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                BOARD OF DIR E C T O R S C H A I R R E P O RT

Continued Success,                                                                       we launched the San Francisco
                                                                                         Bay Estuary Education Program
Challenges and Growth                                                                    (SF-BEEP), an intensive summer
                                                                                         marine science and internship
Dear Friends,
                                                                                         program that uses the Bay as a
                                                                                         living classroom.
In 2008-2009, The Bay Institute continued our
leadership role of protecting, restoring and inspiring
                                                                                           We reached a pivotal point in
conservation of San Francisco Bay and its watershed,
                                                                                           our growth in June 2009, as
from the Sierra to sea. Once again, we leveraged
                                                                                           we welcomed our new affiliate,
our bold, integrated approach—combining science,
                                                                                           Aquarium of the Bay, into
education, restoration and advocacy—to promote the
                                                                 The Bay Institute family. As you will read in John
ecological recovery of this immense and majestic estuary.
                                                                 Frawley’s letter on the opposite page, the Aquarium’s
                                                                 new nonprofit status will allow it to become a self-
Our Rivers and Delta Program saw a 20-year effort
                                                                 sustaining science, education and conservation center
to restore the San Joaquin River come to fruition with
                                                                 for the Bay. It will function as a powerful new venue to
historic water releases from Friant Dam, paving the
                                                                 communicate The Bay Institute’s important work, and a
way for the Bay’s second largest tributary to once again
                                                                 new crossroads for collaboration for all of us engaged in
reconnect with San Francisco Bay. On another front, we
                                                                 protecting the Bay and its watershed.
won significantly improved protections for Endangered
Species Act-listed delta smelt, salmon and steelhead,
                                                                 Our accomplishments and growth are made possible
and secured new protections for longfin smelt under the
                                                                 by the generous support and commitment of you—our
California Endangered Species Act.
                                                                 donors, members and supporters. You provide the
                                                                 funding, resources and encouragement necessary to
The work of our Bay Restoration Program is more
                                                                 make possible what we achieve, and all that we hope to
critical than ever, as it becomes evident that healthy
                                                                 achieve in the future. Thank you for believing in what
wetlands are a powerful “green” approach for protecting
                                                                 we do, and supporting our efforts to ensure that future
our shoreline from the ravages of climate change and
                                                                 generations will be able to enjoy a healthy and thriving
rising sea levels. To that end, we’ve forged partnerships
to build support for federal legislation to authorize tens
of millions of dollars for restoration, annually; played a
key role in setting the stage to return Skaggs Island to a
tidal marshland; and led the effort to use recycled water
to restore wetlands and provide alternative sources of
water for agriculture.
                                                                 Carol K. Lind
                                                                 Chair, The Bay Institute Board of Directors
Our Watershed Education Program achieved a new
milestone as the Marin County Board of Supervisors
lauded its Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed
(STRAW) project for restoration of 100,000 linear feet
of creek bank. STRAW also was honored as the subject
of A Simple Question, the Story of STRAW, an
award-winning documentary that premiered in
September 2009. To reach urban high school students,


Moving Forward into an                                                                   focused content, including a
                                                                                         new exhibit on California’s
Exciting Future                                                                          wild salmon displayed at the
                                                                                         Aquarium in November 2009.
Dear Friends,                                                                            Moving forward, we plan on
                                                                                         designating next November
Complementing The Bay Institute’s extensive science                                      as Salmon Month and hosting
and research programs, successful conservation of                                        SalmonAid 2010, a celebration
San Francisco Bay and its vast watershed requires an                                     that will bring together the
informed, inspired and engaged public. Thanks to our                                     scientific, environmental,
many supporters, donors and funders, The Bay Institute                                   fishing and Native American
was able to acquire Aquarium of the Bay in June 2009,            communities. The Bay Institute’s new education
and now has a highly visible platform for engaging the           program, SF-BEEP, has partnered with the Aquarium’s
public as a major marine nature center optimally located         education department to offer at-risk San Francisco high
on San Francisco’s waterfront.                                   school students a marine science summer program that
                                                                 culminates with internships as Aquarium interpretive
Shortly after the acquisition, I was pleased to accept           naturalists. Additionally, we continue to build new
the newly created position of president and chief                relationships with other nonprofits, businesses and
executive officer of The Bay Institute. Having served            government organizations to strengthen our efforts to
as the Aquarium’s senior executive for 14 years, I am            protect the Bay.
personally and professionally excited about the union of
The Bay Institute and Aquarium of the Bay. It completes          The Bay Institute and Aquarium of the Bay have
a long-desired evolution of the Aquarium from a                  initiated a versatile, visible and sustainable partnership
privately-owned attraction to a nonprofit educational            that will create positive change for the Bay, its watershed
and environmental resource for the Bay.                          and the millions of people who treasure these iconic
                                                                 landscapes and vital ecosystems. The future holds
This new partnership is a powerful one, joining The Bay          immense promise and, with your help, we will continue
Institute’s science, restoration, education and advocacy         to be a driving force for good stewardship of the largest
strengths with the Aquarium’s inspirational exhibits and         estuary on the west coast of the Americas. Thank you
public accessibility. Creating experiences that inspire          for your continued support!
conservation of San Francisco Bay and its watershed has
always been the Aquarium’s mission, which it achieves
through captivating exhibits of local marine life. These
exhibits draw over half a million visitors each year and
use a cadre of interpretive naturalists to engage visitors
and facilitate learning about the Bay’s ecosystem. And,
the Aquarium’s education programs annually provide
over 15,000 Bay Area students and teachers with                  John Frawley
curriculum-based classes and tours.                              President and Chief Executive Officer

Just months after completing the acquisition, we
have already begun to leverage the strengths of each
organization to support and enhance the other. We
expanded the Aquarium’s exhibits to include watershed-

The Bay Institute                             The Bay Institute
Board of Directors                            Executive Staff
Carol K. Lind, Chair                          John Frawley,
Harrison C. “Hap” Dunning,                       President & Chief Executive Officer
   First Vice Chair                           Christina Swanson, Ph.D.,
Michael Law, Second Vice Chair                   Executive Director & Chief Scientist
Nick Wilcox, Treasurer                        Bobbi Evans, Chief Financial Officer
Marcia Brockbank                              Angela Moskow, Deputy Director
Nancy Carlson                                 Michele Bernhardt,
Robert J. Erickson                               Communications Director
Rodney Fong                                   Gary Bobker,
Deirdre H. Henderson                             Rivers and Delta Program Director
Karen E. Losee                                Marc Holmes,
Steven Machtinger                                Bay Restoration Program Director
Morgan Tarr                                   Julia Price, Finance Director
Nancy P. Werner                               Laurette Rogers,
Arlene K. Wong                                   Watershed Education Program Director

The Bay Institute Aquarium                    Aquarium of the Bay
Foundation Board of Directors                 Executive Staff
Steven Machtinger, Chair                      Chris Low, Senior Director
Harvey Glasser, Chief Financial Officer       Carrie Chen,
Carol K. Lind, Secretary                         Education & Conservation Director
David Golden                                  Chris Connors, Operations Director
Morgan Tarr                                   Susan Kavet, Development Director
                                              Christina Slager, Husbandry Director

The foundational premise of The Bay Institute’s work is that San Francisco Bay and all of
its watersheds, large and small, are a single integrated ecosystem. Protection, restoration
and inspired stewardship of this vital environmental resource must cross geographic
and disciplinary boundaries, address all of the diverse challenges facing the estuary and
watershed, and engage all elements of society—government, scientists, conservationists,
educators, students and communities—to work together.
                 BAY RESTORATION
    San Francisco Bay has lost more than 85% of its original tidal marshes,
 essential ecosystems that nourish the estuary and protect the Bay’s shoreline
   from flooding and erosion. The Bay Institute’s Bay Restoration Program
  builds public support and assembles partnerships of government agencies,
         funders, nonprofits and local communities for restoration of
                             these lost Baylands.

