The letters below are from students in F-M_ J-D and LaFayette by xumiaomaio


									The letters below are from students in the LaFayette, Fayetteville-Manlius and Jamesville-Dewitt school
districts. This is a selection of the more than 600 letters we received from students in grades K-8 in our
Dear Mr. President letter writing project. A selection of letters will be printed in The Post-Standard’s
Neighbors section on January 22.

A selection of letters from C. Grant Grimshaw Elementary School:

Dear President-Elect Barack Obama,

Congratulations for getting elected. Here are some suggestions of things I think you should do
for our country.

I hope you can stop the war. This way the people in the war can be home for the holidays and
spend time with their families. I also hope you can lower taxes because everything is more
expensive. Finally, I hope you can lower the border charges so people don’t have to pay money
just for the things they buy in Canada.

I hope you do these things so our country can be a better place to live.

Jurnee Kurtz
C. Grant Grimshaw School
4th grade

Dear President-elect Barack Obama,

Congratulations on winning the election against Senator John McCain. I wanted you to win so
you can take care of some of these issues.

I hope you can stop the war because so many people have lost their lives. Our country is getting
worse and worse because of the war. I heard my friend’s uncle died a few days before his
birthday party.

I hope you can stop the job loss thing that is going on in New York State.

Can you help the homeless people? They’re always on the side of the road and I feel sad for
them on Erie Boulevard. They always need some food in the city of Syracuse.

So, I hope you can do all of this. I will be very thankful to you if you do.

A concerned student,
Joshua Mayotte
C. Grant Grimshaw School
4th grade
Dear President-elect Barack Obama,
Congratulations on being elected! Here are some changes I hope you can fix.

Many people are being hurt in jail. Can you please stop people from hurting prisoners in jail?
Also, can you please stop the war because some of my family is in there. I want to see them all
again. Finally, can you please buy some more books for school because I love to read and I bet
other kids like to read too.

I hope these are some things that you can do for our country.
Your Citizen,
Alexis Fenstermaker
C. Grant Grimshaw School
4th grade

Dear Barack Obama,
Congratulations for being elected president. These are the things that I would like you to do for
the U.S.A.

I think that you should lower taxes. This would help people afford gas and other items. The next
thing I would like you to do is help people start new companies. This will help create more jobs
for people who need them. The last thing that I would like for you to work on is helping
education. Please do not cut the money schools need for helping kids learn. When you take
money from the school they lose good teachers. Also keep college costs low so everyone can
afford to go.

I hope you will try to work on some of these issues.
Chad Warren
C. Grant Grimshaw School
4th grade

A selection of letters from Enders Road Elementary School:

Dear Mr. President,
Congratulations on winning the election. I’m excited to have you as our country’s President!

One thing I would really love to see is for people to stop cutting down trees. If people continue to
cut down trees, the environment will go bad and animals can die. If someone chopped down a
forest, that person would eventually end up in the middle of nowhere.

Another thing is to help the poor in our country because they can’t buy lots of personal needs.
The poor can’t afford insurance and they can’t afford homes. They need help!

Finally, you should make more no smoking areas because smoking can do bad things to
people’s lungs especially to those who don’t smoke. Smoking can do bad things to the
environment, Smoking should be banned altogether so we could make a healthier country.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, Good luck in the White House. Say hello to Mr.
Biden for me.

Nick Corso
Enders Road Elementary
3rd grade
Dear Mr. President,
Congratulations on winning the election!

Since you became president, it would be nice if you could do a few things. The first would be to
stop cutting down trees because animals need to have homes or they’ll die if it’s too cold for
them. Where will the animals that hibernate for the winter go? How would you like it if your
house was cut down? It’s the same for the animals.

Another thing would be to lower gas prices. Lowering gas prices would be better for people who
don’t earn much money as work! It’s expensive for people to travel especially in the
summertime. Another thing you should try to do is stop water pollution. Animals in the sea may
think the trash is food and the animals will eat it. They could die. People swim in water and we
want to swim in clean water. Polluted water isn’t good for earth. Thank you for reading my letter.
Good luck in the White House!
Alissa Shenandoah
Enders Road Elementary School
3rd grade

Dear Mr. President,
Congratulations on getting into office!

