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									Mafia Wars: A How-To Guide

Are you interested in playing Mafia Wars but do not know where to start?
In the beginning, you may find this online game overwhelming. But, once
you get the flow of the game, you'll surely love it as much as millions
of people do. This game will allow you to build your own mafia and grow
your empire, perform tasks or jobs that will give you more money, and
fight enemies from other mafias to gain experience points that will help
you level up.

How To Start Playing

You must remember that every character in the game will have energy,
health, and stamina meter. The meter is full at the beginning of the
game, and it decreases as you use it up in accomplishing jobs and in
fighting. Every job you accomplish has a corresponding number of energy
needed. Everytime you fight an enemy, you use up one stamina point and
your health is reduced. The number of health points you lose will depend
on how much damage you take. Over a certain number of minutes, from three
to five, your energy, health, and stamina meter increases.

When you begin playing Mafia Wars, you will be given the chance to
customize your character. When doing this, you can choose from three
different character classes, each class with different advantages. Your
choices are as follow:

•     Maniac. The advantage of this character class is in the energy
recharge time. Whereas the two other classes recharge in 5 minutes, this
class recharges only in 3 minutes.
•     Mogul. This class has the advantage when it comes to money earned.
It earns money from its properties every 54 minutes whereas other classes
earn after 60 minutes.
•     Fearless. The advantage of this character class is in health, which
recharges every three minutes compared to the five minutes that it takes
for other classes to recharge.

How You Can Thrive

Once you have chosen your class, you can start by inviting friends to
join your mafia. You can also start by performing jobs (robbing a
warehouse, mugging, staging a hold-up, and others). For every job you
perform, you will gain a certain number of experience points and a
certain amount of money. Different jobs require different weapons, so you
need to have them. You can buy these weapons using your money, or you can
find them as loot in the jobs you undertake.

You can also attack other players, but there's no assurance that you will
win during your attack. Depending on your mafia size and weapons, you may
succeed or you may lose. Your health and your money will be at stake
during these attacks, so you better plan out each of your moves. In case
other players attack you, you have the option of attacking them back,
asking your mafia to attack them, or putting your enemy on a hit list.
As you advance in Mafia Wars, you'll encounter more challenging tasks
that provide more experience points and rewards. And when you reach
levels 35 and 70 respectively, you can travel to Cuba and Moscow in your
fights. In case you need more energy, stamina, or health points, you can
visit the godfather for your needs. With the right techniques and
strategies in playing the game, you can easily advance and spread your

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