Restoring 100,000 Acres of                           Throughout 2008 and 2009, we hosted meetings and
                                                     tours for local, state and federal government officials
Bay Wetlands                                         to build support for federal legislation to designate San
Our goal—restoration of 100,000 acres of tidal       Francisco Bay as an estuary of national importance
marshlands around the Bay—is                                             and authorize tens of millions of
ambitious and achievable. These                                           dollars for restoration annually.
habitats are not only critical                                            We worked with scientists and
to the Bay’s health, they will                                            engineers to design, implement and
also be an powerful “green”                                               evaluate restoration projects and,
approach for adapting to sea level                                        through education and outreach,
rise and protecting the region’s                                          we continued to raise public
near-shore homes, businesses,                                             understanding of the vital benefits
and transportation corridors.                                             these wetlands provide to the estuary,
                                                                          local communities and the Bay Area.

                                      BAY R E S T O R AT I O N

Returning Skaggs Island to                                       Throughout 2008 and 2009, The Bay Institute was at
                                                                 the forefront of this issue, hosting tours and leading
Tidal Marshland                                                  discussions to educate state legislators and staff about
                                                                 the importance of regional water use and of North
Skaggs Islands, located in northern San Francisco Bay,
                                                                 Bay restoration opportunities. We also served as the
was used by the U.S. Navy as a secret communications
                                                                 community liaison for the water reuse oversight group
base from the 1940s until it was vacated in 1994. After
                                                                 and worked closely with the five North Bay sanitation
the Navy’s departure and clean-up, the expected transfer
                                                                 agencies. As a result of this work, when President
of the property to the U.S.
                                                                                                Obama signed into law
Fish and Wildlife Service
                                                                                                the Omnibus Public Lands
for restoration as tidal
                                                                                                Management Act in March
wetlands was delayed
                                                                                                2009, it included support
for eight years by the
                                                                                                for development of Senator
federal administration.
                                                                                                Feinstein’s North Bay
During that time, The
                                                                                                Water Reuse Program,
Bay Institute traveled to
                                                                                                a concept originally
Washington, D.C. along
                                                                                                conceived by The Bay
with colleagues in attempts
                                                                                                Institute and the Sonoma
to resolve the impasse.
                                                                                                County Water Agency.
Diplomatic assistance from
                                                                                                The Act authorizes a 25%
Congresswoman Lynn
                                                                                                federal cost share to plan,
Woolsey played a critical
                                                                                                design and build recycled
role in the negotiations. As a result of these efforts, in
                                                                 water projects in the North Bay, facilities that will
September 2008, legislation was approved by Congress
                                                                 provide new sources of clean water for agriculture and
that required the Navy to negotiate transfer of 3,300
                                                                 wetland restoration.
acres of this former tidal marshland to the Fish and
Wildlife Service for creation of a preserve. Since the
legislation was approved, we have continued to                   Protecting Coastal Ecosystems
monitor negotiations between the Navy and the
                                                                 from Invasive Species
Fish and Wildlife Service and to work closely with
Congresswoman Woolsey to ensure the project                      Introduction of new, exotic species to the Bay, which
continues to move forward.                                       is already considered to be one of the most invaded
                                                                 estuaries on the world, is a serious threat to the
                                                                 ecosystem, fisheries and even local water systems.
Developing                                                                                   Through our involvement
a North Bay                                                                                    with the California State
                                                                                               Lands Commission Marine
Water Recycling
                                                                                               Invasive Species Program
Program                                                                                        Advisory Panel, The Bay
Water recycling and reuse                                                                      Institute worked to evaluate
can provide important                                                                          the progress of the Coastal
new sources of water for                                                                       Ecosystems Protection Act,
agriculture and habitat                                                                        legislation passed in 2006
restoration, reducing                                                                          that requires treatment of
needs for water diversion                                                                      ballast water discharges
from rivers and streams.                                                                       from oceangoing vessels.

                 RIVERS AND DELTA
 What happens upstream of the Bay is as critical to the health of the estuary
  as what happens along its shoreline. This is the cornerstone for The Bay
 Institute’s Rivers and Delta Program, which works to bring good science to
 public policies relating to landscape-level ecosystem restoration, fresh water
       management, endangered species protection and water pollution.

Saving Endangered Species                  protections for native Delta and Central Valley fish
                                           species at risk from water projects, land conversion,
In San Francisco Bay and its                                       toxic discharges, exotic
watershed, endangered species                                      organisms and other threats.
like delta smelt and Chinook                                       In 2008 and 2009, using
salmon are both indicators of                                      technical analyses, petitions and
the environmental problems                                         court testimony, our scientists
The Bay Institute works to                                         designed and won significantly
support a legal and societal                                       improved protections for
motivation for ecosystem                                           Endangered Species Act-
restoration and environmental                                      listed delta smelt, salmon and
management reform. The Bay                                         steelhead and secured new
Institute has been a leader in                                     protections for longfin smelt
efforts to win and implement                                       under the California Endangered

                                      RIVE R S A N D D E LTA

Species Act. Both the underlying work and its result—          the Bay Institute organized a diverse environmental
the requirement to protect these fishery resources—            coalition to help shape findings to implement the
supported The Bay Institute’s efforts to develop a long-       “Delta Vision,” the task force report that was issued in
term plan for the Delta and spur restoration of flows in       October of 2008. In addition, The Bay Institute helped
the Bay’s tributary rivers.                                    secure passage of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
                                                               Reform Act of 2009, the most important water policy
                                                                                               legislation in nearly 20
Restoring the                                                                                  years. Among its many
San Joaquin                                                                                    provisions, the Act