Since you have become president, there are a few favors I’d like to ask you. One thing is to
recycle and reuse the papers that you use. If the paper has a blank side, then you can use that
side to write ideas for the country or give it to your kids to draw on (make sure you’re done with
it first!). Another reason is so you don’t cut down any more trees. We don’t have that many trees

Another favor is to lower gas prices, especially when it’s vacation time. Mom and dad are
complaining about raising tax prices! Another reason is so people can enjoy their vacation
without paying too much.

The last favor is to make more schools. I know a lot of people who don’t know how to read and
write. Please make a difference so we can have more friends!

I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. Thank you for your time.
Melody Gan
Enders Road Elementary School
3rd grade
A selection of letters from Jamesville-Dewitt Middle School:

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Arianna Hege and I am a sixth grader at Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School in
DeWitt, New York. I am very excited about you being our new president. I hope you and your
family will have a great stay in the White House.

America is a wonderful place to live, yet it still needs some improvements. First and foremost,
we need to get out of the financial crisis that we are in. More and more people are struggling to
pay for their homes and to provide food for their families. Some parents don’t have enough
money to send their kids to college. People are losing their jobs and need to rely on government
support. This increases the burden on people who are working hard. We need to insure that
Americans can earn enough money for food and shelter. Children should have food to eat, a
place to sleep and access to a good education.

I believe that we live in the best country there is to live in. I see a bright future for your
presidency and our nation. Although our country is not perfect, I think you are the perfect person
to make it better.

Arianna Hege
Jamesville-Dewitt Middle School
6th grade

Dear Mr. President,

I feel you will be a great president. I hope you will make choices that will help the economy, the
well being of the United States and it’s citizens. As a middle class child of a stockbroker the
economy as well as increase in taxes are both very important issues for my family and me. With
the dollar’s value low and decreasing, the near future seems a little scary. I hope that you will
help our country get back on it’s feet. Another concern of mine is that some of the largest
companies/banks are going bankrupt, or already have (Merrill Lynch, Washington Mutual) and
that so many people are losing their jobs.

Another hope I have for you is that you will try to find alternative gas. I believe that even though
it’s not easy, we will somehow find a way to not depend on foreign countries supplying our
country with natural gas. When we accomplish this our country will take a huge step forward in
the economic department.

I hope you will do a good job as the leader of our country. I also think it’s wonderful that you
made history as the first African American president.

Nikolas Koulouris
Jamesville Dewitt Middle School
6th grade
Dear President Obama,

I know that everybody wants the best for the U.S.A., and so do I. We want everything that’s
hurting us to stop so we could live peacefully and perfect. I know that it’s asking a lot so I will
narrow some of my hopes down.

Lots of people are losing more and more money from the whole economic crisis that is going on.
I hope that you, as president, will do as you said and create more jobs. I hope those jobs will be
environmentally friendly as well as the technology. Also, I hear about the war and picture those
brave man and women who are risking their lives for our. I hope the war can end really fast in
any way possible. I know you already have begun, but I hope you can improve the decision-
making. You can do this by getting together with leaders from other countries and talk with them
about the problems and how to decide what to do.

I could go on and on about what I hope for our country, but those are some of my most
important. I wish you very good luck on your years ahead of you. YES WE CAN!

Your friend,
Joshua Frank
Jamesville-Dewitt Middle School
6th grade

A selection of letters from Mott Road Elementary School:

Dear President Obama,

I hope you enjoy being president, living in the White House, and living with the stuff in the White
House. I hope you can give awards to car makers that make cars that use less amounts of oil,
and also give awards to farmers who plant trees. I also hope you try to get factories to use less
amounts of pollution too.

I hope you have a good time being president. I also hope you are going to be happy in your new
Allison Ritter
Mott Road Elementary School
2nd grade

P.S. What does it feel like to be president, and why?
P.P.S I am worried that Americans are using too much oil. So I hope you can fix that.
P.P.P.S. Please, please, please, please find a way to stop the war.

