrix was just a dream and that
he has been 'Resurrected' (freed from the Matrix), so he is a doubting Thomas, like the Apostle. The Agents Smith, are
‗demonic entities‘ which can possess any person in the Matrix at will. These are just a few examples from this ONE so-
called ‗SCI-FI‘ movie.

An entire book could be written on the OCCULT references in many Sci-Fi movies/series such as Star Wars, Star Trek and
Babylon 5. In Star Wars the Jedi Knights carry ‗light-sabers‘, these could easily be ‗Illuminated Phalluses‘ that erect into
being once the hilt is gripped firmly in hand. These weapons are also near omnipotent, they can Penetrate any material
except another Illuminated Phal... er I mean another light-saber. The pilot episode of Star Trek, called ―The Cage‖ (not
originally aired) featured Capt. Christopher Pike, who was in a Matrix-like illusion controlled by aliens. General
(Christopher) Albert Pike was a founder of the Ku Klux Klan and a Freemason.

These movies also place a heavy emphasis on military prowess and conflict. This is keeping in line with the Hollywood-
Military-Financial complex‘s cult of Phallus worship. The current reverence for Long, Rigid Cylinders from which Hot
Material Erupts to Penetrate a Target is just one facet of this cult‘s long history of degeneracy. Military generals are the
modern day high priests of the cult of Death, war being the perfect cover for getting all costumed up and performing time
honored rituals before the Human sacrifice (Passed through the Fire) begins.

The Harry Potter series is also totally saturated in OCCULTISM/PAGANISM. In fact it is based in the world of the OCCULT.
There are numerous references to necromancy, witchcraft and demonology. Harry Potter also has a mark on his forehead,
a lightening bolt shaped scar. Harry has a pet owl, his familiar, which is a symbol of Moloch/Baal, such as the owl at
Bohemian Grove. Some of the teachers can change their form from human to animal, much the same as some of the
pagan gods of mythology and demons mentioned in religious texts. The most frightening part of the Harry Potter series is
that it is actually being taught in some schools as part of the mandatory curriculum.

It is clear that the Thread weavers are implementing their agenda through the entertainment industry. Keep in mind that
this is done not by them writing any of the necessary materials themselves, they simply promote/advertise books, movies
etc. that further their aims and ignore/vilify any materials that are contrary to their goals.

Further evidence of the Thread weavers influence on major media outlets, corporations and international agencies is
displayed in the logos of these entities. The logo for AOL is the pyramid with the all seeing-eye, the eye is actually formed
by 3 cleverly disguised 6's.
CBS television's logo is the all seeing-eye, CBS is the network that airs the show 'Big Brother', a show designed to train
your children that 'being monitored by cameras 24/7/365 is a good thing'. The Space Channel logo is the pyramid with the
all seeing-eye disguised as a galaxy of stars. You can even buy New Age stereos designed around these symbols.

Apple computer's logo is that of an apple with a bite taken out of it, a direct link to the forbidden fruit of knowledge from
the Garden of Eden. Apple computer's newest desktop model, the 'G5', has crossed horns displayed on the monitor in
their advertisements. Even the Walt Disney logo incorporates 3 noticeable 6's in Disney‘s trademarked signature, the W is
actually formed by 2 of these 6's, one is just reversed and the third 6 is reversed in the D. Disney has also based its
entire empire on ‗Magic‘, as in their Magical Kingdom ‗where Magic Happens‘, replacing established religious doctrine and
therefore God. The logo for the Digital Angel, an implantable microchip, is an outline of an angel. When looking at the logo
upside down, you can clearly see that the 2 wings and the body are each formed by a 6, The Mark of the Beast, 666.
Folks, a conspiracy theorist doesn‘t have to make this stuff up, it‘s all hidden in plain view. You just need to open your
eyes to its existence.

The logos for many governmental agencies also contain
these same symbols, DARPA's Information Awareness Office which runs the T.I.A. (Total Information Awareness) program
has as its logo the pyramid with the all seeing-eye shooting a beam of light onto the earth, with the phrase; Scientia est
Potentia, Knowledge is Power. Interpol's logo is the pyramid with the all seeing-eye behind the earth, which is pierced by
a sword. The British spy agency MI-5 also uses the pyramid with the all seeing-eye at the top. As previously mentioned,
the dollar bill also has the pyramid and all seeing-eye and the phrase, Novus Ordo Seclorum, which means New Social
Order of the Ages (New World Order), it also has a representation of Moloch in the upper right corner.

                                            Ode to the M.I.B. (Men In Black)
                                                    You‘re Black Suited
                                                   Leather Jack Booted
                                                    Compassion Muted
                                                   Action In Evil Rooted
                                               Leave Humanity Destituted
                                                   NE‘ER to be Saluted.

Even video games children play today are full of these OCCULT themes. (Goblins and Wizards and Dragons and Demons.
Oh My!) A company called New World Computing has produced a series of games called 'Heroes of Might and Magic.' The
characters in the games are right out of the OCCULT, wizards,
necromancers and witches are just a few of them. The company logo just happens to be a globe pierced by a sword and
on the start screen of their latest game, Heroes of Might and Magic IV, the icon for the load game option also just
happens to be a pyramid with the all seeing eye that has a rainbow being emitted from it. With symbols such as these you
really have to wonder just who is designing these ‗games‘.

There has also been a flux of spy related children‘s movies and shows in the past few years. Harriet the Spy, Spy Kids,
Totally Spies, Codename: Kids Next Door and Agent Cody Banks are just a few of examples. Training the children to
accept being good little government informants for the glory of the Fourth Reich.

The Thread weavers are so influential that the layout of the streets in Washington D.C., around the White House actually
form a giant pentagram, with the White House at the bottom. Also in Washington is the Pentagon, which is the symbol,
found in the center of ALL pentagrams. Look at any picture of a pentagram, then cover the 5 points of the star with your
hands, the pentagon inside will be very easy to see, in other words pentagons are the 'donut holes' of pentagrams. The
streets of Washington also form the Masonic Compass & Square.

The Washington Monument, an obelisk, is an ancient representation of a god's
phallus. Even Capitol Hill, which comes from the Latin word, Capitolium, which
was the temple of the god Jupiter in Rome, is itself rooted in paganism and
this is where your ―leaders‖ meet to rule over you. ―The Apotheosis of
Washington", is the name of the painting on the ceiling in the Rotunda of the

                                                                            Capitol   Building.   It   depicts    George
                                                                            Washington, the Freemason, ascending to
                                                                            heaven surrounded by such ‗noble patriot
                                                                            gods‘ as Minerva, Neptune, Mercury, Vulcan
                                                                            and Ceres. I‘m surprised that no one has
                                                                            opened an Anton LaVey ‗clothiers‘ right
                                                                            outside of the Capitol building. Brain-
                                                                            Washington, D.C., is the Devil's Capitolium.
A pentagram symbolizes a goat's head, which in turn is a representation of Satan. The 2 top points, are the horns, the 2
lower points are the ears pointing down and the bottom point is the goatee. Satan is the ruler of the underworld, a place
of eternal fire. On September 11, 2001, while the attacks (sacrifices to Moloch/Baal, literally passing through the fire)
were happening, George W. Bush, resident of the White House, which is part of a pentagram, was listening to a story
about a goat. Isn't it ironic?

―They have built also the high places of Baal, to burn theirs sons with fire for burnt offerings unto Baal.‖ Jeremiah 19:5

These themes are repeated over and over again so often that society begins to accept them as part of the background. It
could be equated with 'Not seeing the forest for the trees.' It is literally all around you. The cult of societal cultivators is
working hard to remold society, the Thread is still being woven round and round.

The contradictory nature of today's leaders between their words and their actions is causing the confusion and apathy that
frustrates the people from taking action. Additional confusion is caused by all the nonsense terms and phrases uttered
daily on the major media outlets. Phrases such as 'peace force', if it is peace by force, it actually means
subjugated/conquered and 'television programming' is merely government approved propaganda indoctrination. This is
just more doublespeak for the population to ingest.

Everyone knows that they have 2 arms and 2 legs, even if the government tells you to call your arms 'legs', how many
legs will you then have? If you think it is 4, you are wrong. You will still only have 2 legs. Calling your arms 'legs', does
not make them so, they are still arms.

Caution! Marionettes walk among us! Tell tale signs of a possible encounter include; conversing with individuals who's
bottom jaw moves while they talk, but their lips do not, wooden facial expressions and most importantly, strings attached
to their appendages! They are also reported to extensively repeat media 'Sound Bites'.

Part 3: Discrediting All Non-Acolytes: The Exit Doors Painted on Brick Walls

In the first chapter, I said many would find the whole OCCULT/PAGAN Thread weaver idea ludicrous, well now you are
going to find out why people dismiss it as crazy, at first.

According to Webster's New World College Dictionary Third Edition, 1996, demonize: 1) to make into a demon, 2) to bring
under the influence of demons.

This is another way the Thread weavers keep their control. They demonize any that would point them out. This is
accomplished by directly influencing both the mass media outlets and the governmental systems of power.

Using the media, they can put false ideas into the minds of the populace, such as how they demonized the Branch
Davidians in Waco, Texas. Calling their church building, 'The Compound' to sway the public to believe that there were just
a bunch of quacks. At the end of the standoff, on April 19, 1993, the remaining Branch Davidians, including 28 children
were 'Passed through the Fire' by the A.T.F., a paramilitary enforcement branch of the Treasury Department. Once the
public is convinced that any particular group is different from the rest of society, they can be treated differently and the
public will readily agree to accept it, for it isn't their families, friends or neighbors. Total Apathy, Total Acclimation.