River                                                                                          established a new Delta
                                                                                               Stewardship Council
In March 2009, three                                                                           charged with issuing
years after the historic                                                                       a master plan for land
settlement of our 20-year                                                                      and water management;
legal battle to restore flow                                                                   set aggressive urban
to the Bay’s second largest                                                                    conservation targets
tributary, President                                                                           and directed the state
Obama signed federal                                                                           to develop matching
legislation authorizing                                                                        agricultural water
restoration of the San                                                                         conservation targets;
Joaquin River. Later                                                                           and adopted a new
that year, the first interim flows were released from          state policy of reducing water supply reliance on the
Friant Dam to provide important field data, recharge           Delta and promoting regional self-sufficiency through
the depleted groundwater aquifer and prime the channel         conservation, recycling, and reuse.
for larger flow releases scheduled for the following
year. This event marked a major milestone for The Bay
Institute’s San Joaquin River restoration initiative.          Improving Flows for Salmon on
                                                               the Yuba River
“Delta Vision” for Delta Reform                                In March of 2008, a complex and innovative agreement
                                                               developed by The Bay Institute’s policy experts and
Momentum increased throughout 2008 and 2009 to                 water agencies to increase flows and improve habitat
develop a long-term                                                                           conditions in the Yuba
plan for the Delta,                                                                           River was approved by
the upstream region                                                                           the State Water Resources
of the San Francisco                                                                          Control Board. The
Bay estuary formed by                                                                         Yuba River watershed is
the confluence of the                                                                         home to one of the most
Sacramento and San                                                                            important remaining
Joaquin Rivers. Armed                                                                         Chinook salmon runs in
with co-equal goals for                                                                       the Central Valley and
the Delta identified by                                                                       the Yuba River Accord
the Governor’s Blue                                                                           may serve as a model
Ribbon Task Force—a                                                                           for future agreements on
healthy ecosystem and                                                                         other Bay tributary rivers.
reliable water supply—

  Experiential learning inspires lifelong action to conserve the Bay and its
   vital watershed. The flagship project of The Bay Institute’s Watershed
Education Program, Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed (STRAW),
    has become a model for successful, place-based learning and effective
              community-based creek and wetland restoration.

Restoring Creeks and                     than 4,600 trees, shrubs, sedges, and rushes along
                                         nearly two and half miles of creek bank. These efforts
Reconnecting Communities                 were supported and enhanced by our work with the
The Bay Institute’s STRAW                                          San Pablo Bay National
project brings together                                            Wildlife Refuge Native Plant
students, teachers, parents,                                       Nursery, where we propagated
volunteers and a diverse array                                     native plants for use in
of community partners to                                           future restoration sites, and
combine watershed education                                        through our partnerships
with habitat restoration. In                                       with ranchers, park officials,
2008 and 2009, more than                                           Prunuske Chatham Inc.,
3,500 students and hundreds                                        Marin County Stormwater
of teachers, parents and                                           Pollution Prevention Program,
volunteers planted more                                            Marin Conservation Corps,

                              WATERS H E D E D U C AT I O N

City of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County Water Agency,                  to the award-winning program that now sustains a
Golden Gate National                                                                              network of teachers,
Recreation Area, Marin                                                                             students and restoration
Open Space, and Marin                                                                              specialists that plan,
Resource Conservation                                                                              implement watershed
District. STRAW has                                                                                studies and restoration
been honored with                                                                                  projects throughout
numerous awards since                                                                              Marin, Sonoma, Napa
its inception in 1992. In                                                                          and Solano counties.
2008, the project was                                                                              Produced and directed
the recipient the Marin                                                                            by Kevin White and
American Indian Alliance                                                                           David Donnenfield of
“The Annual Focus On                                                                               Filmmakers Collaborative
Turtle Island Award”                                                                               SF, the film was accepted
and in 2009 STRAW was                                                                              into the Wild and Scenic
recognized by the Marin                                                                            Environmental Film
Board of Supervisors for reaching a milestone restoration        Festival, and has been entered in numerous national and
of a total of 100,000 linear feet—nearly 20 miles—of             international film festivals for 2010.
creek banks.

                                                                 Marine Science Pilot Program
Inspiring Teachers
                                                                 In 2009, The Bay Institute launched San Francisco Bay
To build and support STRAW’s network of teachers, The            Estuary Education Project (SF-BEEP), a summer marine
Bay Institute offers an annual interactive professional          science program for at-risk San Francisco high school
development workshop, Watershed Week. In 2008                    students. During the two-week pilot program, aimed at
and again in 2009, we engaged 70 to 100 teachers in              helping these young adults explore science-based career
science presentations and hands-on learning at a variety         opportunities, students conducted scientific research at
of sites around the Bay and Delta. The workshops                 Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association Visitor Center
encourage collaboration among our growing community              to monitor water quality from the Bay and identify and
of teachers, explore new methods of scientific inquiry           analyze plankton specimens. This first year of SF-BEEP
and provide a forum for sharing ideas about integrating          also marked the first education program collaboration
environmental fieldwork                                                                         between The Bay Institute
with classroom curricula.                                                                       and our new partner,
                                                                                                Aquarium of the Bay. SF-
A Reel                                                                                          BEEP was made possible
Success                                                                                         by generous support
                                                                                                from AT&T Foundation,
October 2009 saw
                                                                                                and our ongoing
the premier of “A
                                                                                                partnerships with Gulf
Simple Question: The
                                                                                                of the Farallones Marine
Story of STRAW,” a
                                                                                                Sanctuary, National
35-minute documentary
                                                                                                Oceanic and Atmospheric
film chronicling the
                                                                                                Administration, and the
history of STRAW
                                                                                                San Francisco Unified
from its beginning as
                                                                                                School District.
a classroom project

In June 2009, The Bay Institute’s four-year campaign to acquire Aquarium of
 the Bay came to fruition. The Aquarium, now owned and operated through
    our affiliate, The Bay Institute Aquarium Foundation, is a world-class
  marine nature center whose exhibits are a window to the Bay’s diverse and
  imperiled ecosystems. Each year, the Aquarium and its team of interpretive
naturalists and educators hosts more than 500,000 visitors, and provides free
       education programs to thousands of Bay Area school children.

A Powerful New Partnership                 conservation mission for the west coast’s largest estuary,
                                           increasing its ability to serve as an educational resource
The Bay Institute’s acquisition                                  for local communities. The Bay
of Aquarium of the Bay created                                   Institute’s scientific expertise, broad-
a powerful new partnership that                                  based habitat restoration programs,
provides each organization with                                  and environmental advocacy will
important and diverse opportunities                              now have an additional platform
to broaden the impact and profile                                with new exhibits, education and
of our programs and collaborations                               public outreach programs at the
with other environmental and                                     Aquarium.
educational organizations. The
Aquarium is now adopting a                                      The successful acquisition of the
more comprehensive and activist                                 Aquarium was made possible by

