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                                            The CBP Key

       Providing the Key to Your Business
                                                                                              October 2011
       Start Up and Growth

             Table of Contents              Dear Alicia,    
       Don't Miss th 11th Annual Women       
             Entrepreneurs' Expo!           Two major networking fundraisers bookmark the CBP's events
           Is Your Network Healthy?
                                            calendar this month.  If you get a hole in one at the "Fore"
                                            Charity Golf Event, you will win a new car courtesy of Lindsay
        Save Money by Learning More -       Automotive!  You could also win a $2500 tour of Ireland
           About Your Credit Score!         courtesy of Wild West Irish Tours! If you are named the
           Reserve Your Spot for the        "Businesswoman of the Year" at the Women Entrepreneurs'
        Veterans in Business Conference     Expo, you will win $500 cash from the Soroptimist International
        "FORE" Charity Silent Auction Big
                                            of Fairfax County!  See details below!
                 Ticket Items                
                                                                            Another Fall Classic returns! 
       Why Estate Planning is Important -
            Especially for Women!
                                                                            The Seventh Annual General
                                                                            Counsel, P.C. FORE Charity
         Can't Find the Class You Need?                                     Golf Tournament will be held
            CBP Clients in the News!        on Friday, October 7th.  For the third year, all proceeds will
                                            benefit The Business Incubation Center, a program of The
            Upcoming Special Events         Community Business Partnership. The venue for the event once
       SBA Administrator's Statement on     again will be the prestigious Old Hickory Golf Club located in
         QuickPay for Small Businesses      Woodbridge, Virginia. Cost is $150.00 per golfer (which
                                            includes lunch, drinks and dinner).  Noon shotgun start.
              CBP Key Sponsor               Register here! 
        The 2011 editions of the            The Business Incubation Center (BIC) wants to say a
       CBP Key are brought to you           special thanks to General Counsel, PC for putting on
        by the generosity of Ace            the FORE Charity golf tournament that is supporting
        Consulting Services, LLC.           the BIC this year. We also want to say thanks to our
                                            clients and sponsors who have made significant
                                            donations to our silent auction this year. We are
                                            eternally grateful to Wild West Irish Tours our first,
                                            and largest donor. They donated a tour of Ireland
                                            worth $2,500!
            ACE is dedicated to             ACT NOW to register for our 11th annual Women                            10/4/2011
Win a Car and/or $500 at CBP Events This Month!                                                    Page 2 of 10

           providing top-notch        Entrepreneurs' Expo "Seize the Opportunity!" to be held at
        accounting and taxation       the Waterford in Springfield on Friday, October 28. All
         services to complement       registration closes October 14!  Ten great workshops, 75
       clients' internal resources.   exhibitors, and networking galore. New this year -
            ACE has recently          a "Businesswoman of the Year" $500 Award from Soroptimist
            received its 8(a)         International of Fairfax County!  Read more here. 
       certification from the U.S.     
              Small Business          For small government contractors, a safe and confidential peer
             Administration.          group can be a powerful tool for innovation and helping with
                                      challenges. To answer this need, the SBDC is now forming the
                                      Small Business Peer Group to help federal contractors with
                                      second-stage growth.  Come learn more about the opportunity
                                      to join this new Peer Group.  This group is for companies who:

                                            Provide products and/or services to the federal
           Kim Holland, Founder             Anticipate less than $50 million revenue in 2012
                3025 Colvin St,             Have fewer than 100 employees
            Alexandria, VA 22314            Are looking for new ideas, lessons learned, and
                703-251-0442                innovative approaches to grow their business

                                      The Peer Group will meet twice monthly for peer-to-peer
                                      coaching and speaker presentations. An Open House will be
                                      held November 1 from 4-6pm at TeqCorner. This is your
                                      opportunity to meet the organizers, hear more about the
                                      program, and reserve your seat on the group.  Register online.
                                      Questions?  Contact Anna Urman for more information.
                                      Have a prosperous month!

