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									                                      September 12-16, 2011

                                                                   News and Notes
                   Reading                            Just a reminder it is important for you
This week we will be reading                          to sign the reflection journal every day
Tools. We will be working with author’s                  as well as check their folder for
purpose and making connections. We will                          anything sent home.
have a reading test every Friday.                     Lunch is at 11:25 for you that may want
Please make sure your child is reading                         to eat with your child.
on a daily basis to improve reading.                   Also, we have PE on Wednesdays and
                                                      Fridays so please make sure your child
                                                            has the appropriate shoes.
                                                      In grammar, we will be working with
Spelling Words: child, shape, cube,                          synonyms this week.
chin, shut, hope, made, this, white, that                Starting this week we will be doing
                                                         MAPS. This is a test that will show
Word Wall Words              clean, many,                what your child knows. It is very
use, world, work                                       important that your child be here and
                                                        get a good breakfast on these days.
Vocabulary Words             sign, ready,               Please make sure your child is doing
phone, computer, everything, farm,                         their homework. This is very
pound, fix, easier, tools, write                                    important!!
Please review all of these words with                           Important Dates:
your child. The spelling test is every                             13-
                                                        September 13- Reading MAP testing
Friday. There are also dictation                                     16-
                                                          September 16- Wear yellow for
sentences on the test that include                                        Electric
                                                            “Knowledge is Electric Day”
word wall words. Make sure your child
is practicing their words.
Spelling Homework is done for                                      Homework
 both spelling and word wall                          Monday - Read for 20 minutes and
                                                      record. Do one spelling activity from
            words!                                    Tic-Tac-Toe.
                                                      Math-Study For Math Test Tomorrow
                    Math                              Tuesday-
                                                      Tuesday Read for 20 minutes and
 We will be having our math test                      record. Do one spelling activity from
 Tuesday on Chapter 2. Continue to                    Tic-Tac-Toe.
 study place value and expanded                                 Math: no homework
 form. We are starting a new                          Wednesday-
                                                      Wednesday Read for 20 minutes and
 chapter dealing with comparing                       record. Do one spelling activity from
 numbers.                                             Tic-Tac-Toe.
                                                                      Math: PW 3.1
      In Social Studies, we will be
                Studies,                              Thursday
                                                      Thursday- Read for 20 minutes and
      discussing urban, rural, and                    record. Do one spelling activity from
                 suburb.                              Tic-Tac-Toe.
     In Science we will continue to
        Science,                                                Spelling and Reading TEST
             study matter.                                      TOMORROW
                                                                 Math: PW 3.2
                                                      Friday Don’t forget to wear yellow
                                                               Enjoy your weekend!!

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