                                AQUAR I U M O F T H E B AY

the generous support from our philanthropic partners,          visitor education, community outreach and animal care.
donors and supporters. Major funding came from the             Within three months, we had 23 active volunteers who
David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Richard               provided nearly 2000 hours of service. To invite and
and Rhoda Goldman Fund, the Marin Community                    reintroduce Bay Area residents to the Aquarium, a series
Foundation and the Dean Witter Foundation. Notable             of “free days” will be offered to the residents of the nine
individual donors included Ruth and                                                Bay Area counties during the first
Ben Hammett, The Bay Institute’s                                                    three months of 2010.
entire Board of Directors and many
staff members. In addition, the
campaign received support from                                                      Focus on
colleague organizations, local and                                                  Conservation
national political leaders, as well as
pro bono services from Morrison                                                       In October 2009, the Aquarium
& Foerster, Deloitte and Ogilvy                                                       presented “SHARKtober,” a
Public Relations. The balance of                                                      month-long event celebrating
the funding was raised through the                                                    the Bay’s diverse shark species,
issuance of tax-exempt revenue                                                        helping to dispel myths about
bonds backed by First National                                                        these misunderstood animals
Bank of Central California, a unit                                                    and highlighting the Aquarium’s
of Pacific Capital Bank.                                                              sevengill shark and Pacific angel
                                                                                      shark conservation programs. In
                                                                                      November, the Aquarium mounted
Exploring the Imperiled Estuary                                its first exhibit linked directly to The Bay Institute’s
                                                               work. Posters and interpretation on the issues facing
Partnering with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric           wild salmon was complemented by a map, created
Administration, the Aquarium unveiled a new interactive        in partnership with SalmonAID and the Nature
exhibit focusing on marshes and mudflats of San                Conservancy, showing where people can go to see
Francisco Bay in June 2009.                                                           salmon in the wild.
The exhibit interprets two local
National Estuarine Research
Reserve System sites, China Camp                                                    Educating the Next
State Park in Marin County and
Rush Ranch in Solano County.
With maps, animal artifacts and                                                    During the second half of 2009,
other tactile features, the exhibit                                                Aquarium of the Bay provided free
highlights the importance of                                                       education programs to thousands
wetlands and their contribution                                                    of students and teachers from the
to the overall health of San                                                       nine Bay Area counties. Specialized
Francisco Bay.                                                                     hands-on, inquiry-based classroom
                                                                                   programs and guided tours led
                                                                                   by the Aquarium’s teachers and
Creating Community                                                                 interpretive naturalists, focused on
Connections                                                    a wide range of San Francisco Bay and watershed topics.
                                                               We also took our educational outreach “on the road”
In August 2009, the Aquarium launched its first                with a two-week summer marine science camp program
volunteer program, providing new opportunities for             at the Randall Museum.
individuals to take an active role in the Aquarium’s

ASSETS                                                2008           2009
Cash                                                 1,159,996     1,059,856
Accounts receivable                                  1,006,109       963,281
Prepaid expense and other current assets                 6,868         7,651
Property and equipment, net                              8,290           363
Total Assets                                         2,181,263     2,031,151

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                             2008          2009
Accounts payable and accrued expenses                 302,895       208,014
Line of credit                                        150,000       200,000
Note payable                                          102,046       106,009
Total Assets                                          554,941       514,023

Unrestricted                                            61,050        67,325
Temporarily restricted                               1,565,272     1,449,803
Total Net Assets                                     1,626,322     1,517,128

TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                     2,181,263     2,031,151

ASSETS                                                               2009
Cash                                                              2,487,338
Accounts receivable                                                  58,966
Prepaid expense and other current assets                            299,115
Property, equipment, other non-current assets                     9,453,854
Total Assets                                                     12,299,273

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                           2009
Accounts payable and accrued expenses                               556,297
Note payable                                                     10,500,000
Deferred income                                                      47,605
Total Assets                                                     11,056,297

Unrestricted                                                       1,195,371
Temporarily restricted
Total Net Assets                                                   1,195,371

TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                 12,251,668


ASSETS                                                                                        2009
Cash                                                                                        3,547,194
Accounts receivable                                                                         1,022,247
Prepaid expense and other current assets                                                      306,766
Property and equipment, net                                                                 9,454,217
Total Assets                                                                               14,330,424

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                                                    2009
Accounts payable and accrued expenses                                                         764,311
Line of credit                                                                                200,000
Note payable                                                                               10,606,009
Deferred income
Total Assets                                                                               11,570,320

Unrestricted                                                                                1,262,696
Temporarily restricted                                                                      1,449,803
Total Net Assets                                                                            2,712,499

TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                                           14,282,819

REVENUE 2009                                                   EXPENSES 2009
     3%            In-kind                                                              10%
  Events, net     Donations        1%                                                Development
  of expenses      69,978      Fee Recovery                                            155,618
   196,816                        64,368

  4%                                        1%                                              3%
                                         Interest                                   General Administration
Gift Shop                               and other
Revenue                                                                               and Development
                                         18,100                                            540,857

                               Grants and

                  60%                                                    87%
                Ticket Sales                        3%                   Program
                3,855,659                     Donations                 4,659,428

                                     200 8 S P O N S O R S

FOUNDATIONS AND                      California State                      Brayton Purcell LLP
CORPORATE GIVING                        Coastal Conservancy                Nancy and Andrew Carlson
Anonymous                            California Striped Bass Association   Robert J. Erickson
AT&T Foundation                      California Wildlife                   Fullerton Family Foundation
The Bay Institute                       Conservation Board                 Natural Resources Defense Council
   Aquarium Foundation               Contra Costa Water District           The Schmitz-Fromherz Family Fund
BioMarin                             Earthjustice (Salmon OCAP)            of the Schwab Charitable Fund
Buck Institute for Education         County of Marin                       Morgan Rissel Tarr
California Wildlife Foundation       Marin County Fish and                 Nick and Amanda Wilcox
The Keith Campbell Foundation           Wildlife Commission
   for the Environment Center for    Marin County Stormwater               $1,000 - $4,999
   Ecoliteracy Community                Pollution Prevention Program       Mrs. Brent M. Abel
   Foundation, Sonoma County         Marin Resource                        The Winifred and
Environment Now                         Conservation District                Harry B. Allen Foundation
Firedoll Foundation                  Natural Resources Defense Council     Altshuler Berzon LLP
Foster’s Wine Estates America        North Bay Watershed Association       Anonymous (2)
Foundation for Ecology & Culture     North Bay Watershed Association,      Aquarium of the Bay
The Fred Gellert                        through a subcontract with         Mary Bachman and
   Family Foundation                    San Francisco Estuary Institute      William Downing
Marin Community Foundation           North Marin Water District            Hugh Barroll and Gail Hillebrand
REI Foundation                       Point Reyes National Seashore,        Marcia and Norm Brockbank
Resources Legacy Fund: Western          National Park Service              California Striped Bass Association
   Conservation Program              Salmon Creek School                   Camp Dresser and McKee, Inc.
Rose Foundation for Communities      Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin     Hal Candee and Eliza Brown
   and the Environment               Sierra Club CA/NV/HI                  CH2M Hill
San Francisco Foundation             Sonoma County Water Agency            Patrick T. Collins
The Strong Foundation for            State Water Resources                 Grant and Marcella Davis
   Environmental Values                 Control Board, 319(h)              Donner Charitable Gift Fund of the
Tides Foundation                     URS Corporation, through a              Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Water for California                    subcontract with California        Harrison C. (“Hap”) Dunning
The Dean Witter Foundation              Department of Water Resources      East Bay Regional Park District
                                        for Delta Risk Management          ENTRIX, Inc.
GOVERNMENT AND                          Strategy                           Gary Giacomini,
CONSERVATION PARTNER                 US Environmental Protection             Hanson Bridgett LLP
FUNDING                                 Agency, Office of Environmental    Teddy and Ken Gray
Association of Bay Area                 Education                          Alan Harper and Carol Baird
  Governments (ABAG):                US Fish and Wildlife Service          Muriel and Hugh Harris
  San Francisco                                                            Lynne Hosley
  Estuary Partnership                $10,000 - UP                          Charles and Dianne Jacobs
CALFED Delta Regional Ecosystem      Anonymous                             Paul Johnson
  Restoration Implementation Plan,   Harvey and Gail Glasser               Jones & Stokes
  through a subcontract with US      Ben and Ruth Hammett                  Paul and Eunice Kilkenny
  Geological Survey                  Steven N. and Susan Machtinger        Carol K. Lind and James English
CALFED Watershed Program,            Morrison & Foerster LLP               Cindy Lowney and Gary Rydstrom
  through a subcontract with the     Nancy P. and Christian Werner         Bob MacIntosh, PIER 39
  San Francisco Estuary                                                    Metropolitan Water District
  Partnership/ ABAG                  $5,000 - $9,999                         of Southern California
CALFED Watershed Program,            Anonymous                             George Miller
  through a subcontract with the     Autodesk                              Angela Moskow
  Sonoma Ecology Center              Andrea Biren and Rick Beal            Martha and James Newkirk