                                      Barbara L. Wrigley
                                      VP Public Relations
                                      Community Business Partnership

                                           Friend, Follow and Link with the Community
                                                   Business Partnership Online!


       Don't Miss the 11th Annual Women Entrepreneurs' Expo! 
                                          Registration is open and space is filling up fast!  Call us                       10/4/2011
Win a Car and/or $500 at CBP Events This Month!                                                  Page 3 of 10

       now to secure one of the few remaining 6' exhibit spaces.  All 8' foot exhibit spaces are SOLD
       OUT. The 2011 Women Entrepreneurs' Expo will be held Friday, October 28, 2010 at the
       Waterford in Springfield VA.

       Our theme this year is "Seize the Opportunity!" We are thrilled to announce that this
       year's keynote speaker will be Mary Grate-Pyos.  Mary Grate-Pyos, MBA, is an outstanding
       local author of Wealthy Woman, Wise Choices.  She is an entrepreneur, a fFinancial strategist
       and a great motivational speaker!

       In addition to our keynote speaker, we will have ten seminars which cover a variety of
       different topics.  Here are just a few of the seminar topics to be
       discussed:  "Seize the Opportunity: Tips for Finding and Closing Big
       Sales," "8(m) - The Certification that Means Business," "Marketing on a
       Shoestring Budget," and "Build your Dream Team - Support for

       Registration includes: continental breakfast, a conference bag full of
       goodies, program guide, entrance to three workshops from a choice of
       ten, the wonderful VIP luncheon with local elected officials, subject
       matter experts and inspirational keynote speaker and the all day trade
       fair and Tweet Station.  Free parking on site.  Raffle tickets will be
       available for purchase.

       Act Now!  You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to network and
       grow your company's revenues. Click here and sign up today to register!
       Finally, a heads up to clients of CBP's Women's Business Center - Watch your email boxes -
       you should have received our Annual Economic Impact Survey.  Look for it, and please
       complete it!  Many thanks!
       by Sonja Caison Assistant Director, Women's Business Center of Northern VA

       Is Your Network Healthy?
       As business owners, it's often too easy for us to forget how important it is to consistently
       reach out to build, grow, and nurture our network.  You may be too busy with clients, you
       may have other obligations, or you may have forgotten why interaction with other business
       owners and people in your industry is essential for the long-term health of your business.

             Strategic partnerships - how many similar businesses would be good referral partners
             for you (and you for them?)  What other services do your clients often need that you
             can help them find - being able to provide a valuable service, appearing like a wise, in-
             the-know member of the business community, and at the effort of passing a business
             Meet new clients - they're out there networking as well.  The best way to form a
             trusted relationship is to look them in the eye, shake their hand, and ... ask for their
             Professional development - there is always new information that you can pass down to
             your clients, implement as a tool to improve efficiency, marketing, management.  You
             may even want participate in a Peer Advisory Group (such as one that CBP is creating
             for government contractors, in partnership with Teqcorner).  More info?
             Resources and help - when was the last time you needed something: a plumber, a CPA,
             an attorney, an intern?  Who did you call - someone out of the phonebook, someone                     10/4/2011
Win a Car and/or $500 at CBP Events This Month!                                                  Page 4 of 10

             you googled, or someone that you met or came from a referral?  You never know when
             you'll need help again - so prepare yourself by having the resources you need on hand.

       Now step back from the computer make three good connections every week! 
       by Anna Urman, Director, Small Business Development Center

       Save Money by Learning
       More About Your Credit Score 
                                         A credit score is used by lenders and banks to determine
                                         your risk as a borrower.  The higher your credit score, the
                                         lower your risk.  The lower your score is, the greater your
                                         risk as a borrower.  Once a person's credit score has
                                         crossed the minimum threshold, the score is used to
                                         determine the interest rate the bank will set.  An interest
                                         rate could potentially save or cost a person hundreds if not
                                         thousands of dollars over the course of their loan
                                         depending on the amount of the loan and the term. 