So much for the thought of Bill Clinton being a Liberal, unless ‗Liberal‘ now means being willing to liberate others from
their very lives if you don‘t share their views. The unethical actions of Bill Clinton and his administration (from Mena to
Waco) again prove the point that ―LEADERS‖ cause the downfall of society.

The media will also glorify any person or idea that the Thread weavers desire. A good example of this is can be seen with
the media promotion of people like Colin Powell. A man involved in the cover-up of the genocide of thousands of civilians
during the staged, at least at the higher levels of the military, (contractors in the Hollywood-Military-Industrial complex,
such as Bell Helicopter, were divvying up a minimum of $10,000,000,000.00 (10 Billion) per year from the war as the
‗Luckiest Corporate Welfare Queens‘ to have existed during this ‗peace movement‘) Vietnam War and more recently
caught up in the scandal of knowingly using faked evidence to justify the second Genocide in Iraq, thus again proving the
breakdown of society, discussed in the previous chapter, is directly caused by the leaders actions, not the populace.

The coverage of the first Gulf War on CNN (Carlyle Newspeak Network) was nothing more than an infomercial for their
weapons systems. All anyone would have do is add some titles to the video footage with the price for the weapon platform
being viewed and a little flashing timer counting down how many were still available to purchase.

The reason to start the first Gulf War was as staged and phony as the one in Vietnam, yet the mass media were the
biggest cheerleaders of the war. The whole 'Incubator Baby' killings story was fabricated by the spinmeisters at Hill &
Knowlton. Again and again the media glorify the ideas and ‗events‘ that the Thread weavers wish them to. It is not just a
coincidence that the Thread weavers want to take over Iraq. The geographical location that is now known as Iraq, was
once known as Babylon, the site of the infamous ‗Tower of Babel‘ (Marduk Temple) and has been fought over by mankind
for more than 6,000 years. The ‗Prodigal Son‘ is coming home.

Another tragedy of the Gulf War was the televised deaths of thousands of people, all 'passed through the fire' in techno
color vividness and that most of those deaths were cheered by others without a thought as to why they were actually
happy that thousands of human beings were being slaughtered. This is the emulation of the corrupt leaders in all its glory.

If you ever want to learn the truth about an event, research it for yourself. Do NOT think for one second that the
corporate media outlets are going to tell the truth to the peasants of society. Fox News; Fair and Balanced, in reality is
more akin to Faux News; Fairly Biased. What do you expect from people like Bill O‘Reilly that have actually threatened
guests with physical violence. He told Jeremy Glick, who lost his father in the 9/11 attacks, ―I‘ll rip you to F--KING pieces‖
during an interview, but I bet you didn‘t see that on the Fox Report or discussed on Larry King now did you. Keep in mind
that these media outlets are the same ones that were recently praising the investment brokers and how great investing in
the stock market is.

When the markets dropped, they claimed several trillion dollars, that is trillion with a T, were 'lost.' That money was not
lost. It was simply transferred from the people that bought the stock that 'lost' value to the brokers and the corporate
executives. Trust me, the person that you paid a $120 per share for Enron stock to, still has $120 for each share he sold
you. The fact that you can now only get a dime for those same shares does not change the fact that your money is in his
offshore account right now. To add insult to injury, the mainstream media has the brass to get dozens of 'financial
experts' to explain to you that your money really is 'lost'.

The next time you feel tempted to invest in the markets, just send your money to me and I will explain to you many years
from now, how your money was 'lost' due to 'corrections in the markets', corrections that had to be made due to financial
crimes committed by the 'financial experts' themselves. MMMM'kay.

By the way, Fidelity Investments which is a major financial company, their logo also just happens to be, Drum Roll
Please…, the pyramid and the all-seeing eye, that favorite symbol of the intelligence agencies that were formed by the
Banksters/BANKLORDS to fleece the Sheople.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that the biggest ‗industry‘ in the world is not oil/gas, technology, the military or
even illegal drugs, the biggest industry and the MOST profitable is ‗Institutional Fraud‘. The financial insiders can and are
stealing trillions of dollars per year worldwide with very little chance of every being prosecuted even if caught. The
amount of money that they control can buy them out of any problem. Don‘t think so? Just ask Ken Lay or ‗Kenny Boy‘ as
George Bush calls him, if he is worried about ever seeing the inside of a federal prison. Keep in mind that getting
convicted of stealing $2 razors 3 times can get YOU a life sentence in some states. Are you starting to see something
wrong with this picture yet?

Do you remember the Clonaid circus that the media followed like a lost puppy searching for human contact? The claim
that they had cloned a human, Clonaid also has ties to a cult that 'communicates with aliens', was being trumpeted on the
nightly news. Clonaid, though claiming to have successfully cloned a human would not provide any proof, yet the news
channels were tripping over each trying to get the 'big scoops' out. This is just one example of how the Thread weavers
can get the media to promote nonsense to distract the population from issues of real substance.

So now you see how the mainstream media is merely the propaganda arm of the corrupt leaders. This industry is
overseen by the F.C.C., the Federal Communications Commission. Do you really think that these media outlets can speak
out against the government on any issue of real substance, like why a group of private foreign investors own the Federal
Reserve System banks and have a monopoly on issuing America's money? A government that grants the very license
these media outlets need to operate?

The 'Federal Reserve' is not federal and has unproven reserves. It is a private, for Profit Corporation. The majority owners
are foreign banks. Look in the phone book of any city that has a 'Reserve Bank' such as San Francisco and you find the
'Federal Reserve' is listed not in the Blue government pages, but in the White pages, usually opposite the listing for
Federal Express. The name is a deception to lull the public into believing that it is actually run by their government, while
the reality is that a group of foreign nationals has complete control of America's money supply. Also of note is the fact
that America‘s money was taken off the Gold Standard in 1933, on April 19 th (April 19 was also the date of the failed
TREASURY Dept. raid in Waco, Texas in 1993), making America‘s money completely FIAT, backed only by the
government‘s promise to tax you WHATEVER rate is necessary to repay the loans on the bonds that it issues. The federal
takedown of the organization known as the Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord occurred on April 19, 1985. This was
exactly 8 years prior to the infamous Massacre at Mount Carmel (Waco).

"The regional Federal Reserve banks are not government agencies. ...but are independent, privately owned and locally
controlled corporations." Lewis vs. United States, 680 F. 2d 1239,9th Circuit 1982

"Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the
Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit
of the United States" Sen. Barry Goldwater (Rep. AR)

"The Federal Reserve banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within
the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the International bankers.‖ Congressman Louis T.
McFadden (Rep. Pa)

Face this fact: The Fourth Estate is morally bankrupt just like the corrupt politicians and financial leaders for which they
incessantly praise.

Society is then trained to like those the media promotes and to dislike those that are demonized. Look at Oklahoma City
bomber Timothy McVeigh; the media made great efforts tie him with local militias, at the same time downplaying the fact
that he was an ex-soldier that participated in the first Iraq Genocide. Thus putting a negative view on many of the
country's REAL PATRIOTS. Timothy McVeigh supposedly detonated a bomb outside the Murrah Federal building in
Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. On the subject of patriots, the Battle of Lexington, which was the start of the War of
Independence, commenced on April 19, 1775. The war was NOT fought due to high taxes on tea as you have been taught.
It was fought for the reason of England passing a law that prevented the colonies from printing their own money (Colonial
Scrip) which was interest free and forcing the colonists to accept the English banker‘s ‗debt money‘ system through armed
force. Sounds familiar?

According to Benjamin Franklin, "The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters
had it not been the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English bankers on the Parliament: which has
caused in the Colonies hatred of England and the Revolutionary War."

More recently they morphed Usama bin Laden (his family has many financial ties to the Bush family) into Saddam Hussein
(Iraq's oil fields are going under the control of Halliburton, of which Dick Cheney was a former executive) to steer the
public into supporting another staged war which the citizens of America will pay for with their blood and their taxes.

To learn just how fake the 'War on Terror' and Gulf War II (Operation Iraqi Liberation) are, go to the library and check out
the book, ―The Grand Chessboard‖ by Bzigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter. The book
lays out the exact blueprint that the current administration's 'War on Terror' is following. As to Gulf War II, look up the
P.N.A.C. group. The Project for a New American Century headed by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield and Paul Wolfowitz,
who just by chance, were calling for Saddam's removal in 1997 and a shift to a more assertive role for the U.S. in the
region, by force if necessary.

In a report that the P.N.A.C. group released just shortly before resident-select George Bush 2.0 was installed as the new
O/S of America, they predicted that this shift would come slowly unless there were, ―some catastrophic and catalyzing
event, like a new Pearl Harbor.‖ One year later that event came, delivered on a silver platter in the form of the 9/11
‗attacks‘. The very same people that wished for this policy shift get into office when Bush is selected and all of a sudden,
as if they had rubbed bin Laden‘s er, I mean Aladdin's Magical Lamp, their wishes were granted.

