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									Visual design studio «Vintage»

Creative Brief – Website Design.
This document provides a brief description of the project. It outlines the objectives, audience, and assumptions for
the project and details the creative concept the team intends to use moving forward.

  1. Your Message

     1. Do you have an existing site or reserved domain name? (If yes, please specify the URL. If you have several
        reserved domain names, please specify all of them)

     2. What is the primary message you wish to convey to your audience with this new site?

     3. Please list any secondary objectives:

     4. What are your overall goals with this new site?

     5. How does the company differentiate itself from competitors?

     6. What are the key reasons why customers choose your company?

  2. Target Audience

     1. Who is your target audience for the new site? Is it different from your current customer profile? (Please
        describe in detail)

     2. What are the three most important informational needs for your target market?

     3. How aware is your target market about your company and the current web site (if applicable)?

  3. Perception and Design

     1. Is the web site to be designed from scratch or is it a redesign of an existing site?                                          1                          
Visual design studio «Vintage»

     2. Use three adjectives to describe how the user should perceive the new site. (examples: conservative,
        progressive, friendly, formal, casual, serious, energetic, humorous, professional …)

     3. Is this different than current image perception (if applicable)?

     4. What do you feel is the biggest challenge in getting this image across to customers?

     5. Describe any visual elements or styles that can be utilized from existing marketing materials or collateral (if

     6. How your company is currently perceived? Do you wish to carry the same kind of message through the new

     7. List any web sites you find compelling. What do you find most interesting about these sites?

     8. List web sites of competitors and briefly describe what you like and dislike about them.

     9. Is there a current corporate style guide that will be used? If not, are you considering the creation of a
        corporate style guide, identity or logo?

     10. Approximate number of pages?

  4. Action

     1. What is the primary action you wish a visitor to take from the main page of your new site? (examples:
        download, browse, move along a specific path, email, order, explore, click button, call via phone …)

     2. What is the primary action you wish a visitor to take before leaving you site? Is it the same action as #1? If
        not, please describe.

     3. What elements are key items you wish to be available on every page (examples: company phone number)?                                         2                              
Visual design studio «Vintage»

  5. Content

       1. Will this site use existing content (text, art, photos, etc.)? If so, what is the source and who is responsible
          for approval?

       2. What is the basic structure of the content and how is it organized? (Examples: is the text now on disk or will
          it need to be re-typed? What is the resolution of your images? Is all the content organized in one location,
          or is it spread across the organization?)

       3. What do you see as navigation selections for your new site? (examples: About Us, Our Services, Contact Us,

       4. How many language versions are supposed to be presented at the site? (Please specify languages)

       5. Do you plan to use an existing database at this website or any new database should be developed? (If yes,
          please describe in detail)

       6. Is CMS (content management system) required for this site?

       7. If possible, please provide a site map of the proposed site structure (can be an attachment).

       8. Do you need website support services after the launch of the project? (Web-hosting, site administration,
          information update, etc.)

  6.     Additional Comments/Notes

Date of brief filling:                                           3                                

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