       Your credit score comprises four important parts: payment history, the length of an open
       credit file, the percentage of revolving credit limits to revolving credit debt, and the number
       of inquiries on report.  These four components make up a credit score with differing weights. 
       The payment history is the most important factor of the credit score and therefore should be
       given the most attention when learning about how a credit score works. 

       The system was invented so that banks did not have to manually track down every one of a
       person's former or current creditors to get information on how well they pay their bills.  The
       credit score automates this process and allows banks to make these decisions very rapidly.  A
       credit score is a quick snapshot into a person's overall financial history which is why many
       lenders will dig deeper into a credit history before they make a loan for a person. 

       A low credit score will stick you with high interest rates and will guarantee that you will
       always pay more for your loans.  One percentage point difference on an interest rate could
       mean tens of thousands of dollars in extra money that has to be paid.  A person with
       excellent credit has the advantage of being able to rapidly convince banks that they are
       worthy of the money that they have been given and they will be trustworthy in repaying the
       money they are lent.  In short, a high credit score will save you a lot of money over the
       course of your life.  CBP volunteer Karlene Sinclair-Robinson counsels clients on how to
       analyze and improve their credit score.  For an appointment with Karlene contact Pauline
       The Business Finance Center can help you get the best funding for your business. It currently
       has direct micro lending available from $3,500 to $35,000 as well as contacts with business
       banks and commercial financial institutions to help businesses that require larger amounts.
       Visit the Business Finance Center page for information on all the programs we offer.
       by Pauline Leitch, Director, Business Finance Center 

       Reserve Your Spot for the 7th Annual Veterans in Business                   10/4/2011
Win a Car and/or $500 at CBP Events This Month!                                                  Page 5 of 10

       We are excited to announce that the registration for the 2012 Veterans in Business
       Conference (VIB) is now open - and we look forward to seeing you on March 30, 2012 for yet
       another sold out year! Among our invited guests are senior officials from the Veterans
       Administration and Department of Defense; our sponsors include large prime contractors,
       federal agencies, as well as small veteran-owned businesses and community organizations.

       Expect a dynamic, educational program where you'll hear from
       successful small government contractors; learn tactics and
       strategies of government marketing, sales, pricing, and
       proposal preparation - and have an opportunity to network with
       250 government buyers, small business liaisons, prime
       contractors, and other veteran-owned businesses.

       We expect another sell-out year - so register at before
       it's sold out!
       By Anna Urman, SBDC Director 

       "FORE" Charity Silent Auction
       Big Ticket Items! 
                                                   The FORE Charity golf tournament is critical to
                                                   the continued success of the BIC. It helps us make
                                                   more services more affordable.
                                                   We want to thank donors whose donations
       were valued over $500 and they include:  

             Lindsay Automotive
             Tactical Insight
             Shugart Consulting
             The SEO Academy
             1 to 1 Discovery

       These are all local companies who have given back. Please consider them when you
       are shopping for products or services!
       The BIC is excited to now have access to twelve new offices, one more conference
       room and one more training room! Contact Dannelle for details.
       The BIC is now your social media hub! We offer a free tweetmeet every Friday
       (except Oct 7 and Oct 28). We also have social media workshops ranging from
       beginner classes in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to advanced workshops in the
       above and Groupon, Google+, Evernote and more!
       If you are an artist, or know an artist, we are looking for you! Contact Dannelle for
       details. Three pieces of art have already been sold from our walls!                   10/4/2011
Win a Car and/or $500 at CBP Events This Month!                                                     Page 6 of 10

       CBP now has over 1000 followers on Twitter! 

       by Dannelle Shugart, Director, Business Incubation Center 

       Why Estate Planning is
       Important - Especially for
       As a woman, why do you need to address estate planning issues? Because somebody has to!
       If you are single, you know the job is yours. If you are married, you may not be able to defer
       the task to your husband. That's because women tend to outlive their husbands. According to
       the Women's Institute for Financial Education (, only one-third of women over
       65 are married and on average women will survive their husbands by fifteen years. So, unless
       you and he prepare together in advance, odds are that you will face this task alone.
       The challenge you face: You would probably like to maximize the amount your heirs get from
       the estate you've built. Failing to prepare wisely -- or worse, failing to prepare at all -- could
       cost your family thousands of dollars in taxes.
       The whole idea of estate planning can sound complicated. It needn't be. The concept itself
       is fairly simple. The greatest challenge you face is deciding what you want to accomplish with
       your estate.
                                             Article Courtesy of
                                             Financial Advantage Associates Inc.
                                             Jennifer Roensch  301-610-0071