Another fact overlooked by the mainstream media is that the U.S.A. Patriot Act was written long before the 9/11 tragedy,
it takes many months, if not years to draft legislative material such as that. The Anthrax attacks (Anthrax that was
produced in Fort Detrick, Maryland) in October, 2001 were not attacks on the government as a whole, they were simply
an extortion warning to anyone that would dissent against the Bush administration's plan to 'legally' implement a Police
State in America. Congressman Ron Paul was one of the few voices of dissent against this draconian piece of legislation.

Congressman Ron Paul, House of Representatives, November 29, 2001: Granting bailouts is not new for Congress,
but current conditions have prompted many takers to line up for handouts. There has always been a large
constituency for expanding federal power for whatever reason, and these groups have been energized. The
military-industrial complex is out in full force and is optimistic. Union power is pleased with recent events
and has not missed the opportunity to increase membership rolls. Federal policing powers, already in a bull
market, received a super shot in the arm. The IRS, which detests financial privacy, gloats, while all the big
spenders in Washington applaud the tools made available to crack down on tax dodgers. The drug warriors
and anti-gun zealots love the new powers that now can be used to watch the every move of our citizens.
"Extremists" who talk of the Constitution, promote right-to-life, form citizen militias, or participate in non-
mainstream religious practices now can be monitored much more effectively by those who find their views
offensive. Laws recently passed by the Congress apply to all Americans- not just terrorists. But we should
remember that if the terrorists are known and identified, existing laws would have been quite adequate to
deal with them.

Senator Patrick Leahy at the time was sending letters to Attorney General John Ashcroft demanding a response in writing
about the illegal military tribunals for ‗terrorism suspects‘. The response in writing that he received was not about the
military tribunals, it was an Anthrax letter.

Both Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle were sent Anthrax letters on the very day, October 9th, 2001, that the Democrats
blocked an attempt to rush the Patriot Act through the House without any of Congress even being given a chance to read
a draft of the legislation.

The other Anthrax letters were sent to Tom Brokaw at NBC, the New York Post and The Sun tabloid, thus ensuring the
media's support of the new 'Enabling Act'. No Republican received an Anthrax letter, yet White House personnel were
taking Cipiro, an expensive Anthrax fighting antibiotic, on 9/11. This is several weeks before it was supposedly known that
Anthrax had even been sent.

The Anthrax attacks also lead to a new electronic mail system for Capitol Hill. Under this system all incoming mail from
constituents is opened and scanned, the letter is then sent on as an email-like message. This process allows a Federal
agency, such as the Information Awareness Office, to intercept any letter that is critical of any aspect of the government.
The next angry letter of complaint that you send to your representative may end up in an electronic dossier of the
Homeland Security Office, with the notation 'Potential Domestic Terrorist' as the heading.

                                         Uniting and Strengthening America by
                        Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism
                                            (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001

                                 SEC. 802. DEFINITION OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM

                                          ‗‗(A) involve acts dangerous to human life
                                       that are a violation of the criminal laws of the
                                                    United States or of any State;
                                                    ‗‗(B) appear to be intended—
                                               ‗‗(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian
                                     ‗‗(ii) to influence the policy of a government
                                                 by intimidation or coercion; or
                                         ‗‗(iii) to affect the conduct of a government
                                               by mass destruction, assassination,
                                                          or kidnapping; and
                                           ‗‗(C) occur primarily within the territorial
                                                 jurisdiction of the United States.‘‘.

The arrest of Jose Padilla (the FAKE dirty bomber) was announced with much fanfare by F.B.I. director Robert Mueller by
satellite from Russia the very same weekend that www.UnansweredQuestions.org held their first press event at the
National Press Gallery. C-SPAN, which had previously televised ALL events held there, decided to not air this group's
event, an event held by a group of researchers and reporters that doubt the official story of 9/11. Mr. Padilla had been in
custody since early May, yet the gov‘t waited over a month to announce that they had foiled this nefarious radiomimetic

This type of 'Wag the Dog' journalism has been going on for a very long time, there seems to be a pattern of major
disasters and crucial events happening just when the media has to minimize coverage of corporate scandals and
government wrongdoing. The Challenger disaster conveniently allowed the media to drop all coverage of the fact that the
American government had knowingly and willingly left P.O.W.s in Asia after the war in Vietnam. Testimony was actually
being given before Congress when the Challenger exploded. The largest barrage of bombing in the Serbia-Kosovo-Bosnia
conflict, which killed many civilians (COLLATERAL DAMAGE), was ignored once the shooting started in Columbine High
School (this was on April 20, 1999, April 20 was also Hitler‘s date of birth) and likewise the 9/11 attacks came along just
as a huge fraud scandal that involved many large financial institutions and the military‘s private contractors was about to
break. (Enron/WorldCom/Tyco etc. were just a distraction folks; the REAL frauds have not come out yet) The D.C sniper
shootings started just when some media outlets, such as MSNBC, were airing parts of the 9/11 hearings where it was
being revealed that the government did indeed have ‗Prior Knowledge‘ of the coming attacks. The Columbia (Diana)
Shuttle broke apart upon re-entry just when the mainstream media needed to distract their audiences from the MILLIONS
of people worldwide publicly protesting against the ‗Gulf Oil Grab II: Halliburton Trump$ Humanity‘ sequel that was due to
air soon.

Hocus-Pocus change that Focus!

In the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy the media and government officials were shouting loud and hard about how 'this was
the first mass hijacking in America and nobody could have known this could happen.' This is a complete lie, on September
12, 1970, 4 planes were hijacked and flown to Jordan and blown up. As to using planes as weapons, on September 11,
1994, Frank Corder crashed a stolen plane into the White House compound. There seems to be a candid (frank), historical
link (cord) between September 11th and the crashing of planes into buildings of worldwide recognition.

During the Nixon administration, in 1974, Samuel Joseph Byck tried to hijack a jet from the Baltimore-Washington
International Airport and intended to force the pilot to crash it into the White House. He killed 2 people in the attempt and
had even shot the pilot before he was shot and killed.

The first layer of defense for these Mafioso capos is by making sure that the education system brainwashes students into
thinking that their government only does what is in 'the best interests of the people', as if everyone in public office has NO
personal or ulterior objectives. This educational doctrine is specifically designed as a way to keep the lower classes from
ever questioning the very system that the upper class benefits so much from.

The second line of defense to keep the public from questioning these actions, is having their media cheerleaders call
anyone that does so either 'a conspiracy theorist' or 'an unpatriotic communist lefty or more recently as sympathizers of
the ‗Al-QAEDA‘ network. History shows that it is in reality the ‗All C.I.A. Duh‘ network. The media attacks on people that
have spoken out against the current administration have been scathing. The first amendment covers the right of free
speech, yet those who dare exercise that RIGHT are attacked as being un-American, as being unpatriotic and being in
collusion with terrorists. Being free to publicly exercise one's RIGHTS without fear of reprisal is exactly why America was
once the world's greatest nation in which to live. You were told in the past that only ‗Communist‘ countries and
dictatorships censor ‗free speech‘, yet now the media has spun ‗free speech‘ to be a terrorist activity.

Wake up and smell the Gaddafi

The third layer of defense is having control of law enforcement, this way they control any evidence that may brought
against them and can manipulate the police agencies to do 'criminal/terrorist purges' for them. Read the project Megiddo
report put out by the FBI (Fascist Bureau of Incarceration), it is the blueprint for putting in the mind's of police officers the
idea that anyone that talks about the New World Order is a terrorist.

Thought crime. Welcome to Oceania fellow proles (see George Orwell's book 1984). Big Brother Is Watching You through
TIA (the Total Information Awareness system mentioned in Chapter 1) implemented by the Pentagon, which is not a law
enforcement agency it is a military agency.

Another interesting fact to thing about regarding the FBI, through their ‗behavioral science‘ research, they are the
foremost experts on ‗Serial Killers‘. Serial killers are persons that commit multiple murders that usually follow specific
ritualistic patterns. This sounds exactly the same as Cereal killer. Many cereals are made from corn. Ceres was the Roman
Goddess of Corn to whom ritualistic human sacrifices were made to insure good harvests in ancient times. (Insert sarcasm
here) I‘m sure this is all a just a big coincidence.

It seems as though the FBI has been ordered to ignore the fact that politicians like George H. W. Bush and Gary Hart,
openly call for a 'New World Order‘. Gary Hart was the failed democrat presidential hopeful that was caught up in a
scandal with model Donna Rice in 1987 aboard a yacht aptly named 'Monkey Business'. For the record, Adolf Hitler (a
major OCCULTIST) also wanted to create a New World Order and he almost accomplished this goal with a lot of financial
support from Prescott Bush, the current resident-selects grandfather and major US corporations such as GM, etc. In fact,
US soldiers landing in Europe were astonished to see US made equipment being used by the Nazis!