                                     200 8 S P O N S O R S

Sam and Mandy Parke                  Daniel M. Dooley,                   The Honorable Judy Arnold
Susan E. Parodi                         University of California         Philip F. and
PG&E Corporation Foundation          Drexler Estate Fund                    Wendy Atkins-Pattenson
   Matching Gifts Program            Ashley Dunning and Ken Sorey        Linda Balok
Philip Williams & Associates, LTD    Christopher Fox                     Carolyn Beckedorff and
The Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin   Margot Fraser Fund                     S. Anthony DiGangi
   Fund of the Jewish Community      Robert C. and Chandra Friese        Ralph Benson
   Endowment Fund                    Linda Gladstone                     Ella W. Blakeney
Purple Lady Productions              Charles E. Halfmann                 Maureen A. Brennan
Joan Candee Rentsch and              Coke and James Hallowell            James E. Briggs
   Wally Rentsch                     Deirdre H. Henderson                Kathleen Brown and Steve Atnip
Walter A. Shubin                     LD Honeycutt                        Cynthia and Verne Bryant,
Sierra Club                          The Honorable Jared Huffman            Friends of Hal Brown
Myron Steves and Rowena Young        Katharine H. Johnson Fund,          Helen K. Cahill
Stillwater Sciences                     San Francisco Foundation         Cargill Salt
Christina Swanson, Ph.D.             Gee Kampmeyer                       Pete Carson
Toby and Diane Taylor                McBain & Trush, Inc.                Center for Ecoliteracy
Joshua Townsend                      Microsoft Matching Gifts Program    Paul Cleveland and Deborah
Westamerica Bank                     Dr. J. Fraser and Helen Muirhead    Lawson
Carolyn and Robert Williams          Novato Rotary Endowment             Janet Cohen
Jerry J. Wilson                      Dr. and Mrs. James Paddor           Diane Connolly
   Memorial Foundation               Eric and Susan Poncelet,            Michael S. Connor
Winona Corporation,                     Poncelet Family Fund             Douglas and Rosemary Corbin
   for Deirdre H. Henderson          Becky and Robert Pringle            Dale Cox
Arlene Wong and Ken Chow             Qualcomm Matching                   Bruce D’Ambra, D’Ambra
Sunia Yang and Grant Pease              Grant Program                       Equipment & Supply Co., Inc.
Yuba County Water Agency             John C. and Susan Racanelli         Andrea Danforth and
                                     Jeremy Robinson                        Hale Moanalani
$500 - $999                          Jane Rogers and Michael Fischer     Richard Denton, Ph.D., P.E. and
Lily Abood                              Fund, San Francisco Foundation      Kristine Houglet
Anonymous                            San Francisco Estuary Partnership   Raj and Helen Desai
Bank of Marin Community Fund         San Francisco Public                Diageo North America
Bingham Osborn &                        Utilities Commission                Foundation, Inc.
   Scarborough LLC                   City of San Rafael,                 Len and Cheryl Doberne
Nancy Blair                             Department of Public Works       Daniel and Lee Drake
The Bohannon Foundation              Michael Sapoznikow                  Ken and Clare Elchert
David Brockbank                      Joseph Sax                          Suzanne Engelberg and
Arthur Brunwasser                    Val Selivanov                          Jeffrey Appleman
Margaret and Tim Buss                Michael St. Peter                   Kerry Ettinger
California Rice Commission           Bill Tarr                           Frederick D. and Jocelyn Euphrat
California Trout                     Nancy and Len Weiss                 Paula and Dan Fogarty
Elsie R. Carr                        William Lettis & Associates         John Ford and Toni Ayres
Case+Abst Architects, LLP            Sallyanne and John Wilson           Christie Fraser
Margaret Chau and                                                        Michael A. Freeman, M.D.
   William Cummings, Ph.D.           $200 - $499                         Richard A. and Luisiana Gale
Kathy Cleairmont                     Steven Aaron                        David and Nancy Garden,
Edward and Patricia Cogan            Bob Adams                              Rancho Otranto
Vicki and David Cox                  Friends of Susan Adams              Andrea Gardner
Grace de Laet                        Alverno High School’s 2008          Carolyn Geiger
Delta Wetlands                          Sophomore Class                  Barry and Erica Goode