       Can't Find The Class You Need? 
       CBP Introduces Exciting New High Quality
       Online Courses
       The Community Business Partnership has a brand new program
       that makes it easy to take high-quality, non-credit online
       courses. CBP has partnered with Ed2Go to offer hundreds of
       online, instructor-facilitated courses. Click here to get a flyer
       of CBP's recommended classes.
       New sessions of each course run every month. They last six weeks, with two new lessons
       being released weekly (for a total of 12). The courses are entirely Web-based with
       comprehensive lessons, quizzes, and assignments. A dedicated professional instructor
       facilitates every course; pacing learners, answering questions, giving feedback, and
       facilitating discussions.                     10/4/2011
Win a Car and/or $500 at CBP Events This Month!                                                     Page 7 of 10

       Here are two of Ed2Go'newer classes: 

       Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2011 Are you daunted by the challenge of preparing a
       payroll? Don't be-because you can easily cut this task down to size with QuickBooks
       2011!  No matter what size your business is, federal and state payroll requirements can
       be frustrating and confusing. But the payroll feature in QuickBooks 2011 allows you to
       create checks, pay liabilities, calculate payroll taxes and withholding, and generate
       reports with little effort.  
       Writing and Selling Self-Help Books Are you serious about becoming a published self-help
       book author-and are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? Then this course
       is for you! One of the most important secrets in publishing is that writing self-help books
       is different from writing books in other genres. That's because in this genre, you can land
       a writing contract before you complete your manuscript. In these lessons, a New York
       Times bestselling author shares the secrets for turning a book idea into a winning
       proposal to sell to publishing houses.  

       To learn more about CBP's Online Courses, please contact Anna Urman at CBP.

       There is a growing catalog of more than 300 instructor-facilitated online courses.   Click
       here to learn more, to register, and get started!

       CBP Clients In The News!
                                                 CBP client Michael Waugh, of Wild West Irish Tours
                                                was featured September 7 in The Sligo Champion with
                                                Irish Minister of State for Small Business, John Perry: 
                                                "Minister John Perry has paid a visit to the Sligo
                                                Tourism Office to welcome and launch a new Tour
                                                Operator who will be based in Sligo and Washington
                                                Wild West Irish Tours, which is co-owned by former
                                                Sligo resident Michael Waugh and his partner Trish
       Jenkins, have been bringing college students and faculty to Sligo and the Northwest for
       several years as part of a scholarship program they initiated in a college in in Virginia, USA."  
       Read more! 
                                                CBP's Business Incubation Center client, Strategy and
                                                Management Systems (SAMS), Inc., a Springfield
                                                Virginia based business, has been selected by
                                                Headquarters, US Army Intelligence and Security
                                                Command (INSCOM), Assistant Chief of Staff, G6,
       Visual Information Administrative Division, Records/Publication Branch to provide Mail and
       Distribution Center Support. The objective is to provide Official Mail and Distribution support
       for (1) base year and (4) option years. SAMS will provide mail and courier services to INSCOM
       for work performed on this contract.  This award recognizes the government's confidence in                     10/4/2011
Win a Car and/or $500 at CBP Events This Month!                                                 Page 8 of 10

       SAMS' ability to exhibit our specialized experience and technical proficiency of official mail
       handling and courier services.
                             Recent NxLeveL graduate Andy Macias was recently featured on the
                             FRONT COVER of the August 2011 edition of Military Times Edge.  Click
                             here to see the picture and read the article on his business, Andy's
                             Tailgate Cruiser, on p.24.
             Andy Macias
       Did we miss your presence In the News?  Please forward the story, links, your logo and a
       headshot to Barbara Wrigley so we can feature you next time! 