When the World Federalist Association awarded Walter Cronkite for his work towards establishing a New World Order,
Hillary Clinton praised him for his efforts, she went so far as to say ―For decades you have told us the way it is, but
tonight we honor you for fighting for, the way it could be.‖

Some more quotes about the supposedly non-existent ‗Conspiracy Theorist‘ New World Order from your ―leader‘s‖

"A system of World government is mandatory. The proud nations someday will see the light and yield up their
precious sovereignty." Walter Cronkite, in his book, A Reporter's Life

"My vision of a New World Order foresees a United Nations with a revitalized peacekeeping function. It is the
sacred principles enshrined in the U.N. charter to which we hence forth pledge our allegiance." President
George H. W. Bush, New York, February 1, 1991

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective-a New World Order-can emerge. We are in sight of a United
Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders" President George H. W. Bush, September 11, 1991
(Exactly 10 years to the day of the WTC/Pentagon ‗attacks‘)

"We shall have World government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World government
will be achieved by conquest or Consent." James Paul Warburg, before the U.S. Senate, February 17, 1950
"NAFTA represents the single most creative steps towards a New World Order." Henry Kissinger, in the Los
Angeles Times Syndicate, August 1993

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will
accept the New World Order." David Rockefeller, speaking at the Business Council for the UN, September 14,

“There is the chance for the President of the United States to use this disaster to carry out what his father, a
phrase his father used I think only once and hasn’t been used since and that is a New World Order.” Senator
Gary Hart, address to the Council on Foreign Relations, September 14, 2001 (exactly 7 years after David
Rockefeller’s speech (above) and do really believe his thinking it was only used once and not since?)

How unpatriotic can these people get? Praising awards that are given by a group that is openly undermining America's
national sovereignty, openly renouncing America‘s sovereignty and admitting that they use tragedies to manipulate you,
yet the mass media uttered not a word of condemnation. Each of the persons listed above would undoubtedly label me a
terrorist, fit me for an orange jumpsuit and cart me off to Gitmo simply for pointing out these facts.

To fully understand this paradigm simple remember that North America is the ―New World‖ and the ―Order‖ is the Thread
weavers and their agenda. There were originally 13 colonies in America, 13 is also the OCCULT number for order, as the
Order of the Templar Knights or the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. From these secret societies that were created
centuries ago, they will bring about their ―New World Order.‖

To further shape the public's perception of a specific group of people or event(s), they have their Plan B. This has been
accomplished by allowing the media putting out real information in ways that can be discredited as works of fiction.

The 'Plan for Concentration Camps in America' was first written about years ago by the ‗mainstream media‘ in the National
Enquirer tabloid, ensuring that no 'real journalist' would touch the subject. Now F.E.M.A. is openly asking Congress for
more funding for bigger camps.

From the L.A. Times on August 14, 2002, an article by Jonathan Turley, who is a professor of constitutional law at George
Washington University titled:
                                   Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision
                              Attorney general shows himself as a menace to liberty.

Martin Keating's book, 'The Final Jihad' is about how a Tom McVey (who is caught due to a broken tail light, Tim McVeigh
was caught due to a missing license plate) bombs the Oklahoma City Federal Building. The manuscript, written in 1991, 4
years before the bombing also correctly predicted the downing of a passenger jet (TWA flight 800) and the first World
Trade Center bombing. By the way, his brother Frank Keating, the former governor of Oklahoma was also a former FBI
agent with multiple ties to the intelligence community.

Another way this 'poisoned well' method is often employed is the releasing of information in movies and television shows.
This makes it possible to ignore real issues by the Pre$$titute$ then claiming, 'You just saw that in a movie'.

The pilot episode of the LoneGunMen series falls into this category. The pilot aired in early March of 2001, the plot of the
show includes a group of people in the government conspiring to hijack a passenger jet by remote control and to crash it
into the World Trade Center, for the purpose of increasing weapon sales and to be able to attack any third world country
at will. Soundsfamiliar?

In the movie Armageddon (1998), during the first few minutes of the movie, there is a meteor shower hitting New York
City. There is a cabby with Asian tourists as his fare. They are stuck in traffic. He tries to explain to them that they can't
go anywhere for they are in a traffic jam. He then says
something very strange he says ‗that it might have
been caused by a terrorist bomb‘ (I wonder what the
statistics are like on terrorist bombing related traffic
jams in NYC?). Then meteor chunks start smashing
into the NYC skyline. The same cabby looks up and
shouts, 'We're at war, Saddam Hussein is bombing
us'. There is a flying zoom in on the office workers as
they plummet, arms and legs flailing to no avail, to
the street. A few moments later the camera pans out
and you see the Twin Towers are both heavily
damaged and smoking from meteor impacts. Sound
familiar? (Notice what looks like an outline of a plane
just above the smoke trail to the left of the impact
hole in the picture on left.)

There have been polls that have shown that almost 70
percent of Americans think that Saddam was behind
the 9/11 attacks. Gee, I wonder where they could
have ever possibly gotten that idea?

Even an episode of The Simpsons portrayed a part of the 9/11 tragedy long before it actually occurred. The basic storyline
was that the recently paroled Sideshow Bob kidnaps Bart and steals a plane. The military tries sending jets to intercept it
but they are unable to do so. The plane Sideshow Bob ‗hijacks‘ is crashed in the middle of nowhere. One of the pursuers
of the stolen plane actually says the phrase, 'Let's Roll'. Sound familiar?

The episode is from the 1995/96 season. It is titled Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming. Like the LoneGunMen series, The
Simpsons is produced and broadcast by the Fox network. Life imitating art imitating life.

Even the movie Escape From New York, which was filmed in 1980/81, starts with a hijacked jet about to crash into the
Manhattan skyline, with the Twin Towers just beyond the impact zone. In the book The Running Man, by Richard Bachman
(Stephen King), the main character hijacks a jet and programs the remote control system to fly into the 'Network'
building. The last chapter of the book describes the jet as it flies into the building and its load of fuel explodes upon
impact. The book also correctly predicted the change to colored money in America and the implementation of the Amber
Alert System used by law enforcement. This was also written in the early 1980's.

More recent examples are the Tom Clancy books, Debt of Honor, where a Japanese pilot flies a 747 into the Capitol
Building, killing the president and most of Congress and Executive Decision, where terrorists intend to crash a 747 on the
U.S. eastern coast loaded with nerve agent to act as a 'poor man's atomic bomb'. Let‘s not forget the movie The Siege,
where terrorists that were trained by the CIA are detonating bombs in NYC and the military is used to round up all the
Arab looking men in the city after martial law is declared, again this movie was made before 9/11.

What is reality? What is fantasy? In the modern world they have become one and the same, just as the truth and the lie
are now interchangeable depending upon the circumstance that it is used.

You might be under the impression that people in your own family would not lie to you, you are very wrong. Did your
parents ever tell you about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? If you answered yes to any of these, then
you should be able to see that you have been lied to by some of the very people that you never thought

Now to see how far people will go to protect the 'Right to Lie', go and tell your nephew/niece or a friend's child that there
is no such thing as Santa Claus. You just might find yourself ostracized from your social group for telling the truth, as the
other adults become angry over the idea that you are destroying the youth's 'childhood innocence.'

Childhood Innocence meaning that they are not smart enough to know that their family/friends are capable of lying to
them on a near daily basis. This is how you were prepared to live a corrupted life. You have been lied to from childhood,
which in turn taught you to lie, as it is acceptable to lie about 'certain things'. Once you accept lying about any 1 thing,
lying about other things will start to become second nature.

The world presented by the mainstream media is a lie, while it looks like it is reality when viewed from the angle that they
show it from, it is actually nothing more than a set in the ‗Hollyworld‘ studio.

This is how the incarceration of intellect is being increasingly inflicted upon us. The exit doors have been merely painted
on brick walls to create the illusion that they exist.

Part 4: The Men Behind the Curtain: Cradle to Cremation Control of the Cullible

CONTROL: the ambrosia of tyrants.
The human mind is the most complex organ ever Created; yet it is still vulnerable to very simple manipulation. Though
most people can tell when they are being overtly controlled, a criminal with a gun pointed at a bank teller is an example
of overt control, the majority will never notice if that control comes in very subtle ways.

The most effective type of subtle control is done in such minute increments that its effect is never seen. Precession of the
Equinoxes is a great physical example of this happening. Let's say you drilled a finger width hole through a rock that could
not be moved or even shifted in its position, at the proper angle to let you see the North Star through it when you were 5
years old.

You drill the hole so that the star is seen on the very right edge of the holes equator and you take a picture at that time.
You have the picture enlarged and put in a frame and see it your whole life. Then coming back and looking through the
hole on the 77th anniversary of your birth, that is 72 years later, the North Star would now appear at the opposite side of
the hole. It would have changed position by about 1 degree.

Multiply 72(years) by 360(degrees in a circle) and the result is 25,920. It actually takes 25,776 years (71.6 ypd*
multiplied by 360) for precession to fully cycle. It is incredible to realize that a few, very analytical minds were actually
able to perceive this. *Years per degree, 72 years later was used, as you don't have a 'birthday' when you are 76.6 years

On the other hand, to someone looking through the rock each day, it would create the illusion that there is no change in
the perceived position of the star, for the movement would be imperceptible on a day-to-day basis. This would lead them
to believe in a false reality, for they would never remember seeing it at the other side of the hole. The day to day viewing
would reinforce the reality of the star always being in its current place, while the passing of the years would erase any
memory of the star ever being in a different position. (In reality the star is not moving, it is the wobble of the earth's orbit
that creates the perception that it is)

In this very way, society can be shaped by implementing this technique, by altering policies, symbols and ideas in very
small steps, the average person will not see any change and controlling the angle that they see it from will only reinforce
their belief in a false reality.

They will simply forget how these things were in the past, for they only can see how things are at this moment, like the
person looking at the star through the hole in the rock every day.