                                     200 8 S P O N S O R S

David and Randy Greenberg             John and Annie Suen                    Jonathan E. Guerrero
Waldo R. Griffin                      Tamalpais Bank                         Anne Halsted and Wells Whitney
Nancy S. Grodhaus                     Betsy and Tom Twaddell                 Nathalie and John Hawley
Alexandra E. and Steven Grover        Peter Vorster and Janice Sheldon       Paul E. Helliker
Hadley D. Hall                        Gary and Suzanne Weatherford           Marika Holmgren
Mitch Harper                          Sarah Werner Opella and                Kenneth Honer
The Honorable                           John Opella                          Maria D. and Joshua Hudnut
   Thelton E. Henderson                                                      Carolyn R. Hunt
Ruth and Phil Hicks                   $100 - $199                            Jerry Kay
Linda and Arthur Hoppe                Richard and Connie Adams               Jeff Kemp
Kelly and Daniel Howard               Anonymous                              Kenwood Bay Aquarium, LLC
Jane and Jon Jernigan                 Bill Asiano                            Susan F. LaMarca
Huey D. Johnson                       Sheryl Barbic and                      Michael and Patricia Law
Kevin and Kathy Knowles                  Alirio de Carvalho                  Bobby Lawyer
Joe and Janet Krovoza                 Teresa Barrett and John Cota           Rebecca Lee
Kimberly Kurtis                       Richard and Carolyn Beahrs             William Lehrich
Bill Lehrich                          The Keith and Atsuko Bennet Fund       Shoshana and Ronald Levy
Elliot M. Levin,                      of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund   David Loeb
   Partnership Resources Group        Dian Blomquist                         Nicole and Ed Martin
Karen E. Losee                        Jean E. Bramer                         Alice Martineau and Olivia Bartlett
John Lyons                            Ryan and Cara Brockbank                Peter Moyle
Clyde Matsumoto and Patricia          Phyllis Browning                       Robert Newton
Dupes-Matsumoto                       Buffalo Exchange                       Antonia and Jason Perkins
Stephen and Linda Mayne               J. Kimo and Nancy Campbell             Lorene Berlin Peterson
Scott D. McAfee                       Cathy and Edward Cardoza               William Petrick
Sandra McCubbin                       Robert Clear and Barbara Judd          Francie and Kathryn Petrocelli
Georgia and Richard McDaniel          Pat and Richard Collins                John & Maria Pitcairn Foundation
The Honorable Charles McGlashan       Elizabeth L. Colton                    Julie and Jack Price
Sylvia McLaughlin                     Richard Colton                         Linda and Jerome Retterath
Dean A. and Lila Morehous, Jr.        Dave Cone and Kellie Stoddart          R. J. and Kathryn Riddell, Jr.
Robert J. Nelson                      Trish Conklin and Toffer Johnson,      Laurette and Mike Rogers
Cari Pace and Bob Koch                Trish’s Dishes                         Shalene Rose
PIER 39 Fleet Week VIP Party          Jim Crenshaw                           Bruce and King R. Sams, Jr.
Randy Raines, RMC                     Nona and John Dennis                   Michael Satris
   Water & Environment                Joe and Carolyn Dickinson              Monty Schmitt
Reynolds and Buckley LLC              Bobbie Doherty                         Bob Schneider and Liz Merry
Lorie and Baxter Rice                 Martin Dreyfuss                        Barbara Sheng
Richard and Margit Roos-Collins       Ronald Duke                            Paul Silva
Spreck Rosekrans,                     Kim Eagles-Smith                       Arthur J. and Judith Slater
   Environmental Defense              Earth Share of California              Gerould H. Smith, Jr.
Jonathan Rosenfield                   George Ellman                          Nathan S. Smith
Rotary Club of                        Ruth A. Felt                           Shelby and Vicki Solomon
   Terra Linda Foundation             William Finnegan                       Jean Starkweather
Matthew J. Sanders                    Duane Fitzgerald                       George and Helene Strauss
John and Helen Schoenhals Hart        Alan Lee Follett                       Dan Sullivan
Kelly Smith                           Greg Gartrell                          John H. and Elouise Sutter
Alberta Steele                        Carla Giustino                         Joe and Gerry Taylor
William Stelle                        Mary Gordon                            Anne Teller
Pamela Stine                          Glen and Sheila Grant                  Larry Thompson
Dietrich Stroeh, CSW/Stuber-Stroeh    Donald and Rebecca Grether             Marilyn S. Van Story

                                      200 8 S P O N S O R S

Charles Wegerle                       Walter A. Shubin,                  Sandy Neumann and John Huster
Gary Widman                            In memory of                      Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
James Wintersteen                      Marianne Glaves Shubin            Barb and Bob Page
Jane G. and William Wittmann                                             Ravenswood Winery
Polly and Ward Wolff                  IN-KIND                            Reynolds and Buckley LLC
                                      585 Wine Partners                  The Ritz-Carlton Club
HONORARY GIFTS                        Adventure Out LLC                  The Ryde Hotel
Anonymous, Silicon Valley             B Restaurant                       Saintsbury
  Community Foundation,               The Bay Institute                  Bridge Brands Chocolate, aka
  In honor of Daphne and                 Board of Directors                 The San Francisco
  Brian Smith                         Gordon Biersch                        Chocolate Factory
                                      Boudin Bakery & Cafe               Stacy Scott Catering
Philip F. and Wendy                   Bridge Brands Chocolate            Sorensen’s Resort
  Atkins-Pattenson,                   California Rice Commission         Spring Home
 “In honor of Hal’s (Hal Candee’s)    Call of the Sea                    Stanford Inn by The Sea
  work as a brilliant and tenacious   Camp Denali                        Studio 32 - Art Works Downtown
  water attorney”                     Nancy and Andrew Carlson           Christina Swanson, Ph.D.
                                      Cellar360                          Wild & Scenic Film Festival -
Ella W. Blakeney,                     Center for Urban Education about      SYRCL
   On behalf of the work by           Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)    Trader Joe’s, Petaluma
   Robert J. Erickson                 Chang Interiors, Inc.              Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, LLC
                                      Bill Churchill                     Wacky Jacky Sportfishing
The Purple Lady/Barbara J.            Crushpad Napa                      Nancy P. and Christian Werner
  Meislin Fund of the Jewish          Wine Spectator Greystone           Whole Foods, Petaluma
  Community Endowment Fund,              Restaurant, The Culinary        Zulu Nyala Game Lodge
  In honor of Grant Davis                Institute of America
                                      DriWater, Inc.
Shalene Rose,                         Ashley Dunning and Ken Sorey
  On behalf of Nilofer Ahsan and      Ecofabulous
  Shashi Buluswar                     EO/Small World Trading Company
                                      Firefly Restaurant
Shalene Rose,                         Fish.
  On behalf of Doug Blanc and         Foods @ Home
  Jillian Sandell                     Foster’s Wine Estates Americas
                                      Teddy and Ken Gray
Shalene Rose,                         Hayes Street Grill Restaurant
  On behalf of Juan Ibarra            Derry Henderson
                                      Hog Heaven Sport Fishing
Shalene Rose,                         Hog Island Oyster Company
  On behalf of Mr. and Mrs.           Lambert Bridge Winery
  Buford Johnson                      Le Colonial Restaurant
                                      Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters
Kelly Smith,                          Steven N. and Susan Machtinger
  On behalf of Andrew Sih             Main Street Trees
  and Caitlin McGraw                  Marin Independent Journal
                                      Marin Orthodontics
MEMORIAL GIFTS                        Matanzas Creek Winery
Christie Fraser,                      MediaMax Network
  In memory of Grace de Laet          Method
                                      Morrison & Foerster LLP

