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					Researching Your Niche - How Hard Can It Be?

Publishing niche e-books is a well proven business model, which can make you a great deal of money if done right. However finding ideas for e-book
titles can be both time consuming and daunting pursuit if you don't know where to start. That's where this article comes in. I am about to show you a
simple strategy you can use to find as many niche markets to sell e-books to as you like.

We are going to be looking at the following online resources, and don't worry they are free:

The people at have provided us with a totally free resource that will supply us with loads of niche markets. Go to the above site, sign
up for free, and start typing in keywords based on general subjects; e.g. if you have an interest in 'cats' type in the word 'cats' and wordtracker will
supply you with loads of sub-niches based on the subject of cats. These sub-niches are all subjects you can exploit.

Amazon is an amazing resource that will provide you with heaps of subjects for e-books.

Go to the site and click on 'books' from the tabs at the top of the page and then in the search bar type in the subject you'd like to create an e-book
about. For example type in 'cooking'. Look through the list of titles and make a note of the sub-niches that jump out at you.

Remember you are not trying to compete with Amazon, you will be catering for a different market.

When people buy from Amazon they want a physical book and are willing to wait for delivery. People who buy e-books require the information
immediately as a download.

One little known fact is the perceived value of the products. Amazingly downloaded products have a higher perceived value than physical books. You
might be able to sell a book on Amazon for $15, whereas a downloadable info product can achieve prices up to $50.

Another great resource tool. You can find a load of sub-niches by typing in to the search bar and looking through the titles of the general niche.

Article directories are a great resource, if not the greatest resource to research subjects for e-books. Goarticles is only one of many article directories
where you can type in a subject and get many thousands of potential e-book titles listed for you.

Now the idea is to go to a few article directory sites, there are literally thousands to choose from, and make a list of potential topics for e-book titles.

Once we have a list of potential e-book titles we need to check to see if anybody is searching for information about these topics.

Go back to Wordtracker type in each topic in turn and ensure that there are at least 5000 searches a month for the information. If there is then you
have just found a potentially very lucrative e-book title to base your business around.

"But you have to be able to write an interesting book before you can sell it - right?" No - you don't have to write a single word, you get somebody else
to write it for you. You can hire a writer off from between $500 and $750. You are into the business of marketing not writing, so
outsource your writing projects to writers.

Before I finish I would like to dispel a myth about the internet. Please don't think that you can just create a product, knock up a website, sit back and
wait for cash to come flooding in. you are not going to become a millionaire over night - well you might if you are lucky you might, but lets not rely on

What you want is a network of mini sites all bringing in about 1k a month. Being able to come up with an endless supply of niche titles, which will bring
small amounts of money every month is the key to online success.


Research your subjects using:

Ensure people are searching for the info - at least 5000 per month.
Have an e-book created.
Market your e-book online.
Repeat process………..Repeat process……….. etc.


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Tony Evans is an information publisher specializing in helping people start their own home based business. Get a no cost video showing you step by
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