Even the daily rise and movement of the sun across the sky is an illusion. The sun does not move across the sky, it only
appears to do this from the angle that we see it from. It is the earth that is moving. Our not being able to easily perceive
this movement does not change this fact.

Let's put this into a formula; Changes < Time = Less Perception. This means that lesser amounts of Changes over greater
periods of Time equals Less Perception of Changes or Less Chance of Changes Being Revealed. Which is just one goal of
the Thread weavers, for their agenda being discovered by the masses would result in substantial setbacks for them.

Do you remember doing puzzles in school that had a picture and then 2 or more of the same picture but with several
minor changes in each? You know the ones with the theme, what's wrong with these pictures when compared to the

Well you are living in one of those 'pictures' right now you just don't have the original 'picture' to compare it to. The
original 'picture of society' has simply been forgotten, just like the person watching the star through the hole in the rock
everyday, the changes have been so small and over so many years that you have no memory of society being different.
This creates the idea of 'It has always been like this.' It has not.

You now know some of the agencies that are influencing to society accept more and more OCCULT/PAGAN ideas and
symbols, such as the media, government, etc. You have learned how the general population is imitating the corrupt
leaders actions. You also now know how they there implementing this manipulation, the formula covered earlier in this
Now we are going to look at how the Thread has infiltrated the most influential organizations on the planet, the Churches.
Barring the fact that every person has this ONE common connection to every other person, we are ALL human, societies
are broken down into many groups; ethnic background, country of birth, political affiliations, physical attributes etc. and
of course, religion.

Religion is the largest cultural common denominator of any societal group. According to the Cambridge Fact Finder, 1993
Edition, approximately 4 billion people were affiliated with one of the 5 largest religious followings*.

        Religion*                estimated number of Adherents (worldwide)
        Christianity             1,783,660,000
        Islam                      950,726,000
        Hinduism                   719,269,000
        Buddhism                   309,000,000
        Taoism                     190,000,000
*Of the 6 other major religions listed in this edition, their adherents were less than 60 million in total.

The sheer number of people that hold strong religious beliefs is the primary reason the Thread weavers have been
intimately involved with corrupting the churches. This is the linchpin of their influence. It is the hub from which the spokes
of their wheel of power extend.

Picture a pie; the pie represents religions, if you cut the pie into slices, the very tip of each slice are the top leaders of
each of the different religious groups. Now put whipped cream in the very center of the pie so that it covers the tips of all
the slices. The whipped cream represents the Thread weavers. With this simple picture, you can understand how they
influence all the religions they just infect the very top echelons.

This is the exact same principle used by lobbyists. The connected ones don't go to the low level bureaucrats, they take
their issues straight to the top, where people with real authority are then informed of their group's concerns.

These religious leaders are then kept from interacting with the general public, except in various ceremonies under
controlled conditions, much like upper level politicians. The isolation of the leadership is how the Thread weavers ensure
that their agenda will slowly replace the churches true doctrine.

This inaccessibility is the direct cause of unaccountability. They have become magi living in their 'Ivory Towers'. Only a
hundred years ago, almost any member of the public could go into the White House and shake the president's hand.
Today only 'The Chosen Ones' have that privilege that right for the rest of America has been revoked.

There was once a time when these leaders were held accountable for their actions, being tarred and feathered in public
was an excellent incentive to not commit misdeeds.

Once the Thread weavers 'have the ear' of the church leaders, they begin to change the doctrines of the church.
Evangelists such as Billy Graham and Pat Robertson with their national podiums have passed this corrupted doctrine on to
the public.

Billy Graham has said that you no longer to accept Jesus as your personal Savior to enter the kingdom of heaven. Pat
Robertson has condoned 'forced abortions' (newspeak for infanticide) in China.

These are just two examples of the about face on past church doctrine. The sexual predator scandals rocking the leaders
of the Catholic Church is another prime indicator of the Thread weaver's handiwork. The acceptance and promotion by
many churches, of the 'holiday' known as Halloween, the most 'in your face' Occult holy day of modern time, just adds to
the tally.

This blatant corruption of church and its leaders is where the eroding of the moral fiber of society truly begins, for once
the church proclaims, that an action is acceptable, such as abortions or the killing of heretics that say the earth is round,
the population will then also accept it and those that do not accept the new doctrine will be ostracized and marginalized.

The control of the church is just one facet of the Thread weaver's useful arsenal this control then extends to the upper
levels of government. In the first chapter, some governmental agency's logos were discussed. Unfortunately for society
the Thread weaver‘s agenda goes far beyond merely flaunting their symbols.

Some government agencies are very active in catching any people that escape the net of the 'false churches'. The C.I.A.
(Corrupt Ideology Assimilators) is but one. Operation Mockingbird was a 'covert action' started in the late 1940's. The
objective of the operation was a systematic infiltration of the corporate media, a process that often included the direct
takeover of major news outlets. The FBI had their COINTELPRO operations. The goal was ―to expose, disrupt, misdirect,
discredit, or otherwise neutralize‖ the enemies of the State. This program targeted civil liberty advocates such as Martin
Luther King, Malcolm X and Eldridge Cleaver. Just what ‗State‘ were these people enemies of?

In 1982 the agency finally admitted to having journalists acting as Case Officers to agents in the field. Memos were found
that bragged about having placed 'important assets' in every major news publication in the country. The level of
subversion of the 'Free Press' by this covert 'intelligence' agency is staggering, as well as terrifying for any person capable
of logical, independent thought.

This infiltration has lead to a 'false history' to be written about America. The history that you are taught is not all true.
Information about many events has been distorted, omitted and submitted to all manner of manipulation.

For example you have probably been taught that to end WWII, the United States of America had to drop atomic bombs on
Japan to force them to surrender and save 'thousands of American G.I.'s lives'. This is absolutely false and it can be easily
proved as being such. Like some arrogant but dumb criminals in recent times, the U.S. Government actually filmed their
inhuman act of genocide, the ultimate portrayal of Passing through the Fire.

It is this very film that proves the attack was NOT for the purpose the government claims. It is what is NOT on the video
that is the smoking gun. The Enola Gay, a slow bomber which was easily visible from the ground was NOT intercepted by
ANY hostile fighters trying to shoot it down and was NOT subjected to ANY anti-aircraft fire, yet we have been told of how
'strong and dangerous' the Japanese military still was.

How is it possible that a military that could NOT stop a single bomber from destroying two of its own major cities, located
on the other side of the world represent a 'danger' to America? The answer is that it simply was not a threat. The
government was simply killing 2 birds with 1 stone, 1) justification for spending $2,000,000,000 developing the bomb and
2) showing any potential enemies that America was willing to use it against ANY nation, even the most defenseless, thus
projecting the image that the U.S. of A. were the biggest, meanest on the block.

The lifetime control program set forth by the Thread weavers is rooted in the churches. From there it spreads to
government agencies, the media, the corporate world and ultimately ensnares most that encounter it.

Society is raised to obey without question, without independent thought and any that do NOT follow this doctrine
FAITHFULLY will be punished for their SINS. You cannot express a difference of opinion, it may hurt someone else's
feelings or more likely expose their wrongdoings and therefore you must keep your mouth shut and just accept 'how it is'.
Bill Maher, the host of Politically Incorrect, which was cancelled even though its ratings were quite good, recently learned
this harsh lesson. By publicly criticizing the Bush administration's policies, he became a target to be made an example of.
It was to show others, what happens when you go against the corrupt leader's wishes and of course the tactic worked.
Other celebrities such as Donavan, Peter Arnett, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn and the Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen, Michael
Moore, etc. were also publicly attacked by the supposedly 'Liberal Biased Media' for not blindly supporting the
administration's call to war.

This all boils down to a very simple concept.

                            Perception Control = Emotional Control = Behavioral Control

Most parents use this mechanism on a regular basis. If your child believes (perception) that you will punish him/her for a
certain action, their fear (emotion) of the punishment will usually keep them from performing that action (behavior).

If the populace perceives that the government will punish them for a certain action, their fear of punishment will usually
keep them from performing that action. Sound familiar?

The Thread weavers are just much better at this than any parent could ever hope to be. Do you smoke in elevators? Do
you drive 75 mph in the city? No you do not. You might tell yourself it is for the safety of others, but that is not really true
and you know it. If you really were that concerned for the safety of others, you would not smoke or even drive a car. It is
for you fear the consequences of being caught that you do not do these things.

It is the same fear that keeps people from speaking out against that which they believe is wrong. The Fearful are the first
group listed in the bible that will not gain entrance to heaven. They are listed before the murders, the thieves and the
harlots. Think about that, surely somebody was emphasizing a point.

How much fear do you have in your life? Fear of job security? Fear of health problems? Fear of marital problems? Fear of
a possible terrorist attack? Fear of your children being hurt?

Most people think that for they are not personally breaking the 10 commandments and they attend church on a regular
basis, that they are doing all that they should, yet most of these very people are filled with fear, they are the Fearful.

How long will you allow PHOBOS, one of the Attendants of Ares, to have dominance over you?

Most people do not want to believe that the world is being subverted by a dark cult of evil. The majority of televised
deaths in the past 15 years have been public sacrifices to Moloch, the victims of these tragedies literally 'Passing through
the Fire' with entire nations watching. These events are then shown over and over again to desensitize the people from
the actual horror that they are witnessing.

The Thread weavers are molding society in their own disfigured image.