                                      200 9 S P O N S O R S

FOUNDATIONS AND                       California State                    $1,000 - $4,999
CORPORATE GIVING                         Coastal Conservancy              Mrs. Brent M. Abel
Anonymous                             Earthjustice                        The Winifred and
The Bay Institute                     EXLOCO                                 Harry B. Allen Foundation
   Aquarium Foundation                Friends of the River                Altshuler Berzon LLP
Bohannon Foundation                   Goldridge Resource                  Autodesk
California Wildlife Foundation           Conservation District            Mary Bachman &
Keith Campbell Foundation             County of Marin                        William Downing Fund,
   for the Environment                Marin County Fish and                  San Francisco Foundation
Community Foundation                     Wildlife Commission              Carolyn Beckedorff and
   Sonoma County                      Marin County Stormwater                S. Anthony DiGangi
Environment Now                          Pollution Prevention Program     The Alan L. Blum Family Fund
Faultless Starch Company              Marin Resource                         of the Schwab Charitable Fund
Firedoll Foundation                      Conservation District            Marcia and Norm Brockbank
Foundation for                        Napa County Wildlife                California Rice Commission
   Ecology and Culture                   Conservation Commmission         Richard Denton and
Gamble Foundation                     North Bay Watershed Association        Kristine Houglet
The Fred Gellert Family Foundation    North Marin Water District          Donner Charitable Gift Fund
The Bill Graham Supporting            Sewerage Agency of                     of the Fidelity Charitable
  Foundation of the Jewish               Southern Marin                      Gift Fund
  Community Federation of             Sonoma County Water Agency          East Bay Regional Park District
  San Francisco, the Penninsula,      South Yuba River Citizens League    ENTRIX, Inc.
  Marin, and Sonoma Counties          State Water Resources               Christopher Fox
The Leavens Foundation                   Control Board                    John and Anita Frawley
Macy’s Turn a New Leaf Campaign       US Army Corps of Engineers          Alison C. and Brock Fuller
Macy’s West                           US Fish and Wildlife Service        Teddy and Ken Gray
Marin Community Foundation            Wildlife Conservation Board         Muriel and Hugh Harris
David and                             YMCA Point Bonita                   Carol K. Lind and James English
   Lucile Packard Foundation                                              Barbara McEntee
Panta Rhea Foundation                 $10,000 - UP                        Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Resources Legacy Fund:                Anonymous                           MWH Americas, Inc.
   Western Conservation Program       Julia Chitwood                      Susan E. Parodi
Rose Foundation for Communities       Robert J. Erickson                  PG&E Corporation Foundation
   and the Environment                Harvey and Gail Glasser             Matching Gifts Program
Weeden Foundation                     Steven N. and Susan Machtinger      Philip Williams & Associates, LTD
                                                                          Port of San Francisco
GOVERNMENT AND                        $5,000 - $9,999                     Jeremy Robinson
CONSERVATION PARTNER                  Andrea Biren and Rick Beal          San Francisco Public
FUNDING                               Anonymous                              Utilities Commission
Association of Bay Area               Brayton * Purcell Community         The Schmitz-Fromherz Family Fund
 Governments: San Francisco             Foundation of the San Francisco      of the Schwab Charitable Fund
 Estuary Partnership                    Foundation                        Val Selivanov
CALFED Delta Regional Ecosystem       Nancy and Andrew Carlson            Walt Shubin
  Restoration Implementation Plan     Harrison C. (“Hap”) Dunning         Michael St. Peter
CALFED Watershed Program,             Deirdre H. Henderson                Christina Swanson, Ph.D.
  through a subcontract with the      Martha and James Newkirk            Tamalpais Bank
  San Francisco Estuary Partnership   Ed and Jeanette Ueber               Morgan Rissel Tarr
CALFED Watershed Program,             Nancy P. and Christian Werner       Wetlands and Water Resources
  through a subcontract with the      Nick and Amanda Wilcox              Jerry J. Wilson
  Sonoma Ecology Center                                                      Memorial Foundation
                                                                          Arlene Wong and Ken Chow

                                    200 9 S P O N S O R S

$500 - $999                         Toby and Diane Taylor              The Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin
Association of Bay Area             Peter Vorster and Janice Sheldon      Fund of the Jewish Community
   Governments (ABAG),              Westamerica Bank                      Endowment Fund
   San Francisco Estuary            Carolyn and Robert Williams        RMC Water & Environment
   Partnership                                                         Shalene Rose
Della Barnett                       $200 - $499                        Rotary Club of
Nancy Blair                         Roberta and Whit Bradshaw             Terra Linda Foundation
The Bohannon Foundation             The Honorable Hal Brown Jr.        Stuart W. Siegel, Ph.D., P.W.S.
Arthur Brunwasser                   Helen K. Cahill                    Genny Smith
W. Hardy Callcott, Esq.             Hal Candee and Eliza Brown         Al Spiers
Elsie R. Carr                       Stacey Case                        Dietrich Stroeh, CSW/Stuber-Stroeh
Margaret Chau and                   Paul Cleveland and                 Mark Tompkins, P.E., Ph.D.
   Dr. William Cummings                Deborah Lawson                  Dave Toole
Chevron Humankind                   Katie Clevenger                    Betsy and Tom Twaddell
   Matching Gifts Program           Grant and Marcella Davis           David and Jennifer Van Horne
Kathy Cleairmont                    Raj and Helen Desai                Charles Wegerle
Joshua G. Cooperman,                Daniel and Lee Drake               Frances White and Stephen Oddo
   Cooperman Associates             Martin Dreyfuss                    Kimery Wiltshire
Vicki and David Cox                 Ronald Duke
Delta Wetlands                      Ashley Dunning and Ken Sorey       $100 - $199
Environmental Defense Fund          Ken and Clare Elchert              Diana Amo
Margot Fraser Fund                  Anne Evans                         Anonymous (2)
Friends of the                      Phyllis M. Faber                   Philip F. and
   San Francisco Estuary            Leslie and Joe Floren                Wendy Atkins-Pattenson
Richard A. and Luisiana Gale        John Ford and Toni Ayres           Sheryl Barbic and
Coke and James Hallowell            Rick and Connie Frank                Alirio de Carvalho
Mitch Harper                        Greg Gartrell                      Richard and Carolyn Beahrs
The Honorable Jared Huffman         Carolyn Geiger                     Keith and Atsuko Bennet Fund of
Charles and Dianne Jacobs           Waldo R. Griffin                     the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Krist and Laurie Jake               Pierre Hahn and Sue Nilchan        Roberta and Roy Borgonovo
Katharine H. Johnson Fund,          Anne Halsted and Wells Whitney     Ryan and Cara Brockbank
   San Francisco Foundation         Hammann Family Fund of the         Josie Brownback
Paul and Eunice Kilkenny               Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund   Buffalo Exchange
John Lyons                          Delia Hitz                         Margaret and Tim Buss
Bob MacIntosh, PIER 39              Lawrence Hobel                     Joe and Mary Cech
McBain & Trush, Inc.                Marika Holmgren                    Beulah Chang, Chang Interiors, Inc.
Jeffrey Mogalian                    Paul Kennedy                       Robert Clear and Barbara Judd
Angela Moskow                       Cynthia Koehler and                Richard Colton
Dr. and Mrs. James Paddor              Gordon Renneisen                Douglas and Rosemary Corbin
Sam and Mandy Parke                 Suzanne Lempke                     Bruce D’Ambra, D’Ambra
Qualcomm Matching                   Elliot M. Levin                      Equipment & Supply Co., Inc.
   Grant Program                    Karen E. Losee                     Nick Davoren and Evelyn Wood
Jane Rogers and Michael Fischer     Stephen and Alison Mattoon         Donna DeDiemar and
   Fund, San Francisco Foundation   Sylvia McLaughlin                    Chris Hamilton
City of San Rafael,                 George and Nancy Montgomery        Bobbie Doherty
   Department of Public Works       Dr. J. Fraser & Helen Muirhead     Mary Pat and John Featherstone
Santa Clara Valley Water District   Pat O’Brien                        Ruth A. Felt
Michael Sapoznikow                  Randall Oliver                     William Finnegan
Deanna Sereno and Tim Banyai        Becky and Robert Pringle           Michael A. Freeman, M.D.
Stillwater Sciences