Dear President Obama,
Congratulations you won the election. My dad is a beekeeper so I think that without bees people
could die. So can you make a rule to try not to kill bees?
Jordan Krouse
Mott Road Elementary School
2nd grade

P.S. I’ve seen a show about decorating the White House and could you take a picture of the
blue room and the White House gingerbread house and send the pictures to me?
Dear Mr. Obama,

How are you doing in the White House? I’m the same age as Sasha. By the way, my name is
Phoebe. I don’t like people testing liquids and skin smoother on animals. How would you like it if
someone took a liquid and tried it on you? I think you should test it on plastic figures. By the
way, I voted for you in our school election.

A democrat of yours,
Phoebe Lindabury
Mott Road Elementary School
2nd grade

Dear Mr. Obama,

I went crazy when you won! Can you try to fix the pollution? Can you also make a Clean Up
Club so people can clean up the world? Also can you make all cars use less gas?

Nolan Chiles
Mott Road Elementary School
2nd grade

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations from winning. I am glad you are our president. I hope you send me a picture of
you. How do you like the White House? Did you meet old presidents? I am in second grade. I
am seven years old. I want you to let people [take] care of others. I wonder what will be our next

Olivia Zackary
Mott Road Elementary
2nd grade

A selection of letters from Wellwood Middle School:

Dear Mr. President,

I think we need a revolution. We need to reform Wall Street. The system has been the same
through so many disasters and we haven’t learned. We need to change this volatile and
dangerous system. How many disasters will we go through and defend the system?

Definition of insanity: doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. The
result we will get is this set of crashes and depressions that will ravage our economy, but we
expect success and stability. We need to prevent the problematic and destructive things that are
at work in our economy. This is a dangerous game that people all over the country are taking
risks in.

Also, I like the idea from Ben & Jerry’s that no person can earn more than seven times what
their lowest earning full-time employee makes annually. I think that some of the more harmful
aspects of the free market, like short-selling, should be prevented because they only damage
the market.

AJ Dowthwaite
Wellwood Middle School
6th grade
Dear Mr. President,

My hope for this nation is to stop the war in Iraq because it doesn’t just hurt the families of the
U.S. but also for the families of Iraq and probably any other place around it like Iran or
Afghanistan. I would consider myself a pacifist. I also hope more people start to participate with
getting the world “greener.” I think we should have more people participating because the world
is starting to get a little better (well I know that the U.S. is at least!). Plus, my mom says that
Syracuse is considered one of the most “greenest” places now! One time, my friends and I took
our bikes out and tied a bag on it and collected all of the trash we found on the ground in our
neighborhood! Another of my hopes is that more people start to follow the laws. I follow school
rules and the rules of our nation! Rules and laws are important to our nation and they are a main
way to stay civilized!

Chloe Hoffman
Wellwood Middle School
6th grade

Dear Mr. President,

My hopes for the future include many things. A greener environment would be important.
Pollution is going to become a bigger and bigger problem. With all the cars and factories
emitting pollution this is a growing and ongoing problem. Everyone could help by cutting down
on how much energy we use. We could turn off lights and water when we are not using it.

The economy is also a problem. Almost everything is getting more expensive although gas
prices are going down. I don’t know how we could solve this.

Salary is another problem, Why do some people get paid a lot more than others? Are sport
players really worth as much as they get paid? I believe that salaries should be fairer especially
with the economy the way it is. The world could be better with some change.

Bryan Sherwood
Wellwood Middle School
6th grade

Dear Mr. President,
As you know, the world is not perfect. This country needs help with our economy, poverty and
war. But, I hope you will assist us with a much overlooked problem. Our environment. Pollution
has become a huge problem in the U.S.A. This includes air pollution, water pollution, and just
our waste! All over the country, landfills are overflowing with our junk: We need to conserve.
Peoples lungs are dying because of cars and factories and the smog they emit: We need more
efficient technology. But most of all, people don’t even care!

“Oh, one piece of litter won’t hurt.” Wrong! What would happen if everyone in the world said
that? Mr. President, we need to save the environment, as well as wildlife and well, ourselves! I
can understand it won’t be easy. It will be especially hard persuading people to follow. But
someone has to go first. We have faith in you, Mr. President, that’s why you were elected. And
now, it’s your turn.
Ted Boyle
Wellwood Middle School
6th grade
A selection of letters will be published in The Post-Standard’s Neighbors section on
January 22.

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