Part 5: Blue Pill or Red Pill: Either You Are With Us or You Are With the Terrorists

Several years ago in Canada, a cable company tried to pull a scam on its customers. The premise of the scam was very
simple. The company had just added several new specialty channels to its lineup. They then allowed for their customers to
'preview' these channels for a limited time. They then automatically enrolled you as signing up for all the new channels,
without disabling access to these channels unless you specifically called them and told them you wanted to opt out.

When customers starting to notice that their bills had charges for services that they had not agreed to pay for, it created a
public relations nightmare for this company. The complaints were so many and so severe that the government stepped in
to enact a law forbidding this 'reverse opt in' practice.

The Bush administration has used a variation of this same method, by creating the perception that you must either back
his agenda without question or you have become a top lieutenant to Usama bin Laden himself. Did you ever go to
Afghanistan for combat training? Did you ever send bin Laden money? No, it is not likely that you did, but the media
pundits have declared that those that don't support the president are 'Commie Leftists' and are therefore terrorist

Terrorists are those that seek to change society through the use of terror. Yet the media are constantly pumping up the
severity of the threat of a terrorist attack, an attack that is targeting you personally. The media teleprompter readers and
their scriptwriters are trying to change your behavior through terrorism.

Are the masters of terror the mass media and corrupt leaders that they praise?

Buy duct tape. Buy plastic drop sheets. Accept troops on the street. Let us track all your purchases/phone calls/emails.
Accept the suspension of civil liberties. Put out your hand so we can embed a microchip. Watch ALL your neighbors with
suspicion.    Take   your   vaccine.     Go    to   the  ‗Re-location  Facility‘. Don‘t  question   the  blank    check
Carlyle/Halliburton/Wackenhut etc., gravy contracts.


The 'War on Terror' is a thinly veiled euphemism for genocide of Arabs today and the genocide of whomever the Bush
Cabal deems as infidels tomorrow. It is a mechanism to create the precedent that the American government can force its
will on any sovereign nation, at least any nation not already compliant to 'America's' wishes, with resources to plunder.
This is not to say that every American supports this agenda, indeed most Americans just have been blinded to the true
ambitions of their government, so many actually believe the Official Reason.

The word war is from the old Frankish word Werra, which means confusion and strife. Americans have been manipulated
into believing that this 'confusion and strife on terror' is necessary for 'Reichland Security'. The mechanism that is being
used to make you willingly accept this is a phenomenon that I call 'HATRIOTISM'.

Hate: [noun], strong feeling of dislike or ill will: hatred

Patriotism: [noun], love and loyal or zealous support of one's country

Hatriotism is the merging of 'Your Hatred' with a 'Patriotic Theme'. I have already mentioned that Perception Control =
Emotional Control = Behavior Control. Those that control your perceptions control every other facet of you as well.

Hate and Patriotism are currently the opposite sides of the same coin being flipped by the Bush administration and their
supporters. Hatriotism is the result of years of frustration and apathy caused by the increased depravity in society,
coupled with recent traumatic events. The public has slowly been introduced to an ever-increasingly violent parade
(negative input) of movies, games, T.V. shows and even newscasts. It is currently not beyond the mass media to televise
even the most gruesome live deaths, at any time of day, over and over and over. All the death and destruction that the
population absorbs through the guise of "Entertainment" and "Informative News" is creating an environment of total
apathy towards each other.

If you are truly honest with yourself, most of you will see that at least some of your Patriotism isn't actually for America's
Core Values, part of your Patriotism belongs to several corporate logos and Sound Bites. Real Patriotism includes such
things as standing up for the rights of others that you do not agree with. For example just for the fact that you don't like
what someone is saying, if you are truly Patriotic, you will fight for their right to say that which displeases you.

There has been a steady escalation of anger in the mood of the general public for many years. The increase of incidents of
workplace assaults, road rage and domestic violence are just a few of the indicators. These events, though not connected
by specific victims or perpetrators, all have something in common; that is simply they are mostly caused by prior
Negative Inputs, such as someone not receiving a promotion, some might be caused by a person being cut off in traffic or
some other seemingly trivial event, but none have a common ‗Villain‘, a stereotypical bogeyman so to speak.

This lack of an easily identifiable villain and in turn no way to really retaliate leads to the frustration that many people
feel. Whether it is the indifference of some government bureaucrat or the taunts of a childhood tormentor, these incidents
leave a lasting residue of negative emotion. This negative emotional residue was at one time, balanced out be the positive
day-to-day experiences of the general public, such as family interaction, in a time when only one parent had to work to
support their family. Couple these feelings of anger/frustration with a traumatic event, an event that was supposedly
caused by a 'Cookie Cutout Bogeyman' and you now have the ability to focus the public's anger onto that target.

The mass media has lead the 'Rant for Revenge' in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11, 2001. The same mass
media outlets that are owned by some of the biggest corporations in the world, that have admitted to being run by the
CIA and that answer to the corrupt F.C.C., are shaping your perception of the 'terrorists'. These media outlets are owned
by the same corporations, that also own some of the biggest weapon manufacturing cartels on the planet and are
amongst the biggest contributors to BOTH political parties.

Just read the words of these people and you will see that they are really just bloodthirsty zealots, begging for anyone to
paint a target on themselves so they can satisfy their bloodlust by murdering people in 'the pursuit of justice'.
"FORGET JUSTICE: WE WANT REVENGE! We shouldn't lollygag...Justice should not take precedence over vengeance...we
should turn their country into a glowing desert." New York Post

"I say bomb the hell out of them. If there's collateral damage, so be it. They certainly found our civilians to be
expendable." Sen. Zell Miller, D-Georgia

"When we reasonably determine our attackers' bases and camps, we must pulverize them -- minimizing but accepting the
risk of collateral damage -- and act overtly or covertly to destabilize terror's national hosts. The Pentagon's rebuilt fifth
side should include a new Department of Pre-emption." William Safire

"The nation has been invaded by a fanatical, murderous cult. And we welcome them. We are so good and so pure we
would never engage in discriminatory racial or "religious" profiling...We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and
convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We
carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war." Ann Coulter
"This nation is now at war. And in such an environment, domestic political dissent is immoral without a prior statement of
national solidarity, a choosing of sides." Peter Beinart, editor in chief of The New Republic

This current era of demonization of Muslims in general is nothing new; the media's demonization of Arabs has been going
strong for at least two decades. In the 1960's and 1970's the entertainment media had the Communists/Asians portrayed
as the root of the world's evil. In the early 1980's there was a shift in the 'Enemy of the Generation' in movies and books.
The focus of mankind's misery was no longer Communists/Orientals in general, the Commies were on our side now, Red
Heat is an example and the Asians were now the heroes in numerous Ninja/Martial Arts movies. The new international
'bogeymen on the block' were the 'Islamic/Muslim Zealots' and the 'Angry Loners'.

The Delta Force and True Lies are 2 of the more memorable examples of the rabid Arabs about to overrun the planet.
Even comedy movies started to parrot this theme, Back to the Future, has the 'harmless and loveable professor' being
gunned down by 'Arab terrorists' (probably one of those infamous ‗Libyan Hit Squads‘ that just got lost while looking for
Reagan). Rambo and The Manhattan Project are examples of the 'Angry Loner' with the mythical ability to do the near
impossible. The Loner is also often portrayed as fighting/resisting an 'imaginary conspiracy'.

'Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists'. This was the call to arms used by George W. Bush, who surely
suffers from worse ills than just Iraqnaphobia, to signal the start of the 21st century Feudal Crusades to be fought by the
'Nintendo Warriors' of the West. A call to arms in which he, the members of his administration and the corporate leaders
have NOT enrolled their children to participate in, but demand that you send your children to war, to MURDER others.

It is time to decide whether you are going to take the sugary Blue Opiate Pill (approved by the FDA and Homeland
Security) or take the very bitter Scarlet Letter Pill (made world famous by people such as the Founding Fathers, Mahatma
Gandhi and numerous others).

Chapter 6: Curing the Memes: Free Minds Can Disrupt the HoloReality

Memes are mind viruses. They infect and alter memories, like their computer borne counterparts when they alter a
memory, that alteration then affects all other memories connected to it. Like most other viruses these memes can also be
cured. The medication that is needed is very simple, COMMUNICATION. Both active and passive communications are
needed to not only cure your memes and to keep them from re-infecting your gray matter but also to help cure others
around you. You must also learn to view the corporate propaganda for what it actually is, LIES to enslave you.

The best form of passive communication are books, the authors of most non-fiction books spend more time researching
for their books then actually writing them. They also include references and bibliographies that allow the reader to verify
the information in the book. This verification ability of the reader thus makes ‗spinning the truth‘ much harder for authors
to do. The best form of active communication is dialogue. TALK. TALK. TALK. This will not only help spread the truth about
actual events, it will also start forcing people to question why they have been lied to about so many things in the past.
Talking to your grandparents and other seniors can be an invaluable source of real information for they lived the real
history that has been altered by the media and passed on to you.