                                      200 9 S P O N S O R S

David and Nancy Garden,               Isabel Wade                           Marin Symphony Association
   Rancho Otranto                     Water Education Foundation            Michael Merrill Design Studio, Inc.
Barry and Erica Goode                 Sallyanne and John Wilson             John Mills
Mary Gordon                           Leo and Brenda Winternitz             OCSC Sailing
Tom Graff                             Jane G. and William Wittmann          Sue Oda
Glen and Sheila Grant                 Polly and Ward Wolff                  Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Marianne Guerin and John Apps         Mary and Phil Woods                   Papa’s Taverna
Mitch Harper                                                                Petaluma Poultry
Nathalie and John Hawley              HONORARY GIFTS                        Poggio Trattoria
Jennifer and Jim Hermann              Pam Allan,                            Becky and Robert Pringle
Ruth and Phil Hicks                     On behalf of Suzan Spry George      Ravenswood Winery
Kenneth Honer                           and Nancy Montgomery,               Saintsbury
Linda and Arthur Hoppe                  with thanks to Steve Machtinger     Stacy Scott Catering
Maria D. and Joshua Hudnut                                                  Sebastopol Cookie Company
I Do Foundation                       Stephanie Robinson,                   Sorensen’s Resort
Janis Johnson                            In honor of Alison Quoyeser, 4th   Stanford Inn by The Sea
Paul Johnson                             Grade Teacher at Ross School       Trader Joe’s, Novato
Reese and Margaret Jones                                                    Trader Joe’s, Petaluma
Roberta Jones                         MEMORIAL GIFTS                        Wacky Jacky Sportfishing
Gee Kampmeyer                         Mitch Harper,                         Nancy P. and Christian Werner
Rochelle and Steven Klein              In memory of Gloria Harper           Whole Foods, Petaluma
Mike La Rocca,                                                              The Wild Side Wildlife
   A. La Rocca Sea Food, Inc.         Ted, Jonathan, and                       Tours and Treks
Bobby Lawyer                            Howard Rosenfield,                  Zulu Nyala Game Lodge
James LeFeaver                          In memory of Joan C. Rosenfield
Levy Philanthropic Fund of the
   Jewish Community                   IN-KIND
   Endowment Fund                     Alcatraz Cruises, LLC
Karen Lovdahl and Jeff Chanin         The Bay Institute
Christopher and Tracy Low                Board of Directors
Alice Martineau and Olivia Bartlett   Marcia and Norm Brockbank
Sandy Neumann and John Huster         California Rice Commission
Robert Newton                         Camp Denali
Frederic and Kirstin Nichols          Nancy and Andrew Carlson
R. J. and Kathryn Riddell, Jr.        Cavallo Point,
Stephanie Robinson                       The Lodge at the Golden Gate
Romaine C. Rouse                      Creekside Bakery
Helen Rutledge                        DriWater, Inc.
Bruce and King R. Sams, Jr.           Ashley Dunning and Ken Sorey
Tom Seligman and Rita Barela          Fish.
Mary L. Selkirk and Lee Ballance      Forks & Fingers
Barbara Sheng                         Teddy and Ken Gray
Warren Shubin                         Derry Henderson
Paul Silva                            Honest Tea
Gerould H. Smith, Jr.                 INCA: International Nature and
Shelby and Vicki Solomon                 Cultural Adventures
Jean Starkweather                     Kamman Hydrology and
George and Helene Strauss                Engineering Inc.
John H. and Elouise Sutter            Marin Copier Company
Will Travis                           Marin Independent Journal


$1,000,000 - UP                    Winona Corporation,                Julia and Jack Price
The David and                        for Deirdre H. Henderson         Becky and Robert Pringle
  Lucile Packard Foundation        Arlene Wong and Ken Chow           Bill and Karin Rabin
  (Program Related Income Loan)                                       John C. and Susan Racanelli
                                   $100 - $999                        Laurette and Mike Rogers
$100,000 - $499,999                Mrs. Brent M. Abel                 Jonathan Rosenfield, Ph.D.
Anonymous                          Carolynn Abst and Ron Case         Jennifer Ruffolo and Marc Holmes
The Bay Institute                  Elizabeth S. Andrews               Ralph and Lisa Woo Shanks
  Aquarium Foundation              Marilyn Bancel and Rik Myslewski   Beatrice B. Slater
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund     Sheryl Barbic and                  Henry Spangler
Ben and Ruth Hammett                  Alirio de Carvalho              Christina Swanson, Ph.D.
The David and                      Andrew Beebe                       May Lynn Tan and
  Lucile Packard Foundation        William F. Berreyesa and              Chuck Morganson
                                      Diane Merchant                  Carolyn and Robert Williams
$10,000 - $99,999                  Roberta and Whit Bradshaw          Nick and Amanda Wilcox
AT&T Foundation                    Marcia and Norm Brockbank          Sallyanne and John Wilson
Rita and Marvin Cardoza,           Mary Burg
   Cardozas Silver Penny Ranch     Margaret and Tim Buss              $10 - $99
Steven and Susan Machtinger        Joe and Mary Cech                  Emily Allen
Marin Community Foundation         Janet Cohen                        Anonmyous
The David and                      Michael Conte                      Richard Avelino,
   Lucile Packard Foundation       Grace de Laet                        on behalf of the Avelino children
Dean Witter Foundation             Bobbie Doherty                     Janet Byron and Greg Winegar
                                   Peter Downs                        Ann Dickinson
$5,000 - $9,999                    Ronald Duke                        Dale Hopkins
Alison C. and Brock Fuller         Sylvia Earl, Ph.D.                 Virginia Flores Hunter and
Harvey and Gail Glasser            Seymour Ellison                      Robert Hunter
Schmitz Fromherz Family Fund       Phyllis M. Faber                   Gretel Kearney
  of Schwab Charitable Fund        John and Anita Frawley             Carla and Raymond Lanus
Tides Foundation on the            Richard and Luisiana Gale          John Parodi and Elizabeth Mota
  recommendation of the            Andrea Gardner                     Samantha Rissel
  Fireball Fund                    Marianne Guerin and John Apps      Crystal Sanders
Nancy P. and Christian Werner      Diane Ham
                                   Lynne Hosley                       HONORARY GIFTS
$1,000 - $4,999                    Kristine Houglet and               Silicon Valley Community
Andrea Biren and Rick Beal            Richard Denton, Ph.D., P.E.        Foundation, Anonymous gifts
Nancy and Andrew Carlson           Alex J. and Lucretia Jacobs           In honor of Daphne and
Harrison C. (“Hap”) Dunning        Jaime C. Kooser, Ph.D.                Brian Smith
Robert J. Erickson                 Michael and Patricia Law
Foundation for Ecology & Culture   Tony Lawson                        IN-KIND
Robert C. and Chandra Friese       Robert Lightfoot                   Ann Brooks
John Hossfeld                      Karen E. Losee                     Cheese from Britain
Carol Lind and James English       Rich Martini                       Deloite & Touche, LLP
Barbara J. Meislin Fund of the     Sylvia McLaughlin                  Freixenet Sonoma Caves
  Jewish Community Endowment       Marguerite and                     McQuade’s Celtic Chutneys
PIER 39 Limited Partnership           Edward Middendorf               Mendocino Wine Company
Jane Rogers and Michael Fischer    Dean A. and Lila Morehous, Jr.     Morrison-Foerster LLP
  Fund of the San Francisco        Angela Moskow                      Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  Foundation                       Sam and Mandy Parke                Racanelli Partners Consulting
Morgan Tarr                        Laurie Poett

               695 De Long Avenue, Suite 100
                    Novato, CA 94945


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