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€   Support Skype software operation usage.

€   LED for power.

€   Handfree and special hook.

€   LCD shows the appearance.

    (such as contact list, call list and time)

€   USB 2.0 interface available.

€   Support telephone mute function
                                                                    USB SKYPE PHONE
                                USB SKYPE PHONE
USB SKYPE PHONE is a brand new communication product that connect with your PC’s
USB port, dialing any phone all over the world in the way of PC-TO-PC/PC-TO-Phone,
basic on the internet. With Skype you can call phones anywhere in the world from as little
as 1.2p per minute. With USB SKYPE PHONE, it will make international calls to ordinary
phones at local rates. Skype to Skype calls will always be free.

1€Product       specification description•
1    Support Skype software operation usage.
2    LED for power.
3    Handfree and special hook.
4    LCD shows the appearance.
    (such as contact list, call list and time)
5 USB 2.0 interface available.
6 Support telephone mute function
7 137mm(L)×46mm(W)×21mm(H)

2€System        Requirements
Windows 2000\Windows XP or higher
400 MHz processor or higher
128 MB RAM or higher
Free USB port
3€   Quick Start
3.1. Install the latest SkypeTM software
The USB Phone must work with SkypeTM Rev. and later. If your SkypeTM is
older, Please   download     the  latest   SkypeTM    software      at:   Http://

3.2. Install the USB Skype phone software
The USB Skype Phone Software is the special software designed for SkypeTM, which
enables the USB Phone to work with SkypeTM. The installation is very simple. After
install it, the skype phone can be used normally.

4€ USB SKYPE Phone Software ( SkypeMate )

After running the SkypeMate, the image           will be showed in the task line.

                                                                                 USB SKYPE PHONE
The software functions as follow€

A, Click the × on the left side of image                   to exit the software.

B, Click                 to control the volume.

C, Click                 to control the screen contrast.

D, Click         to set the screen save picture.

E, Click         to chose the coming call ring bell.
F,                   will so you the SkypeMate’s version.
G, Click            can enter

H, Click        to set the hand free loudspeaker.

I, Click       to set the music ring bell.

5€ Key function introduction•
•    0‚9,* ƒ # number & character keys•

•    YES : Use for calling & picking the coming call. After dialing number or choosing the contacting
     person, then press it to call what your choice. When the call goes on, press it to hold the call; press
     it to pick the coming call; to check dialed call history, press it when the status is free; long
     press(about 2 sec.) to check the picked coming call history.
•    NO•Use for end of the call and refuse any coming call and exit any function and back to the

     desktop picture.
•    UP€DOWN: in the free status, press to open the phonebook, press up and down to look it up. In the

     calling status, press up and down to change the volume. Besides, you can use these two keys in
     the Phonebook function, missed calls list function and to chose any function in the USB skype
     phone functions list.
•    CLE: press it to delete the number one by one when input numbers; in the free status, press to
     enter the missed calls list. In the call history, press to delete the selected record.
•    volume+€volume-€volume setting keys‚; long press volume+ to play the phone at full volume,

     long press volume- to play the phone at min volume, there are 9 level settings•

•    MUTE€In the calling status, press to stop the voice from sending to the contact person, the Skype

                                                                             USB SKYPE PHONE
     window will display “MUTE” symbol, press again to cancel the Mute function.
•    S logo•Press to display the Skype window.

6€User’s guide:

1€To answer SKYPE call€The USB SKYPE PHONE will ringing when there have a coming call, the

     screen will show the number or the contact person name. Press YES to answer the call. Or press

     NO to refuse the call.‚If another call comes while communicating, the phone will send out rings,

     press NO to refuse or press YES with upƒdown to select which contact person to contact.

                            •select contact person in the Phone book list by pressing up or
2€ To dial SKYPE call„PC->PC…

    down , and then press YES to call.

                      „PC->PHONE…Firstly, active the Skype Out function. And then dial the number
3€ To dial ordinary call

    directly.„Please visit to look for more information about Skype Out.…

4€ Mute when in the communication€If don’t want to be heard by the contact person, press to stop

    the voice from sending to the contact person.•

5€ Volume control•long press volume+ to play the phone at full volume, long press volume- to play the

    phone at min volume, there are 9 level settings. You can also change the speaker volume by
    pressing up or down in the communication status.

6€Mult-Communication •

 If another coming call in during the calling, the phone will send out ring bell, press NO to refuse the
 coming call or press YES to answer the call. The first communication will enter the Hold On status, the

 second communication will be through after contact†now you can press up or down to chose contact

 person, press YES to get through†the other one will enter the Hold On status†long press YES to

 contact all calls, and then enter Communication Meet mode. Press up or down to choose contact
 person and then press NO to end of the communication of the selected one. Long press NO to end of
 all communications.
 During the calling if you want to call another one, just press the menu key. in your linkman choose you
 want to call, press "YES" can call your new linkman, the first one is enter keeping status. after u swith
 on your new linkman, press "up" and "down" you can choose anyone in you linkman list, and then
 press "YES" put through. The other side enter keeping status, or press the "YES" key, then the calling
 side enter the keeping status, if you press "yes" key for a long time you can put through every calling,

                                                                               USB SKYPE PHONE
 and then enter the telephone meeting status, press "up" and "down" choose the calling side and then
 press "NO" key end of the calling if u press the "NO" key for a long time can end all of the calling.

FAQ and Trouble Shooting
‚ Question 1
When I play an mp3 or audio CD, the music comes from the USB Phone. How to have
the music played back from the PC's sound card?

After you install the USB Phone, the default audio device in the system will change
to "USB Headset” device. So, if the USB Phone is connected, you can hear sound
playing from the USB Phone whenever you play MP3 or audio CD. To play the music
from your speaker, you should set your PC's sound card as the preferred audio
device. Please follow the steps below:
Start€Settings€Control Panel€Sound and Multimedia€Audio€
When the corresponding window appears, please check if the preferred devices for
“Playback” and ”Recording” are your PC’s sound card.

‚ Question 2
Can I use the phone work with other PC-based softphone applications, such as MSN,
Yahoo Message, Xten, Dialpad, MediaRing, Net2phone?

Yes, of course, the USB Phone is a standard audio device in Windows so you can
set the USB Phone as audio input/output, and the software can receive the input
from the USB Phone and redirect it to the application when SkypeTM is not running.
However, incoming phone ring are not supported when used with all other softphone

‚ Question 3
Why sometime I can hear an echo of myself with half a second delay?

In the USB Phone, there are acoustically isolated speaker and microphone to
eliminate echo so there is no echo in the other side. However you would deal with
echo if the other side uses desktop speakers and a separate microphone because
your speech played from his speaker would come back thru his microphone. If both
sides use high-quality USB Phone, then will no echo at all.


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