You must NOT allow yourself to be dissuaded by doubters or people that are hostile to hearing the truth about subjects
that are very painful for many. They are simply in denial, a powerful form of self-protection. It takes time to break down
the wall of denial. Most adults do not want to contemplate the fact that they have been lied to so thoroughly and about so
many events of importance. Accepting the truth will have consequences for them, such as the realization that they don‘t
really know anything about the real substance of issues of world importance. They only know the false and hollow media

Take the Pearl Harbor ambush as an example. Most Americans still believe that the U.S. Government was completely
unaware that it was about to happen. The spin-doctors have done their best to not only conceal that they knew the attack
was coming, but that they had actually provoked Japan into attacking America. Robert Stinnett‘s book Day of Deceit: The
Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor and Mark Willey‘s book Pearl Harbor: Mother of All Conspiracies are just 2 of the books
that prove that the F.D.R. administration deliberately manipulated Japan into attacking America resulting in the deaths of
thousands and thousands of American soldiers during the war.

You should read the speech given by Charles Lindbergh on September 11, 1941. He points out that America is being
manipulated into fighting ‗Europe‘s War‘ and predicts that all that is needed is the creation of ‗incidents‘ to get America to
charge to the front.

We have become involved in the war from practically every standpoint except actual shooting. Only the creation of
sufficient "incidents" yet remains; and you see the first of these already taking place, according to plan [ill.]-- a plan that
was never laid before the American people for their approval.

September 11, 1941 was also the day the groundbreaking for the War Department‘s Pentagon (the Department of
Belligerent Aggression) and on September 11, 1609 Henry Hudson "discovers" the already inhabited Manhattan Island. It
was here that the first planned Biological Warfare attack in the New World took place, when blankets that were infested
with Smallpox carrying fleas were given to the Natives who had virtually no immunity to the disease. Just one more
reason that ‗I Love New York.‘

The books Missing in Action: Trail of Deceit by Larry O‘Daniel and Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed
Its Own P.O.W.s in Vietnam by Monika & William Stevenson, prove that the American government knowingly and willingly
left their P.O.W.s in Asia and lied to the public about it to hide the CIA‘s and Special Force‘s complicity/control of
drug/weapon smuggling in that region. (So much for the vaunted US military slogan ‗Leave No Man Behind‘ having any
real meaning.)

The CIA was not formed by the U.S. Government per say, the CIA was formed by a group of Wall Street Wizards led by
the Rockefeller dynasty so that they could have a private, covert asset procurement & protection/enforcement branch,
that ultimately does not have to answer to any political body. It was definitely NOT formed to protect the people of
America. The CIA‘s true agenda is to find exploitable resources, such as drug & gun smuggling (as they did in Southeast
Asia and are about to repeat in South America, now that the ‗Glitch‘ known as Iran-Contra has been forgotten by most of
the public) and procure the profits from these activities for the bankers on Wall Street to launder through their huge
corporate base. Pablo Escobar‘s 4 to 10 billions of dollars were a mere drop in a bucket compared to the amount of money
the Agency has made as a direct result of their narcotic trafficking related activities.

Through their network of criminal contacts, they also fund and promote radical separatist groups, even importing these
radicals if the native population lacks them in various parts of the world to force these countries into increasing their
military budgets and thus cutting social programs. This policy shift makes these governments unpopular with their general
population, which in turn causes uprisings from the oppressed groups. This then allows the CIA to then start selling
weapons to these countries and sending ‗military advisors‘. They play both sides against each other, then after the smoke
clears they pave the way for their Wall Street Corporate fronts to take over the resources of these war torn countries. This
also allows them to leverage lucrative rebuilding/consulting contracts, in essence making money from both the destruction
of nations and their reconstruction. Just like the House in any Casino, the CIA has little chance of ever losing at such a
rigged game for they have a seemingly endless supply of gullible ‗players‘ and the placated American public does nothing
to stop it.

The actual number of books, magazine and documentary videos that PROVE that elements within the American
government and many others around the world are being used to further the financial goals of the corrupt elite is
absolutely staggering at Amazon.com. There are literally thousands of them, yet very few ever make into the mainstream
spotlight, such as being on the New York Times Bestsellers List. The mainstream media has mandated that anything that
does not emanate from their flashy icons is to be shunned like a contagious leper. This is surely a telling sign for they
know that this information is contagious and once enough of the populace is infected with REAL knowledge, not spoon-
fed, watered down Pablum, their reign of terror is over.

Here is a tiny partial list of publicly available material (though some of these titles may be hard to find in America) that
you can obtain to verify that the American and Canadian governments have been run as a criminal empire for at least the
past 50 years:

The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Deity, Money and the CIA Kwitny, Jonathon
Barry and the Boys: The CIA, the Mob & America‘s Secret History Hopsicker, Daniel
BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again) Barnes, Scott
Silent Coup: The Removal of a President Colodny, LenGettlin, Robert
The Trial of Henry Kissinger Hitchens, Christopher
Rogue Nation: The America the Rest of the World Knows Scowen, Peter
War and Globalisation Chossudovsky, Michel
George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography Tarpley, Webster G Chaitkin, Anton
Farewell America Hepburn, James
Pearl Harbor: Mother of All Conspiracies Willey, Mark Emerson
Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor Stinnett, Robert
Descent into Tyranny Jones, Alex
Body of Secrets Bamford, James
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Palast, Greg
Secret History of the CIA Trento, Joe
Final Warning Rivera, David Allen
Behind Closed Doors McQuaig, Linda
Friends in High Places: Politics and Patronage in the Mulroney Government Hoy, Claire
The Canadian Establishment: Volume 1: The Old Order Volume 2: The Acquisitors Volume 3: Titans by Newman, Peter C.
America Hijacked: How Marxist-Nihilism Infiltrated America Roberts, Richard

You have been lied to about history by both the perpetrators of the crimes and their media lapdogs. Now that you know
that simple fact, it is time to start to change this ‗reality‘. For once you know the truth, it is not them that is insulting your
intelligence if you allow them to continue lying to and abusing society, it is YOU that is now insulting your intelligence.

Part 7: When the Serfs Revolt: The Storming of the Ivory Towers

Cynicism is the intellectual refuge of cowards that are unwilling to act.

It is very easy to be cynical in these trying times, as it has always been easy to be so at any time in history. Though the
paths of cynicism and procrastination have always been easier to follow, there have been many times when whole
societies have deviated from this malaise.

Though the impetus for these changes have been for different reasons and had various end results, they all have
something in common. Their common element is that accepted doctrines/paradigms are discarded/questioned when the
knowledge/beliefs of a small group of people are accepted by a large group of people. This catalyst is the cause of major
changes in societies throughout history.

There are numerous examples of this in the past century, such as the civil rights movement and the rise of the 3 rd Reich.
In both of these cases, the change was started by a small group of people that eventually convinced a much larger group
of people that their views were more correct and therefore more just.

Society today has been reduced to many small groups of people all trying to push their views/agendas forward. Issues
such as same sex marriage and environmental concerns are two examples of causes that are a focal point for people to
lobby for changes. The people that make up these groups are usually from a diverse range of ethnic background,
social/financial status, religions, political views, etc. This diversity is a dual edged sword, for while allowing a wide range
of views from various positions. It also causes people to develop tunnel vision, only seeing what is relevant to further their
cause and their goals. At the same time, people that are working for the same cause are separated by their
diversification. This is the Achilles‘ heel of lobbyists, protestors and any other group working for change. In essence they
lack Unification other than their common cause.

This can be shown by looking at how a certain group of people can be broken down into many much smaller groups of
people. Let‘s use patriots for this example. Most people will claim that they are patriots and are patriotic, yet these people
have different political views. Some are on the left, some are on the right and the majority is somewhere near the center.
Now we have 3 different groups of patriots, these can be broken down even further by separating the animal rights
advocates, the gay rights advocates, the environmental advocates, the health/social advocates, the women‘s lib
advocates, etc. etc. etc., until you have very small groups of people that have effectively been silenced. This can be
applied to any group of people (including each subgroup) and has been in implemented in much of the industrialized
world. The silent majority no longer has a voice in local politics, regional politics, national politics or world politics. They
also no longer have any say on the laws that have been passed or the trade agreements that their governments sign.

Don‘t think that this is true? When was the last time your concerns were considered when a ‗free‘ trade agreement was
signed? How many laws have you been able to voice an opinion on? Have you ever been able to vote for or against
government representatives giving themselves a raise? Have you ever had an environmental concern addressed by your
government? Ever notice how many people have to get killed before the government will install a simple stop sign at an
intersection? Ever notice how quick they enact legislation that protects themselves and their assets?

So much for you having a say, for as long as you THINK you have a voice you will be complacent and this is what they are
counting on. By breaking society down into smaller and smaller groups, then distracting you with every tact possible, from
‗terror alerts‘ to the buildup of the final episode of Frasier and the Scott Peterson trial, they can keep control of you.

All modern societies are made up of mechanisms of institutional control. Take the drivers license for example. When you
are an adolescent, it is pounded into your head that the most important thing in the universe is for you to get your license
when you turn 16. It is the beginning of Freedom. It is a knight in shiny armor sent from Camelot to rescue you from the
shackles of life. It is freedom to go where you want, when you want. Freedom from your parents. Only drivers ever have
sex and those that own the most expensive cars, get the most beautiful Barbie (some assembly of plastic body parts
may be required) impersonator and even more sex than regular drivers.

In reality a driver‘s license is the beginning of enslavement. You must give up all your personal information, you must
pass many examinations, you must register your vehicles, you must get tags/stickers for them, you must have insurance,
you must do as the road signs say to do and to top it all off you must PAY and PAY and PAY.
Now you might be wondering why did I emphasize paying for the privilege of driving? Simple. What is paying? It is the
exchange of money for a good or service. How did you obtain the money that you exchanged for your privilege? You
worked for it. What did you sacrifice for that work? You sacrificed your time. Your time is your life, so you have sacrificed
let‘s say 200 hours of your life this year for this one privilege.