       Upcoming Special Events You Need to
       Know About! 
       The Small Business Administration and the FDIC are
       collaborating to develop a financial education curriculum for small businesses.  The
       financial education curriculum
       will model FDIC's award-winning Money Smart curriculum.  A draft of the
       Modules 2 (Recordkeeping) and 7 (Time Management) have been developed.
       We are looking for individuals to provide feedback on the two Modules. 
       Wednesday, October 5 from 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.
       Mason Enterprise Center at George Mason University.
       Contact Tracy Nayer if you're interested in assisting!
       Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Business!
       Tuesday, October 11th at 8:30am
       Cost: Free
       Community Business Partnership 7001 Loisdale Road, Suite C, Springfield VA 22150 All right.
       Perhaps saying it's "everything" you need to know to start a business is a bit of an
       exaggeration, but not by much. If you attend this event, you'll hear a panel of experienced
       professionals give you solid information on things you need to know before and after you
       started your business. The information ranges from what entity to create to how to get
       clients. What are you waiting for? Sign up today! 
       Lessons Learned for Financial Success
        Women's Alliance for Financial Education
       October 13, 2011 from 4:30 - 6:30pm
       Featuring tea and an intimate conversation with Catherine Meloy, CEO of Goodwill of Greater                  10/4/2011
Win a Car and/or $500 at CBP Events This Month!                                                 Page 9 of 10

       Washington. Please bring gently used suits and accessories to donate to Goodwill.
       $20 per person
       Capital One Headquarters, 1680 Capital One Drive, McLean, VA  22101
       U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
       2011 National Trademark Expo
       October 14-15, 2011
       USPTO Headquarters, Alexandria, VA 
       Info and Registration 
       Fairfax County Economic Development Authority presents
       "Marketing Communications Strategies and Tactics:  Media Outreach"
       Wednesday, November 16, 2011 from 7:30 AM -10:00 AM
       FCEDA headquarters, 8300 Boone Boulevard, Suite 450, Tysons Corner, Virginia 22182
       Info and Registration
       Global Business Network Association 
       Third Small Business ForumTools for Success - Reinventing Small Business for Tomorrow
        Wednesday, November 16, 2011
       Waterford at Springfield, Springfield, Virginia.
       GBNA is a regional network of business and nonprofit leaders that represents all industry
       sectors. Founded in 2007, GBNA's membership consists of startup and experienced
       entrepreneurs and businesses. The goal of this year's Forum is to further the mission of GBNA
       through informational presentations and networking opportunities. 100-150 representatives
       from businesses throughout the National Capital Region are expected to attend. We have
       developed a comprehensive conference agenda that supports this year's Forum theme, Tools
       for Success - Reinventing Small Business for Tomorrow.  Learn more and register! 

       SBA Administrator Mills' Statement on
       QuickPay for Small Businesses


       WASHINGTON - SBA Administrator Karen Mills statement on the President's "QuickPay"
       announcement today to cut in half - from 30 days to 15 days - the amount of time it takes
       federal agencies to pay small businesses for the products and services they deliver to the
       federal government:

       "The thousands of small businesses that provide great products and services to the federal                   10/4/2011
Win a Car and/or $500 at CBP Events This Month!                                                  Page 10 of 10

        government have a big reason to cheer the President's 'QuickPay' announcement today.  When
        small contractors get their money in 15 days instead of 30, it results in a permanent infusion
        of cash flow into their businesses.  They can put that money towards working capital,
        expanding their businesses, marketing their products, and creating jobs.  Their financial
        footing gets stronger - permanently.  With nearly $100 billion each year in federal contracts
        going to small businesses, cutting in half the time they get paid is a powerful way to help put
        America back to work now.  QuickPay is a smart and powerful boost that effectively delivers
        billions more dollars into the hands of small contractors so that they can do what they do best
        - create jobs."  

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       All opinions, conclusions or recommendations expressed here are those of the author(s) and do
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       Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two
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