200 hours per year multiplied by an average of 50 years of driving equals 10,000 hours of your life ‗invested‘ in your
privilege. Kiss more than a full year (24/7) of your life goodbye. Isn‘t freedom wonderful? You just have to trade in your
life for privileges. And this is just one invisible control system that is in place around you.

How is the money that you obtained by sacrificing your life created? Here is an overly simplistic layout. The central bank
buys government bonds. The bank then creates money by multiplying the value of the bonds and then lends credit to the
commercial banks. The commercial banks then lend credit to businesses and individuals.

For example the privately owned central bank or any other commercial bank buys a Government Bond Issue worth
$1,000,000,000.00 (1 billion). They then multiply that amount by 10, so in their books they now have
$10,000,000,000.00 (10 billion) to lend to the commercial banks for distribution. Now if they earn 5 percent interest on
that money, in reality it should produce a profit of $50,000,000 (50 million), yet they make a profit of $500,000,00.00
(500 million). Healthy profit margin for actually only lending out 1 billion dollars of ‗real‘ money. By the way it doesn‘t end
there either, remember the bond that started this whole fiasco? It is now matured and the central bank will now ‗cash it
in‘ and receive another $50,000,000.00 (50 million) in interest from the government (your taxes=your time=your life) on
the original amount of the bond issue.

For the record, that $50 million, along with the other $500 million is actually your money, your neighbors‘ money, and
your families‘ money and ultimately it is your lives that you are sacrificing to this control system. This system also
guarantees that no amount of government spending cuts will ever help to pay it off. To get money printed the
government must issue bonds to the central bank and pay interest on those bonds. In other words, only a fraction of the
money that is needed just for the principle is ever created, the money to pay the interest is not, therefore the debt will
accumulate until people catch on to the scam. The only way out is to scrap the system and start anew.

It‘s a strange paradox, the victims willingly feeding the very vampire that is bleeding them and even training their
children to be willing victims. It seems Dracula could mesmerize his victims into being docile cattle. So strange, so sad, so

These institutional control systems have been taking your life from you, so that you have no ‗free time‘, couple that with
the way society has been broken down into small voiceless lobby groups and the complicity of the mass media, you then
have the tools to manipulate a modern, supposedly democratic society into a Tech Noir quasi dictatorship.

This is happening in the wake of the events of September 11, 2001. Much of the world has been in state of shocked
disbelief and horrified outrage over the atrocities that were committed on that sorrowful day, yet it is this very day where
                                                                                                  we have to look, if we
                                                                                                  are to ever learn the
                                                                                                  truth. We have to pick
                                                                                                  the scab off that wound
                                                                                                  and endure some more
                                                                                                  suffering, for to get the
                                                                                                  true        answers      of
                                                                                                  September 11, we have
                                                                                                  to know the proper
                                                                                                  questions to ask and of
                                                                                                  whom to ask them. We
                                                                                                  must       also     commit
                                                                                                  ourselves to seek the
                                                                                                  answers        to     these
                                                                                                  questions on our own
                                                                                                  when the answers given
                                                                                                  by those in power are
                                                                                                  not at all compatible with

                                                                                                    The           government‘s
                                                                                                    ‗version‘ of these events,
                                                                                                    that is faithfully parroted
                                                                                                    by the mass media, are a
                                                                                                    flight of fantasy that
                                                                                                    baffles the mind in its
                                                                                                    sheer audacity to try to
                                                                                                    have any semblance of
                                                                                                    possible     truth.   Quite
simply put, there are more holes in the official version of events than there are in a barrel of Swiss cheese.

It is now time to view some direct evidence that proves that the U.S. Government is lying about the events on September
11, 2001. This information is from publicly available sources that you can obtain and verify for yourself. Keep in mind that
the information here is just the TIP of the TIP of the iceberg of inconsistencies in the Official Fairy Tale (O.F.T.) about

This picture clearly shows a woman standing at the impact site of the North Tower, near where the left engine impacted,
in the lower center of the picture, leaning against an outer column. You can download this document yourself and zoom in
on this picture and even see the woman‘s long, red hair.

This is a screenshot of my desktop with page 18 of the FEMA403 – Chapter 2 report (pdf format), by G&OBPendley (World
Trade Center Building Performance Study) relating to the destruction of the Twin Towers. I simply used the PrintScreen
key on my keyboard and then pasted the image from the clipboard into MSPaint. I then used ACDSee to convert it from
.bmp format to .jpg format and reduce the size to fit in this document.

This same document also asserts that the temperatures in the impact area was between 400 C and 1,100 C (page 22).
―Temperatures may have been as high as 900-1,100 C (1,700-2,000 F) in some areas and 400-800 C (800-1,500 F) in

Does it seem possible that a person with no protection could survive in this type of heat extremes? Do you really think
someone would have any hair after being exposed to such heat?

Notice the proximity of where the crosshair is targeting to where the plane impacted the North Tower in this June 1999
FEMA emergency self-study?
                                                 The official version of events claims that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon at 9:43
                                                 am. There are a couple of things that show this to be false and that the
                                                 time of impact was actually closer to 9:30 am. This can be shown with 2
                                                 pieces of evidence from very different sources. This first picture is from
                                                 within the Pentagon itself this clock clearly shows a time of 9:31.

                                                                                                      Now before you all
                                                                                                      start to proclaim that
                                                                                                      the minute hand is
                                                                                                      pointing down due to
                                                                                                      the clock falling off the
                                                                                                      wall, have a look at
                                                                                                      this picture.

                                                                                                      This picture is from
                                                                                                      ―9/11 The Filmmakers‘
                                                                                                      DVD.‖ This is a picture
                                                                                                      of a clock in a New
                                                York City Fire
                                                House. In the
                                                video,      the
                                                watching the
                                                television in
                                                this     scene
                                                blurts      out
Pentagon, the Pentagon is on f--king fire. War, this is war.‖

So how is it that a firefighter in NYC knows the Pentagon is
on fire 10 minutes before it supposedly was hit? Simple
answer, he didn‘t, the media is lying about the time of
impact to keep in step with the O.F.T.

Now if the government and media are so obviously lying
about just these 2 parts of the events of 9/11, how much
more are they lying about that isn‘t so obvious?

I could go into many more anomalies of that day:
       the lack of debris where Flight 93 crashed
         the relatively small impact hole made at the Pentagon, yet supposedly the WTC impacts knocked down TWO 110
          story buildings
         the insider trading (put options) leveraged against American Airlines and United Airlines by a CIA affiliated trading
          firm the week of the attacks (it seems Sandy Burger aka Burglar possibly stole parts of the report pointing to him
          and other CIA operatives who did this insider trading)
         the fact that the US Air Force intercepted a private jet with Payne Stewart on board within 20 minutes in 1999 yet
          could not respond to 4 hijacked airliners with over an hour notice
         the fact that president Bush, who was in a vulnerable, near an AIRPORT no less, place yet was not whisked off to
          safety by the secret service while the ‗attacks‘ occurred
         the fact that on 9/11 top executives, many from the WTC were attending a ‗golf charity event‘ at Offutt Air Force
          Base hosted by Warren Buffet, president Bush also landed at this same base that day
         the fact that in the 1993 it took more that 8 hours to evacuate the towers, yet in 2001 the buildings are mostly
          evacuated in less than an hour with no elevators in the North Tower and the South Tower only having 20 minutes
          head start before it would lose its elevators as well, where were the 30,000+ employees that should have been in
          those towers by that time of the morning
         the fact that WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7 all feel at the speed of freefall, i.e. NO resistance, the pancake story is B.S.
         several ‗hijackers‘ trained on US military bases and had CIA handlers
         mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown was warned not to fly to NY on 9/11, he received the warning on 9/10
          apparently by Condi Rice‘s office no less
         the fact Florida Governor John Elliot Bush signed executive order (01-261) for the emergency activation of the
          National Guard on September 7, 2001, this is the same state where some of the ‗hijackers‘ trained at the
          Pensacola Naval Station
         etc., etc. etc.

The 9/11 Independent Commission should really be named the 9/11 Compromised Luft Herring Conspirers and I would
take anything that they report with a couple of tons of salt.

I leave this to you to learn for yourself, with each other‘s help. I am also looking for the answer to these questions and
dozens of others relating to 9/11.

These anomalies need much more scrutiny. They need to be examined with the same thoroughness used by forensic
investigators. The real answers about that day need to be brought forward, for America, indeed the world, will NOT be
safe until the truth is known. Knowledge is Power. When the truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001 is
known, then you will have the power to protect yourself, your family, your friends and humanity, but without the proper
knowledge, we will surely ALL BE POWERLESS.

The Thread Weavers are hoping that you ignore the information that has been provided here. They hope that you will
again become distracted by the next batch of reality shows and celebrity breakups. For all of humanity I pray that you do
not ignore this information and even if you don‘t spread what you have learned to others I ask that you remember what
you read hear and use it to at least prevent yourself from being manipulated in the future.

Personal liberty begins with freethinking

In closing… ―If we can face it, God can fix it.‖ Catherine Austin Fitts

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